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05-The Seven Seals

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sikhu Daco



  • January 26, 2019
    9:30 AM

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A mysterious book scroll opens and things come out of the Book of Revelation find out on this episode of what Jesus is talking about. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on my. Contemporary Issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just until within the next. Day We're in the middle of studying the book of Revelation and hopefully followed us from episode to episode in this entire season on this episode we're looking at Chapter 6 and we're looking at different seals and when others were in the middle of it so give a little bit of context and jump into what's coming out of this book so can you pray for us and ask for blessing as we read scripture. Dear God we pray that you would bless our reading of your way to help us to understand through the power of the Holy Spirit and that we not just would have a mental understanding but that we would submit our lives to the trees that we learn your way and when you name we pray Amen Amen so this will help us out last week we were in chapter 5 and we're going to going to reach after 6. Give us a background here where are we going or seals that we're mentioning in whom so Chapter 6 is deal with the different seals in the Book of Revelation has a context of this is given to us and our and our scripture reading is found in Revelation Chapter 5 verses $9.10 verses $9.10 is talking about a song a song that a group of people is singing to God and it says Can I read it you know because I'm a Jersey well you know and we got a system where we. Can generate a force OK and I'm going to sign reading you know already so in verse that is and they saying a new song saying. You are worthy to take the scroll and to open it seals for you were slain and have redeemed us to God by your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation and I made this kings and priests to our God and we shall reign on the year this is a song of triumph and it's a song of praise to God and to Jesus this is so. Long and the Bible says and they sang this song Who's the day in and you look at the last week already so we can't go into it too much but in verse 5 is talking about who they is it's talking about really heaven and earth but specifically humanity Why is humanity singing this song it says there in verse 5 of chapter 5 it identifies Jesus as the line of the tribe of Judah the root of David and it says that this man the man from the tribe of Judah the root of David this man has prevailed to open the school and so this is a story or this is a song of praise because there is someone that is that that identifies with humanity that is able to do the impossible and that is Jesus and this goes back or it reminds me of the prophecy where God The angel came to Mary and said you know you're going to have a son his name's going to be Jesus and he's going to save his people from from from death and it says because with him or through God Nothing shall be impossible in Luke chapter one I think verse 37 and so why is there this song of praise to Christ the song of praise is there because Jesus has been able to do what no other person can do and so there's a lot of there's a lot of triumph and praise over that and so that's where the identifying of Christ with humanity is what causes the song of pride really appreciate the points of this is heaven and earth is calling out these words and heaven being represented by the 4 engines and then the earth being represented by the 24 elders and they're saying I'm going to go to verse 13 every creature which is in heaven on and on earth and under the earth and such as in the C.N.N. all that there and I heard saying blessing and honor and glory and power to him who sits on the throne and the lamb forever and ever it seems like Chapter 4 is about God who is worthy and God who created everything and Chapter 5 is talking the Jesus. Who is the one who we deemed all of humanity so this is this is this this worship is just building up in the building up and in chapter 6 let's go to chapter 6 and Jared can read for 6 of Chapter 6 verse one and 2 sure. Now I saw it when the lamb opened one of the seals and I heard one of the 4 living creatures sing with a loud with me with a voice like thunder come and see and I looked and behold a white horse he who sat on it had a bow and a crown was given to him and he went out conquering and to conquer 3 and when he opened the 2nd seal I heard the 2nd living creature saying Come and see another horse fiery red went out and it was granted to the one who set on it to take place from the earth and that people should kill one another and there should be given to him a great sword for 5 and 6. When he opened the 3rd feel I heard that the living creatures say Come and see so I looked and behold a black horse and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand and I heard a voice in the midst of the 4 living creatures saying a quarter of wheat for a denarius and 3 quarts of the foot in areas and do not harm the oil in the wine Yes So these are the 1st 4. 100 watts for the 1st 3 what's what's going on here well again kind of looking back into Chapter 5 you have the lamb who conquers and he's the only one who's able to take this seal or the scroll and start popping the seals off of the scroll It's almost like Jesus has the destiny of the church and it is those seals are being popped off you're seeing this unfolding of the history of the church played out as the seals are removed so this parallels the 7 churches so you have Jesus the priest who's up in heaven and he's lighting each of these candle sticks and there's ramifications that happen on Earth and then this. In the 2nd story you have Jesus who is now king and he is I love that was popping the seals off in heaven and that's there's ramifications here on earth she can watch 1st 1st see all those pretty well can I make a comment before I talk about that. I like that have to 5 it establishes the fact that she is open is willing to open is able to open these seals is a cause for rejoicing so that points us to the fact that this isn't a scary book again this is this is exciting that we can be