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4. How to Find Receptive People for Soul Winning

Dan Serns


Dan Serns has travelled the world teaching and preaching about Jesus, Bible truth and God’s final movement on earth. Thousands who have heard him speak say they appreciate how he is able to make complex Bible subjects clear, understandable and practical and mobilize people in God’s mission. Wherever he goes there is renewal, revival and numerical multiplication of God’s kingdom. He serves as Evangelism Coordinator for the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He has been published in numerous magazines, including Ministry Magazine and Adventist Review. He and his wife Lois have raised three children who are currently serving the Lord with their families in Texas, Washington & California.



  • December 31, 2018
    10:45 AM
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This message was presented at the G. Y.C.. In Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online and. Father in heaven you know that I am not worthy to be teaching a seminar I am not worthy to be a pastor minister I'm not worthy to be a Christian but I find all my worthiness in Jesus and he is worthy and he is done it for me and for all of us so I welcome that I accept that I am brace that and because of that Lord I can stand here boldly in your name in your power speaking on your behalf and if I say things I should not say or say them in the wrong way I pray that you will cover that change that changes between my voice and and the ears of the hears because Lord what we all want more than anything else is to know you to love you to serve you to share you and to see this gospel go to all the world in this generation and you come again so help this to be a little part in that process in Jesus name Amen how to find receptive people for soul winning here we go read this with me please and it's some excerpts so read it with me the harvest truly is great the laborers are few pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labors into his harvest go and remain in the same house it comes from Lou Now this is when Jesus sent out the 70 in Luke 9 he sent out the 122 by 2. In Luke 10 he sends out the 72 by 2 they give some fairly specific instruction that when we really study it and unpack it we find all kinds of principles in Seoul winning that we didn't get anywhere else but I'm only going to be able to share a few those with you but I want to unpack a few of these things in fact the next 3 seminars this one in the 2 that I'll do the scepter noon will look at this passage and we'll look at more and more pieces and parts and branches out but we must always operate on the assumption that the harvest is great if we ever catch ourselves saying Well nobody's interested around here we are speaking the devil's thoughts instead of the Lord's words OK Mark Finley I think most people know Mark Finley says wherever he's gone in the world he believes at least 5 percent of the people are ready to embrace the admin A Smith says right now that means if you live in a community of 10000 and if he knows what he's talking about and I think he does that there are 500 people 500 people in that community of 10000 Do you realize that in a city of a 1000000 what is that you mathematicians That's 50000 ready to embrace the evidence message so why aren't they 500000 thank you no no that's that's 50 percent ers. You really get me excited but anyway. 50000 Here's Houston more than 6000000 so you have 300000 in the city if that principle falls and I believe it does because it's based on that 1st phrase the harvest is great but you know what happens. He come to see you get all excited you go get fired up you come to a seminar lace like this you say yeah yeah yeah let's go get the world let's go tell the world and you go out and you give and you're in the airport ready to fly home and you. Get those tracks and you think. Who do I give it to. That I give to you walk up to some you say. You don't want any literature do you. Know didn't think so. You know we set ourselves up for failure because we're not operating in living by the principles of the scripture but what I found in airports the best thing to do is just to say here here here here and you know what they say usually they say thank you somebody says what does security say I said they say thank you to. You don't leave them out there are people who need the Lord then you know Jesus loves them and he's coming soon to right so I don't and if they say you can't do that around here he said OK let's say I got to go over to that part went to my with my son down here in San Antonio at the Alamo years ago before glow tracks some of us old timers remember an hour with your bible little tracks OK And so I was with my 5 year old son at the time Dustin he's good friends with Philip there and and and Dustin's 5 years old and he's he's got this missionary heart he still does praise the Lord and and he just saying dad give me some more and he just going up to all the tourists and she's kind of given like this and he comes up and comes up to guy standing in a U.S.. Park service uniform and the guy looks down at him and he doesn't take the tracks and dust and looks up at him and he sees a guy in the had in the green in. And he says to me he says are you passing these things out I said no he is. More angry at me than him but no I wasn't going to let it go but anyway and he and I said but I'm giving in to him and he says well it's not legal to do on government property and us and looks up at me as if to say are we going to get arrested and go to jail for Jesus to day. He doesn't say that but it look on his face and I said he's telling us we need to go across the street to pass them out and dust and smiles again and the park ranger smiles and goes like. Because there are a lot of undercover Christians don't be one of them be out the open until they stop you OK The harvest is great but how do we find that 5 percent right that's that's a that's a key how do we find that find those that are in that 5 percent and what do we do once we find them now there are some good things