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  • January 19, 2019
    9:30 AM

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If we can get an insight into the White House or the president or the the prime minister's inside room what would we see on this episode of inverse when inside peek into the living room of Jesus Christ. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on life principle contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just until within for. Everyone we're so excited that you decide to join us for this episode of In verse especially as we study the entire book of revelation on this of a certain look at Revelation 4 and 5 and we're going to look at a particularly room this is the room where Jesus says that and this just this vision takes the cake it takes the prize it is number one when it comes to the glory and the the awesomeness and just it's just the craziest vision ever and there's just so much in scripture so Jonathan can you pray for us and we'll dive right into scripture absolutely pray God Your glorious your beautiful you are the majesty of heaven and as we approach Revelation chapter 4 and 5 in this we try to see who you are and how you are just pray and you will give us that revelation through the Holy Spirit as we study you word this I pray in Jesus' name amen amen amen and so can you pick from we're going to read Revelation chapter 4 and let's reverse one and 2 they're all right. Revelation for after these things I looked and behold a door standing open in heaven and the voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me saying Come up here and I will show you things which must take place after this immediately I was in the spirit and behold a throne set in heaven and one sat on the throne OK we're going to Sebastian but I want to ask you we're been covering in the last episode I think your last episode you were looking to 7 churches and also in Broome were in the Throne Room describe a little bit about this transition of it well I mean the last church that we look at in Revelation Chapter 3 is the now deceased church and after he goes through the council and he says in verse 21 of chapter 3 to him who overcomes this is the reward that's given to those who overcome to him who overcomes I will grant to sit with me on my throne as I also overcame and sat down with my father on his throne he who hasn't yet yet let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches so the reward that is given to the last church that has been mentioned in Revelation 3 is sitting in his throne his being Jesus is thrown and then were taken into the throne room in heaven and it's almost like let me give you a picture of what that the roll actually looks like let me give you a picture of the awesomeness of the promise that I've just given you to sit in my throne because you might be like that in his but it's like no. This is really awesome so we're going revelations have to 4 and we're in the throne there's something Logan's have said if you go back to the 7 churches but the 1st church gets one reward the 2nd trip gets to rewards the 3rd church the lawyer and then 6 Church gets 6 rewards and then the 7th church if you look at them or where you just read we have to sit with Jesus on the throne you get one reward I mean but this is like this one's appearing war is like the 7th like you know lots of reward So let's go to zoom in to chapter 4 and then Sebastian one is going on in Chapter 4 so. On is taken up you were into living you were in the living room the most intimate place of God if you will and what's going on there so essentially what we see is we get a glimpse into the existence of how God rules over all things we're going to the center space the very heart of the government of the universe and so it gives you a glimpse of here is God and he starts off by saying there is a throne and there's someone that sits upon the throne this is a Buckingham Palace is the White House the Pentagon base an air traffic control office center you're not you're not getting access to this police right unless you are actually brought or invited or coal I love that there's no access into this place unless you're called and John is getting their due access of the Spirit to be in vision so as he's taken into this place then we begin to see what is around the space of the 24 elders and 4 B.S. and 7 spirits and all these things are all around the throne everything is around the throne so when you look there in the verse right it tells you starting in verse 4 it says around the throne were 24 Thrones and on the thrones I saw 24 elders sitting clothed in white robes and they had crowns of gold on their heads and verse 5 and from the throne proceeded lightning stunned earrings voices 7 lamps of fire were burning before the throne which are the 7 Spirits of God and every single preppers issue is always referencing the throne so this is around the throne from the throne before the throne which establishes the fact that the throne of God is the very central space place of worship all worship basically gathers around this particular place that were thrown is repeated a bazillion times in that passage absolutely love your breakdown of the past as it was while these propositions in relation to the throne That's right that's that's an amazing insight it means well give us more insights on on the Grand your of this the majesty of this room Jonathan Yeah I mean it's just amazing when you read through it. I'm trying to in in vision What was no pun intended vision what John was seeing in vision here and he's trying to use the language that he has available to describe it to us but you know it says here in verse 3 and he who sat there was like a Jasper in a society of stone in appearance and it was a rainbow rather it was a glorious appearance is just beautiful there's light there is there is you know sparkles it's just it must be dark all so well you know. The heart. Is large but it's just think it's a glorious place and I can just imagine it must be this place of light yes I mean other place in the Bible the Book of Daniel when he sees the throne room he sees fire and he sees light and in just glory I mean is this is probably the brightest place in the universe because God is there with light and I like in just kind of going with what they were the same verse 8 talks about the 4 living creatures with 6 wings full of eyes without within what they're saying when they don't rest day or night saying Holy