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5. How to Rapidly Mobilize People into Ministry and Mission

Dan Serns


Dan Serns has travelled the world teaching and preaching about Jesus, Bible truth and God’s final movement on earth. Thousands who have heard him speak say they appreciate how he is able to make complex Bible subjects clear, understandable and practical and mobilize people in God’s mission. Wherever he goes there is renewal, revival and numerical multiplication of God’s kingdom. He serves as Evangelism Coordinator for the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He has been published in numerous magazines, including Ministry Magazine and Adventist Review. He and his wife Lois have raised three children who are currently serving the Lord with their families in Texas, Washington & California.



  • December 31, 2018
    2:30 PM
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This message was presented at the G. Y.C.. In Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. web board. On N. we're getting started right now. Our seminar today is how to rapidly mobilize people into ministry and mission OK and to get started I want to go ahead and ask you to everybody stand up let's all stand. My testimony today is we barely scratched the surface in most of our churches in mobilizing people in the ministry in mission but God is waking people up OK if you believe that God wants you to help wake people up and get him going then shake 3 hands and say let's go for this new arena. But. In the fun now before we have prayer I'm going to ask you this question Is there any reason why you couldn't do the little tiny activity I just did with you you couldn't do that little tiny activity in your home church just before the sermon why not right and if you did do you think there's a better chance that more people might start doing something for the Lord even more than a 50 hour training somewhere will talk more about that let's pray Father in Heaven you have said that the shortage is the workers. You are the Lord of the harvest and you've asked us to beg you to throw workers out of their comfort zone into the harvest so we're asking for that Lord we're also asking that you will send us and that we will invite others and that you will show a simple humble ways of cooperating with the Holy Spirit in transforming lives and preparing this whole world for your soon return in Jesus' name amen All right so. In. Many in my early stages of ministry I thought how can I get more people involved in doing stuff around here and they told me nominating committee is tough around here we can't fill all the slots now that kind of thinking is a problem I want you to know that already OK we have the slots now we try to fill them that's that's the reverse of what we don't find a lot of that in the book of Acts OK they didn't need some godly people they found 7 deacons for a church that had about 5000 members can you imagine what if we had 7 deacons for every 5000 members you know so but that was because everybody is doing something and the leaders weren't the only ones doing things the leaders were the ones mobilizing everybody to do it so I learned that when we would introduce our new our church leaders and church board for the new year we would bring them up to the front for special prayer and then we'd all be facing the congregation and I would tell the congregation their main job is to mobilize you in ministry and mission. So they have fair game to go after you and any of you that don't have at least 3 people talk to you in the next 30 days about some type of ministry you let me know and I'll tell you about ministry OK So what happens is we get some type of caste system the main purpose of the church board is to serve as mentors of group leaders ministry leaders and members some main job they may have other titles and other things they do their main job is to mentor group leaders ministry leaders members in carrying out what God's called them to do so to help remind everybody we put in our church bulletin every Sabbath took a whole panel and it listed all of our church board mentors said church board mentors and it listed all of them and their phone numbers and somebody said Well which ones are the mentors and which ones are and I said the ones on the list of the mentors in the ones that aren't are on the church board and one of the people a church board says I never give out my name my number I said then you can't serve how can you serve if they can't find you on we his name and number there now. So this is how the church is to function and we'll get into some of that and some of the ways that we can get to that point. If we have time and we might not have time but if we have time I will explain to you how nominating committee became one of the most fun activities in our church it just was a blessing that took a few years to get there. And it took a while to help people realize that this is not going to be a pain it's going to be a joy and it took a while for us to get to where we could do all of the work in one day is done with a nominee Committee and one day and it was a wonderful experience seeing God at work so if we have time I'll get into some of that and if I have time I'll get into church board meetings and how that was one of my favorite meetings of the month because it was a chance to see God at work I mean when we read about meetings in the book of Acts those were exciting time adds a prayer and what God is doing it how the devil is trying to beat us down how God one and how this is happening it and instead of how we're going to beat each other down. OK but how can we get to that point and how we migrated from a standard church board meeting and we said these are the only 5 categories of activities that the church board meeting and everybody knew that we went through those 5 and it gave a chance for us to see God at work so I we might not get all of that but I want to just kind of plant those seeds in your mind that nominating committee should be an incredible time to see God it work and church board meeting ought to be an amazing time to get regular updates on how God is at work in the community and everywhere OK so let's fasten our seat belts you ready for this OK if you're ready for this say it so I can even hear you. They 5 of us are ready let's go. Do