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3. Where to Find Missionary Opportunities

Gary Blanchard



  • December 31, 2018
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C. In Texas for other resources like this is it us. OK I think we're starting right on time here they have everybody here on Pastor Gary Blanchard Good to see everybody. We're it's very important we want this to be a very practical seminar so we'll be talking about actual opportunities that are out there for you to get involved living dangerously for God a man now remember the Bible says if we live dangerously for God will find our life so live and live in dangerous for Jesus is not what not how you actually technically lose your life it's actually where you find joy in serving the master Amen so that's really really important I want to share really quickly with you some really cool books that are out there right now passport to mission is an excellent book on how to get ready to go overseas as a missionary It's called Passport to mission and I've got the 3rd revised edition right here excellent book right here to get ready if you're crossing the ocean to another country and want to know how to how best to do that how many of you know Melody Mason She's a dear friend of mine and a real prayer warrior probably wrote the best book on prayer I've ever read besides outside of Ellen White's writings and other things this is a dynamic book it's called daring to ask and it's filled with really cool stories some mazing quotes but I think most importantly written by someone who actually prays and sees miracles happen as a result so excellent How many of you read this oh yeah OK Well I think you probably agree it's outstanding This right here I'm very proud of this is our new avenues youth leaders magazine emphasis on Adventist a man we want to raise a generation of 7th Day Adventists youth leaders and this book right here is designed for that's a little booklet that we produced once a quarter and it started we gave this particular one to all of our youth leaders that are global youth that are should Congress but the brand new one is coming out this month now Can anybody tell me where would you go to download this thing for free once a quarter in 2000. 1002020 where would you go. As a way to smart use dot Aves dot org And if you're wondering hey I would like to learn more about how to start a one year mission where would you go to download this manual on how to start a one year mission in your union or a conference or local city how where would you go. You guys are too bright you thought of a study org And this is a manual you can download very simple take you about 20 minutes to read and it lays it out for you we have a vision to have a one year mission every single union around the world what you think. This right here happens to be one of my favorite books to give to young people if they want to start small groups and pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit pray for God's vision and provision it's called 10 days by Dennis Smith excellent Where could you download this book for free if you wanted it. Has all the answers kind of the same here you thought I was that org my last talk tonight number 6 in my talk tonight will be on a missionary's best friend I'm going to talk about the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit is getting a lot of bad press these days a lot of stuff going around about the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is your best friend is a missionary man and we'll talk about that and we'll also talk about how you can use this book and also by the way the best book I've ever read written as this one read is this one right here Survivor this is some of the best stuff on missionary service you'll ever find and and that's in the Holy Spirit but I'll talk about the Holy Spirit your best friend so we have a lot of people are going to be sharing with you today we're going to focus on opportunities that are out there that you can sign up for today and get involved and how many of you been to the booths Oh good for you there are so many opportunities out there. So I want to go through this really quickly with you. At the G C U department we have a simple strategy and you guys already know about it I talked about it in my sermon but I'm also I talked about yesterday as well our simple strategy is we believe that young people were designed to live dangerously for the Lord amen and we believe that it's important that we send young people instead of trying to keep young people that we invest young people into the harvest God has called them to go like arrows in the hands of a warrior and when a warrior shoots an arrow where does a warrior shoot an arrow children like arrows in the hands of lawyers so we have identified 3 areas that we're challenging our young people around the world to go into and one of those 3 areas go. And we talked about that a little bit yesterday so I won't spend a lot of time on that but that's that's an area the $1000000.00 question is how do we reach the cities now I want to tell you something so beautiful this is gave me so much encouragement do you know that Jesus reached entire city by reaching just one person we get overwhelmed we think about the cities like God's too big there's some of some of there's 10 cities in the world that have 20000000 people in it should we ignore those cities because they're so big no what did Jesus do with some area how did he focus is his mission he reached that one little woman right and then she went back and reached other people how did the spies reach Jericho how to. Reach Jericho How do they do it. If you set one little lady named Rahab Ray had brought her family into the room right with the scarlet cord by the way the scarlet cord was symbolic of the Gospel Amen by the way I don't know if you've ever noticed this but the story of Jericho Jericho fell at the preaching of the message I don't know if you notice that the 3 messages bedded in the story of the fall of Jericho remember they were blowing the ram's horn they blew the ram's horn that's symbolic of the gospel because in order to get a ram's horn A lamb has to die right so you have a symbolic example of of the Gospel of Jesus being proclaimed salvation only through Christ you got there RAM story then what happened to Rahab What did they do with Ray have after just before the city fell they got they took her out right she got out of the city right out of Babylon right were called to come out about one second angel's message come out of her my people right and then finally the 3rd one is where the fire destroyed the city so that's the 3rd angel's message so you can see God has a special message for the cities of the world Amen but he