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6. Tools of Creative Language and Speech

Taj Pacleb


Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries



  • December 31, 2018
    3:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C T B S in Houston Texas or other resources like this is a test online and she wants the web. Well for those who are here for the 1st time I want to just repeat once again what I shared before our seminars called The Art of in time preaching and we only had 6 opportunities to give 6 of the presentations but it's it's actually a longer series. Unfortunately we have not yet recorded it in the next few months we were recorded on video and it was it will be on our Web site Art of preaching seminar dot com Art of preaching seminar dot com And so. Right now we have the audio version as well as the notes on there that you can get but the video version will come out pretty soon and. We look forward to that. This seminar is actually not going to be on audio verse. No one was here to record and we actually didn't want them to record because we're doing the short version and want everyone to have the long versions of the complete version which is which is going to come up pretty soon and so keep that in mind but if if you're interested in keeping in touch with us our ministry is revelation of all ministries and here's all the ways you can get a hold of some of our evangelistic resources we do have a booth downstairs you're welcome to visit us tonight relational Ministries dot com is our main Web site we also have a website called revelation of Hope School dot com where you can watch for free the entire seminar all 35 presentations in a sea country away there's quizzes there's handouts you can download and it's a good way to share the entire 3 angels messages with friends and family members and it's a seminar that answers every major question that people have for the Bible very very thorough and most importantly it's Christ centered. And then we have our photography ministry because we believe that new creation we become acquainted with the Creator. So you can check out some of that at our website Taj imagery dot com and then we have of course various social media check out our You Tube channel where our costly putting out some new material that will encourage you in your face and give you an opportunity to share the gospel with friends and family members and so we love to hear from you if you like to keep in touch I wish I had the time to talk to each one of you and get to know you personally but thank God we have all of eternity we can look forward to together even Amen but you're welcome to visit us in Hawaii any time you come we'll go so much sharks together. Our last presentation somebody said no who says yes all right there's the adventurous ones you never know Cage is right remember the where the pastor said the other day young people were created by God to live dangerously are a lot of to say about that we don't have the time our final presentation the mechanisms of the method we did talk practically about the delivery of the message really covered the strong solid foundation of the theology of preaching the definition of preaching the purpose of preaching the problems of preaching the power in preaching now we talk about the delivery how to say it in such a way that will capture people's minds convict their hearts and convert their sones and so I hope you brought. Hope you brought a mind that is ready to soak up like a sponge all these beautiful principles are you ready. Or we're not ready quite yet until we pray and so please by heads with me as refrain thank you so much Lord for your love in your mercy. And Lord it's been a long day my voice is weak in my mind is a little bit slow and I just pray that you help me there you give me clarity of thought and speech as we share this final 4th presentation I pray that we would get excited about the things you've given to us principles that helps us to be more effective so we pray Lord that you'd make our mouths in our lives a sharp instrument in your hand to reap the harvest severe in Christ and we pray Amen we're going to look we're already discovered in what we are to save the content we made it plain that every message ought to be measured by at least 8 features you remember them for those 3 here what kind of foundation number one Look Foundation number 2 what kind of focus Christ focus Number 3 the framework is our profit framework number 4 it has to have a what kind of function practical function number 5 it must have a logical flow number 6 the friction of conviction number 7 a strong finish and number 8 spirit feel it's the all start with the letter F. and so that was the content and now we want to talk about delivery this is important why evangelism 160 says that the mariner in which the truth is presented often has much to do in deep Turman in whether it will be accepted or rejected you see friends it's important for us to remember that it's not just about what we say. But how we say it when we say it and why we say it you see consider with me that many people will not accept what we are saying not necessarily because they disagree with what we're saying but rather because we're saying it in a way that's not when some attractive or appealing you see friends I believe that we as I mentioned before need to be bribed and beautiful we need to be right and women so what we preach ought to be sound and it ought to be profound as well the content and the container is important Jesus was the master of this notice the Messianic prophecy concerning how Jesus spoke words as if the verse 4 is talking about price and he says the Lord God have given me the tongue of the learned that what to say you're content that I should know what help me this evening I should know what how that's the method how to speak a word when. In season that deals with the timing and so there are 3 things that make up a powerful messages on target it's not just the content but the method and the timing what to say how to say it and when to say friends many people they know what to say they're seen at the wrong way or they're saying at the wrong time they start with the mark of the beast when they need to start with the authority of the Bible then there are others who know how to say things the right way but they're saying the wrong thing God wants to teach us by a spirit for is not only to know what to say but how to say it and went to see it and what is the condition for us to experience the reality of this promise the rest of the verses. To speak a word in season to him that is weary he wakens me what morning by morning he wakens my ear to hear as the learned before we can know what to say how to say they want to say it we've got to listen we got to listen