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11-The Seven Last Plagues

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Sikhu Daco



  • March 9, 2019
    9:30 AM

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Revelations full of numbers and code and a lot of symbols especially the number 7 on this of a sort of inverse the last subset we find the 7 plagues on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my principal contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in time with him for. Everyone we're so happy you decide to join us for this week in our study of revelation on in verse we have our guys this is the guys another guys only episode and we're in one of the one of the top chapters of Revelation Revelation 15 and Revelation 16 we look at revelation we've talked about the structure of the sanctuary in going to the holy place and the most holy place we saw 7770 What are some signs that we've seen throughout the book of Revelation 7 churches which is we've got the 7 seals of seals on the 7 of the trauma right here and those sevens all paralleling each other in the holy place but now we are kind of have shifted gears where I think someone said it was a hinge now in a new section and on the whole most holy place there's another septet the septet is different this group of 7 is not connected to the 1st 3 and we spent some time today on that so just of can have a prayer for us and ask the Lord for His blessing Yeah let's pray Father thank you for your word as we study especially this heavier chapter we pray that you would lead us to your son Jesus give us wisdom we pray in your name Amen amen and Sebastian chapter 15 of Revelation and what you read from verse 1223 all right. Then I saw another sign in heaven great and marvelous 7 angels having the 77 last plea for in them the wrath of God is complete and I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire in those. You have the victory over the beast over his image and over his market over the number of his name standing on the sea of glass having harps of gone they sing the song of Moses the servant of God in the song of the Lamb saying great in marvelous are your works Lord God Almighty just in true are you always keen of sings 1st for who shall not fear your Lord and glorify your name for you alone are holy and all nations shall come and worship before you for your judgments have manifested after these things I looked and behold the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened and out of the temple came out the 7 angels having the 7 plagues clothed in pure linen and having their chests girded with golden bands cared for 70 please. Then one of the 4 living creatures gave to the 7 angels 7 golden bowls full of the wrath of God who lives forever and ever the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from his power and no one was able to enter the temple to the 7 plagues of the 7 angels were completed all right the shots are $51.00 of the shortest chapters of Revelation Israel is going on Checker 15 chapter 15 is a prelude to Chapter 16 Chapter 16 is going to kind of pretty much expound on what those 7 last plagues are what's significant about this passage is that before we are introduced to what the 7 plagues do to their accomplishment to their effect an impact we have 1st a picture that is that is a picture of victory a picture of success and of overcoming and you find that specifically in verse in chapter 15 averse to it says and I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire and notice what it says about the sea on top of that so you have people who are standing who had victory over the beast one over his image 2 overs Mark 3 and over the number of his name for him and then the Bible says that these individuals are standing on the sea of glass with the harps of God And so when you have what you have here described is a group of people that is 1st of all stand God's people are standing there not broken they're not fallen they're standing that means that they've accomplished of victorious and yeah and then it says here that they have been victorious over the beast over his image over is number over like every single element of the of that power of that beast and so you have here. In other words you have a picture of God's people being tested and then being able to succeed in each of those tests that I've been given and so you have you have there that picture of success then it goes into that song that is being sung and that song is a song of these individuals proclaiming that God is the God of justice that God is a God of righteousness and that he's not vindicating. His people that have suffered and I think that's a key point because before the Bible discloses essentially these judgments of God upon the earth before Jesus comes it flashes forward and it essentially describes what we will see is those people whom God has saved in looking back and saying God you you are just you are right just your judgments have been have been made manifest like we see everything that you've done is the experience it is the examine the records and so forth and the essential audit what God has done it said you are righteous so we is not just a crazy thought I mean if this them back it's it's almost as if the judgment God has already in his mind and in His wisdom and is omniscient he's already judged people he really knows what's going on but here it seems like he's opening himself up to to be judged by human beings and human beings are like look we looked at the records and we saw God you're your decisions are good right is being evaluated what kind of God as. Well why didn't God does that well think of I mean think about he's the kind of person he's so confident in his ways being true in just that he's willing to give it exposure and I believe Christianity one of the things that makes it unique as a religion is it invites evaluation it invites judgment and criticism you don't have to convert in order to evaluate and to test and see is Christianity legit or is it not God is the God who said it from the very top and the. Say look you can evaluate me you can call now and let's reason together see my ways behold how I did things and let me know in my just in my not just and I feel like that kind of removes the seed of doubt that was initially planted by Lucifer from the very beginning it's like principles of what transparency and accountability businesses are advocating in this next war governments are advocating but this isn't these are all concepts these are not what I