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3. To See Through God's Eyes?

Zeno Charles-Marcel


Zeno Charles-Marcel, MD, is a medical missionary physician, health educator, and academic and hospital administrator. His research interests include lifestyle medicine, and the connection between spirituality and health. He studied physics and physiology at McGill University, and zoology and medicine at Howard University. He specialized in internal medicine at Loma Linda University. He is currently the vice president for medical affairs at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, and holds academic appointments at Montemorelos and Loma Linda Universities. He and his wife, Anita, have three sons.



  • December 31, 2018
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C T V And in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. Web. OK Good morning. Everybody this morning good Good let's go ahead and start with a word of prayer. Our Father in heaven once more we want to give you thanks for giving us the opportunity to meet to discuss some issues that we think are important and we pray that if they are indeed important to you that you will make the weight of it weighty matter for us do. We have that your Holy Spirit will guide us in our. Conversations this morning our presentation and also that you will guide thoughts and our decisions as we make decisions for you in Jesus Name a very human. OK everything is in the context of this big event that's going to be happening sometime soon soon and very soon. The main event the big event. Now let's see I see some people who were here yesterday I see some people who were not here yesterday but that's OK We. The way it's it's done we have some. Housekeeping that will kind of help to bring us up to date OK so let's move on to these other topics that we'll be dealing with we dealt with yesterday to cast a vision acquire an AIM what would it take to do that what will it take to aim high and spear no pains to reach God's Mark. In this session we wanted to see through God's eye. Now here is a paraphrase of very well known text that you all would recognize from Proverbs 35 to 7 trust in the Lord with everything that is in you everything that is in you and don't rely simply on your own insight however great you may think that insight is. Consciously let him strongly influence you in everything you think and do and he will make the way clear for you to follow. Don't be wise in your own eyes all the Lord in utter reverence and respect and turn away from evil voided like the plague Don't be wise in your own eyes. It is good. For us to have a perspective on how God sees what's going on and how God sees the part that we play in this don't you think. Yesterday we were looking. At the primacy of God's will and today we are just review the primacy of God's will in Jesus's life it was of prime importance God's will not only to know what it was but also to do it so what did he do. In order to know God's will for him every day anybody he prayed yes he spent hours in prayer asking God to direct his power for that is not something now if the savior of the universe OK could spend time in prayer asking God asking his father to direct his steps that the don't you think that would be a useful. Exercise and enterprise. You know I say useful maybe it's just essential for us to do that. Right so that we will know God's will for that day so the suggestion here is that the primacy of God's will is in fact the prime issue that we would know what God's will is and we will follow it right and if he expects us to do His will He is going to give us all that it takes for us to be able to accomplish that is not right OK the next we need to know God and know his will for ourselves for you for yourself and me for myself why Jesus is to know God is eternal life to nor God is eternal if the Bible speaks of him and said you know you are read the Scriptures and you think in it do you find eternal life but this eternal life that you find the it speaks of who of Jesus the no God and Christ Jesus who he has sent this is this is eternal life so you don't want to make the mistake of flying the bicycle can you those who weren't here yesterday we had a little scenario of somebody trying. I don't want to repeat the whole thing but let's just say it you don't make the mistake of flying the bicycle to Miami when the purpose of the activity was also troubleshooting and the perfection of the bicycle along the way. Some people were after ride the bicycle and what they did instead is they flew it. Down with it was more expedient they had good good reasons to do that but ultimately they failed in following the will of the C.E.O. and we don't want to end up at the end and have failed to follow the will of the C.E.O. so we need to know what God's will is and we need to follow it right OK we also talked about the necessity of being obedient to God revealed will now many times in my own experience and we have 3 sons and bringing up 3 sons you know we have to have questions kids have questions and. Academician so I've had students I've had students. At least a 1000 students and they all have questions and I'm a physician and an academic physician working in hospitals and you know what I did most of my day was answering questions right questions questions questions well that's not a bad thing to answer questions but then when we get an answer if we know what God's will is people ask how