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1. How to Share the Adventist Message in 30 Seconds

Dan Serns


Dan Serns has travelled the world teaching and preaching about Jesus, Bible truth and God’s final movement on earth. Thousands who have heard him speak say they appreciate how he is able to make complex Bible subjects clear, understandable and practical and mobilize people in God’s mission. Wherever he goes there is renewal, revival and numerical multiplication of God’s kingdom. He serves as Evangelism Coordinator for the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He has been published in numerous magazines, including Ministry Magazine and Adventist Review. He and his wife Lois have raised three children who are currently serving the Lord with their families in Texas, Washington & California.



  • December 30, 2018
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C. In Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online and. Let's have prayer Eternal Father in Heaven you are right here with this you impressed each person here to come to this seminar at this time for a reason and Lord I pray that we'll be able to share a simple tools that will help more and more and more people be workers in the harvest and more and more people the agents for you and more and more people see what a beautiful movement this is that they can unite with very rapidly in Jesus' name amen All right so the title of this particular seminar is how to share the admin isthmus it in 30 seconds. OK if you have an open seat near you raise your hand that way will help come on in come on IN THE MONEY in and if if you're from parts of Asia where I've traveled you can sit right up here or other places here so just make yourself at home anywhere OK and we'll fill in all the empty seats and then we don't mind standing room only and all of us here we go this lady has 2 seats it's not that she's been a Costa OK. But. I don't know maybe she I believe in a cost OK So come on in there's some seats right up here we save the expensive ones for you. OK And a few hands that are here mean there are seats there to OK So fall of the raised hand follow the leaders there we go and you got some right back here over here come on in come on in. Like I said earlier there is room for everyone here just like heaven so come on in Amman in if you have a nice follow people they raise their hands because they want to sit by you. OK awesome and I'm going to designate all of the if you're sitting on these 2 seats anywhere near this door keep an eye out for people right there and see who can get to him 1st to welcome them and help them find a place even if you give up your seat so they can you know whatever you need to do OK this is how it should be in church right so when people come in they don't have to look around if they left their comfort zone to come to ours we need to do what we can to leave our comfort zone to go to them are a great come on in come on in the room right up here on the floor room on the side there the back I'm on air. Yes there are 3 chairs right here and a table to sit on. This there's room for everyone I had the privilege of Pastor and while people are getting settled at the privilege of pasturing the Richardson 7th they have been a church on the north side of Dallas and it was on fire for Jesus it was it's so exciting to be a part of a church that's on fire for Jesus we did some simple things there and saw that churches grow and grow and grow and in the 6 and a half years I was there was already growing before I got there and God as it were we went from 600 members to 970 members and planted 3 churches along the way and my last 3 seminars will be about some of the little simple things we did that can be done in any church of any size any culture anywhere OK that's going to be the last or the 1st 3 seminars or how you can share individually the last 3 or how your church can grow and multiply like God intended OK So but it Richardson they got seating like this it was like this there's no seat and so so I would be in the lobby trying to help people find seats and my wife would be helping try to find seats and we'd already had a 2nd service and now both them are full. And we saw some people leaving just before the 2nd service and my wife said Why are you leaving they said we don't have a seat we said well we'll find some NO NO NO both of us were sitting in one of the chairs in the aisle but when we got up to use the restroom we came back 2 other people were sitting there. Now I believe God intends that for our churches and some churches are overbuilt. Some churches should never been built that big they need to be built smaller so we multiply churches OK so we're not just trying to fill up these big vacuous buildings we may need to resell that building and plant 3 or 4 churches OK as some of you may know to it's being recorded. OK I'm going to turn the saw for a moment and now we have more people here will get started again will have one more invitation for the Lord to open our hearts he's already here let's pray Lord you are here open our hearts save us from distractions so that we can grasp whatever you have for us and Lord take my 5 loaves and 2 fish and multiply it to feed many in Jesus' name amen. How to share the admin a smidgen 30 seconds you'll be done with this seminar very soon and can go to another seminar. No we're going to talk a little bit about why read this with me everybody together and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come I'm going to impact this but right now I want to focus on gospel this gospel of the kingdom What is that gospel in the 3 angels message in Revelation 14 it talks about the everlasting Gospel there are different gospels in different dispensations like a lot of Christians have been taught there are not different ways to be saved in the Old Testament