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1. One Year in Mission and Mission Caleb

Gary Blanchard



  • December 30, 2018
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented to G Y C to be used in Texas. Or other resources like this is it as online she wifey left or. Good morning everybody. On it you turn to the person next to you and say good morning and say hello. I know you're tired. Awesome. All right now take a minute to exchange credit card numbers go ahead right now. Let's go ahead and start with a word of prayer very good morning to everybody Pastor Jerry Blanchard and I will be talking about living dangerously and I'll share with you really quickly what we're going to be talking about for the next several sessions so you kind of find out which ones you want to be a part of and which you may not want to be a part of but kind of give you the outline but today we're going to talk about living dangerously for God as we're going to talk about so let's buy our heads for water for. Jesus. We are talking about living dangerously today but really it's actually living it's more dangerous living for the enemy than it is living for you actually you tell us we live dangerously for you will actually find our life and not lose it. So Lord help us not to be deceived into thinking that serving you is the most dangerous thing we can do it's not serving the enemy so God we are choosing the best path and that is to live our lives for you and we know we're going to face dangers but we know we'll never be alone because you'll be with us to the very end you've promised we thank you in Jesus name Amen amen All right I want to read the verse to you that we spoke about on the Sabbath because I want to make sure this is our our key text for the entire event if you have your Bibles it's going to accept one verse 8 we don't want to use this is our springboard passage. And you most of you might know this by heart but ye shall receive what power after what the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be what my witnesses where. Some area and where to the ends of the earth right very powerful verse Now remember yesterday we talked about how that verse contains 2 very important things 1st it contains God's vision and secondly it contains God's what provision or his power through the Holy Spirit so here we have his vision all of it right there with a vision and the power to make it happen and by the way this verse is not only for everybody it's also for you personally because notice you notice 2 times the word you is mentioned in there you you shall receive power you turn to the person next you say you buddy. You don't need to wait your pastor gets on fire a man you don't need to wait to your neighbor gets a man you don't need to wait your brother and sister in your parents get on fire Amen this test is for you start with you one of my favorite stories of a woman who went to a pastor one day and said Pastor my church is so good my pastor he's a terrible preacher. But people are all gossipy and Judge Mental church is dead what can I do to revive those people that's what you do I'm going to kill you a secret she was OK tell me he said. I want you go back to your house OK I want you to go upstairs to your room it's like OK this is cool she said he said I want you to go inside your closet he said OK and he said I want to get a piece of chalk OK she's like This is really cool it's OK he said that's what I want you draw a circle on the ground so ho so cool. And he said I want you to stand in the circle. She's like. Alabaster he said ask God in the closet in a circle to change you 1st. Don't try to change a church you change 1st event and how does that happen to the baptism of the Spirit so we're going to live dangerously for God because that's his vision for us remember the word witness means martyr so it's not just about you it's about sharing Jesus to the end not only the end of the earth but also possibly to the end of your life it's a radical call so we're talking about living dangerously we're going to talk about when your mission because want to make it practical We want to talk to you about how you can actually get involved with some initiatives that are already happening like when your mission everybody say oh yeah. Caleb everything Caleb and everybody say 20. 20 stands for give him 20 and we'll talk about that in a minute these are some initiatives that you can get involved in right now to start living dangerously for the Lord so that's what we're going to be talking about how many of you ever heard the term rewilding before Raise your hand it's a term that just showed up about in the 1990 S. 96 how many of you heard of Yellowstone National Park. Right Yellowstone ran into some problems because about 70 years ago they banished all the wolves they thought that would be a good thing and you know get the danger out of here right but the problem is when you don't have any wolves what happens as a result. You get overrun by what the deer and what a deer love to eat grass and berries and everything and guess what all the other rodents in the world like to eat the same thing so all of a sudden all Yellowstone National Park had was there no trees because they were eating the seeds no Berry So no bears no eagles no hawks in fact they noticed that the the very river started to meander in a weird way it didn't have any like they didn't move straight along anymore it was it actually affected the landmass of Yellowstone Well guess what they decided to do. Bring the danger back in 1905 they called it rewilding they began to introduce the wolves back into Yellowstone Yellowstone became a gorgeous place again when they brought the wolves back you say what does this have to do we're talking about today we need to re wild a 7 day having a church we need to get dangerous again we need to bring the danger back now the words we need to get serious about getting involved in missions service now by the way we don't want to make wolves wolves will find us on their own right the idea is to go forward and live dangerously for God and move forward we need to bring the danger back so we need to re wild the 7 damage search something's happened we started playing it safe Islam is not playing it safe Hinduism is not playing it safe they're gone where is the Church of the Living God is playing it safe we've got stuff planned safe and he lived Angels are going to be wild and then you say Pastor Gary God would never ask his people to do things that are dangerous ever well here's a verse for you right here the 3 together behold I send you out as she in the midst of what wools therefore be what wise as serpents and what. OK The 1st thing you need to realize about this is that Jesus is saying look he doesn't say to you behold I send you out and she in the midst of all he doesn't say go out there and make wolves he says your sheep go out there and there's going to be wolves all around you I just want to warn you about that the 2nd thing he says the US says don't go stupid be what. We need to be very strategic in the way we're thinking right. And how we go about reaching the last and reaching the world but we do need to go we need to be wise as serpents and as gentle as does