do I know what God's will is well there are different ways of being able to approach that we're going to be getting to some of that towards the end of our of our seminar but. Needless to say. There are some things that we already know about what God wants us to do and we'll be discussing that little bit more right but once we know then what. Right sometimes he will say you know don't ask. A question that you don't want to know the answer to. I have had especially when it comes to your fears of the heart you know young people. You know this guy he likes this girl and right and then he comes and the question that you think. What she has already told you know. What else is there to think of. But. Let's just let's move on you know you can you can you mediate and kind of get see if. Well. OK so. Being obedience to God's Will you ask you you get an answer and then you say well no that must have been wrong I need something else so why do we need to be obedient to God Well because for many reasons but I'm just going to list a few It's an act of respect and trust and faith OK. If God is going to tell us this is what we ought to do. And we do it because we trust him. We respected respect what he what he has to see and we have confidence that what he says is meaningful right so it's a matter of respect and trust and faith and to not be OK is not just disobedience it's actually lack of respect a lack of trust of lack of. It's also a response to God's grace and his parenthood you know the Bible text children obey appearance in the Lord for this is right. You know children who don't obey their parents will have a difficult time of being God. So matter of fact the Bible is clear this is the 1st commandment with a promise right obey appears that your your life right might be long OK. I don't know of anybody who isn't a scientific study looking at the relationship between respect for the appearance and longevity but it would be an interesting study to do because God says that it's a it's a commandment with a promise that your days will be long right so we look at all kinds of other things you know whether you smoke or you don't smoke over the exercise or would even want to but would it will be interesting to look at that see if people who honor and respect their parents actually live longer be interested anyway so I believe even without the without the scientific evidence I believe that if God said so that that actually happens so in response to God now as our heavenly Daddy our Heavenly Dad if he's going to tell us. Something if we reveals his will to us then it just it just makes sense if we if they are parents of earthly parents why would we be our Heavenly Father. So it's a it's also a response to God's gracious. Parenting it's also an act of love for our father you know Jesus is the love me what. Keep my commandments we can translate it another way if you love me obey me. I mean yes yes of for it even to say other so if you love me obey me if that's one of the ways you can show your love for somebody of in this case for Jesus of God So once we get to understand what God's will is then this is something that we ought to do so here is a diagram that kind of exposes this is this is my diagram right so. It may not be fully theologically correct or what not but but it illustrates a point if we were to be thinking about God's will for us. We can somewhat divide it into into 3 parts at least 3 parts one part is the part that God deals with as a disciple. And God has a will for his disciples is not right. Is not right OK we're going to have some some interaction pretty soon right now you're still waking up I think OK but as a disciple there are things that God calls us to do disciples do certain things relating to the fact that they're disciple of somebody right then you know. I strongly believe and I will try to prove the point that as an Adventist God calls us to something different beyond being a disciple OK beyond being a disciple and then God has a specific thing a specific will for each of us. Because of who we are where we are. What we are right so God's will. Is not just. Trying to point out it's not just. A monolith OK It has layers OK so if you here's a point so if you don't know exactly what God specific will is for you. Don't see you don't know what God's will is because you still know what God's will is for you are the 7 The Adventists. And if you don't really know that if you are you are a new Christian a new disciple right then you should be knowing what God's will is for you as a disciple right so if you can't get to the center there are other layers and you will still be with Him God's Divine Will God's divine purpose is that right OK so don't be dismayed if if so far you don't know where that central core is that the one is specifically talking about you but you know a lot about what God is calling you to do because you are a 7th Day Adventist Christian right. OK so now. With the person next to you. Decide when Jesus invites us to come fish for people with me which one of those 3 areas is he talking about this is talking about a disciple is he talking about an Adventist is he talking about a specific call to you go ahead talk to the person next to you have one minute. So what you think. OK you don't think he calls Adventists to come and fish with. Asking you specifically. What they say to you that's where that's why I put it. All right. Who would like to would like to share. But like the sun