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4. To Put Prophets Before Profits?

Zeno Charles-Marcel


Zeno Charles-Marcel, MD, is a medical missionary physician, health educator, and academic and hospital administrator. His research interests include lifestyle medicine, and the connection between spirituality and health. He studied physics and physiology at McGill University, and zoology and medicine at Howard University. He specialized in internal medicine at Loma Linda University. He is currently the vice president for medical affairs at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, and holds academic appointments at Montemorelos and Loma Linda Universities. He and his wife, Anita, have three sons.



  • December 31, 2018
    10:45 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C to the end in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. Web. OK We're going to. We're going to restart. And let's start with a word of prayer Our Father in heaven once more as we get into this particular session we ask that you please. Be with us in a very special way because of what we're going to be talking about. In Jesus' name amen. We're going to be filtering everything of course through the eyes of. The Bible is of God as he looks at what we what we're called to do this particular session we're dealing with profits not profits that's profits not profits OK And so we've been doing a little bit with business right. Let's see here we go. The 1st issue. The 1st issue. Is that we have to let the Holy Spirit do his work Amen let the Holy Spirit do his work we must be willing and we must go ahead and do. Allow the Holy Spirit to do his work in US with us around us and if the Holy Spirit is going to lead them. My assumption is going to be that you believe too if the Holy Spirit is going to lead I will follow. That is you will follow right if the Holy Spirit is going to lead we will follow I will follow you will follow OK. Now. In our last session we are talking about what God sees when the sum of my comes will he find me will he find you faithful that's a serious question. What does that mean to be faithful in this context in the context of this workshop we're seeing it means Will he find me obedient to His will will he find me doing the things that he said I should do. Will he find me that way 2nd will he find me praying you want me praying for and working in humility for justice and loving mercy why would why would I ask Will he see me doing that what is this thing about justice and mercy. Micah 68 anybody knows that by heart Michael 68. He has shown the. Oh man or woman or child oh right what is good and what you guys look at or come on it seems as though you don't remember it so look at Micah 6 Micah Chapter 6 verse 8. We used to do this thing called sword in hand anybody remember that sword in him right. So you have your swords in your hand. All right Micah 68 what does it say somebody read it out love. With a good all right good that's Micah 6 verse 8 so when when Jesus comes back thank you very much when Jesus comes back will he find me. Faithful there. How many seeking justice for those who cannot seek it for themselves doing the right thing being fair. With those with whom I have to work and those who work for me. And being merciful loving mercy you know I was giving a talk somewhere sometime and somebody told me Dr Don't worry I love justice and I love mercy I thought that was OK and he says yeah when somebody does me wrong I want justice and when I do them wrong I want mercy. But you know really it should be the other way around. We should treat people fairly. And we should be merciful to them right because God has done that with us. But Grace is not treating us fairly OK. Grace means that he's actually. What we don't deserve. The God that we don't deserve this right so we should be gracious people as well when God takes an inventory of your life or my life and our relationships now the question is What does he see that he see us living. The way he desires for us to live. And you know we come to a conference like this in a seminar like this. We might be inspired we might say Yes yes I like it but you know I have been to many many different things that are very uplifting we are we becoming to do AC My family and I for many years. And I tell you some of the most inspiring words you hear right here and in some of these halls and some of these. Lecture rooms. And them time goes by and what happens you to me. Other things get in the way. Distractions and you forget. And then somebody might remind you of something and you say you know I used to know that. I used to think that. How come I don't do that anymore when I don't I'm not I'm not implying in that direction anymore well ladies and gentlemen. We would like for some things to become indelible more permanent. And that means we have to let the Holy Spirit do his work to bring to our remembrance the things that are important such as God's will for us. Now here's the thing 7th Day Adventists consecrated young people are called elaborate as with angels that you know that. Here's the code. There is no line of work this from education because 127 there is no line of work in which it is possible for the youth to receive greater benefit all who engage in what's that word. Ministry ministry are God's helping hand they are coworkers with the angels rather. They are the human agencies through whom the angels accomplish their mission. Have you thought about that for yourself. You know the image of angels for me is is amazing I like angels. I am sure I have seen. An angel. But not you know the way it's depicted and you know but. I've seen these statues of angels. And some of the angels look kind of. You know emaciated. They look thin. But that's not the picture that the Bible has for the powerful and. Angels who excel. In strength. One enjoy 1000 men. 10000. And imagine. They