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2. How to Share the Adventist Message in 5 Minutes

Dan Serns


Dan Serns has travelled the world teaching and preaching about Jesus, Bible truth and God’s final movement on earth. Thousands who have heard him speak say they appreciate how he is able to make complex Bible subjects clear, understandable and practical and mobilize people in God’s mission. Wherever he goes there is renewal, revival and numerical multiplication of God’s kingdom. He serves as Evangelism Coordinator for the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He has been published in numerous magazines, including Ministry Magazine and Adventist Review. He and his wife Lois have raised three children who are currently serving the Lord with their families in Texas, Washington & California.



  • December 30, 2018
    10:45 AM
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This message was presented at the G. Y.C. to be in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online and. Eternal Father in heaven. I know that you want to come back soon send Jesus back soon and you want to use us as agents and taking the gospel to all the world in this generation and Lord thank you for everybody in this room and anybody who might hear this seminar afterwards and recorded for anybody who might learn from somebody in this room and I pray Lord that the simple things that I offer will be used and multiplied by you to feed thousands and Lord help us to always remember it's your Holy Spirit at work in others and in us but that you are giving us tools we can use in Jesus' name amen I just want to affirm that what I share how to share the admin to specify in 5 minutes is not some secret formula mantra that will always work it's the Holy Spirit that changes hearts Holy Spirit changes lives but let me explain some things that I think sometimes there's confusion some people think if I pray enough for the Holy Spirit somehow the Holy Spirit is going to come and the whole world will know and saw I'm going to do something else and open Holy Spirit comes I'll pray know there are there is the Holy Spirit and there are skills that are like tools in a toolbox and it works like this if you are filled with the Holy Spirit it does not mean you know how to use a hammer it does not mean you know how to use pliers it does not mean you know how to use a screwdriver. A person filled with the Holy Spirit can still hit their own thumb with a hammer if they don't know what they're doing you know what I'm talking about. But when you learn skills the Holy Spirit's role is to help you learn good skills for witnessing and to help you know which tool to use in which situation at what time and then override whatever you did wrong that's holy spirit's role you see that somebody said if the only tool in your tool box is a hammer you think every problem is a nail home and that's how some people witness OK so we're going to give tools within recognition we need the Holy Spirit every moment of every day to do the work in others before we get there and all of that So how to share the administers message in 5 minutes read this with me please and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come still one more time and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come if you could share the Evan a smidgen 5 minutes it would go a whole lot faster than if it took a 100 hours how long do you think it takes for a person to become a 7th Day Adventist how lonely think it takes for a person to become a 7th Day Adventists. OK Now how long did it take the Ethiopian eunuch to become a 7th they have in this next chapter a. There are really 2 answers it took probably a couple or 3 hours and it took all of his life but here's a key that I did not get for so much of my ministry that I'm going to share with you who are younger than me which is most of you know OK. The Lord is already working on all people everywhere of all religious backgrounds and the nominations and religions. To bring them more and more light and more and more truth he is already doing that and our job is to help him take next steps rapidly OK next steps just quickly and so with Philip who was not a pastor he's a deacon he asked the Lord to lead him to somebody that day and God says go out here to this road going into the desert and you'll find somebody well God doesn't always tell us that but he will show us he will show us and so Philip goes out there and by the way the Theo peon was traveling hell. By chariot How is Philip traveling by foot. You see anything here to see why we have the health message. So you can keep up with your interests. You get the picture. I mentioned Philip jogging there OK So if you're not used to exercising start for the sake of the Gospel OK And so God are already brought the Ethiopian and he was reading what book of the Bible Isaiah Now those were scrolls back then but he is reading the book of Isaiah they didn't have chapters and verses back then we know that those weren't then come along till later this reading through the book of Isaiah and what chapter was it according to the way we see chapters 53 so anybody know how many chapters are in in the book of Isaiah 66 so he is almost to the end. OK Getting close 53 out of 66 God had already brought him that far and he sent Philip into his life to bring in the last part there will be many people in your life if you're tune in to God The God has already brought a long distance and you just help us help us OK So yesterday between Sabbath school and church I was sitting in the main auditorium enjoyed both Sabbath school and church but it's between 7 school church and here's a group of young people from Mission hope 7th they had been his