but. I can follow you if you're here we have. My initial thought was it would be the outer layer the disciple cantos disciples to be fishers of men but I could also see it being specific because there are Vangelis what they do day in India is specifically fish for people to be the one all right and this will come back to that OK. Next person. See how we concluded that it will be disciple because. It can be event is because as a disciple you tell everybody every person who believe in the name of Jesus Christ should go and bring others in right there and he can be specific because then he will give you the method of how to do it specifically for you and your talent your personality All right thank you for that we have a hand here. On my own I was going to say that we have a disciples Oh yes this is OUR So we are to be fishes of us so yes so everybody is a disciple everybody in this room because we have been caught especially we 7 Day Adventists years so we have a calling that God has the right do I see a couple hands war. Thank you. I think on a certain level it's all 3 because we are to meet people wherever they are all right thank you. Well you know this is of course it's a made up thing OK just to help us to think and to before. If you are who you are 7 the Ventus Christian then you are a disciple and as someone said maybe maybe this is God's call to you to be specific fisher of men maybe that's your job that's going to be a job of fishing men maybe you're going to be and maybe you're going to be somebody who this is this is the the orientation of your life he's certainly called 7 the Adventists to be fishers of men because they were there when the disciples do but in this kind of of approach of trying to separate things that it falls in the category of the same because you cause every disciple every one to be a fish or of men he calls us as disciples and also to disciple others OK Now very interesting the. We have not paid as much attention to this as we probably should have. Sometimes as as I read different things I see people talking about fishing. You know we have developed a whole whole. Kind of theology of fishing right so we have. Fish Yama tree Hawk. And fish ology. And some things about the economics of of the fishing rights of the official nomics OK. If you know we make it a clinical kind of experience then it's fishy Atrix OK so we study all of these things that we can get Ph D.'s in them but the question is are we fishing. Dick are we fishing. You know so we come to you I see right. And we have a good time right. And we meet a lot of people right and we get inspired right and we go home and we fish right know. We go home and we talk about pitching. You see what I'm saying. God is calling us to fish. Let me say that living a cigar is going asked of. God is calling me to fish can you say that. OK I thought you were going to say got to call you to be. God is calling me. And therefore we before that he wants us to be the one to his right you got that right OK and we put his will as the fish therefore God is calling us the fish. So don't say you don't know what God's will is. He is calling you he's calling me to fish. Right. Now. Fishing. You can fish with a line and the bait right or you can fish with a net Now how did the fish back in Jesus day you remember with this you know that's a that's a very interesting thing as a look at that and try to understand what's going on when you fish with a net. Who gets into the net. Everybody Thank you Ricky everybody gets into that right. When you fish with a lime you're trying to fish for. A particular kind of fish right usually you know the guys with the angle as they know you put this kind of beat for that kind of fish. And certain fish don't go after worms they go after flies and certain fish go up the flies and the don't go up the worms and you know they're all of those kinds of things so Blatt in those days they cast the net. And they would take on all comers So who are we supposed to be targeting in our fishing. You guys are good guys again everywhere everybody every race every creed every tongue every language doesn't matter. With the fish for all OK But now God gives a certain gifts that may cause us to be able to fish in a particular line right and one of the lines that he's given us is professional lives OK and for health professionals he's given us a particular set of things a set of 2 K. to be able to be used and this is part of our. 15. People who are right now in a professional school when somebody is doing you see I mean fishing school. Because you're getting a to get. Of being able to fish you know depending on how you look at this we can look at being a Christian and Christian what that means somebody. Do you have a profession. What your profession. Land Development OK so she's a real estate land developer right so no I'm going to ask Is she a Christian land developer or is she a land developer a Christian. She's a Christian 1st and then she's a land developer the talking about you. I want to suggest that you consider this very carefully in English we use the adjective 1st and we use the now on afterwards right so we say Yellow Book right and the book is The Thing and the yellow is just telling something about it right OK so if she is a Christian land developer she is the land developer and the Christian is just telling us something about it right now let's reverse that and see what happens. If she's a land developer Christian. What