this read it with me out loud strong voice the harvest truly is great the laborers are few pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labors indeed his harvest go and remain in the same house now impact a little bit of this all just highlight again the harvest is great there are millions of people who are not just needing to know about the Lord but who are ready to embrace Jesus the Bible and the admin A Smith Right now there are millions now on an average Sabbath $20000.00 people join the admin a church Gina an ever 7 that comes out to a 1000000 a year praise the Lord fast growth he'd say Well I don't see that well you're in the wrong place. You've got to go way outside your comfort zone seeing it where it's happening or you've got to go outside your church comfort zone into your community more with your people to see it but it's happening and it's exciting once that flow begins to happen into the church you bring them in you build them up you send them out you bring him in you build them up you send them out that's what a church is for if you have the same thing happening that happened 20 years ago something's not happening somebody said the most exciting thing that happened in our church in the last 20 years is when the organist fell asleep during the sermon and laid over on the keys. Well that's the church just below formalism so the harvest is great at least 5 percent the shortages the workers not paid workers I wrote an article they published in ministry magazine few years ago and it said the church the at 70 having a church in any town us. Has $500.00 members how many pastors how many how many $500.00 members how many ministers do they need a one B. to C. 3 or more for depends on how much tired they have. Eat depends on how a flu and how much clout they have with the conference or F. $500.00 OK it's F. 3 or more this guy is pretty sharp as you get that 3 or more is includes how K. but we need more than yes the idea is every member is to be a minister or either gathering or scattering Jesus said he doesn't that's I'm glad I didn't say that people get mad at me but if you're not gathering into God's work you are scattering OK in an Ellen White says and the other way she says people who are not engaged in winning people to the Lord will continually be backsliding and take more energy from the pastor OK so I don't want members to be backsliding so put him to work OK so sent beg the Lord that's where it starts to throw workers out of their comfort zone all of us have a comfort zone if you magine a circle around where you are and everything in that circle you're very familiar with your very comfortable with it it's very fine but when you step out of that comfort zone to a new place new circumstances 2 things happen number one you have terrible anxiety to your comfort zone and a large is a little bit so there's a price to pay but it's worth the price you get this when we step out of our comfort zone for the Lord we're nervous we're scared there are some things I agree but our comfort zones a little larger the 1st time you give a glow track. Is so traumatic it's like you're bout to do climb Mount Everest. Here police you stay here. And then you get so you've done it so many times you just say here here here here here God bless you here he got one of these here have you seen this year have you seen this yet and it's exciting I.E. with I told you in one of the seminars I like to give to glow tracks but you know when you get down toward the end you only have one title left and went I was walking in my neighborhood and most people will accept these I mean you get the idea that this is some big huge thing you did for the Lord is nothing but just breathing OK just breathing and so you get to titles but I was in my neighborhood and almost everybody accepts them sometimes they come running out to me like these kids that are sitting in their garage with their mom waiting for the bus when I walk in the morning early in the kids run out to me and they you know what's new what's new and 2 weeks ago I said I don't have any new and I'm sorry and the Holy Spirit said we all can a pray for him at least and I said well let's pray I said Would that be all right she said well yeah so I walked up to the garage door opening and and here's Sarah I find out I'm Hayden the older one and Colson the younger one and I asked Do you have any particular prayer requests you have family coming in for the holidays from from Pasadena California to Texas and and so I said we'll just pray so we just prayed right there in the grudge opening open garage right there that God would bless their relatives was safe travel and bless this home and family in this mom and these boys and anybody else who comes under this roof and I said hey man she said thank you so much there came the bus you know. In my early days I would have said Wow Jesus Freak ears how could you ever even know them in fact my dad who is outgoing and I wasn't we'd be in can't meeting and we'd be standing in line to buy corny dogs and he just start talking to somebody he didn't even know he just talked to them and I just got up. And and then I know what's coming next and I just thought is it we're staying for a corny dog or not. And then he say and this is my son Danny shake their hand Danny. Hey it's clicked and afterwards he said it's good to look him in the face and smile I go Oh just as too much. And people don't believe that when they know me now but what God has done is when I had a conversion and I had that desire to share I had that I at least the Bible says if it purse to be a willing heart OK when you have a willing heart and you're willing to step out of your comfort zone whatever that is how were large or small that is for Jesus you have some anxiety but your comfort zone enlarges and I don't even know where the boundaries are for my comfort zone anymore I'm fearless does it matter I mean I'll be pray with somebody and they say can we at least get out of the middle of the street because the cars the lights about to show yes let's get out of the OR or where we were singing praise songs in a hotel lobby in a country that's a closed country and one of the guys would be says I just wait for the people show up in a restless. But you know God can use us and he wants to pull us out of our comfort zone isn't that right Eric Lo