that churches do and I'm for all of it OK I I. Never get I don't want to ever get in the place where I say you know that's the right way and that's not or this is better and that's no no we what we need to be good stewards of the resources Jesus said if they're spreading my name and they don't do it like you and they're not part of you leave all alone and bless them go go do it go do it so you know I've come to other people are giving out tracks to from other denominations I say God bless you power to you you have these and here are your check these out to let me see so many years and if I find something that's good to pass out from them a pass it up if they find something good for me I hope they'll pass it out to. I was asked to preach in a Methodist church on a Sunday here this few months ago through an unusual set of circumstances and I preached about let your light shine share Jesus everywhere and at the end I said I have these Glo tracks and you can go pass them out everywhere they took 200 of them. I mean why do we have little silos let's just share Sharon So how do we find receptive people were right here here we are the shortage is not money money is never the shortage in God's work the shortage is not resources and that's never the shortage the shortage is not church buildings and school buildings all of those are nice little tools they're sure it is you and me workers in the harvest I heard about a factory owner who is giving a group a tour through his factory they came to a place they looked out over the work room and they saw hundreds of people and somebody said how many workers do you have in the factory president said about half as some of you haven't gotten that yet you get it tonight while you're lying in bed. How many do you have They're expecting a number he says about half the other half are employees but not really workers OK but in our churches we'd be thrilled if we even had half of the people doing something for Jesus on a regular basis so what the shortage is always the workers and that's why the next seminar is on how to rapidly mobilize people out in ministry and mission because that's where the shortage is and when we do that it's amazing how the financial resources and other resources and facilities come when we mobilize the workers when we when we know what is to go on the front line so the way that we begin to reap truly reach the harvest is in that 3rd line pray Greek word means beg. Please Lord said workers into the harvest your G Y C leaders have been doing that up to this conference and continue to do it that's why they put their energies into this we beg you Lord to send workers into the harvest and my prayer is that every single one of you in this seminar in each seminar that I teach will have something you can use within $48.00 hours of the seminar that you will use and then you'll turn around and invite a friend to go with you and share with them what you've learned and let the multiplying effect happen so we begin by begging the Lord of the harvest Now that's an encouraging word who's in charge of the harvest God or US He's the Lord of the harvest and he tells us beg me because I'm in charge of the harvest to send out and of course the word there in Greek is throw out cast out light casting out demons casting out a net cast out workers throw him out of their comfort zone that's when we start really serving God as when we're outside our comfort zone when it's all about our comfort we won't go out but when we go out it's all about God's miracles so to throw workers out into his harvest and then he says Answer your own prayers by going and then remain in the same house so we're going to unpack this a little bit more as we go along let's get some principles from the Book of Acts and then you're going to help me with finding how to apply this right away OK X. 8 you know the story of Philip in the Ethiopian Delia if you don't you can open your Bible you go through it it's worth a good solid study OK what what about theological training head Philip head how many G.Y. sees it he'd been to OK what we do know is that he was a godly man full of faith and wisdom and a good reputation and he was one of the deacons. So we do know is pursuing God and in the morning it says that the angel of the Lord spoke to him now. When we start every day we can ask God send me to somebody today we can us that and go and then ask Lord help me to be aware when you send me because sometimes he sends people we miss him but when he sends us we respond so as Philip gets up not knowing exactly why but he heads out into the desert he just come from a huge evangelistic campaign in in some area and God Call him away from that so it would get a big head and sense of out in the desert sometimes God call you away from what looks great to something that looks small but it's going to affect a whole nation and so God looking down saw a willing worker and he saw a searching person and he said I'm going to put those 2 together that's what God wants to do with you you will either be the missionary or if you're not a missionary you are the mission field and God's going to try to bring those 2 together if they're willing and so Philip has done there and here is this Ethiopian official very trusted position handles all the wealth of the empire of Ethiopia Wow And where is he coming from Jerusalem why did he go to Jerusalem he had somehow gotten word that there is the Messiah or that that was the right form of service or that what he was he is not it A or B. or C. he was it X. or Y. ready to go to Z. to unite with God's people and so. He gone to Jerusalem and I'm sure he is disappointed because all of the traders that come back into the temple and were buying and selling in exchange in it are gone back to things now that Jesus was God and He hears that Jesus had been killed and then he's disappointed and he's heading back home but he's reading the Scriptures he said as if 5853 and all of a sudden here's some guy jogging beside his chariot Hey at was about 8 30 in the morning I think because in X. 830 it says Do you understand what you're reading. Jogen write a lot in there and he says How can I