is the most important thing. She's a Christian. And land available just describing what kind of of fishing equipment she uses. Are you hearing me. So you're a land developing Christian. Are you getting what I'm trying to say OK now of course this is you don't have to deal with the grammatic of this but but but but think about it think about it what is the noun and what's the adjective. The noun actually is seeing what the seeing is or who the thing is. And we should have the primacy of being followers of Christ that's who we are that's where we should have our They did not in the profession that we have accept when we see what is your profession that means what do you profess and what do you profess Jesus Christ and Him crucified is that right. You know we say I'm a doctor or nurse I'm a developer. I think about it we even use language that betrays our understanding. Of what we are called to be. Think about them. OK so no let's not use another one. Here's another invitation by Jesus give our solemn warning of urgency to prepare the people to meet our savior in peace talk to the person next to you and see what that fits we're on this diagram with that. You. Go back to. That's a statement. So what I think. When you guys think. Really. Hear him and. Yeah. OK I get the chatter dying down OK so let's see who would like to hear 1st. I don't know raise your hand at the same time OK we have somebody here we have 2 people here. Yes sir. That's. His. Call would go under Adventist Adventists Yes So he's voting for a Bendis. OK Why would you say that. What did you guys discuss. Because the 2 words warning. Warning and. So you're seeing this is somehow linked to some time activity right yeah OK All right thank you thank you. We had him here. We were thinking the same thing that it would fit more into avenues because it's like he said at the forefront of our of our message at the par with the great controversy is all about you know getting ready for the end time and the things that are going to come in and get everybody to know Jesus the Man All right thank you. We said that it would fit into all 3 but as you move in from the outer circle into the inner circle your message becomes more pointed into what you're teaching if you can't go in tell the admin is message just barely some of the some of the teachings to somebody who doesn't know anything you can start off you know slower so discipleship and then eventually Adventist and specific to that person OK thank you for that or anybody else yes we have somebody up here. OK specific no Adventists you disciple or Yes really they are going to state we have been blessed with the ad been missing and the 3 engines message to take it out to to what I saw I would say their 2nd and the thing that. Really identified with us OK thank you very much now. Do you believe. 7 If this have have been raised for any special purpose let me ask that. You know you think so. OK Now does that mean just because does that mean that we're better than the denominations necessarily. Know seeing all the heads going. Does that mean that what we ought to be doing is. Fleecing the other denominations and getting their Christians to become serving their bent this is what really means. I'm not really not really so what what are we called to do a 7th Day Adventists. To warn. Warn let's start with born with that reward. Do people like Warners. Only when the hurricane is going right. You know that's not a popular position to take to be a Warner right. So so it's easy for people to shrink away from from that that idea that we. That we're supposed to be warning we were warning message now where do we find this warning message by the way. Revelation 14 OK OK I see some people here a week. Revelation 14 we have warning message to give OK And you said that we also have. To prepare people. Her OK Now in the preparing of people. It usually means that they have to change in some way right. Right OK Do most people like to be changed. You know so do you like to be a change agent. Yes or no you know what's interesting is the research on this generation says that millennial want to be change agents they want to make an impact. How many of you want to make an impact with this yesterday. OK well if you want to make an impact it means that you're going to have to change something it means that you're going to be telling people you're going to be showing people you're going to be developing things innovating things that will mean change and most people resist change that's the crux of the matter. So we have a very important position. Not an enviable one by the world's standards but an enviable one because we have we have a message that the angels. Would love to be able to carry. But it doesn't make us better than other people it just makes us different and we're going to develop that in a little little world OK so we this is this is part of the 7th the purpose for God raising up the 7 there Ventus church. To be a prophetic movement of warning for the end time and we are living in the time so we need to be fishing. And we need to be warning. And with a certain urgency so when you leave. Do you I see. Don't just go home and talk about what a good time you had. Now I know that the typical thing especially you know we have we have the we have some wonderful. Preachers and sermons and whatnot I. Know I like to give a good sermon OK this is not a sermon by the way but I like to give a good sermon and I enjoy