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6. How to Multiply Groups for Ministry, Mission and Church Planting

Dan Serns


Dan Serns has travelled the world teaching and preaching about Jesus, Bible truth and God’s final movement on earth. Thousands who have heard him speak say they appreciate how he is able to make complex Bible subjects clear, understandable and practical and mobilize people in God’s mission. Wherever he goes there is renewal, revival and numerical multiplication of God’s kingdom. He serves as Evangelism Coordinator for the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He has been published in numerous magazines, including Ministry Magazine and Adventist Review. He and his wife Lois have raised three children who are currently serving the Lord with their families in Texas, Washington & California.



  • December 31, 2018
    2:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G. Y.C.. In Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online. Hello everybody. Everybody awake after a big luncheon another the seminar now are going down the home stretch before supper and another meal and then going OK Hey good to have you hear how many of you this is your very 1st seminar that I'm teaching that you come to you raise your hand look at these brave people look at that OK Do you want to warn them now so they can get out before it's too late or nudge OK we've been having a wonderful time and we're this is about God's wonderful work and how we can be a part of it to help motivate and mobilize many people in it OK So what happens is God's work can happen anywhere and people are receptive everywhere so we really want to be tuned in to him some of you who are here couple sessions ago know that I said in one of the seminars that it breakfast this morning some of the workers they're serving and always thank them for doing that you know some of have some tough lives quite frankly and just say thank you for your help oh OK And then if you can give him some quote track so this morning I was there in. And I was just finished eating in a is about to leave come up teach a seminar on how to share your faith and I'm walking past people need to have their faith your pay share to them you know sometimes we go to seminars to share a faith walk past people are waiting to hear and so there were these ladies and I said Thank you ladies for helping us so much let me give something that will brighten your day I gave them each a couple of glow tracks in a my language my life card OH OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and they saw one of the Glow tracks was on in Spanish on the Bible in nutrition all oh oh wow and one of said you have a Bible in Spanish and I said I don't but I can try to find what do you need what he asked I would love to have a Bible in Spanish and then I said OK and I said to the other lady do you have a Bible the whole A Can I have one too I said well I don't know I can't promise but I'll see and so I heard that So here I find in this facility on this day just down here are 2 people asking for a Bible asking for Spanish Bibles who probably would welcome Bible studies EGOT that picture how can you want Bible studies if you don't have a Bible so in my early days as a pastor that would have stressed me out because I think I needed help I'm going to go didn't do that seminar What if I don't get to the seminar in time but I need help it what and I forgot that a lot of times God wants us to look at other people and say Could you help could you help could you help so I came up I took a picture of them came up put it on the screen and I asked the 1st seminar session this morning I told the story and I said Could any of you help get a Bible to these ladies. Very ladies. These 2 ladies did not know each other but now they're best friends that's what happens when you serve the Lord you have more friends people will have friends needle start serving the Lord and the 5 partners in ministry you see how that works you didn't know each other you weren't sitting together but each of you kind of I said Could you see if you can fire away we didn't promise don't promise what you can't fulfill but we didn't promise but can you see if you can find a Spanish Bible you can give to us and so they each raised their hand and they came up after the seminar and I want you to tell me a little bit about what happened from there what did you do to find Bibles would you do to find these ladies we had their 1st names and what happened from there get that tell the post then you tell the 2nd so what we did was when I got to know that they needed the Bibles so I messaged on the Ab G Y Z app if anyone has an extra one and if they could arrange one. So she had one which she uses and she was ready to give her own Bible would you be ready to give your Bible way helps of looking so then I was waiting for a response but fortunately I know the assistant of the president of a c So I messaged her to ask if she can you know I reached for 2 bibles and she said that she can do what I was she can and she looked at on places but most of them were closed so then she messaged me saying that there is one place that heading towards right now and if they can get it before these ladies leave so they will do it and I was make sure why not and before we end once we ended the session I want to know that they have the Bibles so we went down we took the Bibles from them and from her and then we went inside we had food and everything and we were looking for those ladies so she was able to find them and then she can tell you what she spoke to them. So we all we knew that they were working tomorrow. Always today we're going to you mobilize people OK Yes I started looking for them from the picture and I couldn't find them I thought they left so I spoke with one of the guys who was helping cleaning up and he went all the way to the inside of the working area to find them they were so happy when they saw me and I said Wait here I'm going to get my friend so