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12-Judgment on Babylon

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sikhu Daco



  • March 16, 2019
    9:30 AM

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God uses sexual fidelity as the medium by which he conveys his love for his people all the drama all the intensity all the intimacy on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on life principle contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in time within the hour. Everyone welcome to this episode of In verse we are in Revelation Chapter 17 and as you heard in the opener there are elements of of sexual all rhotic language used in this chapter so this isn't an adult conversation with adult themes but they're found in the Bible and this has ramifications for all of God's people so we don't have a word of prayer because we're not needed and talking about this theme is found in Revelation so can you pray for us yeah let's pray for others we turn your words we ask that the author of The Holy Spirit that inspired this book would be present giving us wisdom that we might rightly understand it in Jesus' name amen amen amen as you can reach after 17 a revelation verse 12. 21 and 2. All right then one of the 7 angels who had the 7 bulls came and talked with me saying until we come out I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her for an occasion verse 3. So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet colored Beast which was full of names of blasphemy having 7 heads and 10 horns and the woman was a raid in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls having in her hand a gold cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication and on her head on her forehead and name was written Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of harlots and your balmy nations of the year set us up here where have we been in Revelation and where are we going to in this well we saw in Revelation Chapter 12 The picture of a woman who was clothed with the sun and we talked about there that that's God's people and so you have in scripture that the woman has been used to describe the church church but here we have a different kind of woman described as a harlot she's sitting on a scarlet piece is not clothed with the sun so you have a different description of a of a woman which alludes to some kind of religious connotation like the church but this is a a woman of a different kind of character and he says that this is Babylon the Great the mother of harlots and the abominations of the Earth so this is a woman who is definitely not the woman of Revelation 12 kind of like the anti revelation too often that this chapter takes its cues from the Old Testament where God is this is the Lord husband and his people is his beloved wife Macy all throughout it. All they found this this this girl in the wilderness and he cleaned her up and she was covered in blood but he cleaned her up and then he raised her and he just really loved her and she became his beautiful bride but then she goes and she does all the sorts of frankly stuff that we're kind of shocked to find in the bible stuff that you find on parts on the Internet that you shouldn't be on you know and all this this crazy stuff going on these motifs are. Found in chapter 17 which makes me think like there's a lot of adult stuff going on here yeah yeah I I appreciate what you're saying and I think it's going to be really helpful as we go into the conversation to remember this this woman is the church right it's not like that we have like kind of like good church and badgers righteous church fallen church your church compromising church but it's still God's church and there's an appeal to this church Jesus has not given up on THIS WOMAN Yes So anyway just want to get that out of the way now of this this just Church is identified in verse 5 months look at some the qualification of the identifications the descriptions of this woman and verse 5 on her forehead or stop there of the forehead motif comes up again we saw in under 44000 they had their fathers name written their foreheads showing their mentality their mindset their character their their the name and and honor in the forehead a name was written was that mistreat Babylon the Great the mother of harlots and of the bombing nations of the Earth I mean that's not a great name so what's going on here love begins in the mind and and when you know the balance of love is always both mental and physical and you need these bull or emotional I should say these 2 components are critical and they're critical because at some time one of those things this challenge and you have the other to fall back on for example in my let's say Well in my exams with my example at home with my wife. My wife is not just expecting or depending on me to love her with my emotions there comes a time when I just don't feel like doing certain things like taking out the trash every Monday right and at that point what motivates me to do that is love out of an understanding a mental commitment right now I can't just love my wife with my mind and not with my emotions because that won't last either I need the combination of both and so you have this balance where whenever you get an argument you're going to love with just your mind and then there are going to be other times where you are so in love emotionally that you're in raptured with the beauty of your spouse and so for the so on and so here when it talks about the forehead it's talking about loving God with our mind and it's saying here that this woman on her forehead is not really the name of love but is written this name of Mystery Babylon the Great has become or is the mother of harlots this is this is enormous This is big because as you talked about earlier before the purpose of the marriage relationship is that God has used this that we can experience God has used this to portray the picture that he has between him and his people him and us and so what happens when God loves us and wants to marry us yet we come to God not with the mind set with the love of a bride but with the law with the love of a prostitute what would you do in that kind of a situation this is the ministry of Babylon that instead of having the love of God You actually have the love of self the love