and mean to with God we've got to listen to be in tune with people and their needs and God will give us that sanctified wisdom to make to present a message that's on target and on point that was the experience of Jesus it can be the experience of ours as well him and that's what workers page 91 says the more closely a man walks with God the more full list will be his manner of address his department his attitude and here is even his gestures. Are God is a God of order. The 7 says no man should regard him as qualified to enter into the ministry until by perseverance effort he has overcome every defect in his utterance if he attempts to speak to people without knowing how to use the talent of speech how his influence is loss for he has little power to hold the attention of a congregation whatever his calling every person should learn to control the voice not just for the speakers speaking behind the pope it's also for the speakers speaking at the grocery stand or the grocery line or wherever you are in your day to day life it says if we don't overcome defective speech we lose half your information or that means that means you can double your influence by learning to speak the right way. I'm the one W. influence and so that's why we say we read here in gas workers 86 students who expect to become workers in the Cause of God should be trained to speak in a clear shriek forward manner or else they will be sure of half their influence for good the ability to speak plainly and clearly in 4 round tones is invaluable in any line of work this qualification is what is that word in this band suborn those who desire to become ministers evangelists Bible workers or canvassers the truth must not be marred by being communicated through defective utterance That's amazing the truth that's hard and holy elevated can actually be marred by not seeing it the right way and so in a way has a lot to say about this obviously God sees that this is very important not just the content but also the container you see we live in a post modern media saturated society our world today is accustomed to soundbites and flashing lights and the tension span is so short and so we need to learn to counteract that not by copying the customs of Hollywood and and the theatricals of the world and emotionalism the way in which we counteract that is by using our voice by the tools of creative speech writing language and visual communication people are desensitized in our world today. So to counter the attack God was the teachers to use language in a compelling captivating way to secure the ear of the one we're trying to reach and so to that end in this presentation we're going to look at the mechanisms in the method we'll look at the tools of language the tools of speech and then number 3 the tools of visual communication let me read just a few more statements councils to teachers to 16 he who knows how to use the English language fluently and correctly can exert a for greater influence than one who is able to express his thoughts readily and clearly you see a sermon or a Bible study or whatever witness. That you give the purpose of it is to help people to see the unseen God. And the means of helping people to see he who is invisible the means by doing that is words because God wants us to live by faith not by sight right walk by faith not by sight and faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God So the way that we help people to see God is by the means of words with our words were helping people see the invisible one they say that are pictures worth a 1000 words words paint pictures. Now if you look at the word earth. God created the earth right the earth is the Lord in the fullness there on the earth that God created in its original perfection was a revelation of the beauty of who God is God said when he created it is good why because God is good. But if you look at the word earth what word is in the word earth you take out the e and THE AGE AND YOU HAVE OUR it's that's why I call it the art of in time preaching because with our words we are we are painting the picture of the unseen God upon the canvas of people's minds. It's really an art friends or is the expression of a person's skill and and creativity and that's what the earth is but friends how did God create the earth he created by he is in were its And so God created us in His image and so we're doing the same thing when we witness to others and so as an art is in order to paint a beautiful picture the artist needs to be familiar with different tools write words paint pictures they're different colors and different strokes and different brushes that do different things contrast and saturation and vibrancy and temperature highlights and shadows if a picture is worth a 1000 words then it must make a must take a 1000 words to paint a beautiful an accurate picture so they let us use the art of language that we might paint the right picture that we may not only be right but when some and beautiful and so we're going to go back to high school English class for just a few moments I hope you don't mind that and talk about the tools of language vocabulary and grammar. We must consciously work at increasing the accuracy and variety of our vocabulary by using the dictionary and the thesaurus Now one of the one of the differences between the Dictionary and Thesaurus the dictionary gives you the accuracy in using words you find the definition of words make sure you're using words right it's but I love the thesaurus this Laureus gives you a variety of seeing the same thing in different ways to reach different mindsets it gives you the synonyms of words dictionary gives you the definition the thesaurus gives you synonyms of a right of way to say the same thing in the in different ways to appeal to different minds and so when you extend your vocabulary. You are able to say more with less how by using more potent were it makes the message more potent powerful clear concise and compelling in soap vocabulary words should increase filler words should decrease that's the basic thing with vocabulary What about grammar we must make sure that we use correct sentence structures what are the different types of words and their functions there are now owns that name right person place or thing those are now US pronouns that personalize the mountains he she they we us then they are conjunctions the connect and alter the pace of what you're saying then there are verbs that act action words like seek Love Cleanse But then there are adverbs what is an adverb an adverb clarifies the intensity of the verb you're adding to the verb it's an adverb and so an example Garda seeks seek is the verb but here's the adverb we add really listening how does God seek relief Leslie it gives more color to the picture you're seeking to