understand unless somebody explains And so Philip climbs and he stops the Philip close up in the chair and Philip begins right there and then takes him and he says you know there are 28 fundamental beliefs and so 28 weeks from now you ought to be able to be baptized. No but on the other hand don't miss this there are some people who think that there was some slipshod baptism or preparation in the New Testament that's wrong there was extremely thorough baptism preparation but it was extremely short there's a difference between law and thorough OK we need thorough We don't have to have long if you were having a house built and you live in Michigan let's say you're having a house built would you prefer to have a contractor who could build it in 4 months or in 8 years would it be more slipshod if it were built 4 months than 8 years. Well depends on how it's built right but if it's built in 8 years you having all of the weathering of the elements this destroying the inside and you're going to never get it built it's going to come down and if we take forever to prepare people who are ready to move forward with Jesus and unite with this movement if we take too long the devil will give them all those weather and elements to destroy their faith before they ever take those steps that will empower them to take more steps so when we look at these examples we're going to see some something that short but thorough one time I did a research project on acts on Isaiah and I said how many of the 28 fundamental beliefs can you find in the book of Isaiah chapters one to 52 in other words how much did the opium know by the time Philip caught him guess how many of the 28 are found there all of whom are some I'm 2 and 3 times they're all there even come babbling this fall and come out of her my people it's there it's repeated again in Revelation but it's all there he was into it but he couldn't get the pieces quite straight and that's why God sent Philip and that's what God wants to do for receptive people is to have a right it comes clear there it is there it is so the 1st principle of finding receptive people is keep your eyes open for people who have taken a 1st step toward God's Word and God's people OK that's what the Ethiopian a done he had taken a 1st step toward God's Word and God's people which means let's just think out loud for a minute you help me out who might be people I mean who might be some types of people that you can see are already showing an interest in spiritual things somebody help me out. So raise your hand so I can hear what OK Other denominations you might know if they're taking a 1st step they've at least gone I'm assuming you're talking they come in out of maybe Buddhism or some other world religion and they're they're there they're looking for Jesus they're wanting to follow Jesus so that can be a clue yes but yes yes people are reading the Bible yes you can ask people Do you have a Bible are you do you ever read it those of us who went out yesterday door to door one of the questions do you read the Bible how often do you read the Bible etc In fact. Is to me are to me are you still here he was in the last seminar OK He is my partner going door to door yesterday and one place that we went we has this lady do you do you have a Bible do you read the Bible or forget the exact wording and then says how often it says daily seldom or never and you know a lot of people are bothered by that they want something that says more frequently than seldom but it's not daily you know what I'm saying I'm a good person but not quite good but you know so they're trying to find somewhere in between and I 1st I thought the survey was not put together well and the more I thought about it the more I thought that's a good thing because it causes a person to realize why am I not studying it daily OK And so this one lady well it's not daily and it's not really some but it is it and she says talking out loud what we're standing there and she says is probably seldom. Do you understand as well as you know known would you like to have yes and so we gave in to her and there we had prayer with her and and so the people reading the Bible OK yes. Somebody coming to a program in your church yes if they your church you're comfortable at I hope and if you're not comfortable that's another issue we can talk about that but if if you're comfortable there most people come to your church who are a part of your church or very uncomfortable when they 1st set foot there they are leaving their comfort zone and coming into your comfort zone so you don't miss this point the very most receptive people I have ever found. Are people who visit and heaven is church on the Sabbath morning that are administering members that is far away because they've gone out of their way to get there sometimes they've driven by 10 weeks before they got the courage to set foot in that church so when they come in it's import what happens OK there need to be friendly people not just OK here greeting you need to sign the guest but well we're not really ready to know we have everybody who sets foot in this church signs this get no no you've got to give them enough space in we're so glad that you're here and if the only person that smiles at him is the official greeter then it's not a friendly church OK The difference between a friendly and unfriendly church is 3 friendly people you can visit the coldest iciest church in the world and if 3 people are friendly to you you think the whole church is friendly so if you don't like your church you get a couple of friends and you turn the whole thing you flip the whole thing OK and you just keep your eyes out I don't know that you know that I don't know I don't know if they're members I don't know well it's embarrassing to go up to him that maybe they've been members here longer than we have what we will you just go say Hi I'm I'm Dan how long have you been coming here to this church see that question. How long have you been coming to this church over coming for 40 years and the greeter says I don't know who they are but that's all right or you just say how long have you been coming to this church is only