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  • December 28, 2018
    9:30 AM

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For some the future completely freaks them out for others they're so curious they want to see what's going to happen in the future on the this season will look at the entire book of revelation rather than be freaked out or look at what points of faith this book has to offer find out on this episode of In verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based compensation. Contemporary and thought provoking. Post just until within. A welcome friends were so excited that you decided to join here us with here and verse and we have our team we have our friends here and we have a whole new season on The Book of Revelation we're going to have 13 episodes on $22.00 chapters and we need the we need the Holy Spirit we need the Bible we have our Bibles in front of us so a secret can you pray for us and want to dive into the scriptures. Loving Father we're so thankful for the gift that you've given us in the Bible and we pray that you would help us to understand the things we're going to be learning from this book of Revelation that the blessing that it promises in Revelation one would be ours as we're going to read these things in your name Amen amen like I'm so I'm really excited about revelation like I'm like adrenaline is rushing through me not because rolls taping but also that it's the Book of Revelation this is like the last book yeah and it's as if we need to know all the books of the Bible to really understand this book this is like the the climax the epitome of the home and nation so I'll stop talking and we're going to go into verse one in Israel can you read verse one through 3 of chapter one because we're going to we're starting here. First want the Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Him to show his servants things which most shortly to police and he said and signified by his angel to his servant John who bore witness to the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ to all things that he saw bless it is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written in it for the time is near you so we really want to encourage you guys all out there if you're watching or listening or interacting with any verse to take out your Bibles you know it's on the screen you know you can just read the Bible verse and that's awesome but having the Bible out in front of you and especially this isn't going through the Book of Revelation with us is going to be an awesome experience all the more real in the scriptures so Cali what's going on in verse want to hear a lot to unpack here and we'll spend some time versus 133 let's look at this this isn't a boring introduction what's going on Act So it starts out with the revelation of Jesus Christ which is the full title the book on evolution and say that God gave something to to Jesus and then Jesus came to enjoy an angel gave it to John so whatever that is what we're about to meet you know that's a cool kind of like a ladder thing or like kind of a bounce thing. After going on yes I was given given it talks about the little bit more in verse 2 Verse 3 about Blessed is He who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy so this is important because it brings a blessing in reading it and if you're hearing the words and then keeping it so there's something in here that we can keep and because the time is near so that's why the blessing comes so this is deep this is this is coming from God the Father himself and got it out of coming down to us and then you mention verse 3 there is over there's a blessing there not only in reading so I'll be out there like take out your Bibles and read it and get the blessing and also hear the words of this prophecy in the in verse program. And then keep those things to do those things that are written there and. Why why does the book start off this way why does it was why I mean I think it's significant It says The Revelation of Jesus Christ you know I I grew up going to church and my brother my older brother when he would want to scare me he would send me to my room and make me read the book of Revelation. That was what psychological damage that's why she became with the roses you got a lot you got a lot of your brother my brother. That was the way that he would talk to me was go to your room and read Revelation and I would cry because to me seemed like a really really scary book and I would be nice and plagues and I mean it just was scary and blood and swords and famine and. We can go through that oh yeah so the book starts though this is not a book to torture people this is not a scary book that nobody should read it actually says this book when it's read right when it's understood correctly this is a revelation Jesus Christ and the pope the purpose of this book is for us to see a clearer picture of all of Scripture points to Jesus but the book is called specifically a revelation of Jesus Christ Yeah well. Love that that word of which sometimes you can just be like you know just skip over it but there's some power to that it's this is not only a revelation of Jesus meaning talking about Jesus but also Jesus who's doing the re on jailing the revealing from Jesus so that there's a dual thing going on I love all the scary parts about it's about Jesus and the scary parts about Jesus but not a scary possibility to toward point well I think you know whence we understand once we understand the purpose of the Book of Revelation it eliminates fear and you know the Bible says perfect love casts away all fear and that's why it's important for us to understand before we even dive into the Book of Revelation this is not the revelation of the apocalypse more this is not the revelation of the last day events or this is not the revelation of beasts but it's the revelation of Jesus Christ and it is the most sacred of all revelations it is the most sacred of all topics so much so that I think that is why you have God the father involved in this Jesus Christ involved in this the angel involved in this John who is a servant of God which was a title that was also given to Moses involved in that and all those agencies are in gauged to bring the revelation to the reader the person who reads and understands and is blessed and so you have the revelation of Jesus Christ for you and for me today the most holy and sacred of all revelations in Scripture Yeah really you want to underscore the point you bring to the sanctity and the holiness of this book you also see kind of kind of the hierarchy has a love of God the Father and it's not in that order became kind of rearrange it goes from God the Father to Jesus and then Jesus to the angel and then danger to John and then John to the 7 churches will