C. that guy back there he was my internet Richardson one of my interests and he taught me all I know but he knows what it's like to be stretched out of your comfort zone right just like right now he denies that a put about OK. But really where it says begged in the Greek begging the Lord of the harvest to throw out labors send out is the one act bhalo is the word and the only other times it's use in the Gospels is for either fisherman throwing out nets or demons being cast out and when Jesus cast out demons he didn't say no please if you would would it be alright if you just left him alone please get out. Go out and when the fishermen cast out their nets they didn't they you know they had the net they'd have the weights around there so they could throw it out and sink down the cage that they drop together and catch the fish if you just kind of let it go out the edge there it drop down and you say oh I guess there's no fishing around here because you not throw it out OK and so purposely as Luke records under inspiration of the Holy Spirit what Jesus said He said they had the Lord of the harvest to throw out workers into the harvest and that's what I'm going to try to do with you during the seminar OK And that's one thing G Y C does by having an outreach OK but I having encouraging people I was so encouraged to see thousands I think 38 buses is what Terry Vang told me 30 buses one a wonderful wonderful and yet we're when you leave town we're still left with reaching all the people in Houston that is their territory but that's all right we're begging God to raise a porkers for the harvest OK Some of them are already in administration which is and many of them will come in from outside and really go to town when I was in Pastor And when actually Washington I had the privilege of baptizing man and his wife. The woman had been a background she went to admin to schools at 3 Cademy the day she graduated from Academy she graduated from the 7th Day Adventist Church which happens too often and 27 years later and several addictions and a couple of marriages later she knew she needed help and she wanted to get her kids in the church school and that was great and then she'd drive past the church on Sabbath morning see if she could get courage to go inside and after about 8 or 10 times she said I'm going inside and that's when we got her. OK And that's why if you are in the last seminar you realize how crucial it is to have a good positive connection with people who set foot in your church for the 1st time to love on them to care about them and to stay connected with them because they've left their comfort zone to come to yours you leave your comfort zone to go to theirs and she was on the lady the man was a little bit more reserved the woman was on fire and wanting to share it within 6 months she was a Bible WORKER 2 years later she was hired by another conference to train Bible workers today she's trained over a 1000 people to be bible workers and planted a church in his field going strong God has some people who will be thrown out the harvest who are not yet in your local church will look around say I guess it's up to y'all to get this message out to everybody say it's up to y'all and who God is working already on who's going to come in and take it farther than we can OK throw workers out and go and remain OK one way to get people mobilized in ministry and mission is to give them simple things to do for God that will change lives simple things you see if somebody said you want to serve Jesus we have a special program right now for people who will share Jesus all you need to do is to run a marathon tomorrow and then you can serve Jesus Well most people say count me out in all but if you say we have a program and it means taking 3 steps and giving a piece of literature to somebody then maybe we can get him started so in Richards when I was passed in Richardson we identified 4 things that everyone can be everyone can be these now they mainly learn how but everyone can be these 1st one prayer warrior 2nd glow missionary then all of hope and baptism coach. Everyone can be these 4 that includes every one of you no matter what your age your training your education what size of church you go to every single one of you can do all 4 of these for the Lord OK there's no excuse now that's the seminar go to all for now all right let's to do a little bit more of unpacking on this some of these are fairly obvious but prayer warrior we would print up a simple card packed Eric Lowe who is back there now where he is working still would see would help us do with graphic design but we had a look Carney said like Card L I K E L list of people you'd like to see surrender to the Lord and be baptized. I intercede with them before God K. kindness shown through simple acts and deeds in words he encouraged Bible study and decisions. And we give it out twice a year to everybody who came to church we didn't give it out one per bulletin that usually one per family we gave it to everybody who is 10 or older and the younger ones we let them take it if they wanted it is if they can praise some of these young kids or some of the best prayer warriors and they would ask God who to put on that list and they begin interceding and sometimes it see changed lives sometimes God would lead them to somebody else not on the list to change lives but prayer warrior so to have a lot of fun with this I'm going to ask for you to pick a picture too and I'll just show you what can happen with Pearl where you're OK and you're sitting right here pick one of those pictures which one. This one or this one. Top one OK all right here we go this is Dennis and Debbie 4 and this is Dyke All right Dennis. Dennis grew up let me make sure I have time when I'm working here so I don't run out of time OK Dennis when he grew up he didn't really have much of a religion but he was exposed to an organization called the Worldwide Church of God or the world of tomorrow Garner Ted Armstrong and Herbert struck some oldtimers may remember that it was actually Sabbath keeping group and he would always write for the free literature and they'd send it to him and he'd pile up the literature and he didn't read it for about 15 years during that 15 years that the nomination abandoned the Sabbath and started beating a Sunday 15 years later he is riding a bus around