I went for her we prod the Bibles we took a picture with them and they were as soon as they get the Bible they're like is this bible good enough for us to like study induce some research on it so started looking in the back of the Bible said well we have special tracks where you could study specific subjects would you be interested in they said oh yes we are interested so we went all the way to find. The ones we distributed yesterday where we went out and they were helpful enough we still have some Unfortunately when we were back to the given to them they were not there but I had their phone number so we ask a lady there and says they were in there we ask her if she wanted to have some Bible studies so she could study and she's like oh you only have the play now or later the Spanish version of the Bible and I said then that's a good Bible for you to read from it so we gave her some Bible studies and she was very happy about it she didn't want to play with us because she's like my boss is watching me. But she received the material I says I have the phone number from one of the ladies Leslie I forwarded to her the information for the address of the church which she found and I also let her know that we have the material if she wants us to provide it to her today or if she wants it through the mail. Now how do you feel about this did you feel like this is a burden or a blessing. So you know this is just because we see a need God opens her eyes to see a need. We can't always fulfilling ourselves we don't promise to do something we can't do but we say I'm going to try and then we really do try and we put it out there and then you put it out wider and more people got engaged in the process and now there are 2 workers right here who have Spanish bibles and their coworkers their Spanish lessons to give to them when they see them next and then one other interesting thing about this help me read a 1st name begin Puja Puja you're so on fire for the Lord here are how long have you been a 7th Day Adventist So religion I'm Hindu but I'm learning about Christianity and 7 dead when it is from last 2 and a half years and I love Jesus and I have accepted him as my Savior. She's going to be a 7th heaven is officially soon she is in her heart all right amen God bless you ladies All right thank you so much. Anyone anyone can share anyone can do something for God that's a blessing you ladies have blessed me and blessed everybody I love it love it love it OK how to multiply groups for ministry mission and church planting and let's say this verse one more time because it's powerful read it with me the harvest truly is great the laborers are few pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into is harvest go and remain in the same house this was said to the 70 as part of their instructions to go out how many went out together 70 but did they all go as one blog. To buy 2 and they were told that when you go to a town you just cover the whole town or what were they told to do. Look for a person of peace OK that might take a little while but you are being gracious and you're helping people but you're looking to see who is showing signs of real openness and May and making decisions not just friendliness but willing to take steps with the Lord OK And when they found them stay at that place state their place and that becomes your home base and says Don't move around from house to house that you're home base to work around there and so this is a key principle notice you had 2 people coming to the town who now united with one person in the temple and they could work together for the tale and for the person who was right there hosting 3 people as a group OK you can have larger groups with 3 people is kind of a basic group it's kind of the base a group for the Father Son and Holy Spirit Right OK So we want as many groups functioning in a healthy way and a church as possible because every group if it's healthy will be bringing people in building them up and sending the Mel OK we're going to talk about ways to get there. The 1st basic group is the family there's a lot of talk in churches about discipleship how important discipleship is you ask a 100 people what discipleship means and you get 200 answers to all different ideas but the simple thing is to go to the Bible and say how to discipleship happen in the Bible in the Old Testament it was primarily in family in the New Testament family was still there but small groups were added They met at the temple and from house to house. OK So in our churches we need to be very aware of strengthening families it's not about getting things done it's about growing people and strengthening families now I don't have the time to unpack this whole thing this is all other seminar but I want to at least put this on your radar you want to get an A in these 7 F's. The single most important factor in helping children grow up loving Jesus and loving the church is interesting family worship if you don't do any other thing in your home work on that interesting family worship how do you do it you try to find a time that works with all the crazy schedules trying to shut off the media and you try to have a variety of things but always have something directly from the Bible because that's God's voice to us and prayer because that's our voice to him you can do you can read Mission stories and devotionals and character building stories and nature and Bible games and all kinds of stuff but always listen to his voice and let him hear your voice OK So family worship. Is what our family really worked on and if you google Dan CERN's in family worship you'll see an article a put an ad minister of you a few years ago on some of those things but I'll just tell you a couple of quick stories because it's so this is such a crucial thing in terms of starting in multiplying groups we don't need to start a bunch of groups if our families are falling apart OK we're strengthening the families and adding groups so when I saw that research we had 2 little boys our