church would you wave your hand here's one of them right here OK and I knew some of them I didn't know others over and so I got to Nome and took a picture and talking and visiting and I found out that this young lady and her brother recently moved from Washington state back to the Rio Grande Valley along the Texas Mexico border to go to Mission hope but they'd been here before they left and then they came back and then one of the guys I know in the church to point out these young people and I got into a conversation with your brother and I was talking about sharing your faith and witnessing and either he said it I think he said it or maybe one of the other people said it said. I'm not baptized when somebody says that you know what that means give me an invitation. OK this yesterday in this building OK I'm not we're not talking about something that happened years ago right here in this building yesterday I'm not baptized and I said I will get baptized I didn't say that OK. I've learned a simple way to say it is there anything that make it difficult for you to follow Jesus and be baptized like he was OK and he said well I need to study more. And I said how much more do you need to study he says Why I don't know need to study more now sometimes a person says that because they realize I don't really understand some of the truths I need to know so I can act on them other times a person says that because that's a stalling tactic from taking steps for the Lord and we can't read hearts and minds but we can help facilitate decisions and allow people to make decisions if they're ready to there should not ever be arm twisting in God's work that's wrong if you've ever been on a nominating committee and you call let me say you we need you to do it don't do that God has the right people for all of ministries that need to take place pray that God put that people's hearts and then invite people invite people to be fine and then say on a work no you would try to God will help so I didn't want to force but I wanted to understand better and I said so how much do you need to know I. Don't know and I said well let me ask you 3 questions and I ask him each of the 3 questions and he said Yes yes and yes and I said Wow you're about ready now have you ever read the 28 fundamental ways of following Jesus so it's a fundamental beliefs they are but you know 7th Day Adventists don't have any doctrines that you know that we just take the doctors that are already in the Bible OK That's why they are all there is not that we have some for the Bibles and for Mel and white some from somebody they're all a Bible doctrines are the 7th heaven starters as 7th Day Adventists we identify 28 threads so far we might identify others later 28 threads that run from Genesis to Revelation those are fundamental beliefs but each one is a fundamental way of following Jesus OK so I said if you ever read the 28 fundamental fundamental ways of following Jesus and he had a blank stare and he said no. So I realize yes you do need to study till you get that and yet that doesn't have to take long so we set up a plan and I told him if you're faithful and focused in 30 days or less you're going to be baptized That's why I told her brother yesterday I met her brother yesterday OK but that's next seminar tomorrow morning. How to share the evidence message in 30 minutes to help people prepare for baptism OK but we're not quite here there yet were with the 5 minute plan to take I'm a ways so this gospel and last time we looked at the Gospel How do you how do you say they had been a specific very briefly the everlasting Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world for it to go rapidly you need to be able to share briefly and then give people more if they want more and that's where we go back to that Ethiopian official God is already bringing people who are sincere all over the world a long distance and it's not usually your job to take them from A B. C. D. E. to Z.Z. it's not usually your job you're most effective when you ask God to help you find people who are already at X. and Y. and taken the Z. and put them to work in sharing with others Jesus said You will reap where you did not solve because he's already got workers in the harvest who are planting all of those glow tracks it have gone out and will go out or having in effect all of the events in the world where the world is going crazier and crazier or having an effect on people all of those books that have been sold by literature evangelists some of you are having an effect. Every hand bill that goes out that some people complain is a waste is having an effect OK I start putting on my hand Bill all the information for the meeting be open it up and it's a poster of the 2nd coming of Jesus so has a longer shelf life and I bet guys people who saw that poster and somebodies wall OK so so all of these things are having an effect the preaching of the gospel whether it's 30 seconds 5 minutes 30 minutes an evangelistic series go track piece of literature every influence like that is either helping people have a little bit more sensitivity toward God or hardening their heart a little more toward God So as the message goes forward people become either more sensitive or hardened toward God there is a world wide polarization taking place we can't read hearts we should not look and say yeah I can see their hardened and they are no we might become hardened if we think that way I remember this one lady I was having I had evangelistic meetings in the northwest a number of years ago and we rented a neutral location because we knew people would come more likely there than to a church where there is some prejudice and so we we had the meetings there and on opening night one of my church