of pleasure the love of everything that is not holy and that's the picture that this woman is just so crazy that God uses this this motif of love to convey the story the intensity the betrayal and the the fervor that God has for his people you know just a defense of love yeah I mean you have the friendship love you have the brotherly love the print a love and. Sure does use all these term forms alone when it comes to this last intense events it's this. Drama between a man and a woman a married man and a married woman very early each other and the betrayal of that and how it's broken all those emotions I mean God uses that as a medium to convey his heart to us she wanted to say with with what is really saying about how love begins in them in your mind. It manifests in your actions so Jesus says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak of what you see many Festing outwardly is a reflection of what's happening in Whitley So in a marriage relationship when you have one of the spouses going outside of the magination ship engaging in physical intimacy with someone who is not part of that marriage union it communicates something about what's happening internally with them and so the B. trail even though it says it was something physical that happened you can't say oh it was nothing it was just physical because Because what happens physically is a manifestation of what's actually happening with you so when God when when God wants us to worship him in obedience what we do in our actions is a revelation of the love that we have for him in our hearts so that's why obedience is important to God and when as a church the church goes away from following God's word following God's commandments and doing what God has asked them to do it's actually an outward manifestation of an inward lack of love for their spouse or God and. Your this this idea of fornication that's referenced here in the 1st 2 2 verse. If you think of it in this context you have the kings of the earth which represents political power on this earth the state you have the woman which represents God's professed people that your church right and in a marriage relationship. You know the expression of sexuality is a very natural thing in terms of fornication especially this woman is referred to not just someone who engages in an improper relationship with someone out of marriage but is specifically refers to her as a prostitute This is a transaction that's taking place right this is something where you have something that I want and I have something that you want and we are going to make this and so this transaction where I can benefit I'll give you some money and I will have a physical relationship with you that it's improper OK So in this case the state has something that the church wants POWER TO CONTROL right a corrupted church who has lost that natural the power of virtue and holiness Jesus has right and the state says how can we control these people and there's this this coming together for something that the church should have no business in the governing of of civil power the state has has no business in controlling the conscience right so these 2 come together in this conspiratorial. Transaction of fornication doing something they're not supposed to be doing together and eventually it leads to the persecution of God and then us one step further in verse 2 the kings of the Earth so this is plural these are all the states of the world committed fornication and happiness of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication So yes this is consensual but there is. There is a chemical. Alcohol transaction going on lubricating the mind in even reading the decision making process and so there duped into this area seduced by this yeah and I would say when I see that with the the wine of her fornication the 1st thing I think of is power is intoxicating there's something here about this relationship in fact I kind of. Relationship like to read books about relationships so forth and one thinker is talking about how when you 1st meet someone it's like you're on drugs you know what's happening with the chemistry in your mind be very careful in the early stages of a relationship because you can't always trust your own judgment so tone and open mean exactly that's what's happening here and the control or the influence of principle biblical principles godly principles is not here and they're drunk with power the imagery is powerful you know that someone once said A man can conquer the world and a woman can conquer the man and you know you have this you have this idea to go piggyback with what he's saying about about the intoxication of relationships nothing nothing a stronger than the betrayal that takes place between has been a wife like if my kids were to betray me it would be completely different and much more tolerable than if my wife would were to be trained or if I were to betray my wife if a friend can betray me in the worst way it would not amount in any way shape or form to the betrayal that would take place between a husband and a wife over a sexual matter and so God is the Quaid in this he's saying look I don't need to explain to you this guy's equating that to this kind of a situation which is called an abomination yes is when we come back from the very start I want to say something I don't know about you but as one of my 4 it is getting very spicy and this is a very passionate study of scripture come back we'll see what Sarah had to say. Has in this been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next the handle again is in 1st Bible Mel States now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back we're going to go to Jerry and hear he wanted to say something before you know I was just jivin off of what Israel is saying that with the marriage relationship and the seriousness of infidelity it's relational high treason and really right and you think about that all the term in relation to high treason yet in the context of not just OK it's one thing to have an earthly marriage fail OK that's terrible right I came from a home where you know divorce happened it's traumatic and it's things that happened there still affect me today it's another thing for the church to wander after other individuals when you know Jesus has redeemed the church and the language