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6. The Most Vital Keys to Long-term Effective Prayer Ministry

Melody Mason Gem Castor



  • December 31, 2018
    3:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y seem to be used in Texas for other resources like this is it is. OK the last session the most vital keys to long term effect of her ministry and some of these we've mentioned already you'll see you'll hear some repeat but you know it's good to repeat I think we need to hear it and hear it again so I'm not going to apologize for that because we have thick skulls and sometimes these things take a little while to sink in. So we're going to go into the the final session before I do I want to make one more comment about United prayer we have this handbook praying for rain and all of that here and by the way. We still have a box up here with packets if any of you want to take some back for your friends or your church group or whatever they come in packets of 20 you're welcome to do that until the box is empty we have some more of our booth the revival in reformation booth which. I should say on camera. I have not been to this entire convention we have other people running our revival Reformation booth so that we can do the seminars that I haven't had time to go over there so what Jim and I are horrible we are come into to help the booth and to do seminars and to lead prayer and it was just like it's just can happen it's too much stuff. So anyway but the reality on Reformation both we do have some more resources so feel free to come by and take those for tonight I probably even have some more daring to ask for more there as well but what I wanted to mention before I transcend this transition to the next seminar when you look at the guidelines and the things that we have outlined in praying for rain. Keep in mind this was begun as a way to help groups come together in unity to pray because often times you find people we have forgotten as a people what it means to worship God we've forgotten what it means to praise him we just go right into our request and our issues and our problems we've forgotten to worship and God does inhabit the praises of his people as I said earlier and so I think it's very important and we see this biblically examples if you look at scripture and some of the prayers that been prayed in the Bible how worship is a part in fact often worship is the beginning of the prayer and how confession and public confession is a part and before we ever get to the request and so that's why we share these things but I'm saying all that to say don't look at the United perform out that Jim has been leading over these last days here G. Y.C. and say that's always how it needs to be done and we're not going to do anything different than that you need to do this and then you need to do this and you need to do that and I've been on prayer calls where people do that and it's actually I feel like a little bit of a killer of the spirit itself because we all know what's coming OK now we need to do this OK you know in the hearts the heart is no longer there. They're still going through the form of OK God we give you our our praises OK God Now we want to give your confessions but it's actually turned into a form and that's not that's not the spirit of prayer you know and so Gemini are always asking and praying when we're leading prayer services Lord show us how you want us to leave this help us to be open to what the Spirit has and we if you are with us very long will see that we do not do the same thing all the time a weekend here at G Y C Maybe following a similar format because we're trying to model and share and get people on board with the whole concept of the importance of praise and thanksgiving and worship and the importance of corporate confession this is supposed to be part of it and so that is why this is being modeled but don't get stuck in a rut and go back to a prayer group and started per group it's OK This is how we're supposed to pray and we have it here and we can show you biblically why this is the way we're supposed to pray and this is what we're going to do and you start doing that week after week and it's going to turn into dry formalism so the point is follow is God leads keeping in mind these biblical principles Sometimes I'll be impressed will be impressed you know that we just seem to take some extra time for corporate confession sometimes will be impressed that we need to go right into supplication and we need to be praying for a specific thing that's happening or a specific situation going on or a specific people we need to pray sometimes will be impressed we're just going to take some some time this procession we're just going to praise God and praise him for the goodness and the things that he brings to bring to your mind from this last week or different things. Going on so it's continually and I can't tell you how to do it every time because it's the Holy Spirit that leads us and I know. So it's amazing if if you're into the Holy Spirit and you're really seeking that he will lead you and it's beautiful I can't tell you how many times you know I'm praying and I'm like you know thinking OK Lord What song do you want us to sing as we go into the next session and the Lord convicts me sings such and such and right then someone starts singing that very song and I'm like I get goosebumps. Wow And I've had this happen so many times I know this is not random acts that it's not just like all this the Holy Spirit is truly leading and I saw just the morning when we were praying in the big group in the prayer room I'm thinking I'm about to pray such and such and someone else prays that exact same prayer or someone else and I'm like Yeah the Holy Spirit's all convicting us of the same thing here you know and so that's a beautiful beautiful thing of how the Holy Spirit works and so. So I just. Can't say emphasize it enough. Preparation humility on our knees before the Lord of the cross if we are continually coming before His throne with humility of heart he's going to lead us and that fresh experience it's going to be beautiful and I praise the Lord for