members came up Pastor you'll never believe who came to the meeting tonight and I said Who was it I work at the hospital is a nurse it's one of the other nurses she's on my team and she's horrible she uses foul language she puts down people were waiting for him to fire her so we can have a good time with our group she showed up to NY and I said Aren't you glad you invited her. I didn't invite her she thought I was here because she invited me I said what she said yeah she came to work on Thursday and she had torn out the ad in the newspaper and she said I don't know about the rest You blankety blank but I think we all ought to go to visit it'll help us all. So when she saw me she said she's glad I came. To talk about rebuke. God as it were at the end of a series of meetings I baptized her. And you know we found out she's married to an alcoholic and she come home from work and he beat her physically and the next morning she go to work and beat up on her coworkers verbal E A lot of times people who are a pain are in pain OK And so when we understand that we can be more sensitive and some sisters in the church surrounded that lady with some love and they helped her find a safe place to live till there could be a clarification on what was going to happen with that relationship you know in this work it's nice to think we're just going to go out into the Caribbean and get some of the beautiful tropical fish and bring him back to our little church aquarium and look at our trophies but usually God gives you these stinky dirty smelly fish than a lot of cleanup OK so we can go Sabba one of our sons who's planting churches in Fort Worth Texas it's planting for simultaneously by the way you know what we're finding out it takes just as much effort to build an assembly line as it does an individual car. You think about that takes just about as much effort to build a system for planting should multiple churches at a time as it does to just plant one church takes just about as much effort to win multiple people as it does to win one so there are certain approaches and attitudes God can give us so we see the harvest that's great and we can begin gathering them in I say that because it took me a lot of my ministry to get to that point but when I was invited back in 2010 to pastor the Richardson 7th they have been a church on the north side of Dallas this church already had a history of planting churches it had planted I think it was 7 churches in 10 years and it had 600 members when it started planting it had 450 members people were worried that if you plant churches you're going to lose a forgotten the gods in charge of this work OK And so when I when I said Are you serious are you serious about not just going after what we do in this building and not just what we do in the city of Richardson or in the Dallas metro area but the Dallas Fort Worth metro area the fastest growing mission field in North America are we going to pull out all the stops and work cooperatively with any of our sister churches who want to go after it too and they said yes and I said Do I believe you are you willing to start a group in your home are you willing to give one percent more in offerings so we have some funds to do more with are you willing to give Bible studies even if you've never done it before and when I was convinced that they were willing is there the leaders God gave me clarity in some other areas and I went to pastor there and one of the things we agreed to. So I see somebody back there one of her Richardson members any other Richardson members here or were Richardson OK One of the things I said was if the harvest is great and the shortage is workers and that's not talking about paid workers start about working workers OK then we need to have fill a baptistery by faith on a regular basis and announce it to everybody so they know when the next baptisms are and they can prepare people for it so we told the deacon crew filled the baptistery the 4 Sabbath of every single month you don't have to call and ask if anybody's ready for bed tism so during my 6 and a half years there we had the baptistery filled the 4 Sabbath of every month that was $76.00 months in a row now we didn't believe in baptizing people who were not fully surrendered to the Lord and fully embracing the evena Smiths it but we didn't have the 10 year plan either you can be thorough and brief long does not mean thorough and often means not thorough but if your boo camp you're getting in and is fast OK that's what So if there was nobody there to be baptized I walk over to the full baptistry and I'd say nobody's been prepared for this baptism Here's the water but there's nobody Jesus said The harvest is great who do you wish was being baptized here today who do you work with who do you live with who are you related to who are you neighbors with who would you get along with better if they are converted became an Adventist you know who let's have silent prayer and then will pray by twos and threes for those you wish were in this baptism and ask God to help you to prepare them for the next month or 2 and out of the $76.00 months we didn't have anybody 8 times 8 times. All the other times we had one to 15 people that Thais praise the Lord during that time God gave us more and more people and we went from 600 to 970 and helped plant 3 churches along the way and they're still planting and going for it and growing past a 1000 but they can't play it fast enough God wants to have all of his church is not necessarily big or whatever he wants all of his churches seeing souls one lives transformed people baptize churches planting churches that's what he wants so what does it have to do with a 5 minute plan we've got to have a quicker way to get people