reaches them one person at a time look at Christ method here is amazing way for us to March around the cities of the world let's read this together $123.00 go Christ method alone stop Christ method of what what what excuse do I like that. Christ method exclusively so we tend to get part of this down we don't get the whole thing this is the only method that works this is why when we do one year mission mission. P.C.M. or A.C.F. we follow this strategy because why seal the works it's the only one that works so let's rate it $123.00 go Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people the savior mingled with men as one who desired their good he showed his sympathy for them minister to their needs and won their confidence then he bade them what. OK let's break it down real simple everybody say socialize sympathize serve safe socialize sympathize serve say that's the only method works socialize with people you sympathize with their concerns or struggles what else to do you serve them look for ways to minister to their actual needs and then when you do show him Christ try to lead them to Jesus the gospel the only way to be saved in that beautiful I love that strategy it's the only way that works you can't cut any of those pieces out and they all need to be there and when you follow that simple strategy sometimes you can do that in a few minutes sometimes it takes days sometimes it takes years and months but that's the strategy and it's very effective we talked yesterday about all the mission opportunities that are out there and these are all found at youth dot Ave org But we have public campus ministries a man what percentage of 70 haven't young people go to secular universities out of a 100 percent how many go to 2nd universities 90 percent right so we have lots of Daniels already in the 2nd universities they just need to be organized together to reach their friends and family who don't know Jesus it's pretty cool. Caleb mission we talked about Caleb Caleb mission is where teams of youth groups get together and they target a city so it's it's a lot of different churches working together to target a city for a short period of time sometimes it's a one week 2 weeks 3 weeks or 4 weeks they decide that they go into that city in the morning they practice ministry of healing one through 43 and then the evening they preach the Gospel pretty cool it's amazing I told you about my trip to Peru Lima Peru yesterday 10007 down to show people converging on one city but it doesn't have to be 10000 maybe it's 50 young people from different small groups or maybe it's a 100 young people or maybe it's 10 doesn't matter but it's a team of groups that go in and they reach the cities of the world this is another another example mission Caleb you all know about when your mission right. One year mission is where we have about 12 young people 12 maybe a little less who get together and they say you know what we're going to reach the city and we're going to use Christ method alone and guess what we're going to come up with a strategy together as a team and then we're going to work that strategy together as a team and we're seeing things happening around the world that I it's just amazing to see what God is doing through this. Receipt to see the planting churches their young people in one year mission and that's what we're challenging every single union around the world to have a one year mission do you think that's too much to ask do you know how many Mormons they send out every single year in 2 years a mission if they can do 2 years of mission and they don't have the truth I think we can handle one with the Bible truth don't you think. They send out over 80000 young people many of them from North American division so when people tell me that North American division young people do not want to get in touch involved in this kind of a mission I don't think they're telling the truth they just need to be shown the vision amen and I think God for the North American division news department because they're all about they're all behind on your mission Amen and they have the tools and everything to make it happen so where would you go to find out who's your coordinator for one year mission in your division so you can call that person and they can help you get on a one year mission team who would you call where would you go. To start to get a noxious OK And then finally I'm really excited about this one right here the 100 K. that's not a 100 mile jog like you did this morning. This is where we are challenging what we're asking for 100000 of Vangelis to sites around the world run by young people can you imagine what could happen. $100000.00 sites around the world run by young people and by the way at our Web site we give you how to do it and we're also going to be posting the the power points will be posted very soon and here's how you can use the power points you can hold a traditional evangelist meeting in a church you can do a small group in your dorm room or at your home or you can actually post them online and do a youtube evangelistic series I want to right now I believe that that right there is something coming down the pike that could really be powerful because most kids want you to write Imagine if you put a U 2 vans a series together and got all your friends to watch it on You Tube You didn't have to stand up in a church but you you did that and then help young people come to Christ to be saved and then all right. We talked about this will be yesterday but I'm going to be remind you about this please do not miss G. C. session you know I showed you video just in a while ago about our global youth leadership Congress we don't have a global euthanasia Congress anymore and we don't have a global youth Congress anymore we have a global youth leaders Congress so people ask me all the time what are we going to do for global youth what happen to that well guess what G.C. session is now global use Congress this is where we're inviting you to come why not why not come we'll be together there were all together anyway in Indianapolis and what we're hoping to do is why we need to gather and train you how to be arrows in the hands of a warrior while we're doing that we're also going to get involved in what's happening in our local Mother Church Amen so we can become connected with what's going on we're not going to skip out we're not going to be our own little separate thing and adults are over here now we're going to do some stuff we do some training we're going to impact the community but we're also going to attend some of the events that are happening in the in the in the big event but make sure you register where would you go to register for this. I'm going to. One last thing OK let me do this. The 1st Sabbath of every