what you think it means to be as gentle as a dove. OK very good we're not they were not terrorists that's very good who do we know that's described as a dove in the Bible this is it this right here is an indication we need to baptize with Holy Spirit so there again you have actually won a. You catch that and you sure is the power when. Jesus is saying look go strategic and go filled with the spirit pretty neat but go on the walls play dates live dangerously and like I just said a while ago really it's more dangerous serving the devil and serving Christ the price is way higher for serving the devil it's serving God The end result is that you find your life and you don't lose it amen. OK so where do we need to live dangerously we talked a little bit about this yesterday Merrill we talked about how young people are arrows in the hands of a warrior and I put a nice little picture of a guy with a boner and if you like that pretty cool. Young people were designed to live dangerously and we talked yesterday about the areas that we need to send young people into the cities of the world we talked about that yesterday right. How many of you believe there is a prophet can you raise your really high and I would not say by believing that right but isn't it good to know that God gave our church prophet I mean come on we should be ashamed of that we should be very happy and she over and over again says the work for this time is to reach the cities reach the cities reach the cities we've been told hit the cities in fact you know that. Daniels was the G.C. president at that time and he came to see Ellen White one day and she would even see him. She goes I don't think you should be the leader of the world church because you know what you're not doing what I told you to do we're not reaching the cities and finally said OK this is why He refocused his ministry and started reaching the cities and she said Come on let's talk she was serious it wasn't she was mean it's just that people go to will be lost in the cities if we don't reach them right OK 2nd thing is universities we've talked about that 90 percent of 7 the Amish young people do not go. To our schools they go to 2nd universities what percent 90 percent OK Of course that's We'd love it if they went to our schools Amen but if you think about it it's also a huge potential. What if our young people that are going to these universities saw themselves like Daniel Shadrack me 2nd to Bendigo and they're willing to stand up for God not only with their lives but also with the words and suddenly example in these universities becoming wicked in many ways I'm right if you were to target those cities Shadrack me to Bendigo and then of course we've talked about the 1040 window 3 fourths of the world population live in that area and what percentage of them have not heard the Gospel. 9090 percent are they got so they don't know they have a savior they will die without God without hope in this world he said Pastor Gary what about those who have never heard the name of Jesus let me take some really good news about God whenever there is a heart open to God He always sends a missionary. You can find that throughout the whole Bible when there is somebody in these areas who have a hard for God He will send a missionary to him it might be through the radio ways it might be through T.V. It might be through a dream or it might be through a missionary that comes to their door but God will send a missionary because you know there's no other way to be saved except for Jesus how about how about Rahab What are the chances of her being saved here she is in the middle of a lockdown city she's a prostitute but we know for as we study her life she had a fear of God She had a love of God She watched God in all these doing so it is a godsend. To cope orders right just getting well with use that example he said the 2 spies right. What about never can as Or here's a wicked king he's lying awake at night the Bible actually says and Hebrew that his heart was pounding he was hearing the sound of treading footsteps so the idea is that he was sensing impending doom at night and he couldn't sleep now what a lot of emperors in those days would have done is just drink it out drink it down this kind of ignore it get into the pleasure scene or whatever else but never says was exceptional he knew God was speaking to him he just didn't know the answer to this God sent the sense of P.C.M. ministry team he said I mean whenever there's a heart open for got a sense of mission or is there any way to be saved apart from Jesus know what about those who have a heart for God but don't know his name what he sends a missionary don't forget that if you're feeling a call in your heart to be a missionary it's because there's somebody that only you can reach any need you and you're being called Tomorrow I'll be talking about the call the wild and God's call in your life to to be a missionary we'll talk a little bit more about that but we just talked about the 1040 window and you can see that it starts from North Africa Middle East and China you have to go into these places very carefully you have to go not as a pastor or minister narry or an evangelist but as what. Any other way under cover like the wild Indians. I'll share with you a verse in the wall then to the minute so you say like OK Pastor This is really a great thing that you're sharing I'm on in I believe this is true but do we have any initiatives that I can be a part of so I can actually get involved yes everybody say P.C.M.. Now I know in North America we have a different name for everybody say a C F. A C.F.S. Avonex Christian fellowship and you can go to their booth and sign up to be start a chapter inside your local university even if you don't go to that university fact I want to challenge how many of you go to 2nd universities raise your hand. Keep your hand up if you're part of a P.C.M.. OK Some of you guys are like Daniels already they're starting to see in jeopardy all right there's an idea for you and they'll show you how to do it but guess what where could you go on the Internet to find all the information you need on P.C.M. work if you go there's little hint for a cheat sheet right here for use dot Ave This Is Your World Web site young people this is not mine this is yours and if you go there you'll find a link to campus ministries by the way you can skip this and go right to P.C.M. if you want to but I'm trying to drive everybody to my website to study and I say your website. So you can go right to P.C.M. if you want to but you should check this one out because it says all these things and this is your website with all your information. Let's say. How many of you heard of Caleb mission this is very exciting of course the Brazilians Yeah the resilience a way to screw up your guys real quickly tell us about Caleb mission come come here you can you can you can say no you can claim the 5th if you want to come here already. Tell us what is what is Caleb mission and what's the big deal about mission. Everybody your name. Well I live in Texas but from Brazil. I think students get off when they go to Mission think we had a group or church go to a Muslim and it's been like 2 or 3 months there I think 2 months