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1. The Power of the Tower: The Theology of Preaching

Taj Pacleb


Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries



  • December 30, 2018
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C. In Houston Texas. Other resources like this visit us online. Aloha. I'm given to avoid before. I'm of you wish you'd been to Hawaii before. That's where my wife and I are from and we're so glad to be here G. Y.C. to be here in Texas is living cold for us but the warmth of Jesus' love makes up for it and I just want to thank you guys so much for coming to the 7 hour I trust that you prayed before you came the Holy Spirit led you here and I believe that what we're going to be discussing in this next 6 presentations to today and for tomorrow is something that really interests heaven angels are interested in this God is interested in this because what we're dealing with in this seminar and I'm sure others will be dealing with it as well but in this 7 I know that what we're dealing with is eternal salvation of humanity and how God not only wants to save us but he wants to use us to be a medium of salvation to others and as we reach out. God reaches in and gives to us a corresponding experience of revival and so I want to thank you guys so much for coming this is actually a shorter version of a 12 part series in titled The art of end time preaching and so will give you at least half of the seminar if you choose to come each each time but if you're interested in the whole seminar you can always go to our website art of preaching seminar dot com and we have the whole thing there as well but of course it's best in living color so we're so happy you're here today in this 1st presentation really a good solid foundation and discuss the theology of preaching and I've interviewed the power of the tower and it's going to be a very inspiring message or will a good solid foundation as to the definition of preaching and then after that we'll be talking about the nitty gritty and some of the details and the methods and the continent and all of those things and so we hope that you continue to come now only for this seminar but others as the Holy Spirit leads and I think it's better to understand something we know one thing very well rather than a whole bunch of things not very well and so but you know you let the Holy Spirit lead and I'm sure he will show you exactly where you need to be for the rest of the 7 hours but why don't we jump into our time is limited so we're going to pray job it's a God Who are you ready or I want to be by his real prayer Father in heaven thank you so much for your great love in your mercy towards us for waking us up this morning and giving us a new day to live not only here in this world but lord you've given us the promise of abundant life and eternal life when you come and the opportunity of sharing this life with those who are dead in trespasses and sins alone we pray that as we spend this time together fellowshipping in the spirit. That your Holy Spirit would not only be with us but you'd be in us the fillers with that power and their presence and I pray that we would be inspired we would be challenged we would be richly blessed you to make our minds like a sponge that we might soak up every promise in every principle that you have for us today so please leave us and guide us may you be the teacher is our prayer in Christ's name Amen amen our message this morning is entitled The Power of the tower our objective is simply this what is preaching and where is the source of its power we want to outline the theology of preaching and the Biblical definition of what it is exactly and so if you take your Bible and turn with me to the book of 1st Corinthians chapter 2 where the apostle Paul says this concerning preaching 1st Corinthians Chapter 2 beginning with Verse one hope you now only brought a Bible Bieber note book encouraging write down the Scriptures not only so that you can study but that you can share with somebody else but notice what it says here 1st Corinthians chapter 2 verse one if there and if you are ready the study would you please let me know by saying amen the apostle says ona my brother when I came to you came not with excellence of speech or of wisdom declaring them to you the testimony of God For I determined not to know anything among you save Jesus Christ and Him crucified and I was with you and weakness and in fear in a much trembling and my speech and my preaching was not with entice in words of man's wisdom but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power then your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men but in the word. The power of God Here the Apostle Paul testified that his preaching was a demonstration of power. If you look at that word power in the Greek it's the word do not miss by which we get the English word dynamite it's if you know so the about dynamite it has the ability to change things very drastically and that was the proclamation of Paul's testimony of the Lord the proclamation of the testimony of God contains the power that would change the world and enlarge the kingdom of heaven and friend God wants Paul's testimony to be the testimony of each and every one of us and I believe friends that one of the reasons why we have not entered into the promise land is because there are obstacles ahead of us just like I shared the other night it was only when all of Israel shouted that the walls of Jericho came crumbling down and they were and they were they were able to enter