holy holy God Almighty who was and is and is to come all the presidents about the throne I think I'm Porton because they're surrounding their they're associated with that they're on but the importance of all of these things that are surrounding the throne is actually who sits on the throne and indeed the focus is drawn to the one being who sits on the throne as the one who is holy He is holy and so holy that you have to say 3 times like. So. So I think that I think that throne room is magnificent because of the one who sits on the throne and also if you look at verse 6 right you have this room there was a sea of glass like Crystal right in the midst of the throne and around the throne were 4 living. Preachers So you also have this sense of a royal scene right you have this grand throne in 24 Thrones around this road then you have these 4 living creatures that you have this sea of glass I mean you thinking about the fact that you know this table is glass but to have a sea of it to be that vast around the throne I mean this throne room is massive in here you have these beings all reflecting light 7 lamps the rainbow the Emerald The Shining the sort of precious gems that are surrounding this whole experience and he shining like Jasper which is kind of like that bronzy orange ish color that's emanating from him all in the midst of all of this shining glass and that reflecting on Glass would be an amazing sight can you guys give more insight I mean this this is pretty an incredible scene it's almost as if this if God had given us a visual it would have taken a way from the actuality of the throne room that's written in text in allowing our imagination to feel the limit to you know not being able to grasp the scene but what I'm gravitating towards is not only the person in the throne but also these creatures or creatures and 24 can you guys give insights on that Jonathan who will who are some of these people and what's the meaning or is there Yeah well there's these 24 thrones with 24 elders sitting there and I think it's very interesting and says they're clothed in a wide robe see in verse 4 and they have crohn's of gold in their heads now if you you know we've been studying chapter one through 3 in previous episodes and there we see in chapter 3 there's a promise in 3 of us 5 He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments and we see this problem this is this is pointing into the direction at this our human beings these are people who have been redeemed people who have accepted Jesus and they are now have the privilege they are basically receiving the reward of chapter 3 alluded to here and. The end they will sit with the father on the throne so there's these are human beings and there's you know different ideas of where they came from one idea is that the book of Matthew says that when Jesus died on the cross there were individuals that were resurrected and there was a very small detail not Matthew just con it glosses over and mother some resurrected which which I'm thinking like what's And then what happened to them right well it doesn't say necessarily exactly what happened but I don't know if I was God would it make much sense to have them be resurrected and then die again what's the point of this so maybe these are what the Old Testament kind of points to us 1st fruits taking them to have an as and as a as a security Hey there there are you going to be there too and that's exactly where I was going to go is the fact that here are these people who are clothed in white Rayment right that symbol of Christ's righteousness the fact that they've overcome you know goes to show you that it is very possible to overcome and it gives you hope in any situation that there is hope in the fact that God is still on the throne even after. So you have a church is completely mediocre has no clue of its spiritual lethargy but someone is still on the throne then you have the 2nd encouragement from the throne is the $24.00 elders so it's like wait there's people just like me who have actually overcome and actually are sitting in receiving that reward of sitting on the throne with Jesus and the 3rd thing it tells me is that I am called eventually to rule service like to sit on a throne is serious business and how do you train someone to rule how do you train someone to be a king and so it goes to show you that even in my own life I have to think about how I use power how I exercise leadership of my own life recognizing that one day I'm going to sit on a throne that doesn't yield power over a home or doesn't your power over an organization or business but over the universe and I think that's huge elusive the promise and revelation of the. One where he calls us to be kings and priests and here you see a preview if you will there is the Old Testament and Leviticus where the priest comes and waves a barley she before the Lord and barley was always the 1st fruits of the harvest barley Apparently I'm no agriculturist I've never grown barley have never grown anything I'm going to everything I grow dies but here. My children are not dead yet and then and I hope not anyway he wants another bit of barley is the 1st thing that grows out and wheat is the last thing that grew so the barley being the 1st they take the 1st fruits of the barley and they wave it before look kind of like a down payment kind of like a if these guys are before you there's going to be the final payment at the end of the week and so you see the altar of Scripture a special revelation that week the wheat harvest the wheat harvest that's the last A reaping saved so this is cool that if the $24.00 are up there then there is hope for all of us and that's going to Laureus question is Who are these 24 and I think that's it that's a question above our paygrade We'll find out about the women harvest through the row barley people are. OK some other things are the 4 beasts why are they there any insights you can give on that. Well I think you have the 4 bees definitely have this sense of. You know the covering cherub in the sanctuary in the Old Testament you know and I think there's an opportunity there to explore what these being served in the presence of God hold I thought going to explore who these 4 beasts are we have to take a break right now and I love interrupting Sebastian but we come back we're going to talk about the 4 beasts of revelation for. Embrace been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments of feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching in 1st bio on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like this comes up I'll handle again in 1st Bible nonstick Now back to the discussion. Welcome back hope enjoy the break we've been really anticipating was fashioned us to say before beast revelation for I mean this is these these pieces are found in C.Q. one to 4 different faces they have that's kind of a weird description any insights can give on that well I think when you look back in Isaiah Chapter 6. In verse 2 there is a vision that Isaiah has and he sees something that has similar descriptions and is engaging in similar activities so you see in chapter 6 verse 2 it says above it stood Serafin each one had 6 wings with 2 he covered his face with 2 he covered his feet and with 2 he flew and one cried to another and said Holy holy holy is the LORD of hosts the whole earth is full of His glory so it seemed to suggest that these beings are symbolic of angels that dwell in the actual presence of gone and obviously that goes on along with what we talk about in chapter one which you just referenced but this is essentially looks at the fact that Hebrews Chapter one Verse 14 tells us that these angels all Angels are ministering spirits sent forth to minister to those who will be inheritors of salvation so in this sense these beings are there almost in a sense like here's a 24 that we helped minister to to get to this place and they're still there in process the. Sense of God to fulfill that purpose so in essence they're kind of like at the throne in the surface of the throne to bring those of us who are willing to surrender to Christ back to the throne and that what we're seeing here I think is this is a global a cosmic a universe all this is a a I mean there there aliens if you're sure and they're in this is on me on the galactic scale level of the throne room let's go to verse 11 the Bible says and chapter 4 of Revelation you are worthy all Lord to receive glory and honor and power for you created all things and by your will they exist and were created I think we have to mention a little bit about about worship. They are worshipping the Lord here and this sets up a chapter 5. Worth worthiness worth ship they're looking at I mean in my limited way of thinking they were worth shipper worship is attributing numbers or value to everything in our lives and then the one with the most of value the highest number an infinite value is God and we're saying Lord you have infinite value and if you can magically create that way Jonathan Well more insights on worship Well you know what I love about this is in verse 8 it says that the living creatures the THEY DO NOT a rest day or night in their worship why because God who is infinite is worthy of infinite worship when you realize who God is and except for really you know points to the fact that God is the creator and he is the one who is made all things by him all things exist he speaks and it is there and so that that is majestic when you realize that and so worship really is is acknowledging that reality acknowledging that I'm a creature and you're the creator you are the source of love the sources. Life the source of life you are everything to us without you we cannot exist in your pure holy and it's just a beautiful description how God is Good Lord God Almighty who was and IS and IS TO COME always there and I think the awesome thing is that in spite of all the grander that is surrounding them they are surrounded by a lot of light and all these different colors and. The sensory filled experience but in spite of that what they focus on when they open their mouths is not what a beautiful See if you know this is. Good for you when they all high quality glass corning ware also on the when they open their mouths what they have to say is God is worthy and I think sometimes when we think about worship it can become us focused yeah you know and what I'm comfortable with you know is that you have comfortable you know was it pleasing to my ears yes but instead of being focused on those externalities by the things surrounding the throne. You are worthy all of this stuff we want the place to be beautiful because you are worthy it's the focal point it's directional and I love what you're saying we have a problem in the time getting started here we were part of the 21st century with T.V. and with cell phones and with tablets and everything and in our entertainment culture the focal point is now to the audience that even in our churches today we don't call them congregations where people are meeting congregate there now the audience is going to make the audience experience as best as possible the worst worship is the audience is not the focal point or of people up in front doing the music or preaching or whatever they're not the focal point but all these propositions are going towards heaven and upward should be towards heaven word that's where there's the where poor. OK so we're going to transition to Chapter 5 so all throughout chapter 4 as you are worthy you are worthy you are and so it's kind of comical that the Bible says in verse 2 Chapter 5 Verse 2 there were chapter 4 you are worthy you are worthy you are the chapter 5 verse to who is worthy. And you're like kind of like having just read Chapter 4 but the answer is not Chapter 4 it's a different answer so what's going on here Sebastian what's going on chapter 2 of the chapter 5 So here we see that the Bible tells us in the beginning of chapter 5 that the one who sits on the throne has something to give right in this thing that he has to give someone else other than himself who is worthy to actually fulfill the work of unsealing the scroll that he's brought together when we compare this to Isaiah Chapter $29.00 It describes the idea of a book in a scroll being sealed that is a vision and so in this particular vision it uses in Isaiah the issue of literacy like well there's a man couldn't read the scroll which is why no one was able to basically unseal it and read it but in this sense because of this particular sealed scroll representing this vision almost symbolic of the Book of Revelation but also extending even further to all of time all of all of history contained in this one scroll will who is worthy to read all of these things and in this sense the wording is as the question is being put out there in verse 3 I mean verse 2 an inverse 3 says and no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll or look at it so he weeps very much because no one