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6. To Take the Plunge?

Zeno Charles-Marcel


Zeno Charles-Marcel, MD, is a medical missionary physician, health educator, and academic and hospital administrator. His research interests include lifestyle medicine, and the connection between spirituality and health. He studied physics and physiology at McGill University, and zoology and medicine at Howard University. He specialized in internal medicine at Loma Linda University. He is currently the vice president for medical affairs at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, and holds academic appointments at Montemorelos and Loma Linda Universities. He and his wife, Anita, have three sons.



  • December 31, 2018
    3:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C T V And in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. Web. For that haven't. We private and you will be with us during this session that your Holy Spirit will move in our hearts our minds. So that we. Would take hold of of this of this vision. That you have placed in our hearts. That we will not ignore your call. That we will. Desire to know even better your will and to know you even better. And that we will apply at least some of the things that we have learned not just in this seminar but in the entire G Y C event. Not only for our own well being. But for those around us as well. We have this all in Jesus name Amen. OK. What will it take to take the plunge. You know. Sometimes. When I was teaching. I would have students come and ask me at the beginning of a class. DOCTOR What does it take to get an A in your class. Have you ever done that with a teacher you know what was it take to get any. Well in the old days I used to have to tell people then later on I decided you know what I was just put that in the syllabus if you want to say this what you have to do. But some people would see Dr. I think it will be. I think go for a B. I hope that none of you are thinking. With God you go for a B.. I think it is little funny how are you one of the funny. Yeah all right I. The remnant here. OK so we're going for it. So what will it take to take the plunge you see when we talk in classroom situation them I'm going to use that as a metaphor for this one. The student council the cost. You know you know well I have these other things I want to do and it is now worth it for me to do this but when we talk about no salvation and and and and being involved in. In the things of God. What will it take for us to take the plunge to say I'm really. Everyday want to do this OK I really want to be this way because you know we're not just human doings we're human beings we're going to be this way Lord change me to be risky. And we know that this is the process. But what it will take for you to take the plunge think about it as we're going through and we talk about comprehensive health ministry. This stuff that we do for everybody in the church. Cause us to abandon our human cultures. Sometimes when I talk around the country around the world there's so much cultural overtones you know we do it this way because our culture there's a better way we eat this week of our culture than this way we have we have cultures from from the the largest that we have to having cultures in the home you know our cultures in different parts of the country in in New York they do it this way and in California where they don't do it at all. That this can only go so we have cultures and cultural overtones but what Comprehensive Health Ministry calls us to abandon our human. Cultures and adopt a new culture and that culture is the culture of heaven. That we live in the atmosphere of heaven while we are still on the physical. That is that this is a sound appealing to you it does it appeals to me. When God wants to change the world. He doesn't send in tanks and missiles instead he sends in the meek and humble. Which means we need to learn of Christ and be meek and humble as he says. Come and tell me all that labor. And I will give us and little me right. That I am me and all your heart and you will find rest for your soul so many of you want to rest. I do to write. Those sentences that he sends in meek and humble he doesn't use bombs and bullets instead he uses kindness and compassion Romans 2 for it is the don't you know that don't you know this well it says Don't you know it is the kindness of God that leads to repentance. God doesn't force people to repent. He was there to repent. Compassion. To suffer with someone else and be moved by compassion to help compassion is not static. Compassion is active dynamic. He doesn't deal in terror and hate that's what the world deals with instead he dogsled forgiveness and love but don't ever confuse forgiveness and love for weakness no no no there is no power on earth stronger than love. Than. Love conquers or God is the personification of love. Is he a just God yes. Is he a loving God yes he is low. But it's interesting in the personification issue. We don't hear God is justice. But it. But we here is. What if Christians really believe the Bible. Think about that. What if Christians really love one another. If you hear that they're giving away free lunch tomorrow and you're here and you don't you didn't have a meal ticket but they're giving it away free. How many of you immediately would think about your friend who doesn't have lunch even though you don't have lunch either. You know what what this is the kind of stuff the girl as God is calling us to do. That will esteem one another as more important than us. And that we love one another the way we naturally love ourselves I mean this is an impossibility for us as just mere mortals it's only through his power and His grace are we able to