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2. The Foolishness of Preaching and Wisdom of God

Taj Pacleb


Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries



  • December 30, 2018
    10:45 AM
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This message was presented at the G. Y.C. to be in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online. The Morning. Thank you folks for come in get started. And I was here really appreciate you being here this seminars and tired of the arts of and time preaching and in our 1st presentation we started off very broad it was a more of an inspirational message talking about the power of preaching which is the Word of God not our own ideas or speculations or opinions we talked about the purpose of preaching which is giving people reason to believe that they might be saved and we talked about the possession of preaching having a personal experience with the person behind the passage that is the Lord Jesus and our next presentation we'll talk about the foolishness of preaching and the wisdom of God it's going to be more practical and as we continue on in the seminar the the presentations will be more and more practical. This is actually a 12 part series I'm giving half of the seminar in the the 6 presentations we have here but if you are interested in the whole seminar you can go to our website art of preaching seminar dot com Art of preaching seminar dot com and you fine the rest of the presentations there is well I want to give you a little preview of tomorrow tomorrow is really the best day of the seminar we're going to start with the 1st we have 4 presentations the 1st one is entire of the matter of the message ever going to deal with 8 things that every servant every Bible study ought to be measured by in order for it to be a complete powerful message 8 features 8 F.'s is going to be very very helpful then after that we're going to sit at the feet of Jesus listening to and dissecting the greatest sermon that has ever been preached from the greatest preacher that has ever preached Jesus himself we want to look into the hermeneutics and homiletics of Christ's in his sermon at the Mount and learn how to preach just like Jesus that's going to be an awesome presentation and then our 3rd presentation we're going to look at 13 steps of how to prepare a servant from beginning to end that's going to be very practical we go through how to study the Bible and how to craft a sermon how sermon is is developed in the womb of our mind in our hearts and the process of it being developed before it's being burst or delivered to the world behind the pulpit and then our last presentation one of my favorites. We're going to talk about creative tools of language and speech and talk about the method of the delivery we can do with the content we're also going to do with delivery and so that's what you can expect it's going to be very very good very exciting so we hope you come for that it's our time is very limited but if you do have questions I'm more than happy to to speak with any any of you or all of you at the end we can talk one on $1.00 and $1.00 we also have a booth revelation for ministries booth you can also visit us there in the booth times but this is a part 3 the purpose of preaching the foolishness of preaching the wisdom of God I hope you brought your Bibles I hope your brother no book let's begin with the word of prayer shall we let us pray. Our Father in heaven we are so grateful that your God of mercy and the God of grace a God of justice and a God of righteousness and Lord you are the infinite One the one that has made such a profound difference in our hearts lord you've also called us you wanting to use us to make a difference in this broken world if you want to use our voice lowered and lower we don't know how we recognize that we're inadequate insufficient So we pray to your teachers as we sit at your feet today that you would motor sin makers preachers of possession this is our prayer we have this in Christ's name Amen amen once again as we review briefly the power of preaching is the word the purpose of preaching it's the means of giving others a reason to believe so that they might be saved and we as we mentioned have to be preachers of possession meaning that it's not just a profession something that we go to school and learn it's more than that. It has to be something that we possess within we have to come up with our own theology of preaching based on the word of course but we have to articulate it for our own lives for me my definition of preaching is the personal illumination of divine revelation erupting in public proclamation it is the unlocking of the gates of glory by providing people the keys to the kingdom of heaven it's it's more than a profession it's a possession so we dealt with the power of preaching in the purpose of preaching but in this presentation we want to look at the problems of preaching because many times preaching can be very messy very unmoving and very unimpressive. There are challenges and difficulties and even weaknesses that we face in preaching as our objective in this presentation is basically to recognise the human weakness of preaching and as we do so it will save us from pride and self-sufficiency which is a great trap of the devil when it comes to preaching but also demonstrate God's wisdom in choosing what the Bible calls foolishness probably the clearest text in the Bible that describes the purpose of preaching is the one that we read in 1st Corinthians one verse $21.00 for after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to what saved them they believe so again