town looking for a job and he takes out literature to read while he's on the bus and he learns about the Sabbath truth and embraces it learns other troops and embraces it and then he thinks I need to find one of these churches he goes online for the Worldwide Church of God Any sees that they are meeting at 12 or one West beltline road Richardson Texas and so he goes there on Sabbath The only trouble is they were renting the had been a church on Sunday you see it a band on the Sabbath but he learned the Sabbath from them so he goes and he finds the administrators and studies it all out becomes an administration finally figures out later this they left the truth and I found the true awesome figure idea so he and his wife were praying what can we do to make a difference in people's lives Lord throw us out into the harvest we want to be pro-war ears but they feel uncomfortable around most people and then God gave this idea people in nursing homes don't care if you're comfortable or not they just love visits. And so they went to a nursing home and said Would it be OK if we visited some of the residents or yeah we got people who are never getting visits and so they began to become friends with people in several different nursing homes in Richardson Texas now that's not hard but when you're becoming friends you've already prayed asking God to use you now you're praying for the people you're meeting and that's when they call me or talk to me I'm sorry one time on Sabbath and they said Pastor we have somebody is ready to become an admin ist OK that's what it should be OK past where somebody already become and have an assist name is dike he's in his thirty's he's got this debilitating disease he's confined to a wheelchair he studied everything is gone through the lessons we given him and he's ready we think can you come check and I said I'd be happy to so I went with him and I met Dyke sitting there in his wheelchair. And we had a wonderful visit I said how is God brought you to this place in your life and he talked about different things in his past and how he was so appreciative you'd learn more and how the this couple were loving him and sharing with him and we went through all of studies he was fully on board with all of it he had already been baptized by immersion and you can join you can unite with the 7th Heaven is church on profession of faith which means I've already been baptized by immersion and I know I was sincere and so I'm just uniting by stating publicly there in the nursing home on this day that I took this picture is when he and actually there's a group behind me of about 15 of his new church family are around and we went through the commitment to the Lord and he united on profession of faith on that 7 never had been in the church building because he can't leave the nursing home too easily and yet on fire for the Lord and beginning to pray already beginning to pray for other residents because he's a prayer warrior you see prayer warriors help mobilize other per warriors who do other per OK So that's the story of dyke and as far as I know he's still alive and still witnessing it confined to that nursing home but everybody who will listen he'll share with OK now I'm going to let you pick one of the other pictures this one here OK this one here All right Melinda and her 2 daughters. One of our ladies in our church ran into them I think she'd heard about had been a similar but they got in a conversation and every church needs to have a lot of different groups where you are loved and loving and all the rest we're going to do the seminar after this is on. The groups so so. Melinda had been through horrific experiences in relationships everything she had been through was pretty tough stuff and she needed people who she could trust and care for and and those women in those groups and that women's ministry group some of them had been through tough stuff and they would listen to her and they would help her and they'd give her coaching and guidance and pray for her and love her and pray for her and pray for her daughters and and she just melted over time and surrendered a life to the Lord and it came time for her to be baptized and it was the prayer of those ladies for her that really helped her begin to pray for others and to be melted and we had a practice whenever new people were coming into the church some of you've been at some of the other seminars I've given the 4 Sabbath of every month was filled the baptistery Sabbath we filled the baptistery we prepared all new members to join by that time each month and Melinda and her daughters and then we had 2 hours of training new member orientation Friday night before and then on Sabbath morning we would invite all those who are uniting with they had been a church there that day through baptism transfer profession of faith or rebaptised them to come to the platform and we'd ask all of their family members and relatives and friends in the church to come and stand behind them in support of their baptism and so here has Melinda and her 2 daughters on the Sabbath that they were baptized all 3 about ties and just a little bit before this they had been in this line of people. And all guess who is all behind them all those ladies from the women's ministry group who have been praying for us and loving it in support of their decision and then I would go down the line and I would ask each one how is God brought you to this place in your life and each one would have a minute or 2 to share and when I came to Melinda I said how is God brought you to this place in your life and she said I grew up in a horrible home I ran away when I was young I got into drugs I needed to get drugs and didn't find no any other way so I got into prostitution and I became more and more hardened toward everybody and everything and I was an awful horrible person and her 2 girls were on. Making sure Mom wasn't watching and she said but then these ladies here started loving me and praying for me and helping me and and Jesus has been so good to me and I've seen him because of what they've been doing and so I'm making my decision to go God's way we don't talk the same way at home to each other we don't listen to the same radio station the music we've taken down stuff that was on the wall put up better stuff we exchanged I said Let's all pray for Melinda and I came