month we're going to do something called G H 20 give him 20 when are we going to do G H 20. First Sabbath every month what we're going to do is I'm going to take out a cell phone wherever I am around the world either me or I'm one of my associates and we're going to get some young people together we're going to start praying for God's vision and God's provision to be fulfilled in the 7th 7 they haven't shown people and we have turned that thing on live and it's going to be coming through our Facebook page does anybody know our Facebook page where you can go to G.C. use ministries if you go to G.C.'s ministries the 1st Sabbath of every month that's going to happen at various times because we're traveling around the world right but we will be posting it on there you'll be able to see young people somewhere around the world on their knees praying for God's vision and provision to become a reality for you 70 Avonex youth around the world you can see that for 20 minutes here's what we want you to do some time during the month we'd like you to have your own can be with one person 2 people 20 people and you post it up on your Facebook platforms and you can also post it on our Facebook page at the G.C. as well that's how cool Can you imagine what could happen because I'm really taking I think God's Word is true and I think if we took his word for what he says there and you shall receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you should be witnesses of me in Jerusalem and to the end I think if we had the Holy Spirit we could actually see this be fulfilled in our lifetime and I believe we could reach the 1040 windows of the power of Jesus Christ but we want to as a church want to begin to do this so when are we going to do. When is it. OK. I want to bring my dear friend up here and let him introduce himself to you he has a very very special ministry on let you take this for your brother a very special school he's going to tell us about that's happening in the area. And I want you guys listen up I think you might be really excited. All right I'm going to set a shot clock here don't want to go into overtime going to be a good steward so my name is Dick Ausborn and we are starting a mission training program for young people 0 in this room know young people OK Perfect Well then I'll tell you about it so is this is for post high school students let's say that your just got about to graduate high school maybe you're a junior you're trying to figure out what to do between high school and college taking a gap year is an option and our burden at core name or mission training school is to give you an opportunity to own your faith to find out why you're a 7th they haven't if you're not just an avid is because your parents were there your grandparents were because your great great great great grandfather motel whites lawn right you are a 7th Day Adventist and living in this stage in our history for a reason and we believe it's important for you to know why because God doesn't have grandchildren he has children he want you to have your own experience with him for yourself and so our burden of course is to teach you how to own your faith had to find out why you're in Haven't is how to find Christ in Avin his and did you know that you can see Jesus in the state of the dead you can see Jesus in the investigative judgment and so we are very passionate about showing Christ in every single one of our distinct beliefs without watering down our distinct beliefs you can have both you had to choose Jesus or doctrine you can actually have both and so that's our big burden and then giving you tons of opportunities to be involved in service to figure out what your calling is she'll be doing Bible work canvassing digital media evangelism learning how to use social media to share the gospel with the world we do organic agriculture. It's pretty cool opportunity the health message taking a fresh crisis in her perspective on the health message had to use health and agriculture to build relationships with people in your community to win them to Christ and you're also going to spend a month overseas doing mission work all in the span of 9 months it's an amazing opportunity we have work study options to make it affordable which means that your education is going to put you under you can decrease your 2 ition dramatically like nearly 75 percent just by doing the work that the options that we afford and lastly we have an opportunity for you to be able to actually get some college credit through going through our programs your educational pursuits don't actually have to stop while you're taking a gap here so we're super super excited for this one action the same campus as Blue Mountain Academy in Pennsylvania so we're part of the Pennsylvania conference and blew an academy was actually built for about 400 students right now they have 11120 and the dormitories have actually been recently renovated which means you get fancy nice new rooms it's gorgeous there the Appalachian Trail is literally across the street so it's and outdoors the area that's really pretty but all the infrastructure you need isn't too far away either so we're super super excited for this as a mission opportunity for you to take a gap year maybe you're in college and you just like to take a year of service and just kind of figure out who you are and where you're going you can do that too so whether you're in college or you're just post high school 18 to 25 ish age range is basically the way that we're marking it so we're super super excited for this and we are super glad to be able to have Pastor Gary support in this as well as an opportunity involved in missions so we have a booth here at booth number $418.00 it's called core and we would love to have you come by to figure out more about what we're doing we have a website it's P a conference like Pennsylvania conference abbreviated P.A. conference dot org forward slash core C O R T So you can get more information on our website. How to register a student handbook is there if you just have more questions about your parents have questions they can submit something we'll be back in touch very very shortly so yeah that's core it's in Pennsylvania and we look forward to seeing in this program begins in August 29th team so this coming all this we're beginning and we'd love to see their cool. So this is very exciting so yeah this is kind of like a sort of like a one year mission almost yes very serious similar but it's a it's actual training school that you can go to and really get yourself trained while you're doing it which I really like sometimes we separate the 2 we train but then we don't do it or we do it without the training this is combining the 2 so you have a booth and they can check that out. OK