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3. How To Share the Adventist Message in 30 Minutes

Dan Serns


Dan Serns has travelled the world teaching and preaching about Jesus, Bible truth and God’s final movement on earth. Thousands who have heard him speak say they appreciate how he is able to make complex Bible subjects clear, understandable and practical and mobilize people in God’s mission. Wherever he goes there is renewal, revival and numerical multiplication of God’s kingdom. He serves as Evangelism Coordinator for the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He has been published in numerous magazines, including Ministry Magazine and Adventist Review. He and his wife Lois have raised three children who are currently serving the Lord with their families in Texas, Washington & California.



  • December 30, 2018
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G. Y.C. to be used in Texas for other resources like this visit us online. OK Welcome welcome to the seminar how to share the admin a small Sitch in 30 minutes all right how many of you are here for one of the other 2 seminars. You came back wow look at that you didn't get enough will good how many of you went on outreach yesterday God bless you how many of you have already tried to think about or at least are try using some of the things you learned from yesterday OK good for those who raise their hand those who just said well I enjoy it do something with it do something with it OK now here's something that happened this morning just about 20 minutes ago I was eating in the in the meal area down here and I know that many people in their rooms or other places how many of you eat your meals in the eating area here can I just Syrians OK I want us to especially listen to me this is Leslie and Carla actually it's Carla and Leslie they helped service if you were eating there to this morning they helped to service and they were working at the. I don't think dry dry cereal area and all of that so I saw them and I said thank you so much for your service I'd like to give you something to enjoy on your break and I handed them 3 things a love letter from Jesus. Love the new 3 C o 9 and Espanol both I'm speaking Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa the Bible nutrition and I said yes and my language my life cart and they were so appreciative that they can thank you much as Krus is and there is so thankful and they said Do you have Spanish Bibles Spanish Bible and I said you need do you have do you need a Spanish Bible and Leslie on the right said CD Yes Yes And I'm in Carla sit me too. And I said I will see what I can do to see I can't promise you know we shouldn't promise if we can't fold through so I can't promise but I'm going to see what I can do to get if there Spanish Bibles around we can get to you I said are you working breakfast tomorrow and they said no just today lunch today so I'm just going to ask right here if we can find somebody or 2 people or a team of people who will go on a mission at some point in time see if you can hunt down any Spanish Bibles anywhere and hunt Leslie and Carla who will be working lunch in that area do I have any volunteers who say I'm going to try to get a Spanish Bible or 2 to yes God bless you OK you and who us raise your and OK you 2 both of you stand up and look at each other so you can work together on this OK OK Be sure you get together afterwards all right all right the seminar after this one is to have how to rapidly mobilize people in ministry and mission and this is what we just did OK We'll talk about more ways to do that in your own home church that's next similar Ok so now and and really you know Moses went to Pharaoh and said Let My People Go. And that's really what God wants to say to all of his church people let them go out and do what they're intended to do not discuss and sit and sew and sour but to goal and be revived and renewed I like what Pastor Gary Blanchard told me one time he said I figure if I'm working hard to bring as many people into the church as possible I'm not going to burn down the church. And people who are wanting to burn down the church are bringing very many people into it and we don't have to get caught up in major discussions and debates with them we're going to be about our father's business OK so don't get up you can get into certain chat rooms and social media things in debates and discussions and think that you are 3 clicks away from saving the church and saving the world but that's no what it's about it's about sharing Jesus and His Word and His final movement and inviting people in OK let's pray he turn a Father in Heaven you are here before any of us came into this room and we invite you to do your work in our minds in our hearts in our lives through our hands and feet and through our voices that only you can do and help us Lord to not just have one more seminar under our belt but to use this very very soon today or within the next few days to make an eternal difference in other people's lives knowing it will transform our lives in Jesus' wonderful and precious name I pray Amen OK Those of you who are here when we talked about how to share the administration 30 seconds you know there is not a rote script but there are 4 ingredients you remember that somebody says What is a 7th Day Adventist and you say something like this. We believe that everyone in the world would be happier and better off if they accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord their creator their healer their soon coming King their intercessor if they accept Jesus in charge of every part of their life if they took the Bible as God's voice speaking to them and they said Lord send your Holy Spirit to change me and help me to walk in these ways and then they got together with other godly people have the same mind to work together to take the good news to all the world that Jesus loves them and love and is coming soon again. And many people say wow I could agree with that and then you say you'd make a great 7th Day Adventist invite him in because this message isn't a branch of Christianity a branch of even gel a Protestant ism a branch of evangelical ism a branch of the mill or right movement and then we get down to this little thing called 7th Day Adventists this is a movement of God that calls people out of every bit of false religion into God's final movement this was the one going forward and we want to get on the bus we don't deserve it we