paint God loves us extravagantly extravagantly as the adverb that adds to the verb of love God cleanses us from sin thoroughly That's the verb and then you have adjectives that describe he gazed into the pensive face of Jesus pensive is the adjective describing you helping people to see the face of Jesus was to look like it's pensive the cold rusty nails pierce the hands of the lower you want people to see and even feel the nails so you give that adjective. But verbs can also be adjectives. Like the majestic mountains the peaceful river the swaying forests the dancing flowers the clapping waterfalls it's important for us to understand the different words the different uses of language that we can use them correctly and so the things that I found very helpful to focus on are adverbs and adjectives those are the those are the parts of language that really add intensity to the picture you're painting with your word. Now there are other creative tools of language that God has given for us to utilize and we see this over and over again in the Bible in this sort of prophecy so I want to share some of them with you one that I really like is a little. What is a liberation alliteration is the repetition of the same letter or sound at the beginning of words occurring relatively close together a little ration before we get into this or before we move on let me just remind us that we're looking at these things in light of everything we've already said in previous presentations. The main thing that we covered was the previous in the piece previous presentations is the content is the most the object that we're trying to magnify these are simply additional things we can do to grab the attention so literally glimpses of grace pictures of peace today as we look into the Bible we're going to see sightings of salvation describing Jesus the King of kindness the man of mercy the Prince of Peace the Lord of Love The God of grace that's a liberation now you can see those things just straight up but when you use a liberation doesn't it just grab your attention helps you remember as well the darkness of the devil's the substance in the last days the D. the D. the D. emphasize over and over again. God's ability is our of the ability now we can just see that when you make yourself available to God He will give you power to say like that. Sounds a bit nicer and it's limit easier to remember when you say God's abilities are availability just a creative 2 of language if you want to grow you got to go so people know. Then there's another tool of language as you're writing your sermon and this is where you write when writing a manuscript you can become creative like this a word called paranormal. Paranoia major is basically setting in close proximity to each other words that are similar in sound and using words with do means parent a major it's a play on words the Bible uses this here's an example below for example it is E.Q. Chapter 9 it talks about those who receive God's mark in their foreheads that will endure the desolation and the Bible says that those who receive the Mark of God are those who saw I. Cry That's paranoia. Words that sound similar you can call it rhyming but I prefer the word paranoid delusion. You heard me say information without application results in condemnation now you can say the more you know the more God holds you accountable to and if you don't follow it the more that information will condemn you in the judgement but that is a lot of words to use I can see that more simply by saying information without application results in condemnation because To whom much is given much is required Aspern I'm asian the power of the tower. The message of the master the belly of the beast. That's an example a parent may have of this demonstration must come before proclamation in order for there to be transformation and illumination in preparation for glorification at the consummation of the controversy. We cannot lose when Jesus we choose we've got no reason to hide when Jesus says that our side we know we need not fear when Jesus is near him that's paranoia major you can see those things differently but people tend to remember it more when you utilize this creative 2 of language and then you have another tool personification. Personification is basically projecting human life into obstructions speaking of things as persons or attributing intelligence to inanimate objects or abstract ideas that's the creative 2 of personification the Bible has this over and over again friends this is not just some some fancy. You know rhetoric it's actually biblical Here's personification the Bible mercy and truth is what does that mean in order for you to kiss you have to have lips right that's a human that's a human characteristics but you're adding a human projecting human life into something that's not human that's personification and mercy and justice kissing that simply means that God's mercy God's justice are not in disagreement they're one they are in agreement with each other another example does not wisdom cry out the book of proverbs say says and understanding lift the per voice. You have to have a mouth in order to have a voice but personification is applying understanding is one that's crying out longing to be heard by others. Jesus looked upon the angry store and the raging waves and he cried out Peri's be stale one of my favorites is this one little desire which is Page $689.00 this is personification at its best Ellen White is actually describing the sufferings of price from the perspective of the trees in the garden again the Son of God was seized with superhuman agony and fainting and exhausted he staggered back to the place of his former struggle his suffering was even greater than before the cypress and palm trees where the silent witnesses of his anguish and from their leafy branches dropped heavy dew upon a stricken form as if made sure where over its author wrestling alone with the powers of darkness amazing of a sight was recently been on him and no one was crying for him in out of it nature was as it were weeping over the creator as personification it paints the picture more clearly in the minds of people and then there is another to create of 2 of language and a 4 and a 4 is basically the repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses in the sentence and so here's an example soon very soon. We're going to see the skies split open soon and very soon that trumpet will bless soon and very soon graves are going to burst open soon and very soon we're going to see our loved ones again soon and very soon we're going to receive a brand new body soon and very soon friends we will see the beautiful face of Jesus soon and very soon Jesus is coming again and for what was I repeating soon and very soon just a creative 2 of language