teammates that God's brought along the way in people working within ministry that you know you can trust because you know that they're being led by the Spirit I have worked with people that are not quite on the same page and that can be a killer because when situations come up you can't trust how they're going to handle how they're going to relate but if someone is being led by the spirit you know whatever conflict or issue comes into the prayer time or whatever you know the Holy Spirit is going to lead them God is leading them so that's what we want to be that's the kind of leaders that we want to be so most vital keys to long term effect of Prime Minister we're going to review a few things that we've already talked about and emphasize a couple more things but let's our heads for prayer one more time Heavenly Father we just thank you for your blessing these last few days here together the last couple days together and just want to ask for your blessing on the session as well this last session for the permanent stres father again I ask that you would speak through me that you would give me your words and that you will give to our hearts what we need you know each of us have different needs in this room but you know what we need and you have a beautiful way of giving each one of us exactly what we need and what is for your glory and honor so thank you Father for hearing this person your precious name Amen. So I'm going to talk about 5 and we're going to go through this quickly and we'll see how much time we have at the end if we have time for Q. and A or we might do something else actually we talked about to end this time so let's let's go through this quickly so we can actually do that special thing we were talking about that might be nice the most vital keys long term effect of prayer ministry number one Can you guess what it is. Stay at home. How many times do we need in emphasize this recognize our constant spiritual need we all like to be saying as a servant we like to be seen you know as servants until we start getting treated like one and then changes you know and this really shows where we are. There's something beautiful that love to share with you and I have it here on paper but you know I don't think Jim I'm going to take the time to read it. It's called The beauty of humility and it contrasts proud self people versus humble selfless people some of you may have heard me share this before. But anyway you can download it from guess where revival and reformation dot org. Yeah the website is in the booklet the end of the praying for rain booklet you'll you'll see revival Reformation dot org And you can find this looking under. OK the very end page 46 so that's the website you have right there but you can find this on our website a number of ways if you're looking for something for the Holy Spirit if you're actually looking under my name you can find it as well if you search for authors like I said on the website you can look under topics authors titles all different kinds of things so this is something you want to download there's also something else that you want to download. And that is darling to self and I'm not going to read this either what does dying to self look like and these are just heart challenges really convicting her challenges you can come up and look at them afterwards I printed several of them but not enough for everybody number 2 key number 2 we can do nothing apart from the Holy Spirit did you have something you were share here OK nothing apart from the Holy Spirit I mean let Jim share. And this is. The most common thing that people ask me So Jim what is the secret as a deceiver it is prayer. Because in prayer we are led to ask for the for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and this is one thing that somehow we are trapped into when we talk about successful programming we always lean on programs and we ask people what did you do what was your program what. Did you use and friends we forget and sometimes you don't trust the Holy Spirit to lead us and and have you noticed that the program has become successful because people do not know what they're doing and they're led to be on their knees and they asked for the guidance of God and when the success happens sometimes they forget that it all began on our knees. Friends is only the Holy Spirit's leading that could lead us into success and I've seen this happening friends in conferences after conference that I went to especially I've I've witnessed the start of a like G Y Z in Asia in different countries and the 1st year is always very successful you know why because they don't know what to do they don't know what they're doing they have some advice but they say oh this is too much for us and they'll be on their knees I remember 11 country we were there prayer facilitators melodies friends and and I mean in our lane we went to this to this place and they sat there used conference at 3 30 in the morning we received a knock on our on our hotel doors said. Please help us what's what's happening is that we felt so helpless can you pray with us officers the officers were up at 3 am and they want a prayer session at 4 because by 5 there's a prayer session for everybody and you know what happened the Holy Spirit was poured out during those those youth conferences conversions that you will see happen in the big way the next year you know what happened they are so concerned about the programming and prayer was neglected the officers got so tired of planning the whole night and meeting the whole night and the next morning they did not have the energy to wake up to pray on the 2nd day I could see the conference going down hill and I nudged the president hey remember last year said Yes Jim remind me was last year remember last year always pull me on the prayer room every time that there's a pastor who appeals John let's pray illustrate there's an appeal that's going on as as for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit said you have not pulled me to the prayer room even once. From the beginning of this of this conference and I said if you want to salvage despair conference at this tissue conference