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06-The Sealed People of God

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Callie Williams



  • February 2, 2019
    9:30 AM

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Does Heaven have limited capacity who can make it into heaven what kind of people are they and would you want to be this group of people find out on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on my principles contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host Justin Tim with the invite everyone welcome to this episode of inverse we are in the middle of Revelation and episode by episode we have been so blessed to really getting new insights even for ourselves for been studying this for about a very long time and just learning a lot more every time we read the Bible that blessing in Chapter one Verse 3 is really coming to fruition so Sebastian can you pray for us and we get into Chapter 7 Absolutely let's pray. Father in heaven what a privilege it is to continue to study your word lord it is true as the book is promised that we are blessed because we have read it and know what it is on pray that you would help us to keep it we pray that through your spirit you may teach us and got us into all truth just as Jesus promised is our prayer from our hearts in Christ name Amen and Amen Kelly we're in the middle of chapter in the middle of Chapter 7 we in the middle book of Revelation Chapter 7 verse 123 and can you read that about this special group of people yes after these things I saw 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth holding the 4 winds of the earth that the when should not blow on the earth on the sea or on any tree then I saw another angel ascending from the East having the scene of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice to the 4 angels to whom it was granted to harm the Earth and the sea saying do not harm the earth the sea or the trees to we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads especially reverse for us and I heard the number of those who were sealed 144000 of all the tribes of the children of Israel were sealed and the 1st 5 or 6 and 7 and 8 you see some of the tribes there. Let's look at well let me ask what's going on in this chapter saddest set up the conversation Yeah that's a good question. This is one of Revelations interludes right you have here from chapter 6 which we just studied going through the different seals 1st seal 2nd seal 3rd seal you go all the way up to the 6th seal and then it's like it's segues into hey let's let's explore this territory because it asks the question at the end of Chapter 6 The Great day of God's wrath has come who will be able to stand and then the focus the gaze. To talk about people whose characters are fireproof and that they will be able to stand by the grace of God through these challenging times in the last days never talk to somebody and maybe you know I've talked to some some some some individuals of much more experience and elder years and that sometimes tell a story yeah and they tell the story and go around and then they have like they go on something have a TENS and then go on this and then other tens and they go on that and sometimes there are so way off the original story and there's this one guy that I was talking to I'm like and I'm just totally zoning out and sometimes when we read the book of Revelation we. Slow now but the brilliance of this man was he was going so far out and then in the last 5 minutes he totally brought it in again and that when he brought it in all those sub tangents were like building on top of each other and he was telling this brilliant story at the end I was like this was not this old man just kind of talking off the cuff use masterpiece of a story and this is kind of what revelations were going to Revelation I mean it's one of those like those dreams we have a dream within the dream in the dream within a dream the dream in the I'm trying to get it this is this is organize and this is a divine book and I also think that it's it makes sense to take a tangent at this point because it's such a huge question like the wrath of the Lamb has come who is able to stand because it's one thing to describe this wrath but you'd be thinking to yourself like men if that comes when I'm alive how do I know which side I'm going to be on and I think that's really the fundamental question of the Christian life is like it's not how you start is how you end and I think this really kind of purposefully and wisely answers that question before we progressed into more prophecy and extending into the book at the revel in the Book of Revelation to get Sebastian in Cali on the same page I mean our laugh. We are looking at the 6th Seal is and I don't know about you but if you haven't watched it go back pause this episode go to the other episode and play that one because that was Jared I mean you were there it was an awesome episode by the yeah and the whole point is Jesus is on the floor own and he is in control in even when the church looks like it's there's just God is not in control God is still under control and then this question is found in chapter 6 or 17 as Sebastian as you said who is able to stand and boom here going into a tangent but not this superfluous tangent but a very pertinent tangent about this special group what is so special about this group what are some characteristics of this this this people here Sebastian Well I think one of the 1st things you see that the Bible describes them as being sealed and so this idea of sealing kind of relates to the idea of ownership in the Bible you know the stamp of not only approval but this stamp of complete ownership like this belongs to God So I think there is a certain level of complete surrender and giving over of themselves to God and I think that's really where you know we struggle on a day to day basis is building up to being a part of this number is really about daily practice in giving myself over to gone in surrendering to his ownership like Sebastian your money is God's money your children are God's children this work is God's work and I think as we learn to do that this quality lets us know just from the idea of sealing in ownership that I can literally practice day by day to prepare to be a part of that number if I'm practicing daily to allow God to see me in the sense of making myself his prize and precious possession and I'm surrender special mention ceiling Calley What is this you know is this a barcode on our