to the older daughter and I said how is God brought you to this place in your life and she said it's pretty much what Mom said it was really bad but it's a whole lot better now I thought that's quite a testimony and then I came to the next daughter how is God brought you to this place you're like same thing yeah but the difference it can be made when people pray for each other instead of prey upon each other. OK pray for each other instead of prey upon each other so prayer warriors every one of these are stories just story and you have your stories too and God wants to keep giving all of us more and more stories and he wants all of us to be prayer warriors OK so I'm going to take just a moment and I'm going to give you one minute to turn to somebody near you and each of you pray and list at least 2 people specifically by name you want to see have a conversion experience and or unite with God's final movement take just 30 seconds each to pray for 2 people start where the person is the shortest. Father in Heaven you are hearing these prayers like sweet smelling incense united with the righteousness of Jesus you know each of the people who are praying for better than we do you know the number of hairs on their head and Lord we just ask and beg that you intervene in their life whatever way possible through us and through others to turn their thoughts and hearts toward you they're your children and we ask that right now in response to our prayers you will send thoughts to their mind and people across their pathway and that very soon we will see their lives transformed and unite with you in your word in your movement in Jesus name Amen is pray often for these people and OK then another thing that everyone can be. Is a glow missionary and last seminar talked a lot about that so I'm not going to tell a lot more stories about that but everybody can give something and if year to afraid to then sneak it into a public place and leave it there or give it with a generous tip at the restaurant when you pay or give it to the person when they come to take your order and say I know you're busy now but keep this for when you have a break I think it will bless your day OK but you can be a glow missionary everybody can be a glow missionary an invalid trapped in a bag in the a glow missionary because some care giver comes to help and so everyone can be now let's go to this next one though everyone can be a home of hope what is that that's where you decide that where you live is going to be a light in the neighborhood around it's going to be a blessing you're going to let your light shine you're going to pray for your neighbors even if you don't know their name and you are going to look for ways to connect with them on a regular basis and and if you cook you cook something for him and if you if you like to jog you jog with the joggers and if you care about kids in year they wave at the kids and you give blow tracts and you pray for the people the Grodd open garage door or whatever it is you connect with the people in that neighborhood and they begin to see you as their neighborhood pastor whoever you are that's you know what I have to fight over who can be a pastor everybody can in your neighborhood and if you live in a mansion or a gated community you especially on let your light shine because a lot of people can't get in there and if you live in your car and you're homeless in your sleep in your car then you just say 5 blocks around here anybody who comes through here is mine for the Lord OK doesn't matter an apartment a duplex a trailer where a tent and a camera were never I'm going to make sure this is a light in this area right here this can be allayed right here so just so that we can illustrate this a little bit I'm going to ask this gentleman right here what you pick one of those pictures. Top this one here this one here OK this one goes with this one. I mentioned in another seminar how we lived in a very international community for 6 years near the Dallas Fort Worth Airport and I I like to go walking because walking is good exercise and it's a good time to pray and you can say Lord bless the people in their home I don't know who they are Lord help these people help these people but one thing that I kept running into is this gentleman right here and he would be out in front of his house and he had a walker and he would be walking like this out toward the sidewalk and it was a short drive way and I go out to the end and they'd be coming back and he would be making the curve come in around. Him and Her. Heading back home and so I saw that night say hi how are you high but I thought I can do better than that I've got blue track and so I went up to him the 1st time I finally he was out there and he is walking and I said hi and I knew it looked like he's from another country I said Hi I'm Dan here's something I think you'll enjoy something to brighten your day and he's there with his walker and he he reaches out and he takes him and he put them in a little bag he had hanging from the walker to take you are going back right there I learned over a period of months is name is Mohammad he is from Afghanistan I met younger lady that right here OK so here he is outdoors on the one of the 1st times I met him he let me take a picture with him any Let me press it can I pray. And I knew what his background probably was so when I pray with people that background I don't try to push anything in I just say dear Lord our Creator our Savior our friend thank you for loving us and caring for us thank you for my new friend Mohammad bless him and all is household help and them to know you and to walk in your pathways and to look forward to Jesus soon return we pray all these things knowing you care about us amen he said. I thought this wonderful so I over a period of several years he got about 30 or 40 go treks. And one day I saw this lady outside. The house smoking and I said Is this where Mohammad lives yes yes and then I said something I never should've said you know when you try to show your face sometimes you stick your foot in your mouth then you mess up and God will forgive that so I said is that your father she said no it's my husband and then she looked at me she said it was an arranged marriage we're 27 years different I understand and she spoke fairly good English and she I could see her sometimes