even think that this might be a possibility but think about that. He would call us to be somewhere and and to do something that he is going to he's going to give us the ability to do to be. What if we really really love one another the Christians really. What if Christians really took seriously the 2 Greek a moment so love God and the love your neighbor. The way it was in the parable of the Good Samaritan law you know that that story. I'm sure there are millions of. Of sermons about the good Samaritan I just want to point out one little thing you need to understand the Good Samaritan. That parable of the Jesus was speaking about had some truth to it. And that the some curtains were sore despised that the Jewish man. Probably wouldn't want wouldn't have wanted to be touched by a Samaritan. And the Samaritan saved his life anyway. Are you hearing what I'm saying. Will you help somebody who when they wake up will spit in your face. Will think twice but this is the extent to which. God is calling us to love. Would there be as many lonely elderly people if we did these things if we were this week would there be as much crime. Would there be as much drug and alcohol use as much as was need for government programs. I can see the mayor of a town seeing No listen we don't need all these all these all these programs because we have Adventists in the community. Can you imagine. You know we were hearing today the issue with the genocide in Rwanda I have talked to people actually have been in his house in his home but I've talked to people in Rwanda and I've talked to people in other parts of Africa and I say Just imagine for a moment just imagine for a moment what would have happened. If the 7th Day Adventists who were there had a safe haven. That they would defend to the death regardless of what the trial was that people came from what if. What if it wasn't the Hotel Rwanda that was the city even but the 7th Day Adventist Church. And people would turn and say look how they love one another they would even prefer to die. Than to let their brother in Christ suffer the atrocity of the genocide. Ha. That's far away but right here in the United States we have racial issues we have we have economic issues we have we have all kinds of stuff that's going on that ADD and and God is waiting for us to love one another. He says by this show all men know that you are my disciples if you have vegetarian burgers for lunch. I'm not picking on visitor. But that's not the means by which we had identified where dent if I buy the love that we have for one another and so if we are healthy vegetarians and we do not have love this is a paraphrase of 1st going to use the teen. We have nothing. That's an easy. What with the world look like if we really did. This what would it take for you to take the plunge talk to the person next to you. Pray together just a little prayer right and see what you can think of see what let's see what happens OK talk to the person next to you. What if. What would it take to. Look we have. We have ambitions right. You know you want to finish this project you want to get this you want to do this you write all these we have all these things and they get in the we oftentimes. Of actually. Committing to God. And all the while we're telling ourselves Lord help me. You know what I mean. You know Jesus. Wanted to live. In the garden of goods and. You know that right. He didn't want his father to pull away. He didn't once in the separating from his father. When you had to leave home if you had a good close relationship with your family that there feel good. You know. Where he had been with his father from the beginning. Whenever that was in eternity has always been with him. Think about it. And now he's beginning to feel the separation was beginning. Affect his relationship and he's missing. It hurts. If there's any any way any little thing. To do it. But he end up saying but not my will but I will be done. So. I want to get a Ph D.. I have to be have to be willing to say look if this is going to fracture if doing this is going to cause a problem. Throw it away. How Jesus puts it if your eye causes you to stumble or cause you to sin pluck it out and throw it away. Nothing should come between. You and God I'm going to. I mean just think about that I mean is that serious. Lord help us OK. Right. Man we were talking here you know this is this is really serious stuff it's serious stuff. It's not just something that you you know you talk about lately in a seminar and whatnot and you say oh well you know I'm going to know this is this is this is a life and death stuff OK. And yet it is so easy for us to use all of the other things that we have all the baggage that we that we come with. You know personal baggage and cultural baggage and you know professional baggage of all of the stuff that we superimpose. That makes it difficult for us to take the plunge. You know. But this is this is such an important issue that this is used use graphic language to describe what we should do with anything that comes in the way he says if your IRA causes you to sin what you should you. Know who who here is going to go and pluck your eye out and throw it away. But it's a it's very important it's that it is saw important that if your eye causes you to sin. Take it out it's better to go to heaven blind the goal. It's actually life and death. What if this group you the remnant. The remnant put into practice the Golden Rule and acted like the Good Samaritan what if what if you were to what if you would we were to do this OK now i'm will assume that both of us don't live close to each other. But imagine if all of us live in the United States that now we have pockets in the United States of people living like the Good