than the New Testament then today there was only one way to ever be saved and that is to put your trust fully in the only one who can be your savior OK And now in the Old Testament time they had sacrifices to remind them a savior was coming so they could put their trust in him after that we know about Jesus and we put our trust fully in the only one who can save us OK So these are important things to know what the Gospel is think here we don't want any dry prisoners Right OK So the Gospel how can we take this everlasting Gospel and explain it in less than eternity OK what do we say how do we say it simply to whet people's appetite where they want more I want to learn more about your church I don't want to know more about your church you know but where they want to know more so here we go what will it take are you and your church on the 500 year plan or the 10 year plan to take the admin isthmus it to everyone in your territory and beyond. What you think about that as you look at how you live your life are you on the 500 year plan to help people get ready for Jesus to come you know Well I've I shared my faith one time 3 years ago and had a wonderful time and maybe I'll do it again after G Y C 2 a couple people on the way home that's the 500 year plan the 10 year plan is Lord raise up workers for the harvest make me one of them and as I go forward help me to invite other people to be part of it. And to do that we need simple ways to live for Jesus so if you have $0.00 in your bank account or your pocket you can still be a missionary for Jesus OK so we're going to look at that here's a license plate I had when I was in Kansas a number of years ago so I was. You recognize anything bunch of random letters and numbers there right. Except they're not too random. All right so I got this on purpose this wasn't just you know it was kind of miraculously assigned to a 7th they haven't as best here. I pay a little extra so that I could be a witness through my license plate so I got this license plate and I was in a copy center in Kansas City where I was pestering at the time and in walks a guy and he says Hey who's the license plate is that out there L B 2 B. Sta What is that and I said will it stands for love to be S D N A he said what's Sta And I said it stands for 7th Day Adventists he said what's that what would you say. What would you say I want you to take a moment and turn to the people beside you and if somebody said What is a 7th Day Adventist practice right now and 32nd See see how far you get go right now. OK time's up. Time's up. So how they go. OK I would like to hear though from maybe 4 or 5 of you just very briefly and says sink Lee some of the things you said you don't have to say the whole spiel but what what are some of the things that you identified as wanting to communicate as be what it means to be a 7th day of it is just raise your hand let me say yes sure to speak loud and repeat it for the record. OK And there is a very good it's a sink way see if you didn't hear 7th day means they said Are you something evidence you might say we OK 7th day means that we believe in the 7th day is the Sabbath and had been asked means that we believe that Jesus is as you put it the 2nd coming OK All right good good great star Yes OK followers of Jesus there you go very good. OK. Oh. Wow. OK We too are Christians who take the Bible as God's word rather than relying on other things yes. Oh. OK There you go there you hear there it's all about Jesus Jesus and creation and by the way it is kind of interesting if you never thought about it 7th day talked about the beginning and administers the end as we know it so this is how I live between those 2 OK yes. A group of people that love God great. OK all right she said we positive in a negative one is that we believe in the Sabbath and another is that we don't believe in an eternal believe burning in hell and in one of the seminars I think it's the well the 1 tomorrow morning on how to share the evidence message in 30 minutes. That I'm going to tell a story about how important it is to be able to I articulate that OK I would more one more OK a Christian movement the puts a lot of importance in prophecy and worship on the 7 on the 7th day 7 OK all of these are good and and I think most of us who've been an admin as for a while kind of know bits and pieces and we've probably had some conversations with somebody somewhere OK so when I was asked what is a 7th Day Adventist in that coffee coffee that caught the center in Kansas City I kind of grabbed some of the things that you shared here and tried to share and then I told this man I said I'm the pastor of a 7th heaven is church here in Kansas City and I'd like to invite you to come to my church. And he said you don't want me and I said we want everybody you don't want me I run some adult websites now adult really means adultery websites you know that right OK is nothing adult about pornography OK And so he said I read and I said then you really need to come. And kind of looked at me an ISA you and I said yes you need to go now to my knowledge today is a 7th heaven is to know it doesn't always go that way OK but we're going to keep the we're going out and we will find out in heaven a lot more and God will show us little glimpses here on Earth of what we did OK so that So anyway to my knowledge he never came to the church while I was pastor in there some people slip in and slip out you can't keep track of them but it caused me to say I need a better quick response to this question that is positive and inviting OK because so many people if they hear about 7th am honest want to say oh that's good for you but my religion is this my church is this your church is this and then they want to get into some debate on which church is better and we that doesn't help anybody so I said Lord how can we do this how can we do this and