able to look through the history of the church ninety's his giving us this view and in verse 2 of Chapter 6 I looked and behold a white horse and we're starting kind of in John's day after you know Jesus has been on the earth and he's been doing his ministry you have this picture of white purity and the church is is is in it's so in its purity in its infancy and the Gospel is going out he sat on the throne he had a crowd he's going out conquering and to conquer so you have the gospel going forward and this white horse is going and spreading the gospel all over the world just like what was done in the 1st century the church is in there and so this is a natural working out of Jesus on the throne so Jesus as one game over and one way that he's one is the gospels going you know this reminds me of this is when we were studying the book of Acts it Acts 17 I think they were going into Thessalonica and the people were like these people turned the world upside down and now they're coming here so you know be careful. The church turned the world upside down they went forth like this white horse with bow in hand shooting arrows of conviction in the Gospel spreads throughout the known world at that time that's what this is talking about. The 2nd seal there Israel wants what's that 2nd horse and what's going on there it's dealing with what has happened now as a result of spiritual founder of the consequences of rejecting the Gospel and so you have in the in the 1st seal you have it's a positive and then it kind of turns negative 2nd and 3rd. What what to me strikes me in both and actually in all the seals is that phrase where it says Come and see and when you when you 1st go back to the 1st seal before you going to 2nd 3rd it talks about the fact there that a lamb is conquering you know how in the world as a lamb conquer you think of maybe the lion conquering but the lamb is conquering and I think it gives us a picture here that God sees things differently and if you go back to the teachings of Jesus the kingdom of heaven is like a seed in other words Jesus conquers in a very different way than other governments conquer and and and so the way in which Jesus takes over the world is not through Army or through power through strength but through a seed and so in that same with that same vein of thought in every other seal that follows what that whole Come and see phrase Jesus is giving us a perspective on current world events through the way that God sees it and so now you see now look God is showing what the Gospel does to conquer and then now God's going to open our eyes to see what happens when you eliminate the gospel what are the consequences of that and so a lot of times when we look at what is happening around us we have our own perspective our own approach to seeing this and it is impossible for us to see what's really going on unless God Himself reveals it to us and so now you have. Here God is giving us a picture of what happens or you think you can live life without the Gospel Let me show you what's going to be the result of that so you have this picture of death and you have this big picture of what the world what the world looks like with the absence of the gospel so this is so one way that I just try to suppose in my words one way that Jesus goes out conquering is through the Gospel but for those who should reject the Gospel This is Red Horse is the alternative what's happening to them what happens when you reject the God yeah OK the 3rd seal what's going on there Jared continuation right yeah 3rd seal you've got this black horse you have the pair of scales and you have here the creature is talking about a court of wheat for a dinner ERISA denarius is about a day's wage and 3 quarts of barley this is some of the cheapest food that you can buy spiritually we would say this is a famine of spiritual truth of famine of the Word of God and it goes on and it says Do not harm the oil and the wine and what I've always seen this just in these these 3 seals is kind of. Progression from the spread of the gospel and then you have like a reaction against the spread of the gospel and you see a church that's persecuted you see in the 2nd seal. People persecuting with the sword you know the days of Diocletian you know they're allowing the 2nd the 2nd seal parallels the 2nd Church of. Exactly in then you get here and it's almost like for a church that was heavily persecuted. It's. Almost like if you can't beat em join em kind of thing where the church is tempted now after kind of the heavy hand of the Roman Empire Why don't you guys just compromise so then you have spiritual declension and seeping in where the church has essentially gone dark because it's compromised. As a black horse for the White House as the White House the White Horse a gospel of black horse is the absence of exactly the opposite happening OK And then the 4th quarter what's going on the 4th Seal says when he opened the 4th seal and the come in C. he sees there's a Pale Horse and this parallels the church the corruption we talked about in die a tire where you find that God had nothing to say but rebuke to them you know for the bad things that was happening because the church now in that title is just corrupt and so he's going and powers given to them to kill with sword with hunger a death I mean this is beyond what was happening in the 3rd seal it's not just the absence of the gospel it's now like outright. How do you see that. Antagonism one of antagonism towards you know the Gospel in this parallel that time period which which is called the Dark Ages you know or the lack of spiritual light in the world to doing that time so we're here in the middle of the seals here and we're just covered the 4 horsemen and the look at the remaining SEALs after this break. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching in this Bible on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next a handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. Welcome back we've looked at really what many what when pop culture they call the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and some people are looking through literal figures who are on a white horse or red horse or a black horse or a pale chlorine horse as the Greeks. But we're looking here at Revelation Chapter 6 and these 4 horsemen are part of a larger picture that Jesus is on the throne and he's going out and he's conquering the world is being pictorial and whatever he does in heaven has repercussions on earth so I want to ask you this question so Jesus is victorious he's on the throne and then the 1st white horse goes forth like the Gospel is going for like that makes sense that's awesome Jesus on the throne and now now there's death that goes forth and then there is famine that's Go Forth is Jesus Dylan is causing this to happen and what's the correlation with Jesus being on the throne can you help me with that connection this what's what's happening here is not anything new because when you had God called Israel out of Egypt it established them God was their king but but they had a choice so there worshipping idols there compromising which eventually brought in all kinds of problems that reverberated all the way down through the time when Jesus came so Jesus comes in he establishes the church he dies on the cross he is since he sits down on the throne the church is going forth to conquer right and it does but that doesn't eliminate the freedom of the church to choose in the whole and you know we're seeing this again but in the whole political scene there's persecution and then they give in to compromise and then you talk about that chlorine that green horse that becomes sick and on the verge of death until you know you get to the black horse so bad things happening and the church essentially going astray doesn't mean that God is not on the throne and he's still on the throne and he's going to bring something glorious out of this at the end and that's some powerful point I want to underscore So the church I mean a lot of people say this you Christians haven't looked at your own history the church has been the reason why of all the suffering and. Yeah it's unusual to a degree but but Jesus has almost predicted that before it would happen but there are some preserves there's a golden lining through that there's there's a there's a there's a hope that's intice a page through that OK I just want to go when you when you said the looking at the Israelites for me to me back to them coming out of Egypt you know that. When God was sending a message to Pharaoh to let his people go Pharaoh had the prerogative to how to respond to the message that was being given OK OK And so when the Gospel goes out there is freedom for how you're going to respond and the response maybe you accept it wholeheartedly completely transforms your life you know in your relationships everything about you you could reject it completely you could fight against those who choose to accept their leading to persecution of others and so so the fact of the Gospel going out doesn't mean that everybody is converted the fact of the Gospel being preached to all the world doesn't mean the whole world becomes Christian just means that everyone has an opportunity to respond to the Gospel and that response to faith and this is conquering is not a military conquering as you mentioned this is a lamb on the throne there's a gentleness there's a conversion this is not by force and by military conquering this is just through through spiritual conversion and the point is it's impossible for a human being to understand what is taking place in this world it's impossible for us to understand and so because we have limited understanding a limit of perspective we come up with limited conclusions if we see sin and suffering and we see God and love we don't have in our human capabilities the ability to make sense of the 2 and so that is why and so that is why we have to surrender that and say Look God is in control the presence of these things does not mean that God has lost control of what is taking place number one and number 2 is the. God does not hide it and this is where I think it's different for us as a church we try to hide our problems we try to hide from the world what is taking place internally but here you have an invitation from from that is given to the world come and see but when you come and see understand your own limitations to understanding and grasping what is the place in the world come and see but as you see what is taking place and as you realize that you don't know how to make sense of it understand that God still sits on the throne and that he sees what's going on and that there is a divine perspective just because things are where they're at does not mean that God has lost control of what is there in the river suffer so if we were to boil and distill into one word it was access but I'm quoting from this this this this chapter here that one word to encapsulate this episode is control that despite the world being crazy we need to have the same faith in Jesus as on the throne and sometimes it's not so easy to say that I transition to the 5th seal because it actually bridges with what you're saying here but a Chapter 6 verses 9 of Revelation in verse 9 when Jesus opened the 5th seal I saw under the altar of Souls of those who had been slain for the Word of God and for the testimony which they held they cried with a loud voice saying How long oh lord wholly untrue unto you judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth then the white robe was given to each of them and it was said to them that they should rest a little while longer until both the number of their fellow servants and their brother who should be killed as they were was completed All right so this so this the seal is dovetailing But but but make that connection clearer for us. Understand here the church transitions into this persecuting power and there are the righteous ones which should have been the majority. Now they're the minority and they're being killed and just like if you go back this language of their blood crying out for justice because all the way back to what Genesis Chapter 4 Will Cain and Abel where Cain killed his brother and God said Where is your brother his blood cries out to the ground for me it's not literally crying in these are you know disembodied spirits literally crying out but it's symbolic of God takes no there is a cry for justice and God will hear that cry and he will act on the oppressor and he's saying what just stuff what is really saying just wait a little bit longer these things are going to work themselves and Jesus is still on the throne but