just to Mission work with the indigenous people people in the cities. Who are going to church so pretty and then embrace it thank you. So he's really right Kaleb mission is sometimes a week sometimes 2 weeks sometimes 3 months it's where conferences or local churches get together as a team they get a team of young people together and they target a particular city and they go and they spend the day loving on the people and then the evenings the whole evangelist meetings and people getting baptized I was in Peru not long ago and they had a mission project up and out in Peru and there were 10000 young people there who came for Caleb mission these are young people from conferences all over the union and if you're a union youth director a conference youth director or a leader in your local church or a pastor this is a great option is get all the other sister churches together all the conferences together and what they do is they pull these young people to go so it's it's like real synergistic and they target a city I saw 10000 young people and when I went to the city I saw them doing acts of kindness to the people in the community and then inviting them to nightly meetings and then at night I remember driving down alleys and seeing 7th Day Adventists young people standing on these little platforms they put in the middle of the streets with hundreds of people listening to them as a priest of 3 angels message. It's powerful and that's called Caleb mission it's probably one of the best kept secrets in Adventism you might not be all about doing the one year mission thing but the Caleb mission is where a team's a big army of young people converge on a city you know the mayor was in tears when he gave me the key to the city he gave me the key to the city. Because of the impact that they did and I'm like why give me the kid and do anything these kids do because what you represent them. So I get that I was lucky to get the keys even though all the kids it was just amazing just to see what God was doing to kill that mission around the world this is a really good option where would you go to learn more about killer mission. And you guys are so smart the other one is one your mission and right now we're challenging every union around the world to have a one year mission this is where this is where young people take an entire year out of their lives either after high school or it could be after college or it could be even during college or during their occupation that I was down and received with a bunch of young people there who are reaching their city for an entire year and they're using Christ method alone was Christ method Well yes it needs to remember it's everybody socialized sympathize serve save everybody said again go. Minister of healing page $143.00 what the people do is nobody tells him what to do these young people get together they choose the city and they together come up with a plan of attack churches are being planted. Local churches are being revived and people are being say for these young people a man. Powerful to read about what's happening so we also have another initiative that's coming up and this is an issue where we are asking for 100000 evangelistic sites around the world run by young people we're appealing for 100000 advance sites around the world young run by young people who think. And we're putting all the materials online where we put all the materials and what's that where where we would you find it online. Has a brilliant will have all the power points the whole plan of attack and here's what you can do you can either hold a traditional evangelist series where you preach 3 inches message no problem you can do that or you can actually have in this series in a small group in your dorm room not only that what we're wanting to do is we also want to challenge young people to hold an evangelist meeting on You Tube. By the way did you know yet by the way did you know there's a booth here I see where there's a gentleman there that strains from Fox Fox and called Fox Mark Fox is but booth where he trains young people to actually do these You Tube videos online so there's another option for you very exciting so there's some things to really look at just a minute I'll get to get. A couple of the things you can find on the website that I think you might be interested in is how many of you have heard of the global youth leadership Congress because here about that that was have you guys know is it happening in Castle Germany where we brought you from all around the world by the way there was David Asher Rick there there was a bunch of speakers that were there and many of them spoke on how to reach the 1040 window guess what we recorded all of those sermons and all those workshops and if you go to You thought having a stout org Again this sounds like a real production for YOU THOUGHT I WAS THERE OR But anyway if you go there you can get all the podcast and all the sermons and everything that are right there so you get some training if you want to know what some of the steps that I can do to do that we've also just developed a brand new leadership magazine that you can get used to having a start or you can down that download that and this is all training in here on how to be a minister for the Master a man so what I'm trying to tell you guys is your youth department for the World Church has a vision it's not their vision it's his vision it's God's vision and what we're trying to do is we're trying to create resources and initiative is to get in line with what God is doing. You know often times we ask God to bless what we're doing instead we should be saying Lord help us to do what you're blessing if God has a vision to go to the ends of the earth then we just want to be a part of that plan so all these initiatives I'm talking to you about Caleb mission one your mission P.C.M. and these resources it's all about trying to be a part of God's plan and what he wants to accomplish. I'm very excited about G.C. session 2020 you guys know about the session right you guys know where it'll be. A little hint up there for you. Indianapolis. Let me tell you some sad news and tell you some really good news here's the sad news if you haven't noticed we don't have a global use Congress anymore a lot of people have written me a lot of hate mail in that. Congress. What we did is we changed it to a global youth leadership Congress in other words we were trying to bring leaders to the Congress. In fact we're going to do another one in 2023 but what I got to thinking about when I talk to Pastor Ted Wilson our president about is the fact that we need a Youth Congress what if we turn G.C. session into a world US Congress what if while they're having a big event there we also have a youth vent and we mingle the 2 as often as we can so our young people get connected with our church but it's our youth Congress. So we're very excited about this and I want to challenge you young people give you a tip you're the 1st people I've told this to we're going to have registration for this online at what Web site. And you can register right away to be there you get a dorm room we're going to have all the dorm rooms love all the materials and everything for you if you want to go