into the promised land that it wasn't just the priests blowing the trumpet when all of God's people shouted when all of them used their voices there was a loud cry that was heard as I mentioned before the work of God in the last days is not going to get finish by simply adding members only by multiplying messengers God wants to use every single voice and only when all of the voices of God's people use with a loud cry message be heard in all the world and the walls of Babylon will come crumbling down and finally will be able to enter into the heavenly promised land even so God can use you friends I mean if you can use me he can use anybody let me tell you friends I'm the least likely candidate to preach. Testimony later on but growing up you know I was very introverted I'm still introverted very shy and after studying problem and my English was very limited because in Hawaii you know let me just say my English is my 2nd language my 1st language is broken English. That's what we speak in Hawaii. And so I had so many obstacles I burnt up a lot of my brain cells doing drugs and you know I was the least likely candidate preach and suddenly it's a phrase it got into someone like me he wants to use all of us even and friends I believe that what Paul said we can see as well not long ago somebody gave me a book entitled speeches that changed the world and this is a book that kind of catalogs the speeches that have shaped the history of our world and amongst this extensive catalog was the address of President Lincoln given on the battlefield there was saturated with the blood of those who had fought for freedom during the American civil war there in Gettysburg Pennsylvania it was a speech that was only 10 sentences long lasting 2 minutes but it will be remembered for all time and then there was the eloquent oration of Martin Luther King Jr given on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial there in Washington D.C. and in this discourse King described a dream his dream of a nation where children would not be judged by the color of their skin but their but rather by the content of their character and for she is the dream that has yet to me it's for fulfillment in the book also listed the hair raising rants of adult Hitler as he called for ethnic cleansing and the beginning of a 3rd Reich of German and German world dominance during the 2nd World War And then there was the war cries of Winston Churchill as he challenged the citizens of the United Kingdom to brace themselves for battle and to boldly and bravely stand up against Nazi Germany in preparation for what would be known as Britain's finest hour then there were the war cries another work as human there was the impassioned pleas of Nelson Mandela as you appealed to the people of South Africa to forgive their oppressors so that the nation's wounds could finally be healed and friends no doubt. No doubt these powerful speeches have shaped the history of our world let me tell you friends there's another kind of speech that now only shapes our world but shapes the world to come a heavenly utterance The brings change not only for time before all eternity and that my friends is the also a search assertions proclaim from the sacred desk the ancient words of God the divine revelation proclaim from that depths will change all of eternity and friends I want God to use my voice to do just that how about you. It was in 1051 that the famous American writer Herman Melville wrote that book Moby did this book would end up being called the greatest book of the sea that has ever been written among literature buffs it's a must read they say and in this famous book there's a singular line that illustrates and explains in describes the power of Biblical preaching I want you notice what Movil wrote he said that the world is a ship on its passage out and the pope it is this proud now friends the proud is the front of a ship that leads it in the right direction. Moville said that the pope it is that proudly leads the ship of this world into the uncertain waters of the future is the pope friends that is the medium of moral accountability in a sin saturated society it holds in check the evils that seek to dominate our world it's what gives direction and guidance in a world that's fallen off of the straight and narrow pathway of God's will. It's the power of preaching that shapes and changes men and nations eternal destiny is the least this is what God meant for it to be and if it's done correctly in spirit fear and it's exactly what it does the Pope is the prowar that leads the ship of the world into the peaceful waters of God's perfect will and friends did you know that that word pope it is actually only found one time in the King James Version of the Bible on a show to you is there Nehemiah Chapter 8 verse for one time the King James used the word pope it is says this as the scribe stood upon a pulpit of world which they had made for the purpose and what did he do when he stood upon the property of wood in verse 8 write it down it said so they read in the book of the law of God This how distinctly and gave the scents and cause them to understand the reading he read in the Book of Esther a book of Nehemiah how Israel stood upon the hope of world and from that elevated platform he preached from God's book he broke down God's holy law he helped people understand how it was applicable to them and help them to understand God's perfect will now that's the only time the word pope has mention the English word pope is mention of the King James but in Hebrew that word pope it is