find a little bit later on and 7 churches to us you know it goes to Europe a problem and it shows that that's this is the magnitude of this message what are other elements you can kind of glean from that as it's. If you go back to the fact that God is giving Jesus this message who gives it to an angel gives it to John the significance that this message was given to John you know he was the last living of the Apostles and this is towards the end of his life and his been exiled to the island of Patmos he's on this island all by himself and I think the temptation might be to be scared or this is the end of your life and you're all alone but God comes to him in a very profound way at a time of life when you know you look at old people sometimes the temptations be like their usefulness has been worn out you know they've done everything that they could do but John at the end of his life God gives him this very significant and very important revelation and for me it says that God can use you whatever stage in life you're in and whatever place that you're in isolated as he may have been God gives him this beautiful picture of Jesus of fuller revelation of Jesus Christ even though he had been walking with Jesus throughout his ministry is like a let me show you Jesus even clearer it's interesting John John the Apostle spent time with Jesus on earth but now this revelation is now Jesus in heaven and there's this super magnificent Jesus I mean it's crazy scenes in here that really inspiring on that point as an English teacher after your own one word and that is a verse one says and he sent signified it to a servant John and I know that you know when you're approaching any kind of text whether it's the Bible or a poem or a story you need to know how you're supposed to read it and I know before I read the 1st part of it when I was younger I was not part of my brother's very revelation and. I'm so sorry. I did a reading and I'm like I'm just never confused like what are these monsters going to show up I'm just lost right now but the very beginning is saying this is. Symbolic and we need to keep that in mind as we read it in order to understand it correctly and as you said earlier you know we need to understand Genesis through Jude in order to understand Revelation to look there like life think it means this like OK well let's go to Texas and stick there because that's the best way to understand it I think there's so cool that I'm just so excited about this book as it is because there's these books and in the English. Literature world there's these books like James James Joyce's Ulysses or Dantes inferno that are just packed with all these means and political figures and themes that are popular of the day like today like in North America if we say like Red Hat that has political ramifications if we you know the me to hash tag that has other. You know meanings in associated with it that make really sense just in our day and what Revelation does it takes all these themes from the entire Bible and just kind of like just smash burgers them into this one awesome book and without understand us the Bible this book really doesn't make sense and I love that point so under the signify that and so we need to understand rest of the Bible to understand and it's same kind of crude to say this way but almost like it's full of inside jokes if you don't the context of like Ha ha I don't get it so you're going to understand right there and so the context is the rest of the battle and when you get an inside joke it's really exciting it. Is Like I don't know so let's get in the square we're going to be all going to it's just. Something I think it's important for us to mention too is the fact that you've already said before job the rebel leader already has had an encounter with Jesus but that human to human encounter is. Paul are to the encounter that he's going to have now with God and in through through the medium of Scripture right and so the other thing here that's also important is that the Revelation of Jesus is by God it's like God gave the revelation. To Jesus of himself and so this is not Jesus trying to promote himself but there is something significant here that God wants us to understand about his son it's a picture it's a story told through the perspective of the flaw there to one of Jesus' closest friends on earth and so you have and how do you how do you understand that perspective what is it that God is trying to tell us well we can't really understand that unless we find it and grow and grow grounded in Scripture and so I think that that's also significant for us to point out as we study the Book of Revelation in the context of Scripture I love that where I was sizing up the the breadth of this book but also the death and the height of this book this is really a supernatural book not that the Bible isn't but of the Bible it takes precedence Let's talk about verse 3 bless it is he who reads like and who keeps and hears this prophecy that's from a lot of blessing a little bit like what is that blessing sometimes weary Scripture we are in our rooms because of our brother is there but what is this blessing the Bible talks about I think at least part of it is the blessing of being secure in Jesus of know what's going to come I mean our people there's so many movies so many books about what is going to happen in the end times when they don't really know but there's makes right and selling lots of them but here it's like you are blessed because you actually know what's coming and you alternately know who wins as well even when things are falling apart even when the sun craziness and plagues and all those things you know who this revelation is about you know the Jesus Christ and so you can have that blessing even through all the dark energy to not just knowing what's going to come I think there's a blessing in reading for yourself too not just hearing what other people say the Book of Revelation is about but studying it for yourself and knowing for yourself what. The Bible is saying and who Jesus is revealing himself to be in the Book of Revelation OK find out more on this blessing this blessing is coming from Jesus himself in the reading of scriptures find out we come back. In this been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up like a handle again and invest Bible else takes Now back to the discussion. Less it is he who reads this book this book of Revelation the cycle of this blessing this is coming from the father to the son to the angel to John to the 7 churches to us what's what to extrapolate more about this when we talk about Revelation we always think about it in the future context which I think it's important that's what's going to build up but notice there when in verse 3 it says Blessed is He who reads that in the