engaged in the mission so let's move on here. What will it take are you and your church on the 500 year plan or the 10 year plan to take the had been a smith to everyone in your territory and beyond OK the 500 year plan is where you just kind of dabble in witnessing when you feel like it and then you do your own thing most of the time the 10 year plan is where you say I realize every moment of every day I'm a witness for God and you are and yesterday my brother in law who grew up in an evidence pastor's home and is not a practicing ad minister probably not a practicing Christian came to see pick up his sister my wife. To take to eat lunch with her yesterday. And they got she got in the car right out here and she was there starting to drive away and they came to the red light and the light turned green and they started to go forward and some young people start crossing at the time when it wasn't time to cross. Right there in front of my brother in law and there's a lady in a car beside started yelling out the window it's not your time to cross and my wife told me that she wished it was a little better representation of what had been a specific was because they yelled other things back at her and it wasn't they have been as message in 30 seconds. And as they drove off my brother in law said to my wife his sister probably that's not what you're trying to have happen is a result of the conferences so we need Jesus we all need Jesus and sometimes we fail sometimes we fail fail miserably sometimes we don't know that we fail but other people know that we fail but it only takes 30 seconds to get back which Jesus Lord be merciful to me a sinner I failed I haven't and the devil will try to say look you messed up you blew it you should have done that you can never be used by God you should even go to seminars and share your faith because look at what you did that's the devil's voice which you do is say you go see my attorney Jesus he forgave me he died on the cross because he knew I would say and do those things I shouldn't have done I thought those things I should have thought I had that attitude I should say I'm with Jesus now and Jesus will say forgiven cleansed covered now go to work for me and it's by aggressive service and sharing with others that we grow stronger not in trying to become perfect and when we get perfect then we try to witness OK. So here we go how many of you have ever heard of the acronym for for sharing your favorite a few of you OK Several of you all right I'm going to modify this just slightly or maybe I should say expand it just slightly Here's the idea you have 5 minutes with somebody you're riding a bus you happen to connect with them in a grocery store or you're on an airplane or you're in a youth group or student group or whatever and you think I want to share the administration I probably have about 5 minutes how can I do this where do you start you start by asking questions and listening not by talking OK so 4 stands for family occupation religious background and testimony the 1st 3 are areas of questions you will ask the last one testimony is areas where you will share OK so I'm going to I'm going to be all right I'm I'm right here in the plane with you what's your name lorissa we'll Arista we're sitting on the plane together Kay and I say. I say so. Here we are in Houston do you live in Houston and you don't where do you live I had a whole Ok so you have family up that way. OK you live there and your family's there OK and have any brothers or sisters. Oh a sister or brother or both younger than her notice she just volunteered some extra information OK to see that up until is that they you don't want to be prying OK this is not 20 questions interrogation of you know like an old boy I got stuck in this sea by this guy no you know just you're trying to do it fairly naturally finding out a little bit about the family now you don't want to say OK the children in hell are the children in the you know what's the address and you know all that nowadays is not a good thing so what you want to do is you just want to find out a little bit you know about family were where do you live if you live there if you live there all your life. 2 years ago you moved there from where Portland Oregon we used to live in then Cooper Washington right across important Wow I knew you looked familiar. OK So you know you're asking questions just so you can find some points of contact and just have fun now I know some of you are saying well I'm shy and I could never ever I could I could never even say something yes you could or you wouldn't come to the seminar OK So but you can just ask a few questions you know like oh where are you from if you live in this area or you're going to you know specially if you're on a flight you know or now she and notice as you ask some simple questions you can if you are watching for red lights yellow lights in green lights OK a red light is. OK A yellow light is Idaho. Portland. Family you know that's a yellow light see slow down but a green light is when they after a question or 2 they're still engaged and they begin to volunteer more information the E.C. so moved from it will only live there 2 years have you lived there law lived there 2 years and you move from Portland now I've got a connection now that doesn't mean all of you used to live in Vancouver Washington OK then Cooper washes right across the river from Portland and they have T. shirts that says Vancouver B.C. Washington D.C. I think there are right it's a not City OK So she lived in Portland were you raised in Portland where you grew up as it were you OK How did you how do you see the contrast between Portland Maine and Idaho where you live now it rains more in Oregon who are a dream