friends guards primary way not his only way but his primary way of reaching Los humanity is through the foolishness of preaching but when you think about that it seems kind of strange that God would choose this method as his primary method. I mean there's an infinite amount of ways God could have chosen to reach lost humanity he was not limited to simply preaching God could have easily write written his message across the sky for all to see at the same time he could have done that it's Or he could have given every single person the same vision of the same dream at the same time to communicate his message he could have performed a mirror to a miracle to convince the world it's he could speak through the Angels they are far more eloquent than we are or even the dumb animals God could use and God could have easily come down himself and preach one sermon to the whole world and and have the work finished just like that and many of these other options it seems to be more easy and more effective than using broken sinful inadequate humanity to communicate the message don't you think these methods seem to be easier and even more effective So my question is why did God choose the foolishness of preaching as his primary means what is so why it's about the foolishness of preaching for some reason God in His infinite wisdom chose this. It seems foolish that you can preach a sermon and someone's eternal destiny is change forever were friends I can testify that has been my experience I'll never forget friends when I came to those meetings when I was 16 years old and there was a lay evangelist he was an ordained he didn't go to school to be a preacher he was simply a layman his name was Nehemiah. My me of Nehemiah in the Bible was that a priest or prophet was simply a lay person a lay leader and held eventually meetings there in my hometown in Hawaii and I was a 16 year old druggie when someone invited me to those meetings and I came to those meetings and the presence of God was sick as well as the Word of God was being proclaim with power I was a 16 year old druggie this is what I used to look like burning in my brain cells a stony boy a pothead a want to be rushed a man and and I went to those meetings in that condition and the power of God's word penetrated my clouded mind it appears. My heart in heart and in that moment I found my purpose and my calling in life because God found me in those meetings I wasn't born and raised in any church I was a druggie waste of my life and as I sat there listening to the message sometimes listening high the conviction was so profound and powerful and potent it was as if God was saying Target one day you're going to stand with that man is standing one day you going to be doing what he's doing I gave my life to Jesus during those meetings was baptized God began to restore those burnt brain cells and he called me to ministry about 10 years later when I was 26 years old I stood at the very spot where that man stood 10 years before and I was doing the exact same thing about me full circle in 10 years. And since then we've done over 70 evangelistic meetings all over the world in almost 40 countries I never would have thought friends that I would be doing this for the rest of my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything God is good friends I share these pictures simply to share with you that if God can use a druggie like me he can use anybody even. As you look back on your spiritual journey. Can you think or remember of a time when your life was changed by a single sermon Have you had that experience before the member who was speaking or what he said or she said or the title of the sermon one sermon that change you for anyone who would like to just share briefly who was it that spoke and what what was it that they said just in a few sentences go ahead our little square of an amazing 1000 years that's the one that got me as well anybody else water vital right. Wow Wow Powerful good. I am I see from the lack of your own yes awesome phrase God who spoke and what was the sermon go ahead praise God beautiful even if you more yes. Praise the Lord. Praise God very encouraging sister. Amen praise GOD SAYS IT TO GOD BE THE GLORY if you others this is yes really. Powerful little Scriven amazing Yes 4 kinds of love matures All right there. In the shade uniform it's amazing friends to think that you listen to a sermon or you preach a sermon and someone's eternal destiny is changed forever that's powerful human. Preaching is the primary way God chosen ordained for the salvation of souls the wisdom of God shows the foolishness of preaching but why does the Bible call it foolishness there are 2 reasons how many one is a theological reason the other is a more practical reason. The theological reason was dealing with the content of the message and that is the message of the cross is the Paul made it clear that it was the message of the cross was to them that perish foolishness you see the proud self exulting sinful heart cannot comprehend why a god would ever die you see the gods of the pagans were strong and powerful and vengeful gods gods that needed to be appeased by human sacrifice and so the idea of the Christian god of the Christian God dying upon a cruel Roman cross was looked upon as ludicrous in the minds of many people in the days of Paul the pagans and the worldlings looked upon the God of the Christian as weak and as foolish and they also thought how foolish it is to worship a Jewish carpenter that was crucified as God That was a foolish thing people couldn't wrap their minds around the and that's why posit those who are perishing look upon their