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03-Jesus' Messages to the Seven Churches

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Sikhu Daco Jonathan Walter



  • January 12, 2019
    9:30 AM

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Sometimes our spiritual lives go up and they go down they go sideways and sometimes we can't get back has happened in history this will happen in the future has happened in the 7 churches a revelation find out more on this up so of interest. Coming to you from Silver Spring. Welcome to. The Bible based conversation. Contemporary. Thought provoking. Post Justin with him for. You guys welcome to this episode of inverse were so excited for this episode especially because we have a new cast member and we're so excited and we can't say we're so excited keep saying the word excited over and over again we're going to maybe you can pan to Jonathan he's a good looking tall gentleman to my right to your left and we have in the House today in the studio and also Sebastian and we're going to look at the 7 churches Jonathan you what do you hail from where do I hail from Yes well you were actually originally from Europe of Austria Yes Not Germany but Austria exactly the place where everyone. On the music you do all day long really got to write the book you're going to write here we're going to do that and then. Hopefully we won't see Sebastian singing but the other wise they will be into the into the word. And studying the 7 churches so it's a work of art Jonathan if you don't mind. Let's pray. Father we love you and we love the word that you have given us and we just want to understand it help us to dig deeper gives the Spirit to guide us as we try to execute these lessons that we find in the 7 churches of Revelation thank you that you will do this pretty in Jesus' name amen the management team in Show you look at Episode one we look at the beginning of Revelation why it's so important to look at this book episode 2 with Johnny stuck on an island and we actually get into the vision and now we go we want to go through a tour de force around what modern day Turkey is to the 7 churches and applications for today so in our Bibles Let's go to Revelation Chapter 2 and Sebastian Can you read through the 1st verse of chapter 2 there are right revelation to one to the angel of the Church of FS is right these things says he who holds the 7 stars in his right hand who walks in the midst of the 7 golden lamb stands 1st to Joe I know your works your labor your patience and that you cannot bear those who are evil and you have tested those who say they are apostles and are not and they found them liars. And you have peace and you have persevered and have patience and have labored for my name sake and have not become weary 1st for Nevertheless I have this against you that you left your 1st love Remember there are 4 from where you have fallen repent and do the 1st works or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place unless repent Subash when you reverse 6 and 7 Press but from its place but this you have that you hate the deeds of the nickel ations which are also hate he who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches to him who overcomes I will grant to eat from the Tree of Life which is in the midst of the paradise of God OK so we read the 1st church the 1st Church the Church of after and the. 7 Churches and. All over the background were what is going on in the 7 churches who are this up in churches in going to start it what we talked about in previous episode that Jesus through an angel is giving this Revelation to John the beloved disciple and he's writing letters now that are going to go to these churches that are real life churches that exist in Asia Minor and each of these churches have been established after Jesus went back to heaven and Jesus even after he went to heaven is still concerned with the state of the Church on earth and you know in chapter one talk about he's walking in the midst of his church and so he's got an intimate knowledge of what's happening in the church is not just an intimate knowledge but he has genuine concern for the situations that they find themselves in so he gives he addresses them he gives. Praises for good things that they're doing he rebukes them sometimes with things that they're not doing right and he gives them promises that they can hold on to. You know Jonathan give us a little bit of should we just read the 1st chapter the 1st the 1st church there the procedure the process so all the churches kind of follow a similar pattern kind of got us through that structure of it yeah well it starts out with Jesus addressing the church he says you know the name of the church exorcise Pergamos and so on a continuous and then he he introduces himself he gives a certain title for himself or describes himself and every description gives a different viewpoint of who Jesus is which I really love and then he goes into a description. Of what is going well in almost all of these churches what is what is going well with you what are you doing well but then of course because he loves us He will also tell us the things that are an issue that needs to be addressed and then he kind of goes in this rebuke mode and says had this needs to be figured out before I come and then he moves into an. Appeal to repent and appeal to to come back to whatever was there about what was right and then he. Always had this saying that we should listen to what the Spirit is saying to them you know I love the part of