this oh well I just started coming myself Well nice to meet you I don't know that I've met you one time I was sent as a as a guest speaker to a church that didn't know me and didn't know who I was and I was a young youth director and I walked in and it was just a cold church it was just cold no but everybody's in their own little world and hear some people standing in the lobby and nobody would say anything to me or anybody and I thought well maybe that's why they sent me to start warming up the place so I walked over to these people I said hi there how are you and they said fine I said I'm Dan what's your name they gave me the family names and I said Nice to meet you I said How long have you been coming to this church they said this is our 1st time here it's so friendly. So the 1st step anybody Sabbath morning when I Pastor Richardson we we did what we did is we had a contact card we didn't have a guest book because we know that a lot of times nothing is done with that guestbook info so to contact card but we wanted to be very specific we didn't have long things to check one of the 387 options here people get overloaded you know T.M.I. is not only total member involvement and so sometimes too much information and so will we do is we just made a simple you know name phone e-mail maybe address if they won it and then we could have I'd like to learn more about the Bible. I'd like to join a group I like to prepare for BET to zoom in on the back you'd like to transfer and every time during the announcements Hello everybody we're so glad you're here whether you're visiting with us you've been here 50 years or glad you've come to study God's Word to meet with godly people and to worship God and we have these guest cards in the seat back in front of you if you take one of those out and just fill it in it'll help us know what your prayer requests are and how we can help you grow spiritually and of course the visitors are kind of taking it out looking at it they don't realize that the members aren't but members learn to help them with it when we got that card that was gold that's a gold mine that's a gold mine you know you do with that once you get a card like that with information from a visitor on a 7th morning what you do is you go and you put it in a desk drawer in the office so that the pastors coming in 5 months can find it and go visit those people. No it's not dependent on the pastor it's on YOU and YOU SO WHAT YOU DO we had a goal of within 4048 hours that person would either get a phone call a text message or doorstep visit with a gift or a combination of those things and we don't want to be in your face but we just do it most people want to answer their phone if they don't recognize the number now so just be ready to give a message Hi this is so and so from the Richardson 7th they have in his church we are so thankful you are with us this Sabbath I have your card right here in front and we are going to be praying for your per request with our pastoral staff as you've indicated a year I also see that you're interested in learning more about the Bible and I'd like to talk with you and get you connected to one of our groups we have several different groups that I think you might really enjoy if you text me or give me a call then I'll get you in touch with them and you're just saying this to a voicemail. And it's amazing how many people told us we've never had anything like this before OK so you can do it quick question OK you know there are churches that give gift baskets we had too many visitors we couldn't afford it OK so we just gave them love OK as we did now if we gave them a gift at the door I think that's what you're for into if we did doorstep visit we usually give some spiritual growth resources just some simple missionary book on health and wellness or something like that and we'd offer to have prayer and they'd say you want to come in on a No we just want to stop by and say thanks for coming Can we have Pearl with you before we go because people are afraid their house is now Oh I apologize no no no we're just saying thank you thank you for coming OK So anybody that takes a 1st step is a prime candidate and especially on Sabbath morning to 7 school or worship service that's the highest of the highs but in any other church event and other people are reading the Bible all of that that's great great OK Better watch what time the 2nd. Second principle or ingredient in this care case study I should say is X. 9 So here you have a guy who is on fire for the double who thinks he's on fire for the Lord OK His name is Saul and he's rounding up persecuted Christians to persecute them you know the story and he goes to Damascus he's blinded with the light he finally realizes I have been persecuting God in the person of his followers and he starts to starve himself he doesn't just fast he goes without water he's wanting to die because he is just messed up he realizes everything I thought is wrong so what is truth. That's where some people will be at OK He went through tremendous pain and change because now he's realizing my life is messed up and I need God But I don't know how to find him because I've been doing the wrong things and I don't know what to do and now this is going to change everything and I don't know what to do about it another way of thinking of it as trouble and transition or pain or change people who are going through pain and change or trouble in transition are often far more open and receptive to spiritual things than people who aren't so let's just hear from several of you who what might be a type of person who would be going through dramatic change or pain or both losing a job death somebody you know if you die it's really a big change but if somebody near you dies yes that's big divorce somebody said illness yes addiction yes they would say students but they're going through a change in the US and sometimes pain and it's a loss of a job yes job loss this is these are destabilizing things and so people who are now that's we focus mainly on pain but on change giving birth to the 1st child or your life is about to change OK or getting your driver's license for the 1st