just just just chill for a little while and you'll be justified I love I love that verse 11 auto both the number of their fellow servants and their brother and would be filled and who would be killed as they were was completed and then just as a tiny Milliman. In the 4th seal you see this power which is given to kill it with thought and hunger but then it doesn't end with just the killing and the devastation that is happening it transitions to the 1st feel where it seems like those are being killed and the death that is happening there's still a faithful group who are willing to die for their testimony you have the love for the truth regardless of the trials that are happening around you got less of the persecution and in of note in verse 9 at the end it says that they had been slain for the Word of God and for the testimony which they haue and so they are going out and sharing these truths that they have at pay at the peril of their own lives and so you have this this awakening of of because of the Gospel and of this the importance of the Word of God through the testimony of these people who cry out saying how long is there an implicit message here saying. Don't worry about how you're going to die. God go die for God while there is if you die don't worry rosary they're not to be given but just there is that seems to be the underlying there is that but there is but God doesn't God gives us that message years but he gives us a solid reason to place that belief on and that's what kind of comes out this is here you're reaching now the climax of the loss of control so you have in the 1st year you have you know conquering victory going on it's a high note and then it gradually decreases the gradually decreases until you reach the point where religion itself people that claim to be the followers of Christ are now persecuting people How worse can it get that Christians will kill real Christians right and so this is the ultimate loss of control and and within that this is that the craziness of it that that that you have in the in the very presence of the greatest evil the greatest evil being that someone would take the name of Christ and be the devil in the presence of the greatest evil you have the beauty the presence of the greatest beauty of real Christianity and true godliness in other words nothing shines brighter nothing shines brighter than a candle lit in the darkest place of the world and this is what's going on and so now the question is why is it that Jesus says this a be willing to die he says this within the context of the song right nothing shall be impossible and so Jesus says Please place your faith on me to this greatest degree but don't just do it blindly do it because you understand that I have already done the impossible I have become human even though I was divine and even though I was divine and became human I'm now divine again and I'm not again but I've always been but now I'm representing you within the heavenly throne. And now you have this whole dynamic of just this craziness of interplay between human and divine and God says Just trust me that all of this is it I've got all this in control this is the study is this is a really good this this. My mind man like this this story is a story of not just the church. But it's a story of how Jesus doesn't separate himself from the church and he claims ownership of the church even when the church is at its worst right and as a person who Times struggles with the church. And struggles with church people and church politics and all of those things like like and my above Jesus like am I going to separate myself from this church you know I'm I'm going to I'm going to put the church at arms like I'm going to blast and condemn the church I mean Jesus has a right to it's HIS doesn't belong to me so to submit to him and realize that there's there's a broader narrative here but ultimately no matter what things look like Jesus is in control and he's got. A point is there is that human human. Insecurity that I want to control the Church Yeah right like man a church is messed up well then it's up to me to go fix it and I need and take sides and humans resort to force we don't not in the land them in the land but in the name of of power of dominance magnitude and just you know just shoving it in as us hard as we can and getting our way through in the name of control well that's 93 love and that's exactly what's happening in the. It's in the execution of trying to be like Christ through force which is antithetical to Christ and I think Bruce verse 12 is where Jesus says you know what grandmamma show you home and control OK And then he comes in and then the $60.00 comes in and then that's when Jesus himself takes control again of every things that's taking place and he didn't do Gates he vindicates people so in the 6th year from verse 12 to 17 of Chapter 6 you have super You have the sun the moon it's almost as a Jesus saying hey I control of the moon I control the sun I control the stars and then there is the kings of the earth there is 15 King. Of the earth the great men rich men commanders mighty men every slave every frame and hid themselves in the key in the rocks the mountains so this Jesus is now when we're going to do his thing it was coming out which ends with the question in verse 15 for the great day of his wrath and who is able to stand so here we are here we are in the 21st century and the great question is who is able to stand and hopefully all of us or part of the 1st seal were part of the gospel message in the Gospel message is conquering our self and our selfishness every single day but there is the question who is able to stand will answer that question in the next chapter in the next episode 114-4000 I hope you've been blessed by this episode I know I profoundly been I've been kind of scared of the 7 seals but then a blessing for me hopefully for you to see you next week here on in verse. You've been listening to enforce a Bible based conversation with Cali Williams Israel Ramos Jared Thomas Sebastian Braxton doco and your host Justin can invest is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes nights but this and more inspiring episodes visit in various T.V. dot find us on social media has turned into this until next time this isn't 1st.


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