to that but guess what at that event we're going to be training on how you can go and reach the 1040 window which the cities and reach public campus ministry so we're going to do actual training tracks we're going to have teachers that are doing those things actually doing the training you get a certification in the materials that you need so what you think OK. Now after Jesus session you know oftentimes we go into a city like blow the place up with all kinds of stuff that we're doing and then we're gone. No more we go to the session we're going to have our event and then launched right out of Indianapolis and Detroit we're going to start one year in missions we're going to use D.C. session as a springboard for one year mission in fact I brought somebody very special here who's going to tell us about one year mission plus or minus a one year mission plus see that little plus line it means right after the session All right tell us about thank you. On the back of the Q.R. code at the top actually takes you right to you when you're in mission that the youth Adventist org web page see if you could cure code that that takes you right to the Web site he's been talking about so hopefully they'll be handy so how many of you have ever experienced having a mentor. And there's a few hands how many of you how many of you see that as a key component in your personal ministry and in your walk with Christ this one your mission is that it is not just doing ministry or establishing a center of influence or him or impacting a community what it is is having mentors that are helping you to impact that community to grow you as a leader but also to have you rooted and grounded in that relationship with Jesus Christ so that as elder branch was saying we really know how to socialize sympathize. And yes so with this program the 1st one is actually launch team this year and we're basing it in Detroit at the bottom you can get information on that we're looking for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 that are willing to take a year to impact their urban centers in the universities it's interesting that when you think about the the groups that are mentioned the cities the universities in the 1040 window when you go to a university campus you have all 3 of those there because it's in a city you have the 1040 window that is coming to us in the United States you don't have the language barrier and you were able to reach these these people that are coming from the temporary window and they are so open because they're now being impacted by a culture that challenges all their values their need to learn English their whining to learn how to get around the city how to find a grocery store how to understand the cultural things. As well as in Detroit there's needs for help so there's many different components that are going to be volved in this one year and mission but the biggest component is that mentorship because we want people to walk away from this experience to not only have impacted the city but also be able to be an effective leader where ever they go we're looking for leaders that are willing to take a radical commitment for the Lord for 9 months it is not going to be easy where you may be sleeping on the floor somewhere so I'm not I don't want to paint a picture that everything is going to be perfect you know but the 1st year is going to be exciting we're going to be on the program and then you'll be able to impact Indianapolis $2020.00 those who go through the program will be then leaders in 2020 to help. Start that movement right after G C 2020 I'll be here if you have any questions. And get involved in. If you like to be a part of that so there's a cure code at the bottom here if you go to the Web site has all the information there there's the e-mail address at the top P.C.M. at M.I.F. org I represent public campus ministries in the mission conference that something I've been involved in for the last 16 years and so that's more of where my experience has been but we have another group that is working in the urban centers well so you can get a lot of information from that cure cord and that that website. Can give a big hand that was awesome. So I'm hoping you're kind of seeing that we're not just throwing out an idea here and then not having stuff to actually get you involved and they meant some stuff here but there may be some of you here today that are mavericks. I remember because I like your plan but I have another one and that's a good thing I mean you guys ever heard of Abraham will rue Oh great story I mentioned him yesterday but Abraham Alou was a 66 year old man. Years old living in Windsor California he was a logger he's out there logon just a tough tough guy you know he's out there logging and working and. Here is the call the wild by wild I mean the call to live dangerously from the Lord. And he's logging and here's this call is 66 years old and God System Abraham I want you to go to China China and Windsor California in China are you crazy that he kept this continual voice and you go to China I want you going to China because I don't know the language I know nothing need to go to China he goes OK He goes to the General Conference and he says guys I would like to go to China and they do everything but laugh and they said. Great idea we like your we like your gusto and your courage but you're too old. So you go back home still a voice you need to go to China so what does he do he raises his own money creates his own gospel flyers. And guess where goes to China and he did enough study to know that it's probably good to start in Hong Kong. So he goes to Hong Kong by the way you guys know Hong Kong is the gateway to China it's how you reach China it's the best way to reach China and they're concerned that in the next few years China they're wondering what will happen to China I'm sorry what will happen with Hong Kong will it become communist again or will it stay the way it's at because it only has a an agreement for certain many years but so he goes to he goes to Hong Kong this is many many years ago and he starts handing out flyers learning the language reaching people he starts leading many people to Christ but he doesn't come from baptizing because he feels like he's a lame and he can't do that and guess what 10 years later. The Church finally sends a quote official $77.00 is missionary and he's able to baptize the souls that Leroy. Froome Abraham the RW had baptized good stories that some of you might be just like that you like kale That's great when you're mission that's great because Kami to do this God's calling me to plant a church in my city God's calling me to plant a church in China God calling me to start a mission God's calling me to start a medical facility God's calling me to do this guess what go God's calling you you'll be successful Trust me you'll be successful you might not think so one of my favorite stories was a story that happened many years ago in Africa the greatest coolest story this young couple went to Africa and. They thought they would get into the village and they would be accepted inside the village but they worked they were ostracized the chief there didn't want to do and he didn't want to Christianity had a lot