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02-Among the Lampstands

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Callie Williams



  • January 5, 2019
    9:30 AM

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So John was stuck on the island of Patmos all by himself away from everyone he ever knew and sometimes in our spiritual experiences if you were stuck on an island and God is away from us find out what God has to say to John in the Book of Revelation. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on life principles contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in Tim within the. Welcome to the 2nd episode on the series on revelation if you missed our 1st episode you're going to want to go back to the archives and see Episode one so it sets us up for episode true in this episode where in chapter still in chapter one and we'll look at verses 9 through where we get tired but we're going to really get into this chapter so some order prayer in Cali going to read a Bible verse for us but Sebastian you pray for us absolutely let's pray. Our Father we have all experienced what it's like to feel that God is far from us and sometimes Lord to suffer for what is right and so would we pray that as we open the Word of God today that you would guide us then you would provide us with that same comfort that you provided to John so many hundreds of years ago and then bless us Lord with understanding and be with the words of our mouths and the thoughts of our hearts is our prayer in Jesus' name amen amen amen and chemistry verse 9011 there yes verse 9 I John both your brother and companion in the tribulation and kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ was on the island that is called Patmos for the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and I heard behind me a loud voice as of a trumpet saying I am the Alpha and the Omega the 1st and the last and what you see write in a book and send it to the 7 churches what you're in Asia to. Assess to Smyrna to park a mess to Thyatira to Sardis to Philadelphia and to Laodicea thanks so 1st 9 through 11 look what's going on here I think we're in a little bit about the experience of John I think I think we're sometimes get impatient we want to get to the part of the monster isn't all that part yes but the existential component the background experience of John is so crucial to the beginning of this book so for what's going on here yeah John this is this is the John the Beloved This is the John Jesus called from being you know in a fisherman blue collar occupation you heard the voice of Jesus calling to him and he followed Jesus for 3 and a half years he was one of Jesus' compatriots and saw all of the miracles and everything else leading up to the crucifixion and Jesus and and after that as the church began to grow and experiencing persecution. John was one of those dude's that they just couldn't kill. They want to get out of there if you threw him into a pot of oil and he came out unscathed and I'm burned so they said we're going to send this dude out to this desert island out in the middle of the Aegean Sea just leave him there on this like you know people call jokes which you know like according to Christian tradition he was the gospel of God The disciple of love the a part of love and they said that it was these accounts where he would just go around like love each other and love each other in love and if you read his letters it's like Beloved this and beloved that and love this and love that and the guy who's so full of love put him on an island all by himself like what So that would describe the experience I think I want is that so crucial here I think that's that's critical because the Bible you know gives you the framing of revelation wasn't just something that was for the ages or just to have a prophecy like God says I'm going to call you to be a prophet to give you this vision but it's interesting how through him. Doing what Jesus was calling him to do he came into this contact with Christ who we had not seen for what 50 or more years and so you see that even as he's delivering the vision of revelation he himself is being comforted in his persecution that what he's been believing in suffering for all these years is real it's legit it's official like I'm not out of my mind you can think older people kind of can become a little bit cynical right so you know I've lived my life I've done all this kind of stuff and all of a sudden things come into focus for you like this is what's really important and I think for John he's in a situation where you're all alone he's by himself on this island he hasn't seen Jesus in who knows how long he's the only one left and it's kind of like men is this thing real and Jesus understands that I have to give this revelation and I'm going to give it to John of all people he could have given it to were Christians at that time to comfort him and give him assurance that the Lord was near and he says he's experiencing some suffering here on this island and I don't care how much of an inch of. Our you know I'm I think for an extrovert just to be by themselves for 5 minutes with the would be painful torture I mean and shiver when you're definitely an extrovert I'm not actually you know just over just you're an extrovert Yeah like a 10 on a scared you're a 10 on the extra really was the whole thing it's that's that's having So you cannot handle being on