bring your people on their knees every morning and that that day the next day we were on our knees again at 4 am here. And you know what happened the Lord's grace and mercy was shown and a conference went up friends let us remember on a time of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit before the Holy Spirit was poured out Remember when Jesus went to the mother Transfiguration when he brought Peter James and John and the 9 disciples were left you know what happened when there was this this father who brought his is demon possessed child and the 9 of them who were commissioned to drive out demons could not even drive out demons and when Jesus came down just one word demon went away and what did Jesus say this only comes by what you know why prayer and fasting because the Holy Spirit was not present during that time which you read in desire of ages because of their envy of the malice towards one another because of their competition between one another when Peter James and John were chosen there was hatred and malice in their heart and in that manner the Holy Spirit was removed there was no power and when there is no power there is no accomplishment and what happened during the time of Pentecost when they humble themselves together when they asked for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit Friends Peter who was a coward preached and $3000.00 got baptized during that day was it because of Peter. No it was the power of the Holy Spirit that is the difference and that is where we should focus our attention on we have no power in us in our planning in everything in our resources in our influence friends nothing even our ideas are worthless as I read this morning friends. I read it again there is a necessity for the Lord Himself to communicate his own ideas to the sono a man God has his own idea that he wants to share with us and that idea is given through the Holy Spirit what a thought that instead of our poor earthly contracted ideas and plans the Lord will communicate to us his own ideas he's also thought noble broad far reaching always leading HAVE AN AWARD my dear friends don't settle for your own ideas asked for the leading of the Holy Spirit that's why it is very important this ministry is about the Holy Spirit do not take his role so I think this is one thing that I want to share I still have a lot of things to share but we have a very very limited time and I like this goat here it is the spirit's power we need this can do more for us in one minute that we can never accomplish by talking. So friends when things. When when you notice this happening when things are going downhill grab one another be on your knees asked for the presence of the Holy Spirit. OK Key Number 3 we must pray in faith pray in faith you know I love this quote that comes from steps to Christ why are the sons and daughters of God reluctant to pray when let's say prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock heaven storehouse. Where our treasure the boundless resources of omnipotence and we have a key here to illustrate Prayer is the key and the hand of faith now just to hold that here for a 2nd him you know God's word God's Word gives us all these promises he tells us in His word if you abide in me and my a words abide in you you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you his word tells us according to your faith be it unto you he tells us to ask and ye shall receive the things that are impossible with men are possible with me you don't have because you don't ask ask and you shall receive Don't give up God doesn't lie he's able to do much more than we ask so let's talk about this key for a moment to God has given us this key prayer and prayer of course has to be founded upon the Word of God We don't just pray our own you know when we're praying we need to base our prayers this is my point we need to brace our prayers of upon the will of God We can pray confidently in in faith when we know that we're praying according to the Word of God and according to the will of God So prayer is based on the Word of God faith is founded on the Word of God You don't have faith Romans 1017th as Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word so we have to increase our faith by getting into the word but God has given us this key Now if we just put this key into the lock is the door going to open what needs to happen we have to turn the key exactly we have to turn the key and what turns the key. Face you saw that back there Prayer is the key in the hand of faith so God has given us the key he has given us the key and faith is what turns the key you know oftentimes I'm afraid we use prayer just like we have those extra keys we carry around on our key ring and we take them with us hang them up when we get home every now and then I need that key but prayer is not just to be one of those extra keys nor is it to be the key that we turn when we're in an emergency it's not a magic key it's not the key for the genie in the sky that gives us what we need when we want it right Per is the key to staying alive and it's the only key to successful and affective ministry if we are not on our knees if we are not pleading with God for what he and he alone can do through the power of the Holy Spirit there's not going to be a long term effect and I'm proof of that I look at my earlier life as a my earlier young adulthood and. I still think I'm a young adult even though G. Y.C. says I'm not. So irritating. I remember the year I passed that mark and I was like I'm not going to go to G. I see anymore I have to pay extra to go now. Anyway I'm far beyond that now but anyway. But I feel like I wasted the 1st part of my adulthood because I did not understand for one my need of dependence my dependence upon God I thought I was doing pretty good. Pretty successful and accomplished and talented and doing this and doing that but it was in my own strength and I look back on those early years as I've told you already in my testimony and I don't see fruit it did not come it did not begin to come until that breaking and recognizing and now it's it's like an adventure it's a crazy adventure and I