daughter came later and I told my wife we've got to get this family worship thing down are we going to do it where were erratic and inconsistent we try but it's not so we began to be more proactive and we'd find a time that would work with everybody schedule we started with just 5 or 10 minutes to start short and if nobody in your family wants to do it you start alone until you're consistent but don't act like a martyr Well I guess I'm the only only one around you know don't go there but you become consistent and then you can invite other people OK And then so we and then we quickly developed into 10 minutes and then 15 minutes but we put different people in charge of family worship we found the kids are more interested in family worship if they're in charge of family worship they can pick the stories in the songs than the activities as long as there are those 2 things Bible prayer OK and we put on that calendar in the kitchen dad sweet mums week Jacob Dustin when each of the children would turn 4 years old they get a week of worship to be in charge of planning worship became a spiritual training laboratory for our kids in leadership is being in charge of family worship. So one time the nest our daughter had just gotten in the rotation she's about 4 years old and she comes and it's time for worship she says tonight for worship we're all going to do a craft we had never done a craft or worship before and if the parents were always in charge we never would have been if her brothers were in charge and I said So what do we do was she gathered the scratch paper and the pencils from the drawer and she handed a piece to each of us and a pencil to each she said I want each person to draw picture of Jesus and she proceeds to draw a beautiful picture for a 4 year old and I proceed to do stick figures of Jesus in angels and 2nd coming in a cloud in a tree and a few birds in the sun over here because I never got past 2nd grade art that's pretty well it for me and so after we're drawing for a little while she stops and she starts looking around like a teacher today she's a high school math teacher says looking around Daddy I think you can do better than that. I said I wish I could have been good in my best but that's part of worship that's one of our memories of that time together with the Lord and then when one time when Jacob was in charge of family worship he is an 8th grade and he said tonight for family worship we're going to play Bible freeze tag and thinking is this worship or should I vote for it I said how's that how does it go he says I'm it and when I tell you you're frozen until you say a Bible verse from memory and then you can run around again. But you can't reuse any verses. And we said but and he says 123456 then you better scatter OK And so we're running around in the TEGA skin and trying not to knock over things and he tell us and and it didn't take that long to get through Jesus wept for God so loved the world in the beginning God created and then we began realizing we need to do more about storing God's word in our mind that we might not sin against him and that we have a lamp to our feet and a light to our path and so that was a good activity to dust in our 2nd son taught himself to play the guitar and when he was an academy or high school he just loved to play the guitar and sing songs spiritual saws by that time our family worship a grown to 30 minutes each each evening and an hour on Friday evening when we weren't scattered or or wherever and so he knew what was required so his week of worship 28 minutes of singing with him playing the guitar and then the required Bible verse and prayer were done. All 3 of our kids are spiritual leaders today. All 3 of them once through some pretty bad tire. But we were able to have the family were should be the centering place and when they went away to college they come back on vacation they say can we be in charge of family worship this week they want to be more interesting than if we were. So I won't take as much time on the rest but family is the beginning group and we want to strengthen all of our families and if people are single we need encourage them especially to be in groups because God knew the families would break down and over time and we'd need small groups to supplement that and even if we have a family to supplement that So family worship family time whoever's in charge of family worship last week it's 2 hours to plan family time this week in our house or their forgiveness and encouragement so and crucial family finances teaching the kids little how to manage money God's way of savings and then spending faithfulness and Sabbath keeping not a long list of rules but pursuing rest blessed and sanctifying activities flexibility and fun and then our main focus being looking forward to the 2nd coming of Jesus and helping everybody get ready for that So these are some things to multiply in your in your own home and in your families and in your circles of influence do what you can to strengthen that group now let's go through groups I'm going to go through a number of slides on groups and so try to stick with me and then I'll tell some stories in illustrations that the in what does a healthy group look like I've been to a lot of group training they say Do this do this do this don't do this do this and do the and it's all good but if you want to do a quick check on a fit group is healthy or not here are the things that should be showing up in the group a group is a place to know and be known. You know the people they know you to love and to be loved you love them you don't always like some of them or some of the things they do but you love them and they love you to serve and be served where we can help other people to celebrate and be celebrated milestones in our life to win and be one to Jesus His word in his final movement OK So the most common group in a church is what Sabbath school does that describe yourself a school if it does praise the Lord may keep growing and increase if it