actually the word MC Dar Can you see that now the Hebrew word big Dow is translated in English as pulpit only one time we just read that verse but that same word Migdal is translated in English as our 47 times and the reason why is because the preachers pope it is God's Eye I call it God's tower of power it is the tower of it's the Watchtower fits. The Watchtower dangers are discerned from the distance it is the sacred shrine holder the trumpet of truth can be heard loud and clear it is a prophetic platform where the messages of mercy from the Lord are given to the world it is the rush of refuge with the name of the Lord is proclaimed for the Bible says that the name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run to it and are saved the Pope Francis' shining light house where the BE OF GLORY radiate from the most holy place of the heavily sanctuary into our hearts and our lives the pope and friends is the divine desk the lips of the Holy Word of God in a world full of unholy confusion and it will be well for the preacher of righteousness to heed the words of the Lord when He spoke to Moses and said Take off your shoes for the place the stand is holy ground like with him as Richard said Amos evidence preacher in his book feed my sheep page 95 remember the pope it is where God stands and where he speaks imagine Jesus standing by your side with his hand on your show we should enter the pope it reverently and with no spiritual pride the Pope is no place for an actor or even an entertainer it is the place for the ambassador of the most high God my friends it is a very solemn thing to stand behind the sacred deads to use our voices to allow the Lord to use our voices to speak his words of truth in this world and by the way for in this seminar we talk about the pope we're not just beef referencing the literal pope it you know each and every one of us we have a pope who we have a platform in that's the influence you have over others. So the pope is also the person that places in your pathway from day to day you may never have the opportunity of standing before a literal pope even though I believe all of us can do it and ought to be willing to do it the principles will be enunciating and sharing in the seminar something that we can apply to our daily witness our pulpit friends is the person that got places in our path from day to day. And so I hope you listen with those ears never forget standing on Martin Luther spoke that their invitation Berg Germany how many of you been to Europe before been to those churches you know that I noticed something interesting about all the puppets in Europe they actually look like towers they're elevated Here's Luther's pope it's there they literally look at the Towers you have to ascend stairs to get on the pope it's in the churches of year and they're always roped off and you can go on the pope it's off limits to visitors but we got to Lutheran Church at close read a closing time and you know the guards want to close the door but we begged and we say you know we came all the way from United States we just can just give us a few minutes and he let us in and because we're the only ones in there I asked him if I could send Luther's pope in because known as there he let me go beyond the ropes and I went up on Martin Luther's pope and it's now I believe that we should never have a superstitious reverence for physical pope as if there is some kind of spiritual virtue in the wood itself but we'll always have respect for the historical and perfect prophetic events that took place in different places it's an opportunity for us to remember and to learn and be inspired of what the Lord has done in the past since I stood there on Luther's probably trying to imagine what it would must've been like to have been Martin Luther. Who was preaching a message of salvation in an heiress of spiritual darkness in a time when preaching the truth was a crime punishable by death at the state and I remember being so overwhelmed by inspiration that I began to preach to the empty pews. I was reminded that we were walking in the footsteps of spiritual giants of the paths my friends understanding the sacred responsibility that God has placed upon us and called us to it will be well for us to approach God's Tower of Power with reverence and solemn all remembering that we don't use God's power but rather God's power uses us but the question I ask is this what charges the tower with so much power what exactly is the power upon the tower my friends the power of the pope It does not come from the theories the philosophies and the ologies of men it does not originate with our open means interpretations and speculations but rather the power up on the tower is the Holy Word of God We see him the Creative Word of God it's my friends when you study the Bible you notice that God always associates himself with speech. In fact the very 1st chapter of the 1st book of the Bible tells us something about God It tells us not only that he is creator or but he's a speaker is not right God created this world by the power of his words and then in John chapter one Jesus Son of God God in the flesh he is called the Word of God. The word the logos the word that was made flesh and dwelt among us in the Book of Revelation Chapter one Jesus said I am the Alpha and the Omega and that is the 1st and last letters of the Greek alphabet again God is associate associated himself with with words or with speech and even the Holy Spirit In The Day of Pentecost and asked chapter 2 it says that the Spirit of God came in the forms of