hearing some of the things that I find in my in my reading and and how God opens my mind to see something I enjoy this I enjoy this but you know I have a hard time thinking that when Jesus spoke. The people after he spoke would go up and see them there was a good sermon Jesus. I don't think anybody. I think when Jesus spoke people realize. The depth and the weight of what he was talking about. And they were either moved. Or mad. The 1st season the scribes or they were mad and the people usually were moved. And they would say things like Never has a man spoken like this. Right. So think about it. After the dust settles from the way. It's not just about having had a good time and good sermons and good workshops it was enjoyed it should be enjoyable I'm not saying it's shouldn't be. But if that's all that remains then we have lost something. These activities this entire event is actually to call you and call me to do something that we maybe have been elected. To do something different. To do something better that we were doing before. So this is it we're caught up to give a solemn warning of urgency to prepare the people to meet our savior in peace. So don't see you don't know what God's will is for you. If you just know those 2 things you already have a running start OK so what would it take for us to see through God's eyes. I found this and I really liked it so I put it in. And they go. Well obviously. To see through God's eyes it means that we need to see clearly what he is seeing. Now here's what the White says he who knows the depths of the world's misery and the Spirit knows by what means to bring really. He sees on every hand saw in darkness but now down with sin and sorrow and pain. The burden of labor for these needy ones in the rough places of Earth Christ lives upon those who can feel for the ignorant and for such as are out of the way. He will be present to help those whose hearts are susceptible to pity and that's you and me. Though their hands our hands may be rough and unskilled. God sees the world to be see. He sees the pain and the suffering and the sorrow needlessly. And of those of you were involved in health here you know. What it's like you see it every day. Even if you are a dermatologist there are some people who are itching and they can't stop. But I can you imagine it all the time you can have. It. We see it so often we see it as it's normal. And we get accustomed to seeing pain and suffering and sorrow and we treat it lightly. But that's not how. He sees the. The despair in people the anguish that they go through. And he lays on us a burden if we have soft tender hearts. The kinds of hearts that should be like his. So there's a work to be done when we see the world through his eyes we need to be part of Christ's relief team for the souls in darkness even. Where his relief. So we walk out of here we see somebody who is hurting. Don't just look around to see who else can help there might be others who can help but guess who is calling. Me you if we're there now we have a very interest would you be would you mind sharing with we have a very interesting situation that happened yesterday. We were talking about some of this. Something happened. So yesterday I went to shift foods and I had just paid for my food and I sat down and I could tell this guy was probably homeless his face was just beat red and he looked like he was about to cry it was a caught off guard a little bit because of how he like approached me he looked like he wanted to take something. And I just kind of sat there and then one of the. Deli people came up and said ma'am is he bothering you and I said. He's OK I think he's just probably. Or is probably homeless and before I get anything else he took the guy to take the guy outside in and when I realized what he was doing I knew then that I just needed to go and help the guy and I've done it before but lately with life I've only kind of thought about myself and the stress but I knew that it was no coincidence in so I grabbed my purse I left my stuff at the table and I literally followed him outside and he was walking click so I had to run out to catch him but I followed him and I gave him some money. Now we had talked about right here yesterday. So I was at the same please as I was coming up he said You won't believe what happened. No coincidence no coincidence. Labor for the needy ones in the rough places of the earth. Serve those in misery and despair serve all who are bode well with sin and sorrow. You know I. Use the term my residence I'm tired of signing birth certificates. I'm tired. I'm tired of having people in the intensive care unit with tubes coming out of every orifice and we make them new walls just to put some tubes in. But I don't practice medicine anymore but I still visit hospitals. And some Toby glory in these nice big beautiful building. We have a brand new hospital and we have all the state of the art school. And we want to have more patience. But what is more patience mean. More sickness more there was suffering Now don't get me wrong I believe that hospitals are places of relief. Today people go to the hospital to get better there was a time when that wasn't so people went to the hospital to die. But still it seems. So we just have bigger and bigger and bigger hospitals it's like having you know bigger and bigger and better jails. We have a fantastic jail system. Why would a country both about. You know this I want to try to say. God is