of its own pagan little rituals and beliefs there heathen beliefs so they didn't want the witch doctor definitely didn't want them there so they ended up living on a ridge a mile or 2 away from the city and they didn't really have any access with anybody they were very very discouraged like oh God you sent us out here we know you called us here and nothing's happening well. The only contact they had with the village was this little boy that kept coming back and forth selling them eggs. And they said well OK all right Lord and they would take the chance and little boy came to sell them eggs to tell him a story about Jesus that's all they did eventually she got very sick and after she had a baby she actually passed away the mother did the little baby the husband was so angry at God that he denounced God for leading him there with making no impact on the village lost his wife Jan Anders did lost his wife and all he had was a little baby girl he's like God I'm done with you I'm done and he took a little girl and he gave the little girl to a missionary couple who lived in Africa there. And he went off took off a little girl grew up. She got married to a pastor was looking one day in a magazine and she saw a picture of a little grave and she had seen pictures of this before as a grave of of of her mother and a picture on some kind of a mission magazine true story. And she looked at the picture in the magazine and she saw the graver mother and she sort of reading through it and blew her mind because what she was reading in here was a story of her parents and about a little boy that would come in and sell the mags and that little boy grew up and love the stories of Jesus and began to teach the other kids in the village the stories of Jesus and eventually this little boy became a pastor and she saw pictures of all the people that this young boy had baptized and they had started and this young man found out about her and she found out about him and they got together and she actually went to that spot where her mother was buried and this young man had all the villagers show up from that village that were led to Christ and were baptized and they said we would not be here if it wasn't for your mother and father and the story gets even better than that she goes back to her found her father. And she tells him the story he begins to make a conversion experience of life turns his life around to the Lord he dies about a year later in the Lord no matter where God sends you you will always be successful say always be successful you might not think so right away a god. God is ahead of you in doing mighty things a man this and I'm not telling you to do something boring I'm calling you to the greatest adventure ever given to the human race and then to take the message of Jesus to the very end your life hasn't even started to you go into that that's when it gets really exciting and that's when you start seeing miracles of the Lord. So if you're a maverick I want you to say today that God may be calling you to do something else but go go a man. Find an armor bearer to go with the if you can find somebody who'll go with you like Jonathan did but but do go and be faithful in God's calling in your life. Jesus said told his disciples if anyone would come after me let him deny him self on what take a cross and follow me for whoever will save his life what now watch this promise but whoever loses his life for my sake what. It's actually the path to finding your life I think that's pretty cool. In this already I think I'm going to get this one too how much time do we have by the way 26 minutes OK so maybe I'll show you this video his one year mission some of these already but will do again. Millions of people around the world live in cities it's 0 for one he has said elsewhere the population greater than yours you hear that many people living in these cities have no knowledge of Jesus they are surrounded by crime racism disease corruption and conversely. What will you do when you stand by and watch or will you go in demonstrate the love of Jesus avenge Alyson is the essential work for this time in the resulting starting a mighty movement such as we have not yet experienced the everlasting Gospel is the only real any deal for the godlessness found in the cities of the world do you fear music who is told you each of the cities there's only one of them demented of the dangers of Christ's mental move his calling you to be born of a mighty armies to social and civil service and share his love with those elusive when you're in this shit are you ready if you're committed 7th Day Adventist from ages 18 to 35 active in your local church graduated from high school a good team player highly recommended by your pastor determined to take a higher your role to focus on this ministry one year in the mission is for you one way let's take the cities now find out more at W W W dot use a vent is dot org. So there's a little promo video all these videos promos and resources are on the website that I told you about everybody said January 28th. January 28th we actually were actually putting up a pretty recorded one year mission university online and you thought having us dot org You can actually go there and I'll show you step by step how to start a one year mission that's all training and here's. Here's one of the trainings that I did here I won't show you the whole thing but we have several different speakers including Pastor Ted Wilson Gilbert Kandji and a bunch of speakers that will do training on how to start your one year mission how to get going all the research you can use it to did to start your own when your mission so I just kind of gives you a little stuff there so I wanted to find out if you have any questions for me anything you thoughts for me any comments suggestions of questions you got a few minutes I'd love to hear from you and then what I'll do is I'll summarize what we're going to talk about at our next meeting yes ma'am do we have a microphone that we could give them to thank you. Thank you brother appreciate you eventually these in cities in the You Tube how to do eat yes you told us about the young man yes there's a there's a booth there and I'm sorry I don't have the title of the booth I'll get that for you tomorrow but he's actually training young people how to hold their meetings on You Tube It's one of the booths there asked for Mark Fox Yes Yes ma'am your mike is on its way. I was wanting to know. Any stories or ideas of how you have personally live dangerously in your life oh very good very good you know I was speaking. In Russia not long ago on living dangerously and they were like a man they were all excited they said afterwards I said Pastor Gary come outside for a minute and they showed me this road course it was way up in the trees is like 2030 feet off the ground I'm very scared of heights and they said Pastor Gary you told us to live dangerously want to prove it. Great I said OK sure hoping I would delay I said I'm here for 3 or 4 days ha go ahead and do it then if that's OK and I thought they forget and I said 2 o'clock in the afternoon and. They were all there under the tree waiting for me and so I had to climb up there and do the whole thing and it was me it