preaching across as foolishness you see the humility of the cross is offensive to the Proud of exulting sinful heart but the problem with the pagans is that they fail to realize and understand that the power of love is stronger than the power of sin and the power of self. For them it was a stumbling block and so Paul said in 1st Corinthians Chapter one Verse 25 because the foolishness of God is what wiser than man and the weakness of God is stronger than man you see the cross is the foolish this and the witness of God. But it's wiser and stronger than men because friends when you think about it it's natural to retaliate when someone harms us right it does not take any wisdom or any strength to retaliate. However it does require supernatural strength and wisdom to give love in place of hatred and that's what we see at the cross and that's why Paul said that that preachers across yes to the parishes foolishness but for us it is the power of God is the power of love that stronger than death and stronger than sin that's why we are to glory in nothing except for the cross of Jesus Christ the power of the cross I believe friends that Calvary's cross is the most powerful power in the universe for is the revelation of the power of love in the wisdom of grace to conquer a world in determined disobedience and so that's the 1st reason why the Bible calls preaching foolishness because of the content of the message but then the other reason is because of the method of preaching the method of standing up and and sharing the message is the modern secular communication experts they say that the stand up straight talk lecture style approach is the worst form of communication they say it's ineffective at holding attention and and producing retention and so preaching is looked upon by communication experts as something that's outdated archaic irrelevant and old school but what does God have to say about that we're not really concerned with the core of what experts have to say because they're going by a different standard God says in Romans 1017 that faith comes by word and hearing by the Word of God You see God wants our faith to rest not upon outward demonstration. But rather by the hearing of the Word of God the solid rock of God's word an unfolding faith does not come from feelings or theater tricks or emotionalism that goes up and down like a roller coaster but our faith a faith the last of faith that is firm has a foundation that is simple and profound the Word of God the hearing of the Word of God. But friends it seems foolish that a message of eternal importance would be communicated by something that experts call outdated and ineffective I mean surely there is a more elevated and effective way to communicate the message then through polluted lips and sinful humanity so why did God choose this method that the Bible tells us in 1st Corinthians one verse 27 why the Lord did it but God had chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the why is god a chosen the way things of the world to confound the things which are mighty and by the way if there's an empty seat next to you maybe you can move down to the edges we have people looking for seats I think they will be very helpful apologies for not making that announcement earlier and so what a god choose the foolish the preaching is because friends God loves to reveal his wisdom through foolishness you see the weaker the vessel the greater the glory of God. They say the big things come in small packages and so friends the smaller you are in your own eyes the bigger God is in your behalf even in other words God loves weakness God loves. Because it's an opportunity to demonstrate the phoniness of his power and so just like I mean we see examples of this in their daily life just like want to scrawny unwanted 6 round draft pick becomes the greatest N.F.L. quarterback of all time smashing records and winning 5 Super Bowl rings in the process. Or just like when a young Korean girl he R. Lee born with only 4 fingers or overcomes her disability and becomes a world renowned concert pianists or just like when Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton loses an arm from a shark attack with an after that bravely get back on the board becoming a professional surfer winning multiple wards and 2 national titles inspiring the world to live strong or like the one that was born without arms and legs and uses his tragic story to inspire millions around the world to live a life without limits which it he said God does not give me the miracle he will make me the miracle for someone else a man God uses foolish things to confound the lives we things to confound the mighty God chose the foolish less and the witness of preaching chiefly because the weaker the vessel the greater He is glorified and magnified he is the God that can turn weakness into strength and foolishness into wisdom he loves to demonstrate the fullness of His power through the weakness of humanity and for that I'm so grateful How about you. So now we want to highlight some of the weaknesses of preaching and see how the Lord turns it into shrink and into power is see there are there are for difficult challenges major challenges as you say in preaching for potentially paralyzing factors. That we face when we preach or when we try to witness to others but the reality is that these factors should not paralyze us but rather it should empower us so I want to share with you some of these challenges we're going to go through them one by one and we're going to demonstrate practically how God turned something that is foolish into something that's why it's something that is weak into something