then there is the metaphor of a lot of examples of love to give but we continue on because our time is running out the metaphor is a figure of speech where a word or phrase depicting one object is attributed action that would fit another. As the metaphor so an example of this drowning in discouragement and despair What do you drown in water are you depicting discouragement and despair as water that suffocate your life as the metaphor pierced with air rules of conviction pounded by waves of pain it helps you to feel the pain especially if you're a surfer and impounded by Wayne saturated with sorrow and sadness there's a little ration and the metaphor put together you can take these tools and put them together just like a rat. Wrapped up in the deadly embrace of a snake was me held by the addictions of my life can you see it can you see the helplessness of the rat a reflection of the helplessness of humanity without Jesus as water to the thirsty so is Jesus to the tee. As light is to the night so is Christ is to my life that's the metaphor friends use it and there's then there's this other 2 of that I really like contrast contrast is basically calling people's attention or highlighting noticeable differences between 2 things so here's an example Jesus was for a 2nd where we might be forgiven he was rejected that we might be accepted Christ was cut off that we might be reconciled to God He wore the crown of thorns that we might wear the crown of life he walked the way of suffering that we might walk on streets of go he was nailed to the cross so that we can sit upon his throne of glory that's contrast to things that are distinct and separate seeing them close together the light of glory penetrate the darkness of the green the darker the night the brighter the light it's the contrast and so you can start to put these tools together become very creative Here's an example of a liberation paranoia measure and of horror and contrast all together are you ready to talk about the Justice and Mercy of God having a sermon that I have a sermon that helps people to see that those 2 things are together and so as I explained I say that the Justice and Mercy of God It's board but it's not code it's allowed but it's not proud it's srong but it's not wrong it's meat but not weak it's attractive but not really active it's it's convenient convicting but not afflicting comforting but not compromising it is right but it does not slide it's humble but it will not crumble it's loud in the mouth and meat in the feet it's the bold roar of the Lion and the humble walk of the air that's contrasts a liberation Purnell measure and of all put together and so I want to encourage you folks be creative even you're an artist. And with your spoken word you're helping people see the unseen God you're grabbing their attention and you're helping them to remember the points that you're seeking to make a like what Charles Spurgeon that famous preacher said he said matter is not everything of course remember what we're studying right now keep it in the context of everything we just presented the last 5 presentations matters not everything the content is the most important in the spirit that we have when we say it is the most important however is says if you gather good material it's a pity to convey it mainly Then he says Roy a true should ride in a chariot of go. So it's not just the content but the container as well Here's what sort of prophecy says concerning councils to teachers to 16 says one of the most essential qualifications of a teacher is the ability to speak and read this thing and forcibly He who knows how to use the English language fluently and correctly can exert a greater far greater influence than one who was unable to express his thought readily and clearly voice culture should be taught in the reading class and in other classes the teacher should insists that the students speak distinctly and use words which express their thoughts clearly and forcibly students should be taught to use their abdominal muscles in breathing and speaking thus this will make the tones more work for and clear so remember friends is not just what you say but how you seen it is this is not just a bunch of empty fancy reading rhetoric friends this is the equipment the tools that God has given to us to say for more with less words the art of communicating in such a way that our message becomes practical tangible memorable and wonderful. And so once we've written it using these tools now we gotta say it how do we see it Christian leadership page $73.00 says The Lord calls for Minute men men who will be prepared to speak words in season and out of season that will arrests the attention and convict the hearts evangelism 174 however great a man's knowledge it is of no avail unless he is able to communicate it to others. Let the path of your voice its deep feeling make its impression on heart's urge your students to surrender themselves to God So again not just what you say but how you say it we've been told by psychologists that communication is far more than the words we speak in fact they say that 55 percent of communication is body language they also say that 38 percent is the tone of your voice and actually only 7 percent of the words that we speak so yes the words we speak are important but let's not make neglect the entire nation as well as body language effective communication is far more than how we form or how we say in certain situations than what we're actually saying and so now let's take a look at some creative tools of speech we looked at creative tools of writing and language now creative tools of speech we have the 2 of inflection and internation What is this was inflection and internation by the way this part of speech influences the feelings behind the words we're speak so inflection and intonation is the raising and the lowering of the voice in such a way to draw attention to the thought content particularly the connotation and the emotion that words are trying to portray. The emotion of the information must match the message of the words they were actually saying does that make sense it helps you to feel what's being sent away talks about it thus workers 89 when you speak let every word before and well rounded every sentence clear and distinct to the very last word many as they approach the end of a sentence lower the tone of their voice speaking so indistinctly that the force of the thought is this strong words that are worth speaking at all are worth speaking in a clear distinct voice with emphasis and expression It's amazing isn't it sometimes we think to ourselves all we have to do is just give the message is good enough but friends the Spirit of God has shown us so many other things that helps us to be more effective it says in the book counsels