doesn't ask God to help that group become more like this in some 7 schools there's very much of this in other Sabbath schools it can like the mini sermon before the sermon later and you can go to the same Sabbath school class for 20 years together and not know names not know or be known or to talk but not to serve together and be served or to go and not know that that person just had a new grandbaby in their family there's something to celebrate there where that person is now engaged to get married it so we need to know there are groups we need to we need to change the configuration and the way we spend our time when we are in a group so that people are tracked it in Glaum into groups rather than think OK when is this going to be over so we can get to the next thing OK and it starts with a person who has a heart for God and for other people to take it to move in this direction it doesn't matter what kind of group. A choir a church choir should they have this happen a Pathfinder club an adventure club this needs to be the characteristic a Sabbath school group a men's group a men's women's group a skateboarding Ministry of Water Ski ministry a rafting ministry bicycling any of these things need to have these characteristics where we're getting to know each other we're listening to each other we're praying for each other encouraging each other helping other people bringing other people in and it's possible so here are some of the dynamics to it here is a list of inspired insights on groups from the Bible and I would encourage you if you're in a position to to really dig into some of these in see what was happening and ask yourself questions like this. How were groups functioning here how were they started why were they started and what were they doing when they were functioning right this is loaded with good stuff OK here's a lot of Ellen White Council and groups and their sect sections and Christian service pastoral ministry testimonies volume 7 and then 2 whole books that deal with a lot of things that relate to groups everybody got those pictures taken now. Because we're going to move on along OK OK I'm going to give you 3 seconds 123 and Son OK who just in time. So here we go now here are some some principles of groups that help us get to where we want to go number one start groups for every reason under the sun just start groups start him make it easy to start groups those groups don't have to last forever but start him however you can Sabbath school groups start more of them let me tell you a sign of a church that is dying if they have the same number of 7 school groups as they did 2 years ago. Or less thank you and so you know what happens when you try to start a new Sabbath school in a church like that you know what they say we can't even get people out to the ones we have why should we start another and you know what you say with a big smile on your face if you don't get much oil out of one well in a good deal drill a new well that makes sense OK So churches have are very stunted if they only have one adult 7 school class OK And you can start a new custom he said but who's going to teach it we need to have professional to that's the problem all you need is 3 people who say let's study the Bible together in this corner you've got yourself a class well who's going to make sure that they are God in the Bible if they get too far off base We'll ask him to move outside it doesn't happen we have so many fears about that if we would just study God's word and let it change our lives so to start Sabbath schools when I went to RICHARDSON We had 3 Sabbath school classes in the church sanctuary and they got bigger and bigger and each of the teachers were great teachers but they couldn't be heard because there are so many people are so they talk louder and louder so you have 3 loud speakers in this same surely with large groups and they said Pastor we're going to do about this I said Will looks like we need about 12 groups in here instead they said what and I said when you have smaller groups you don't have to talk as loud and you get to know each other and serve together and love each other and celebrate together instead of somebody has a lot of wisdom they impart to everybody else OK So Sabbath school groups by God's grace we start planting Sabbath school groups all over the facility we start a Spanish have a school group. We we found out that the official language of Ethiopia is horrific and we had some um Horrocks speakers and we gave him a little room and they started a group and it started growing because people found we had an umpire group and saw Lamarck speakers start showing up and then I saw this elderly gentleman at the end his wife at the back of the church a couple Sabbaths and I caught him after 1st service and I said excuse me I don't think we've met he says why I'm a retired Chinese pastor why are awesome if you found a Sabbath school class you enjoy No we just go home and study in Chinese who would if we gave you a little room in the church to start a Chinese have a school would you. And pretty soon we have 7 or 810 people and it's a nice Sabbath school class I don't think they were teaching here C. but I don't know because I don't speak Chinese but we were baptized and people I think is probably saved so anyway and then we started a Kenya a 107 school I didn't know that was a language I'm sorry for if you speak it but I don't even know as a language but all of a sudden we had 15 Kenya or one and refugees in the community that we didn't know were there and till we had a few leaders but you start planting groups and they will often if they're healthy start attracting more people you see you're not just saying we we're going to subdivided we can what we have no you're planting you're digging new wells you're getting more water you're getting more oil you're 5 attracting more people so you start Sabbath school groups you start ministry groups. If you're here last time we talked about the 4 connections use that to start as many ministry