was frightening but you're right you know you need to make sure that you lead and and are able to live dangerously yourself and I would say in my own life I've done my best to do whatever the Lord has asked me to do and go where he sends me I've gone all over the world travelling in and preaching in different places and been involved in lots of different initiatives work as a youth pastor for 20 years and that's that's scary enough I don't know what it is but. Involved in mission trips all over the world and. But you know. I've got to tell you this that I have never regretted going anywhere God sent me anywhere I've always regretted not following him but I've never regretted following him ever he's always he's always made whatever situation I've faced He's always made it something that he's turned around for the for the good and so. I can praise him for that so there's my answer that question hope that answers that sort of. Any other questions yes hello pastor ice or I'm from China Oh a excellent I was just there in Hong Kong Yeah this is the 1st time for me to pursue the paid to see yeah and I actually am came to recruiting mission arrears. We are actually Langridge center. Stablished by 1998 by. S.T. member who named Jim Sperry and now fortunately he and his wife passed away and me and my colleagues my coworkers are keep running the school keep bringing the center and the you know like the. China's not liking you know the United States you cannot preach in the public but we do have our own solutions so we bring in student to our English quarter we say to Conner but actually it's a Bible study right so every Friday night. We provide them the opportunity to have them to practice their English and later we choose someone who really interested to learning Bible and then we bring them to church in the immaturely every year there are about 4 or 5 people sometimes more sometimes less so be baptized became to S.D. member so this is the meaningful part so we came this year and we ordered is a bit or is $2.00 to $1.00 at this meeting so we are actually looking for. Volunteers or mission arrears who fails to call and. Like just you said a one year service or one year's commitment to teach English in China so I have another question I don't know how to evolve to China into this one here. Can I say this one years service or when your mission Yeah but it doesn't matter or what should I do to make my trip be successful I mean to get more labor or more workers for for work in China thank you that's a very very good question. Yeah well I think you did a lot of it just now I think you probably need to come to every one of my classes and say what you just said that we're looking for teach you guys here is appeal they're looking for teachers in China to teach English but you're really giving Bible studies you catch that So if you're interested here's your man come and talk to him about working there is one your mission you want to make sure that you work with your local conference you Director or you Conference you Director. OK You just want to work make sure that you've heard the saying that people are down on what they're not up on. You know if you try to push something without letting the your pastor know what others they're not going to be as supportive as it unless you sat down and say hey you know I learned to do this I've heard about one your mission we like to do it in Hong Kong or wherever where you from in China. Do. You or talk about the end of the earth that's a 1040 when you're right there. Population is about 12000000 population or city OK 1000000 OK yeah so this is the tears not you're going to 1020 window guys that's the yeah that's amazing we have we have a lot of volunteers I mean came from A.V.S. other than to school interservice the only source to source we have right now but you know China is so big Yeah and the the I mean the field is so white and the labors of you so yes we don't know how to develop this kind of situation or how to solve this problem Yes Well one thing that you could do is work with your conference and get in touch with your services at the General Conference and what they'll do is put an application together. What they're already have no perfect so all these young people need to do is talk to you a little bit and then they can go to the G.C. website fill out the application you'll get the application and then your team will decide whether they get the call is it that simple. By the time we need them is only feel like last year we only got 2 actually we need 10. Want to stand up. And make an appeal OK and we're not going to ask anybody to raise their hands but when you're done if you're feeling moved to ask enquire go see OK Fair make an appeal Thank you you didn't do it again. OK. This is a 1041 of talking right here. Thank you guys. What's the requirements for education OK Well the requirement is like this for the visa issue. A better the Holder recently did so and also the other requirement. Certificated is on course which takes usually about I think one week and you can pass the training and get that certificate Yeah. Yeah yeah you do have teach English as a 2nd language or we say tussle. In questions OK What is your name again rather David David thank you David thank you appreciate brother thank you very much OK So we'll keep that in mind everybody can we say thank you and give me an Thad's pretty exciting to have you sitting in here and I'm very welcome So if you want to come and say something at the next class you'd be welcome to do that as well any other questions you have for me yes rather oh yeah Here comes your mike. So I have a 17 year old daughter and sons that are $21.23 so you know some of these countries that you're mentioning it's very dangerous to to go into even mention the Bible or Christ how would you leave the 8 the fears of the parents that you're just sending you know my kids you know out to be. I don't know if there's any way to do that I my going to see just sending my daughter off to college scares me and she goes to beautiful school Southern University but she's it's just yeah but we need to go wise as serpents and as gentle as does in the way to do that is to make sure that they're that there is a plan that they're going with a group that actually has a plan and you study the plan. And like you said it's very important that the organization that you're working with understands the culture it's trying to reach and by the way you guys heard of being cultural right reaching the people according to culture that's how Paul did it when he went to quarantine understood the culture and he reached the people through the culture so you need to be a part of a group that knows the culture of there and knows how to do it and know how to be winsome a man. By the way the Holy Spirit gives us tongues did you know that and when I say tongues the abilities to preach to speak in the language of the people right so the Holy Spirit can give us the ability but we need to also be educated and rightly trained on how to reach the people we're trying to reach right so it's never going to be easy it's always going to be scary but you can take some steps to make sure they're going with an organization that knows what