I began to pray it through and God started giving me a few key ideas link together and it's really based on the 3 angels message of Revelation 14 the 3 interest message says and I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven. Having the everlasting Gospel OK it means to have something to do it had the everlasting Gospel in there something in there having the everlasting Gospel to give to those who dwell on the earth to every nation language tribe and people so this is something that is not just for us it's for everyone in the world and not just for Christians in some countries we work hard to try to prove we're Christians and that works against us in other countries of the world OK So so how do we do this how do we navigate this so something that would in have to do with everlasting Gospel and something that could be used in any part of the world with some adaptation because it's going to go everywhere it's something that's inviting and then the message continues 1st dangerous message saying with a loud voice so this needs to go everywhere fear God not be afraid of God You know there are 2 kinds of fear one kind of fear of God has you back away from God The other kind of fear has you bow in reverence to God That's the kind of fear that we all need of God you are God and I am not OK you are God you're going to hurt me OK those are so fear God take him seriously and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come not something in the past that the in the future is cut. And worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of water there's creation which includes the 7 OK it was the God who created the world in 6 days and then on the 7th day he rested blessed and made it holy or sanctified it so do something about that but then there's a contrast with the 2nd angel says there's another angel followed him saying with a loud voice Babilon is fallen is fallen whenever there's a repeating in the Bible it means you better be listening buddy and skin like your mom or dead you've got to be listening I said this twice clean your room OK whatever it is OK So Babylon is falling is Paul in that great city because she and we understand that Babylon is mixing false with the true. OK rat poison is 98 percent food and 2 percent poison and it kills rats and truth God's truth can be 98 percent truth and 2 percent poison from Babyland or will kill you spiritually and maybe eternally OK so here's this contrast of 2 groups some that more and more becoming sensitized and wanting to worship the Creator God and take him seriously and not the tie in to any of this babble and stuff this fall stuff they don't we don't want that OK and then the 3rd angel starts with the word if meaning we have freedom of choice if any man nobody asked you if anyone worships the beast in his image and it goes on through and contrast a group that do worship the beast in his image and have the mark with those who on the other hand here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus so we want to have to realize we can choose. To not go with a man made system but we can accept being learning how to have an Durance with Jesus and keep all of God's commandments because we have faith from Jesus and in Jesus OK so I've gotta wrestled with this after that question and that copy center and 6 months later it's a nice day in Kansas City my windows are rolled down I'm sitting at the stop light and a carload of teenagers Carlota teenagers pull up in a convertible to the stoplight right there and one of the girls yells out what is your license plate mean now is ready OK And I said it stands for love to be a 7th Day Adventist she said what's that and I said we believe that everybody in the world would be happier and better off if they accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord embrace the Bible as God's voice to them and ask God to change them to live that way and got together with other people like that to tell the whole world Jesus loves them and he's coming again soon she said cool and the light changed we went. And there it is in 30 seconds you're dismissed No OK So I just want to impact this a little bit OK these are adaptations. But this is a way you can share but don't memorize it just like this and then just to we believe that everybody in the world would be happier and better no no no no this needs to be something from your heart shared to other people in your way adapted for the situation so we believe that everyone in the world now here this changes everything this is not saying we believe this or our church believes this or this is who we are this is inviting every nation tribe language and people group OK You see what I'm saying you see that piece of it we believe everyone in the world this is inclusive everybody's invited OK we believe everybody in the world would be happier and better off happier a lot of people are looking for happiness but a lot of people have given up on any hope of having happiness and all they want to do is to survive so when you say we believe everybody in the world be happy are they right that often you say and better oh well maybe that would help me he see that you see those 2 pieces they're happier and better off are 2 different things based on the mindset of the person we're sharing with so we just share both of them everyone be happier and better everyone in the world would be happier and better off if they accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord now never separate these 2 Jesus is our Savior and Lord if we surrender to Him savior deals with our past and our future Lord deals with the present Lord means I want you to be in charge of every part of my life. Even those hidden things in those bad things in those things I'm not sure I want to give up I really want you to be in charge that's what Lord is savior is HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME and he saves me and we say Lord I turn all of my past over to you and part of the everlasting Gospel is that Jesus will take all the garbage of your past all of it even those horrible things you want nobody to ever find out in will take it all away in one swat and he already did it the cross you just need to let it go let it go to OK that's past and then future when we come to Jesus he turns to Gabriel and says start another mansion somebody new set it up here something like that OK So we are secure in Jesus in Christ we can have everything we need we can become everything we need to become and our past is taken care of it's like every time we do something wrong we have a bag of garbage every time we do something wrong think something wrong have a bad attitude we're putting another piece of garbage in the bag and it gets heavier and stink here all the time and when we truly come to Jesus Jesus says I'll take all of that garbage because I died for all of it on the cross and that is no time to say well I'll give you this peace but I kind of want to keep this peace and I want to and this person wrong me and I want to hold on to that grudge or else I can't no just turn it all over and the past is taken care of that savior. And then he says I want to spend eternity with you in heaven he's going to save us out of this world Jesus really saves us in 3 ways he saves us from our past. The penalty of sin he saves us in the present the power of sin he saves us in the future from the presence of sin see that it's a full gospel everlasting Gospel Jesus as if everybody in the world would be happier better off if they accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord you believe that tell somebody beside you tell him I know practice. OK tell somebody beside you that you think everybody in the world be happy or better off if they accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord just tell him. You were in his last remember in San Antonio od us the truth I came. Through to see them Past Present and Future Past is penalty present is power and future and future is presence of sin take us out of a world of sin. OK Another way of looking at it is he takes out the garbage he'll keep taking out the garbage and keep us from bringing so much and I'll take his outer world garbage OK OK good now the now when the when the person beside you told you that they believe everybody in the world would be happier better off if they accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord did it look like they meant it. Good because you want to be able to say this not by rote but because you mean it he began realizing grasping that this is wow using the bag of garbage analogy. Not only when we 1st surrender to Jesus do we give him the whole bag of garbage but in the present he will keep taking out the garbage but he'll also show us how to not bring so much garbage in it I'm amazed when I walk in my neighborhood how many people have huge amounts of things to recycle and they feel good that they're recycling and I thought why do you bring in the 1st place you don't have to have that much garbage to recycle you know just tone it down and kick and then in the future it's going to take us out of a world full of garbage and make it new so there are a lot of simple analogies we can use so we just looked at the 1st 2 bullets and now we're going to unpack the next to. Embrace the Bible as God's voice speaking to them and ask the Lord to help them live by it is not a novel thought OK so embrace doesn't mean well I'm going to pick and choose and every so often we check out the Bible and I'm busy this week but by Sabbath I'll have a little time to get into the Bible know if this is God's voice speaking to me I need it every day I need this I need it I need to hear from him before I go out and make all kinds of mistakes and when White says a very interesting thing she says the time devoted to Bible study and prayer will bring 100 fold return let me put it break it down for you for every 30 minutes you spend listening to God in Bible study in talking to him in prayer you're going to save yourself 50 hours of mistakes. OK 30 minutes 50 hours is $1200.00 K. under full return. It's like the kid said teacher is late to school because it in have time to get on the bicycle is in such a hurry I push it all the way here it's not thinking or the guy is trying to chop down the tree and somebody said if you sharpen that actual cut down a whole lot more trees I don't have time to you know we go about our lives as if the Bible is just over there and we're going to live our lives and grabbed from it little morsels or nuggets No we needed that's God's voice so embrace is a powerful word it's not dabble it embraces the hug I hug the Bible is God's voice I wanted I know I need it embrace the Bible as God's voice speaking to me and then asked the Lord to help me live by it OK to live by it is not just knowledge I can debate with you and I can be a yeah give me some job is witness I'm ready I'm ready a give me some Mormons I'm a no no no help me to have it integrated into my life. Never let a day go by that you don't have something from God's word that changes your life that you can share simply with somebody else and the more you do it the more comfortable you get with it and you become a channel of living water from God to thirsty people OK So embrace the Bible as God's voice most Christians think that they're doing that and they have no clue that the Bible says something different from what they've been taught OK so we don't go there right now and say yes but we keep the Sabbath and you don't and you're the rule we're right you're wrong because the Bibles and we're not there yet this is a 32nd ad business message OK will impact that piece later there are too many people who think witnessing is starting with something