calling us to be pain relievers. Suffering relievers like Dr Dunlop who was a friend of people yesterday started to give the story of Dr. Who who left Scotland as a new servant they have been. Around Yuri age and he was trying to decide what to do and he got the call to go to the Caribbean so he went to a Caribbean island. Far away from Scotland. Speaking a foreign language Scottish as a foreign language. And working with the people and he befriended people he was a nice man. And he befriended a couple a young couple. Not of you know great means. Who because of their friendship when it was time for them to deliver. Their last child they didn't know it was going to be their last but when the liver so he was the one who who was the deliverer. He was the receiver OK he caught this. And. They had the couple had had girls before and they were all hoping for a. You guys knew you know the story. They were going for a boy OK And lo and behold. This. Was a boy but but. Done love didn't say it's a boy. When he was. About the baby. He said he's one of us. He's one of us. Now what does that mean he's one of us. Well the dad didn't think just a boy he thought he's going to be a doctor. But once he's going about. Examining it we're. One of us. He's a boy. He's going to be a doctor. He's going to be a Christian 7 they're bent is he's one of us. What else you know what he was not just a 7 when he was 7 that was missionary in a foreign land so he's one of us he's a missionary. He didn't know that he was being prophetic. As a matter of fact as I told you yesterday if you remember but I remember. This couple never accepted the 7th Day Adventist message or anything like that well Dr the worked with them. But I know the story I know the story very well. Because the boy that was born was me. And I remember my parents telling me the story. And when I was going to be going away as a missionary. And at the University Church in Loma Linda when they were laying hands on us. It vividly came to my recollection. Is one of us. Yes I'm a boy. But by this time I was a physician. Of the 7th Day Adventists and. Dunlop never. There are things that we're going to be doing. As servants of the most high God we would not see the fruit. In this life. Only heaven only heaven would be the place where people find out the fruit of our labor. But we shouldn't be despairing but as we are called. To be relief agents. When we see things through Christ is this is how he sees us. We are his hands. We're his eyes we're his ears. We become for him deliverance we deliver to him. God sees me sees us as. Yet all who did receive Him to those who believe in his name he gave the right to become children of God We are children of God. Children born not of natural descent nor of human decision or a husband's will but born of God God himself. We are no longer on death row therefore there is no no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus Romans $81.00 we're no longer in the row. God has plucked us from death row and he's calling us to rescue people who are on death row right now. Think about it. How will they know unless somebody tells them unless somebody is close to them how will they know because God uses us as part of the process. Our hearts need to get broken this is part of the process. Not just. By angels and by stones and by donkey. Of a people no we are part of the process and we are changed in the process of being rescued agents. We talked about the reality of God's call to you and to me personally is making not just an appeal to the church you know sometimes in church. Well if you're a little of the you know the more everybody's better. I don't know about you but do you ever feel sometimes where am I going to be standing ovation. But you're probably stand up anyway because you know you look strange if you don't stammer right. Now I've worked in schools and universities and I know I know. And I've heard people stand up and they say what if they're not for they're really starting over this them up to right. But God is not calling us to stand up with the crowd he's calling us to stand up individual he's making an individual call to each of us. We have a responsibility the ability to respond and to act individually even though he's calling the church and he has created the church he is calling us as individuals in the church. We can't just give off our responsibility and say well the church will take care of it anymore that we should say we're just going to not worry about things in the country the government to take care of it. No no no it's not like that at all. God is calling us to our personal responsibility the provision that God makes. Corporately he does give provision corporately for all of us we talked about the scope of practice as a medical missionary there is something for every one to do everyone it is not an exclusive club everyone can be a medical missionary when you understand what medical missionary work is and we will get back to that in a few seconds the implantation of special desires for development of the highest order we may be called to the court of King. God places that emerge. And for some of us he is calling us to be in the most elevated places in the world in the country. In corporations. To be able to reach people who otherwise would not be reached. Because they are all of. The down. And that means. Vicious. Vicious disciple makers the call to serve even the unlovely and the disgusting. That's what is calling