Samaritan. I think. But it will also bring on some other things because when we do act like Jesus we expect to have opposition. But he says when this happens count it Joy That's what he says because they persecuted Me too and it's not you that they're after it's. Me counted Joy you're doing you're on the right track. And law I am with you always even to the in. Of the. He says he's going to be with us. We really shouldn't be fearing we should have no fear God has not given us a spirit of fear is not a right. But of. Power and a sound mind right OK. Well if we were to act like the Good Samaritan. How would our homes be different. Think about it. I was saying earlier today. You know. I don't know about you but it's been or. If it if there were some in Jordan and to it from my also. Out of letting go a long time ago. In doing health ministry stuff. I would sometimes put up some slides of different kinds of food. And I have this. Happen burger. That they can more scrumptious hamburger than anybody could think of. But you know it's only scrumptious of the people who have had it. If you have never eaten a hamburger. It has absolutely no appeal to you whatsoever. After that picture people said her. And others. Have tasted it and it wouldn't be so tempting if it didn't taste good and this is the issue of same it temporarily tastes good. But the problem is it is deadly. So you have a sweet poison was and so. This is this is a terrible terrible thing. And the enemy of our souls knows how to entice us how to bring things you know we might see OK just just think about this OK I'm going to go home and yes I'm going to remember this Lord help me. 2 days later. Maybe not even today maybe this evening write some happiness. And you're back where you started but don't give up he says who perseverance to the end he so be saved person to the level of not grow weary in doing good for in due season. We reap. We don't feed if we don't loose our. You know those ticks. We hide them in our hearts that we don't sin against. So the the Holy Spirit will bring it to our memories bring it to our remembrance so that when we are prone to do something we we hear it here thank you thank you. Thank you Jesus. What would it be like. In our homes. I made this challenge. To a group. In the island of polo we have a I have a project in that island. And I asked them what would it be like because in that island there are 2 churches that don't talk to each other can you imagine an. Evasion of put their names but they don't talk to each other. And and and the not talking to each other was because of political issues. And this has gone on now for. 2 generations. So I asked them how would pull out be different if you guys really treated each other the way you should the work would blossom. So I ask to take the plunge do I really love asking you that you ask yourself the question Do you really love. I really love Jesus I mean I say it do you say it. We sing it. These as we love you know. Oh how I love Jesus right. You know the Bible says. Read what was. No the Bible doesn't say that I'm telling you read but. Whenever I start getting really smug and I start thinking that I've arrived. I'm reminded to read 1st again. I tell you Jesus says if you. Love me. Who you don't see. And your up your brother. Thing to do. You are a. Liar that's the Miles you're a liar. OK so now I'm going to call you a name liar liar pants on fire. Because we really don't love the way he's talking about. We all like that if we like the text I tell you this this is the the the Christian motto for God so loved right John 316 For God so loved the world come and sit with me that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life Amen amen hallelujah bread is the Lord for that. But I ask people all around the world I ask them well do you know what 1st John 316 says anybody knows it by heart. First John 316 then look at that please look at. 1st John 316 memorize the sticks to the will you memorize John 316. First John 316. First John 316. It said. This is how we know what love is. What is it Jesus Christ. Laid down His life for us. The same. So we ought to live our lives for the brother of. The we. Really. Have to do this. Are we willing to do we really believe the Bible. Do I really really love Jesus do I really love people the way he says supposed to love people. Do I really do that do you really do that. So what is keeping us from taking the plunge. Do you love your friends. Yes or No you're right you know why because you got to know them. I am sure if I got to know all of you I love you too. But I'm going to say this way but I love you know and I don't know you. Really. What would I give for you. Will I take my last dollar and give it to you as opposed to using it for myself. You would do that for your children would you or your parents or your loved one. Your last dollar you see here here. It's OK. But would you do it for somebody who you don't know. And a dollar small How about 10. OK how about 20 let's let's up the area with 100. Ricky would you do that for me. Or you know it's things that we'll do for a friend somebody comes in as you would you do that. You know we we can see yes we have to we have a good judge of what not encourage but. But we have a default position and if opposition is new. That's a default right instead of saying OK let me let me let me consider this OK. Because Jesus says you know if somebody asks you for something. Give it. Some sobering thoughts. This is a paraphrase. Love not the word you know the text love not the world of the things of the world that he has this paraphrase love not the modern secular society nor the things of the modern secular society because if anyone loves the modern secular society the love of