tongues of fire god always associate himself with speech so the power on the tower is God's spoken word it's it's the creative Word of God The Bible says in Isaiah $55.00 or so 11 write it down the streets again it says so show my word be that goes forth out of my mouth it shall not return to Me void but a shower accomplish that which I please and it shall prosper in the thing we're to have sentence in other words God's word has a feeling power God said Let there be light and there was light is the word that God spoke have the power in it to do exactly what it said it would do it says in some study 3 verses 6 and verse 9 by the word of the Lord with the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth he spoke and it was done he commanded and it stood fast God's Word has the power to so fulfill and friends when God created mankind in his image we who are created in the image of the divine speaker when we speak our words have power to not the same as God's of course but when we speak God's word that word that power flows in and through our lives as well we have been called to preach the word for it is the same word that brought worlds into existence and think about that. The one very word that brought the world and the universe into existence God has called us to proclaim to the world that's awesome isn't it what a solemn solemn reality Bible says that we are called to preach the word therefore the word we must preach it says in 1st 2nd Timothy Chapter 4 verse $1.00 and $2.00 I charge you therefore before God in the Lord Jesus Christ who would judge the living and the dead it is appearing and his kingdom preach the word it's been seen in season and out of season convince rebuke exhort with all longsuffering and auction we're called my friends to preach the word not our opinions or are our own ideals we're not called to be original but rather to be faithful in preaching the word and by the way Paul said preach the word that Jesus said Preach the gospel why because friends the true Gospel is found in the Word and others any gospel this ability to be founded is not the real Gospel it is the Bible that we find in the Bible that we find our message we find our method and our mission remember friends that God's primary way not his only way but the primary way God has chosen ordained to reveal Himself to us is through his objective word. Not through a subjective personal experience or rather the objective word of God Thus my friends we cannot truly be gospel focus on lest we are 1st biblically founded Amen and that's why it's a tragedy a disturbance there many churches the world today that are putting the pope aside and putting God's word aside and preaching their own ideas and yet they're claiming to preach the gospel it's impossible to be gospel for kids. If we're not 1st biblically founded Paul said preach the word Jesus or preach the gospel because the Gospel is found in the word and it was through the preaching of the gospel of this words that the mighty prophetic movements rose to power to shape the destiny of the words from the great Protestant Reformation to the great Advent movement our beloved movement was born from profit vision vision that was fueled by the fire of preaching you see friends before we had institutions before we had an organization even before we had a system of truth we had preaching preaching is what led this movement to where it is today and it is also the means that will lead us all the way into the Promised Land Biblical preaching gospel preaching Christ centered preaching spirit filled preaching and so friends to stand behind the pope it as a messenger of the Lord is a sacred trust the Tower of Power is too big for any any one of us it's more than we can handle and so the question I ask myself is this if it's bigger than us then why choose us why God choose sinful humanity to proclaim such a holy sacred and powerful message what is the primary purpose of preaching we want to discuss the theology of preaching the logic of preaching what is the primary purpose of it or this is one of the clearest verses in the Bible that that tells us why God chose preaching it's 1st Corinthians one verse 21 please read it there is it says for after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God it please God by the foolishness of preaching to do what. Saved them that do it they believe. So the purpose of preaching friends according to this passage God ordained it to be his primary way of saving lost humanity and others the object of preaching is to communicate truth so that men might believe so that men might be saved but how does that happen specifically you see preaching doesn't save anyone the text says those who are saved are those who do believe Preaching doesn't say but rather the purpose of preaching is to give people a reason to believe so that they might be saved that's the purpose of preaching and through that process God is not only trying to save the masses he's trying to save the messenger as well. Because expression deepens impression we see repetition divas oppression expression deepens impression to not only upon those who are listening to us but upon our own hearts and minds Jesus said you are clean by the word I've spoken to you and when there were spoken unto us and then through us it has a cleansing justifying sanctifying effect on our lives preaching the purpose of it is to give people a reason to believe so that they might be saved and then it says in the book of Romans Chapter 10 verse 13 through 15 notice what it says year it's we find the salvific preaching