are by our side and we call laborers with them collaborators. Think about that. And I'm going to use medical metaphor. Saw you're in the office and you're seeing a patient. And the angels are there with you is that something you guys on impress. A man. Imagine you're in the field. You're in the field. And something isn't going quite right. But the angel is there with you guiding your hands to do what you didn't even know. You're making a business decision. Humanly it looks as though you should do this. And the Holy Spirit. Is there with you and says no don't go that way do this instead. You make the foolish decision by the world's standards. But you make the right decision by gods that. They meant that. There's a way that seems right to a man. But in the end. We have death. All who engage in ministry not Ministry means. It's a nice word it has it has become transliterated and that the meaning has morphed into something that's very respectable and nice right ministry means service and servitude that's what it means. All who is involved in serving us serving. Like the waiters who serve on us the services we write. Like the people who who clean the room. And clean the toilets. Those. That's what ministry means I mean serving. And then a White says all who engage in serving are gods helping him why. Because Jesus came to serve us. We are engaging in his work. So whether we have a professional practice. Or we are working for someone in their business. If we are faithful in our service. It makes a difference. I want to think of the story of Joseph in part of for his house. He was a sleeve in that house you know that right he was a slave in the House and the Bible says the part of a. I mean this guy. He was extremely successful why. Because Joseph was there. I'm going to ask you. In your business enterprise in your school enterprise. In your studies and your training wherever you are is that police blessed because you are they are. Blessed because you are here. This is what the Holy Spirit wants to do to bless the place because you were there but it's only if you are being faithful. Joseph was faithful Can you imagine blessing a G.A.O.. He got thrown into jail and the jail was blessed OK. Then he was taken. To the palace. And all of Egypt. Was blessed because Joseph with. You men. You catching that vision. Where do you work. Is that place blessed because you're there. In just peek through their voices and work by their turns and the human workers cooperating with heavenly agencies. Have the benefit of the education and experience. You don't know how to do it but they certainly do they've been there before and that's something listen I can tell you stories in my own practice. Well well no I want to. Get out. It was one of one of these really bad nights because we had already had so many patients that we were getting to the hospital you know the team on call and we just we're just inundated when this lady I was called by the by the O.B. G.Y.N. service to see this lady. She was quite obese. She had some difficulty with her pregnancy and she had to be delivered by C. section. But that day she had had a lot of food to eat. And the result was she aspirated the material from her stomach into a low OK this is bad bad bad news. And by the time. I got there I said we're finished with the C. section and whatnot this lady was already in respiratory distress she was in trouble her oxygen saturation was in the sixty's it's should be above $92.00 she was in the sixty's OK And this is with oxygen. Being applied. Obviously she was going to need to be in to be did. And did I mention that she was extremely obese Well obese people of her weight difficult to get into bead and so things were just going from bad to worse right the anesthesiologist. Got the tube in and then decided you know what we need to do a tracheotomy on her her husband is now in turmoil because he's seeing his wife. Deteriorating in front of him and the baby however the baby was doing fine but the wife is it irritating and I was going to be taking this lady over and taking that intensive care unit. And. She had. A situation that we call adult respiratory. Distress Syndrome. R.D.S. is. But then we used to use for it back in those days. She was on 100 percent oxygen. But her. Blood oxygenation was not doing well. For those of you who have physicians who are nurses in the I.C.U. and whatnot you know what this looks like we say she's crashing right OK I see some not so I know you know what I'm talking about she's crashing and what we need to do in those days what we had to do was to put in. A swan dance catheter which is a tool we put through one of the. One of the blood vessels into the heart. The right side of the heart and then we get it out into the pulmonary artery and to wedge it in one of those little arteries in the lungs so we can get the pressure we could measure the pressure right this would guide the kind of therapy that we're going to use we have to do this right. Now that I tell you that she was extremely obese during. Well in those days we were doing. Pick lines and things like that so that was not an option about that. It was really either going in a sub plebian or juggler because in that hospital I worked we didn't do any other central lines except here because the others especially femoral lines these became septic very easily and well OK. Now this is a blind stick OK. Especially when somebody is so over what you can feel the clavicle you get the landmarks are obscured OK. And then I tell you this lady's crashing. So how quickly do you have to put this thing I'm like No Right OK. I look at the lady and I know this this is this is. This is not. Going to be an easy test I can't do this but I'm the one who's going to do it. So I try to take the easy way out I look for the juggler right there in our neck over the know nothing nothing that just fact. I couldn't even feel her carotid