that they are doing right. Wrong. Start with things that are in common that sound exciting that people think I want more of that or more that OK it's more like you can have one little bite of apple pie and let me know if you want another more then you know you really need to eat your collard greens in your Brussels sprouts and you need a lot more of them if you're ever going to be saved OK You see the difference in mentality there OK it's inviting. Illinois says we should present Jesus as one who is attractive to follow so embrace the Bible as God's voice speaking to them and ask the Lord to help them live by it. And by the way once you understand all 20 fundamentals you're not done I was in college my junior year and I was in the 5th generation 7th Day Adventists son of an admin as Pastor grandson of an admin as pastor and my life was coming apart it was a mess because I knew the Bible but I wasn't really asking the Lord to help me live by the Bible and finally I talked to a godly person who listened to my messed up life and he listened well and one of the greatest gifts we can give to anybody is to listen to him people listen now days you hear what I say OK you're OK and he listened to me and then he said you know Dan there's a book about Jesus' life called the deserve ages and inside him saying yeah yeah yeah i know i know i know all that and he says and it says something like this our lives may seem a tangle and I thought he was listening this life is messed up right now my life is messed up but as we commit them to the master he will we've a beautiful pattern in the. And I remember distinctly thinking forget the beautiful pattern I just want a few less tangles everybody in the world be happier and better off I was the better off thing because I'd given up on the happiness thing and I said but how and he said time alone at the beginning of every day seeking Jesus through bible study and prayer and I said well I know more about the Bible than any of my friends I was pretty good at memorizing memory verses in elementary school and academy and in college and here I am and then he said something where the light flipped on he said Dan Perhaps you have a lot of knowledge but you don't have a relationship with the one who wrote it and I knew he was speaking truth and I didn't say man I said Ouch I had a lot of knowledge but I didn't have a relationship with the one who wrote it that's why I accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord is the 1st piece and the next piece is embrace the Bible is God's voice speaking to them and asked the Lord to help them live by it so I said So what do I do and he said well I recommend you each day start the day and start with one of the Gospels maybe markets the shortest one simplest you're not there to read a lot you're just there to say Lord show me something that will help me today and help me to put it into practice and read just one story not a whole chapter just wrote one story and stop imagine where you fit in that story who are you in that story what would you be doing and then ask God to show you what you need and thank him for it and take it out and live it and if possible share with somebody else that day and I went in determined to do that and I did that every day for the next 3 days till I got distracted or been there. And they got distracted and stared run off the rails again and then I came back again there for another few days and then I got off the rails and I get back and you know the Lord is merciful he is here in the business of getting us back on track and that's a lot of what ministry is about is helping people get back on track and so he help me and I bump along and bump along and bump along but during that next semester is when I signed up to go as a student missionary to Korea and I can't say perfect from there on but I know that I keep praying for consistency in my walk with the Lord and embracing God's Word and God will help us become more and more consistent and if you have head knowledge and you don't know the one who wrote it you came to the right seminar right now how are having you this is where you're at and you just say Lord please take all of me and help me to learn to be consistent in listening to your voice keep changing me speaking to my heart to make incense OK now we're going to go to that last one and united with godly people OK And by the way many people in the world realize even if they're not Godly that there is a difference between godly people and ungodly people many of them know that a lot of ungodly people are interchanges and that's one reason why some people are seeking God don't go to church so that's one reason why our job isn't to try to get people in church as much as it is to get him connected with Jesus and if they can do that at church that's fine but if they've had bad experiences at church do it outside church building OK you are the church you go out Jesus said go he didn't just say keep saying Come come come go. Too many churches are more interested in building attendance than winning people to Jesus and the Bible and godly people OK so we shift our focus to these areas are a united with godly people not against going to church and if you don't go to church start going to church a but the key is having that connection united with godly people to tell the whole world that Jesus loves them and he's coming soon and encourage each other and holy living godly living OK so what you really have is you have 4 pieces in this whole thing you have everyone in the world happier better off you have Jesus and all it means for him you have the Bible and embracing and asking God to change and godly people is another way of saying God's final movement the remnant church the 7th Day Adventist movement so you really talked about it 3030 seconds and that that will do it so my wife and I summer before this past one