and she says I hate that I'm smoking I said you want to be free from smoking she said don't think I can I said Well I think God can help us. I just gave her a few tips I didn't give her the whole 5 day plan you know just a few thoughts and then I said Let's ask God for help because every time we feel like grabbing a cigarette we can reach out to God and grab a cup of water OK and I don't know if she ever quit or not but I know that after we had moved away we had loaded that home with literature and some prayer and 2 years later Pastor Scott riz Wald who works here in Houston reached the world next door ministry to immigrants and refugees he was at a special training and working with refugees up in the Dallas Fort Worth area not far from the neighborhood where we lived and I work with him closely and I said you have a couple hours free we can go out to my a former neighborhood and meet some people and he said let's do it so we went back and met a bunch of our neighbors in and we knocked at this door and here's Scott Griz Well right there this last year and here's Mohammad and Zeba and their son and their daughter and then there are a few other family members and they said we don't see you walking in this neighborhood anymore where did you go I said why I moved away we miss some of those things you gave us we love to read those I said why I brought something called steps to Christ I think you like oh thank you thank you and we had per together right there but you know there are so many people who are way more open than we think there are the barrier is between our ears. That's where most of the barriers are English you're real argumentative play type and then you're setting up artificial barriers to but in general people are more gracious if you're showing kindness and friendliness to them so that happen in our neighborhood and I pray for that family still OK now let's get another one let's see who am I going to ask him and ask you to pick out another one middle in the this eerie or here OK So this is Tony now we move from Irving over to Burleson I'm walking in the neighborhood there I'm given Uglow tracts I give out tracks to Tony here he says hey I like these things is good I said Let's pray for each other we pray for each other and I've given him glow tracks probably once a month for about 3 months and then. Some of our church members in Texas design the fish net app the fish net app feeds in all kinds of Bible study and prayer interests into a database and if you get the proper training and authorization it won't work if you don't but if you have the proper training authorization activation you it will show you a map of where you are like right here in it'll show you all the interest within 50 miles as flakes and you click on one and it says it is written requested prayer in a year ago and if you want to if you think I'm going to take that when it's right where I work or at work then you can click on it you can take it and then you go and make contact and you load in your contact OK. So when this app was being developed and by the way they're open to working with any of your conferences it's on a conference basis. That to get authorization for pastors who authorize their members but. When I got when we 1st started getting it up and going 1st time I'm looking at all these flags are popping up all around and the closest flake to me is 4 blocks from my house and I click on it and it says Tony. That guy I've given him glow I've given him I prayed with him what I didn't know was that he'd been through all 27 amazing facts that he guys and I just looked at the time I thought I think he might be home and I ran over to that house and I rang the doorbell and told you Dan how you do it I said I'm doing fine are you doing I'm doing great what's going on and I said Tony we're friends but I recently became the official representative of amazing facts he says no way do you know Doug bachelor and I said Well I happen to but you can still be a representative with that and I said I got I got information that said you went through all 27 Bible study guides are ya I said Tell me about it yeah I got I don't know how I got ahold of I think I was watching him on T.V. and I signed up and and I filled out the lesson and then I sent it in and then they sent me another back and I feel that with roll is awesome I said did you learn anything new we have you have and and I said well what are some of things you know I learned about the Sabbath as wonderful it's a blessing and I said well how long ago did this happen he said a year and a half ago the harvest is great but the workers are few and I said Well I'd like to invite you to he says already checked out that your I've joined a Messianic church over here now well it's not all over but it makes it more complicated. He's going through the stork A lessons right now with me OK So we're friends but that's in the neighborhood and so there everyone can be a home of hope you get that picture all right here's what I want you to do one more minute same person you prayed with now pray for one or 2 of your neighbors each 30 seconds each if you don't know their name pray for the big boat neighbor or pray for the pray for the cussing neighbors or whatever OK go ahead there are 30 seconds each. And Lord you can hear all of our prayers. And help us to be a light where we live and help us Lord to let our light shine and to be good neighbors and kind neighbors and thoughtful neighbors and to show Jesus to everyone around us even if we live in an admin a scheme unity Lord help us to be a a light for you and so Lord I pray for Tony I pray for Mohammad and Zeba and their family that you will guide them into all your ways and guide me into all your ways and may we take this journey together as members of your final movement in Jesus' name amen So a key in mobilizing people is having simple things they can do everyone can be a prayer warrior everyone can be a glow missionary everyone can be a home of hope everyone can be a baptism coach we talked about that last seminar was will impact here but that's not all let's go on. There are 4 connections to start a ministry or group all right everybody stand up just for this fun you keep you awake it's after lunch gotta stay awake all right Steno. As you're writing yes stand up and do this with me OK and I'm going to stand