of the fusions where he washes the church and percents her pure and right in relationship to you know the husband and the wife is that's best described there that has eternal consequences when you look at when you look at what through Scripture scripture is a love letter from God When you look at what Jesus has done to win his bride I mean he he suffered for her and he died for her and he and he says listen it's critical for us husbands to love your wives as Christ has loved the church that he gave himself for her I mean he surrendered everything that he had to to to win his bride to then be betrayed by her in this way what Jesus telling us in Revelation Chapter 17 is this. It is the equivalent of what happens when the church messes up and so you have here now the abomination is the equivalent of betraying the marriage betrayal What does it lead to or how does it happen it happens when the church you're this harlot is yearning for a power that does not belong to her and so in the marriage relationship it's automatic that when I decided to love my wife and to marry her that that love would constrain me that it would make me now exclusively love her and not any other person that means every other person in this world would be hands off and so here you have this situation where the the Scarlet Woman of Revelation Chapter 17 even though there is she supposed to be married to Christ she is now yearning for something else and that something else is a power that does not belong to her what does that lead look at the consequences of verse 6 I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus and when I saw her I marveled with a mate with great so he's marveling because what has happened is that she the person that she's supposed to be married to the person that she's supposed to love has now in violating that relationship has now intoxicated her to the point where she is hurting the very thing that matters most to Christ is His aims. Knows no fury like a woman scorned and so here she's she's out with a fairy going out and killing all of the martyrs of Jesus she says let's go to church after 18 verse 7 in the measure that she glorified herself and lived a luxury Asli in the same measure give her torment and sorrow for she says in her heart I said as a queen I am no widow and I will not see sorrow and so got to keep She she's living it up so living luxurious luxuriously I'm afraid which which verse it says and she's got the kings of the earth in her hand yeah. 17 verse 18 the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth what happens ultimately to this this entity you've got to remember this yeah this is the woman but but but there is a line and what ultimately happens to a secret I mean verse 8 of to have to 18 it is just needing Yeah this is there for her plagues will come in one day death and mourning and famine and she will be utterly burned with fire for strong is the Lord God who judges her and the God doesn't that file and you know wherever as she's going murdering and you know taking the drink in the blood of the seems. God at some point says enough is enough and so when when he is calling his people to not partake of what this woman is doing because there will come an end to this and right now it may seem like things are going well for her but it won't for ever be that way and I think sometimes you know when we look at the evil prosper you know and you know I'm trying to do things right you know I I pay my taxes I attend a fearful time I do all the things right as far as I know but you know people out there who break the law you know they're mean spirited they don't give to the poor and yet it seems like they're prospering God says they'll come an end to that it may seem like they're sitting pretty and they're making it big in the world but that won't last forever it's cool like how Babylon was given so long of a time to exist Yeah 1260 years 42 months you know all this time periods but in chapter 18 verse 10 I think is really cool this for is repeated over and over in verse 10 for all start standing at a distance for fear of our torment saying Alas alas that great city Babylon that mighty city for in one hour your judgment has come skipped on the verse 17 for in one hour such great riches came to nothing is going to verse 19 skip down towards the end alas Alas. That great city in which all who had ships on the sea became rich by her wealth for in one hour she is made desolate So it's this you know for a long time God is merciful God is patient God is allowing this whatever she wants to do to work itself out and for everyone to see but when judgment comes it's done very quickly very swift and in one hour and it's gone just shows you the love and the mercy of God you know going back to how you were mentioning you know it was you you beautiful portrayed the the the relationship between God in this church we have to remember that everything that the church has everything that God's people has everything that that throughout history the church has ever received is not from her own it's not from herself but it's all been borrowed this woman was on the floor she was dead she was full of blood and and God came and saved her and rescued her and cleaned her up and married her and she had nothing to offer him he had everything to offer her and so what this woman has done is that she's taken the church here has has taken the blessings and the riches of God and has you and has used them for herself in Revelation Chapter 1718 what has happened now has got a stain on the strip away that power that power does not belong to you would never be long to you it was always borrowed and I will take that back and you will then have to suffer the consequences and the results of all to merely who you are without me and that's critical for us to understand that when God pronounces judgment on this woman in Revelation Chapter 17 he's not a jealous God saying like look at didn't work out so I'm going to go after you it's like no you everything that you had belonged to me and you and and it's not that it's not that I want to back it's that you're misusing it you're misusing it to actually harm or so that in yourself and that which I love and so on the strip that power back in judgment and you're going to be left to suffer. For the consequences that you've