or on a plane coming back from Puerto Rico where our son's in-laws live and MINISTER We spent a week with them and seen some of the beaches at a good time we're flying back to Texas on Southwest Airline Southwest Airlines has open seating you pick your seat. The whole plane filled up and the only empty sea on the entire plane was between my wife and I yes we love each other but she prefers an aisle and I prefer a window I can sleep while we're travelling and she can get out to the restroom if she needs to so the only open seat is the one right between us and that's fine we can talk to each other or whatever and then the last passenger got on. It's this guy right here OK and in my early days I woulda said Bummer Now days I say I wonder why God sent him a captive audience for several hours. But start with 30 seconds and got it start with 30 seconds so I met Joseph right here and Joseph sat between us and. He sits down I say how are you he's fine are you I said doing fine he said My name's Danny says My name's Joseph and I said. Is that a Bible you have there had a big thick book he said no it's a perv book said wow that's cool and thinking OK let's find out more about this I said So do you live in Puerto Rico No I'm coming back from a week of vacation there I said we are 2 and we got a little conversation and then he turns to me and says What kind of work do you do and I said I'm a 7th Day Adventists pastor now if I stop there and you of course most of your say well that will work for me because I'm not a 7th heaven is Pastor but you are 7th Day Adventists and if you aren't will help you get baptized soon OK so. I mean that I mean that there's nothing that Jesus was baptized as an example to us we follow Jesus we want to be baptized that's how it goes OK And so so I'm thinking here we are and I said I'm a 7th Day Adventist faster you can say I'm a 7th they have minutes and then I said Are you familiar with 7th Day Adventists because I want to find out what they know and no matter what they say I'm going to tell what 7th they have been a star because many of them think they know and they don't know that people say well yes I've visited your temple in Salt Lake City. I've had others say yes I'm familiar but I've never understood why you don't believe in blood transfusions so what showbiz witnesses you know and so people think they know and they don't know or they know but they don't really know yeah my ex-wife a 7th Day Adventist you know they don't really know OK. As the guy across the street from us where we live now by the way OK that's what I found out ex-wife the 7th Day Adventists No he didn't want to go tracks OK So anyway it's a whole nother seminar so. I M a 7th heaven is Pastor Are you familiar with 7th Day Adventist and he says well a little bit and I said we believe that everybody in the world would be happier better off if they accepted Jesus now I looked at him and I assume the he knew about Jesus in some parts of the world I said a little different I'll explain in just a few minutes OK I said we believe everybody in the world would be happier better off if they accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord if they embrace the Bible as God's voice speaking to them and ask God to help them live according to it and then they united with other like minded people to encourage each other to live for Jesus and to take the good news to all the world that Jesus loves them and that he's coming again soon and Joseph says I could agree to all of those and so you know what I said because he just walked in walked into the invitation I said then you'd make a great 7th Day Adventist. OK You see what I'm saying that I could agree I believe that when you make a great 7th heaven is that is the 1st time that most people have ever thought of being a 7th Day Adventists whether they knew about it or not when you say that because you found common ground you didn't start with uncommon ground you started with common ground and they think yes yes yes well you make a great 7th Day Adventist Oh what's that thank you for asking now we go to the 5 minute version. So. I turned and he said I said you'd make a great 7th heaven is what kind of work do you do and he says I'm a Catholic priest. And I said awesome. I love it when Catholic priest becomes 7th they had Minister I didn't tell him that I didn't tell him that but I love it. So we had a wonderful conversation on how God calls you and how he sensed God's call and how we spend time getting into the Word of God to find out what truth is and why different things are important and we know we didn't know several hours but we didn't cover the mark of the beast yet OK but I discovered that Joseph had been teaching in a Catholic high school about 10 miles from where I lived he'd done that for about 7 years and at the end of the 7 years he was headed to Catholic University in Washington D.C. to get a Ph D. in religious history and the parents of his students have appreciated him so much they had raised money and sent him to Puerto Rico for a week so that he could sit beside me on the way back. Never underestimate what God does never underestimate and by the way every day say God use me somehow today and help my eyes to be open to see it because God will use you right here in this place. There are staff in these places that we need to be kind to and love and share and witness to there be people around the city as you go out witnessing this afternoon as we go out witnessing so that was Joseph's experience and we had a wonderful visit is a Facebook friend we keep in touch from time to time and he says I do my research would it be OK if maybe we collaborated on some things and I said I would enjoy that like to share a little church history with him from another perspective OK so that's where it was so I'm just trying to share with you what can be in September of