both By this time or blood pressure is falling right how soon do I need to get this line in there like right now OK. And we set up we drape and everything and I'm saying there's just no way that I'm going to do this is no way I can there's no way I. Am not going to do this right. But I'm going to try. So we drip the right side of her neck and chest. And as I'm going to stick. It's not an order will voice. I just get the impression don't do that. Go federal. Nobody or. I mean just the nurses I'm one of them you know the resident was there. OK so I said you know what we're going to go from room and the nurses doctor we don't do their roles here. You know we're going to do one. Under my responsibility to do let me tell you it was the best decision. It was the best decision there's no way that we're going to get. Into the into that look. I mean that artery. Sorry that became you know what the artery. When I went femoral. We went to the hilt of the of the catheter and it wedged perfectly. One stick. One stick. It took less than 5 minutes to do that if I had gone the other way I would have been poking around there would also have a lot. So how did that happen. By the way I didn't get into trouble about doing the femoral it was understandable right. By the way the lady she did recover thank God right. But I remember the picture you guys have probably seen so all the picture. Of Christ in the operating room I can see in that. Area Anderson painted that picture and I could feel. The God was there with me. You see there are landmarks as well that you have to feel for I couldn't feel them. And A.V.L. for those of you who don't remember right. Nerve art or even empty space in the Vatican. But you can feel the artery. So how do you know where to go. You stick. And it goes into the vein and it goes up the being the key of it and we're looking at the pressure. And there it is. Help it goes. Into the right heart. And into the right place. Praise the Lord. And I can tell you many more stories I don't want to do that but. God works with us and if he will do that for a simple procedure or a complex procedure he will do that in everything that we ask him to do to help us with. So when we're making business decisions he's there he's going to help us he's going to give us what we need to make the best decision. So the question is are we going to be making decisions based on profits. Because that's what the world makes its decisions on or are we going to are we going to engage with what the profits have told us that God is going to be at our side. So we look for sustainable ministry serving sustainably. Any kind of business enterprise that we do. Needs to have the concept of sustainability we need to have access to people we need to have credibility and we have influence. Because ultimately the business that we're in whatever business that we're in is in ministry. No I don't think you guys are that every and any business that we're in legitimate that is right it's a ministry we're serving people. And we have to have the objective of what we talked about in the last session. The will of God for us starts off with being a disciple we are what kind of people again we are fishes OK we our business is just a tool to fish. So we're fishes. So the business actually gives us access to people who are interested in that service I mean making sense. Credibility we have to do an excellent job mediocrity is not. Right we have to be excellent in what we do. God will take care of all of a superlative things but we have to be excellent what we do. And this gives us influence with people. And their White says this when they see that we are knowledgeable about things in health for instance. They will also believe that we know something about spiritual things about the Bible. Are you hearing me. So this is an interesting which. So let's talk about some ministry Enterprise's. Printing Bibles for North Korea on your own press. Is that sustainable yes or no. If you have a printing press or you have a computer and you have a printer. And you can get the ink and the paper and you know the language or somebody translate the stuff for you and you printed there what's the problem. You see sometimes people with people look at the ministry and they assume that the ministry itself needs to be self-sustaining we have to think outside of that box. When we have the Iron Curtain. And people were getting Bibles to Russia. No one ever asked the question how sustainable is that do you know why. Because it was not expected that people in Russia would buy the bibles that we were smuggling into Russia. These Bibles were to be distributed Oh free free of charge. So it means that there was something else that had to supply the funds to be able to have the bibles are used where you follow me so you link your service ministry that is not expected to make money with one that is making money or you following. One. Washes the other. One activity gives you the resources to be able to do the other make sense OK. Scuba company that takes $400.00 people out per year. People or school but I. Do people go to the school with. You know really very happy everybody feels safe and is that what happens they are going to say oh yes I always wanted a school so let's go right. Right. And what happens are those who are left behind. Like the husband says I always want a school where what is the way. All right. Listen. What I'm trying to say is we have to think outside the box you may have 400 scuba divers but you have the whole family. Who is interested in the safety of their loved one in that school company. So what are you going to do for them. How are you going to reassure their safety. When you say. Training. Sign a waiver that usually does not reduce. You have to do it but but that usually doesn't work and the lawyers of there are any lawyers in the room right. I mean the way the way these things are written it's