time you're going to say what retirement there's a big change yes so these major life transitions Yes brother yes moving to a new country moving to a new state moving to new part of town so new residents to the community OK change of job yes and marriage Wow that they'll change things and if it doesn't change you you're not going to last long OK As for a. Just getting out of prison Yes or some having a family member that just went to prison yes these are these are major changes so I think you get the picture and we could make a long list but I want you to get this principle as you're getting to know people and you hear of difficult things they're going through people who are in pain are often a pain and what is our natural reaction if somebody is a pain to be around to avoid them and move away from them but what does this principal tell us they might be more ripe for the Gospel than they ever were before there are people who are ready to embrace Jesus His Word and His final movement today they were completely closed 2 weeks ago how do I know that that was the case with Saul who became poll 2 weeks before completely closed baptized by N.I.S. and then amazing radical thorough preparation in a condensed period of time you see that and so when people are going through a major major upheaval this also tells us that when we're creating groups in ministries in a church we need to have some that will particularly provide for the needs of people going through pain or change you know divorce support group or that newlyweds group that we offer or that new baby group is there or that between jobs this is a group that means so that cancer support group or whatever it is so rather than just kind of what we ought to do this and everybody ought to show up and why don't they show up a lot of times the inactive Adventists which we call if they're not attending which I was puzzled me you can be an active sitting in a pew as very inactive in fact sometimes but it when those who are attending. Many times they've gone through pain or change and never connected with anybody in the church and then they drift away so we need to have a lot of multiple landing places in the church that's why one of my seminars is going to be on how to start groups multiplying for ministry and how do you start and quickly and simply So pain and change oftentimes people are more open I bet ties many people I know I one well I'll get to those stories a better a better move on OK X. 10 other example Peter and Cornelius here you find a foreigner showing unusual hospitality to somebody who lived in the area that's one thing I find I live to our family lived for a number of years 3 miles from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and within 10 houses of us we had people from the Philippines from Hungary from Vietnam from Jordan from Sudan from Zimbabwe from Zambia China Myanmar Korea. Palestine Anyway you get the picture you get the picture and I found that for example these people across the street from Sudan I didn't even mention Sudan to people across the street from Sudan were just some of the most gracious hospitable hospitable people I'd ever met invited us into their home and we get became very good friends with them and so they can show unusual hospitality as foreigners and it often means there's a heart open to learning a lot more about the Lord OK so forth one at 16 Paul is going on one of his missionary journeys and he and his team get to Philip I can't find a synagogue there. So they hear that there are people that gather for prayer and worship and study out of town by the river and so they go out there and they find them Lydia and her her for believers and they knew it all except they didn't know it all and when they learned all they said this is wonderful and then they're baptized and they helped form the core group of the church at Philip along with a formerly demon possessed girl that's pain and change and a former jailer who went through rather who gave radical hospitality to them after he realized they were godly people in that jail that's the who the book of Philippians was originally read to that group of people right there and so these are the types of people and God makes us more sensitive and we begin seeing how they're going through a tough time a better pray for them and get close to them wow they're going through a major transition hey we have new neighbors I need to go meet them they came to church we need to reach out to them you see this you see this picture so we begin to realize that there are these case studies in the book of Acts that show us where to go and who to really move close to and let's move on so one way to find people in these situations is through little pieces of paper called Glow tracks pass these out like the leaves of autumn and for every 500 glow you pass out God will give you at least one miracle story OK. I said for every 500 say for every 5 OK went to their for nothing happened I'm in a Stop doing this no you give not everywhere and tell you see something so I'm just going to give you a couple of examples right here can I have time for all of the because you are sitting on the front row as a good student pick one picture and I'll give you a Globe story. OK bottom middle this guy with that oh right there who did I There right here this one OK you can are you can not really seen because the lighting is not that good he has a school wrist so here's a situation I mean Keene Texas anybody heard of Keene Texas OK yeah hey Keene Texas and I go to visit some of the professors from the southwestern admin to university that are my friends and we're going to talk about mission work and all the rest I knocking on their door and I look across the street and sitting on the front porch is a lady who smoking and I thought she's not an Adventist because if you're an admin is in Keene and you smoke you smoke in your backyard. As Get real We're here to help people get back on track not to pretend that everything's perfect OK we help people get on track OK but I think she's And I don't think she's a non administer I think she's a pretty administer you know if the difference is if you're