don't earn it nobody is better than anybody here but we're inviting everybody to be on the bus because Jesus invited us on the bus OK that's kind of an expansion of the 30 seconds but you got that and then when we talked about the 5 minutes we specially focused on the acronym for F. or T. family occupation religious background and testimony so that we began asking people questions to find out where they're from and if they have siblings and if they grew up here and things about family so we're listening in entering into their world and then we ask them questions about occupation are they working to do what kind of work do they do are they student we ask him though so we're listening so we are understanding their that part of their world and then we now can gently say do you have any kind of religious background and they'll say whatever they want to say and we're listening to what they're saying and as we go along we're looking to be sure we have a green light and if there's a yellow light we slow down if this is a red light we stop we don't push people in the K. but then after we've heard them and we've gotten to know them then we get to testimony and now we can share with them fairly briefly. The 3 parts of our testimony number one are life before Jesus and don't spend long on that because it's not much is buried OK 2nd something good about Jesus the Bible and God's final movement and how that be started changing your life and finally inviting them to take whatever they see is their next step in their spiritual journey I was on an airplane I'm fair labor of airplanes but I got in a conversation with a lady and she was a believer but her husband was an atheist university professor in one of the sciences and I said so that's a challenge isn't it in family you know to to be married to and she said it's so difficult and I said So what are some of the biggest challenges and she said something I never expected I thought she'd say well he's an atheist or he doesn't believe all of those things I that's not what she said at all the biggest challenges he's depressed all the time isn't that something atheist professors don't need cute little arguments they need the lord OK And now we need to be settled in our own mind why certain things are not right not true but we don't need to get into Bateson arguments and think the devil is cheering us on yeah harden their hearts even faster No we mingle with people as one who desires their good and I said So what what do you do to try to help him with his depression I've tried everything we've been to lots of doctors he's on medication and we don't know if he can hold his position because of what he's going through I see can I make a suggestion Well yeah up. Where boy is that an opportunity. And so I said to this I said to her there is a part of the Bible that is especially good to help people going through discouragement depression she says What is it I said it's the little book of Philippians do you know where that is you will ya know my Bible and I said it has 4 chapters and what I do whenever I'm talking to people who are discouraged or depressed is I'll tell them I want to give you a reading assignment if you'll let me and if they say OK what is it find a Bible do you have a Bible find the book of Philippians a little book and open the Bible and say Lord please show me something that will help me today and then begin reading and it's not a job you're not trying to get through the book fast you're not trying to read a chapter a day you're just looking for one verse or phrase that's God speaking to you and yet might be in just a few verses or a few chapters it does not matter but when you know you've heard God's voice Stop right there and say Thank You Thank You Lord and read it out loud several times to burn it into your mind so you're seeing it you're saying it you're hearing yourself say it and then write that verse and then write a short purdah God thank You Lord for showing me this verse in then you write it down and do that each day for a week or in it in if it's more intense for each day for 2 weeks if you get to the end of Philippians go back to the beginning and read it again OK really start reading again but every day you're hearing something from God that will help you and she said but he won't do that because he's an atheist and he would never say God show me something and God gave me this simple idea I said then then explain to him we've tried everything and it's not helping. I want you to try this and when you explain it to him have him just say when the Bible is opened to Philippians one God If you exist show me something that will help me today that way a skeptic can say if you exist and God can say I'm glad you're listening. You see that picture and he says I'm going to try that and I said whether it helps him or not you do it too but do it individually and then you'll have something to share I'll know in heaven how that with many things we do we'll know in heaven but we won't know here but we can do that we can help I'd like to give you a reading assignment I think would help you you can say that to friends and sometimes us which of these 4 emotions are most powerful for you right now anger fear lust or discouragement if they say discouragement I assign Philippians if they say anger I sign. If they say lust I assign the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 56 and 7 and if they say fear in the little book of 1st John with those 5 chapters near the end of the Bible. That's a little bonus that wasn't in the regular part so let's get into this these are things simple tools that don't change people God changes people the Holy Spirit changes people but it's so much easier to help drive a car on a road than through a ditch OK So use the tools that God has given us to help people how to share the Evan a small sit in 30 minutes this is particularly focused on a person who has already been exposed to the admin A Smith sits some and you're just helping him clarifying take action with it say this with me again read it with me and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come let's do it again I know it's early in the morning let's try it and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come the end of what the end of divorce the end of parents fighting the end of jealousy and envy the end of human trafficking the end of AIDS the end of cancer the end of war the end of car accidents the end of bickering criticising complain all of