process describe what it is for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved How then shall they call on Him whom they have not believed. Believe in Him whom they have not heard and how shall they hear without a word without a preacher. They says how shall they preach except they be sent as it is written How beautiful are the feet of them they preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things to notice the salvific preaching process Bible says you can't be saved unless you call upon the name of the Lord we can't call unless you believe you can't believe unless you hear you can't hear a less There's a preacher and there can't be a preacher unless one is sense if you read that backwards you're sent. To preach so that people can hear so that they can believe so they can call so that they might be saved and so here is the purpose of preaching the theology of preaching preaching simply This friends is the means or giving others a reason to believe so that they might be saved and so as we stand upon the Tower of Power let's never forget it's that we are engaged in a beautiful work that would change and turn the destinies of Villa's right when he said that the pope is the prop that leads the world into the uncertain waters of the future I'd like to have back it said and I back a chapter 2 verse one and 2 I will stand upon my watch. And set me upon the work the tower and I will watch to see what he will say to me and what I shall answer when I meant to and the Lord answered me and said write the vision and do it make it plain upon tables that he may run that reads it's Bible here likens the preacher to a watchman that why are we standing upon the tower watching and waiting and listening for word from the lower right and as the watchman hears God speak to him. He internalizes it in his heart he writes it down and then he makes it plain to others so the others may run and win the race of vision and so friends let us not sleep upon the tower of power for the safety of the flock depends upon the watchfulness of God watching my wife and I were in Africa a few months ago we had the privilege of preaching there on the messiah Mara to the wonderful and beautiful people of Messiah land and I it was a beautiful experience they dressed me up like a messiah warrior so that I can connect with their. It was a wonderful experience many people over a 1000 Massai people came from all over to hear the message and we had a beautiful experience that week there and while we were there we got the chance to go on a few African safaris how many been on an African safari before or it's absolutely incredible see the animals in their natural habitat and the most exciting things we saw was a pride of lions they were hunting we probably saw at least 30 lines throughout the time they were there but we saw the pride of lions were on the hunt and they were actually stocking a herd of antelopes they were in the distance and these prowling Lions they're stuck in these and then when that was the on the menu. For them that day but these lions were perfectly almost perfectly camouflaged in the grass and our driver parked in between the lines and the antelope So we got they were looking straight at us but they're actually looking you know beyond us to the antelope that were behind and we were to catch these amazing creatures and seen them stalking their prey but when we look back we saw the all the antelopes were relaxed all of them had their heads up and they were looking. They could see the lions in the distance these swift creatures were standing erect heads up nostrils enlarged their pupils were dilated they had no fear because as long as they could see the lion they would see when the lion would pounds and they were out running the line very easy and so the lion took off running running straight others got some amazing pictures were right around this but couldn't catch the antelope all of them ran away but then later that same day we were driving on our safari and we saw a whole herd of antelope sleeping in the dry grass they were fast asleep and I thought to myself how could they sleep in peace so relax don't they know that there are ravenous Lions walking about seeking whom they may devour How could they be so relax when there are lines that are almost perfectly camouflaged in the golden grass but then I look a little bit further and I saw one singular antelope standing on a tower of dirt his head was up his ears were forward he was scanning the planes watching over the phone he was the watchman standing on the Tower of Power looking for danger ready to alert and give a message of warning to the resting flood and when I saw that I said a prayer I said Lord make me like that. Faithful watchman wide awake standing on the Tower of Power that's what I want to be. A wide awake watchman my my friends the purpose of preaching is to give people reason to believe that they might be say. To lift up the power of God's Word we need to be alert and awake notice how the Apostle Paul put it in saying Christians fivers 18 or 19 he said All things are of God who have to reconcile us to himself by Jesus Christ's. And has given us the Ministry of. Reconciliation to wit that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself not imputing their trespasses and to them and as committed unto us the what the word of reconciliation the ministry that God is giving to his people is a minister of reconciliation it's the Ministry of the word that brings the reconciliation in other words friends we have to understand that that we cannot