praise the Lord but man every time everything we go into it's just like a lord what are we doing how are we going to do this I mean even coming to the seminar here at G Y C Now it's been crazy Jim and I of course haven't been together since October and you were supposed to do a seminar together and we have all these thoughts to share but we need to get them organized so needless to say I haven't been sleeping much at night and he hasn't been either because he's been leading prayer time so. It's only by the grace of God and I praise him for that I will be glad when today is over with Oh. OK So praying in faith praying according to the Word of God just believe and praise God and go forward we are almost home bare your whole weight on the promises of God believe it's your privilege to believe I love this quote. So praying according to somebody want to get that. Quote OK you know these are some of the quotes that I talk about. Some of them that I have put together and I had all my all my quotes. To see here if we can find some illustrations I don't I don't know if you can see but basically my pages were we're following a part of stuff that I had and so I ended up putting in a binder and making photocopies and so now I I care around some copies but I just have these quotes that I've put together on prayer and from the Bible promises on prayer that I just claim and these quotes that I keep bringing up are these promises and it's just beautiful so praying in faith praying the word and this is I have one more point after this but this is what I really really really want to emphasize this is revolutionized my per life seriously praying the Word of God. You know if we pray the Word of God we have a guarantee and here is my notebook with binder with some of the promises and the prayer request and as God answered them I guess I began to put those in the in the jar my journey upon the promises it's just been an amazing faith changing venture for me why I pray based on God's Word His word is settled in Heaven His Word does not return to Him void his word tells us his will so we are praying for something and maybe it's for you know somebody to be saved or let's let's just say for somebody to be saved now obviously God is not going to force anyone to be saved but you know when we pray the Holy Spirit is able to work upon their lives and hearts in ways that they it would not otherwise work our prayers actually press back the evil forces that are holding people captive you know like the girl shared i'm she saw those evil angels trying to break into the purse or kill him to stop the people from praying but as they were praying there were angels of light that there were there protecting them and so when we are praying God is able to send in those angels that release from the darkness and break the bands and give the impressions that will bring people to the truth and that's why he's not going to force but he's going to do everything in his power and so when you're praying for a loved one. Don't give up as long as there is breath there is hope we keep praying and claim the promises look up all the promises in God's Word to pray over your loved ones and God's going to answer I thank him for those promises and I often claim those promises like we prayed this morning and we have a beautiful prayer time you know for those that didn't know that they needed life someone was praying it was the faith of someone that asked Jesus to. Work God cannot lie in numbers 2319 he's not a man that he should lie in either the son of man that he should repent had he said intially not do it or have they spoken in shall he not make it good God will not lie you will not go back on his word Here's another one I love and I actually I like to do creative things I actually made this whole list of promises it's I don't know if it's $1015.00 pages but it's basically enough for one promise per week for the whole year like $52.00 promises or something like that I mean all these promises I called them leaves of blessing I made all these promises on the slips of paper and then I cut them up and folded them in a jar and gave them to people as Christmas gifts and I still hear from people that are opening those promises and said melody you know what I pulled out today was just what I needed leaves blessing those leaves a blessing that list it's all on Guess where. Revival and reformation dot org You know God brings these things to mind and these are things I say why do I need to keep it to myself Why don't I share it and so many people are using these so I've made it's a whole paper and maybe you don't want to print it up to give it away maybe you just want to print it up so you have it for yourself and you can do that for yourself you can just keep the sheets in a binder if you want all these different promises or if you want to take time you cut it up and put it in a jar probably fold it up. Yes that's right green paper that's right grasp its promises as leaves from the Tree of Life God stands back of every promise he is made with your bible in your hands. And I do this to all be in my room or out walking or wherever I have been out like this and I'm like Lord you say such and such right here you say and I'm claiming your word Lord you have to honor your word you say is the word will not return to you void this is a promise that I know I can claim and I'm claiming this Lord and so I will walk sometimes this sounds really strange it's not like on the one white or something like that but. I will sometimes be out you know just with God just on my own private devotional walk and I will have my Bible and I will be claiming those promises tears coming down my face This is not for anybody this is me and God God has answered those prayers and it's beautiful to see how he answers when we claim his word so wow if there's a 2nd thing I would say the 1st is humility and humbling ourselves and recognizing our knee but if there's only 2 things you took away say the word of God pray the Word of God This is changed my life praying the Word of God hold his word in your hands he stands back of every promise you said Ask and you shall receive Seek and ye