thinking in your attitude OK I don't call people not have been a steady more Pretty had been it's something she's a pretty administers and maybe I'll go by and give her a glow track when I'm done and I go in we have a wonderful visit we have prayer and all arrested right at the end of the prayers and praying with these professors one of the one of the husband wife team the lady says and Lord help us not only to be good missionaries around the world but right here in our own neighborhood and I think thank you Lord for reminding me. So I go up and I say goodbye and I go out and nobody's on the front porch so I'm done I'm outta here no that's not right if God gives you an idea do it even if you think you'll look stupid it might be for his honor and glory OK so I go over and I knock on the door and she doesn't open the door that guy opens the door and I said whoa Hi I'm Dan CERN's and and I just wanted I was just impressed to come here and give you these things to brighten your day and there is a lady who is out here and he said Pastor Dan what are you doing here and I recognize the voice from 23 years ago I said Demetrius is a you and he says yeah I said I haven't seen you since when I left Kansas City where I baptized you 25 years ago whoa how do you live here now no I'm going through some hard times and I said Do you realize how much Jesus loves you to make sure I found you he said come on in poured out his heart all the woes all the pain I said Jesus wants you back that. Over 20 years ago 500 miles from here and I'm knocking on your door and I don't live in this town what are the chances of that what if I just thought well she's not out there I'm not going to give a glow tract I wish I could say immediately is reconnecting with the church family not for we're not there yet but it's not over because God loves him and God's going to keep surrounding him with influences OK So when you pass out glow you don't know what God's going to do to open up things OK because you're sitting on the front row and such a good student you pick one more picture. The top left right there OK So one of our sons Dustin who now pastors in poor Richard Washington he and his wife served as volunteer missionaries in Cambodia in C.M. reap some of you may have been over there know about that wonderful work that the Maddux family do and so my oldest son Jacob and I are going to go to Cambodia for 2 weeks of a mission trip we could Perth the orphanage and school week of training church planters in Phnom Penh So we are now my son Jacob and I are in the Los Angeles International Airport anybody ever been there Los Angeles it's a mess there are hundreds of people there thousands of people but it's a mission feel right there and we're going to Cambodia to be missionaries so we don't have to do anything in Los Angeles because we're going over no wherever you are you're missionary you're on duty and so we had brought extra packs of glow and so there we are going here here I was like to give to titles here here here hundreds of people go and buy 8 out of 10 take them here here some as I don't want those OK God bless you they were really for you there for a friend of yours that needed I'm OK here here here. Who are all what is it what is it OK. So you can have fun with it so this guy comes along top left picture takes the glow comes back about 2 minutes later and he says Say I see you're charging your phone yeah he says My phone is dead and I've lost the group I'm traveling to Netherlands with and I don't know how to find him and I don't know what the gate is is there any chance I could borrow you use your phone charger here and I said Sure captive audience. So I said So where are you from he says I'm from Stanford California oh what kind of work do you do when I work in technology and all wow that's awesome awesome and did you grow up there and say oh no no no I I grew up over in in Kenya I said wow I'm from Dallas area and I have some very good friends in Dallas from Kenya what I didn't say is there are members of my church our church had people from 51 countries but one of the Kenyans had just become an elder as a name was Gilbert doto and I got into it when I go out visiting making visits I got to know Gilbert and I knew that he was a he teaches physics at University of North Texas and he's from Kenya and so I just in talking in L.A.X. and I said I've got lots of friends from Kenya down in Dallas area one of my best friends is a guy named Gilbert young doto and this guy looks at me and says Gilbert don't tell that's an unusual name in Kenya I think I might know him did he ever take a special training in Stanford. One summer while I did not know that 3 months ago but because he's a new elder and I found out he had taken I said That's him wow we're from the same island off the coast of Kenya. He says I've ridden in his father's boat with him I said he's a good friend of mine and I said he's an elder in my church he says Oh that wouldn't be him. I'm thinking what does that mean do we not know something that we should know about. And then he says he's too young he's only in his forties and then I realize what he's saying he's saying you have to be elderly to be an elder and some churches still think that OK And so he's in his mid forty's I said that's him and he says Wow And I said no he's a 7th Day Adventist an elder in the church what is your religious background some of you have been to the other seminar you know you can jump right there by an arrow or here and I said what you're really was almost everybody on the island he said his 7th day adventists I said So what about YEAH I'M SO THERE OH YOU ARE NOW you have a home church I'm. In the US We used to go and then I said Jesus wants you. To realize how much he loves you to set out this appointment right here in this airport he loves you do you realize that oh wow I said hold on just a minute I called my elder Gilbert and doto I said he sees who's calling Hey Pastor how are you I said I'm doing fine I'm here in L.A. Airport on my way to Cambodia Yes we've been praying for your trip in our family worship I said Thank You keep praying but I'm here with Charles was