groups as you can is start Bible study groups every Home of Hope we talked about that list at every home of hope can possibly be a home Bible study group it doesn't mean they meet there forever it means that they will maybe lead out a group for 8 weeks I often have an 8 week study in my own home for my neighbors we have a Jewish lady that comes to this had an issue is hedge trimming and just had an accident last week took off almost 3 of her fingers they sewed him back on but she let me pray that God would heal her in Jesus' name she's Jewish and she's very clear she's Jewish and she doesn't like and we talk about Jesus but she'll say Lord whenever we say whenever reading in the Bible she you know but she knows we love her and we care about her and she's welcome there and that's better than anywhere else she's God OK so these things you just were embracing people mission groups one year by God's grace we sent 9 mission teams and one church and some a more 2 people but that's how Jesus did it. And we found that you're going you're going over to the Seychelle islands in the Indian Ocean on vacation you have enough glow tracks for that trip. Load them up give a report when you give back a how God used it that's one of our mission trips we're praying for you oh I better start thinking about what I'm doing while I'm there if anybody who's traveling can be a mission group right OK recreational groups to help people connect anything you have in common just get it go and started have fun with it we had a white water rafting group when I pastored in the northwest. In this group we had this guy who'd been down the Wynette she river over 200 times great white water rafting and he was a nurse at the hospital so he'd get he had a couple wraps he'd get some of his church friends and some of his work friends together and offered to take him down for free down the river and he make sure each rat had half and half and half and half and there be other people putting in their rest and they're just about ready to go and he told me says it here's what I always do just before we go as we're putting in the rafts and people are getting in the rest I said just a minute before we go anywhere we need to pray and ask for God to be with us and he said all of the had been a school like this and all of the Preah then a school like this has it had a generous. That we have to pray and he knows you're going to say that so he says see those people over there putting in there they don't even have a prayer everybody laughs he prays and they go down the river and they come out friends they can invite people to other things you get that picture so groups you just multiply all you get started for every reason the 4 connections use those 4 connections 2nd leaders are the key to the success of groups OK leaders don't have to be highly trained and highly skilled and highly highly anything but if God gave them an idea and they'll get a few of their friends together and they'll ask somebody in the church board to be their mentor and they stay connected to God they can start leading people to Jesus OK And so you want to foster the spirit that everybody can start a group with a lady coming to church she was not an ad Minister she said I'm a single mom and it's tough and God's put in my heart to start a single mom's support and study group. And I said bless you you can't do that to your baptized I didn't say that at all I said of God's put that on your heart find some partner and then find somebody in the church board to be your mentor not just for the group but actually to help her take other steps she wanted to take with the Lord and then start leading people to Jesus and she took off and ran with it rin a 9 week program praise the Lord so people can do this but the church board mentors can help the people who are trying to do it and help them navigate and then they get excited the church board meeting is different instead of. How are we going to make the finances work here they start saying I have a new group I have agreed to mentor we have this team of 3 people who go to this public school on the other side of Dallas but they know something about health because they there are church members and they have started staying in teaching the kids how to be healthier and then after school the parents come in and they teach the parents how to become healthier and the 1st time I hear as a pastor is on the church board now for you pastors oftentimes nothing happens unless you're pushing it it shouldn't be that way at all it's completely backwards and upside down but when you're empowered and you start going out then there's a way for the church who are meant to return report to the board and the church board becomes a time of celebrating what God's doing throughout the city through the people OK. We like to have 3 Group Leaders up preach in Reach out reach the upper reaches the main leader and their main job is to make sure their group is connected with God. The in reach is the 2nd leader there manger job is to help people connect with each other in the group to help new people feel welcome and help the group reach out to anybody that's missing OK And the 3rd leader is the outreach leader and they're the one who encourages the group to have a Perl list and people they're serving and reaching out to and trying to win for the Lord and then every so often to encourage the group to go as a group to do some type of service or ministry together and that gives the balance to the group now a Sabbath school group has a lot more Bible study time but they should also have some connecting time where they can know and be known and celebrate we celebrated and they should have some outreach time where they can be praying with each other for people and and planning outreach on the other hand a soccer ministry will have a whole lot of recreation in connecting with everybody but they should have prayer and a short devotional at the beginning for the approach bar and they should know each other and be kind to each