thought of God has in his character to do that is from the very beginning would see an assert his faults and that's proven over and over and over again and for someone for us as human beings to just to consider God and to look at him as a god that is Unjust is just simply not possible when you understand who he is there's a few things I think that verse 4 point out. So there it says who Shell who shall not fear you'll Lord and glorify your name and there is his wife for you alone are holy I think that's a critical phrase in this passage we have a situation where. We as God's people want vindication right like a I followed the method God I followed the path I followed you and because I have followed you I have suffered injustice and we have this feeling a lot of times right we want God to vindicate us vindicate us God because we are right we are holy what we have done is we are just then at the conclusion of everything it's actually actually we're not. And here he's saying you alone are holy even in the times where I thought I was right and someone was mis representing me or someone was persecuting me or I suffer for your sake Actually I didn't I was never right I was never a holy the holiness is strickly and only be longing to you and so we have this acknowledgment of God's people that nothing in this life has ever changed God he's been holy yesterday today and forever and we will have the ability to Brooklyn this is a cool him that they're singing because you know in verse 2 they had a victory over the beast of a cure for his name and I know in a carnal science if you just won this awesome or be like Yeah this wasn't it was not at that but they know they can't say that because at the end or like they're praising God yes right they have no self. Motivation going on or in think about the fact that the song of Moses right when they sing a song they were delivered right so this is not Moses not singing the song because I'll look what I did and delivered as I know we're singing a song which is the Lord is the one that plunged Pharaoh in his chariots into the sea and made a way for us so he is our God and I will prepare him right not have the Father is God So when you go back to those songs back then it was a song of deliverance from the very beginning that God did for us what we could never have accomplished for ourselves so let me ask this question I mean is this is there are some elements if you do a superficial reading so help me out with this like there are some people they say you know who should. Who shall not fear you all Lord and we talked about the 3 angels message fear of God and there's omens of the plagues come in and all this destruction and judgment going on like it's kind of kind of scary you know and so how do we need balance or does it need to realign in our understanding what's going on well I think as we get into the plagues it helps to understand like in 16 verse one if we could go there is this revelation 16 well I'll just read it then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying the 7 angels go and pour out the bowls of wrath of the wrath of God upon the earth so in these plagues It's like they're containers for God's wrath OK OK OK Well what is God's wrath God's wrath is that like my wrath OK he his thoughts apply the biblical principle as his thoughts and His ways are above our thoughts and ways yes we get into trouble when we make him out to be like us like we ticked him off and he's really angry and now he's just going to give us what we deserve a sad song a dark hooded Emperor who's just angry and wants to fry us with his electricity Exactly so I could just if you could hear or we could turn to the Book of Romans chapter one. Is a perfect example OK Romans one OK so in Romans Chapter one Verse 16 is talk about the everlasting God who is the righteousness of God is revealed Well then that in verse 18 it says that the wrath of God is revealed how is the wrath of God revealed in verse $24.00 it says God gave them over to what they wanted OK write in verse $26.00 God's wrath is the giving them up to their vile passions in verse 28 God gives them over to a debate on the crazy thing about God's wrath is not he's coming you know in anger God's wrath is essentially him saying what you've always wanted you're going to I'm going to give it C.S. Lewis says. Either we say Your will be done or God will say your will be done and that's really the choice right hell is a place that's locked from the inside you lock yourself in God Do not shut you in and then you know lock the door and throw away the key OK And I think that's you know from what you're saying in Romans so the context of these 7 plagues then our humanity has made their choice for these things they put us up on themselves God all to meet Lee is giving them what they desire and I think that we're going to see that as we start going through fees plagues what is important I think for us to understand is that there is no a lot of times we try to make balance God out all right so God is an angry God but His anger is balanced with kindness and mercy and so it kind of depends what time of the day you have an interaction with you know like if you get about 5 that's during. Life and you know it was kind of you know these That's a movie whatever God yes God is not like me so right here in me if I lean this way anger if I leave this well you know nice and so God is not human God is not made in the image of man and man and so all that thought so Israel's going to talk about the is God grumpy and he's going to conclude we want to hear this after the break. Has been this been a blessing to you Do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while they're joining us like us comes up next I'll handle again in 1st Bible Mel States now back to the discussion. You guys welcome back so Israel is God grumpy what time you go Cheshire's I mean how does not grow up he's not made in the word God is not made in the image of man in that. God is fickle and God is God needs balance right in other words I guess what I'm trying to say is chapter 15 of Revelation is not the balance to Chapter 16 OK but it's the context and so what God is saying or what is being told to us in Revelation Chapter 15 is providing a context for Revelation Chapter 16 what's the context the context is God is a trustworthy God he's a trustworthy individual and so that's what's being said look he's trustworthy and that he's going to grant victory to those who want victory and the victory that is granted is complete victory victory at every single