Patmos I couldn't handle being up in the snow there are times where I need to get away I need to clear my head so I go camping by myself and. Like I mean if you're going to. Write. This pretty bad. Cal Are you an extrovert and I have extremely introverted I'm just loud but I'm interested in your answer and yeah so you're like a loud introvert I feel like that's an oxymoron bro you are the definition of allow to interfere in any way so we got to where there is sort of extroverted being alone for and I don't really know how long he was on this island for but was for a very long time and he's yearning so this message put in now will it sets us up for the 7 churches and there are some parts to get before that but it's there's a message here to those who are lonely to those who are suffering to those who are who feel rejected. I say and also people who are John says there in verse 9 he says I John both your brother and companion in tribute So there is there's a sense that if you are in tribulation John is your brother right he's a person who is going to persecution in tribulation just like you and I think there's something that every person in life knows what it's like to do the right thing and losing in the end so let me ask you this question to clarify this so there's there's sometimes when we go through suffering that's because it's unjustly given put upon us some circumstance that I didn't create and kind of like John that he didn't voluntarily go to Patmos but he's there and there's another situation where I mean you're the idiot you made the mistake and you're in the conundrum that your ad and your suffering how do we differentiate the 2 and how does Jesus comfort us is there a difference between the 2 is there note I mean how do we differentiate those 2 situations KELLY I think the 1st thing is there's not really a formulaic answer and it comes down to having a relationship with Jesus because well no you know once we know him we know what's expected of us we know what God wants us to do in certain situations well know if we like oh yeah that was our bad something about liking David about Shiva OK he knew. That that was a bad choice that things happened yes bad things happened but he repented fully and you know he has got to be with him but he still suffered lots of consequences because that terrible decision but he wasn't like well god hates me some of like give up this whole God thing and just live my life but he still repented came back to God suffer the consequences but said even in these consequences God is the my comfort because God doesn't hate me because I said and he like he's like that was bad I forgive you your consequences are still going to happen but it's like it kind of reminds me a little bit of a little when a little kid gets hurt or they do something wrong and their mom is mad at them but they'll still run to their mom for like a hug and I'm going to miss is that you know it's. Like even though like God is like we should have done that but because your mom still loves you your mom's like you're no longer my daughter because you're a terrible person like you know you should have done that because you know it kind of reminds me of a quote from my dad where he used to say experience is the best teacher but a fool learns by no other means and you kind of go through this situation that you don't want to always have to touch the fire to know that it's hard you don't want to always have to suffer to recognize the lesson you need to learn there are certain things you can learn from other people's mistakes and I think when we're separating me suffering for Christ in me suffering because of my own decisions there's so many things that God has given to us in the Bible in the examples of other patriarchs and prophets and people in the Bible and people in our own personal lives are like Man that was a bad decision but then there's other times where you're like I'm just trying to be faithful like Job I'm just trying to serve God and all the sudden things come out of the blue right there's almost a sudden this to them because you don't anticipate being faithful to God and suffering that's just not something you want if you're bringing a point that's very sobering and in some ways it puts a call it pours cold water. I forgot the idiom is but it's just messed up people of all of it's the cold weather it's like sobering. First OK I would. I don't know if you're anywhere going so. God doesn't remove the consequences. No not at all of a bad decision of a decision but even of a right decision can also have bad consequences like I don't but you're also saying that in the midst of the consequence and the suffering through it God also gives more strength and grace to endure through it because his goal is to bring it back to himself like when you look at your children right if my son is misbehaving I actually spend more time talking to my son it's kind of a weird thing where you're kind of like you're playing by yourself everything's fine Nobody's fighting and then when someone fights or hits or bites or whatever you're kind of like hey you should be doing that you have to pull them aside you give them very focused attention like hey what's going on why do you feel like you have to do this and I feel like that's kind of the nature of God's consequences it's like he's trying to bring you back get your attention in C.S. Lewis said it best right pain is God's megaphone to a deaf