like you're going to die. But and you're not going to be able to sue anybody because it's not their fault whatever happens is not their fault right. So yes so usually the sign in the waiver that doesn't do it but the way you treat people is going to make a huge difference if you show yourself to be competent but you're not braggadocios And if you're too cocky then people don't like that. They wonder about you but you show that you have confidence. You reassure them. You do the right thing. You keep you play by the rules the safety rules you don't cut corners you go the extra mile by the way you know we're going the extra mile comes from. The Bible. Go the extra mile. And you not only will be serving those $400.00 people. But you would be serving the whole family. Right. Fischer's. What a gas station owner. Would you think OK my gas station owner do. So gas so the cheaper than everybody else you know they'll think you have water in it I'm. Just teasing Well let me ask you when you go to the gas station when you're pumping gas what do you do. They're waiting right. Do you read anything. Yeah yeah anything that's written there that catches your eye you read as a matter of fact in some gas stations they actually have little monitors little screens right and when you start pumping the gas it comes on news or whatever it is comes on so how about in your gas station what you going to have there. You get the idea you your your your business. Is a ministry. It can be an overt ministry that is you know you have a lot of religious things there or it can be more subtle where you're giving. Ideas suggestions how you treat people what you what you say to them how you how you approach them all of these things. Making a positive impact for God. We're fishers. Don't forget we're fishes those of you who weren't here before see me afterwards I'll tell you about fishing. All right. Then the Lord said to. The Moses What is that in your hand a staff to play and the Lord said to the grow a little what's in your hand if you want to follow the prophets and not the prophets you want to follow the prophets but not the prophets what is in your hand you use for God Amen whatever is in your hand you use for God God is preparing each of us with tools. For our fishing. OK. Christ object lessons beach 349 religion this is a bold statement from every way religion and business are not 2 separate things they are one. They are one so if you have a business that is doing illegal stuff you are in the wrong place in multiple levels. No illegal stuff. If you're cutting corners and your scales right you or your weights are off because you set them that way God says that's an abomination. Don't do it. Don't do things for filthy lucre do the right thing and God will be with you and He will bless you. Serve with honor. He has shown you you showed me what to do to do just needed to be fear honest. The love mercy and the walk humbly before him. Complete restoration of mankind in the image of God in all aspects physically mentally socially emotionally and spiritually This is what we are about in our fishing. We had a broad understanding. We have come to the time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work that's what Ellen White says. So how do you do that with somebody who is not medically trained. Let me go to this one. We're talking about ministry we're talking more coworkers with angels we're talking about angels who speak through the voices of human beings and who work by human hands. And here's what I wanted to follow up with such an army of workers as our youth rightly train might furnish how soon the message of a crucified risen and soon coming Savior might be carried to the whole world. We all know this who we all heard the called. Let's let's kind of play with it a little bit play is not the right word but let's let's let's use it to use a military metaphor it's an army of workers right so now let's let's take a look at the U.S. infantry this is what the U.S. infantry man looks like that's the gear that he has etc But then in the in the U.S. Army we have the Greenbury and we have special forces and that's what they look like right if you go on the internet you'll find goo gobs of pictures looking like that right now is there any difference between a regular infantry man and someone who is with the Green Berets special forces. For the Rangers or anybody knows of any difference between the. Extensive training yes extensive training these are not just regular soldiers. They are trained for special activities. Let's take a look at another one this is this is what the U.S. Navy may look like and this is what the Navy SEALs look like. When you're on the wrong side of this which ones do you want to see where you don't want to see any of them right. Tell you what I want to see these guys they don't they don't look to savory what you know I looked up what it is that they do for their trade for the Navy SEALs and this is just a small excerpt of what it is that they have to do before getting accepted to the Basic Underwater Demolition training a prospective candidate must pass a certain number of both mental and physical requirements. This is no ordinary So you are. Right. Now he must be or she must be because now they're females in the SEALs he or she must be. Able to be a sailor. Which means they already have to pass certain things to be a sailor. But then the requirements are a little bit more as to what they have to do the tests include pre-adolescent medical screening and a B. and if. You can understand this right C S O R T And the P.S.T. then the candidates must get a seal contract bypassing the seal physical screening test 500 yards when 12.30 seconds 50 push ups in 2 minutes 50 sit ups in 2 minutes 10 consecutive pull ups in 2 minutes and a 1.5 mile run in 10.30 minutes. They have to do this and after they do this the candidates who receive a passing score may