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5. To Be a 21st Century Medical Missionary?

Zeno Charles-Marcel


Zeno Charles-Marcel, MD, is a medical missionary physician, health educator, and academic and hospital administrator. His research interests include lifestyle medicine, and the connection between spirituality and health. He studied physics and physiology at McGill University, and zoology and medicine at Howard University. He specialized in internal medicine at Loma Linda University. He is currently the vice president for medical affairs at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, and holds academic appointments at Montemorelos and Loma Linda Universities. He and his wife, Anita, have three sons.



  • December 31, 2018
    2:30 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C T B M used in Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. where. The low. Can we start with a word of prayer please. Loving heavenly Father. Once more we want to give you thanks for giving us the opportunity to meet together and to think about to contemplate and even to plan to execute. Some new ideas and maybe just reconfirm some old ones. We pray that you will guide us in this session so the what we say and what we do will bring honor and glory to you Jesus name. We're going to be talking about the 21st century medical missionary. Everything of course we're doing is filtered by our view of the time in which we live and in anticipation of that glorious 2nd coming of or the Savior Jesus Christ amen. So it's with this in mind we're going to be talking about the 21st century medical missionary Well what would it take to be a 21st century medical mission what would it take this is what we're going to be dealing with well 1st we need to see that. God sees you and me in a very peculiar way not necessarily the way that we see ourselves and especially if we are critical of ourselves we don't see ourselves this way but here here's a list of things he sees us as a new creation in Him 2nd Corinthians 517 he sees us as reconciled in Christ ambassadors of reconciliation 2nd Corinthians 518 and 19 he sees us as more of the victors more than conquerors Romans 837 he sees me and he sees you as having a heavenly calling Hebrews 31 he sees you and me as redesigned for good works is either good works. To 10. He sees that you and I have been born again by the Holy Spirit saved by grace which is a gift not by my performance and you aren't saved by your performance efficiency he sees us as beams of light and joy sorry he sees the beams of light and joy believe me and be you some 9711 he sees us as vessels of divine light 2nd Corinthians 46 as radiators and reflectors of light wherever we go Matthew 514 as with Christ Romans 817 as the salt of the earth Matthew 513 chosen and called by God to produce fruit John 1516 and he sees a as we were talking about in earlier sessions as fishers of men and women. So hello wish of men and women some of you weren't here earlier so you don't you don't respond to but it's OK we are warm aren't. OK So what is a medical missionary. I would like you to do something if you haven't been here before I'll tell you what we're going to do we we work here with partners in the tools of threes so this and this activity is going to be a partner event you're going to turn to your partner and you're going to be spined what a medical missionary it is it's about him. I'm trained here I mean dropping. 3. Well this is caused quite a or. Your partner. OK All right. All right. How many of you found that easy to define. I see a few hands I don't see I don't see a torrent of hands going up no. A few hands. Good all right. So would someone would someone like to share what. What your partner told you. Or what you told your board. When you finished your someone a fraud. OK go ahead a person who loves Jesus. Who wants to share 3 enjoys messages. And uses that. Healing is a stepping stone to help you physically mentally spiritually the source. But the main target is to preach Jesus OK we have heard that rousing definition we have 2 other candidates up here. He's going with the mike. So Amber was saying that it's more about holistic health holistic health and someone willing to sacrifice their own time and effort. To help others All right thank you very much for that conservation we have we have one here we have a heads up and then we have back here it was actually kind of hard to define because there are so many ways to define a medical missionary. A medical missionary is someone who brings healing as much as they can with God's help to not only the physical but spiritual and mental and as much as possible even the term medical missionary doesn't do it justice because a medical missionary someone who does that is true is serving and helping the entire person as a whole and leading them to Jesus bracingly being one of God's tools to help. Help God recreate humans as they were designed to be in the very beginning so we are God's helpers. OK. A medical missionary is. Someone who uses. The principles found in physiology and hygiene. And come binds them to. Naturally heal those that are sick. And then using that as an entering wedge meeting whoever you meet where they're at physically and then helping to bring them back to health by the grace of God in using the principles that are tot to us by him using physiology and hygiene and bringing them to a knowledge of the love of God that will compel them to want to serve Him to. It's getting kind of complex isn't it. Yeah we have one more and then we move. Our try to be pretty if OK maybe. Missionary is. So. Is somebody who understand all who have found Jesus. And who is living the life that Jesus expects him to do to live and pass it on to everybody so that they may be saved. Now if we combine all of that I guess we can write a book. Now you know into this be. We don't leave things to chance. If I were to ask you