that people in poor live with feet OK It's awesome Oh OK Well cool now what kind of work did you are you're a student are you employed or you're retired. And you can ask it in that way and if people as left and if they don't laugh that's a yellow light or a red light a little louder. OK. Your student OK what what are you studying are you in college or university OK OK what would do you study in college nutrition awesome How did you decide on nutrition. She just said it's my grandmother she's been a vegan for 40 years Wow Wow So her interest in being healthy led to you actually standing Wow Now do you realize where we are in the acronym over here OK it's not just random stuff OK You're ask a few questions about family but it's not like boom boom boom boom OK and you're not interest you're trying to interact in C. In follow up questions that will arrest an occupation of course a young person often times it's school or retired some to you know and sometimes a laugh and say Yeah my my dad's a billionaire and I'm retired I'm 17 and I drive my Lamborghini around all the time that's why job but anyway so she studied nutrition and say so so what what something that you have learned either from your grandma or from college that might help me be healthy in terms of nutrition. Whole foods plant based eat less sugars in Fed she just share that notice I ask her a question that might help me do you know of a time when Jesus did that with somebody the woman at the well could Jesus who created water but you gotta know he asked a favor of somebody else so in this if you can ask what you know how could the is there some advice you could give me if they begin to now she had to think about that she wasn't expecting some guy on the plane to do that if she specially wasn't expecting some guy in a seminar G.Y. seat a single her out OK so you're doing well OK doing well but anyway so shit to think about it but then she came a plant based whole food. Less sugar in oil now from there I could ask more questions to you know plant based when you say plant based help me know what that means a little bit better. Close to the natural food so you walk out in the garden and pull up the care and start eating it after washing it OK right because you might get more dirt from the package thing than you would for the OK got it all right so so we could have fun does it in on that for a little bit easier I'm saying we're engaged in a conversation now she now you're on a plane I'm going to use a plane but it may not be a plane but here are where we are but if there are you're on a plane and they start going. Hungry and kind of tired that's a yellow light OK say is rest part of the good health program OK have some sleep OK so so anyway but you're finding out a little bit about family little bit about occupation or if it's student etc And now what's the next one. There's a difference between religion and religious background and this is important if you said what's your religion they will tell you and they'll tell you why and it reinforces their current identity but if you ask what your religious background they will tell you what they grew up with and then they might tell you more information about where they are at now and you can be a part of their journey OK so if I can ask nutrition I know some religions emphasize good nutrition and that type of thing what kind of religious background do you have 7th in what is a 7th Day Adventist. Why you came to the seminar right should have been at the last one and you can tell me right now in 30 seconds but anyway that's all right you can listen on audio verse OK. So so I've asked religious background I'd say I'm a 7th heaven is to give me 5 OK Everybody we are both 7th Day Adventist on this plane and we have 30 minutes to get you know we're OK So but I asked religious background and confined how how many of you here did not were not raised as 7th they have us raise your hand high praise the Lord you found the right place OK And welcome to the family and so we're always welcoming and inviting but always see wherever God has brought a person the religious background as part of a journey not an in point OK that's where God brought them and I've heard so many interesting things well I was raised Baptist and I married a Methodist and that's why we go to the Pentecostal church OK so. It was a good OK And I've had people say well I don't want to talk about it I said oh it's only as a bad experience Oh it was a horrible experience and OK that's fine and so you're hearing religious background but you've now moved to the religious background part he asked a few questions have a little conversation what you were doing by asking questions you don't want it to be prying but you're genuinely interested because you've asked God that morning to use you and he put somebody in that seat was in charge of seat assignments on planes OK those if you were in the last seminar remember that OK I'm going to get to questions in just a minute or 2 OK And so there are there are. People will assign a retell a story from last seminar I love it you'll know what it is in the sea the Senate a wife and I are flying back from Puerto Rico a year ago summer and. The last seat in the plane is the one between my wife and I She likes the aisle I like is the window but here's a lassie young guy comes in and he says so. And we get to a conversation and he says what kind of work do you do and I say I'm a 7th they have an as pastor are you familiar with 7th Day Adventists and he says a little bit so I go ahead and give him the 32nd version which if you weren't here last time listen carefully I said we believe that everybody in the world would be happier and better off if they accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord if they took the Bible as God's voice speaking to them and ask God to help them live by it and united with other like minded people to tell the whole world that Jesus loves them and he's coming again soon you're building bridges not barriers and he said I could agree to a lack which you know what the proper response to that is don't you well then you'd make a great 7th Day Adventist and he had a grin they say were kind of were do you do he said I'm a Catholic priest. And in all sincerity I believe a good Catholic priest would be excellent 7th Day Adventist with the right transition I mean we don't believe in once saved always saved and we shouldn't believe in once lost always say always lost and we should believe in once whatever religion always that religion if God is giving you more things to brace so. Well now I have sincerely asked God I have entered into their family world so I know some things in it into their occupation or school world so I've learned some things I've entered into their religious background world so I know some things and God will help me know what to connect with in sharing my testimony which is that the less the next part that last part and sharing a testimony doesn't have to be long the longer it is the more you going to put him to sleep it should be in 5 minutes or less OK and it should have 3 basic parts. Here to your life before Jesus and that should be the shortest part don't say well I used to be rich should drive fancy cars and did drugs and ran around with women and alright then I gave my life to Jesus and I'm 7th heaven is something's wrong with that picture OK. The longest part is the exciting part after it but also don't be in both be unrealistic and say well I rethink used to be terrible as depressed all the time and is down on and then I gave my life to Jesus and I'm now I've been happy ever since and never had any problems in my life no I like the testimony I heard one person say my husband's about to leave me I got laid off from my job as already behind on my car payment they repossessed my car my health was failing somebody came knocking at my door and said here's an invitation to some Bible meetings that are happening right up the street you want to come and I thought anything could help and I went and I found Jesus he became my best friend and I got into the Bible I saw that he has everything I need and then I found that there are good loving godly people who would be willing to help me through this. And you know what happened from there my husband did leave me and I never got my car back and it took me 6 months before found a job and if that happened before I would have taken my life but now I had people and I had a God This saw me through it and I'm back on a firmer footing footing and now I'm helping other people who are going through tough times too that's a testimony but you don't have to have some dramatic conversion experience but there are 3 parts to your testimony the 1st part is your life before Jesus just brief showing the challenges 2nd is say something good about Jesus the Bible and God's final movement OK say and then I begin to learn how to talk to Jesus like he's my best friend or I found people that looked like they knew Jesus personally and I wanted that to say something about Jesus and when you say something about Jesus let your face light up there is an evangelist back in the hundreds named Charles Spurgeon and he used to teach pastors to preach and he said when you talk about Jesus and Heaven and the home of the Redeemed let your face light up when you talk about Hell and the destruction of the wicked your ordinary face will do. So when you're talking about Jesus lead your face light up this is real stuff Hollywood movies and all that that's artificial stuff this is real stuff setting our mind on what's unseen but real rather what's seen and is going to burn up soon OK and then say something about the Bible I started getting into the Bible and I saw it was different from every other book I've ever read it was like God was speaking to me and he was going to help mean live that way. And then God put me in a circle of friends that really cared about people genuinely They were always backbiting and gossiping and you realize how few people are around godly people today they will live in work environments where if somebody thinks they can get their job they'll stop on him they'll undermine there's all kinds of craziness and as God changes us we get we let that go but eyes around godly people and it was just it is a beautiful thing and then you said something good about Jesus the Bible and God's final movement godly people I begin realizing God's doing all over the world wrapping things up before he comes back and then there's the appeal to take their next step you don't have to dictate what their next step is but here back to the conversation I just share this and I say and I'm going to pretend instead of her saying I'm a lifeline long some of them is going to pretend she said I'm a lifelong Mormon because she is in Idaho and you know that's a common lot of Mormons there and it's a good conversations with some of you and so I said so. You know you love nutrition and I bet you're interested in not just helping people have better health but really having a better relationship with God Is that right would what do you think you could do to help people have a better relationship with God. Show them time is you know I think that the world means more people are crying so so she is just identified what her next step is because she's not usually kind of I'm just being teasing No not at all but show them kindness so so you know I can just see in you. A person who wants to help other people who wants