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13-"I Make All Things New"

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton



  • March 23, 2019
    9:30 AM

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How does the greatest story in salvation history and this is better than any spoiler alert find out on this episode. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on life principle contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in time within the hour. A welcome to this episode of in for us for those of you who've been watching every single episode in this entire season of Revelation congratulations to you and hopefully you've been blessed if you have with us in our social media sites and leave a comment and share how you have been blessed and share a testimony or send any source of encouragement to us and our team for those of you who've been watching intermittently go to our archives and can see the entire episode or entire seasons and and in past seasons as well I don't know what you gentlemen but I have been very blessed by this study each episode at the blessing increases more and more and then unfortunately we are in our last episode and knowing at Revelation 19202124 chapters in this last part we're going to the highlights and when I ask the Lord for help in that endeavor so the question can you pray for us absolutely. Fought in heaven we are so privileged to have been able to study this book this quarter and Lord as we've gone throughout the season. Lord we've learned a lot we've grown a lot and now we pray that as we look to the Blessed and whole world to a time into a world that we all long for. We pray Lord that our hearts may not just long but that we may be prepared to live among the blessed and the beloved of this beautiful city that is to come is our prayer in Jesus' name and Amen and then and now we're going to read some scripture but we're sure you do and maybe throw this question out to you all and we have been in our journey of Revelation I want to ask is wrong and Sebastian an injured what is one particularly lesson or episode or thread that you just have been blessed by this entire 13 weeks that we've been looking at the Book of Revelation I've been blessed by to be honest I've been blessed by every episode that I've been a part of and some of what I've also been listening to as well I think what the take away lesson that for me has impacted me the most is the fact that revelation is relevant today right now and is relevant not in the global sense it does talk about a global perspective but is relevant in the individual sense and in other words it speaks to me as an individual and I think that's probably what has impacted me the most right right. Yeah I think for me. I probably pick about 2 of them I think the 2nd episode where we looked at John and him being a companion in tribulation is a very impactful episode for me just looking at Jesus returning to him after so many years and encouraging him. And then also I think the the episode we did on the 7 last plagues and I think it was just very profound for me to stretch to see that revelation is probably a lot like the Bible where there's these little pieces of the love of God in the Gospel hidden in every single crevice of Scripture you know the one of the greatest revelation absolutely the love of God Only the 7 player going to preach it just not a message. That works I think. The other thing I think I've appreciated the most has been See this thread through revelation. Of the beauty of God's character in contrast to the beast how. You know just his his righteousness his gentleness his desire to draw us with His love that's something that's popped up in some very unique places for me and I've been encouraged by what I feel like when you dig deep enough in Revelation you'll To me find exactly would your to say and what about the same the love of God is there you can't separate the gospel no matter how much seed tries to make it ugly no matter how much you try to taint it you can't separate the beauty of the gospel is not for me it was the 7 seals and the 7 trumpets and the 7 pally that are like. A lot of 3 only have 20 minutes how what are we going to cover what can we do perspectives and there's just so cool that when you have people who have source sitting together who pray to Jesus for help Jesus who authored this book you open this book and then it's awesome study I mean there are some parts that we prepared for and there are some parts that we didn't prepare for and the discussion is just a wonderful picture emerges of God and that really fuels that fire in you and just you're driven to want to be more like Jesus to be one I mean just get you get excited. Some time and could the crazy thing is some people call those patches the ones that are boring difficult for a scary but they're so there's a gen in those aspects agreed so we don't have a lot of time but we're going to hits main parts and chop into each the last 4 verses of the last 4 chapters Chapter 19 if you well let's go to Israel if you can read verses $969.00 for us OK and I heard as it were the voice of the great multitude as a sound of many waters and as a sound of mighty thundering saying. For the Lord God reigns let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory for the marriage of the Lamb has come and his wife has made herself ready. And to her it was granted to be arrayed with fine linen clean and bright for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints then he said to me right Blessed are those who are called to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and he said to me these are the true sayings of God then what's going on in that passage there yeah so we see here the righteous being identified that are ready and waiting for Jesus to come they've come through the tribulation and here in the next moment they see Jesus coming triumphantly in a white horse they are going to sit down at this last marriage supper of the Lamb the words of Jesus are kind of echoing in my mind