to teachers page to 17 the more exploration we can put into the words of truth the more what effective the words will be on those who hear and that my friends is internation and inflection Here's a few others before we break this down practically events from 68 says the voice should be cultivated so as to promote its musical quality and friends if you Good music doesn't have the same note write a song that has the same note always through is not really music. Music is not monotonous and forcing many sermons are those. And so we should cultivate the voice to have a musical quality that it made for personally upon the ear and impress the heart it's again friends this is not just a bunch of empty fancy rhetoric. It is basically injecting the feeling and emotion that are already in inherent in the words that we speak and friends there are 4 things that influence intimation and inflection for things how many maybe more surely not less inflection and intonation is changed and influenced by pitch pace volume and tone What is the pitch pitch is the raising and the lowering of the voice raising glory What is that communicate when you do that climax tension in the words you speak the pace is the speed of your speech so if you if you talk fast it communicates without you actually saying it it communicates a sense of urgency if you talk a little bit slower it communicates solemnity. That's the piece then you have the volume which is the loudness or the softness of the sound that also influence the intensity or the solemnity of what you're saying then the tone of your voice the tone is basically the sound emotion of your words it's the feeling so how does this look like practically For example if we talk about the 2nd Coming of Christ what kind of event is that what kind of feelings are you get when you talk about the same coming it's exciting right it's also solemn but it's exciting it's the climax and so when I talk about the same kind of crisis I probs make my voice a little louder. As speak a little faster and talk about the the 2nd coming of Christ with a Bible says that every eye will see him and every ear will hear Him And Jesus comes with all the angels of heaven and he gives that trumpet a blessing he speaks those grades are going to wake up and they are not burst open from the 2 men going to resurrect to see Jesus in the air and we who are alive remain living in the last days will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord I can't wait for that they haven't you but then if we talk about actually seeing Jesus in Heaven the solemn experience of looking into the face of your Creator has you looked into the pensive beautiful face of Jesus he looks into your eyes and he places the golden crown on your brow. And he says to you well done. That faithful servant. Now well said Well done. Good and faithful servant or don't you want to look into the face of your Creator Don't you want to hear those words Jesus was speaking to you as you continue to trust in Him Amen so I get a bit slower I soften my voice it's a more solemn experience that inflection and intonation Jesus was a master of this thread's Jesus did this let's follow his example desire of ages 254 says his tender compassion fell with a touch of healing upon weary and troubled hearts even amid the turbulence of angry enemies he was surrounded with an atmosphere of peace the beauty of his continents the loveliness of his character above all the love expressed how in look and tone drew to him all who are not hard in in unbeliever. He was expressing love even in the nation of his voice and the look upon his countenance I want to be like Jesus how about you remember. Another 2 of language is emancipation enunciation is more is different from pronunciation pronunciation is saying words correctly as far as enunciate let me just read enunciation is the inflect or stress on the continents the syllables of words to give the word more power clarity and emphasis so you not only want to pronounce words correctly you want to enunciate it correctly enunciating every syllable with power clarity in and what this does it gives emphasis in what you're saying you're able to emphasize your point just by how you say it and in the book evangelism it says this 175 by earnest prayer and diligent effort we are to obtain a fitness for speaking this fitness includes uttering every What syllable clearly placing the force and emphasis where it belongs I think that's talk about don't you saying the syllables the consonants clearly. And when you do that you're able to emphasize your point without saying more words and then it says here in council teachers let everyone connected with missionary work qualified himself to speak in a clear attractive way how enunciating his words perfectly one more testimonies 16383 when you speak let every word before and well rounded every sentence clear and distinct to the very last word so what an incision does is this friends in the N.C.A.A. shin it breaks up the monotony of speech and it provides a way to emphasize important points and highlight critical features of your content without using more words to do it so make sure you Nancy. And then there's another 2 of speech which we call the PAUL Yes This allows the speaker time for audience participation and reflection it's pausing to take take a moment to let a statement sink into the minds of the here is thus bringing conviction to their hearts pausing as you preach creates silence there grabs the attention of the people who are not really listening so you're speaking and someone just hearing words and all of a sudden all of a sudden as you're speaking a speech obviously you start speaking and people are not listening like what happened. That's the polls. But more than that more than just grabbing attention of those who are listening is giving people some time give the Holy Spirit some time to let a statement he said sink in. Especially after a punch line or a very potent point you want to pause so I had an experience in in Lebanon I was preaching and there was a there's a young lady there was a Muslim can from a Muslim country and I made it a vengeance to appear for people to come accepting Jesus and baptism and many people came for but that young lady was struggling I could tell she was sitting in the back and she she wouldn't move until the last ending of my pillow I saw our stand up and she ran to the front making the decision for Jesus now you have to understand friends that her decision for price was more than a decision for crowds for making that decision it was also a decision to die because if her family finds out they would kill her that decision for Jesus was like a decision of oppression laying down her life never seeing her family again and it was amazing to think that that young lady