So you know post cards there and you have a few extras that people can get if they want to. OK So we've learned already several opportunities what are some opportunities we've learned already about that you can get involved in missions go ahead I'm a bad teacher I get it P.C.M. we're going to talk P.C.M. is going to be our next class will be on P.C.'s but yes what else when your mission jet G G H 20. Mission Caleb it's pretty much all that isn't Thank you all right we've got it and where would you go to learn all those things we know you thought of inside Arc OK so those you came in late that's a quick recap for you what if do you think actually G. Y.C. has vision I don't know if you have any vision or is this just like a where we meet everyone sort of once a year but there's no like future plans do you guys think there's any plans and. Watch what Eric is going to share with us some other opportunities that G. Y.C. itself is doing that you get a part of I'll give you a hint Iceland OK. All right I'm not sure what happened to the project probably punch something but. We have some awesome things coming up with you I see. If you go to do you I see we have got all beyond we have some amazing things I'm going to try to get it pulled up and then we can take it from there because if you can't see it as any kind of a downer so. Probably just I Yes it is an easy fix All right well. It may be dead it's all awesome All right let's just give it a sec to pull up. Beyond is our vision of is really more of a philosophy of the idea that everyone who has a passion for Christ to return who wants to go out and do mission do something for God is encouraged to be a part of anything really and so what we're doing is are putting together ideas and ways to really get you involved in ministry so we've had activate workshops and we've got on our website the act of a workbook that we've been doing which is really a way to find a custom foot for who you are. To apply to ministry really so if no matter what trade you're in you can find a way to develop a mission statement so that you can incorporate mission into your lifestyle that's what activates is all about we've been doing that in the small group workshops we have a part of cos that is going on where we're doing basically. Interviews with all sorts of people from all different trade yesterday we interviewed some farmers and said How do you do ministry with far with farming we talked with Sean from the exhibit that has movies and he was sharing how you know he goes around and as he delivers through these if they want to do a Bible study with him free delivery like who does that right like it's just amazing how many ideas and ways that you can come up with to be involved in some kind of ministry then we have an idea bank as well which is just tons of ways that you can get involved in your local setting we're going to be taking more and more my goal is to have no fewer than $100.00 ideas for how you can get involved in ministry and at the end of that you know we're going to be able to say look you have no excuse to NOT been involved I want to share just one thing about global youth day as I try to pull up the opportunities here just last year we were really pushing global youth day with you I see and one of the G.I.C. affiliates decided that they want to go to the next level with us and so maybe in just a couple minutes I'm going to invite Seth robbers to come up introduce yourself and let us know what you do and then just give us kind of a recap in about a minute or 2 of what you did for global youth day and how that impacted people sure thank you Eric where my name is Robert and I'm the president of G Y C northwest so we cover kind of the entirety of the North Pacific. So I just run here the entirety of the North Pacific Union conference kind of Alaska Washington Idaho Montana and Oregon and so one of the things that back you thinking what was that yeah early early this year only last year we were looking at ways to kind of collaborate further it was even before last year looking at ways to collaborate and work together more closely with the church and so we had about global use day we said this is something that we could help I guess kind of add fuel to the fire of up in the northwest in the region we were at and so what we started this we started contacting attendees and participants from last year saying you know people we thought could you know work well as as leaders in organizing their local areas and we said hey we have this project with global youth day on March 17th we're going to be collecting food for the homeless for the hungry in stripping glow trucks would you be willing to find people in your local area and find people in your local area to get involved and carry out one of these projects in your local community and in the end by God's grace we're going to having I believe 11 individual groups around the northwest with over I think over 170 young people participating across I think 3 different states and so God really blessed we had I think over a couple 1000 different items of food collected a couple 1000 pieces of glow distributed into the community not just in one place like I did. An affiliate of event but through multiple locations all across a region of the United States so God really blessed and we're really looking forward to multiplying and doing it again this coming year. So I don't I mention something that's kind of already been mentioned the reason is because we have developed a list of everything that we know of anyone. Still expanding it but every kind of mission trip or opportunity that we know of to be placed on our website if you go to the U.S. you have beyond this an opportunity as a block and you can click on and it comes here to where you see 1st and foremost our major trip that's coming up Iceland and we have some exciting things I call wait so we should just little bit more about that tonight but we are going to be just as we said before in our plenary session we are planning to go to Weiss and to knock on every single door that we can and to pray around every city and our goal is not to have an agenda besides offering to pray with people like we're going to go they're going to pray with people going to have faith that God will do something and we're going to leave and it's going to be completely radical completely crazy because we want God to do the work that when we come back we're going to see what happened and so I think that's powerful but not everyone can go to Ostend right so that's why we've put together this list of upcoming ministry and training opportunities and this will be updated as often as we find new ministries and opportunities to list we have a list of anytime opportunities listed both here and then a kind