very strong one of the 1st challenges in preaching is the weakness of human ignorance the weakness of work and I hope you write this down but one great hindrance of preaching that causes people to not preach or to not share witness is they face is that many people feel that they don't know enough to preach. Like that before why should I preach Russia to go why should I give a Bible study I don't know enough I'm ignorant and the knowledge of our own ignorance can silence our witness or we may feel that there are US knows more than we know and friends I feel like that all the time especially when I'm invited to do training to pastors like who are my woe. I don't know more than anybody else this is a reality for us that we must accept and learn to deal with because the truth is we do not have exclusive access to what we preach God has made the truth accessible to all it says here in the book councils on Sabbath school work and on my rights the Bible was written for who not the scholar but the common people as well as for Scholars and it is within the comprehension of you see the reality of this fact will cause the novel the novice or beginner preacher to feel intimidated to preach those things to themselves I don't know enough what can I teach others but what we need to worry about. It is not our our ignorance we don't have to worry about what we don't know we just have to make sure that we know Jesus. We just have to share don't worry about what you don't know just share what you know and who you know easy in order to lead someone literally and physically you don't have to be a mile ahead of ahead of them in order to lead so many years ago to be one half step ahead of that person or to lead some in the right in fact it's it's sometimes ineffective it's very ineffective in fact if you're a mile ahead of someone trying to lead someone you don't have to be one step ahead of somebody or half step so don't worry about what you don't know just share what you've got into and share who you know I love what it says here X. $413.00 now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and perceive that they were on learn and ignorant men if you look at the Greek is the word it's the Autons that means that they were looked upon as a bunch of idiots. On learn and ignorant men Bible says that they marveled and took knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus you see sometimes it's not really about what we are saying that makes an impact but rather the power and the conviction of how we say it easy most people may know that we might be an learn and ignorant and we don't know a lot so what people will still marvel at the power of God working through worse so it's not just the words but the experience behind the words that is full of potency it says in the book Christ object lessons page $232.00 that the most intellectual those who are looked upon as the world's most gifted men and women are often what refresh by the words. The simple words of one who loves God and can speak of that love as naturally as the world speaks of things that interest him most deeply friends you don't have to have a degree in order to preach you just have to have an experience with Jesus you don't have to know all things just got to know Christ or know just a little bit just share what you know don't worry about what you don't know share what you got it and who cares if people already know it's human nature is such that we need to hear things repeated over and over and over again in the right and even simple words is refreshment to gifted minds when you can speak those simple words from an experience of God as naturally as the world and speaks of things that interest him the most you see friends the Bible says in Matthew chapter 13 in verse 52 Therefore every scribe instructed concerning the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure things what new node in other words friends the point is this God is not calling us to be original He's calling us to be faithful and we have to remember that the Word of God has creative power even all truths truth that people heard before can give new life and a new experience to the listener. Old shoes have power to bring new life in so even a few You're sharing on something that people already know it brings new life still you remember the story of Moses God called Moses to preach and was Moses excuse I'm not eloquent he had a stammering. He had a stammering lit stammering tongue and he said they're not going to listen to me what God said to Moses Yes most of the question he said Moses was in your hand what's in your hand and others don't worry about what you do not have what's in your hand use what you've got it's. And what you give what you have in God will work wonders to the rod of your preaching you see our qualification to preach is not so much what we know it's who we know amen and so the fact that we are ignorant the fact that we don't know a lot should not paralyze us it should empower us to trust in the wisdom of God in him but there's another challenge and preaching the challenge of human sinfulness is another great hindrance in preaching is that 1 May feel that they are not worthy to preach and the knowledge of our own sinfulness can many times silence our witness but this is a reality we must accept and we must learn to deal with friends because the truth is this we are a part of the sin problem that we are addressing when we witness and preach to others you see a doctor deals with the case of cancer in his patient or her patient as an outsider but the preacher is dealing with the problem of sin as a patient themself and others the office of