step of the way so like when we take an exam right like when I 1st took my driver's license exam it was horrible I almost felt I should have killed. So I took my I took my driver's license exam I never read the book I just showed up and I'm like I need a driver's license to get home and I was in a poor Harry and so I took that I took the license to the driver's license test and they had when they were grading it they put a paper over and they were marking off the wrong ones and you could only get like 16 wrong or something and then they marked the 15th one I'm like oh no one more and this is it and I thankfully I passed what is what is happening here is not the. Things that only people that wrote. It was a bastard proof of a lot of them on T.V. the rough and ready to go I just want to minister in the test. So what happens here is that God is giving he's giving not just victory to everyone he wants to ever want to but he's given complete victory you're passing every test over the beast of resentment over the number over whatever whatever and so you have this context that God is a God who is worthy to be trusted now after that has been established after we can establish that God is trustworthy that his character is a character of love then that provides context for the plagues being poured out right so it's not a balance but it's a contact. And I also think it transitions into the fact that the Bible says here in chapter 15 in verse 8 that the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from his power in no one was able to enter the temple so the 7 plagues of the 7 angels were completed so you're looking at the fact that a man entering the temple is for the purpose of intercession because only the priests were allowed into the temple so here when he says no man can enter this means that God's mercy in providing a high priest the best high priest in the person of Jesus Christ as we've established in earlier chapters he was interceding on behalf of humanity and now it's gone to the point where God has extended mercy after mercy after mercy and now no man can enter that the 7 last plagues are not well you know what angry God is saying this is my last opportunity because let's be truthful if God was really the wrathful trying to destroy you God He doesn't need to send plagues he could just kill you but why does he send progressively painful plagues write the Bible is letting us know that he sent these plagues as a last plea of mercy to bring them and as we look to Revelation 14 the 3rd angel was sending the warning don't do this so you don't get the wrath of God so why would a God who hates you and is angry and is grumpy warn you a B. send a man to intercede for you and then see use plagues that are not going to kill you but just enough to get your attention and to recognize that in these plagues right if we look in chapter 16 in verse 9 it says in the men who were scorched with great heat and they blaspheming the name of God who has power over these plagues and they did not repent and give Him glory so they knew right that why these plagues were coming was God was trying to bring them back to repent to change direction to change your approach in your mind resisted and they still resisted even then and I think this is really the very heart of God is in the last plagues It's like when I have to discipline my children it hurts when you're like consciously warning your child in God in the like man you don't want the consequences right you don't want to contest but for my kids you know you're going to get the consequences and then when the day the moment comes it's like. When I see them doing the very thing it actually My heart drops because I'm like then why did you do this like we don't want to go through the discipline and the sadness and you're saying the only reason I'm doing this is again to try to bring you back right into save you from any potential future harm and I see the 7 last plagues is actually the bleeding heart of God trying to save people and say look this is all I have left once he pours this out there's nothing else God could do that motif is is found in the 4th play but also repeated again in the 5th play Yeah so verse chapter 16 verse 11 the blast fiend the God of heaven because of their pains and source and did not repent of their deeds you see this kind of theme through Revelation you saw him back in fire in the 7 churches all you know is you are not repenting not repenting and God is showing more for there was more of his love he's also using fear as a just doing everything he can and they're just not responding if you know and it's what and that's why the Book of Revelation is critical because it's God's way of telling us what the future is going to be like in other words he's saying look you're on a trajectory in life and you're headed one of 2 directions and if you're headed the direction of Revelation Chapter 16 this is what's going to ultimately happen to you you're going to reach a point where no matter what I do for you you will not repent you will not change and so it's critical for you right now to here to accept 2 to 2 to mauled your life after what I'm asking you to do because this is the outcome and we faced it many times where the working and companies are working with our kids where we've gone through things enough times where we know hey if you keep on going this way this is where you're going to end up and so God's warning in Revelation Chapter 16 is for us to not be a part of Revelation 16. Let's go to the 6th play there I think we should spend some time as a so this is a little bit different from. So the plagues especially came from verse 12 onwards there then the 6th Angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates and its water was dried up so that the way of the kings from the east might be prepared and I saw all 3 unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet for they are spirits of demons performing signs which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle that great day of God Almighty keep going for 16 and they gathered them together to the place called In Hebrew on the getting then this verse 15 no use to give birth 15 of the whole and I am coming as a thief bless it is He who watches and keeps his garments lest he walk naked and they see his shame so this is a little bit of a different kind of a different tone to the plagues Jerry what's going on in the 6th plague this is an incredible reference to the river Euphrates Babylon sat on the river Euphrates and we're going to get into Babylon in the next