the Father is not in him. So do you love the modern secular society. Doesn't the modern secular society have hooks in us. And and yes some things are just convenient. And we say I don't really love it but it's there's a way to use it right right like this that's understandable that's understandable. But but it's a sobering thought. That we actually love the modern secular society we love our life that we are Speier to a better life and the better life is often defined in secular terms. In that's something. We have to provide 7th Day Adventists. Who are looking forward. To the soon coming. Of all audiences here. To be traveling to a city that is built without hands without human and. We have to provide a viable alternative to the modern secular society not in faraway monasteries of the clue compounds but close at hand as a living testimony. Where we are in our homes in our churches where we work which it builds environment. This but is what it will what will it take to take the plunge. To finally see this I will do. Ma'am. I need a $1000.00. Can you give it to me please. OK she said if she had you guys heard this let me take the microphone you can hear. I'm not putting you on the spot but you know the main reason why she can't give me a $1000.00 is because she doesn't have it. When we're supposed to be sharing with other people we can share. Well we don't have. It's it's that simple. So how can we share love. And compassion. When we don't have it for ourselves. When we don't even know it for ourselves. When we haven't experienced the fact that we're actually sinners. And we've been forgiven we find it hard to forgive other people. You know I remember a poignant event in my life. With Actually the pastor step in to speak. It prior to tap. And he was speaking to church. And then I was going through some difficulties and the pastor started to speak to me I I knew that I was a convicted sinner. And what he was seeing had meaning for me. That was a turning point in my life. That I actually came to us that I was the guy I like to pretend I'm a good guy if you if you know me you'd really like me because I'm a good guy right. Where you know what I'm a bad guy. Not just in the superficial bad guy I am a sinner I am I am a sinner. I am worthy of hellfire. Do you realize that that's what you are worthy of to. And you know misery loves company so I'm going to spread around. But when we say we are sinners that defuses it too much I am a sinner. And what is it going to take for me. To accept really fully accept. The gift that Jesus offers me. From his point of view freely. That cost so much. And like an idiot like a fool. To turn away and I make excuses. What will it take to take the plunge. Here's what we live with. We live with pride we live with ego we live with arrogance. 3 Faces of the same. Coin of sin. And this can affect any one of us and it can affect a person who is a Christian. Because sometimes we might believe that because we are Christians. The recut of. We have a certain pride in the profession of being a Christian. And this is the antithesis of what Jesus is about because. There's no room for price in his economy. That is why worry. For humility. You know the story of is told of this. In this town they were looking to find the most humble man you had the story for they were looking around for the most humble man and everybody in the town knew that this guy who lived down this lane that guy was the most humble guy in town so they had a big parade 11 Sunday and they gave him a plaque with the most humble guy in town right. On Monday a reporter went to his house. To interview him and the plaque was hanging on the door. If you didn't get that see me afterwards. We're sometimes even proud of our humility. So here's this little Caylee. With a trick. What do you think. Eric you know now. That's what their kids see. The better situation is that we think of ourselves so that's what the button with. Or inflated than we thought. We should see ourselves the way God is us. And be thankful that by His grace and His mercy we're still alive. Because we are worthy of death. Because we are sinners. And if you say that you are not. God says you're a liar. All have sinned and come and fall short of the glory or none is writers no not one. We have pride of profession and as a physician. I know it I see it I think it. But it's not just physicians it's whatever profession we are this is how it goes right James 518 to 20 says but someone will say you have faith and I have deeds show me your faith without these and I will show you my faith by my deeds you believe that God is well good for you even the demons believe that and shatter all foolish men do you want evidence and think about these as worthless we have we have this pride of professional achievements and pride of status. OK. Yeah yeah it society breathes this into us. You know just look at how when we talk to each other we meet somebody for the 1st time we try to gauge where you'll socioeconomic we can be very. Clear you know how important are you and I believe you know what this is what's really. Now my dear wife who. Is somewhere. After you got married. She became a stay home mom. And it was so interesting you know meeting friends and colleagues and whatnot and it's all you're just the house. Just. Just. But let me say this if. You get off in the eye that we're in the same boat then. Are you following me if we get offended by that we're actually in the same boat with thinking the same way that they're thinking. You're just a humble CARPENTER Yeah I'm just. That's Jesus I'm just a humbucker. So fishnets self-sufficiency pride ego and arrogance cannot co-exist with love and remember the primacy is of Love This is what God is calling us little