shall find here is one more from Christ object loss and the honor of his throne is stake for the fulfillment of His Word now I'm just sharing a few a few quotes from Spirit of Prophecy that I love but I have all these bible verses. As well about claiming the word and holding on to him this is one of my favorite verses is efficiency 320 now and him that's able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think and this 1st really came to life to me. You know as I was coming out of my depression experience breaking experience a number of years ago and thinking Lord I don't want to go back to mediocre Christianity I want to deeper walk I don't know what that looks like. But it ain't what I've seen so far I want more you say in your word that you're able to do exceedingly abundantly above what we ask for thank God I don't know what to ask I don't even know what to pray for but would you do that in my life would you show me what to pray and so God began pressing upon my heart my own need for deeper revival and reformation and to understand the cross and to be broken at the cross and so I began praying these things and then of course as he's reviving my heart I'm beginning to pray for my community and for my loved ones within the community and you know Course I'm the Seventh-Day Adventists but I have many friends in the community of other denominations and sometimes there's these walls in these petitions the are not good and so I'm praying Lord break down the walls between us and I saw God begin to do that and to Brigantine bring healing in our community in situations in this kind of a long story and I'm not going to go all there but I'm praying these things and then I begin praying in my heart Lord you know I want to see deeper revival and reformation not just in my life but in our church and I am praying and praying and God is laying these things on our hearts to pray for and when he gives us a vision to pray for these things you know it's not yourself right this is something as Jim was talking about the Holy Spirit is leading and praying and so it's just been so exciting to see how he stretches us and how he leads us and oftentimes outside of our comfort zone but he says he's able to do exceedingly abundantly above what we ask or think so I think if he's able to do that why am i just asking for what I can think for what I think for melody. Size vision you know we need to be asking for God's vision and so that's what I'm trying to share here dare to ask for more this is something that's in the process of praying God's word you know for a while OK this is what I did. Let me go forward I'll come back to this. OK so for a while I was writing down my prayer request on these cards and this is what I'm going to show you right here is these prayer and promises and. I would put my probably Quest on one side of the card and then I would put a promise on another side of the card and let's see here Jim maybe you can come help me because I can hold this my can hold my glasses and. Figure out what I need to show you all at the same time. But I'll just give you some illustrations here. See here we get to this next section I put together these cards specifically to teach people how to pray the Word of God So I did this personally and then I put together these cards and I'll give you some illustrations here I praise you Lord that you have power to bring new life to dead bones please rescue me from any spiritual complacency give me a passion to know you and to live for you with joy so this is something that I'm praying so what promise can I claim for this. This is what I claim is eco 375 Thus saith the Lord God into these bones Behold I will cause breath to enter into you and he shall live now I'm praying bring new life to my dead bones Lord I'm dry I need you to revive in refreshing give me a deeper walk with you so this is something I pray let me give you another illustration I praise the Lord that you can give me a new heart a heart that loves you and loves the things of heaven and turns away from the allurements of the world I can change my heart but you promised to do this work for promised I claim you Zico 3626 a new heart will I give you new spirit will I put within you and I will take away the stony heart of the reflection I'll give you a heart of flesh he says I will change your heart Here's another one. Along the same lines maybe I skipped it here is Jeremiah 247 and I will give them a heart to know me that I'm the lord and they should be my people and I will be their God for they shall return to me with their whole heart Lord you say you will do this and this is what I'm pleading for the chill give me a heart for you because you know what I don't have a heart for you naturally I don't I'm drawn you need to give me a heart for you and so I'm claiming this Lord I thank you for awakening me early to spend time with you each morning the devil wants to keep me asleep but you promise to help me cast off this blanket of lethargy so I can move forward with power you know that lethargy that's upon us when we get up in the morning Air Asia can think of this just like you can't wake up in the morning and I think the devil knows but you know something that I have found. When I commit to give my morning to God and I say God you wake me up in the morning when you want me to get up. If I will get up when he wants me to get up I will be fresh or much more fresh then if I sit now snooze I'm not ready to get up yet and then I'll get up an hour or 2 later and I'm just like so grokking arm like I've you know it's like I didn't get any extra sleep it's horrible. We're told he wake and that's me morning by morning is that a promise we can claim is if if the verse for myself back here in the morning in the morning why direct my prayer into the end will look. Oh I just have a whole bunch of these but I just want to share a few As illustration. Let's see here. Talking about breaches and in our lives we need God to heal us from our breeches Lord put the spotlight of your word upon my heart show me the specific ways that I've dishonored you the people I've warned in the sense I need to confess heal me and lead