preaching does not give us moral superiority over our hearers or listeners preaching does not give our advert to to the one standing behind the pope It seems we are part of the problem we are part of the problem that we're dealing with it witnessing and preaching and the knowledge of our own human sinfulness can cause us to be silence but I want you notice what it says here in testimonies to ministers page 4 for the Lord would have his people divested of everything unscriptural in regard to the ministry the men called to ministry should not be made idols of this should not be looked upon with superstitious reverence were to revere No man you know some churches call their pastor Reverend. So the Bible says that only God is Reverend holy and Reverend is the name that's why we don't call pastors Reverend because only God we respect others. But we revere God alone we should not look upon ministers or preachers with some kind of superstitious reverence they should not be made idols of all should bear in mind that Satan special efforts are directed against the ministry he knows that is it is but a human instrumentality possessing no grace or holiness of its own my friends the moment that you exult the preacher you put a target on that person because the devil no worse if you are admiring him just exulting a preacher an individual the devil knows that if you can cause that want to fall you get your 40 friends we're all in this together Amen I like to say that I'm just a beggar trying to share some bread we're all beggars in need of the Bread of Life Amen. I preach because God is trying to save my life somebody said like this a call to preach is a public acknowledgment that your life is so messed up that that's the only way God can save you. That's one of the reasons why God calls us to be witnesses friends and remember when we talk about preaching we're not how about just the one that's behind the pulpit but your pope is the person places in your path from day to day it's the witness that you give to others the ones so audience puts it and so a knowledge of our sinfulness and a sense of our own unworthiness can actually hinder us from doing what God calls us to do but the truth is that we are not ready to preach until we recognize that reality and others if we don't recognize our unworthiness we should never preach Isaiah. The Prophet the Gospel prophet as he's known wasn't always known as the gospel prophet Isaiah was a cultured and educated member of the royal household and by virtue of his background and experience I see I 1st felt eminently qualified for the prophet office. He is known to us as the gospel prophet but it wasn't always that way in fact if you were to read the 1st chapters of the book of Isaiah you discover friends that that Isaiah is giving rebuke after rebuke after rebuke to the people of God and when all you do is rebuke there's a tendency to fall into spiritual pride thinking that you're better than others and holier than thou are and that's what Isaiah was was actually struggling with in the 1st 5 chapters he was the rebuking prophet but then something happened in chapter 6. That changed Isaiah so dramatically that he is known today as the gospel prophet it's what happened in chapter 6 you see from Chapter 6 on the tone of his message changes because in chapter 6 he saw something that transformed him and friends whatever Isaiah saw I want to see whatever he heard I want to hear what it is' is see in chapter 6 he saw the Lord High and lifted up sitting upon the throne and he saw God sitting upon the royal throne in the holy temple he then saw holy sinless angels veiling their faces in reverence and bowing down crying Holy holy holy and when Isaiah saw God for who God really is and all of his purity righteousness and holiness It was then that Isaiah finally saw himself for who he really words he saw God for who God really is. And by contrasts he saw himself for who he really was and what was Isaiah's response he then I said whoa is me I am and. Because I'm a man of unclean lips I do well in the people of unclean lips from mine eyes have seen the king the LORD of hosts upon seeing the perfect holiness of God of how undone he was the contrast between guards or righteousness and his wretchedness was painfully distinct he saw himself as a Polish preacher but as a sinful servant you see my friends the closer we come to Jesus the more sinful we see ourselves like a mirror there's a mirror on the back wall and I see myself and from this from this distance man I look pretty good I got a nice suit on I'm up here Preacher Man I look pretty good but the closer I get to the mirror I begin to see the blemishes on my face and the defects of my life my friends the closer you come to Jesus the more sinful you see yourself and so if you feel yourself ready and worthy to speak you are not ready to speak but if you fear is of unworthy to speak even a word. That when the Lord does for us what he did for Isaac he purges our lips and our hearts with the cold from the altar of incense that fiery rock a symbol of crisis who purges our lives and our lips from self righteousness Amen and so when we purge our hearts then he is proclaim our lips and only then will we be able to say like Isaiah said Here am I Lord send me I was in need to see God 1st in order to reveal Him to others. The vision of God's purity revealed his own impurity in weakness and when I was there was saw that he was now ready to identify with broken suffering sinful humanity now he was ready to go why because he had empathy and humility for these you see friends the awareness of our weak sinful condition or to produce these 