reaped. Now let's go to Chapter 18 verse for which this is this is a great great for that in the judgment that happens to Babylon that God is wanting to purify Babylon if you will I mean it's get his people out and later you see in chapter 19 there there is the marriage of the Lamb and there is a curse of sure a woman there he's going to get married so you so reverse for for us Sharon says and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people let's you share in her sins unless you receive of her plagues OK So what can we get out of that verse in the context of the bout the judgment on Babylon and all the relationship between God and Babylon it's clear in the Bible it's broken and it will not be mended Babylon has fallen has fallen with certainty the mystery of this great city it's gone and there's no this is a divorce there's there's no there's no there's not going to be you know this is not going to be 6 Now within that context now and the marriage relationship and analogy only goes so far at some point he says look if you're part of Babylon you need to come out why because it says here come out of her my people lest you share in her sins and so he's saying look I have people in Babylon these people that are in Babylon are not sharing her sins they're not partakers of the difference between my people and Babylon is that they are not of the same cloth they're not doing the same thing they're not of the same mind so you need to come out of her lest you begin to share in her sins and then it says and less you receive her plagues in other words the plagues that have been that have been prepared in those balls have been prepared for Babylon and if we attach ourselves to Babylon then we will receive that which be lost there is the collateral damage right it's it's God's people need to come out unless they want to become a. Still seated with her and then receive the punishment falls to receive these people in chapter 17 verse 14 and I want to ask you guys this was a final question for today just are 17 verse 14 these will make war with the limb and the lamb overcome them for he is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings and those who are with him are the call called chosen and faithful So you talk about the verse a little less kind of a silver lining in these these 2 chapters are pretty heavy start with a lot of passionate love and be true and what not but there's a silver lining is a promise there it's a beautiful promise because it talks about that the Lamb overcomes and you know we saw the lamb appearing you know back in Revelation Chapter 5 and he saw this lamb and he had he was able to do what no other human could do and here you see the lamb appearing again and in the midst of of this this betrayal you see that the Lamb shows up again with the victory and then it says to that those who are with the lamb they overcome with the lamb they are called by him and once we've been called by God God wants and called everyone yes but not everyone except the call but those who do accept the call our toll isn't and then once you've been chosen by God to. Mandate I have a mandate is to be faithful to faithful to that calling that we've been called and say those who are with him other called called their chosen and their faithful for they stick with him all the way through to the end I think the question that comes another so I suppose my going to my last last question. This was this is this is not or no how do we know that you know this is this Babylon just seems like she's deceiving everyone watching I want to come out how do you know if or in Babylon How do you know if you're drunk people know that they're drunk do high people know that they're high. You know how how do we how do we do that how do we know Jared you're getting that and so that I don't you know. The thing that comes to mind is Revelation Chapter 14 OK where we talked about before there is that angel that's going out and it's got a message OK there are many people who don't realize that they are in Babylon they may not realize that that alone is fall and they may not realize that there are consequences to this fall. But there's an angel that is called that goes out and he's spreading this message so there are God's people who are supposed to let the world know that there is a compromise system of religion right and that is fallen that is not what God's ideal is and that's that's why it's such an important message because they need to be told to come out in Revelation 18 of us for a voice says come out of her my people they may not realize that they need to come out unless they were told come out the teachings of Babylon are intoxicating right there confusing that's what Babylon essentially means but God gives this message in Revelation 18 for out of her my people it's almost like the amplification of those messages in Revelation 14 that we heard God's are going to waste his breath speaking to people who are so intoxicated with this that they can't hear but he's giving this message knowing. But there are people that this is still his church that there are people who will respond they'll hear him though he'd that invitation they'll leave association with this harlot woman and join this association with that pure woman of Revelation 14 I think on that note how many of you want to leave your Babylon and background Babylon and ideas and doctrines and the 1st is for all of us we need to be in tune with scripture in tune with the Holy Spirit and constantly asking Lord am I deceived in seeking truth and seeking Jesus in all these things hopefully out there if you're convicted by today's conversation make a commitment and say Lord I want out I want out of Babylon I want to be part of the 144000 we are part of the pure woman in the marriage of Revelation Chapter 19 well thanks for joining us we'll see you next week as we study the Book of Revelation. You've been listening to enforce a Bible based conversation with Cali Williams Israel Ramos Jarrod Thomas Sebastian Braxton doco and your host Justin can invest is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes nights but this and more inspiring episodes visit in person dot com T.V. dot find us on social media has turned in this time until next time this isn't 1st.


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