to help them get healthier physically but also healthier spiritually and I just like to challenge you as you go about your studies and everything to say Lord help me to find ways of showing kindness to these people and and to look for ways and I'd be happy to share with you more about Jesus in the Bible and what I see God doing if you're interested I just leave it there OK so I've taken a lot of time to talk about 5 minutes but you see how the 5 minutes works mostly listening and then going there now we have 15 more minutes before we in this seminar and that's good because I want to to another OK Right here we've gone through Forte There's also the acronym shirt and this is probably a little better for young people because church stands for what he think S. would stand for school H. whole I is interest hobbies HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR TIME What do you think are is a religious background he thinks he is has the money goes to the same place you say you're just finding a way to connect so you can use either of them and doing that so now here's what I want you to do I'm going to give you. 3 minutes to connect with somebody you didn't come to the seminar with and go through forte and I want and there's not enough time for both of you to do it so I want the person to take the lead that's the youngest. OK so you've got 3 minutes and at the end of 3 minutes we're going to take some questions and wrap this up with some other something. One more minute it should be time to move toward the testimony part if you're not there yet. OK if I can have your attention here as we're wrapping it up. You're making too many friends look at this it's hopeless I've turned you loose. So. A few quick questions here. How many of you feel like you just made a good friend. OK All right how many of you went a little farther than you would have gone before this seminar. Only 57 people OK how many of you went a little farther in spiritual conversation than you normally would have gone is your head OK how many of you say I'm not a very good student stay for the next seminar. OK Well all right for this last part we did some practice what questions or observations do you have from what we've done here or yes. Me. OK So summarize a question for recording a what if a person says I I just hang on to what. OK Here we go so we were already getting some team teaching collaboration going. OK The question was so somebody says well I've gone away from the church because I had bad experiences that right and so now you're down there where you're about to appeal or challenge them for their next step so what do you say you know we'll get back to church or whatever so you work right here in this situation so what was the answer you gave. It. To me and have kind of been in and out of church and her response to me was great she said you know sometimes we're born into a religion but things don't change until you have that personal connection with the savior. And you think God set up this appointment I know he did and that's what he does everywhere when we're willing I look back at my life and I can see hundreds of missed opportunities and instead of having regret I just say OK now I'm going to pursue every opportunity I can and praise the Lord for that and by the way. I am a 15 aeration 7th heaven is but in reality none of us are born administered less we're born in a Baptistery. And we don't believe in infant baptism unless it's a pregnant lady OK So anyway it's true we can grow up around it but it has to be a personal relationship OK Question or comment. Yes. OK The question is the transition from occupation to religious background what if you're an atheist country in this young ladies from Japan just a mention of one of our mission fields OK So what do you say so the simple way of saying it do you have any religious background and I'm asking it more and more that way even in the United States has are more and more people growing up basically atheist or practicing atheist or agnostic or no religious background this last Sabbath a week ago Sabbath our son who is planting churches I think and mention in forward Texas multiple churches baptized 3 people and a mother and 2 of her children and she said I had no religion growing up I don't know if I didn't know anything about anything about Bible I thought there might be a god but I didn't know and so there's more and more of that all around us and as Ed minister if you've been around Adventism for a while you can get the impression everybody is raised something will know they were more and more raised on T.V. or movies or Netflix or whatever it is so do you have so a simple way saying Do you have any religious background and if they say no none then you can ask more about that you can say if you ever thought there might be a god. So in in Richardson where I was passed during We had one Sabbath. When I was preaching a couple Sabbath and Roy's preaching and I could I noticed an elderly Asian couple at the back at 1st service we had her service and 7 school and 2nd service and I thought I need to meet them I need to find out what their story is we want to hear each other's stories and that gives us the ability to share in the right to share so I after the service I headed back and I caught him in the lobby and I said hi don't think we've met I find out he's a retired Chinese pastor and he goes back to China Mainland China every year to see family and friends in and to do work and but he lived in the area I said you have a Sabbath school class you enjoy the Found a pleasure Joyce's No we just go home and study in Chinese I said if we could give you a little room could you started Chinese Sabbath school class at our church and he said Sure now why