foreheads or. Our left hand already oh it is OK or and I think what you had on the better side of. What I was going on here. The ceiling as it's about I was talking about is ownership and I'm sorry but I want to segue really quick just yet that is in verse 3 again you're asking about 3 objects or 7 yeah the characteristics of these people and a characteristic I see here is that God is saying Don't let this harm of destruction come until these people are sealed and it just reminds me of Sodom and Gomorrah you know even these righteous people like I'm not going to destroy this place until my people are safe and so God is like well most of the messed up so let's just wipe them out but God like all of the people who have chosen me all the people have surrendered to me I want to make sure they're safe and then I'll get to judgment because I need to keep my character demands it but like 1st we need to we need to keep everyone safe who has chosen me. God's promises even in the midst of you know this scary book writing set of Revelation and judgment but like I'd like 1st people need to be OK So it is ownership and how does Gandhi flying that these people are his like what is what is this actual SEAL let's get into the actual mechanics. That's a good question man I'm not prepared for that but I'm just kind. Of straight. Ceiling is God putting his Mark I'm going to say it for the you know the revolution that revelation has has the seal of God and the mark of the beast and you have these 2 entities that are trying to say this one's mine that one's mine this one's mind what this one's mine so what is what are these marks what are these seals and how do you differentiate ownership of these. Talks about the ceiling of God's law. Right so what we're talking about here there. You are there so we're so we're talking about essentially obedience to God's Law Yes submission to this this is something that the Revelation talks about in another place to want to go there you know like look like it's looking like you're going there anyway so what we're you know where we go to live or to you know if you're that also there. Revelation 14 yeah and the 1st the 1st passage here it's talking about the 144008 describes him. As a Revelation 144-4000 are actually named 144000 there's a correlation with Chapter 7 because you have 12 tribes of 12000 each so this is the same group of people correct in just trying to read you know so here they are they're standing on Mount Zion just right there standing there with the land with Jesus 144000 here's here's a huge thing OK getting back to ownership they have the father's name written in their foreheads that means essentially God has reproduced his character of love and righteousness the character of Jesus in their life he's written his name essentially in their minds so this isn't a literal. Tattooing you know Jesus on their forehead or way on their forehead this is actually in their mind going on and I love what you're saying about the law this isn't just law keeping for the sake of the law keeping but it's just true heart what will be a part of the law is in the character of God being reproduced Yeah and this I think is all to me only represented in the 10 Commandments but the most one of one of the most extra known commandments according to Exodus. 20 verse 20 is keeping up the 7th day sabbath so people are keeping the Sabbath not to be saved but because they are saved That's right and I think as a then he's to be underscored of his lot of people are Kimi the law to be saved and that that is actually a sign of not the seal Yes And I think that to build off your point in the midst of the 4th Commandment on the Sabbath we see this establishment of God as the Lord who created the heavens and the earth right his name is in the center of the law yes and as well as the territory which are all characteristics of a seal back in those days are all embedded. In the 4th commandment So I think as we get to the mark of the beast wonder stand how that correlates to what the mark of the beast is as opposed to their ownership being owned by that false Trinity that we're going to study in the future so I think looking at the Sabbath commandment as as the seal of God literally by me practicing this is the one commandment that we're asked to rest to even further buttress the point that this is not about works right that the one day that God asked me to keep holy is the day he asked me to do nothing if I want you to keep it holy which means remove all your works and this holy this is really an issue of being in just resting in gaunt and another word for that I think we one word for that is a rest another word that is Grace yes these are people who have fully full on experience the grace of Jesus in a profound way who has the grace of God not gracious just only forgiveness of all you're saying but in addition to that it's transformative it is it is just something of the butterfly that's in the cocoon and it becomes do it and I was out as a butterfly you know we are butterflies and cheese and we are but you know we transcend what I guess that's what I'm getting at and yes it's a level the level of spiritual transformation here found going down a little bit further revelation 14 yes worse for 14 year old ones who were not defiled with women OK that's a that's a spiritual term OK we have to go to Revelation 17 to get the full meaning of that there spiritually pure There are virgins if all the lamb wherever he goes look at verse 5 in their mouth was found no deceit for they are without fault before the throne of God are used to read that verse and there's so much to unpack there when we come back after the break we'll look at the characteristics of 144000 Gerrard mention about virginity and about without fault and what are those things mean and what's the real meaning come back after the break and we'll get into the fine. The characteristics of the 10444000. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next the handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back I hope you are in suspense for the entire break or maybe if you were watching her on the podcast there was no break but anyway we're going to going to get right back Ensor Revelation 14 so Jerry let's look at this we're looking at the under 44000 and there's some of you out there who are wondering is this a liberal number or not we're going to look at that too but Gerrard kind of jumped the gun a bit and we're going to we're going to look at those characteristics that are powerful verse 4 of chapter 14 of Revelation these are the ones that were not defiled with women for there are versions so there's talk about this talk about sexual purity there are these 144000 male unit that have never are the is that what it's top never been merry old rumor that eliminates a lot of us and you're a you're a female so I mean is that what. I want to think about this so God says in the beginning to Adam and Eve Be fruitful and multiply filled the earth that's his 1st commandment right. To say well if you will be that command if you're disqualified for being a part of this group there's in Revelation 17 it will go there in a in a future you know study but there is this prostitute woman right who persecutes God's people she has a golden cup full of toxic teachings that she's infecting people with and what God is saying is stay away from her these people are not like physically. Sexually pure spiritually and I think that's because in the Old Testament Jeremiah you find there you go other Old Testament prophets that whenever a gone to people were engaging in idolatry they were described as being an unfaithful woman an unfaithful wife and so this idea of not defining yourself with women wasn't just that women are bad you know it was really looking at the spiritual people that we've looked at earlier in the book like just a bill in these kind of things like why haven't got into the idolatry So this shows the simplicity of their complete and total worship of the One True gone and it never did they were there are things you need to be careful number one there's nothing wrong with women absolutely nothing wrong with sexuality and even I don't know why I pointed to you that is not because there's only one so but some people do see it that way and what we see are we hear in the context the larger context of Scripture and we talk about infidelity with a spiritual infidelity with other other entities Yes Shouldn't OK I must say I think that's that's like the reason they use this kind of like intimate language is because of how intimates believe bad idolatry is so it's not just like oh geez I saw someone else be like it's like you're literally sleeping with someone else so the betrayal and the rebellion is a very deep thing that magnitude is the same Yeah like how do I claim is to you it's like you're an idolater you're unfaithful Why do you want it now right so and then the flipside is those who are faithful to Jesus are those who as if they were spiritually pure only for Jesus and your spiritual purity gentle OK is awesome and these are the ones who follow the lamb wherever he goes these are redeemed from among men being 1st fruits to God and to the Lamb and I think that's pretty straightforward talking about the lamb this is not a conquering King by force but through the character of Jesus. Gentility gentleness of gentleness Yeah OK And then verse from Jared you're going to see in there. Was found no deceit for their without fault before the throne of God So are these like minds that Jesus is is choosing in their lives they're not talking but he doesn't say that they were those of you who are watching in verse you know that's a source of crazy stuff coming out of our times of. My own a new unit climbs I don't want to be a part of. That. But what does it mean about our mouths that hit out of the abundance of the heart yes the mouth speaks so when it's talking about them not having to see it in their mouth it's talking about their inward characters right sometimes you know you hit your thumb with the hammer or you stub your toe or something happens and before sometimes you can even think maybe something is coming out of your mouth that that is reflective of what's inside right so there's no deceit here there's no no deception no nothing untrue that comes from their mouth and I think that without fault before God and I think that's in the sense also with the concept of a message right there giving whatever message they're giving him proclaiming is one that is grounded in the truth right they've never preached anything false they've never taught anything false and I think this is huge because it it shows you that the character of these people are people who are engaged in the same work that Jesus was engaged in as they're following the lamb right there was no guile in his mouth and you remember that Jesus used a similar term to describe Nathaniel under the tree in John chapter one behold an Israelite in whom is no guile So there's the sense of he was a truth seeker he was a person that was seeking that which was true and was willing to follow that and that's how Christ described him and so I see the same attribute being given to these who are following the lamb and who are a part of the 144 now when I when I look at 144002 questions come to mind so the 1st question is like is it literally 144000. Why is there a limited capacity here and if there's 144000 filled and I'm the 144th under 44000 the 1st person Yeah the 1st person I'm like oh no you've. Got to join the other critter that I want to acquire and the 2nd thing that comes to mind is like he's not a lofty characteristics I mean these are like oh you're the this is this is like varsity and I've been playing junior varsity this I'm. Like the question is like is it possible to how and you know these are questions that naturally emerge the 1st question I throw out to you guys is you know is this a literal number and you know in fact going back to Revelation 712000 for that child to us and then I mean what are these tribes and one of us right so I think when you go back to Revelation 7 you know you look at a the fact that much of this language is symbolic language right so you're looking at the Lamb you're looking at the fact that 12000 from north to line 12000 from Simeon from GAD it's like well we don't know those tribes now and that would suggest literally they're coming from Jewish tribes who are children of Jacob you know what you would which would be hard to find in the world today and secondly you're going to cure a few of those tribes has now been done and we dilute our history Yeah exactly so you can say you're purely from God or purely from not to lie or whatever OK I think the 2nd piece that comes into play is these people are also called servants of God So let's hold back the wins until we see all the servants of our God So we're going to say that 144000 are the only people who are serving God and this is imbedded even in certain religions that believe the fact that we have 104000 that's already a decided