2 things humility was humility a low view of oneself that will protect us from being proud when we preach but also it should produce in us empathy empathy is the ability to understand and share in the feelings of others this will enable us to connect with our audience not as a preacher preaching from a pedestal but as a fellow traveler in the world in this seeking to head to the promised land together. But it should not produce of consciousness don't let the knowledge of your weakness and sinfulness cause you to be silent like what Henry Wright said powerful have an advantage preacher he said we do not want to pass our fears and doubts to people but our faith and hopes use the pope to announce what God has done for you not what sin has done to you even remember this reality friends they guard still uses imperfect people to preach a perfect message so don't wait to your perfect to preach if you do you would die a silent there. But then there's another potentially paralyzing factor when it comes to preaching now only the challenge of human ignorance and the challenge of human sinfulness But number 3 the challenge of human comprehension another way hindrance in preaching is that the nature of the subject matter. Is that it cannot be fully explained with human words this is a reality we must accept and learn to deal with You see God or the subject of God and the subject of truth is not like math or English the subjects of math and English that were all of the interest secrecy is can be mastered and explain it when it comes to God in truth we are dealing with a subject that is too deep into profound to be explained with human language and to be comprehended with a 3 and a half pound brain God can never be fully known to us therefore he can never be fully explained by us the Bible says that we know Him parts and we prophesied in parts Now does that mean that we can never know truth matter offered us we don't believe in relativism we believe that we can actually know truth because that's what Jesus said John 832 Jesus said You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free friends we can actually know in an absolute objective sense there is religious relativism that is infecting many churches of the world today like cancer and people as a result don't know what they believe there are no absolutes they say but friends that is a satanic deception we can know what the truth is and when we do it will make us free. The point is simply this though that the subject matter of our message cannot be mastered it can never be fully mastered and since this thing that the academic degree in seminary is a Masters of Divinity but friends we can never master divinity maybe we should change it to grasp or of divinity. Never shall we be able to reach the summit of his glory. Never shall we be able to reach the very depths of his grace the glory of God is higher than the highest mountain his marvelous Grace is deeper than the deepest ocean you see by nature God is finished. And therefore it's impossible to fit in in the infinite one in a 3 and a half pound brain but friends this reality of of the witness and limit of human comprehension should not paralyzed our preaching or witness why because here's the reason God has not called us to try to explain that which is beyond. His cause to preach that which he has revealed to us and he has revealed everything necessary for us to know that he is a God that we can trust we can love and we can serve him and we know in part therefore we prophesy and preach only in part the good news is that God has not called us to preach everything things that we don't know that is beyond us just share what God has revealed God is revealed to us that is sufficient Dromi $2929.00 reveals that reality is the secret things belong to the Lord our God those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever that we may do all the words of this law and then in 1st Corinthians 2 verse 9 and 10 write it down it says but that is as it is written I have not seen nor ear heard nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for them they love him now we usually use this verse when it talks in the context of heaven and it's true for heaven but it's the context it says but God has revealed them unto us by His Spirit for the Spirit searches all things yea the the deep things of God God is real real to us not everything that is revealed to us some beautiful things some deep things and those are the things we are focused where to focus on sharing it says here testimonies volume 5 page 73 Check this out. If there were possible for created beings to attain to a full knowledge of God and His works then having reached this point there would be there would be for them no further discovery of truth no growth in knowledge no further development of mind or heart God would no longer be supreme and man having reached the limit of knowledge and attainment would cease to advance let us thank God that it is not so God is infinite in him are all the churches of wisdom and knowledge and to all eternity men may be ever searching ever learning and yet they can never exhaust the treasures of his wisdom God intends that even in this light through shall be ever unfolding to his people there is only one way in which this knowledge can be attained we can attain to an understanding of God's word only through the illumination of that spirit by which the word was given Amen so what's the point we need to remain in tune with the Holy Spirit we need to approach the pulpit with reverence and holy all we should not major in the minors and minor in the majors let's focus and preach on that which is