Tsonga any there's this long pause pastor how do you know Charles was Tsonga I said God sent him here and he was in he need you to pray for him and Charles said and I handed him the phone and then I got my son's phone and took a picture of Charles with Tsonga talking to my elder from the island there and my elder leading him back to the Lord and praying for him. Would that have happened if I hadn't handed out tracks until I got to Cambodia. If you give out 500 God's going to give you at least one story like that and I don't have time to tell you the rest of the story but that's one of the best ways to find receptive people hand out glow get over yourself and do it and if you need to start by doing chicken witnessing Starwood chicken witnessing that's where you sneak into a public restroom you leave 2 on the counter and you run out. Or like some of ours are members did when they're trying to get started they had some glow but they could kept finding reasons not to give them out and they were in Cavendish or boot city here in Texas and they saw those long lines of boots and they thought it would be nice to own those but it's more important to know what God says and they started right when and where the per hour the church member went into the grocery store and said This is awful look at that they put beer and wine on the end of the aisle so that's the 1st thing everybody sees including the kids just awful people need what I have and they start putting one with each wine bottle around there and you know we can bring light into a dark world OK so now where is our time OK Another thing that we can do is when we find a receptive person where we do what we say well if you've been to the other 3 send one of the other 3 seminars you already have some clues on how to talk quickly and how to lead them on but remember in loop 10 it said Go in verse 3 in a verse 7 it says remain and in the context it says remain with the person of peace OK when you go out to buy 2 you will find some who are far more receptive stay with them and help them in the journey so we developed a simple plan called the baptism coach plan and it works like this if anybody shows an interest in seriously following God. We can offer to be there about his in coach to help and get ready to be baptized like Jesus was they don't know what that means yet but they'll find out and so we have a simple 8 week plan and also hear more about it in another seminar but with this who I'll just show how it works through a story or tooth and then our time is just about up but now I'm going to ask this young man who helped pass out a lot of material pick one of those pictures and let me tell the best his and coach story to show how it works bottom to say this guy right here yeah that's Harold Yea Harold all this is a great one OK and this is this goes with this picture Jacob This is our oldest son OK He grew up as a preacher's kid and whenever dad would say you want to go out visiting with me no dad that's not my stuff Nona it's not my stuff and but anyway what began happening was some friends said Let's go out and follow up some of these bible study interest cards that's a great way to find receptive people by the way to but bible study interest cards so he started going out with the team they said they said we have enough people but we don't we want to send him out 2 by 2 so all we need is to have a smile or to go with each person is ready to go out he so I can go out smile he had a lead person than we need a smile or who will smile and pray silently so he started as a smiler and after 2 weeks he graduated to one of the lead people then he found recruited a smiler you see how you can multiply it that way so Jacob gets to the door Jake of here gets to the door of Harold and he says Hey we see that you have the you interested in Bible said well I thought it come in the mail we'll get a bonus we're here in person. But we're here just to drop off the lessons and to let you know we're praying for you in this journey we have an 8 week plan and you'll get we'll bring 2 lessons a week each week you do when you get a chance but when you start say God show me your truth and help me to follow it and then you just look in here and you read the question you read the Bible verses right here you can look them up in your Bible if you want the comments but do the quiz at the end and any time you've done any of the quizzes when we come to deliver the next 2 lessons will answer the quiz questions with you notice they're helping the people study the Bible on their own they're teaching them to fish rather than just feeding a fish OK so every 2 weeks every week you're dropping off to lessons whether they've done them or not and so Jacob would come by here and say Oh I haven't done a me I feel about no no no we're praying for you we know you want to and we know the devil is trying to distract you Lord help Harold help him to understand your truth and follow it and God bless you Harold you see by being there every week for 8 weeks at the doorstep and being positive and encouraging you're building a relationship and most people's lives if they're not under God's authority or out of control chaos you're the only consistent positive thing in their life and so pretty soon you're at the door and then they want you to come in and review the quizzes and then they want to have some more questions and then they sit down and then your friends are praying to get and so in the 8 weeks at the end of the 8 weeks. They're either hot like Harold was or warm and you put them in a group that will continue study or they're cold and you just say well every Saturday morning at this time and place we have more Bible study groups we come to the end God bless you give me a call if I can ever help you and you move to the next people see so Jacob did that and then Jacob moved to California here lives in the Richardson or Dallas area Jacob moved to California and he just finished 8 weeks but Harold had made a decision yet they Harold was now connecting with godly people Jacob comes back to Texas for Thanksgiving break and he walks into church a little late he's that way no he's not usually