the 7 churches because these are real churches that happen and existed in history there also the cool thing is these are major cities back in their day and that Jesus loves people his people in cities I don't know the exact year but a couple years ago or maybe those I don't know it's after the year 2000 that the world 50 percent of the world was more people who were living in cities than the non-serious for the 1st time in our sister and there's a lot of work that needs to be done the Gospel needs to just go forward in cities and this is just a great motif to launches into that Sebastian what are some things that pop out now we don't have time to go through all the 7 churches and that's like a whole season in it so yes there are some high points what pops out to you before is that OK. OK I got rather. I mean not not about emphasis in particular to say he's writing to real life cities that existed in his day but he's also the message that goes to those cities has application not just to them then but now in the individual eyes and it also goes through the church as it has gone through historically So the messages that we read in Revelation $2.00 and $3.00 it's not something for back in the day but it's something that has application to our day and something that gives us a view of what happened historically. Has a historical fulfillment and then a prophetic fulfillment and also a personal fulfillment if I can steal one more time for it's about. You know you have got what it is really we're here under a lot of good especially if it wanted to. It's interesting because there were obviously more than 7 churches you have. 7 Churches and this is if you read the book of Revelation you see it's all these. Episodes of seventy's the year the 7 plagues of the 7 Trump 7 seals and here are 7 churches 7 is a number of completeness so Jesus is addressing not just the 7 local churches as you say but his complete church his body on earth that's right and it's kind of historical to the fact that it was very common for an apostle to send a letter to a church and it be read in other churches around church so it's also you know OK for you to take some of my time but as I take it back. One of the things I wanted to highlight here in the introduction is Jesus in verse one of chapter 2 in each of the letters where he introduces he says to the angel of the church which we understand to represent a messenger right and which is really dealing with the minister of that particular church which shows that the 1st person who really needs to receive the application of Jesus is counsel to a church is the leadership and a lot of times we overlook this sometimes it can seem like oh well there's problems with the church it's like well there's these 2 members in the church where there is this group of people or the certain mode of thinking that is clouding the church but when Jesus addresses the church he starts 1st with the leadership and I think it brings a lesson to me that when I look at my home and if there's problems in my home it's easy for me right to get into a situation like off my son would just do this or if my wife would just do this or you know my daughter would just do this but rather than stepping back and saying if this is something Jesus would have against your own Christian life or your own family or your even your own church you need to start introspecting at leadership and then I mean I completely resonate with that leadership aspect which is to say think it also underscores in each of the messages to the change that introspection it's a call for everyone to examine yourself you're not a call to point fingers at other people is to say look he says I know your works and he's not talking like generically. Thank you like I know you all works who I know you work Sebastian I know you even the stuff that other people don't see a gnome and he calls you to really stop and not focus on how the world perceives you but you realize God sees you you know and you've got to think about that and these messages are very very personal let's fly through the 7 churches really quick so we start enough to say this is the early church this is what just give me just quick to bits so you know they were very loving church. But they had lost a 1st love of what happens after you know you're fall in love but if you don't keep it going. Down so very quick to kind of refresh that case and we go to some or not this is the persecuted church where people are dying and suffering and they go to Nexus Pergamon this compromising on the mom ising and then it's kind of you see this kind of almost slow decline and then fire Tierra is kind of the body bottomed out yeah. Corrupt church there's just totally crazy stuff going on there kind of like a little bit of uptick we go to Sardis what's happening in Sardis basically did their like have a name that they're alive but you day they're dead they're sleeping and there's a kind of much going holding on to our previous your petition it was pretty good yes but if you you know just hold on to that you know and continue you know that hold on to your past you've got to move forward OK well that's good you can hold on to your past you got him out of school as good and then when we moved to Philadelphia Philadelphia not Philadelphia America but Philadelphia and Turkey Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love This is awesome where everything's love the negative about this church and they're Laodicea which is the best church of all the worst of the worst the best of the worst