clear and let us see making salvation issues out of things that are not to be said. There are many people within this church coming up with some things that are making salvation issues on on things that are not salvation issues are on our friends us remember there were going to be studying throughout the ceases ages of eternity. And so let's not major in minors and minor in majors but also let's look forward to the day when the Bible says that which is perfect is come and that which is impartial be done away with and then we shall know even as we are known that's exciting. And so the limit or the the weakness of human comprehension should not hinder the preacher it should empower us to make plain the things that God has reviewed them there's a 4th challenge the weakness of human attention another challenge in preaching is that the modern mind cannot handle a talking head you see our world is so since saturated we are accustomed to sound bites and flashing lights our attention span is so short our spiritual sensibilities have become numb by the anaesthesia of worldliness the frontal lobe has been turned off switch of and desensitize the soil of human hearts has been hardened by the trampling of constant stimulation so much so that the seed of God's word seldom penetrate the hardened ground of our lives you see naturally a talking head will put you to sleep and some we are struggling with that even right now. If you feel sleepy just shake yourself. And if you see someone nodding off just go and give them a sanctified nudge. For now is a high time for us to awake out of sleep. But that's the reality friends that we face the foolishness of preaching you see the natural and the natural are talking who put us to sleep but here's the thing for us the problem is not with the message it is with our own or desensitize minds but how do we overcome this potentially paralyzing factor how do we overcome the weakness of human attention or here's how we know how we do it we don't try to overcome it by copying or competing with cheap Hollywood theatricals. We don't we need to contest is the method. Without compromising the message I call it contextualized without compromise we do we overcome the weakness of human attention by using media and music not to replace the word of God but to compliment the preaching of the word nothing can or ever should take place take the place of God's primary means of saving lost humanity the foolishness of preaching and so the preacher needs to learn how to use language in such a way to capture and captivate the mind his illustrations are to be relevant his tone must be engaging his theology must be sound in his language or to be profound You see God calls us to be Biblical but also beautiful he calls us to be right but also when some what we share are to be sound but also ought to be profound at the same time and by doing so we're grabbing and arresting and keeping and holding the attention of those people who are normally going to fall asleep from a talking hand Amen this experience is exactly what God has promise to his people now that experience. But this right here Isaiah 4115 behold God says I will make the a new sharp threshing instrument having tea and the how shall fresh the mountains and beat them small and shall make the heroes as Chad while of this promise God says he's going to make our mouth and our message sharp instrument with teeth to thrash the mountains of spiritual indifference and Laodicean lethargy God can give us the wisdom to do exactly that even in our last presentation we look at some of those things God has revealed to us some of the methods in the in the mechanisms the the way that we deliver the message creative tools of language and writing in speech we do some of those practical things. Gus if you Jeremiah Chapter 232029 he has made my he have made my word let him speak my word faithfully is not my word like as of fire said the Lord and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces and then in Luke 211415 Jesus promised us therefore certainly in your hearts not to meditate before hand what you will answer for I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist and I want to have that experience about you Charles Bradford wrote a very excellent book on preaching preaching to the Times page 22 you know what he says is begin to close if we listen to the secular communication experts and their critique of the sermon form we would give a preaching and unfortunately many churches are doing exactly that it's replace it with an hour long worship service and this is the talk they call it a talk or a short little talk $510.00 minutes maybe because the listening to the secular communication experts the stand up straight talk letter lecture approach is the worst form of communication they say but any preacher who is experienced the joy of forgiveness have expressed the joy of forgiveness and as a result the energizing Presence knows also that as he spoke in this context virtue when out of him and so friends let us ask God to give us wisdom to contextualize without compromise let us learn to use language in a way that captivates the minds of the modern man let us utilize illustrations that are relevant to our contemporary society and then like the Bible says Cast your bread upon the waters for you'll find that after many days you may not find it on that day but after many days what does that mean Cast your vote as the bread. Is the word of the waters represent more to the people just give the word and you'll find it it will not return void it will compass what it pleases maybe not that day but after many days you know God has the