reconnect man to God in some kind of Catholic papal way but rather by the word of reconciliation proclaim it that's how we fulfill the ministry of reconciliation God my friends the Bible says has given to the church the key is of the kingdom you find that in Matthew 16 verse 19 you can look that up later he's given to the church the keys of the king the now some people think that that means we can determine who saved the laws some churches believe that but what exactly is this that mean what is what are the key to the kingdom that God has given to the church or if you write these scriptures down look up later in Luke 11 verse 52 Bible talks about the key of knowledge and then in Romans 3 Verse 2 It talks about the oracles of God that has been entrusted to his people Another is the keys to the kingdom of heaven is basically the keys of knowledge is the oracles of God the Word of God made known to others and so you have to think about that that when you witness when you share the the message of Jesus behind a pulpit or in a personal Bible study or standing at the line of the grocery store or handing out a blue track what you're really doing Friends is this you are unlucky the gates of heaven for people to come in and they're amazing. God is giving to the church the key to the king and when you are sharing God's message God's word faithfully it's like you are literally opening the gates of heaven inviting people to spend eternity with God old friends were a sacred honor what a solemn responsibility it is to stand behind God's Tower of Power. But preaching is much more than communicating the knowledge of salvation it is also a compelling appeal for people to choose it for themselves we're not simply aiming to inform the mind but rather God is aiming to transform the hearts information with our application results in condemnation because To whom much is given much is required so we're not merely sharing the information of the world it's who are appealing to people to choose it for themselves that there might be application the result in a salvation and so the Tower of Power does more than communicate information but rather transformation of the Hearts but how does this happen in the Gospel workers page $152.00 it says this man who assume the responsibility of giving to the people the word from the mouth of God make themselves accountable for the influence they exert on their hears if their treatment of God They will know that the object of preaching is not to what not entertain it is not merely to convey information or to convince the intellect the preaching of the word should appeal to the intellect and should impart knowledge friends I'm so grateful. That the message we share is not only beautiful but it's also intellectually stimulating even I believe that the Biblical world view is the thinking person's world view God doesn't expect this to have a blind faith but rather unintelligent faith our message is not only Biblical it's beautiful and it's intellectually stimulating but notice it says but it should do more than that so the ministers utterance to be effectual or must reach the what the horns of his hearers and so if that's the case the question is this how do we reach the hearts how exactly does that take place we will answer this question this is the main question of the seminar we can answer this question in various ways throughout the rest of the 5 presentations we have together today and tomorrow but let me give you the most important answer how do we reach the hearts of those who are speaking to the most important answer is this in order to reach the hearts of others that word must 1st reach our hearts another is friends the power of the preacher cannot be taught. And it cannot be bought it can only be sought and caught easy anyone can learn to be a doctor a lawyer a teacher or a ball or but no one can simply learn to be a preacher because the office of the preacher It isn't an academic profession but rather it is an individual lies confession. Of an experience that we personally have with the power of Jesus and His Word. Another is the office of preaching or or witnessing it's not the job of the mere professor of religion but rather it is the all consuming passion of the possessor of crisis and friends this is where preaching needs to become personal that is we need to be field with the person of crisis I call this preachers not of profession we have a lot of those professional preachers we want to be like that we want to be preachers of possession the power of preaching comes from the Word of God The purpose of preaching that was our 2nd point is to give men and women a reason to believe that they might be saving our 3rd and final point the position of preaching is an experience with the divine person behind the passage and that is Jesus for He said that the Scriptures testify of him and so what does it mean how can we be preachers not our profession But Preet preachers of possession will notice what the Apostle said or my favorite versus saying Christians chapter 4 and verse 6 and verse 7 it says For God who commanded the light. To shine out of darkness tell me friends will the God do that when the God commanded light to shine from darkness in creation God said Let there be light and there was light that's the big bang right there God said it bang it happens. So the apostle is describing the God who creates with the power of His Word. But he said that that same God has shined in our hearts because just like this world was before God spoke life and light into existence so too is the heart of