that will come to an end when we just do enough social justice not quite I believe we ought to do what we can to make a difference in this whole world while we're here but this is when the end of all that will come and what is it going to take this cusp of the kingdom being preached in all the world as a witness to all nations and then the end will come so every time you give a glow tract you are hastening the return of Jesus. Every time you say something good about Jesus your speeding is returned every time you encourage people to get into the Bible and do it yourself you are hastening the return of Jesus every time you invite somebody to unite with God's final movement you are helping the end of all that garbage come you are agents for God and if you look at me and you say why I could never stand up front of all those people talk like that the devil is whispering that in your ear I don't know if you God will have you stand up in front or whatever you do but every one of you have a circle of influence nobody else has and let your light shine there and it will hasten the kingdom and then allow God to transplant you out of your comfort zone into your discomfort zone in some part of the world sure medium or long term where it's not as easy and let God grow and stretch you and show you lots of things had you ever seen that Matthew 24 before putting before is there you are there in that verse that's why you come to the seminar it's not an accident so you thought you came because your friends came to the movies came because you know your wonder nunna hall and this is the 1st door that opened but you're here on purpose. God has you in mind to reach many many people and from you not only to reach many people but to activate many people from there so what will it take are you and your church on the 500 year plan or the 10 year plan to take the been a smidge to everyone in your territory and beyond the 1st part of my ministry as on the 500 year plan by God's grace No I want to think and being on the 10 year plan what would it take what little part can I do to bring my 5 loaves and 2 fish and give it to Jesus and then see what he does with it we all have that little sacrilege give it to Jesus and see what he does with it OK so when I was pastor in the Richardson 77 his church there on the north side of Dallas some of you heard me mention that yesterday God gave us some phenomenal experiences and we took the attitude the harvest is great and if the harvest is great let's go after it let's expect that we should be baptizing people on a regular basis not just kind to. See we have somebody for baptism is the baptistery still working as ever crack in an oh we're going to move some stuff out of storage because that's where I've been storing at the last 7 years you know what I'm talking about that's a it's not a you know they have these military drills to make sure the equipment the people can still work as a church we need to have these drills to be sure the stuff still works we need to fill it every month whether we have anybody to baptize or not to be sure that still works and when somebody says isn't that a waste of water he say yes why do we have anybody ready. You're getting the picture but if you're going to expect that then you're going to put on the calendar when the next baptisms are and it's not going to be just some secret in the pastor's mine. Every one of the board will be able to tell you when the next few baptisms are and everybody in the congregation will be able to tell you when the next few best isms are because they're working to spread the gospel and as they're sharing with their friends here and there and there then they need to be able to say will the next it looks like you're making decisions for Jesus in the Bible in his final new I.R. next baptism is going to be the 1st 4th Sabbath of this coming month and I think you ought to be in it. And the pastor doesn't even need to know that at that time right is that right if the pastor is the only person winning souls in the church that church is crippled everybody's called to be a soul winner every disciple is called to be making disciples every church is called to be planting churches never get past that So if you're going to do that you need to have an assembly line you can't just kind of tinker and build your own little your own little system you have to have a plan for the harvest to come into this movement and then to go out from this movement so what we would do is the 4 Sabbath of every month we'd fill a baptistery that was fill the baptistery 7 whether anybody is ready or not Bill back to St. We're not going to baptize people wander in off the street say Yeah I think you know it's hot out there in the looks cool refreshing No we don't do it on that basis we were people are converted and who understand I'm surrendering everything in my refrigerator and in my pocket book and in my closet and everything is under the authority of Jesus they need to know that OK now they don't have to be able to diagram the 2300 days that's eat that's too easy they need to know it's a lot bigger than that they need to know this is a full surrender of their whole life to the Lord and when they get that we can help him with the other stuff OK so we don't baptize unconverted people or people with unresolved addictions or relationship issues but we show him Jesus can resolve these and we'll help you and yes and we don't baptize people are still smoking because a cigarette goes out under water anyway but we don't do it that close either we let him have a taste of victory we don't say you need to go for a year without smoking before will be up to you we would say God will give you victory right now and will call you every day and encourage you pray with you over the phone will text message you Bible promises in other words we're staying with the we're loving them we're helping them along this journey and I believe you will be ready for this baptism coming up in 2 weeks and I'm praying with you and I'm walking with you and they start saying I only smoked 3 yesterday and you say did you confess that to Jesus we yes then you don't have to tell me about it OK but what we want how many times were you tempted to smoke 0300 times those are all victories count the victories don't count the defeats count the victories and thank Jesus for the victories and confess to defeats to him and then people start experiencing victories in victories and then they know yes I'm free I'm free and