that way but he walks in late and who's being baptized Harold right at the front right there Harold's now helping us plan to church in White Rock Lake part of Dallas OK All right let's take. One more look at the time and I'm going to ask let's see we're going to someone how about this you young men. Top lip this couple right here OK here we go all right this picture goes with this picture OK this guy OK Wednesday night. I think every church needs to have a permeating but I think every church really ought to have about 20 per meetings all over the city OK And I think you what you do at the church it ought to be if possible more than just one group you have multiple groups because that's more landing places for people OK So as the church is beginning to grow at another group or 2 and you have more lending places so is Wednesday night we had about 7 groups going on throughout the church facility. And this guy walks in and I wasn't leading any of the groups I was there with my wife for anybody that want to stop by for some marriage coaching or just put that out as one of our girls marriage coaching come in and would set up a time this guy walks in and he pours out his heart he says My life is a mess my marriage is coming apart and he begins telling us about himself he says My dad was a 7th heaven his pastor I didn't follow that I got to drugs one of serving time in prison one up marrying a Buddhist girl both I'm from Vietnam she said she's a better wife to me than I am husband to her she's a better parent to our 2 children than I am to our 2 children I need help and I could have said a 1000 things but I said you know I'd like to give you an 8 week plan that will help get your life back on track and will probably result in a rebaptised are you interested and he said Yes I said awesome in my mind I'm thinking 8 weeks from now is my last habit here before I move to the conference office so there's time for him to make that decision my last 7th is Abel about Ty's 11 people praise the Lord but I didn't have any fear or worry if they're going to be looked after because all of them had bet his and coaches they became new member coaches and they were in groups see if it was all about mean and then I leave when it falls apart that's not how God designed this church it's a body not just a big head or some arm or something like that it's a body and so he said I need help and I said great I'm going to put you on a program for the 8 weeks but I need to find about his I'm a coach for you so I wandered through the church looking through the windows in the doors to find somebody and that's when I saw Kareem or a here Karim had been baptized the year before. And he'd gone the whole year without being a baptism coach and that's not good you need to become a best as an coach as soon as possible so I motion ice cream here and he said and he came out and I said Kareem I have somebody that I'd like you to be baptism coach for all I'd be honored because somebody's been about his and coach for him and so I brought this guy who had grown up in a country of a different religion that uses a different set of scriptures if you know what I'm talking about who would become a 7th they have an esteem year before and he is now coaching a backslidden guy the son of an evidence Bester because it's not just about head knowledge it's about learning to walk with God during those 8 weeks and so we showed them we gave one lesson lesson $1.00 and $2.00 we went to the lobby where we had ALL ABOUT TO STUDY guys every church needs to have multiple baptismal study guides in their lobby I mean in book you need to have it right there he can't have it locked in some room and expect people to be giving Bible studies OK so we just have 50 of each of those lessons or $100.00 each so we go to the lobby there's Kareem and there is on is his name and I take lesson one and 2 and I give it to on and I say on find a time tonight say Lord show me your truth and help me to walk in it begin reading do the quizzes and then I take another lesson one in 2 and I say Karim you've been through these but now you're coaching so you really need to get it and so you get together once a week and do the quiz together not the whole lesson do the quiz together if there are any questions Kareem ask anybody on our church board. I say ask me what all are leaders in the church to be involved in so way as going to get in the church board and then I take a nother a 3rd lesson one and 2 and I give it to on and I sit on whenever God is working in one person's heart he's often opening the hearts of other people so take extra lessons each week and ask God who it should be and it might be your wife but it might be somebody else but pray and give it so as he is growing he is becoming a missionary to others and 8 Weeks Later on my last Sabbath I had the privilege of baptizing on and guess who is smiling the biggest Karim and then I bet ties with him Hawn his wife left that family spiritually intact that's what can happen with baptism coaches because Jesus said go and when you find people of peace remain with them and help them on in to this final movement thanks for being with me here let's just see what we have going to there's not enough time to go through all of these things but by God's grace here's what I want you do last 2 minutes turn to somebody near you and tell them one thing you got that you want to act on do it right now. All right let's go ahead and have a final prayer and you can keep visiting. Through lunch and into the afternoon because we'll be back here no let's just have prayer OK In fact I think what would be better actually is go ahead to have prayer with a person or to share it with and then we'll end there I'll be up here to answer any questions but let's keep an attitude of prayer and have her with each other and hope to see some of you if not all of you back this afternoon all answer questions appear. This message was recorded at the to the end in Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based price and to and so many Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online web or.


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