humanity dark code and empty God wants to speak that word into our hearts to give the light of the what the knowledge of what though the glory of God Another word for glory in the Bible as character the character of God found in the what the face of Jesus Christ of the Word of God friends that spoke light into a dark world it is found right here that word God wants to speak in throne hearts that we might have the knowledge of who he is the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ I like to say friends that the Bible is God's face book when you read the scriptures you see the unseen God You see the face of Jesus when you read the Bible you know you know what God is up to you find gods of the stats the Facebook of God reveals who the friends of God are what God likes and what he dislikes when you spend time in God's face became. But the Notice it says that God's word contains the light of the knowledge of God But then in verse 7 it says but we have we have this word now what is the treasure that is referring to according to the previous verse is the night of light of the knowledge of who God is the glory of God is that we have this treasure or it's a treasure friends that's the hidden treasure that we need to sell all in order to obtain We have this treasure where. In earthen vessels that the excellent sea of the power maybe of who God and not of us so it says here that we have the treasure the treasures the light of the knowledge and the treasure is in the earth in vessel another translation says Jars of Clay and friends that's what God made us from we are nothing but Clay God has called us to be Earth in vessels Jars of Clay and friends that is actually a reference to the lamps they were used in the ancient world. I took this picture when I was in Israel few years ago that's a biblical lamp it's actually a jar of clay on earthen vessel that's filled with all the oil that causes the fire the light to shine in the House in other words in this passage Paul is employing an object lesson to represent preachers of not professional but preachers of possession you see we are that Earth in vessel they got was the place the excellence of his power in we are all the product of the Potter's hand it's an earthen vessel he formed from the dust of the ground and now he wants to feel the earthen jar of clay the empty vessel of our lives with the oil of his spirit that we might shine as lights in a world of darkness we are to be the lamp the what the lamp that lives up the light it's easy Jesus is the light he calls us to be the lot of the world but we're not really the light we are the lamp the list up that light where the earth invests of friends the joy of clay and that power is not of us Paul said however it is placed in us when the power of His word is placed in a US then it will shine through us. In more than professing Christ on our lips we will possess Christ in our lives in our hearts Amen that's our preacher of possession that's the land filled with the oil preachers are of possession or have the experience like Mary did Bible tells us that Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and as a result of being overshadowed by the Holy Spirit that Holy Sea was implanted in her and after 9 months Listen listen listen after 9 months of possessing Christ in her womb then that word was made flesh and the world could see them the unseen God friends we need to have the experience of the Virgin Mary where the Spirit of God over shall overshadows us we have intimacy with God and got implants the seed of his word in the womb of our mind in our heart and after a time of possessing that word allowing that word to grow in us and change us then finally that word is made flesh and deliver its birth you can say behind the pope it's so that people can see by the words we're speaking the word pictures we're we're sharing they can see the unseen God he same and the word is made flash in and through our lives this is the experience of the preacher of possession how do you want this experience it's important that we started with this subject this topic in this seminar it's really foundational It's very simple but profound at the same time my friends preaching is not something that can simply be taught or bought it must be saw it and caught it is not merely a profession but it's a possession. It's an experience with the person behind the passage that is Jesus Christ friends I want to have that experience more deeply how about you even. So what is preaching I believe it's so personal that is something that we ought to define for ourselves we see a general definition here though by we see that the purpose of it is but but it has to be so personal for us that we have to come up with our own. Model our own definition of preaching as as it comes from our own lives and so considering everything that has been shared so far I want you to take just a minute and I want you to write down your personal definition of preaching based Appollo we studied based upon your experience just go out and take a minute and do that. And will our few people to share before we bring this to a close this morning concerning what we study take a minute write down your personal theology of preaching do that now. All right who would like to share just raise your hand good brother with a loud voice Amen preaching is an experience we have that we share with others a living testimony beautiful so many reason here. In revealing the plan of salvation to others good living expression of the Living Word of God is not dead we serve a living Crites God