other when they're playing soccer and they should be talking about how can we help bless other people who don't know the Lord and if we don't know the Lord how can we help them how can we be helped so you see no matter what kind of group you need all 3 leaders so I would I as our church transition to groups I said to all of our leaders we need to move in this direction and I looked at the choir director up until this point the choir directors main job was to pick the music and try to get good sound out of the people all of a sudden now their main job is to make sure that everybody in the choir has a living connection with the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS will that help with music yes that will help people who are off key to not sing as loud. It's a wonderful thing and so all of a sudden the group becomes something different than just the choir and you don't have such bickering and all of the it's about connecting with God connecting with each other reaching out to bring other people in to be connected with God and in the movement OK So before we go any farther any questions or comments on what we covered so far OK it's perfectly clear oh yes how do you get people what or how do you get it connected with each other. So to God OK So the main leader let's say if the approach leader. Tell me what tell me a group just pick a group out of thin air and I'll give you an example they cation Bible School All right so the vacation bible school typically you find the program and then you try to get the staff and you get them all together and you go through all routines OK so you still pick the program you do a lot more perfectly you recruit the people a little more perfectly but at your 1st meeting we say you know God knows the kids and their families and this community better than we do and we need to be ready to minister to them so let's have 10 minutes set aside right now to pray to him that we will be ready to show love his love to these kids let's read some of the things Jesus said about children how important they are. And so all of a sudden it's not about get it done get it planned but because a lot of people are Vacation Bible School leaders it's now about what does God have for us and how can I help my staff really see that and have that and then the leader can just say it like you did as you go home tonight take a little time and if you haven't really talk to God on your own much you read the Bible much this is the time to do it so that you're ready to prepare for this so it's a simple this is not complex highly thing you know read these $1000.00 pages of devotional books or anything like that it's just the the leader is the key and there fostering there wanting those people have a connection how are things going with the year had how are you enjoying time with God let's talk about things we're learning from our Bible study OK All right OK then let's move on 3 admin to screw ups will be soul winning groups every group should be winning souls. And as we transition our groups to so winning groups they get more excited that means to be so when a group we need baptismal dates by faith every church ought to fill their baptistery at least once a quarter just to make sure it doesn't leak they just those dates are to be said there are to be Baptists and will per lists within those groups and of course this can be part of the the spiritual growth in connection with the group who have per partners within the groups praying with each other for each other look for most receptive people begin Bible studies with those receptive people. So every group becomes a soul winning agency Ellen White writes a lot about how Sabbath school groups can win souls Well every group can win souls OK for group leaders need mentoring and accountability one church board mentor for each group the mentor doesn't do your ministry but listens and gives counsel and as your representative on the church board and I'm going to I'm going to share this basic principle with you we recommend here in Texas that a church look at their attendance and have 110th that many groups if you have 100 people attending you need to have at least 10 groups if you have 50 people attending you need at least 5 groups if you have 200 attending you need at least 20 groups otherwise you're going to miss a lot of people what are those groups a lot of those groups or Sabbath school groups and keep adding to that some are other ministry groups sometimes you have the same people in several groups and that's fine but you keep adding groups so when I was at Richardson we were averaging in our 2 services about 700 people on a Sabbath 70 groups and you've heard people say well in those big churches you get lost in most of them you do get lost but not if you have 70 groups you are always in a place where you know and are known where you love and are loved serving or serve where you're winning people we gather and looking out for each other so we didn't have to have some record keeper seeing who wasn't there so we could send them a card or whatever it happened naturally within the groups you see that picture instead of a sophisticated organizational system we had low. And groups but every group had 3 leaders and every leader had a church board mentor and the church board we talk about or groups and help minister to the leaders OK Number 5 How to start a group we talked about this in less seminar to start a group recruit through 3 group leaders including yourself and one church board mentor they start leading people to Jesus and into his final movement the 4 connections. Partner mentor pluck partner mentor flood and then go for it go for it number 6 How to Use groups to enter new territory. If you say I want our Sabbath school group to reach out to this community over here that doesn't know the admin its message we want to go start going into it one Sabbath afternoon a month to show him Jesus' love and care and help him then recruit your group target your 10000 population which basically means