would not allow even to stand between her and Jesus and my question to you is this friends what are you allowing to stand between you and Jesus pause let that. Sink in that time of silence the Holy Spirit works to drive it into the hearts of people and human. Workers $168.00 says there is a danger of passing too rapidly from point to point speak slowly many speak rapidly turning one word after another so fast that the effect of what they say is loss was the implication in that cause. Events from 67 then Christ was presented before me and his manner of talking and there was a sweet melody in his voice his voice in a slow call manner reach those who listen and his words penetrate their hearts and they were able to catch on to what he said before the next sentence was spoken was the implication that he was posing they knew what he was going to say before he even said it and then notice a lot of what was she says here it continues saying quote something some seem to think that they must race right straight along or else they will lose the inspiration and the people will lose the inspiration if that is inspiration let them lose it and the sooner the better. I like them so pause Oh man I wish we had more time our time is actually what time was finish 45. $45.00 all we got 15 minutes praise the Lord enthusiasm is another tool of speech I was pausing too much as. The word enthusiasm we know what a doozy asm is but if you look at this the root word of the word enthusiasm comes from the Greek word enforce which means inspired by God God re another is true enthusiasm cannot be man manufactured in and of ourselves in must come from the inspiration of God Amen. In the book education 233 there's an interesting quote talking about the power of enthusiasm Here's what it says an important element in educational work is enthusiasm on this point there's a useful suggestion in a remark made by a celebrated actor so Ellen White is about to quote what an actor said why actors in a play affect their audience so powerfully by speaking of things imaginary one ministers of the Gospel often effect there is so little by speaking of things real. So the question is asked Why do you say stuff that's not the that's imaginary and that you're able to think your audience so well and we're strong about things that are real and people are listening what's the problem here's what the actor said the reason is plain allies in the power of enthusiasm we on the stage the actor said speak of things imaginary as if they were real and you in the pulpit speak of things real as if they were imaginary. The teacher in his work is cawed a C.V. in his work is dealing with things real and he should speak of them with all the force and enthusiasm or where a knowledge of their reality and importance can inspire So we're not faking it friends when are trying to be enthusiastic we are naturally enthusiastic how by the knowledge of the reality and the importance of the message that we bear it's inspired by God friends we're a recent prince of the Gospel and what is the word gospel mean doesn't mean bad news or scary news or doom and gloom it means good news and friends news by its very nature is to be communicated and if the news is good it ought to be communicated with holy joy and enthusiasm and 0 and with the power of God. We must remember these tools use them use them where I encourage you to go to the book evangelism that she has a whole section talking about how we say words I extracted some of the the the quotations are really appreciated but you look it up man there's so much she says about it but we must remember that only a small percentage of communication is speech visual communication is also vital to keep the attention of the people so what can we do. To communicate visually is it OK to use visual aids of course is the gospel workers $355.00 by the use of charts. Symbols and representations of various kinds the minister can make the truth stand out clearly and distinctly This is a help and in harmony with the Word of God Some people are so you know stuck in ways and they're against you know slides and against visualization they say just speak from the word and phrase yes we can speak for the word of course but nothing wrong with using things to help people see what you're trying to say images are innocent as long as we do not reveal year or worship then the 2nd commandment isn't against the making of images but rather the making and worshipping of those images or referencing those images you look at the sanctuary it was a visual aid friends and in the sanctuary there were pictures of angels on the veil or not only that but as the Ark of the covenant there was a golden image of angels right there at the throne of God So friend nothing wrong with images as long as they're not used to revere or worship the whole system of the sanctuary was a visual aid to teach man about the plan of salvation God even employed the symbol of the serpent to illustrate himself remember that make a brand servant put a put on the pole it was a symbol of Jesus will be lifted up on the cross and all those who look at him will be saved from the poisonous bites of the devil Jesus didn't use parables to illustrate God the soul were the shepherd the serpent This my friends is how you can text your lies without compromise that people can take this to the extreme So yes we need to contextualize but not compromise some people are contextualising by compromise we can touch allies without compromise and so here are some tidbits on visual aids number one of void the cheesy the cheap and the frivolous. Of void low resolution pictures in your slides that's a terrible thing when you lose a low resolution pitch or avoid clutter and disorder you know there's some people who have these slides that are so old and they look like cartoons and and then there are some people who have slides where it's just full of words and you can barely see them avoid them number 4 leave some space less is more where you want to have some you want to have what is this card the size the the safety the space on the side so that the margin right you want to leave some space very important less is more what else some practical tidbits use simple fonts that can be easily read that don't get so crazy with the phones and it's best not to have more than 2 fronts on one screen Simple is better every 6 utilize visuals that are sharp clear and clean number 7 Keep the principle of modesty in mind those are just some practical tidbits on the use of visual aids right the message we bear is high holy and elevated in nature therefore what we used to Illustrated ought to be excellent Amen and ought to be the very best professional and moderns. Now there's another way that we can communicate visually talks about that's the way we dress