chapter in chapter 17 of the Babylon that has been referenced this is the strength of Babylon you know when other powers would come and try to surround Babylon there was nothing they can do because it was impenetrable fortress but it sits on the Euphrates River so it's being nourished constantly this is talking about you know referencing the river drying up that's how Babylon actually fells them you know Persians diverted the river anyway interesting story from from the Old Testament but it's saying Babylon in the last days is going to lose it's going to go down. To the frogs I mean this is a direct reference to the plagues of Egypt. OK the plagues of Egypt there's the frogs and you keep going Yeah all right you're so young so you'd like. To think you know I suppose. So Moses comes in and God is giving him directives these He's bringing these plagues the. Egyptian magicians are actually able to counterfeit those things and one of those references was the plagues I think is the last plague that they could do if they could counterfeit it was the frog So this is almost like Satan's last counterfeit attempt to dupe the world. And I love the background that you bring Jared because when you're reading scripture I mean it takes its cues all from the Old Testament from the Gospels really from Genesis to do that we've established in episodes one and 2 I mean one time I came home late at night and watching one of those you know late night prophecy shows on evangelical T.V. in and man I mean this guy was saying there were great river Euphrates that this is this going to happen in the literal Euphrates in Iraq and then you know see the kings of the east the whereas East 3 kings that's Korea Japan and China they're going to come in and they're going to conquer Iraq and then 3 frogs are coming out well frogs are green and the American military is Green Zone American and this is us hodgepodge of a mercy it was fascinating to see the creativity of the interpretation but it's very clear when you see that these are Old Testament stories this is Cyrus coming in from the east is drying up the Euphrates and now Babylon is going to be going to go away the frogs are going back to play this is awesome stuff and then also look back that in verse 14 they are the spirits of demons performing mere signs in miracles so when you think about this idea that all miracles are not from God And so you know that these counterfeit things that are taking place are in regards to the supernatural right bringing activities and experiences. Is that normally you would attribute to God right which is what that counterfeit peace goes back to Egypt so well how do I know that the lore century Well he does this playing and it's like well my magicians can do the same playing so then it becomes this confusion in division in the mind of the onlooker like way of you can do the same thing then how do we know which one is the true God I think it's the most important part for me of of this entire passages chapter is verse 15 because you have now you have Satan's strongest attack on on God's on God's plan I'm going to come I'm going to reproduce signs and wonders I'm going to this is my fight the whole world I'm coming I'm coming for force and so what is it that's going to help us to stand in that what's going to help us to go through that and then you have Verse 15 the words of Jesus right the Mits of those of those plagues you have the words of Jesus Behold I am coming as a thief bless it is He who watches and keeps his garments lest he walk naked and they see their shame his shame the safety in the 7 last play exist safety when it comes to saints counterattacked the safety when it comes to battling Satan and his for force is the garment and so Jesus say you have the Russians of Christ Here's what it is and he's saying what we need to focus on when it comes to Bible prophecy what we need to focus on when it comes to the wrath of God against and righteousness what we need to focus on when it comes to the deceptions of sin against the Christian is not trying to outsmart seed it's not trying to make deals with God but it comes down to Do we have the garment of Jesus Christ is the is the shame of our nakedness can our own righteousness covered with the righteousness of Jesus Christ and and what prophecy does many times to us is it makes as afraid oh man I got to read enough revelation so that I'm not scared you know deceive nor that's. Not where the power comes from the power comes from right now do I have the righteousness of Jesus Christ is it covering me that's the only defense against Revelation Chapter 7 that's huge because when you look at the 1st coming of Christ and you have the fairest these who knew the Scriptures who knew all the pieces and yet they were not there right the deception was not a lack of knowledge right it was not a lack of of any of these other pieces that we may think if I dive into this aspect of Revelation as they knew the prophecies of the Old Testament that they would be there at the event but they were not right it was only simply the humble Mary these individuals who are complete submission and trust in Christ and embedded in that same righteousness in depending upon him the wisemen coming from the east so like here you are right you are Israel you are the present or the spiritual leaders and yet you're not there yeah and I think that's huge is is what you're saying is it's such a big deal because I think we we focus on preparing ourselves right for a future of it when it's really a daily preparation to receive is preparing and that's exactly right yeah this is a tough chapter $15.16 are tough chapters but after starting this chapter I'm more comfortable with the plagues these are not this is not coming on anger but this is God's plea for her us to receive His righteousness and I'm convicted I'm hopefully my brother's here convicted hope that you're convicted to take a hold of Jesus again if you haven't already take a hold of his righteousness and be covered with his white garment as promised his blessing Hopefully you'll take all of it right now see you next week here in verse. You've been listening to enforce a Bible based conversation with Cali Williams Israel Ramos Jared Thomas Sebastian Braxton you could doctor and your host Justin can invest is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes night but this and more inspiring episodes visit in various T.V. dot find us on social media has turned into this until next time this isn't 1st.


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