me in your way everlasting and he tells us. 139-2324 search me oh god I know my heart try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked way me and leave me in the way everlasting he gives us and then here I'm praying Lord heal me heal me of my wounds Jeremih $3017.00 and I will heal the of that I would say if the Lord said a promise we can claim whatever wounds you have in your heart here's the promise right here you can claim he will heal you. I want to share a promise about praying for children we have we have prayed for that the smore Ning and I want to share Of course you know Isaiah 4925 you know all contend with him that contend with with the But let's look at another one I praise you Lord that you have promised to save the children of the needy we are in great need father the enemy wants to claim. Our children but we are looking for you to break the power of the oppressor some $72.00 for he should judge the poor of the people he shall save the children of the needy and shall break in pieces the oppressor That's a promise we can claim and here's one more I praise you Lord that you promised to bring my children back from the land of the enemy you've promised to bring them home I cling to this promise and I'm waiting for you to work and I claim these promises not on behalf of biological children obviously but on behalf of spiritual children so we can claim these as well Jeremiah 3116 and 17 thus saith the Lord refrain my voice from weeping and then eyes from tears for they work should be rewarded saith the Lord and they shall come again from the land of the enemy and there is hope in the land say if the Lord that the children shall come again to their own border so these are promises that we can claim and I have put together a whole collection of them and you're welcome to come up afterwards and look at the cards if you want to but these were specifically put together to teach people how to pray the Word of God How to claim the word of God and if you want these cards. They're available you can download them on reviving Reformation dot org Again. This is this is my life you know so soft I'm not just trying to promote reviving our formation but this is our greatest need as a church and I just I just praise the Lord the I get to work with this ministry because it's like a dream for me I would be doing this even if they didn't pay me I just love you know it's interesting $1.00 of the prayers that I prayed as God was bringing me out of that darkness and depression and giving me a new life and heart with him and he started reviving my heart I was like Lord use me somehow to help our church I had no comprehensible idea of course that I would be doing what I'm doing now but I look back on earlier prayers that I prayed I played specifically use me to be part of revival reformation for our church and I'm working for the revival Reformation committee at the General Conference and I'm like wow I would have never imagined I didn't even realize as time went on that I had prayed that expand that specific prayer until I went back and looked at older person I prayed and says like wow the Holy Spirit. Yeah indicted those piracy and anyway these are resources that we are sharing that I do but I want to back up a 2nd I skipped over something here and that is so I showed you the prayer cards. OK something that I have done. With the beauty of technology you can download these flash card programs on your phone. That you can memorize Bible verses on the flash cards you can put so this I have started doing on my phone now and these are some of the earlier cards that I did and this is what most of my prayer cards look like now on one side and I would show you on the phone you just tap on one side the prayer request and you tap in it flips over in the other side is the prism promises so I just make these all my phone so I can you know in the night I can turn it on and I don't need a flashlight to look at the cards my phone is glowing in the dark I have it all right there and so I still use these Promise cards but I have them all on my phone now unfortunately what I have in my phone I haven't figured out how to share it with everyone else so this is just my own personal but you can make your own cards the apps that I use is created through in Kao ventures and it's it's probably an apple I don't know if it's accessible on Android but flashcard apps look for something like this it's probably out there so this is what I do with playing the promises I always start with praise this is just something God's brought me in my own life when I pray. I really try to phrase and think my prayers and forms of Praise the Lord I praise you that you're going to do this I praise you that you're going to give me victory in this area I praise you that you are so i'm expressing confidence in him before the prayers been answered so all my prayers are in forms of praise and then on the back sight you see you see some of those promises. And they're And so it's just it's just beautiful fight on our knees with the Word of God If we are determined not to be separated from the source of our strength Jesus will be just as determined to be at our right hand to help us so there's the praying the promise cards and one encourage you to make your own promise list. Well. For 24. On the template that you can download with this promise cards I actually have a a blank sheet as well with the boxes and squares so you can print it up and you can by hand write your own promise prayers or you can type it out yourself so there is blanks as well but I encourage you we have to make our own promises what is most meaningful to us is the ones that God has brought to us so make your own prayer and promise list what time is it now by the way. I'm not very great at keeping time why I'm not. OK. Number 5 this is the last key and Jim and I wanted to have a little special time for prayer and so what I'll probably do is finish the section and those of you that would like to stay for another 15 or 20 minutes of prayer can stay for that and other people feel free to go obedience to God's word so we've been walking through this process of humility and