then what happens they get baptized with their spouse on the way home they get in a fight with each other like because the devil is trying to get and they go out on Sabbath and buy cigarettes a smoke and then they feel guilty for ever and you don't see him again but they see us again. Because we don't just leave them there and say well they don't they're not showing up to church they were baptized and they don't come to church anymore I guess they we should know about ties and they were already know we go out there to find out how the devil tempted them just like a tent to Jesus 40 days after his best tism the devil pulls out his big guns after bet does it and if we just say Beppe is OK see in the next Sabbath OK let's go over tonight what or what games are we going to play we get to go that's wrong anyway you get the picture all right so we stay close to them close to close to one of my sons who is a church planting pastor in Fort Worth baptized 3 people 2 Sabbaths ago and we told him the devil is going to do everything you can to make it to destroy this beautiful experience and the woman who has some health challenges went into a deep depression became suicidal the next day says I don't know what to do what do I do in an whatsapp group Everybody's praying for her and she's a part of that whatsapp group with that church baby church plant that's coming up and they're proud we're praying for you can make it you can do it you can do it and we want you to help with this in this in this and she and her family helped with the praise team last 7 before yesterday you know we don't leave people no one left behind and we stay close to them especially in their 1st 2 months as a believer that prime time so I'm getting adding it but we want to get people started as strong as possible when they get started and so what we do is we have a new member orientation the night before the baptism and we used to do it just for the new people who were going to be baptized or rebaptized or come in a profession of faith but we started doing it with all the transfers to. OK We wanted everybody who is uniting with a Richardson 7th heaven a church to have 2 hours and Friday evening to really get the big picture see what it's all about how exciting it is to be a 7th Day Adventist living in the last day sharing your faith and watching lies transformed that's what we what we want that and I think I saw a face back there that may have been through one of those you went through and into your. Waiter here and there and I really can go and talk to Brenda now she's getting all shy and embarrassed there but but you know we had that orientation and we go through 4 things and I don't have time in the seminar to go through all of them but I'll just mention them briefly 1st 30 minutes we want to hear their stories how is God led you to this place in your life and it will just melt your heart bring tears to your eyes you realize God's working in these people's lives we need to listen to him in how his dad brought you and it's not when we showed up that God showed up God was working with him all along and then we just helped deliver the baby OK the 2nd 30 minutes what does it mean to be a 7th Day Adventist the administration 30 minutes OK we're going to cover a little bit of it here the 3rd part is our 4 hopes for you in your 1st 6 months as a member here we hope you have at least 7 good friends we hope you stablish the habit of daily Bible study and prayer that's reinforced with the Sabbath school class we hope you find a ministry you really enjoy so try out several of them will help you try them out we hope that you will not we will help you build a pearl list of people you'd like to see baptized in unite with God's final movement and will we will help you build that per list and reach out to them because in 6 months we hope you see somebody that you brought it. So that's a 3rd part of the new member station are 4 hopes for you in your 1st 6 months baptism isn't the end it's the doorway into a whole new life and here for tracks to run on and then the 4th one is what you can do individually and what is happening around the world to move God's work forward there's a world wide publishing ministry and here are 100 Glo tracks you get the picture where is a worldwide medical ministry and here is the acronym new start that you can share with your friends there's a world wide educational ministry in our closest schools are here year in year will help your kids get in will find a way to make that happen but you can help educate through your ministry to other people so we want to show that So that's what we do a new member orientation but during that 2nd 30 minutes here's what we do I look at them and here we have all who are becoming members of the Church and any of their family and friends that are gathered around there and any church leaders that want to come into this is the 1st part and I look at each one in the eye and I say if you can say yes then don't just say yes say yes OK if you can say yes say yes and if you can't or you have any questions then this is a fair place to ask questions and the question can be asked in an ad been a shirt we're not afraid of questions we don't have all the answers but we have a Bible and it has the answers to every important question ever ask in the world OK so I'm going to ask you this question as if you are going to become members of the Richardson 7th heaven is church tomorrow OK it will baptize other days and 72 OK All right so here's the 1st question. And I want you to think about this and if you can say yes say yes OK I don't know who is next door OK well it's all right have you come to the place in your life where you can say I have accepted Jesus as my Savior and my lord I know he's super given all of my sins all of and for and promised me a home in heaven and he's willing to give me victory each day of my life as I ask him Have you come to a place 123. OK let's see if anybody else can join us now 123 OK Yes Now if a person can't say that should they become a 7th Day Adventist know now because they won't become a glad been tist they'll become a mad than just. If you don't have Jesus in your heart then you get mad and irritated all kinds of stuff the color of the carpet the song that was song the guest speaker that took too long you get mad at this and that because there's not Jesus in the heart when Jesus is in the heart well there's so much you say bless that preacher Lord help him to finish in the next 