to take the plunge and love OK. To receive His love and to love and I do it right. OK. If we look at the 10 Commandments I got this picture and I thought this is this is a good picture I like this picture. Love. Specified into the 10 Commandments into the Constitution the love Constitution for the Christian. For about loving God. 6 about loving our fellow man. Who Love is the character and the will of God that is that is who he is. That is what he is that persona he personifies love. And if we are of God We also. Not only are partakers of his love. But we have expenses as with Islam. That's what we should be. We have of course the Spirit of Prophecy and all the writings that tell us that we should love and we should be loved to. And then we saw this earlier. About the implicit in the explicit things of God in Matthew 7 in Matthew 25. And I introduce the idea of Isaiah 58. Is this the fast the God is calling us to. The just show on some things but not be willing to share what we have. With those who are not fasting because. They are not fast they're fasting because they don't have. We're willing to do that. Anybody here heard about Schindler's List. The real story OK it was made into a movie. And. The real Schindler. Was reported to have said at the end of World War 2 with tears in his eyes. If only I had done more he's saved over 1200 Jews from the concentration camps. And he was calculating you know if I had sold this. I would have gotten this amount of money and I would have been able to see one more Jew. Had done this I would have been able to do and see one more Jew. I think that story is one that's going to be repeated with us. If only. If only we had let God. Have his way with. Tipped in the play. This guy who is at it in the wrong direction. Instead would be headed to heaven. Who around us are we willing to see perish. But the others will say well I'm going down so you can go with me to misery loves company. But we all profess. That we want to be on the right side of the equation we want to be such we know how the story ends. And. Do nothing out of selfishness or conceit but with humility consider others as more important than yourselves Philippians 23. Wow consider others more important than yourself. So what does that mean what does that look like. Where we spend 2 or 3 minutes say what that would look like in your space. Considering others more important than yourself let's do the exercise what will that look like starting with home. If your wife consider your husband more important yourself you are if your husband consider your wife won't consider if your child can see the appearance more importantly So if you want to consider what would that look like in your home. In your school in your work. So how would you show that. You have a roommate. So. I would hope that with your roommate. And of course somebody is going to say why are you doing that he's taking advantage of you and you see. And you see anything that's that's the thing we. Want what people then inject what society injects is don't be fairly and treated yourself. You understand. When you do things out of love others is no no no they're taking advantage of you. So do your children taken but you will have any kids with your children take advantage of you when they're sick and you have to stay home to take care of you know they're not taking advantage of you that's just that's what you're there for your period right. And if we look at our friends and our colleagues and in the same way God placed us there. To be of service to. That changes the whole equation. The very different but imagine you and your friend having a disagreement over serving. It seems as though you're busy I want to clean the room this me and he says no no no you did it last week and I have a lot of free time now and I'm going to take everything you say no it's OK to use is no no no I'll do. The meeting one. This is serious stuff. Serious stuff. Anybody would like to share some anecdotes that. Everyone. Yes Mom we. Have had a couple times in the last couple months but one is within my student government I'm being Vialli attacked and attempted to have me kicked out and removed but when the president was attacking me and seeking my removeable I still gave him my C.B.D. oil my other natural Remy's when he'd have a headache or would he was out of control I still gave those things to him despite the fact my health was going down from him attacking me and there's times I've dropped everything for a friend of mine in Utah who we haven't spoken in 6 years. Because we had a fight but when she she contacted me and said I have a double kidney infection and blood all 3 ways. I dropped everything and I had like 7 days to get ready for the next semester and I used my food money to drive the 12 hours and I just trusted whether it be someone else helping me I was going to make. You know all the stuff you have to do in those last few days before the semester starts just come together somehow and it did so you were there for. Anybody. So I worked as a nurse I'm a nurse Christian. You're guided tour guide. There's Or you know there's a big nursing shortage everywhere right so down in south Texas where I work there's a really big nursing shortage in our hospital and so there's a lot of days were just really fried chicken just trying to get our work done and. You know in addition to you know accomplishing other things taking care of patients help you know just other things working with interdisciplinary team and and I was this really struck me because a lot of times it's like every man for himself you know like I can't sorry. Couric I can't help you with your patient you know I know I'm on my way down there but I can't pick up your mat from the pharmacy