absolutely all right so let me ask you this question how does this mimic are we see this in church history went to the early church all the way down to middle ages and now as we're we're here where we are today but how does this mimic your personal lives. Well I think you know as you come to the Lord. The 1st time right now for example I'm working with individuals in my church and you know it's time to Bible together and they have just on fire for God because God has for the 1st time to them revealed himself visibly to them in the well visibly through the word and through some experiences they've had and they just want to do everything for God. But I fear that you know in a couple months maybe a couple years from now that fire will go out and that's kind of the same experience we see here and if we don't stay on track if we don't stay with the Lord you know step by step by step there's a danger. That will go out and that you know compromise will come in and also you see that when you 1st give your life to the Lord you go you typically go through a lot of persecution because I remember you know when I 1st started keeping the Sabbath it became the constant issue you know all the time as a Christian and it's like well Subash you don't want to go out with you don't want to party like this used to be into this kind of stuff you know girls I used to get their phone numbers and now they're like cult me back it's like I'm not into that anymore I'm trying to be a Christian man and you go through this this kind of period of persecution and from that persecution you're kind of purer and faithful and you're trying to hold on and then you kind of go to the Pergamum phase where this like these little compromises begin to come into your life and it's almost as if that initial persecution is kind of faded away everyone's accepted you're a Christian you're a believer you're kind of part of us and all the sudden it becomes well how do you grow this thing how do you expand and engage the world and sometimes you start allowing things that before you would have never allowed in order to do that and if you get to a point where you're totally bottomed out and you're part of world you're OK after the break and come back and see specials going to tell us how do we get out of this funk how do we we have our ups and downs what do we do when we're completely down Stay with us. Has in place been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching in 1st Bible on Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while they're joining us like us part us thumbs up us our handle again is inversed Bible no spaces now back to the discussion. We're in the midst in the fire of the compromised not compromising a compromise church and just to recap I mean 1st time you're with Christ and you want to make decisions and you're going through suffering going to some arena you make little compromises here you go to her going on you've compromised you're in you're totally out in the world and Yukito has no differentiation between the world and you Sebastian get out how do we get of our Fun Well I think there's 2 things when you look at the church in Thyatira you see Jesus reveals himself in verse 18 of chapter 2 he says these things says the Son of God who has eyes like a flame of fire in his feet like fine breath so 1st of all it starts off with Jesus reveals himself to every church as if he's already the solution for your problem and those eyes of fire kind of have that searching element of purification right in his feet which our feet like fine brass which has been refined So number one a lot of times pain in trials and tribulations wake us up when we're kind of in that bottom down situations comment how did I get to this place because it were truthful right most a lot of people would never have come to God we're not for pain it's like if sin doesn't hurt if going in straying away from God doesn't hurt is as when we study the Book of Acts in previous seasons you have that kicking against the pricks so you will continue to go the wrong direction if there was no pain and so you see that number one God is like you have to see yourself for who you truly are and a lot of times trials and tribulations and problems they bring that out and you realize men look how far are falling and I think that's the 1st step of getting out and then the fact that him being the person who is the Son of God He tells the council in verse 25 he says but hold fast what you have till I come and a lot of times it secondly goes on from the fact that now that I've seen who I am don't become discouraged don't become overwhelmed then start you know have an extreme sense of melancholy reflection in seeing on such a terrible Christian like maybe I was never a Christian at all. When in actuality Jesus thing just hold fast to light cone just continue to hold on to Jesus and as you know I remember one person said 80 percent of life is showing up and so I tell people sometimes when you don't want to study the Bible you don't want to pray just show up anyway you just show up and God is going to show up and that's one of my favorite promises in 2nd Chronicles 15 where he says the Lord is with you as long as you're with him so as long as you hold on the Lord is going to stick out with you to the end of the line. OK Well I want to this will come back to you I love the fact that love the fact but it's cool that it takes like 4 stages to get to where a fire a tear is that you know there's this kind of long descent but there's only 2 stages to get back up