world so it's like if you know in Jamaica we say if you can hear you can feel so you can hear me telling to you tell you not to do that will go ahead and you can feel good do that it close to God has a Jamaican accent absolutely where did. I say I don't do that I think you also need to differentiate between God's judgment and just natural consequences OK because sometimes it's like say I smoke a lot God gave me cancer you know smoking causes cancer right that's what happens naturally and so by God is it like oh you're going to smoke and I'll let you do that but I'm going to take away cancer from you because I want you to continue in your terrible decisions like God is even using the natural consequences of this world to be like this is why I told you not to do that but when you're ready like I'm here so let me know intervenes always for the sake of righteousness never to enable us more and more say you know because like oh you're suffering let me and help you suffer more by taking away the consequences but we get we get confused because sin is pleasurable to us sometimes are bad decisions so we're confused but God is like your. So satisfied with this I want to take you here so I'm not going like I'm willing to sacrifice my reputation in order for you to see what is truly beautiful and not just taste the ashes that you like so much I love that point I love the point he's going to express his reputation and let's move on Ford if we can and one of our 1st 1st 10 is there so there's an interesting element there verse 10 I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and I heard behind me a loud voice of a trumpet and then here Jesus speaks what what is this Lord's Day there's a lot of confusion about this point and Jared help us out clarify this verse for the Lord's day according to Scripture is the 7th day sabbath OK So Jesus there's 2 accounts one in Mark chapter 2 and one in Matthew Chapter 12. In both of them Jesus says that the Son of Man referring to himself is the Lord of the Sabbath day if there's one day out of 7 that Jesus claims it's the 7th day sabbath and it's on this day that he chooses to show up you know John's all alone in his exile and he shows up and brings his presents and communes and communicates with John on this special day which he set apart and sanctified all the way back in Genesis chapter 2 verse one and we see later on verse source 1112 all the way to verse 20 that Jesus is now revealing himself he's reading down to them that's a John on this island in a special garb and he's wearing all this really fancy stuff and if we don't know Genesis through Jude we don't know what this passage is about so if I know after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us that's up next we'll handle again is in 1st Bible states now that. To the discussion. Going to spend some time in the book of revelation especially chapter one and in this 1st chapter guys I mean there's so much in here I mean you have the Spirit of Prophecy if salvation you have the 2nd coming you have the Sabbath mentioned we talked about before the break in verse 10 I was in the spirit on the Lord's day thinking Jared you just completely elucidated that this is not Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or Friday or you know it's. A Sabbath this is clear throughout Scripture you have all these foundational all beliefs discreetly baked into a chapter one let's move on to verse 1112 on words and you see here Jesus is revealing so verse 11 Jesus says I am Alpha and Omega the 1st and the last and then he says write these things and send it to the 7 churches and verse 12 can you reverse 12 until you get tired then I turned to see the voice that spoke with me and having turned I saw 7 gold in the lamp stands and in the midst of the 7 lamp stands one like the son of me and clothed with the garment down to the feet and girded about the chest with a Golden Bay and his head and hair were white like wall as white as snow in his eyes like a flame of fire the verse 15 will go to Sebastian his feet would like fine brass as if refined in a furnace and his voice as the sound of many waters he had in his right hand 7 stars out of his mouth went a sharp 2 edged sword and his countenance was like the sun shining in its strength and when I saw him I fell at his feet as did but he laid his right hand upon me saying to me Do not be afraid I am the 1st and the last in verse 18 cow I am he who lives and was dead and behold I am alive forever more amen and I have the keys of Hades and of death write the things which you have seen and the things which are the things which will take place after this the mist. Of the 7 stars which you saw in my right hand and the gold 7 golden lamp stands the 7 stars are the angels of the 7 churches and the 7 lamp stands what she saw are the 7 churches OK so I feel like up to this point we were understanding Johnny's on the island of His Revelation and then he sees this vision and I'm like whoa yeah I mean now it's just this is a crazy vision and we've established in Chapter one Verse one through 3 This is from God the Father this isn't John having some bad pizza late at night he's I mean a weird dream this is legit and from Genesis through Jude this makes sense and shared what's going on what's the background context of this so on the Sabbath God draws near and he does that in a very real way here to John revealing Himself to him John's alone and he appears in