to define nuclear physics. And you don't know anything about nuclear physics what would you do. You research it where would you where would you go to research it google OK So now here's the thing I want you to look up on the internet so far read being and Google type in medical missionary and see what happens OK. I figured you guys will Google is. The one with the quiet. So I assume that most of you are looking on Google some of you may have Safari if you have a. I Phone or Safari and some others may be using being. You can look them up and see how the how they parallel. OK what's at the top of the list. What you have medical missions What is that. For what. Christian missionary OK So medical missionaries a Christian missionary anybody what would you just. Travel to a foreign country to administer medical treatment what is your city. OK mistreating a medical treatment. Ways to serve other people Oh OK so we're not getting the same set of answers are we. You know one of the things that that. That we need to be aware of is that we use terms 7 the Adventists that are 7 the Adventist term OK and we more or less understand what each other means when we use those terms more or less understand if somebody is new to the church for instance they have to navigate through because they'll hear some things and they don't know exactly what it is and they may not be to live a little bit scared to ask the question so they find somebody who finally might see you know that means such and such like when I 1st became a separate dentist I was already a person. And I would see things written S O P. S O. S O P Now I thought I was a smart guy but I didn't know what S.L.P. meant. That it meant spirit of prophecy but I didn't know that OK and. I had to I had to learn that OK. So then I would ask people saw the Spirit of Prophecy. And then they would dance around. And find police but it's as well well Ellen White is the Spirit of Prophecy Oh I mean why does a spirit. What I'm saying is terms have different meanings to different people and when we talk about medical missionary and medical missionary work it may not mean the same to the public as it means to us OK Additionally the way Ellen White used the term medical missionary Sometimes it meant different things depending on the context let's take a look at some of some of that see so she used the term medical missionary and back in those days. The idea was this this person was involved in medical missionary work and OK with medical missionary work in those days it could either be a specific thing like physicians or it could be a general thing like what we were called to the health workers and she told every member being a medical missionary right now she didn't mean that every member had to become a physician. Obviously right so when she's talking about medical missionary work you have to pay attention to what the context is which is the public that she's actually addressing and what she's talking about 2 to mean different things so we're going to keep that in mind because when we see some of the quotes we need to know which is which is talking about this. Christ religion. Following the example of the teacher the sympathy between man and his fellow man is to be the sign distinguishing those who love and fear God from those who are unmindful of his law. How great the sympathy that Christ expressed in coming to this world to give his life a sacrifice for a dying world his religion led to the doing of genuine medical missionary work so Christ is a medical missionary and. Medical missionary work is by the context in which is saying sympathy between man and his spell Lomandra. That we actually pay attention to what the suffering is and the and the pain and the hurt and the ailments of our fellow man. This defines us as people who love and fear God and distinguishes us from those who are unmindful of his law. When we do this we have polling in the religion of Jesus Christ. Genuine medical missionary work out OK and for medical missionary work is to be carried forward with an earnestness with which it has never yet been carried what is she talking about this medical missionary work to our love for our fellow men. Our concern for fellow human beings. The whole person. That medical missionary work carried forth with earnestness with which it has never yet been carried this work is the door through which the truth is to find entrance to the large cities now you know most of the people in the world live in large cities do you know that. Yes OK Yes one person knows that. And yet we have shied away from city work. So we have we have initiatives no mission to the cities of being able to go into the cities because that's where the people are. You remember the quote of Christ method Christ never alone will bring in the people right in mingle with the one who will desire the good you know I have asked people in different countries to translate that statement and oftentimes they get tripped up right here in this little point here being good men as one who does the good you see I have found that many people actually think that Christ mingle. As if it is good. Not because he desired the good you are saying what I'm saying. Christ didn't do it as a means with which he's going to manipulate the system and then he's going to do something no no he actually desires are good is not something is amazing. So when we when we make too much of a hook between medical missionary work. And the dunking of somebody into the baptismal pool to be very careful. Let me give you a story. This is this happened with some people that I know very well my parents. They were attending a church the they are not 7th Day Adventists. Actually it's a sad story but I'll tell you anyway they're not 7th Day Adventists and they were attending church and enjoying it every Sabbath they were keeping the Sabbath and whatnot my parents were my father is still alive my mother passed away a few years