you know it's just Sardis and in Philadelphia I mean Philadelphia is where we want to be fuzzy was a hot chocolate Christianity. But it's there's this there's us intermediate stage of Sardis where it's the sleeping church it's the intellectual church this is the enlightenment but it's really the Dead Church and it's in the end whereas Thyra tear out this year that you're compromised you're completely in the world you're dealin you know all the you know what I'll let you in but you're not really feeling your need you're totally doing bad stuff you know you don't you don't care where is dead is you're not even doing that stuff you're just completely numb and you're needing a life and then that start of stage is the opportunity where God's got revives you and brings you to Philadelphia and Jonathan I love the fact that maybe you can come back to this but Jesus a kind of reveals himself in a very natural way but to each church he just reveals he identifies himself as one of those lines or some components of actually kind of mention that you like to fire to that will to the worst church he says I've got eyes of fire but the smartest OK so I'm the 1st the last I I can resurrect you guys you know why does Jesus do that and bring out some of those elements Yeah I mean it's really beautiful that God. And Jesus here to us reveals himself in so many different ways and you know the eyes of fire that he can see and is aware of everything I just love to know that some people are scared of that the world God knows everything but I think that it's actually very comforting to step means he can fully relate and we know he can he live amongst us he is the manual you see that he is the 1st in the last the one who was dead and came to life he's the one kid that as he said can resurrect he has power he's unstoppable here's the key of David he can't you cannot stop God If you are with him he's going to move you to the next step wherever that's going to go and it just moves on he is the one that you know who has the 7 Spirits of God We see that as the Holy Spirit who empowers us to be faithful to to do amazing things for God to be on fire for him and revive us the revival that we talked about this and his moves on he's the Amen the faithful the true witness he is the beginning in the end he is everything so whatever life situation happens Jesus has a response to that and he has a way of dealing with you in that situation and I mean and think about that how crazy that is is no matter where you are your Christian experience crisis relating to you based on what you need and I just goes to show the importance of an individual Christian walk that is not compared to see who or Jonathan or Justin see men you know just like constantly testifying of all these blessings and I'm like dude like it's not my Christian experience right or you're like massive ash and always has drama and like trouble sin is lucky if I don't really. Like me and what's going on in his life but you realize that in every circumstance Jesus is relating to me according to my experience not just of my experience absolutely and in this generation right of you know I want it my way and everything's customize exactly the way I like it you know Christianity says in the person of Jesus you get that on the deepest level and of a. The most meaningful aspects of your life it's going to cause them to sit with Jesus and then you say you know we talked about these the 7 churches kind of as phases in your Christian experience but just going with what Sebastian says it doesn't mean you have to be dead Actually it doesn't mean you have to be corrupt it's just if you are there's a solution you know if you get to that place Jesus has a message for you that is personal for you and so it's awesome if you're Philadelphia like from the from your 1st love like all the way to get Oh that's all right I'm only saying that because when I was a kid I was upset that I was born into a Christian family because I'm not going to have a conversion experience and you know have this wow comparing myself with the people who get up in states share their testimonies but the reality is if you are born into a Christian home and you love the Lord from as early as you can remember and you want to serve him and work for him for your whole life that's OK And you know you don't have to go out and drink alcohol and and that's huge because it reminds me of you know 2 experiences when I 1st became a Christian there was this woman in the church I think I was leading on some sort of bible study and she was like you know I appreciate your fervor and your energy but you know eventually when you're going to. You know that you're going to you're going to you're going to come down in your car like what like and so for me it's just like man I just want to like defy this woman like my whole Christian experience is like I see her like as soon as I say about you becoming average and you just hear that woman's voice it's going to flame out and you're just like no micro and then after system you're like I don't tell for you but I was like I know and for you like I don't feel like I'm trying to stay like beyond fire like you know with the sequel thing I think is really powerful what he said was also powerful but you know I got to try to be you're going to. Diplomat OK But you know just just because there is a solution doesn't mean. You need to experience the problem right stick with Jesus and you know you can avoid some of these torch experiences by he can take you to the next level to a level