says here our words our actions our department our dress everything should preach now only with our words should we speak to the people but everything pertaining to our person should be a servant to them that right impressions may be made upon them. The very dress will be a recommendation of the truth to unbelievers it will be a sermon in itself a minister who is negligent in his of apparel often wounds those of good taste and refined sensibilities those who are faulty in this respect should correct their errors and be more circumspect the loss of some solos at last will be traced to the ON THIS of the minister Wow that's amazing the 1st of the 1st appearance affected the people unfavorably because they could not in any way link his appearance with the truth that he presented his dress was against him ministers sometimes stand in the dust with their hair in disorder looking as if it had not had been untouched by a comb or brush for a week. You know she said that. Is. Like the grace of God is dishonored when those who engage in a service sacred service are sold neglectful of their appearance. So we need to dress in such a way now there's no you know I'm not to tell you what to wear but here's the principles we don't live by our lives by rules that's what fair says do we live our lives by principles principle sometimes are applied differently according to the context but here are the principles we must dress in such a way where we are communicating professionalism respect modesty and importance in whatever culture we are speaking in each culture is different however for most cultures around the world the suit is the standard of professionalism modesty and importance but let me tell you friends when you go to Hawaii you were the aloha shirt that's the equivalent to a suit in Hawaii. In the Philippines I wear the beautiful Filipino barong made of the pineapple implant fibers That's the suit in the Philippines that's the best thing that communicates professionalism respect and modesty in Indonesia I wear the bold but take with the creative colorful patterns in the shirt that's what I do when I go to Indonesia in the kingdom of tongues or I wear the 10 new raft with the Royal Tel Vala that's what I wear when I preach in Tonga. You've got to be secure in Jesus to wear that. But that's not the king's where you know Tong is the only true kingdom in the South Pacific and that's what the road to wear so I want to dress the very best in Fiji it's the soon similar to the 2 Penn who is the Sue new with the suit top and sandals a lot more comfortable than shoes that's how you dress in Fiji and some more it's that if I come in the in the African plains of Messiah land I want to dress like the messiah warriors with a beautiful. Illustrating the righteousness of Christ's but by a campsite by by the campfire in Norway casual uncomfortable week of prayer and use University casual informal but then when I was in Bermuda and if you hear from Bermuda I know there's some Bermudians here. G Y C They're not here this but you know what the most the best dress in Bermuda is the Bermuda shorts they're made of linen and they say that the best one is the pink one. And so in Bermuda. That's what they do friends. They get the Navy socks the Navy sarcastic go right below the knee and the shorts right above the knee. And friends when I went there the president Bermuda that's what he was wearing. I didn't have the courage to wear that every night instead of the last night of. My friends. Here's the here's the basic point of void over dressing so as to be so high that people can't relate and avoid an injured under dressing says to be so low that people are not going to take you seriously. Remember the principles is professionalism respect modesty and importance and that sometimes looks different in different cultures so don't be a fair see unprescribed one we have dress all of the world ask the Lord for wisdom according to the biblical principles he's given to us amen here's another thing we can do to communicate visually the way we pray is according to the light that has been given me it would be pleasing to God for ministers to bow down as soon as they step into the Pope and silently ask God ask help from God What impression without make there would be a solemnity and all upon the people continues the ministers communing communing with God he's committing himself to God before he dares to stand before the people so let the to rest upon the people and angels of God are brought very near minister should look to God The 1st thing as they come into the depths thus saying to all God is the source of my strength Amen. Now I don't believe that. Kneeling is an absolute mandate that must be followed every single time the basic principle is this we must maintain a posture of humility and reverence as we stand before the people will be well for us to heed the words of God to Moses take off your shoes the place you stand is holy ground then there we communicate through body language I have lost say about body language except these tidbits tidbits of body language your gestures should be natural Don't try to act right when you make a motion it should come naturally I contact should be consistent to make eye contact consistently with your people number 3 your posture should be proper your poise should be profound your movements must have a purpose others don't walk back and forth on the stage like a lion in a cage. You have to have a purpose in your movements number 6 remember that acting belongs in Hollywood not in the church. And then one last thing before we close the best communication is to when right preaching should not be monologue it ought to be dialogue between the parishioner in the pew and the preacher behind the pulpit why because the expression deepens impression and so we need to learn to engage the people that we are communicating with and invite them to join us in the sermon by saying amen and agreeing with what we're saying and expressing the conviction of their hearts it says here in testimonies volume 5 page 318 the Lord would have his ministers who preach the word energized by His Holy Spirit and the people who here should not sit in drowsy indifference or stare vacantly about making no responses to what is said Amen. These dull careless professed Christians are not destitute of ambition and zeal winning gaijin worldly business but things of eternal importance do not move them deeply the spirit of the world has paralyzed them there should be wide awake active churches to encourage and uphold the minister of Christ and to aid them in the work of saving souls where the Church of God is walking in the light there will be ever be chair for hearty what responses and words of joyful praise some churches are better at this than others but this is referring