then be admitting it into training to become a SEAL then other serious. Right. And the the attrition rate for people who are applying to become E.C.U. after they have passed all of this and now they're in training 80 percent of them pointed out only 20 percent make the grade. So why do you think. Special guys right. Here. Are there any more loyal. To the government that they serve because there are so universal service and if you mean. What you think. You know. Do you think. That. When the needs to be deployed. The Navy ship. That we shouldn't really send the regular soldiers or we should do is send Navy SEALs where they think. They will know what to do on a regular ship. If I want to saying they have different functions. All of them unnecessary using this military idea all of them unnecessary they just have a special function as a Navy SEAL and others have special functions some guys who manned they can they can sit in front of these solar and tell you all kinds of things about who's coming and where they are and all that stuff. These are experts looking at that they're not seals. But they know how to read. When I assure you this. What if this is what represents a Christian disciple. And this is what represents a 7th Day Adventist Christian. You know. What we are called to as a 7 their interest. Is this warning urgent message right now. If we're in business if we're doing something in business we're called to the highest standards not just the regular stuff you know or people cut corners here and do that well you know everybody does that in the business no no no no we don't do that. That's not us. Is your life record one in which Christ can vouch for you. Remember the process to get to the end is as important as getting to the end Matthew 24121213. Now let me give you an exercise I want you to look at James 12 to 4. And 2nd Peter 15 to 8. And contrast that with Galatians 52223 so with your partner sitting next to you right one should look up to James one to the 4 the other one second Peter 15 to 8 and then you go from the right. Partners. To the far right you. Know partner. All right. I was going. To read this verse and then you come you contrast that with relations 52223. And she did. You got it last night. You get joy and then you learn when you keep acting. Like. This is the process right proximity of process things build on each other right. You've got it. OK. What do we find in James one what do you find in James one. He says counted joy when you're tempted OK now is. When you have tryouts OK Why because these things do something. What do they do. They develop your character all right they develop your character as you face the temptations and you face the trials and you overcome them right you are actually growing so the process. Is important right. The process is important. Excuse me. They prepare us right for the next thing that's coming all right so we grow how about what did you find in 2nd Peter 15 the. Peter's letter right and what we have how can you characterize that latter. One step at a time right one step at a time it's a process of a growing process. Now that's that's different from the fruit of the spirit. However do we do we manifest the pool of the Spirit in one fell swoop. But it's one fruit. And that food is a love joy peace but that's the fruit. Some of us have a lot of rotten fruit. But God wants to give us the whole fruit the whole thing right love joy peace kindness good this great. One thing. But we're in a process of growth. So your business right no may be looking more at profits ideas. Than what the Bible would call profits yes. But hopefully after today you will reexamined your business. You will get it right you do it right. On the continuum of benevolent acts there are explicitly spiritual religious ones and they are implicitly spiritual religious ones but they're all valued by God when done in love. Whether they're explicit or implicit we're going to go through this on the continuum above benevolent acts there are explicitly health and medical ones and they're implicitly health and medical ones but they're all valued by God when done in love. So if we look at our spiritual service the implicit things and the explicit things but there's something for everybody to do. Something for everybody to do what if we look at the implicit things for spiritual service respect kindness courtesy gentleness consideration of helpfulness collaboration compassion the courage that's just a name a few. You do these things and you are implicitly serving spiritually. In other words you have no fanfare you're not saying anything religious here. But you're being true as a Christian it's part of the fabric of who you are as a Christian as a fisher. And some explicit things prayer Bible readings testimony Bible study exorcism right. Giving religious books inviting to church small groups at home all of these things may be considered very spiritual religious kinds of things. But we have a whole continuum and we can move between here and here and the Holy Spirit will let the Holy Spirit do his work. And he will help you he will tell you when this is where you are and where this is where you need to be let him tell you. He's a master. When we look at medical missionary work. We can see that on one side. There are things that require no training no license everybody can do these things everybody. Such as. I was thirsty What do you do give me some of the drink I was hungry. Give me somebody Jesus says Matthew 25 in as much as you have done under the least of these my brother you have done it unto me come go right enter into the kingdom of my father was prepared for you right. But then there are some things that require a special training license and only license practitioners are permitted to do such as putting in those lines and stuff. But you know what we should be equipping each other. Because there are some things that I don't