that's not even described here so these stages are not consequential you don't have to go through one to experience the other they mean you just 7 different stages that we are at in everyone's life independent and I love the fact that you can go with Johnson was saying but some people have an experience with Jesus where Jesus is that loving. Comforting Shiza like if you look at some Myrna who's going to persecution Jesus has nothing bad to say to them it's just complete comfort and encouragement year and to Philadelphia the hot chocolate people I mean he just loves them and loves and to death literally. But there's other people who are in fire Tira Yes Jesus doesn't have a lot of good stuff to say to fire it no and if anything he actually says a lot of stuff that's not good to the career for and against on the longest passage and so sometimes Jesus who in his infinite wisdom and love and character he's a good parent at the end of the day and sometimes he says those words that are not there just to punish us for punishment see us but to but to kick us kick us in the pants and get us get as you know going right track and you know it kind of reminds me of there is this woman in my church in Boston and she was like coming after a Bible study and they were reflecting on how to improve the young the Bible study and she was like you know I want someone to tell me I'm a sinner like maybe feel like a sinner right if you're like what kind of feedback is this like make you feel like you're a sinner like that's not the goal it's to preach the Word of God and to recognize that the Word of God who is Jesus through the Holy Spirit is going to take the same. Word that could be an encouragement for you it can be cutting for me is like to tell you know them be faithful unto death is like a blessing to Smyrna but it's cutting to Thyatira like look at all this compromise be faithful him to death this is like man we have not been faithful. And so I think it's so super key what you're saying is that you know when we go into experiences it's easy for us to kind of box God and I think that's what revelation here at the 7 churches pushes us against we're not going to box god in just say oh he's just the God of love and grace and acceptance of any and every little thing you know we see that you know I love you and I know the works the good things that you have going on but you know you have a lot of issues we need to get to work on this in verses Smyrna just be faithful it's going to last no more than 10 days and it will be over and then threw out the message of the 7 churches Jesus saying is he's he's in the midst of the 7 churches so if your legal a stick and you've lost your 1st I'm still in the midst are you suffering on still the midst of you are you compromising or compromise I'm still in the midst of you are you dead I'm still in the midst of you are you are some elements and if you're just laid to see in which you talk about leave the sea a bit because Laodicea is like Awesome awesome awesome and they think they're awesome but they're not awesome I mean it's the worst situation you could possibly be in it and they have no need to have no sympathy Jesus is still in the midst of the. Darkness the message that's emerging and your message about what about later to see what's going on the later to see what's the problem of the see it Joe latest is an interesting church they have a lot they're rich they feel they feel like they have everything they need yes and then Jesus comes in and says what a whole. Chapter 3 verse 16 because you know luke warm neither cold nor hot vomit out of my mouth That's strong language here my mouth you know what in the world that spitting that. Doesn't go to the light oh no light verse and. Not illustrate if I will not. OK And then he goes in and says you are poor blind you wretch miserable naked you're a mess and here he had to be. Warm for warmth look for a mess and he's basically making very clear here you need help you need you don't realize how much help you need but you need help and Jesus has to be strong because there's so in their own bubble not realizing what's going on so he says that and he wakes them up but he doesn't just rebuke he always counsels here's what I want to give you he says will you know buy gold from me which is you know a pure faith that works by love the white garments Christ righteousness this and then he will give you the I salt that's the Holy Spirit and lightning you are helping to see your true condition or your right this is a sobering message for all of us how many of you are in the midst of. The latest in condition is I don't even know what state I'm in and I don't even care and I know a lot of us we think will live to see if we think we're Philadelphia right or sometimes we go to matter with whatever but live to see it is a Church of the last days were so comfortable you know where we are take some time now and if you're convicted like all of us we are here on this panel take some time and say Lord give me the desire for the desire that's your prayer thanks for joining us we'll see you next week here in verse. You've been listening to him 1st a Bible based conversation with Kelly Williams Israel Rama Jarrett Thomas Sebastian Braxton C.Q. doctor and your host Justin can invest is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes nights but this and more inspiring episodes visit in various T.V. dot find us on social media has been the response until next time this isn't 1st.


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