enters in not just to commune with him but to reveal to him the rest of this book Everything else is written is what Jesus personally communicated here and through his angel to John his disciple he sees Jesus here. And this is normally how we think of Jesus right right white hair you know it describes his all wrong with white hair this is actually a lot wrong with. This Well yeah but I mean the the the separate now is the fire is his legs are like burnished bronze So basically I see it as John's way of communicating that here he is in his. Veiled glory right I have a natural Exactly and I think that John was on the mount with Jesus when he was transfigured before he's seen a little picture of this mass but here Jesus comes again and I'd like to think that John recognises Lord because He bows himself down and prostrates himself before Jesus and I also think you see the fact that he. Close down in verse 13 it says in the midst of the 7 lamps then one like the son of man clothed with a garment down to the feet and guarded about the chest with a golden bend and I think before you get into the supernatural pieces of what's come to describing to Christ to make him kind of bigger than life I think you also get into the sanctuary language of in the Old Testament the Jewish culture of the priest going in to minister to make sure these lamps have oil and to keep them lit always lit you know 24 hours a day so I think it's also picturing Jesus in his high priestly role of going there on behalf of his people so it's almost as if he's keeping his promise he's like Rob gone in on your behalf John and now I'm coming back and so the idea of Jesus being among the lamb stands you know which we're going to get into the fact that that represents the 7 churches that's like Christ is there in the midst of ministering to his church regardless of what condition it is well the school things will give me in verse 21st 20 the Bible actually actually clarifies there the 7 stars are the angels of the 7 churches in the 7 lamp stands which you saw are the 7 churches so we don't have to spend time trying to decipher what's going on the Bible is very clear and right and what's going on but I think one step further what Sebastian you're emphasizing is here that the clothes that Jesus is wearing indicates what's going on and men are for not careful it just seems like oh this is Jesus and we can pass over it but I remember one time we went to Vancouver Canada and we're in downtown Vancouver and someone some hotel and there was a convention going on and so we went out to get some Korean tacos can she talk fusion awesome awesome for you and it was really her on on yelp and then there is a there is a I don't know what it's called but a comic convention or on a comic con it was a comic cover something OK something like that Sebastian. And then people are always close and I'm so far removed from the pop culture. That's popular now and I could you know I can recognize some of the superheroes that are like very popular but there's others I like no idea not even the faintest clue of what what world they're from the clothes revealed what context they're coming from it's the clothes are a indicator this is the context that I'm coming from this is there's meaning attached to it whether it's the invincibility of the of the Pentagon the ass or whether it's the you know you know surreptitious you know the Black Knight whatever I mean there's all these connotations to it and here with with Jesus I mean he's wearing priestly clothes here yes and he's now a mix amongst the 7 candlesticks So this is holy place language holy place environment holy place context here and I love it I love verse 13 the 1st couple words there were 13 and in the midst of the 7th Heaven lamp stands so we place our 77 lamp stands of churches that Jesus is in the midst of these churches yes to study those 7 churches but here Jesus saying look no matter you for they're on a island Patmos all by yourself whether you're in an apostolic church or whether you only have to see Jesus is in the midst of all of us and I think that's that's the context of the comfort that John needs to hear and then and I think when you look at verse 19 it goes to show you that even what he's doing among the churches is not something that's time bound because it says that right the things that would you have seen the things which are in the things which will take place after this so you almost get the sense that Jesus is involved in every time period of your life you may come to the present when I was converted to Christianity and not recognize looking back that Jesus was actually involved in ministering to me at that time and now you're looking to the future so there's a sense of present comfort you know a past kind of reflection in the future a hope of the fact that you know these things are happening in these churches may not be new under the sun but they're also giving you comfort in the fact that he in the future he's. Always going to be in the midst of the church ministering to them and that's important because all of these churches these 7 churches are literal local churches in Asia Minor all of these Greco-Roman cities with churches you know really existed they were real gutters and real counsel to real people in real situations but at the same time there is this timelessness here is transcends into the history of the future of the church and even to my life as a member