of a broader list right at the bottom of other training schools and programs but if you look at the main list on the Web dot org stash opportunities you'll find basically a month different things that you can get involved and we have glow mission trips we have build and restore mission trips to different states in areas we have canvassing blitzes we have other canvassing you thresh opportunities during the summers we just have so much here that really there's no excuse not to be involved if you have free time any month of the year you can be involved in something and so our goal at the end of the day is not for you to come to do you icy and just hang out and have a good time no we want to send you back on fire to do something for God. I remember a couple years ago when I came to you I see the 1st few times I would go home with so much fire and so much enthusiasm and then I'd go to my community college where I was studying graphic design and man I was I was an introverted guy I'm a lot more comfortable being on stage and sharing with people nowadays but back then I was just I was interested I was scared to share my faith and it was just like it was a challenge and so I started with low tracks and I leave them all over the place and over time I got to know people and pulled and share in relationships and just explain to them different Bible truths and that grew over time until finally just the smallest year I had a powerful experience and I had many powerful experiences well just share this one I was on a plane flying to Texas actually we were going to plan for some we were actually planning which US you visiting the conference office in Dallas all the way to really and I was flying out and I had the assignment that was due and I was I was kind of stressed about it because I was due that night and you know I was flying out and trying to balance graduate school at the same time and you know things get busy and so I'm sitting down I'm like Lord I hope no one likes down next to me I want to chat the whole way. To Texas and so there I am a fly open mouthed off topic and mind you I should tell you my seat got moved and it's kind of weird because I don't get my seats move very often I was flying on L. on the way you pick your seat but anyway sitting there. Start working and this guy comes to stand next to me and his move to mind you but anyway we were just chatting and and he starts Oskar me you know what are you doing I notice you're looking at a Christian at a Christian book and I'm like God is he going to witness to me now you know like Is this a rebuke Lord I was supposed to be witnessing to him or like what's going on and and he's like yeah you know like what church she was so I share a little bit and the Adventist and we began chatting for a while and he said you know I I think he was with some kind of a. Universal non-denominational church but anyway we get chatting and he wants to know more about the Sabbath specifically And so we're talking about the Sabbath and we do a study right there on the plane ends up lossing 2 whole hours and I just share with him I share with him how the Lord that that people think was done away with was really Moses book of the law show him to me 3126 I think it is where it talks about the book of the law and he just called believe it he's like watches and so we start looking at every Texan New Testament he can think of where Paul speaks negatively of the law and every single time the context I show him Moses book Moses because the ceremonial ceremonial and he just blown away like he cannot believe it so finally we get to the end of the flight in psych Eric you'll never believe what he tells me but I wasn't supposed to be sitting here well I wasn't supposed to be sitting here either and he's like but I know God put you here for this today and I'm going to go back to my church I'm going to share this I'm going to study this like this this changes my life and at that moment we look up and guess what all we're in. When we're in row number 7 and we look up and like I've been like 13 before or something and we look up and we realize that God put us there not only did he put us there together but we're in the road that goes with exactly what we were talking about and so we prayed there and as as we deplaned I said you know Lord I don't know what you're going to do but the sky apostle is one or more churches I don't know what the size of the churches but God can do powerful things through you if you'll start small and so that's what this list is all about it's about starting small start with what you can not everyone is able to do everything not ever is called to door knocked out everyone's cold to you know do some of the things that are sometimes seen as like cookie cutter opportunities but that's why we have a list of like a 100 things because there's always something for you if you look and you say Lord I'm willing find me doing something for you so I just encourage you to get involved in something that's what we're all about your IT. And it's our prayer that next year when we come back it won't just be $800.00 plus baptisms that resulted from your efforts as you or I see but that would be like $234000.00 we need to go home Amen let's do it let's that God works through us and in us and they see what he can do this year. All right never but he said Amen Erick those powerful Thank you. Very good so you're seeing a lot of opportunities that are out there in a man so I hope that that helps you a lot we talk really briefly about global youth day did you want to say something about global You say you don't have to OK he pretty much covered is that OK how many of you heard of go with you today do you know when it's happening. Where would you go to find out. Where would you go if you were a youth leader and you wanted to start a global youth in your church. Everything you need to know about global youth day promotional videos and everything up on the website but let me tell you about it it's an opportunity for our young people to be the sermon not just hear the sermon that's really what it is not only that it's a kickoff for a lifestyle can embody a lifestyle. Global Youth Day was not supposed to be just one of that we do and that's it it's supposed to be a start of you being the sermon in your community throughout the entire year all right this year the theme is what does anybody know the theme is well that's the end is a good theme very good is the theme for a global youth is what adopt this is your chance for the entire year starting on global youth day to adopt someone or something like We know some people that are actually dropping an animal and an animal that's been mistreated or going into a nursing home and taking care of the elderly and adopting somebody that