present and those who hear that's in the present the words of this prophecy and those who keep the things that aren't these are all present tense things and so the 1st lesson I think the revelation teaches us about ourselves is that the present experience with the Word of God the present experience with the prophecy is what prepares us for the future and when we read prophecy the temptation that we have we're reading the future on man I got to get ready for that I got to get ready for that I got to get ready for that and we lose sight of the present context and hear the security is found not in preparation for the future but it's found in the the allowing the Word of God to allow the transformation to take place in the present and so how is it that we can enjoy that we can be sure that we can have assurance of if you choose salvation it's through a present experience and I think that's critical for us to understand because a lot of times we come to try to read Bible prophecy to get ready for the future. Not knowing that it is the Word of God in the present that prepares us to be ready in the future my take away from what you're saying I love it so my the way my brain work is I'm just like a nerd and I just like all the information I like are like on turning on counting all the numbers and all the you know and find all the symbols and stuff and that's all in there and there is an element that is some parts are scary and it talks about the judgment and the wrath and about what happens to people who don't just refuse to repent and turn around but you're saying that all of that is just background context for the main message being reading right with cheese which comes knowing she's experiencing Jesus that's what gets us through which comes through reading hearing and then keeping keeping is an element of protecting it is an element of personalizing and internalizing and protecting Carrie treasuring and the experience itself is the beauty not the future not the future thing like I got into I know you can't tell now but I used to I used to do triathlons back in the day and you keep on saying that same reaction that you and I and and please don't judge this is not to say this is about to say and and so the the end goal was always to finish you know but actually the the benefit the health benefits took place not on race day but leading up to race 3 race day in training and so it's the same way in the Book of Revelation it's by by reading the scriptures on a day to day basis we are getting ready for the final event but the final event is just really the inability to showcase what has already been taking place on a day to day basis and so the prophecy is designed is not a futuristic thing but it's designed to help us be transformed in the present and I mean I think that's really clutch because when we talk about when we think about the future. Thing. Going back to growing up in the ring of hearing this I kind of fell into the trap of all K. well so that's going to happen then when when the events leading up to that start to happen then I'll get ready in the meantime let me just live my life and I need to know this information so that I'll know when it's time to get my life in order right but the whole point of I think the section that we read versus $123.00. Is that this is about Jesus and if it's Jesus who's sharing this with God he's sharing this information then there's a relationship there 8. And it's in that relationship he's sharing this information enough with the information sake just with the information but out of a relationship with us and if we lose sight of the relationship that was supposed to be having with the one who has seen the information with us then there's no point really in them from ation and the relationship with God is like any other relationship it takes time and it's not some spiritual extra Tara kicks perience really true now I have Jesus and I it's just I mean it takes time to get to know how he it takes time to know what she likes and thinks and what I like and then there's a there's a development of a relationship there yeah and then that same with God. On the side of what Seeker was saying you're not being ready and saying like all do it later and I think another danger is saying like this is going to happen so I'm going to be super anxious and stressed about it and like costly be thinking about all the time and my fear author says that you know don't be so concerned about the time of trouble that you create a present time of trouble. But we should again just have that relation with Jesus and that's only way we can be ready in the like for the actual time travel anyway is there to prevent one being earlier than the present experience like let's move forward to verse 4 here because we were there are some more distressed your parts coming out of your 1st bore and I read Revelation Chapter one Verse for John to the 7 churches which are in Asia Grace to you and peace from him who is and who. As in who is the come in from the 7 Spirits who are before His throne and from Jesus Christ the faithful in this the firstborn from the dead and the ruler over the kings of the earth to Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood and has made us kings and priests to his God and Father to him be glory and dominion forever and ever amen verse 7 behold he is coming with clouds and every eye will see Him even they who pierced Him all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of him even so Amen verse 8 I am the Alpha and the Amiga the beginning in the end says the Lord who is and who was and who is the come the Almighty case or this is continuing on in our introduction of revolution what are some points we can glean from that passage there I mean it's it's just it's jam packed with this with a picture of Jesus you know and it struck me just reading through it. Especially seeing that John knew Jesus personally in his earthly life and then it talks about him as a faithful witness firstborn from the dead John knew that he saw Jesus after he was resurrected rule of the kings of the earth John saw Jesus on a cross you know shortly before he went to heaven and that was a really trying moment for the disciples but here it's proclaiming that Jesus not only died and was resurrected but now he's been exalted and that thing that you worried about his entire ministry when when is the kingdom coming that he is the king his ruler over the kings of the earth and so I just imagine I picture for John this picture this revelation of Jesus in his exalted state was probably very thrilling it specially given that he had seen Jesus in His earthly ministry says kind of almost in a way kind of like the Gospel of John part to the sequel and Jesus you know sometimes in our in our Christian experience we have Jesus