staying humble at the foot of the cross recognizing our need of the Holy Spirit recognizing our need of faith these are all the whole title The seminar is keys for long term effective prayer ministry praying the Word of God But you know what this also has to be part of it and that is obedience to the Word of God because as God is teaching us and convicting us of things we have to act on that conviction and so that means our life is going to look different it means our relationships are going to look different it's going to mean our attitude is going to look different from the thoughts from the man of blessings we're told obedience is the test of discipleship it's a keeping of the Commandments that proves the sincerity of our profession of love when the doctrine we accept kill sin in the heart purifies the soul from defilement bears fruit on to holiness we may know that it is the truth of God Those who do His will may claim all the benefits the Lord's promise the path of obedience is the path in which our safety lives where it is a willing and obedient that should eat of the good of the land and sorry about that typo there. Where you just saw. The good of the land if we keep the commandments of the Lord we may claim is recorded promises on all their fullness I don't know what time a day that I wrote this. Oh maybe it's your. OK But you know we have to say Lord I'm asking you to change me and make me willing to follow. We also have to recognize as we follow God and we give our lives to him and I love that promise you know if we abide in Him and He abides in us we shall ask What We Will it shall be done on to us that's a promise that God made but I also want to give this caviar to remind you and you hear this in my testimony growing above and beyond faith even when God is silent this is very part of Port part of my testimony that I've not shared here at this G Y C But it's on audio verse you can you can look at it and that is trusting God even when he's silent even when it doesn't make sense think about what happened to Joe He was faithful to God and he walked through a period of time where it did not make sense why did God allow this to happen so we are also going to walk through those periods of time for our own sanctification for for just because of the fact that we live in a battlefield called the Earth and we suffer the casualties of war and so something that I always want to share as I am in doing is we have to be able to say Lord I trust you and I trust your word and I'm standing upon your word like Daniel's 3 friends you know the fiery furnace was before them and never can is there it's like you know you're going to bow down you're going to go in that fiery furnace and they said our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the fiery furnace but even if he doesn't we're not going to bow down and that has to be the point of faith that we come to in our own walk with God God is good I trust him I don't understand why he's allowed different things to happen in my life I don't understand why this you know. We see all these things happening around us loved ones dying from cancer this happens this and that whatever these people but then it happens to us and we're like Why me God why US How could this happen to us but we need to be asking why not us why are we exempt from the pain in the trials and the suffering of life why shouldn't these things happen to us in the fallen world he says that we're going to experience tribulation so why not us so rather than shaking our faith or taking our faith from us those things should drive us to the cross Lord I trust that you are able I trust that you're able to heal my mother who currently has stage 4 lung cancer and die even if you don't heal her I am still going to believe. And so that's the point that we have to come to in each of our journey I know each of those struggles and those things in our walk so when we take out is word what we walk in faith. Heads and Taylor makes this this quote I love this we've heard of many people who trusted God too little but you have you ever heard of anyone who trusted him too much yeah. God wants to grow our faith. So I hope. Somebody still wanting to get that quote I hope that you have been inspired not just with some practical keys but most of all to really. Trust God and to stay humble at the foot. Of the cross prove me see if I will not open you the windows of heaven I'm proud of blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it so what Jim and I wanted to do for close I'm going to have a prayer and I'm going to close the session and then. Anybody that wants to come and get some of these books that we still have go ahead and come do that we'll let you come do that and we'll take a couple minutes just to kind of let things settle down and then we're going to take a few minutes maybe 15 or 20 minutes up here for those that want to pray we're going to take a little time just to pray the Word of God We've been talking about claiming the promises not going to go through the whole United prayer format but we're just going to take a few months to just claim the promises and pray the Word of God. For us as we're preparing to leave G Y C OK so let's just be our heads for prayer this session will be closed and then anybody that wants to stay for the prayer time just come up here and join us up front let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you so much again for your goodness your mercy your long suffering patience with us and I just want to thank you Lord for your word the solid foundation that we can stand upon in the shaking times in which we live we just praise you father for your word you are so good Father forgive us for for doubting your word for neglecting your word for not being into your word there forgive us for our On believe help our unbelief father make us more like you give us hearts of faith get us into your word and whatever happens Father we pray you will keep us at the foot of your cross the foot of the your cross we pray me. Thank you from for. Purchase. This message was recorded at the. End in Houston Texas. 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