know how to do and somebody can show me and some things that they don't know how to do I can show them. This is also part of or responsibility we're in this for profit. Because that's what the prophets tell us to do. Not for profits. You know in Israel of all. They didn't charge interest on loans. And every 7 years. Everything was quote start back over again. And that's something. Sometimes I'm told don't go to that. Garage the guys and I have been this but you. Can imagine somebody seeing that. Implicit health stuff feed the hungry what are the thirsty visit the sick the imprisoned B. friend the friendliest clothing they could shelter the homeless give a ride to the car less acknowledge the invisible I remember. This my car broke down and I was living in in there in Washington at the time my car broke it was a it was it was the middle of winter and it was terribly cold I mean it was called the temperature was in subzero. Degrees. In those days we didn't have cell phones I mean should. I left the car parked up. And I started to walk. And finally I got to a place where there was a bus stop and I stopped there and I asked some people around I've never taken this bus or anything like that and and so they thought yes you can do this here you can go to that place and then you can get another bus and you get to get home OK All right so that's what I'll do. Let me tell you I stood in that place this is a place where I have driven by you know hundreds of times. And I'm standing there and I'm looking into every car you know what I'm looking for I'm looking for a face of somebody that I recognize so they would see me out there shivering in the cold. Just to look and see this is what you're doing here coming up I was that was I was anticipating that somebody would recognize me somebody I stayed there for an hour waiting and there were other people there who were waiting to. You know I had never paid attention to people standing at the bus the waiting for a bus. You want to say that day I was on the other side. And I felt like. If only somebody would see somebody. Well you know when I passed bus stops I look no right. I look is there anybody there. In today's day you know you stop when you want to give somebody a right and they think that you might be some molesters some of us with mothers as it used to be but but think about that how many of you pay attention to those to the invisible people the invisible people. You're in a meeting and there's somebody who's who's serving and nobody even acknowledges the person the person comes in this serve you and some people don't even say thanks it's as if it was automatic. Invisible people people along the street. Invisible people you're walking into in your head they don't count. That's Jesus there. We pass up on the. Invisible people. Acknowledge that. That's implicit helps them. They get healthier when you acknowledge to have that you know that. The you know we have an epidemic right now of loneliness that's as big as diabetes. You know loneliness in the United States do you know that in Japan people hire out families they hire people to pretend to be a family for a weekend. Did you know this. And. This should never happen if they're 7th Day Adventists or oh never. But this is. Job says. The Bible says of job. He stayed there and he looked and he helped people who had needs. And the needs that he didn't know he sought out he went around looking to see do you have any problems that I can help you with you have any problems you have any money issues that you need some money. You know can you imagine somebody going around doing this she says yes ladies and gentleman Go Fund Me All right. You know offer to help be kind courteous considerate that God is calling us to this. And then the explicit help OK So we do a cooking school a health shopping excursion we have she's gone she didn't stay all right you're healthy shopping excursions smoking cessation drug these are all of the classical kinds of things that we that we do but preparing classes do you know that the that the issue. When parents neglect their kids when parents abuse their kids when parents get incarcerated when there are fights in the home that this increases the risk of a child not only will have mental health problems but physical problems have an increased risk of diabetes and hypertension and coronary artery disease and increased risk of being obese increased risk of promiscuity and we're talking about 50 partners or more by the time the 18. Just by what the parents. Did or didn't do. Look it up sometime adverse to childhood events a C.. So we should be having prepare and in classes and parenting classes exercise a real big club ask the ask the doctor or dinner with the doctor small group health walking clubs 1st day 1st we should do 1st aid you know why for us there because we see that in the end what's going to happen what's going to happen in the world disasters right right so are we prepared for the disasters and we're preparing other people for the disasters. We have to put our money where our mouth is right. So you want to go into business. Start giving 1st aid classes. Follow the process. Not the profits. That's pretty. Father in heaven. Nor do you want to let your Holy Spirit do his work. To show us where we overlook saw many opportunities that come by when you give us these opportunities and we just walk by. We repent. And we pray that we might see now with new eyes we catch the vision we would have an aim as fishers we will spare nothing to be able to get to do what you ask us to do that we will know your will and we will know you. Lord. I pray that when you come. You will find us. To the we asked this in Jesus. God bless you. This message was recorded at the G Y C D N in Houston Texas do you want to see supply. Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. web or.


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