this year I was in Denver talking to a group of administering in pastors and church leaders about some of these things and. And in the shuttle bus from the airport from the hotel to the airport when I was done there were these Korean pastors who just heard me do the training and there was a shuttle bus driver who is rate here and this passenger So these are the people on the show so I'm thinking Lord. Who should I witness to I've already had hours with these guys. And now they're going to see if I really practice what I preach. So I said to the shuttle bus driver I said So how do you like driving the shuttle bus he says I love it it's so relaxing compared to some of my previous jobs some people will just want to volunteer information so what's the obvious question I should ask you. What were some of your previous tell ya you see people if we ask a few questions oftentimes they just open their ready some people say none of your business in the God bless you here some go traces whatever that's it OK you don't leave it that way you know a little bit and so I said and so he starts talking I said you grew up here will know when I was a kid my mom and I came here from somewhere else you know that tells me single parent home and and so we begin just begins opening up and as we're driving Fortunately the airport's way out of Denver so we had a little extra time and so as we're driving along I said I said So what's your religious background this is part of the next similar By the way so would some of your religious background and he said well I grew up Methodist I had a friend whose job was witness so I became a Jehovah's Witness for 2 years and that didn't work at all. And I said will tell me about it and so it begins I mean there's no birthdays no Christmas no Easter There's nothing fun and I thought oh OK. And about this time we're pulling into the airport facility and I knew that we need to wrap the subsume but he's been doing most of the talking and I thought that's good and I want to keep listening but I want to help and so as we're as we're pulling up toward the terminal he says I'd mentioned that I was 7th Day Adventist and I said Have you ever heard of them and he said no and I told him what they are 30 seconds and he says Why I don't think I've ever met one of them in my life. Or and then he said this interesting thing or if I have they didn't say what you just said you get the point you see why this is important you see how this can be dynamite and helpful because it allows you to let your light shine quickly and briefly in ways that will plant seeds that will that God can water OK And I said Will we believe everybody in the world be happier and then he says what is 7th Heaven is believe about Christmas and Easter. And here we are and I've got 2 minutes. 3 minutes and. And I said 7th Day Adventists believe that any time of the year is a great time to talk about Jesus. See what I'm saying oh those are pagan holidays no no we're building bridges not walls OK No No A is a wrong word now building bridges not barriers OK. And so. So I said we believe that any time every day of the year is a great time to talk about Jesus. We believe that Christmas and Easter are not holy days they are holidays holidays are manmade days and you decide personally whatever you want to do with them but the Holy Days were given by a holy God that we need to honor and respect like the 7th day sabbath each week and it dropped that one in there. Says God and then the passenger says and we're now stopped in the turn at the terminal and bout to open the door and the passenger says well I'm Muslim and he said Do you believe that Jesus really died at Easter now Muslims have to are taught that Jesus didn't really die that he they thought he did but he didn't anyway back to heaven and they believe these coming again will different version but there are some things there and so I knew that and I knew this was a great way to pick an argument do you believe that Jesus really died at Easter and. I just said and many times when we do this never think that what we're doing what we do is this much and what the Holy Spirit does is this much always remember that OK so it's not like well I learned to say those magic words and I haven't seen any results no no no I surrender to God I ask him to show me somebody and I know I have a few tools to use and God gave me the opportunity the see that difference there and so I just said or one who has to do you really believe that Jesus died in Easter and I said well we might have a difference of opinion on that but we believe that you really shouldn't eat pork or drink alcohol you do Wow We will leave that to you and I said you want to learn more about Eben ist. I gave all of them glow tracks and I said Checa administers org slash beliefs to learn more and let me have her with you and this is the picture I took right after all of us prayed together at the back of the van. OK this happened September now before I got to see how simple it can be that would have been way too confusing to try anything but simple it's simple now in the last few minutes let me wrap this up in a couple ways. This afternoon some of you will go out and hopefully many if not all of you will go out and play to go out door to door looking for interests and you'll do surveys and you'll do other things and all of that's good Houston is more diverse than any other city in the United States now has more people from more countries and more cultures and more language groups than even New York City or Los Angeles or Chicago this is 4th largest city but more diverse but there are still large pockets who are Texan. Pratt Texas. Or look more like me. And many of them are churched and many of them are highly churched and many of them belong to make the churches in this city who have been taught that 7th they have an historic old Ok so you