of the church and where I'm at today so this is this book is not only in the past it's not in the future but I love that we're timeless this is just go on all throughout history all throughout our time in all of our experiences that can relate to every stage of our lives I love the fact that Jesus he was wearing priestly clothes in the sense that that prophets in the Old Testament represented God to the people priests represented the people to back to God and here he's saying Look God the Father these churches I got them. You know I am covering them in and he's got some specific stuff to say to them but you know Kelly what's what else is going on in this passage that really strikes you looking at verse 1717 after John sees all these descriptions of Jesus and I also see it like he's like I don't know how to say it's just sound like many waters I don't know what I'm trying to find a description of for you to see what I'm experiencing and after that so when I saw him I fell at his feet as dead but he laid his right hand on me saying to me Do not be afraid I'm the 1st in the last and it's just that the way it is. Nice. To know the see mean oxymoron a paradox of Jesus if he is he is amazing he has this voice and like many waters he's got like all these crazy descriptions of him but then when someone is like I can't take it he puts his hand upon them and says Do not be afraid and assist gee this is so like he has the privilege or he can be very high up. But he's just so like he just comes down to earth and I think that's the beauty of it's like the beauty of the paradox of the fact that it only adds to the comfort being act as even more significant right because it could have crushed you right you may have been amended you know Internet abject suppression is like yeah my countenance is like the sun coming up in your face you think I'm in someone's countenances like the sun in their eyes are like flaming fog your it's like yeah fall is a dead end to it but then for him to reach his hand down in the midst of all that power and yet exercise such gentleness with his servant and to say hey you know it's not like he just like touched him the Bible's like he put his right hand upon him like he was there to comfort him and to say listen I know I can't hold back all this glory to prevent this reaction but I can also come for you to say hey it's OK to stand on your feet and to recognize that he's coming bringing good news so there's also this combination of huge enormous holiness that commands a certain all and reverence but that's also very comforting in mere personal another outlet that comes out of this too is you know sometimes we just ask. So God I want to hear a voice more God I want you to show me more of yourself and he does sometimes other times like I don't think you can handle like you're not ready for all that and so even like how Jesus deals with us in a progressive way throughout our life that is the mercy of God because if he showed up with his face like fire all the time I think we'd have a hard time just like one time my son was playing in the mud you know and I come home from work and he's just so wanting to see me right and he's just like daddy and he's just like you know grabbing on it with all of his mud and I was just I was like like I'm worried. You know how expensive this and my all of the whole time is that you know this is a love of a sign of how much is money but all of this is a lot of money and it is a drag to be on this forever and you kind of see that rawness with Jesus like in. Holiness he wants to embrace all of humanity but he can't because I mean as a sinful as humanity is humanity we're just a vast array in the presence of holiness So you see this is a mitigated these these stages of a sanctuary and all these things that the Bible is packed in there is showing us how God shows His is wrong to us in a mitigated way so that doesn't kill us but reveals himself and how can I tell them what do I need to do to get closer to that's what the Incarnation really is all about is Jesus strong year and even Actually even when he was a human being he came in and when he called Peter Peter fell on his face yes he shows up to Daniel Daniel falls on his face and I think ultimately like that that's a part of our experience too and especially when he comes again to think of us prostrating ourselves before him and hearing that voice well done. Feeling feeling that and him and knowing by faith that we're going to have that experience too would have to be afraid I mean after this this is the study I want to have more of a lot of more of a raw experience with Jesus and I know that Jesus has already revealed himself in this book of revelation to us and he wants to have a very close intimate relationship with all of us hopefully even aspired Hopefully you have a desire to get closer and then just embrace him with all the dirt that you have on your body Thank you so much for joining us on this episode to find out next episode as we look at the 7 churches God bless. You've been listening to enforce a Bible based conversation with Kelly Williams Israel Ramos Jared Thomas Sebastian Braxton doco and your host Justin can invest is brought to you by the hope Tamil television that changes night but this and more inspiring episodes visit in various T.V. dot find us on social media has turned into this until next time this isn't 1st.


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