up here so you can see me all right hold your hand up like you're holding it up to God and say God OK so you're reaching up and holding on to your god OK Now next you take your arm and you put around if you're not married to him that's all right if you're like them but if you don't like him he at least just kind of put your and say partner partner OK And then next Put your hand up by your ear and say mentor mentor and then put your hands down like you're serving and say flop fluck like a flock of sheep OK flock OK now we're going to do it together $1234.00 ready GOD heart or mentor full up again. Partner mentor fluck you pass you can sit down what does that mean here's what it means I'm sitting in church one Sabbath morning and I'm just getting up ready to go to preach and this young lady right here right here Amanda one of our young adults leans forward there's just been some music and she says Pastor Dan We need a young adult choir in our church now I have 2 minutes before I go preacher 3 minutes. In my early days as a pastor I would have said something like this that's a great idea let's try to get together some time and brainstorm this a little bit and find some people who could work together on that and then get it through the proper committees to the church board and then get it approved and then see if we can get you on the schedule with the music committee that is in my early days does that tend to my does that process tend to mobilize a lot of people in ministry not at all the idea is dead in the water is is dead and I had to learn that the hard way by watching people with excitement die OK and that happens in too many of our churches but you can use this God given streets appeal it's very simple a student God partner mentor Flug So here I am just ready to get up to preach and Amanda says Pastor Dan we need to have a young adult choir in our church so I look back at her and I smile big and I say why do you think God gave you that idea instead of me. OK When God gives you an idea don't run over and find somebody else to do it do it you meaning to find some partners to do it but do it. And she says. They he and I said You're the one God gave it to she says but what I do know and I said to this is are just finishing some other music to this. Partners then turn flock she's OK OK What is that mean I said 1st make sure of your connection with God if you're not up to date with God It only takes about 30 seconds and they're sure since he forgives you in cleanse you heat you back on track you know the devil wants you to think it's 30 years it's 30 seconds if you if you're going to come to him he takes you as you are right now don't grovel in the mud like the devil when she didn't stop you down you say I'm not here I'm going back to Jesus because he'll take me died for that sin I just committed so so connect with God make sure of your connection with God keep it there because you know what if we have any ministry in the church and their leader isn't connected to God It's not a ministry it's just something else OK And then I said now I'm preaching and I needed to so I said Make sure your connection with God bring it up to date right away and then do you think you can find one or 2 friends to sit down and brainstorm this idea together she says yeah yeah usually if God gives you the idea he'll give you one or 2 partners OK that's just how he is she said I think I can find a couple to yeah we can maybe it does that only be 2 I said as many as you would but you sit down and you brainstorm the idea and figure out where and when and practice and and all that OK OK I got to get it and I said now there's mentor you need to find somebody on the church board who agrees to be your mentor they don't do the ministry for you they may not even show up but they will listen to your plan and they will keep you out of the ditch and then they're your representative to the church board OK Is soon as they agree to mentor you you're an official Ministry of our church. Then go recruit your flock start ministering to him lead him to Jesus and into his final movement she said half I say you got it she said yeah and I got it preached she's turned loose 3 minutes to start a ministry but she has checkpoints to go but she knows what they are it's not some wandering in the wilderness 40 years to figure out how to do my ministry it's not taking large batteries of spiritual gifts to figure out what my ministry is just of God gave you the idea make sure of your connection with him find a few partners brainstorming get somebody the church board agrees and then go after leading people to Jesus and into a church so in our bulletin where we put down church board mentor and had the names and phone numbers at the top it said if God has given you an idea for a ministry or a group fine a few partners find a mentor on the church board and start leading people to Jesus and into his final movement and when people show up at church to visit they realized this is a place I can get active for Jesus right now we need to have every had been a church like that OK and if that's not there yet where you're at help it become there quickly quickly OK so the for connections is a wonderful and rapid way to get things going in starting a ministry or group now those groups and ministries don't have to last forever you can have a teenager that says I want to start a state space skateboard ministry Well you know how would your church do with a skateboard ministry but the skateboard ministry doesn't have to take place on church property there is a better place it's right down there the skateboard park where all the kids are hanging out the skateboard. And so God gives you that teenager that idea they find a few buddies or teenagers who like to skateboard and they say how can we use a step up lead people to Jesus and help them get involved and then they find somebody in the church board who will be their mentor and they look down through well they don't they don't say hi to me they don't say hi to me I'm a teenager they don't see they do they're the really friendly ones to all the teenagers and they ask them whoever it is and what do you think that adult will say I'm honored to what are your plans what have you thought about that oh yeah we should have thought about that OK we can work that have you thought about oh yeah we got to