need to know that so let 2 years ago when we were we were going door to door we had we could identify these people here's how you open the door you start with a survey you get into anything religious they say what church are you from what denomination are you OK that's that's your clue OK it's fairly obvious clue right and if you say 7th Day Adventist or you say well. You know something like that if you do that then then it's all over it's game over and I still might be game over but there are things that you can do to help somebody who might have a little drop a sincerely in their heart now before I tell you what we learn to say I also went with a group to follow up a lot of those interests and we would sometimes find that a young person let's say in their early twenty's had opened the door and hear other young people from G. Y.C. they said yeah I want to study the Bible Yeah it's great really great and then when an older person like me comes back the father the mother opens the door we say hey we had this people this person wanted Bible studies that's my son who are you from what church are you or what denomination OK so you get it today and you get a follow up so here is the simple answer of how to deal with that just ask the Lord to do it calmly and comfortably. So they say what church are you from what denomination see if you can guess we believe that everybody in the world would be happier and better off if they accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord if they embrace the Bible is God's voice speaking to them and ask him to help them live according to that and then they got together with other believers to take the good news to all the world and Jesus loves them and he's coming again. And for some of they say yes but what church. But for others they'll say that's what we believe and I said that's what we're trying to encourage the whole city to believe you see so you still might have prejudice and if they said well still what church were 7th Day Adventists will that. Said and they have a hard time processing because they've been told 7th heaven is don't believe in Jesus they don't believe in the Bible they don't and here you've just told them something the opposite of what they were tied so they have to deal with God on that one but you see how this can help you see how that can help you now let me talk about other countries and other cultures I do a fair amount of traveling in a certain part of the world I won't mention because of sensitivities but what I'm finding is that there are hundreds and thousands of people in those countries who are looking for something better and in conversations with the ones who speak English and many of them are learning English and wanting to learn more English in those conversations I adapt what I say to go more like this we believe that everybody in the world would be happier and better off if they had a living connection with their loving creator. Because in that part of the world they are taught that God is not loving He's a creator but you have to be he's way off in the distance you can't know him you could never have a personal relationship with him and you better behave or he might snuff you out so all of a sudden they've had introduced into their mind a whole different idea of their creator we believe everybody in the world be happier better off if they had a living connection with their loving creator. And embraced the Scriptures that the Bible embraced the scriptures as God's voice speaking to them and ask the Lord to change their life to live according to it many of you don't know the ant least in that part of the world the holy book that they believe teaches you how to keep the 7th day sabbath that that's the day somebody says Well then why did they do things on Friday the same reason why Christians do things on Sunday OK And in that book is a phrase about people the people of the book who really follow the book meaning the Bible and don't just talk about it 7th Day Adventists movement is the people of the book you are the people the book and so I say embrace the scriptures because I know there are ingredients in there that any sincere seeker could wind up finding more truth in and then united with other people to let the whole world know that Jesus loves them because they believe in Jesus and that he's coming again soon they believe in that and it's something that will be wonderful when we're ready for it and they want to know how OK now you can adapt that for other world religions etc in other countries and in this country. So for this we have how many minutes 0 minutes to go all right. Practice questions Texas evangelism dot com has more information on all kinds of stuff let me have prayer with what I'd rather have you do is right now turn to somebody that you didn't come to the seminar with and pray that God will use you to day OK do that right now and in about 30 seconds I'll lead us in saying in turn your eyes upon Jesus and will be dismissed OK have prayer right now very quickly. Heard your. The US. Is one full faith. And they. Heard with. The lead in in the. Is glossary in. Just before you go 2 things Number one the next seminar how to share the evidence message in 5 minutes different content but we expand on some of the things we've learned here but ways to take it a step farther the 2nd thing is if you appreciated the seminar please do these 3 things with it use it. Share it with somebody else who can use it. And then raid it and say it was good so they might invite me back OK Have a great summer as the day you can stick around if you want if you're going to stay for the next 7 hour. This message was recorded at the G.. In Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based price center and so many Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. web or.


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