ago my dad is 97 years of age. And at that time they were keeping Sabbath and whatnot and they were telling this church and. And they would be friended by people and they thought that these were genuine friends until one day. One of the one of the ladies said well you know it's about time that we start thinking about baptism and my dad said Well I don't think I need to be baptized again I was I was sprinkled at the chapel but then when I accepted Christ I was baptized by immersion. And he said you're not going to be baptized he says no I don't think I need to be baptized again. That was the last. They saw of this woman. The last they saw of it. He called her up and she said you know I'm sorry but there are other people who need my attention if you're not going to. Be very careful when you make too much of a link between putting somebody in the water. And what we're doing with them now how many of you don't want somebody to be baptized OK I don't see any hands being reasonable I don't want anybody not to be baptized either. My desire is for them to join the Body of Christ right yours too. But if we make that a condition on which we are whether we're going to minister to them or not ministers we have a problem. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. He sends the rain to fall on the just and the unjust. Christ loves us. Period. Amen period and we should love people. Period right we do good for them not just to think OK so they're going to be going to join us no we do good for them because. They need it right through medical missionary work as a heart of of benevolence of beneficence will do good for others because that is who we are in Christ Jesus. OK. So going to the large cities Yeah we should we should be. Interested in doing that every gospel worker should feel that the giving of instruction in the principles of healthful living and now we're getting into in the healthful living is part of his appointed work of this work there is a great need and the world is open for it do you think the world is open for living healthy. More than ever I mean just every newspaper every magazine on the Internet left right and center there are all kinds of health stuff coming out right and there are lots of voices out there with a lot of of myths than a lot of bad information and misinformation and in the midst of that we have some good information. But there's a great need out there let our ministers who have gained an experience and preaching the word learn how to give simple treatments and then Labor intelligently as medical missionary evangelist she's not saying that all of our ministers need to go to medical school she's saying they need to learn the principles of basic healthful living simple treatments for people and then utilize it not only for themselves but for others make sense OK canvassers of how we are literature eventually should be able to give instruction in regard to the treatment of the sick they should learn the simple methods of hygiene and treatments we talk about hygiene and treatments simple things that we can do that we do at home that we do with our with our families our loved ones people that we love we can tell them with and give them. Instructions on how to do things right but now. You know these things these health principles these are tools and they're pretty powerful tools. So. I know that a screwdriver and a hammer and some nails and some screws these are good things for doing some carpentry so if you give these tools these things to a carpenter a skilled carpenter and you say OK I'm going to give you these things this is my living room going away for a week or when I come back let's see what you can do with these tools right well it's a hilltop and I'm sure by the time you come back home you're going to have things fixed that would just not quite right before you might have some new things that are put together because that's what that's what a skilled carpenter will do with these tools but I think give it to a 4 year old. And you say I'll be gone for a couple of hours see what you can do with the tools that I gave you what do you think will happen by the time you come back. And the same tools. But in the wrong hands. You know this is part of what we're facing around the world sometimes we have well intentioned people like the 4 year old well intentioned individuals who get some too. And then they start using it inadvisable. They start doing bad things with good things. I'm sure that none of you here with the. Would give confidence of that right so. There we are this does this work maybe work as medical missionaries it is a can versus medical mission it minister into the soul and the body of the suffering see that's the definition there that a definition minister into the souls in the bodies of the suffering this work should now be going forward in all parts of the world thus multitudes might be blessed by the player by the prayers and instruction of God's servants as the canvasser goes from place to place he or she will find many who are sick. He should have a practical knowledge of the cause of disease and should understand how to give simple treatments that he may relieve the suffering one. So Ellen Wade recognized this was in 1900 that that term medical missionary work was causing some confusion because it was confusing between the doctors who were medical people and non physicians. Who were going to be medical missionary workers. So here's what she said the medical missionary work might better be named the missionary health restoration work but there is a problem when we start changing these terms and there is a problem that some people see where she said medical missionary So I am a medical missionary. The fact that when you Google it you find that this is somebody who was a physician was doing. That's beside the point she says medical missionaries I'm a medical missionary. I want to be careful because she also said. The