because I needed you my things 1st and so I think there's a lot of bitterness you know it's a lot of tension a lot of you know it's really hard to just you know there's not that I cohesiveness I guess you could say as a team so yeah I think so this really struck with me like considering others like you know even though I might be having a super busy day if I could you know might be a little out of my way but I can consider my coworkers I could consider my patients during the small things for them and. Yes. Thank you. You know I got a story recently about this guy who was. He was asked to paint a boat for somebody and it was fix what price he was going to have $1.00 so he goes over the pain of the boat and while he's painting the boat he reckons he realizes that there's a little hole in the hole. So he says he just fix it so they fix the hole painted over it everything looked nice and. They got paid any Everything was all right. A few days later the owner came to his house. And gave him a check for a lot of money. And he said what it will exist for you paid me already for he says no I am paying you for fixing the hole he said. We're talking about. He says you fixed a hole in the boat. And I'm paying you for this it's not enough. But this is what I have. And he says. Explain what you're talking about the guy said listen I forgot to tell you that there was a hole in the boat. When I asked you to paint it. At your plant we did a good job but I didn't see it but my son took the boat out. Of its pens. And while he was out I remembered that there was a hole in the boat. But nothing happened. Because the hole was fixed. I am paying you. Not for painting the boat of fixing the hole but for saving my son and his friends like. Are we willing to go the extra mile that is something for somebody. If it's within our means to do. And you follow what I say you know sometimes we we think in terms of well economics and recompense and whatnot so I'm going to give you a bill for that feeling that he got paid more. Than if he had sent him a bill for the filling of the whole are you follow what I'm trying to say. We have to defeat pride and ego and arrogance. And we have to love because this. And love can't co-exist. We need to start over. We need the Nicodemus treatment. We need to be born again. So if we want to take the plunge that's what we need to do we need to be born again born like new again. And if we follow Paul How often do we need to do this. Everyday daily born again. So if we look at ministering to people and ministry in at all in in the kinds of things that we do thinking about other people. We have a level down here of do nothing. Do nothing and for a lot of us might fall into that category we have some people with a spirit of service other holes others who are donating resources others who are volunteering time others who are part of a ministry others are full time ministry others who see the work that they do as ministry and that's what it is OK. And White says not one of the 100 among us is doing anything beyond engaging in the common worldly enterprises we are not half awake to the worth of salt for whom Christ died if the followers of Christ were awake to duty there would be thousands where there is one today proclaiming the gospel that which is. Not one in a 100. So some might think well maybe I need to be a doctor or nurse the most common concept of this is what missionaries are right by the work of literature evangelists teachers preachers right how about Cook's. Where they were called to be a missionary All right. How about farmers. Yeah. Yeah you know if we look we'll find that just about everything every enterprise in which we engage should be a means to this in every enterprise. Is a ministry. And every ministry must be born of love and you know what that will look like. In the comprehensive it will take care of the total health. Total Health not just physical but mental social spiritual the whole works. And there's something that every disciple can do every one we have no excuse this something that we all can do. We will love one another and we will work together one person alone usually can't deal with all the aspects of holistic health but together we can by God's grace so so we have an individual work to do and my individual work and your individual work and your individual work and you and we create a community of health care. We will care for our environment and we and the resources a god has is in our charge including our own body temples will take care of all of these things and you know what I consider this with me please as we close when practice. If we were to really do that. It will appear as though Jesus. Is back. What will it take for us to take that once I challenge you. To take the plunge. Whatever it takes. Take the plunge. With brick. For haven't. I pree with your Holy Spirit. Will not let us just be satisfied with words and good ideas and well wishes. But as we are on the threshold of a new year. We symbolically can start a new relationship a new a new way of living a new way of thinking a new way of acting and the new way of being by your grease. Fill us with your love. Let us experience what it is to truly be loved by you. And let your love the overflow to others. We thank you for how you have conducted us in the past. And we are assured that with you we will go all the way to the. Victorious explosive finish. We thank you in advance for Jesus the man. God bless your. This message was recorded at the G Y C D N in Houston Texas G Y C supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so many Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this is it is all mine and she Y.C. would have more.


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