they're doing and that's important hello oh go with them dad. Why not why not out by the way going through a B.S. is very wise too because then they have the insurance covered by the General Conference insured so going through a B.S. is very very important and they vet them to they make sure A.V.'s does not stand any type of group that does not have has not been approved doesn't know what they're doing so it's going to go through a vs. I just wanted to add that people have asked me the same thing because I've traveled all the world doing mission trips and people as much as scared to go to some of these places is that dangerous and I just say the scariest place to go is where God told me not to go so I only want to go where he tells me to go anywhere with Jesus I can safely go that says it all right there sister is right on. They say they have no. Yes Which one is more effective in how can we do. This so funny when yes there is a booth every booth there's a booth on cellphone Evangel And that's really pretty cool it's pretty safe you can use what's out to reach people all around the world but it's having huge impact on people so make sure you check the booth and cellphone of anyone here very powerful. Yeah I think there's so many different ways we need to take advantage of the platforms that we have this curious anything for those that don't have degrees they do not have degrees when your mission is perfect for that Caleb is perfect for that. And there's no reason why you couldn't be a maverick and not have a degree either by giving Bible studies and reaching out to people what I basically did is I sent out flyers just for myself in the neighborhood and I put on there a checkmark for anybody who wanted Bible studies and I was able to find a ton of those just around my house that I could go to by the way I'm here I'm in the church today because a 7th Day Adventist chose to be a missionary and cross the street to my parents and say across the ocean I said what. Cross street there are lost people right next door to you in that's also the mission field Amen so we do need to go to the ends but yes we also go to Jerusalem and we're in Jerusalem right so let's not forget that when I was 2 years old there was a knock on the door and some 7 Davenant's came by and they really took a they were an older couple by the way and they really took my parents under their wing and B.N. to teach them my mom was very receptive right away and she was she was ready to be baptized my dad took some more time but this family just loved my parents whether they accepted Jesus or not they loved him but then they started Bible studies and so they didn't just have a friendship with them they they wanted to help them grow spiritually and when I was about 5 years old my parents were baptized and immediately they felt called to go to Africa so I grew up as a missionary kid and minimal Africa so they went to energy diversity and they learned how to be missionaries and we flew there can you see how that is if that family had just not crossed the street can you imagine I wouldn't be here today in the church my brother actually went back and he's now the C.E.O. in Malibu hospital in Malawi he would back to the place where my parents are missionaries and none of that would have happened if a 7 C.M.'s couple didn't take a risk and cross the street so did I answer your question OK. You have a good strong voice actually preacher's voice. I work as a missionary and there's a lot of people that we have a mission training center and there's we have had people that come they haven't known how to read and they some don't and they've never been to high school or different things but there's so many mission projects that are already out there if you don't have an education if you don't have a degree. You don't have to search and if you like I know of a lot so if you are interested you can come and ask me too but there's tons of. Self-supporting ministries and also supporting ministries that have industries as well that are out there that maybe aren't in A.V.S. or maybe aren't exactly under the G.C. But they're there working alongside the church and so those are options I know we've had some of our people go to Peru and they work in jungle and they work with people but they don't have education and just a little bit that they know is a way more than what everybody else in those communities knows and so I don't think education is ever a reason to not go if you feel like you're being called. Just figure out find out because there's so many options and I also for the guy who is wondering about. How parents can get over the anxiety of having their children go to these these faraway places. It's a huge need that's in the tent for the window but there's so many more needs also in the world too and so if you're afraid if you're if you're children going to these scary scary places. And they're not experienced they don't have the like people who have been to the countries they start learning like what to watch out for where not to go ending kind of they can they can do a lot better but if they've haven't had that there's other countries as well that are still safe and there's needs there's there's so many places in South America and in the islands and that they still haven't heard the gospel either they're just fewer than what the 1041 know is so there's lots of options you just have to look for them very well said Very well said thank you very much by the way everybody say vivid faith this is a new website every set of good vivid faith you go to vivid faith they post all the mission opportunities that are happening around the world so obviously a vivid face you're right there and find one sign when I sign up for one we're actually talking about victory tomorrow morning I'm going to walk you through the Web site and you can see where all the places you can choose to go that are out there so very good option for you. How much time do I have left when I make sure I don't feel a minute OK. I'm a mother of 5 and. In my church there's several people and i also a mother of another mother of 5 that she wanted to send her children to mission mission and she was but her husband they weren't in agreement with that so she did not and now today she cries every time because her children are not in the church we want to keep our children in the church as you said yesterday keep them in the church but we're losing them by holding them back from going going out in the mission and you know as for me personally I think that I rather my child to be out there no matter how maybe because of where I was brought up and I was brought up in the. You know a part into America so it was for me more of maybe a scary part where you would not go and for me for my children I want them to experience what I have experience and I would want them to goal and I rather cut them to goal because they can it might sound weird but they can be raped here they can be indifferent they can have an accident and anything could happen through that accident so my thing is if they're in a mission doing God's work I would be more content knowing that they were doing something for God. Very very encouraging you to say that as a mother that takes a lot of courage