4550 minutes OK or you know. Somebody says How do you like my dishes potluck never tasted anything like that before. OK but we love each other because we're Jesus in our heart OK now here's the 2nd question and this is very important question. Have you come to the place in your life where you can say I understand that the Bible is different from any other book ever written it is God's voice speaking to me I am willing to ask the Holy Spirit to change my life to match all the teachings of the Bible and I want to learn something from the Bible every single day have you. Let a few more join have you OK Yes And should a person become a 7th Day Adventist they can't say yes to that 2nd item No because this is recognizing the Bible as the final authority instead of our own thoughts and ideas and attitudes or anything else you see if a person doesn't have that conviction they will be glad then tist they'll be a bad thing to this because they will put geology above the Bible and they'll try to say that there's stuff that's been around millions and billions of years that the Bible says otherwise or they'll try to put sociology above the Bible and they'll say things like well I don't know about genders but you know we need to love all people in the which we do and and you know it's OK to experimental we need to and we know that the Bible is clear what's right and wrong and invites us to accept Jesus to change us because all of us 1st birth is not good enough for Heaven however you were born is not good enough for heaven that's why we need a new birth and only Jesus can give us the new birth so I was talking to one man about this and he says you're just such a narrow minded bigoted 7th they have a special their other administers and here are some publications that say a blow by blow. And I said and he said you don't know I was born this way and I tried marriage and it didn't work and to be honest to myself and others I divorced and now I'm with my boyfriend and I said and are stand completely look to me he says are you gay. And I said I said no but I have a sinful human nature I have different temptations than you have it's not a sin to have a temptation it's a sin to think about it very long until you're going to go act on it OK So each of us in this room the devil knows what your specific weaknesses and sin temptations are and he'll try to exploit those and they're different from mine are the same that really doesn't matter it what does matter is Jesus is our intercessor in the heavenly sanctuary and let us go boldly to the throne of grace that we might receive power strain grace to help in time in need and forgiveness but he wants to help us to go with the power but if we didn't to go with forgiveness so we don't have as much broken glass to keep stepping on so the Bible is our final authority not geology not sociology not our favorite T.V. preacher ad minister or non had been a just not our grandma who is so godly not our friend who has a better relationship with God than I have no it is the final authority for our lives if we're following Jesus that makes us glad minister. Here's the 3rd question if you come to the place in your life where you can say I realize that in these last days God is raising up his final movement for the purpose of taking the gospel to all the world and encourage each encouraging each other in holy living and just like the early Christian church God's final movement will keep all the commandments of God It arose as a result of prophecy it teaches and preaches prophecy and has a profit in it and I want to be a part of God's final movement can you say yes. Then others of you say Yes OK Yes Should a person become an ad minister if they can't say yes to that no because they won't be a glad been missed they'll be a sad then tist Hi I thought this church was better than that I thought that there'd be more variety of potluck I thought that I'd have more friends who were being nice to me all the time and making me the center of attention no but when we realize this is God's final movement and I want to be on board and I want to be kind to people I want to invite people but I'm a sinful human being if they look at me they're going to fall too many keep pointing to Jesus and this final movement and that's where it gets exciting and that's why we're glad Bendis So in that new member orientation I asked these 3 questions in that 2nd segment and if they have questions I say let's take some time on that and because we don't have a lot of time I put a website down here at the bottom and it's very easy to find Texas evangelism dot com slash start start. That's where you start and if you go to that particular web page you'll find an adapted version of this with links and so on any of these 3 if you just think well I mean I'm not there yet I'm not there yet that's OK but you can click on a link for each of these 3 and it will it will give you something to study something to read something to sing something to memorize the will help deep in you and prepare you to be able to say yes in each of those 3 areas OK so those of you who were who were here yesterday are already identifying a theme to see it there are 3 major areas that we want people to begin to grasp and wherever they aren't is where we will strengthen that to help move them forward if a person and let's just take an example just to keep you here somebody tell me raise your hand and tell me one of those 3 that if you are sitting in that new member station he said I'm not very clear on this help me raise your hand pick one of those 3 somebody anybody number 3 OK number 3 I realize in these last days. You know here in the as we look at the world around us we see things coming apart we also see people polarizing into 2 groups those who are more sensitive toward God and those who be are becoming more hardened toward God and you're here tonight in our new member orientation because you are wanting to be more sensitive to God Will God's not just working on you he's working on people from every nation and tribe and language group around the world to bring us into a relationship where we can encourage each other and work together rapidly to take the gospel all the world now some things that would really help strengthen this conviction would be to do some reading in the book of Acts in the Bible and in the books Daniel and Revelation in the Bible and then there is an inspired commentary this really good that one is called Acts of the Apostles and another