work should be called medical missionary health restoration work but you see that doesn't have the same ring to it you know it flows of of the tongue and of the lives very nicely a medical missionary. Does not sound nice can you say that I'm a medical missionary. You see that sounds good it fits you too. And you know what you should be a medical missionary in the sense of what she was saying every member of a medical missionary. But you know in some parts of the world. People who have a little bit of medical missionary training call themselves doctors and they don't have a license and that causes a problem. First of all it's a lie. And 2nd of all they don't have the knowledge and the skills to be able to take care of people. Another issue is the taking of responsibility you know it's an interesting thing people who go through formal training with all of the you know good and bad of formal training we have to learn how to take responsibility for our actions. So when a licensed health care practitioner gives a vice to a patient. That health care practitioner takes responsibility for what he or she is saying. But when the lay medical missionary gives advice to keep. First of all it can't be a patient because if you're not licensed you can have a patient right. I guess if you're charging you can have a client. But when you give advice. And something goes wrong who takes the responsibility. Well the person who did the actions they take the responsibility you see the medical missionary the lame medical missionary doesn't take the responsibility they. Don't. It's not even part of how they think. And therefore that can produce a problem not just in the United States and Canada. Now this is happening in Africa in in Russia in in Korea we're having some some issues with this and I just bring it to your attention be careful how we how we portray ourselves away with it but medical missionary health restoration work I'm a missionary helps restore. It doesn't quite fit as nicely as a medical missionary. The General Conference of years ago came up with the with the term comprehensive health ministry. But it didn't come up with a parallel to the comprehensive health minister. Because that kind of cumbersome so we were looking we were looking and the different divisions are working to find words and terms that are suitable in their areas in the interim Merican division using the term health promoter because as of now that term is not a licensed term right it's not a specific term So they're still using it of health promoter promote or as a solution for those of you speak Spanish. The French have a difficult way of translating a comprehensive health ministry because it just doesn't translate very well so we understand the issues with this and so people still use the term medical missionary but be the be aware that we should have some cautions with with that and we should we should move away from using that term in the general public even if we still use it. In the way that we communicate with each other God's people are to be genuine medical missionaries they are to learn to minister to the needs of the body of the soul and the body OK physician Christian this is the talk of in an earlier session. I feel physicians as a physician Christian OK the known is Christian that's what they are physician is a way of describing what they do OK physician Christians have a different understanding of time that you know that physician Christians see life is everlasting. So what we're dealing with here with a person. Is the portal to eternity. Next a different concept of reality there's a spiritual world as well as a physical world. That's what physician Christians see what else a different concept of value to be with God is better than anything and everything. Because of these understand is Christian doctors have a different mission in life from those who do not know Christ so there is a way of this of differentiating between the physicians who are medical missionaries from physicians who are not medical missionaries. Different concept. Physicians Christians also and other health care workers and Lee medical missionaries. Comprehensive Health Ministers people. Understand that where we live where we learn where we work and where we play have more to do with our help and going to the doctor. The evidence is so clear right. For instance where you live you may not have access to fresh vegetables and fruits. And this is going to affect. Your dietary situation. You will have access to green spaces so it's going to affect your recreation you may not have freedom to walk and play during the day so you're not going to get sunshine. Your income level if you are in the United States there's a 3 times mortality of mortality rate of dying before it's $65.00 if you are in the lower socioeconomic group 3 times the risk of dying premature death before the age of 65 education level those who have not completed high school. 2.5 times the mortality before it 65 of those who have completed high school and have a degree. Are you hearing this. In some states the county of residence in the zip code. Can lead to a 13 year difference in longevity. You live in one part of the turnaround with this. You die 13 years before people who live in their politics. And why is it you think it's something in the air or something in the in the environment alone. It's a complex social system that has to do with finances socio economics race it has all these things mixed in you have a comment. Yes I mean we look at all these things industrialization and whatnot there's a big study that was done in Canada. Relating to industrial waste and the people who live close to the industrialized areas with this the smoke and the steam and the exhaust the novels that these people were dropping dead they had problems with pregnancies they had all kinds of health problems just as those who where they were living and the the poor people you get the