number and they come up with some other kind of interesting theological gymnastics to get everybody else into heaven and to be saved because if you accept that as a literal number you got to do a lot of stuff to try to me. Your religion seem like it still has hope for anyone Well I know you have these attributes you don't have this good luck you will make it inside and I think that the Bible clearly is equating these 2 groups together because we see in Revelation 14 they were read then we go to Revelation 7 and we get to the great multitude and we see this vast multitude that no man could number. Is also read deemed which is a sign of them wearing those white up to 7 verse 9 and trying to bring a bible verse there and after these things I looked so he hears 144000 then he sees and behold a great multitude which no one could number yes this is not this is their symbolic numbers being used but in actual looking at the number this is an infinite number of the number of A This is a a large number lists group of people in various ways and that's exactly the same correlation in Revelation one John hears a voice behind him but he turns and looks right and this is what he sees and you know it's kind of funny because my grandmother used to have this saying you know I see better than I can hear and so you get into a situation that sometimes you're hearing different things but when you actually look at it calmly wait this looks completely different than what you thought it was when you just heard so the see that constant parallel in Revelation is like I hear a voice it looks in this letter vessel Jesus you know very cool yeah I'm tracking within the exact same thing this is this is what I've always understood the the hearing and then the seeing yes what I was going to come in. Just before that was we were talking about the literal number. And looking at the identity here one of the core characteristics these are all referred to in 144000 there are Jews it's inescapable so then we have to ask the question is there is that a spiritual identity too of a spiritual number right and if we're consistent and we look at the teachings of the Apostle Paul English and Chapter 3 he talks about Abraham's we are able. Followers of Jesus are Abraham's seed and the air is a single Jewish spiritually Jewish So this again not to just drop these verses but Romans chapter 2 at the end of Romans chapter 2 we're talking about the Jews are preoccupied with external circumcision if spiritual circumcision of the heart it's clearly mis wrote of the heart it's not a Jew who is one outwardly it's one who's been transformed in wordly that's what this is talking about spiritual Israel spiritual to go in the same line to feel if you go to the tribes there maybe this was maybe an interesting point but it is just there upstairs Jews here you go the verse 5 you see Jude Rubin Gad you follow in chapter 7 of the verse 60 of Ashur enough Tali and in the NASA so monastic was one of the 2 children of Joseph Joseph right and so then his brother should have been busy for him you know but if you look at that list there Ephraim is not mentioned at all Joseph then you see in verse 7 Simeon Levi Levi was the priestly tribe never really included in the priest lists the tribe lists but here he is and then verse 8 and then Joseph So it's like you have the dad and then you have the son but I mean if this were a real nicely organized tribalist you want this this is not a very good short list right now saying So this is not bloodlines right if this were bloodlines if this were real and literal this is a totally not make any sense Dan is not in there and as not in there and it's not even in order because it is not number one yet if you look at those 2 Ephraem had an issue with worshipping idols and you see that that's that's that's totally not a characteristic of 144000 a year and you have Dan who has a backbiter and he had a problem with this man and that's goes well with only 40000 was in the blessings of of of his father blessing his children he talk about Dan being like the serpent that bites like the heat of the. Yeah that yeah yeah so again like these these are just stories of random people their spiritual qualities powerful pull yourself spiritual. The question is that remains is this so this this is this capacity is not limited this is an open invitation to all of the 2nd question though is I mean this these are lofty characteristics question last question for today how do we become part of the 104000 Calley I think the 1st thing that sticks out to me is in verse 4 of chapter 14 we're going to talk to you for 14 for so women virgins but then these are the ones who follow the lamb wherever he is and these were redeemed from among men being 1st fruits to God and to the Lamb It does not say these are the ones who have merited everything by themselves these redeem themselves from among themselves like doesn't say that all of the redemption and all of the following is Christ centered and so it's not just that you know Jesus redeems us and watches and watches us in his blood he's like OK good luck see at the end if you make it but Jesus constantly covers us and he's the one that gives us grace constantly to constantly help us and constantly progress us and constantly develop these lofty characteristics and cost we're going to keep using them are constantly. That constant Grace gives us that constant obedience Yes and that obedience support which everyone can see we will remember how much time that we do not need Jesus and I think that you go from you know the Jesus is discipleship commandment is follow me and I will make you you know and so to me that's always the promise you follow him he will transform I hope you've been obsessed with Jesus in the book of revelation that's the theme that emerges time after time and I don't want you it's great to see that the seeds of the 144000 are not limited this is an open invitation to all of us all of you to follow the lead wherever he goes this has been a blessing. Plus A plus of study for me for you will see you next week here on in. You've been listening to enforce a Bible based conversation with Cali Williams Israel Ramos Jared Thomas Sebastian Braxton Siku doco and your host Justin can inverse is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives but this and more inspiring episodes visit in person dot hope T.V. dot org and find us on social media hash tag in verse 5 until next time this isn't the 1st.


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