is called the great controversy and as you get into those more and more you this conviction will deepen more and more for you and then there's a song called We have this hope that burns within our heart and we will learn it as we go on this journey together and as you sing it you realize more and more people are singing this message around the world and then there are some things that you could memorize that will help deepen this conviction for example in Revelation 12 there's a picture of the pure woman representing God's church and right at the end of that chapter it describes God's final church as. It says and there is war between the dragon there and the dragon was wroth or angry with the woman and went to make war with the last or The Last Church proceed they keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus and the rest of the Book of Revelation shows us the testimony of Jesus is really the Holy Spirit inspiring prophets to their true prophets of God But these things will deepen in your heart as you go along and will help you with this journey is this making sense to you. You see what I just did we didn't dismiss it and we didn't say oh you can't join this church because you know you're not certain if you are seeing this is making sense and I want to go deeper and I want to keep walking then come along and walk with us and you have room to grow in the church OK but if you said no I don't see that I don't believe that we say let's talk about next month. OK maybe next month we'll talk a little bit more after this and see if we can answer some questions OK So let's take just a moment or 2 for 2 or 3 other questions to on what we covered on this page because that's part one. OK All right the people in the Bible who are part of God's covenant movement did they believe in Ellen White No but what did they believe in they believed that there are true and false prophets that need to be tested and that when you find a true prophet then you need to realize their message isn't from them it's from God and you need to respond accordingly so one of our fundamental beliefs is called The Gift of Prophecy and it does mention that administers recognize that gift is being given to Illinois but in reality when a person becomes a 7th Day Adventist what they really need to commit to is the recognition that God works through prophets in a different way than he works through the rest of us that there are true and false prophets in their tests that need to be given and that we need we need to test the prophets despise not prophesied to prove all things hold fast to that which is good their 1st this alone is 5 and that's where he said don't despise it. And I like to say to people who have been around at dentist that are Ned minister and have trouble with Ellen White I said there are really 2 ditches that you can fall into and maybe that's where you've seen one is that you you have seen the person who received the gift put up on a pedestal instead of worship being the giver of the gift people almost worship the recipient of the gift and that's wrong it's a ditch on the other hand there are those who would say. I don't want to have anything to do with it I don't what I don't think that there are any profits anywhere else but that's denying the Bible teaching that there will be true prophets in the last days and that we need to watch out for false prophets and so we need to be open what we do in the middle is to say Lord what you have I need get into the Bible and then begin testing and I think you'll come to that conclusion that's what I tell OK what any other question or 2 on these 3. Just one a time please OK can. Yes a good question what he said for the sake of the recording if somebody that evening a new member station has a question do you try to work a through that evening or do you postpone and that's where we need to we need to have not spent a long time with them but in that because it's usually a group setting but what we'll do is we'll try to clarify it like I gave the example here if I say Does that make sense is that clear and they say yes yes then we can work with them if they say no no that's not clear I say well let's talk a little bit more afterwards and afterwards I want to clarify but if they're not really settled on that then we need to bump into a month or 2 and sometimes occasionally people be bumps. Until they finally have a conversion or a conviction in that area but generally most people say by the time they get to that point they are on a growth journey and they just it's hard to process all of it but I want to and if they're there we'll help them because all of us are still processing things OK but we need to be settled on these basic things too OK let's move to the next part where we had OK 15 minutes to go here's the 2nd part following Jesus in 28 fundamental but ways you may have heard people say well I love Jesus but I don't like the doctrines or if we just talk more about Jesus and forget the doctrines and that is that's like saying I really like your wife and you which people say sometimes with no but really we're one we're together it's of it's a unit So what happens is every When we share Jesus properly we will cover all the fundamentals and to say that again when we share Jesus properly we will cover all the fundamental beliefs but and every fundamental belief when it's understood properly gives us a new picture of Jesus it's all integrated right there so here's what I have and I need some help really quickly I want you to give one of these out to every person or to I don't know if we have enough for everyone but let's just do this is fair and it will get some Here we get some over here somebody help me here OK this is the fundamental beliefs how many of you know I'm going to give you a quiz How many of you have read every single one of the 28 fundamental beliefs let me see your hands OK the rest of you I want you to stay afterwards. This makes the point that one a journey I don't think a person should be brought into the administration official E. If they can't say yes to the 20 fundamental beliefs. But do they have to have a memorize do they have to have read all of them well obviously we missed on the majority of you but we took time we take time during the new member orientation and we would give we'd have this list for everybody and then here's what we would do and this is where it gets fun I'm going to give you 5 minutes to skim through this and notice what it says at the top