died on the cross and we kind of was venerate the Jesus still on the cross in many of the churches that is the focal point and Jesus on the cross is the foundation of our faith I mean that is the basis for our salvia I mean that's that's just so crucial but there is the good news that he resurrected and then he went upstairs and the polling question that many Christians should be asking is what is Jesus doing up there and this is kind of the continuation that that this book is about revelation or this book is about Jesus and what he's doing up there is what the Bible calls Jesus a faith for witness and faithfulness is found on the part of Christ because He is a faithful witness or because he is faithful and then the Bible says we can also be faithful right that word faithful witness is also dealing with a time of judgment right it's language that is dealing with judgment which when you look at scripture a judgment is really found or you find an understanding of judgment through the sanctuary motif and so the book of general the Book of Revelation ties into the saying where the fact. Jesus is the faithful witness the star witness the key witness means that if he is on our side we have the star witness on our side and the Bible then talks about him raising from the dead on love in the book our witness in the Book of Revelation you're going to be dealing with a topic of death that's what scares us the biggest fear that humanity faces a fear of death and the Bible says this if he is the firstborn from the dead in other words he is the check that is cash when it comes to death the Bible then declares him to be the ruler of all the kings of the earth so not only is he the star witness not only is he resurrected the firstborn from the dead but he's also the ruler of all kings of there is a king he's above all of them in the Bible then goes on from speaking about Jesus as a as a witness and speaking of him as a ruler but now now it personalizes this is that this man who is the ruler this man who is the witness this man who was a firstborn from the dead has power he has now washed us and he's washed us with his own blood that means that he has taken upon himself. He has taken upon himself the bill to pay for our sins and he's done this sacrificially And so he's saying this man who was big and mighty and awesome and great is also personal and that's what he's done he's taken upon himself the responsibility to watch us from our sins and then it says in verse 7 and this man Jesus is the one who's coming and so when you read that at least when I read that I'm thinking yes even so Amen that's what I want I want that man to gum if he's all powerful if he's all these things and he's also interested in me and that he watched me and paid for it with his own money which is a significant debt then even so a man come I want to see that a man and I mean to do this broke that report done for $6.00 like verse $5.00 and $6.00 I mean well you're what you're talking I'm thinking in the faithful that's that's that's a little legal victory and then you have a biological victory and then a political victory but then you emphasize the personal victory is what Jesus provides I mean that's that's awesome that's about it yeah yeah. I think I'm just still stuck on that one part the personal victory of Him who loved us and watches for a sense in his own blood something also about you know washing someone is blood it's not like a like I cut a little bit like here some blood but it's like Jesus poured out everything when he came and he he didn't have to is the thing like there was no obligation on God's part to do those things he voluntarily chose to go all the university like now you're like we get it you don't have to do that but Jesus loved us that much that he chose to go through with it even though he knew what it would cost. And then you invent 7 I is I'm going I'm going to with John John being the one receiving this message the 1st hand of my 1st hand it was there when Jesus went up into heaven and they were looking in accept one he says as they looked steadfastly to the sky and he was taken up and and then the angels appeared and said Why are you looking up to heaven and say this same G.. As US we see going up he's going to come in like manner and here this this proclamation behold he is coming with clouds. For someone who has a relationship with someone who loves Jesus. The response is even so come Jesus and so behold he is coming with the clouds every eye will see him even those who pierced Him like the promise of the return of Jesus Christ I think the culmination of the Book of Revelation it ends with this glorious appearing of Jesus Christ which is obvious that hope might take away from your guys comments is like I think very important to establish that revelation and some people put the whole entire book in the past and then we don't need to study it it's told historical but what you're saying is Jesus a 2nd coming is is here so it's an element of the future involved then we get people also swing to the other side and while this is all in the future but you say that the blessing comes right now to people who read and then we read from the context of John these are into the 7 churches so this also happened in the past so this isn't just past only or future only this is happening conquering Lee with history in real time in vivo as we're living. Thing is we can also make universal application so even though John's writing to the 7 churches we can also apply this to to us as well as well and it's also because this is the revelation of Jesus and so Jesus is relevant in the past he's relevant in the present and he's relevant in the things that are surely to come to pass and so Jesus as the theme is relevant to all people at all times in every single place and that's why it's I love it I love it and this has been a really fast but really awesome introductory study into the Book of Revelation we're looking at God the Father who is who was and is to come we're looking at Jesus in the past he's in the future Jesus in the middle he is up stairs Jesus does Jesus everywhere and so if you're excited about Jesus especially in the Book of Revelation to. Take a moment to commit yourself to looking at the Book of Revelation in a new way or again or even deeper than before we're so glad you joined us we'll see you next week on and. You've been listening to him 1st a Bible based conversation with Cali Williams Israel Ramos Jarrett Thomas Sebastian Braxton Siku doco and your host just an inverse is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives but this and more inspiring episodes visit inverse Darkhawk T.V. dot find us on social media has Ted inverse time until next time this isn't the 1st.


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