needs care an orphan someone who's struggling with a moral sickness or whatever else it's an opportunity for you to be in to adopt so it's to be the sermon so on March 16th we're expecting hundreds of thousands of 70 average young people around the world to be the sermon on Sabbath citing isn't it we just learned what Ellen wife says socialize sympathize What serve and save we need to be the sermon and we also need to preach a sermon Amen but we need to be the sermon as well to bring credibility to the words that we speak to others so global youth day how many of you are playing to be a part of what you take and you hold your head up OK Check it out so you can learn more about it and I think you get excited about if your local church is not doing it step up and say I'll lead and if you don't if you're not able to make that happen work with your local youth director and say hey I want to be a part of this I want to miss out on global youth day so get involved with that so don't miss out always work with your local youth leader and also your conference guys very smart to do OK so that's a little bit about global you to do we have yes we do I am very excited to tell you guys. That there is a website out there almost as good as our website now just getting is that no actually this website is quickly becoming the one stop shop for anyone who wants to be a missionary because wanna hear what it is OK She's going to tell us about that come up your sister thank you for so much thanks for helping us. Eat what you need. 20 minutes yours you. Want to say and then we can do a little Q. and A afterwards if you feel you need of it so you look at your tickets. Hi everyone and see if I can success. So I'm with vivid fades it is so new that it's not here yet I'm so new that I haven't figured out what I'm doing yet. This its face is began as as. You OK is a better OK so vivid fade began at the General Conference as a way to do something we've already been doing since since the early 1970 S. How many of you have gone a student missionary. Just one Wow And did you use the journal conference portal adventures volunteer services every year OK since the $1970.00 S. the advent of church has advantages volunteer services an online portal that sends student missionaries but the fact that most of you except one have used it shows that we haven't been doing an efficient way of sending volunteers so 3 years ago the idea was formed to let's do a better way to send volunteers on mission projects all over the world but it has grown over 3 years and that concept has grown to a point where we think we thought well why limited to just volunteers we should open that portal to to provide other ways to serve maybe it's a place where I can find have only one hour a week that's all I have so vivid faith would be a place where I can go and volunteer one hour in my local school a week maybe I'm a young family and I want to spend spring break with my family somewhere a vivid face would be a place where I can go and find an opportunity to serve with my family maybe I'm looking for a full time opportunity I want to work 9 to 5 or at the G.C.'s 7 to 6 because we have a 3 day weekend maybe I want to work for the church vivid face would be the place where I would go to find full or part time employment maybe I just like to work in my pajamas. You know so many smiles there I dream of such a life too and I want to work in my pajamas and help somebody remotely maybe build a website maybe do something but in my pajamas I mean that is my absolute necessity Well vivid faith would be a place to find that so vivid face is this where you can find all kinds of service opportunities but. More than that it's going to be a community where your service inspires others into a lifestyle of service one thing that has struck to be edgy Y.C. as I've talked to people who are doing a promo here at our booth booth $230.00 in case you want to stop by and we're telling people every day do something nice for someone posted on social media tag vivid face and we'll give you $50.00 if you're Your post is our favorite $50.00 easy $50.00 use that to do more good things for others but do you know that one out of 4 literally one out of 4 people like the idea but they pas and they say oh but that would be bragging and I saw a while there's so many people here who do good things and they have stories to tell but they don't tell it because the devil out there is saying Don't brag let your opportunity be your testimony let your opportunity be your testimony. Sometimes even when we do good I've learned I'm gray I've learned over time that the devil can never tempt me to do things that are bad I'm a 3rd generation Adventists I've got over 40 uncles who were ordained ministers my great grandfather was a pop pioneer all my grandfather the other grandfather left. But wealth he could have been the heir of a diamond mine in South Africa he left that to follow Jesus I have a rich history and heritage of Adventism so you could never attempt me to cheat on my husband to shoplift too to be envious to to even think about thought no I'm a good person I'm going to heaven I'm telling you I'm going to happens I'm a good person but do you know how the devil tempts me with my goodness I did good and if I want to share that goodness he says Do you know I don't suppose but don't be so full of yourself keeps me so busy on the Sabbath or that I can't have my personal devotion to with Jesus oh you need to have potluck for 50 you need to be to have a Bible study you need to you know witness to your church neighbor and kiss me so busy he tempts me with the good stuff so when I heard so many people actually probably more than one in 4 who stopped by our booth but really never wanted to share their opportunity there were so many went yesterday for the outreach and then when I looked at the activities stream on the app the G.B.I. Seattle there's hardly a handful of stories are you telling me that hundreds of you went and knocked on hundreds of doors and you don't have a story to share. Inspire me with your stories inspire your friends with your story don't ever let the devil tell you that it's boastful to share your testimony because if you tell a story look what I did yes it's boastful turn that story around and say look our garden used me. And that's your testimony so when I come here to G Y C When I go to a aside when I see especially young people with so many years ahead of you so much of potential but you don't share your story there are lists out there of things to do at the end of the day you're glad that God used you but if you don't tell your roommate about it how is how how is she going to be inspired maybe your story will change that hesitation in someone's life into courage all it