idea so it's a complex set of things racial inequities or master status effect this affects what happens residence. Determines which school you're going to go to with school you're going to go to will determine how likely you are to get quality higher education it will affect whether you want to get a job that's high paying and therefore how much money you're going to get and that then determines where you can live so where you live. Actually it's going to determine later on where you will live that you get there. And it will also determine your access to resources to deal with life's challenges. So the physician Christian and the medical missionary understands all of these things. This person isn't willing just to see you know it should make better choices and everything will be alright. No. These individuals understand that it's a complex system and in order to help people we have actually have to help all of them. The whole them the whole family sometimes even the whole community. So some tips for staying healthy lifestyle approach don't smoke if you do stop if you don't don't start we know that right. Eat a balance that whole foods fruits and vegetables keep physically active if you drink do so in moderation or stop altogether you know this do so in moderation this is what the research. Has been saying but let me tell you the current research shows that there is no safe level of alcohol in the Northeast level. So the best approach is 0 OK avoid excessive sun and protect your children practice safe sex that's where they say participate in appropriate health screenings drive defensively don't drink and drive manage your stress practice physical mental and their hygiene and maintain social ties this is the lifestyle approach of this touted in society today and it sounds pretty good doesn't it. Doesn't it. But the 21st century medical missionary understands a little bit more you see we understand the social determinants. Now this is a little bit tongue in cheek but get the meaning All right. So here's the thing 1st don't be poor. If you can't stop. If you can't try not to be poor for too long. Next don't have poor parents choose your parents wisely. Next don't live in a poor neighborhood. Atlas is bad for your health next owner car but use it only for weekends and walk to work. 5 practice not losing your job and don't become an employee this is this is the image or. Determinant of illness somebody loses their job they don't get a job for a little while they lose insurance and lose the and it's a it's a cascading effect. How about this one don't be illiterate. Read carefully. Don't be illiterate why people who are illiterate don't get typing jobs and so it is they don't get jobs they have difficulties navigating in society avoid social isolation. How even to do that. Don't accumulate is point now is the adverse childhood. Experiences adverse travel events that is don't be don't have parents who neglect you don't have parents who abuse you don't have parents who have violence in the home don't have somebody in your home who has a mental illness don't have somebody in your home or somebody who is close to your family become incarcerated. Why because the more of these things that happen. The more like you have to be sick not just physically the more likely you are to be obese the more likely you are at a high pressure the more likely you are to get diabetes the more likely you are to smoke the more likely you are to use medications as drugs the more likely you are to use illicit drugs the more likely you are to get chronic obstructive pulmonary disease even if you're just a little bit the more likely you are. All of this because of what happened. Between 0 and 18 in the way you were parenting. Do you think the kids decide to do this no. So don't have your parents get divorced or just don't let that happen right and try not to be part of a socially marginalized group. That's not good for your health either. You see the 21st century medical missionary. Understands. That there are personal issues and there are societal issues that affect our health. The 21st century medical missionary is conscious that there are sometimes just no quick fixes. But that what we need to do is to surround individuals with a loving caring environment. And inject into their the eco system things that they did not have before. Oftentimes it's a vitamin not a physical. But an emotional vitamin that we called Love. But somebody's actually curious about them. And cares about what's going on with them. Consider these things most of us are we can faith. We should be strong. Daniel and his 3 friends Abraham of the woman with the issue of blood all had strong faith in God great outcomes. Paul John the Baptist and Jesus had strong faith and have outcomes that don't look so good he wanted to be. God put the power in the natural remedies the question is Where does the power to heal with extracts of those herbs come from. With the power come from. God God is the one behind all of this right who create our physiology an ability to have. To have to study. There is no safe level of our goal to be ingested the 1st thing to go under the influence of alcohol is your judgment so we understand this the 21st century medical missionary is not anti science but uses good science for the benefit of people cigarette smoking has no redeeming qualities whatsoever but being sedentary is a greater risk the health and smoking cigarettes that you know that. Don't require only. Caffeine is a stimulant coffee and tea are stimulants and therefore of psycho active agents they should not be used as beverages. 