put a check mark by each one you can say yes to and a question mark by each one that you wish you could explain better to someone else OK 5 minutes skim through those who are listening by the recording maybe they'll cut this part out or fast forward or maybe you'll do have a chance to do the same you can find all of these at ad minister or slash beliefs. OK if I could have your attention. Isn't it amazing how this is probably the 1st time you've ever done something like this and you see how good we can make friends and discuss things to be eternal in eternity just by talking about things that we enjoy the most Now I don't have time to do it with everyone but I'm going to ask for probably 2 or 3 hands to say this is one I wish I could explain better to someone else now notice we don't ask which one do you not understanding how to get the whole goal here is not to mean for me to understand it it's for me to be able to share with other someone else which means I need to understand it and share it OK so that's what we ask say let's just take and and each of these 28 each of you young people to old people to each of you I challenge you within the next few months to be able to explain each of these in 2 minutes or less. Each 12 minutes or less you know what to do all it just is very simple but to the sake when you wish you could explain better the Trinity OK here's what I'd do it let's say we're in that setting somebody says the Trinity I say OK what we find is way back at the beginning that when God created the heavens in the earth that the Spirit of God moved and when God start talking to himself let us make man in Our image we find a divine unity now we don't really understand it fully until we get to Jesus walking here on Earth and then we begin seeing at his baptism for example that here is God the Son being baptized as a witness for us and when he is God The Father says This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased and the Holy Spirit takes the form of a dove and comes in LEDs so we don't understand unity on the surface but this helps us so how many fingers of my holding up and how many does it look like I'm holding up why does it look like one because they're so close and in so much alignment in agreement it looks like one when they're 3 the the Trinity if you don't understand if you try to understand it you lose your mind if you don't accept it you lose your soul OK Alright what's another one. You yes the sanctuary OK Christ Ministry in the heavenly sanctuary OK so what we find is God wants to be around us. But we have problems cold sin and whenever there is sin if we were around him we'd be destroyed with His glory and His Holiness So what he had to do when Adam and Eve sinned is put them out of the 1st sanctuary the Garden of Eden but he had go outside and meet with him got side meet with him and then later in the Book of Exodus the next book we find the children of Israel in the end he says let them make me a sanctuary told Moses and gave him specific instruction so that I may dwell among them Exodus 258 and we find all through the Bible God wants to be with us but in that sanctuary there were 2 services a daily service and a yearly service the daily service when we study it out it shows us how to be saved individually by trusting Jesus who is coming in the future for them the yearly service shows how God's going to wrap up the sin problem and take sin completely out of the universe and so those 2 services show us how much God loves us individually and the world that was lost the Book of Revelation is actually 7 sanctuary scenes each one is introduced in and it just the the book of Hebrews says that the sanctuary is no longer on Earth that that's not where the focus is to be it's to be in heaven where our High Priest Jesus we can go boldly to his throne and find grace and help so all through the Scriptures we find God wants to be with us and the same sure teaches so much about how he wants to be with us OK let's take one more yes the great controversy OK great controversy Have you ever had a fight in your own home. You understand a little bit about the great controversy what we find is it didn't start in your house and it's not your parents' fault or your siblings fault or whatever it goes way back to an unfolding Angel call Lucifer who is the how every big the covering cherub up in heaven and he began to focus on 2 gifts God had given him his wisdom and his beauty we get into great controversies when we focus too much and think we're too smart and too good looking. So because he kept pulling away from God and God kept working with me kept pulling away God had to throw him out from heaven to this earth so the controversy that began in heaven came down to this earth and it began there in the Garden of Eden with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil God wanted us to only eat from the tree of good good and evil OK And and so we don't need to know all this knowledge of bad stuff but because Adam and Eve our common ancestors ate of that the controversy that started in heaven came down here to Earth and there's been fighting ever since but Jesus left Heaven came and lived here and was abused and mistreated and crushed and nailed to a cross for our sin and our transgression and rose again went back to heaven and that gives us the hope of going to heaven some day with him some day the controversy will be ended there'll be no sin or Satan anywhere in the universe won't have bigger. So these are ways you can just develop it but you don't have to cover the whole thing sometimes we think it's so complicated and in trying to communicate we say well we don't have enough time to cover Yes you do give them a seed thought that's Christ centered and exciting and joyful and they'll go I want more I want more so you got that picture. I heard 3 people said yes Kate I think I had one of these clickers somewhere here well just look at that that's where put I found I can actually do that with my finger OK so we're going to wrap this up to go into the next one but I think from this I want you to see how in 30 minutes a person who has been growing and learning and and exposed to some of these things you can clarify with the 3 questions where they need to be strengthened and give them tools to help strengthen them and then you can find with the 28 fundamentals which they like so they learn to express them and how to understand the sea any to those of their areas are you getting this if you're