takes is your testimony Don't ever and I speak from experience I was an introvert like the other person today I can stand and speak in front of 10000 with no fear. Because I made sure that I practice that lesson I learned about 15 years ago that the saying that thinking was using my goodness to tempt me to shut me up to live in this call is 3rd world of sharing my faith but never sharing my faith as testimonials So go do good but tell someone about it. Right so that's vivid faith it's more than opportunities we're going to create a community where you can blog where you can share on social media where you can inspire others there's so many ways to find jobs in which you can serve but vivid phrase is more than that it is a way to not only share your faith but to inspire others we want to we want adventurous Christians to live lives of service that inspire others turn opportunities into testimony really quickly I'm going to tell you. Some things in the area of frugal innovation there is a word called Jew God it's a Hindi word Jew God can you say it with me Jew God J U G A.D. If you. Translated phonetically in English Jew God Now this word if you Google it it's used in today in the area of frugal innovation and what that is is where you use. You're limited resource resources to make the most of it the words of God itself it's like uh uh hack you know the D.I.Y. is out there today are very popular and you want the i wiser hikes you know I follow Ikea D.I.Y. on printers like crazy I love to see what people take without a key and make something else out of it you see sometimes in developing countries children taking the rim of a bicycle and using it as a toy that's a jig other 6 hack it's a quick fix so just God in Frugal Innovation is used to encourage people to solve problems with the biggest resource they have sometimes we look for very technical ways to do things but God is a clever solution that arises out of adversity so if you look at the Gospel Commission today what is the challenge somebody what is the challenge of getting everybody out there to hear about Jesus what is our challenge how are we don't go another one not in our strategy time money too few of us too many of them right but the way to get there is using ourselves if you say just God the quick fix is our own church members oftentimes we look at ourselves and say oh it's just one person what can I do and then you have G Y C That rallies everybody puts them on buses and each person knocks on about $40.00 that's great but that happened just one day would you do every day yeah so our biggest resource in our church is what her church members you and me so we are the just God that we are the quick fix for. This church we are the quick fix and how you do how you do it is find every day opportunities to share your faith and vivid Faith wants to help you do that and don't think to step out of the box and don't think of service as a mission project because if you think of service as a mission project it's not a Jigga it's not a quick feel fix 365 days a week like you pointed out Gary you know a global youth is not just for one day adopt that is not to for one date for every day so if we don't show it change G Y C event into an every day life style if we don't change global youth into an everyday lifestyle we're not doing our part we're not being the God we're not being the quick fix so use with faith share your ideas find opportunities to think outside the box a real quick story and I'll and I will I don't like to be caught unprepared so when I cook huge meals at Christmas dinners I make a list and every time I make an error I look of look at it and look for an opportunity to see where God's leading me to Christmas Eve one hour before the grocery stores closed I realized that I didn't have one ingredient that I needed for my Christmas dinner so I rushed to the store standing there at the checkout in front of me. I was in a hurry and there was a young girl in her twenty's in a wheelchair. And so immediately I said maybe this is why this is I'm going to be the drug God for God Right now I'm going to use a quick fix some sitting there looking at her and she had like 6 to 8 bags grocery bags so I said do you need any help feel I'm being service right so I take it and I put it on her bag on the handles and she had little focus on the wheels I hang it all over she's got her 8 bags and then she says thank you and I feel like I've done my job I've done my service for the day I turned that missing item on my shopping list into an opportunity I'm feeling good but you know I could have stopped there and said yes service today's check done but I have learned that you keep looking I have learned that an act of service stops there if you don't make a connection if you don't make a relationship to survive gantry said thank you I would never seen that girl again and God's quick fixes opportunities sharing your faith with others lasts longer is more effective if it goes beyond a knock on a door you need a long term relationship right so I went out it's freezing cold I saw her I said So do you live alone she says Yes Do you have family. And she turned around and when she turned around I saw she was a double amputee I couldn't see there when I was helping you know because I was behind that when I went out of the torch she turned around to talk to me as a double amputee single in her twenty's living alone no family so I said Where do you live she says one mile this way I said Oh really I live one mile that way so I said let me give you Would you mind if I give you my cell phone number and anytime you need anything let me know and she said sure she gave me her number and I quickly texted her mine now. 2019 when I go back because I left the day 2 days later. When I go back I'm going to make sure this this quick fix is here to stay so vivid faith don't just use it to find opportunity use it to build relationships to change opportunities into test. Thank you. Thank you very much. Stop I booted 30. Thank you. Again everybody said that was really good so you guys of have gotten 3 locations where you can find all kinds of opportunities to get involved you can check out your G C U's page website you can also check out vivid face everybody see vivid face and you can also check out G Y Z on the web and they have all the beyond things so we have a few minutes and I want to just field any questions that you might have any questions on your heart any comments any thoughts that we could answer that's just open it up for the for a little discussion for 5 minutes and then our next class is going to be on P.C.M. how to reach the university near you can be pretty exciting so I'm looking for that yes yes actually I think was there and then you. Would say oh why Iceland