21st century medical missionaries understand that we have symptoms and we have underlying cause of disease. And we can look at the symptoms but there are things that are going on below the surface that are more potent and more powerful and more determinant of what's going to happen to that person physically mentally and socially than some of the things that we can see on the top so we have the state of health that are measurable and then we have contributory factors lifestyle factors like socio cultural and psychological factors and then we have population things things about where you live. What your government does whether the place that you live is a war torn area what the political situation is all of these things affect what's happening. And the individual's values and attitudes and beliefs and resources and skills and knowledge but these things are things that oftentimes we can influence. But not in the same way in the doctor's office. The things that we influence other realms of the forces life. We have this this way of looking at things here and here is some of the individual things the age of gender the Consitutional factors the genetics of the person if you will then we have individual lifestyle factors that affect the health then we have social and community networks of affect the health then we have issues like agriculture and food production education work environment living and we're conditioned unemployment water and sanitation health care services all of these things affect whether or not this person is going to be healthy. And then we have the general socio economic cultural environmental conditions that prevail we have our personal lives and you might say well you know the 21st century medical missionary that that person has to be a giant. No we just have to be able to take into account. These factors and not just think you know what you need to be a vegetarian and that's it. Don't get me wrong being a very dear is a good thing. But it isn't everything. So let's take a look at this and see what happens when the 21st century medical missionary approaches someone. And invites that person to join a body of believers a body of Fishers a body of medical missionaries Here's what we can do. First of all we introduce them to a spiritual dimension and we help them with a biblical worldview and we introduce them to something that is very necessary it's called truth. Jesus says you shall know the truth and what the truth will set you free. What else. We help them to create a new community a new family. Our churches cannot be hostile environments I'm sorry. That that's that's contrary to God's will. We should be the loving is if that's a word people on the planet. If anybody feels outcast. They should look up with plus the 7 they have in this church and they should be able to find love and acceptance and forgiveness. To be able to find the hope. The individual life you know what we we have been given gems will be given pearls to be able to help people to improve their lifestyle is not something a man. OK So when we when we actually invite somebody into our community into our midst when we befriend them. We are opening up to them a whole whole new life. We're factor age did you know that. You know you can grow younger. Yes we have something called the physiological age and we have something called the chronological age when you practice certain lifestyle habits your physiologic is actually gets lower your lawyer age so here we are we are helping people to become younger integrate the man OK so we're affecting a serious issue the Asian. OK What else. We're fact education did you know that in one generation of someone becoming a 7th Day Adventist their school. The formal education goes up from 3 high school. To college education. That's why we have to look we have to look very carefully at how we how how we approach these you know the elementary schools and academies and and colleges we have they should be accessible to people. Because that is what has produced an enormous. Amount of success and health in our church education what else agriculture and food production. Year and all what we actually we actually should be helping people to grow the food. Even if you live in a city you can have a box come on or you can have a box to grow some some herbs and some tomatoes and a man how many of you have a new home OK. Good group here all right. What else unemployment you know listen if you are a 7th Day Adventists business owner and there is a brother or sister in the church without a job our Come on we were talking about that this morning. Come on make a job for that person. Would you like some way to do that for you. It's then we have the golden rule is now what Jesus taught Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You is not right. On this hangs the law and the prophets do to others. And ultimately. Christ Mrs. Price method alone is what will bring true success that the the 21st century medical missionary. Understand. That this is not a formula it's actually a way of living. We mingle with others we mingle with people because we desire the good. We see their needs and to the extent that humanly possible. Attend to them. Does not sound good. We sympathize with them we have compassion. We not judge mental. And then. Along this course of activities. That protests have the transformational encounter with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And he will see. Follow me. Let's bring. Father in heaven. We thank you for. Giving. To this church saw many. To us in our toolbox. I pray that we will learn how to use them appropriately. How do how to live out. Your wife in us. How to be your hands and your feet and your eyes and your ears. How on Sabbath not just the prayer that the hungry will get fed but to go and feed them. No to pray that your Holy Spirit will not leave us alone in this. But will agitate us until we move out of our comfort zones. And we follow you. All the way to the ER This is our project as. This message is recorded at the G Y C D N in Houston Texas G Y C supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so many Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. what happened or.


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