was found worthy to read the book and then he's comforted by the angel who tells him in verse 5 or one of the elders do not weep behold the lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David has prevailed or overcome to open the scroll in to lose it 7 seals so therefore Christ overcoming in our behalf dying on the cross resurrecting and living a life of complete surrender in obedience to God and fulfilling that plan of sound. Now is now exalted the vision where he can on behalf of humanity read it for us in order to feel that vision is so cool a chapter for such that not even a redeemed human being is worthy not even an angel is worth the money God is worthy and then you have this this individual emerges who has an equal worthiness of God the Father on the throne yet in verse 5 he's of the tribe of Judah ease of a he's a human being you know who and then you have this hybrid human guardian who is this guy on the other hand wondering you know. Yeah yeah I mean this is this is there's a there's a climax that we're getting to notice how this is parallel to the problems we started with in the beginning even as I also overcame and sat down with my father on his throne so here we see here's the father on the throne in chapter 4 and now Jesus has overcome and now he's sitting down on the throne receiving that equal worthiness which raises a question that the elder who made the statement to John already. You know what. Don't don't be sad this person is the one that is worthy even the elder who is already in heaven already sitting on the throne recognized as a human being in this space Jesus is the only person only the lamb that's worthy he understood how much more should we write on the Earth understand the same reality I appreciate talking about the equal worthiness Chapter 4 of us 11 or 11 yet when it when it establishes why this being is worthy to receive. Glory and power for you created it his his ability to create that makes him one of the interactive one and have to fight when you talk about worthiness it is salvation you have the 1st plane verse 9 or you were slain and have redeemed us. You have creation salvation those those those are the sources of worthiness if you can create and you can we deem then all right go ahead and receive worship but we only know that only God can create and only God can redeem and value all the double ownership God created us and then God redeemed us so we are twice. Recreated at Yeah you know that's reflected again in the description of Jesus He's the lion of the tribe of Judah victorious the line is you know the king of the animal kingdom so to say and as Jesus is our king but he's of the tribe of Judah So this is this king with. Human the human element in this and then he's the Lamb slain at the same time as we move on and him to the chapter so he is that King and Savior the one who died for our sins let me ask this question I mean we've been around this table here and here we are waxing eloquent on the moon majesty and that's true and it's but so what do you do with the person who's I still got credit cards to pay I just know that with with with whatever my family's going through whatever my my daughter my my mom or I mean. It's one thing that Jesus up there we're studying but what are the product or a myth or cations for us to think you know my mind goes to the receptive for he or he would have to for. In verse 14 seeing then. Because we're talking about Jesus it is stablish in Chapter 5 of revelation that Jesus is this lamb that was lame from the foundation of the of the world yes he was for has that idea in chapter 4 of us 14 Seeing then that we have a great high priest was part of the heavens just Son of God Let us hold fast our cone confession and then for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weakness but was in all points tempted as we are yet without sin let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we maintain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. The fact that it is Jesus who is on the throne this lamb that was slain from the foundation of the earth he didn't just die on a cross he lived on this earth you know he went through the troubles that we experience he knows what it's like to have a mother to care about his brothers he knows he's experienced pain and he was 4 is telling us that when we talk to God who is way up there in that throne room we can approach with confidence a throne conveys an idea of power we're talking to a powerful being but not one who is detached from us talking to a powerful being who is concerned with our wellbeing and who empathizes with our experience and that gives us boldness in our Christian experience so that whatever situation I'm going through I know that I have someone who represents me in a position of power who can do something about it I also look at the fact that. Jesus being a human being helps me to know the possibilities sometimes we can get bogged down you know in our weaknesses in our struggles and sometimes it seems like man I'm never going to get over this anger I'm never going to get under this issue of self control or whatever the case may be Jesus having been through what I've been through into. No sit back in my living room and say he's sitting on the throne right now next to God and he he's done that as a human being and so it reminds me that Christ is the representative of my possibilities of what I can become by His grace no one word that comes to my mind encapsulates this entire lesson is access you know we live in an age where you want access to all these celebrities all these people of power we want to get into social media accounts but sometimes the social media accounts are curated versions the best versions of ourselves and what hear Jesus has revealed is access to the most powerful entity not on Earth but in the universe and she's as is the solution to every human problem out there why don't you offer up all your promise the Lord Jesus I know that's our desire on this panel hopefully it's yours thanks for joining us we'll see you next week. You've been listening to N.P.R. It's a Bible based conversation with Kelly Williams Israel Ramos Jarrett Thomas Sebastian Braxton C.Q. doctor and your host Justin can invest is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes night but this and more inspiring episodes visit in various T.V. dot find us on social media has turned in this time until next time this isn't 1st.


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