You know I'm not the person answer that to be honest with you can you answer that yes. Good answer it's one of the most secular countries in the world we only have about 400 administering the entire country something like that it's really something very very small so it's a great need. You know they're going to talk about it more tonight so and I wonder if the website might give an explanation to does it do it OK Good question oh I'm sorry was here and here. Yeah that's a very good question you guys here I don't know if we have a roving Mike we can get everybody but she's saying in the summer up real quickly what if I have lonesome and I want to serve God What about the loans is there a way of getting funding so that the loans. Anybody have some counsel for her yes. So in heaven it's languages to Korea and it's also Mission opportunity where you can go out there for a year can teach English as well as being a Bible teacher and try to reach the people there and they also give you a stipend every month that you can save up and it helps repay your loans because Korea themselves the country will also give you a bonus for staying there for a year so it's you can get a good amount of money and also win souls for the kingdom. As I or guy believe 7 is language institute it's in Korea so yeah I was also noticing on Vivid faith there are some mission opportunities that actually pay a stipend to go to those I also know some young people are deferring their loan so they can spend a year or so don't forget the deferring option you can defer your loans for that year that you're actually doing community service. The one year mission do you how do you actually meet the people that the 12 you set a group of people how do you meet them to try to set something up is that something that you will provide us with the new cultures through that as well how does that process work really really good question OK so every division right now has a one year mission coordinator and you'll find their number on the website you thought having a start org Their numbers there and their email and all you need to do is call them or email them and let them know you're interested they will take it from there they will take your information they will pull the team together they'll let you know when training happens most of Asians actually have an interview process you have to go through because they want to make sure that the team that they're getting is a good team you know so there is an interview process I was going to be real with you and they're going to find out if you're the real deal and everybody here is the real the I man but you need to go through that process but there is a corner yeah. I was just going to speak to that question as well thank you. It depending on how long you plan to be in service there is the option of having like public service loan forgiveness but I think you have to work for that nonprofit for approximately 10 years and you have to show that proselytizing is not your main objective objective and so if you're a teacher or if you're an accountant or if you're a mechanic or you're doing something else as well as you can usually meet the obligations of the requirements and after 10 years your loans go away OK Interesting that's good to know it's for federal student loans and so you can just look up public just Google it public student loan forgiveness very good OK And Beth just a long question I want to mention something else if you're in the federal loan program option is very valuable and. Pay As You Earn program if you have actually have very little income or 0 income the government actually base have to accruing interest so effectively your interest is half but a program just so people are aware of that because a lot of people go through the I.B.O. road. But the your advice portion of that actually has the subsidies just keep them in where they go to get more information on what you just. Know usually your student loan servicer Oh dear your student loan servicer talk to them about this committing to doing service and if there's some kind of way they can help you OK Very good yes my brother. We're going to hear from this man in a few minutes yeah I just also want to speak for the student loan question so a little over a year ago we set up a health evangelism operation out of the bay area called the fruit tree we also have the green smoothie booth in the exhibit hall but one of our goals is to help people that have student loans be able to work do ministry and also pay off their loans and so we had a girl this last year in 2018 that started working with us at the beginning of the year and she was able to pay over a $1000.00 each month toward her her school while she was able to pay for rent and also food and everything while working at the fruit tree and do an evangelism and so it's all about doing health evangelism as well as as well as doing Bible studies when he sells to Christ and so you can find out more information at the fruit tree dot c O or come at 23 o 6 Amen you guys like that phrase he will make a way when there seems to be no way just remember that if he's calling you he will make a way there may be people within your own church family that are willing to help you I know in every church that I've pastor there's always somebody in there that has a passion to stay may not be able to go but they can send and so keep your mind open for those for those people in the church that would be willing to help you too but then you heard a lot of other practical ways All right I think we probably could end early here because we're going to launch into public campus ministries very excited about that we're going to talk about how to reach your local campus by the way if you reach your local campus you're actually reaching the entire world especially here in the United States because it's such a melting pot of many different people from many different places so so important reach them this afternoon after lunch I just want to tell you what we're going to do really quickly I'm going to do a class on how you can be a missionary through small groups. That's going to be pretty cool that's a simple way for you to be a missionary in your community through small groups or talk about that that's the that's my 1st one in the afternoon and then my last one is a missionary's best friend we're going to talk about the Holy Spirit so that will be the one last but next one is P.C.M. and we'll be starting How many mystery got starts in about 15 minutes in 15 minutes. This message was recorded at the. In Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based prices and so on Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online see what happened or.


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