a very good thank you. I just wanted to make a comment quick for I like having like opportunities to go to mission trips don't forget about our local churches to the church. Because being at 7 damages we have people from all over the world I know for instance like for me I went with a family that was from the Philippines so I got to go. And help them out for almost a month there so just you know don't forget about it churches. I have a question for the one year mission I know he has a target in the cities universities and so forth and so on my question is after the G C session and Tony Tony said even like expand like a spring board do people go out and teams and do they pick the cities or like does the G.C. send them a card is that work pretty much OK Very good question 1st of all let me ask you a question let's say you were thinking right now you want to be a part of one your mission and you want to know who is the coordinator for when your mission in the North American division how many from North American division raise your hand OK Pretty much all of us right let's say you were looking for the North American division let's say you are from Europe where would you go to find the coordinator for one euro mission in your division that you could actually call them and have their email and everything where would you go. You start having a star we have the corner for North American division we have a corner for every single division around the world so you have to do is go to their website find that individual and get in touch with them it's very simple so we made a real simple way to bridge if you want to be a part of one your mission OK dancer question. The that union like Union is actually going to be selecting the cities and they're like she mentioned they're actually training them for a year now they're actually doing it running through the cycle once and they're going to do it again and they'll be ready to go so you'll be able to be placed in a team that has has already tried it had done it successfully and will be cities that are already been chosen and I say that correct. That is your question OK All right. So we have a lot of young adults in our church but not all of them we want to do something as a group together so is there any opportunities for as you go as a as a group for like a week or something to do a mission somewhere in the U.S. since we can't you know it's kind of hard for that is a really good segue how many of you like short term mission trip surgery and then you better stay here because guess who I have coming in a few minutes the one an old pastor Apollo Tenorio I thought I get a bunch of claps Texas Conference anybody here Texas. He is the youth director of the Texas conference he's going to talk to you about short term mission trips a man how you can get one started what they're about what they've been doing in Texas how you can get involved so we're going to talk about short term mission trips in about 10 minutes. OK The last thing I want to share with you and then you can be dismissed use the bathroom and come back if you want to but I think you're really blessed by Palos presentation is going to be powerful short term trips. We're going to do something that we hope will go viral OK And we're going to start here at G.C. We're calling it give him 20 Everybody say give him 20 OK so here's we're going to do every single the 1st Sabbath of every month at R.G.C. Facebook page that's G C youth ministries and our Facebook page the 1st Sabbath of every month we are going to do a live filming just with a cell phone and going to be like high tech or the like that filming of young people gathering around praying for 2 things praying for God to show them his vision show them his vision and God to fill them with his provision the 1st Sabbath of every month on Sabbath we don't know exactly when it will be posted because we'll be all around the world so you can see kids from every place around the world getting down their knees earnestly praying over Acts chapter one verse 8 and here's what we want you to do we want you to watch it. And then we want you to do your own 20 minute given 20 and put it on all your social media outlets so we'll be doing is all around the world we're starting a viral movement of young people praying Can you imagine praying for the baptism of Holy Spirit praying for God's vision to become a reality in their area and we want to start a viral movement of give him 20 all around the world can you imagine what that would do for youth ministry as the Spirit of God begins to come upon our young people as they March forward so we will give you all the kind of explained to you really quickly this Sabbath but it's not going to be high tech and we don't want you to have to be high tech either just point and you'll see young people praying earnestly will say if you were to you and they will and write it 20 minutes and then sometime during the month you do your own 20 minutes with your friends or family or whatever and you post it in fact we're going to create a group on our Facebook page we'll tell you all about that and you can actually post your pictures and videos up there and we can see young people all around the world praying for the baptism of holy spirit do you think I would actually honor his word if you who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your heavenly Father give what the Holy Spirit to those who ask Yeah so we're hoping to G.H. 20 to be a viral thing as we begin to ask for God's vision and God's word vision. OK By the way it's this for seminars out there I have 6 seminars. Yeah so let me tell you what we're going to be doing and I'm going to need to end right now because Paul is going to be setting up in just a 2nd here but I want you to see here's what we're going to do today we just talked about one year mission Kaleb and G. 20 now we're going to talk about short term mission trips how you can do that there we're going to talk about finding mission opportunities and 100 K. I mentioned a little bit to you but we're going to talk about the vivid faith remember the vivid faith website is talking about then we'll talk about public campus ministries how to reach your local university that's going to be the SEC It class I do on Monday and we're going to talk about how to get involved in Adventists activism. Day. And then this would be cool if you could start a small missionary group in your dorm room or in your church or in your home or wherever so we're going to talk about that so this is kind of the layout for the for the for today and for tomorrow a separate together. To have the Father we thank you so much for being here with us father were we seeing your vision we know about your provision we want to move forward and we ask that you would help us to do what your blessing. Brother we know your heart is with the people in the world that don't know you because you love them so much. We just want to be a part of your heart and what you're doing in Jesus' name amen this message was recorded at the. In Houston Texas. Supporting ministry in the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire. Christians. Other resources like this.


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