to audience participation in the Congo commendation participating in so how as a speaker do you involve the audience will hear some things you can do especially for a quiet crowd number one ask questions and pause for them to give the answer that makes sense does it make sense alright. You can invite people who are you know some cultures are naturally quiet but you can invite them to read the text with you if you have it on the screen it helpful Let's read this together shall we and we all read together or you can start a verse and invite people to finish the verse with you out loud the Bible says in John $316.00 For God so loved the world let's finish it together shall we that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes that Him should not perish but shall have everlasting life inviting them to finish the text with you number 4 suggest for people to say amen amen. But don't constantly do it over and over again. You can do that every now and then but don't consciously do it over and over again because people see it naturally from their hearts but nothing wrong with suggesting them to say amen because the word Amen simply means I agree I affirm Yes I want that in my life Amen Don't you want in your life. Number 5 asked the congregation for help. You're preaching your heart out but you're not sure if if the seat is falling in good so you're not sure if they're getting it in so you just have to ask them Are you with me if they don't say anything say are you with me yes or no are you with me yes or no. They don't work that time. So give them options of how to respond if they're not responding then Number 6 you're speaking and every now and then if you're not sure if the audience is with you every now and then pause and just and just look Paul's and give the thoughtful look and they'll know that they're there grab their attention right number 7 make many appeals throughout the sermon you have the big appeal at the end the big decision but throughout the message you're doing many altar calls after your 1st point you're you're recapping that 1st point and you're saying don't you I want more of this in my life how about you how many of you agree that this is something we need and you do that throughout the message and and they're accustomed to saying yes and yes and yes to the many altar calls and then by the time the big one comes at the end because they're accustomed to saying yes they're ready to say yes at the end as well Number 8 engage people in all locations of the church don't just talk to the people in the front row talk to the peak the choir behind you in the people in the balcony and engage people in every area of the church these my friends are tools of language speech and visual communication God is gifted them to us for our success so I urge you friends to learn them and use them and use them well but remember in the light of remember all these things a lot of this closing quotation from the book bible commentary and what rights it is not the ready speak or the sharp intellect that comes with God. It is the earnest purpose the deep piety the love of truth the fear of God that has the telling influence a testimony from the Aware heart coming from lips in which is no guile full of faith and humble trust though all given by a stammering tongue is a counted of God as precious as God. So don't be discouraged if you can't do all of the if you don't if you know how to use these tools as long as you have the heart that's right with God and you're speaking sincerely from that experience even though you may not sound right or you may use wrong words in the languages is is uncomely God looks at that he sees the heart he counts it as go to the eloquent oratory of the one to whom is interested in large talents but was wanting in truthfulness and steadfast purpose in purity and useful in unselfishness are as a sounding brass and a symbol he may say would be things he may relate amusing and anecdotes he may play upon the feelings but the spirit of Jesus is not in it all these things may please unsent of our hearts but God holds in his hand it's the balances that way the words the spirit the sincerity the devotion and he pronounces it altogether lighter than vanity and so it's important for us to know these tools but it's most important for us to remember is the condition of our hearts as more important than the words that are spoken. And so our goal are our desires to have the experience of pour and my speech in preaching was not within Thyssen words of man's wisdom but in demonstration of spirit and power how many want that experience one last thing before we close in the Bible we find a compliment that I believe is the greatest compliment that can ever be said of a speaker or a preacher. It was a compliment given to John the Baptist where the Bible says this concerning John and I pray that these words that were spoken of John may be said of us as well here's the greatest compliment someone can ever give you after you speak and the 2 disciples heard him speak and they follow Jesus let it be said of you when they heard you speak they didn't follow you they follow Jesus that's the greatest compliment when they heard a speak they follow Jesus. I hope this is helpful there's lots more we can say once again we encourage you to study this for yourself internalize it assimilated into your ministry and you will double your influence and by God's grace we can increase the population of heaven. Thank you so much for coming we're going to close with prayer on it while we bar heads as we pray thank you so much dear God for giving us not only the content of what to say before giving us the principles of how to see things in such a way that our rest the attention convince the mind convict the heart and convert the light but I pray that you would do that for us for us that we would experience a thorough conversion that we would know you so that we might make you known to others Lord we thank you so much for your god that understands we have people in our lives that we love that were we can imagine heaven without it and sometimes we should no matter what we say they don't listen and our hearts are heavy because of it more please teach us how to speak but 1st teach us how to live and I pray the Lord. That the demonstration of the Gospel in our lives. Or empower the proclamation of the gospel on our lips use us their God that we might change someone's eternal destiny. And that it might be said of us that when they heard us follow Jesus this is our prayer we ask this in jesus message me. This message was recorded at the G Y C D N in Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based. And so many Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. what happened or.


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