us to. And sometimes it is disgusting. But it doesn't lessen the call it just makes it more urgent more poignant the highest calling may be the basis to service. We also talked about the sufficiency of his grace because his biddings our neighbor he's not going to call you is not going to call me to do something and then leave us stranded. No no he's going to give us the tools he's going to give us the wherewithal he's going to make the we out of no way for us to be able to do it because if he's calling us he knows how to get it done right and of course the essential nature of love in every transaction. When we act. We talked about this yesterday we compared what was going on in Matthew 7 with Matthew 25 who wants at the end of it all to hear Depart from Me I never knew nobody wants to hear that I don't want to hear that I don't want I don't want that to be said about anybody that I know. As a matter of fact it doesn't seem right for me to want to hear it for anybody even I don't know that after the of the done all of these things that it means nothing. Or what God is requiring of us he's calling us to give us our hearts give us give him our all so he can he can work and he can know us and can vouch for us at the end because of all the so now here's our exercise as we wrap up this session what would the world look like if we all were faithful to the call of God on our lives what will the world look I want you to think about that. If we are all in this room if we all were faithful to what God is calling us to do to be fishes to be disciples to give an urgent call. What will it look like. You know that's what you're going to think about personally but now I'm going to give you something else. What would your neck of the woods or what would your neck of the woods be how would it be different if you were completely faithful to the call of God in your life based on the things that we just learned. And I want you to write their own. Or capture on a digital device 3 concrete things always your world will be different so take some time and do that now you have 2 minutes please work by yourselves. OK. Is that going alright. Now I'm going to ask you to do something that's even harder. You know it's one thing to share with somebody who you may not know very well because you may never see them again. Now I'm going to ask you to do something send this to a person of importance in your life. Oh no that's what is. Now an asterisk next to that because you may be thinking of who. But here's the thing. Here's the thing. We know that when people have an accountability partner. They do better at what they're committing to. So I'm not trying to force you I'm not trying to coerce you into doing this but if you really want to put some teeth into this you have thought about it you're prayed about it I'm sure as you are doing it yes you have written it down that reinforces it you've said it now to somebody else OK now share it with somebody. Counts. Yeah that's pretty scary. Because it means that that person when they see you doing something that's deviant from what you have purposed in your heart they may remind you of it. Thank God. So put in a reminder system. Yeah. Sure. So we dropped on to do the mission and I was thinking OK as we're going to know by one to open their doors and things like that and tell us to get away I was thinking God in 2018 there has to be a different method I mean we in that change you're talking about we fish but sometimes the method in which we do so is archaic is is ancient is like no it's not a with the times you know I'm saying and so how do you how do you know how to fish so that it is making an impact and it's not just something you're doing because that was to me became just something I was doing and I was out there is no worse than my face there was nothing happening and I wasn't witnessing to anybody but yet I needed the urgency is there OK we're going to have threads of this going all the way to the end of or seminar so it means that you need to be around for all of that from here on. The OK. You're going. That with that wasn't an artificial plug by the way this was our lives. Are a matter of luck my problem. OK. So now the last question. What would it take for you to do these 3 things. What would it take. You have ideas. You've written them down. You've communicated to people. So what will it be. If you're like me. You're probably tired of seeing. Anybody like me. So what will it take. Let's bring. Heaven. You know that. The spirit may be willing but the flesh is so weak. You know that we make resolutions and. Especially as the New Year is coming we call some of us may have made resolutions in the past. 24 hours don't pass and we're back where we were before. Our promise is groups of sand nor substance. But yet. You call us to commit. And you have the way of being able to give us the power. To hold fast to the end. We want the power we wanted. In our own lives. We want to be able to share this with others. Time assured. Please give us what we need. To do what it takes. For us to be confirmed. Fishers. To carry a special message to us suffering hurting dying. We thank you for hearing or for answering it already in Jesus. This message was recorded at the G. Y.C. to the end in Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible base price center and so many Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. web or.


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