think about that and then when the church board meeting comes in there's a time for their ministry reports that mentor says I'd like to report we have a new ministry in our church to skateboarding ministry it's led by so and so and these are their partners they're meeting down at the park every Tuesday evening at this time and they are already built a list of 10 of their friends who like to skateboard who they are praying for that they'll come to Jesus. Why not God gave one of our members the idea to have a soccer league not a soccer team a soccer league and he lived about 15 miles from the church building and he saw the news giant field where he could use so our soccer ministry was about 15 miles from our church building with so what we'll go anywhere to in people and he had 7 tames they each pay their fees and the trophies and all the rest and before they start any game they gather around and they'd have prayer will they couldn't find soccer leagues like that anywhere and they give them literature they pray for and we start baptizing some people. OK so it can happen if we let God's people go but there are checks and balances if you look at all 4 of those there are the key checks and balances are right there you don't have to have 50 committees who shoot it down until they can't find anything left at the bottom just do it OK do it and if you are a young person you say I don't know if that's going to work all you need is get a few people of your friends and you make that plan and all you need to find is one person on the church board that agrees to mentor you and the rest of the church board may not quite understand what's going on but that mentor will help you and they will also speak on your behalf to the board and it will bless everybody OK So what questions you have on that oh I see the time you don't have time for any questions I'm sorry OK. OK All right we're out this of OK I'm going to if you give me 2 more minutes of interruptus up here we go 3 minute training I tried so many times to do all kinds of training for people and I you know when the best time to train church members is in the best time is I used to think it was well over a weekend and then I thought it was Sabbath afternoon we'd be begging people to come back Sabbath that would please stay by we have a guest trainer we're all you know the best time to train people it I found for me was 3 minutes before preached. Step into the pulpit the music is played everybody is ready to go into naptime because a preacher is going to preach. And I say just before we open God's word I want to share with you something now I'm going to ask you to pick one thing on that list. OK contact cards OK the that's in place have a guest book you have a contact card you know we talked about in the last 7 or so let's say that this Sabbath just before preach I'm going to talk about contact cards so I say just before we open God's word I'd like everybody to look at the seat back in front of you see those cards do we I want everybody to take one of those out let's take a look at it see what it has on it notice it S. For your information contact information it ask if you want to know the Bible better some of you here today want to know the Bible better you may have been coming to this church for 40 years but you still want to know the Bible better check that box Don't be ashamed another says I'd like to have Bible study I like to join a group you know everyone needs to be a part of several groups a Sabbath school group a ministry group Bible Study Group Mission where we need to be part of a group that's how the early church live that's how we find encouragement from each other so you can check out and we will get in touch with the and try to match you up with a group and then the 3rd says I'd like to prepare for baptism there are some here who should be in and baptism in the near future we have one every 4 Sabbath here and you should be there he checked at will get you all prepared so you're ready for that so be sure that you turn that into in the offering when it goes by or to any of the leaders you see around or in the in the drop box in the lobby and we will follow up with you this coming week early in the week all right let's bow our heads in now we'll get into God's word. If he would just happen I took I did a 3 minute training when I had the most people in a brief time. OK So this is specially good for pastors but it can be integrated into a lot of churches a lot of places OK now I got to go here is one of a powerful statement for those of you who might be mentors or whether you're young people are mentoring others or adults mentoring these 4 words I see in you which is really saying I see in you here at this conference a man came up to me who is in my one of my churches and he said Tell your wife thank you again for back a number of years ago when she told my son I seeing you someone who could go places you need to be a Southwestern administer university and that's where we win and he's graduating this year and it looks like he may have found a bride there he didn't have to go to get your companion he went to that place to find OK and he just told me that 2 days ago right here it's powerful when you love somebody and you say I see in you the possibility of being a missionary someday I see in you somebody who could help us. Spread the word maybe through glow tracks or something else I see in you somebody who is a great could be a great prayer warrior powerful way to mobilize people because you we're helping them see what God sees is in them and God sees even more in that OK All right so no time for questions sorry about that let's do let's close out this way I'll just have prayer Father in heaven thank you so much for giving us something to do in your work thank you for. Helping us see beyond just showing up help us to do what we can to advance your cause and so Lord I pray that these humble efforts of bind or result in many many people mobilize for mission and ministry not only these here but as they go back to their churches and friends and groups to mobilize many others in Jesus' precious Amen. This message was recorded at the G. to the end in Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so many Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. what happened or.


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