not why not and so we gave her and within 2 months he had 8 people are studying in the quest now we we tried to get his membership transferred but we didn't let that stop from getting the work going he and his wife go back to China of really quite an atheistic country now and goes back to China for the summer trip there in a modern city they're sitting on a park bench together and they're just looking in here's a lady sitting at a park bench next to them and he says I was I will quote him because a case be Chinese he says in English he says hasn't god given a sybian a full day in the lady in the other park bench says he you know got. I've been looking for him for 40 years. Now that's not a providential appointment isn't it we if we don't catch those things we missed it and he says yes would you like to learn more about God Well yes and the next 2 days he went through he didn't know the 32nd in the 5 men in the know but they went through everything in depth and she says I want to learn more and more and and he says well we're going back to the United States and she said My family and relatives are taking a trip to the United States we've never been there where do you live he said Dallas area and she said Can we come and can I stay at Extra and spend some more time learning he said sure so I had the privilege of baptizing the high school from China as a member of the Richardson 7th heaven his church because of that connection so just ask what your religious background did you have a religious background Have you ever thought much about creation and God OK All right we've got a few more minutes yes yes. Yes. OK Question How do you how do you approach a family member a relative or a close friend who is raise 7th heaven as they slid back and now you're trying to share with them and they say Who are you to talk to me that way in a nice way or maybe they don't say it in nice way OK. There that's where we ask for discernment from God is this person receptive or not receptive. OK And that's one of the seminars how do you find receptive people to win souls for soul winning OK and that's going to be it's going to be tomorrow and how do we have fine everywhere you go there's at least 5 percent of the people who are wide open to accept the evidence message right now don't let the 95 discourage you before you get to the 5 OK So that's one principle but when they say well who are you to say that you say you know I'm a prime example of why we need to be administered because I was around Adventism too and it didn't change my heart and I don't want that kind of Adventism anymore I want to have an Adventist and that loves Jesus with all their heart embraces the Bible is God's voice speaking to me and wants to be around godly people who really want to take the good news everywhere so forgive me for my bad witness in the past but I'm an example of how God can work with somebody who's messed up OK we don't have to we don't witness from a superior position we witness at the foot of the cross where it's a level position OK yes. OK All right so the question is you've gotten to the religious background part us then they said don't talk about politics or religion and you know you can just leave it there can be a yellow light or red light what I typically would say ends in a situation like that is I'd say I bet you've had a bad experience with either or both of those and then you find out if the yellow light becomes red or becomes green. But you see what I'm talking about so I sure have I grew up in this or another and then they tell you all are religious background you think. OK Or they say our dad was a U.S. senator and it was just bad and he acted like he is so he could get the votes and that would bother me too I I can see why you'd want to feel that way yeah. What about you glad you asked him a 7th Day Adventist through familiar 7 little. Threads our time has come to an end for this seminar the next seminar will be tomorrow and it's how to share the administration 30 minutes and we will talk primarily on where we go once a person is seems to be more receptive and ready to unite with the had been a smooth meant for Beth to some more preparation you don't have to go through 28 weeks of studies but how you can identify what they already know and work with what they don't know and take them rapidly OK so that's we'll talk about so just before our prayer I want to mention 2 other things One is if you're thinking about going out and outreaches afternoon but you're not sure go OK 2nd thing is if you benefit from this seminar at all please do these 3 things put it into practice share it with somebody else who might put it into practice and 3rd you can rate it on a $10.00 to $5.00 and say this is worth going to so they might invite me back some time OK let's have prayer Eternal Father in Heaven you are so gracious to us in spite of our mess and you just cover us with your robe of righteousness and forgive all our sins when we confess them and acknowledge them to you again and again and thank you for using us not because we're good but because you're good and the you want everybody to know that you're good and that you love them and you're coming soon so I pray Lord that this will be more than just one more seminar more than just one more set of notes to take but this is something practical Lord that will be put into practice even the Satinder noon and beyond in Jesus' wonderful and precious name Amen. This message is recorded at the G Y C. In Houston Texas. Supporting ministry the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire. Young people to be bible based pricing and so when Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. web or.


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