getting this turn to the person beside you say I think I get it. OK And if they have a blank stare stare then help them during the break OK now I want to finish up with these 2 quick stories because time is about up and I want to just show you how this worked in practicality OK I think I'm supposed to be done but I'm going to try to finish in 2 minutes OK 3 minutes the lady at the top here OK right here. She came with her kids her kids were preparing for baptism and she came with her kids to the new member orientation and we went through everything and afterwards several of us were hanging around mingling and I said to her I said you know this is one of the greatest joys of a godly parent you're seeing it right here you've done what you can to help your kids follow Jesus and tomorrow they're going to be baptized Isn't that beautiful and she said yes and I'm not even baptized. And then I said this is there anything that would make it difficult for you to be baptized with your children tomorrow I didn't say impossible and she said no. And I said have you been around the administration on the I'VE BEEN A Smith Oh yes I've been coming for years I married an admin to speak doesn't come. And so I said we'll do everything we cover makes sense yes yes do you have any questions and no are you fully committed to yes are you willing to surrender all your life yes yes the next day her husband came to see the kids be better and saw as kids and his wife. OK She's been active in the church and children's ministry and all kinds of things ever since right there OK but it was in a new member in Taishan where we had the 30 minute and she could see the whole picture and she thought maybe I ought to be a part of this too well let's go forward here's the other 11 of these new member orientations a lady. Was transferring in and I said No Esther I see somebody with the same last name as you Mark who's on the list to transfer into but is Mark here or that's my adult son but but he's not here I said well he needs to be here to become a transfer in tomorrow I'll get him on the phone you're supposed to be here oh you're out of state and work what are we to do and I said Tell him to come next month will transfer UN this month but I don't want him to miss out on this and so we'll put him in the new member orientation for next month OK Pastor he has a Buddhist girlfriend and I said Great have him invite her to. You see this is not an exclusive club then we're inviting everybody. And so the next month mark showed up with his Buddhist girlfriend. And he said in the inner circle of those who are going to be baptized transferred or whatever and she said in the outer circle of some of the church leaders and some other family members and friends that have been invited and what we do to in the new member orientation is we always stand in a circle and we do what we call sentence prayer and Grug sentence prayers were each person just says one sentence whatever's on their heart to the Lord and then we all move in together and on the count of 3 we go groggy which by the way short for a group hug OK Brugge and then we say when you have the Lord and you have each other what else do you need we always in our new member orientation that way we always in our church board meetings that way as a whole nother topic OK. GROSS So we don't say no if you don't feel like praying then you don't you can just nudge the person we'll let them figure that out we just say OK we're going to sentence prayer and each person just say one sentence to God If you don't want to say you can just say love you I love you God So we're going around the circle and it comes time for men to the enemies Buddhists. I meant to and I'm just waiting to think Is she going to nudge mark or she just going to pass the word and she says Dear Lord thank you for making it very clear to me tonight that I need to be about ties and unite with a 7th they haven't missed church ah I have to confess I don't remember any of the other prayers. Afterwards I went to I said I'm into this quite a prayer. How did you get to that point and she began telling me a story of how when she come as a little girl to this country she's in preschool had a really good friend and one day the friend said minted you believe in Jesus she said No Oh you're going to burn in hell and she ran away crying. And she said I had 2 or 3 of those experiences growing up and I thought these are nice people but they have a weird religion I never want to be a part of that and she said and I wondered about that and I thought I've got to figure out what is that about and then I met Mark and he says that's not the way it is and he started telling more and then I came tonight and in the question the answer I had all my questions answered. And so we put her on a track and she was baptized a few months later and then after that I had the privilege of performing their wedding actually she was Reba she was baptized and Mark was rebaptized had the privilege of performing their wedding then a few years later went back dedicated their little child and now she's pregnant with a 2nd but you know this doesn't have to be complicated it's not like you're that religion on this religion we're this church and not oh there's this movement and God put us here let's invite people into it let's stand for prayer. Eternal Father in Heaven forgive us for complicating the simplicity of what you're doing in this world help us to be on fire for Jesus to store your word in our mind in our heart that we might not sin against you it might be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path to be thrilled to be a part of your final movement not because we're any better not because we've earned it not because we deserve it but because you've invited us and we've said yes and so Lord help us to participate with you in inviting others wherever they are to take those steps of faith with you and be a part of this great movement and Jesus precious name Amen just before I let you go for break 2 quick things next seminar is going to be on how to find receptive people for winning souls for soul winning OK 2nd if you got something good from this seminar please do these 3 things use it share it was somebody else who might use it and then write it on the app so they might invite me back to. Take a little break. This message was recorded at the G Y C. In Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online. Or.


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