pick a public high school and all the community around it and then pick your pastor mentor request your resources and go for if you want ideas on how to do that the sure you pick up one or more of these cards for each person in your group OK in fact would you pass these out if anybody would like any of these we call them advance teams OK. If you don't have one already All right let's do some group story this is where it gets fun OK I'm going to ss gentleman right here take one of those pictures and let me tell about a group this where here OK that's Wally. Here's how this started I went to a new district and I's beginning to realize we need groups that are soul winning groups how we can do this and I thought we start with Sabbath school. So I said to myself a school superintendent the mayor great guy a dentist I said Dick will you take a couple of Sabbaths with me and we're going to visit every Sabbath school class and we're going to ask them to do outreach one Sabbath afternoon a month as a class together he says wow we've never done that I said isn't an amazing you could study the Bible together 20 years and never share Jesus together it's a may see it we get it out of balance if we don't have the 3 and so we made a list of over 100 different kinds of ministries and big Maronite start of business school class about 5 minutes in each class we said this coming year we're challenging your group to pick a ministry and do it at least one Sabbath a month all the way through the new year and here's a starter list of ideas and we had some classes go who were going to go for this and then we had some grumpy classes that said Who were you when you used to do good will you don't waste your time with the grumpy people we say God bless you do your best in the spend time with those who want to move forward OK Don't try to get everybody moving for work with the pick the fruit that's right outside the church to win souls and in the church to mobilize members pick the fruit that's right start there OK And so we came to this one class of yuppies some of you young people don't even know that term but yuppies means young upwardly mobile professionals it means young people have too much money on their to their hands OK And so it came to the yuppies they call their class the young and the rest of us OK and some of you get that and others who it's too far in the past so we came to their class they looked at the list they said we want to take ministry to the poor and somebody said we don't know any poor people and somebody said well let's find some help Oh and one person said whoa. There's some homeless people asleep under the bridge that goes over cross to the other town and somebody else said you know I think that the Salvation Army gives them a hot meal Monday to Friday but they don't have a hot meal on Sabbath or anything to eat on Sunday almost people why don't we why don't we take a hot meal on Sabbath and give them a sack lunch they could say for the next day and somebody in the classes wait a minute pastor said one 7th afternoon a month now you're talking every Sabbath. Somebody says well they're hungry every Sabbath. We're big enough class we can subdivide 4 groups in the is not the art. And by God's grace through their struggle they came out with 14 each one had one Sabbath afternoon a month to go to locomotive park right by the bridge and provide a hot meal and a sack lunch to anyone in any kind of weather weather was 102 degrees out or whether there was 4 inches of snow on the ground there be a hot meal and a sack lunch now my kids were grown up and I wasn't going to all of the outreach because all of a sudden with we had about 12 Sabbath school groups at that time in this church of about $600.00 we weren't anywhere close to where we needed to be but we're starting to dig more wells get more stuff happening and so we started seeing more activity and some of the Sabbath school classes were doing things so I would rotate around and just give me courage mint and when I'd go to the homeless ministry or the I would take my kids because I wanted them to see what happens if you use alcohol if alcohol required you to show and feature people who use their products for 30 years they wouldn't have the sales they have they'll. OK And so here we were a lot of the homeless some were out of jobs but a whole lot of them were into alcohol or drugs so I'm out there helping serve and I got to know the names of people and I here comes a guy through like I said Johnny how you do it and he says you just think I'm a drug don't care we all act and speak out of your own self identity and he saw himself as a drunk and he thought everybody else saw him self that way too I had said a thing about trying to be friendly and helpful he just think I'm a drug Archer I saw Johnny a neurologist ask him how you do it and then he said I'm not as bad as Wally. We can always find somebody worse than a so we feel better about ourselves but that doesn't last long we need our identity and Cheesus not in where we are in a social structure and I looked over and there is Wally lying on the grass there was one of our assistance offering a plate of hot food same do you want this Wally and there Wally said right there we watch put it there are new grass and they said it there in the grass while they roll over into it and there was a big wet spot on his pants from where he couldn't control himself because he's strong and I thought Poor Wally poor Johnny we're going to love people and maybe not have seen love before this keep serving a few months later go to India preach the Gospel come back and everybody says Did you hear what happened to Wally I said did he die. Minutes he's in his mid fifty's is abused his body all those years it's hard life he's And I said No he's he's alcohol free I said How is that in the Holy Spirit says Pastor Dan CERN's you where is your faith. I said tell me that tell me about it and they said they picked him a rested him for public intoxication one more time they put him