power to move mountains the most hardened person God can move God can move mountains but sometimes God moves mountains one turbo at a time so we got to be patient and leave the results with God Amen review we have highlighted for potentially paralyzing factors when it comes to preaching that many people will be silent because of it but we need not be hindered or afraid of it we need to recognize that God turns weakness into strength foolishness into wisdom What are these the weakness of human ignorance it demonstrates the power of divine revelation number 2 the weakness of human sinfulness demonstrates the power of divine forgiveness number 3 the witness of human comprehension demonstrates the power of divine wisdom and the weakness of human attention demonstrates the power of divine patience with us no wonder why God cause it foolishness not the preaching of foolishness but the foolishness of preaching God use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise the weak things to confound the things that are mighty God loves revealing his power through the weakness of humanity and as we close remember friends the primary reason why God had chosen this is to save not only the masses but the messenger himself on a close by reminding us of these 2 powerful scriptures Isaiah $43.00 verse 10 God says you are my witnesses says the Lord and my servant whom I have chosen that who. That you may know and believe me then understand that I am he before me there was no God for him nor shall there be after me for as God has called us to be witnesses and servants not so not just for them that here. But that we might know and believe him that we might be drawn into a closer experience of God that we might empathize with the heart of God The Heart of Jesus that we might hear a bird for souls that our hearts would break for the things that that breaks the heart of God that we might saw I and cry are for the abominations that are taking place in the world today God is trying to save us in the process when you reach out God reaches in and we are thank the Lord for that and then 1st Timothy Chapter for over 16 Bible says Take heed until I self and on to the doctrine continue in them for in doing this both saved myself and them that hear the preaching as a means is the means that God bring salvation to the masses and to the messenger the act itself doesn't save we can't ride the pope it into the promised land but the truth is this friends you can't light somebody else's path without your path being lit up at the same time and God promises in his word he that Waters shall be watered also himself I want to close with this poem I don't know who wrote it the author is unknown the hand that held it goes like this. He held the lamp of truth that day so low that no one could miss the way and yet so high and bright inside and then bring in sight that picture fair the world's great light that gazing up the lamp between the hand that held it scarce was seen he held the pitcher stooping low the lips of little ones below then raised it to the weary saint and bade him drink when sick and faint they drank the pitcher the speed tween the hand that held it scarce was seen he blew the trumpet soft and clear the trembling sinners need not fear and then with louder note and bowed to raise the walls of Satan's hold the trumpet coming the speed tween the hand that held it scarce was seen but when the captain says well done that good and faithful servant come lay down the pitcher and the lamp lay down the trumpet and leave the cap the hand that held them will vary be seen classed in those Pierce ones not between I want to have that experience about you we hold up the lamp of truth the picture of the water of life the Trumpet of the Gospel and people they see the lamp they see the picture this they see the trumpet but they don't see us the one that's holding it it's until Jesus comes the one that really held it those pierced hands are seeing my friends that's what God wants to give to each and every one of us he wants to use us to change the population of heaven to change eternal destinies and he would change ours in the process so how many want to have this experience want God to use your weakness and your foolishness turn it to shrink and power if so why do we stand together as we close in just before we pray. In our next presentation tomorrow we're going to deal with the Make me that that's not the one we're going to do with the matter of the message we look at 8 features that every sermon every study ought to be measured by every single sermon in order for it to be complete balanced and powerful must have these features as I hope that your message is going to be awesome Bates I'm all for it and the Lord will show you where you need to be if you need to be back here another 7 are the holy spirit leave but let us pray as we close thank you so much. For your great love and mercy thank you that you chose the foolishness of preaching now only to save the masses but to save us and that even though we are limited by our own ignorance our own sinfulness our own comprehension and all attention that you still can use the Lord we pray that you please fellas make us preachers not a profession but a possession and I pray Father you give us that holy boat. To speak for you to shine for you in this dark and cold world. Thank you Lord for inspiring us thank you for blessing us the rest of this day is a nice name we pray. This message is recorded at the. Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based. Christians. To download other resources like this visit us online.


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