is alive and we are not only back then but today beautiful sharing Christ you beautiful expression of what happened in your personal devotional life beautiful so the best sermons you ever shares is what God gives you personally right there in your devotion right of your few more and then. Powerful beautiful. There's so much in I wish we had the time to hear what everyone has to say but since we won't have a few more minutes let me share with you my definition this is what the Lord gave to me in my personal theology of preaching is simply this it is the personal illumination of divine revelation erupting in public proclamation that's how I feel preaching is for me the personal illumination of divine revelation erupting in public proclamation is it is the volcanic eruption of the Word of God through our proclamation it is the overflow of our experience with the power of God's Word for as there can be no separation between the man in the message because someone said that preaching is what's true through you it's truth through personality and then white agrees with that aren't you notice what it says and testimonies volume 5 page 300 we are never to forget that Christ teaches through his servants and there may be conversions without the instrumentality of a sermon where persons are so situated that they are deprived of every means of grace and they are upon by the Spirit of God and convinced of the truth through the reading of the word but God's appointed means of the some of the saving of souls is through the what not the preaching of foolishness but the foolishness of preaching and so friends remember their preaching is not a mere profession but it's an all consuming possession when the Spirit of God has captured and consume our hearts it will then capture and consume the hearts of our hearers and friends this is always been the experience of preachers of possession German I had that experience when he said in chapter 20 in verse 9 of his book but his word was in my heart as burning fire shut up in my bones and I was weary of forbearing and I could not stay he couldn't hold it back he had to let it out. The Apostle said for we cannot but speak the things which we have see her they've seen it they've heard it with their own ears and as a result of what they've saw what they see and what they heard they couldn't help but speak those things they had to make it known Romans 11516 Paul said I am ready to preach the gospel for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the work the power the do miss the dynamite of God and to salvation to everyone that believes and then he said in 1st Corinthians $118.00 for the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness but it was who are saved it is the power of God That's the power of the tower and friends how many of you have that experience before where you've been even spending time with the Lord in prayer and Bible study and you've read something you've learned something that is just grabbed and grabbed your heart in and the text was not only speaking to you personally but it was it was as if you were saying to you you must share me with someone you must preach me that's a wonderful experience where you're so moved by the word that you can't keep quiet that you have to get it out of your Elstree you feel like you're going to expose and until we get that experience neither we nor hearers were ever fully know the power of the tower and so as we close Don't forget that the power number one point to one the power of preaching is found in the creative Word of God not our own ideas our speculations or interpretations but the words Number 2 the purpose of preaching is to give men and women a reason to believe so that they might be saved. And then number 3 the possession of preaching is an experience with the person behind the passage that is Jesus that is what makes us preachers of possession that we might stand upon the Tower of Power as faithful watchman Amen and our next presentation we're going to take a deeper look as to the reason why God chose the foolishness of preaching as his primary means of saving the laws we would discuss some of the challenges and limitations of preaching and how to overcome them and we're going to discover God's wisdom in using this method and so we hope you come back for that if not want take it personal and if you want to be a preacher of possession and by the way let me remind us we're not just about standing behind a literal pope it but you're pope it is the person that that are places in your path from day by day amen if you want to be a preacher of possession stand with me as we close with prayer. Father in heaven Lo We thank you so much for calling us for choosing us we are frail we are weak we are sinful we are broke we are an empty jar of clay we have no light to give but we thank you lord that you desire to dwell in our hearts you desire to Philip's So we open our heart to you dear God Would you please fill us with your power your presence fill us with the oil of your spirit and light a supplement that we might be that lamp lifting up the light changes the turn a team of individuals Lord we recognize that acknowledge they were not worthy but we thank you that you are so take our weakness take our sinfulness give us your strength. And you're right just. Help us Lord to be faithful Why don't we watch. Faithfully doing our duty. Thank you so much more for here tonight in this prayer we asked Jesus to. This message was recorded at the G Y C D N in Houston Texas. 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