in recovery choir detox they told him you need to pick a higher power it can be a light bulb or door knob they call higher power and this is about the 50th time through this and this time he picked the god of those people who keep being kind to me and steady afternoons and guess what they did for us even freedom from alcohol and I wanted to go see Wally and I saw it and he then started coming to church and we had a church member who had had an alcohol addiction that she had never talked about it much because that wasn't the proper thing to talk about it church but we're beginning to be more transparent with our struggles and our victories and she and her husband got close to Wally because they knew it was like and what a journey he had to end of it and they got closer to him and walk with them and help them ultimately find an apartment and God gave victory over tobacco and this is the picture of Wally on the day that I baptized him in Lakesha land in central North Central Washington and he gave his testimony and he said I've done a lot of bad things in my life I've served time for some of them I've broken every single one of the 10 Commandments but all that's being washed away today he said I try to get in touch with my family I haven't talked to him in 22 years and I couldn't find him so you're just going to have to be my family here and that church needed Wally as much as well he needed that church but what if we hadn't challenge Sabbath school groups to add in an outreach component we never would have known Wally. 2 years later Wally died because of the residual effects of all of his life we put in the newspaper the memorial service for Wally Briggs public invited open mike sharing. Besides the church members 100 people from the community came and they lined up and they said one lady said I work in the library Wally comes in and says Have I told you about what my Jesus is done for me this week the people who worked here longer tell me used to come in drunk to get out of the coal another step said I've been Wally's primary care physician for over a decade treated him for fights he got into an alcohol abuse 2 years ago something changed and I've only had to see him not as often but just some residual stuff from there God worked through Wally but it was by helping groups at that component OK All right one more No Do we have 10 yet we have time for maybe one more OK somebody a minute this young man or a year take one of us middle right this is very Here this guy leave baton this guy all right so God gave some when I got to Richardson and we start talking about the 4 connections and what ideas God giving you and how to go forward lead got together with another person in the church and said let's start a basketball ministry we didn't have a basketball court anywhere near our church we didn't have facilities it doesn't have to be at the building you can have a ministry anywhere in the city you know what I'm talking about they found an apartment complex where one of the church members lived they had a basketball court and they began meeting on Sunday mornings having basketball but they knew that this was the fellowship component you know a were so and so what's the but they needed the preach in the outreach component. And so the leader said OK before we start we're going to have a devotional little short thought on God's word and we're going to pray with each other for each other and then we're going to think about people who need the Lord and invite them to basketball so we can reach them too and I'll tell you that was a different kind of basketball you weren't you know. You know oh I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. Oh I almost said I'm sorry I'm sorry and they had fun together and I bet some people out of that ministry just the way it works is you're connecting with each other and they still have that ministry going on it's been rolling for about 8 or 10 years different people coming through others moving on but they just keep on doing it you get this idea simple ways to get groups going let me give you a few announcements as we wrap it up if you are interested in taking an epic journey through the Bible we're starting tomorrow January 1 it's a 5 year plan to read the entire Bible and the corresponding parts in the classic commentary called the conflict of the ages OK this 1st year is going to be the Gospels and the desire of ages and there are bookmarks it'll come out but you can download them on line they're not quite up there they'll be up there in a few weeks but you can get all of the reading for January and if you want to find out more about that this is great for personal devotions or family worship one of those groups or small groups or even a church wide study it'll be in Spanish and English ultimately and you can find out more at Texas evangelism dot com slash epic OK here's one more announcement 2 more announcements total member involvement training if you are in or near Texas. We are coming to your area 8 different training locations Sabbath afternoon 8 locations in Texas 16 seminar tracks English and Spanish and one mission total member involvement to start something new to win souls and you can go to Texas evangelism dot com slash train and get the locations and dates and times and then another one is E.S.L. outreach training there are parts of the world where the best way we can make friends for the Lord is to share English conversation and we're providing tuition free a whole week of training June 16 to 23. On the campus of southwestern administration versity in Keene Texas E.S.L. training and how to make friends and share your faith in other parts of the world and how to moma lies to other parts of the world to do it sure medium or long term so if you want to learn more about that Texas even it was a slash E.S.L.. This message was recorded at the G Y C. In Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this is a disc online she Y.C. with him or.


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