because he's in the upper room and when he presides over that 1st communion service right yeah last supper with his disciples he says I'm not going to drink of the fruit of the vine. Until I do new with you in the King right so here he is here's the fulfillment of the promise and here's the church and they sit down and they share a meal together I think it's beautiful this is the I feel like this is the I told you so moment of scripture like Jesus been saying over and over I've got this under control I've got this under control I've got this under control and we anticipate God we're I mean we're believing you but it doesn't look that way I've got this sort of control and then verse chapter 1000 comes Chapter 20 comes 2122 I told you and this is not what I love about it is that that I told you so moment drags on from 1000 all the with the very end and this reminds me of this reminds every week we have a tradition in our house where we prepare we have this big it's not this big fancy feast but we have we have a nice meal to welcome in the Sabbath every Friday night and and everything in the week leads to that and you know it's like the kids know I know everyone knows their responsibilities and all of us need to be spot on with our responsibilities my job is on Monday make sure the trash is out so that my wife is not mad at me you know the job for the kids is on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday make sure the upstairs is clean so that nobody is upset on Friday morning before I go to work make sure the bathrooms are clean and as soon as I get off work I go to the supermarket I buy the food I get ready and the kids are anticipating they're anticipating they're anticipating and they're thinking when are we going to light the candles what are we going to put set the table how is what are we going to eat what are we going to set up and Chapter 19 begins to look at how many times it says in verse not Chapter 19 verse one. You go back to verse 3 ALU your verse 3 again all Alou your verse 4 sorry verse 5 or 6 over and over and over the anticipation the build up is man it is finally here and yeah it's gone the the word anticipation is a pro. But for me even when you see the concert of the the marriage of the lamb like when you think about going to a wedding that's exactly the feeling it's like this feeling of into submission like your whole life has been driven by just these few moments or seconds and it's always interesting when for TOG refers are coming to a wedding in or trying to get that moment the one moment they want is when the groom is looking back in the Bride The door's open and she's in there sort of eyes meet for the very 1st time he wants to get that picture of the groom right usually have to want to get the bride because they're trying to get that look and I think it's this is that moment where the long awaited you know unity between Christ and His people is like the Into of a wedding there's nervousness there's like everyone is doing their part like are you in your place like you can imagine this is not just significant for Earth right this is significant for heaven as well it's like men these are finally our brothers and sisters coming up and now we're all together for this wedding and imagine it's just part of the siblings going on at the same time I mean so I mean all throughout Scripture you have these these opposites Yeah you have the New Jerusalem Babylon you have the Trinity of the unholy trinity and I don't want to others that you guys can think of there's the there's the prostitute is the pure woman. There's the beast and then there's that you have the city of Babylon in the city of New Jerusalem contrasts the just anything. That looks like. What we see here which is really what this. Hollow ears are coming now and then we have a meal with God I think that this is the it is the apex we've been waiting 6000 years for to have a meal with God It's not a graduation service not a victorious war chant it's sitting down and having intimate meal fellowship with God but the contrast of that is found at the end of Chapter. Seen verse 21 The rest were killed with the sword which proceeded from the mouth of Him who sat on the horse and all the birds were filled with their flesh you see they're like you either eat with Jesus or your that's right and it's kind of a sober it's either or it's lack or why there is no middle ground here there's a contrast between these 2 these 2 suppers I think what what Chapter 19 obviously focuses on is the 1st supper I mean I don't know if you want to be yet you have just this one you have just this one verse reminding us of what is happening on the outside and I think that it's significant that revelation takes you know this large portion of Chapter 19 to describe the beauty of the 1st feast and say look this is where you want to be this is going to be I mean it's going to be great this is going to be a really really awesome feast people are going to be excited it says here why is the excitement built up because the Lord God The rains and yeah you have this other feast you have this other freeze where the birds are feasting on on the on the those who are you know fall and destroyed but the great portion of Scripture is it's almost like an invitation you know spending more time telling us about this 1st piece that we want to be a part of and then let's go to a chapter 20 now and Chapter 20 introduces this millennium and it's very interesting this is the only chapter where the millennium is mentioned and all the concepts the millenniums are found in this one chapter of self contained here and I mean this has been a point of contention has come before 1000 years or does it come one after 1000 years or the pre-millennial post millennial if you do a careful reading of this chapter you find that the Jesus comes before the 1000 years and this comes he takes people who go up stairs and were in heaven for 1000 years Jared what do we do for 1000 years in heaven or not living with God forever and ever. Over and heaven were there for a 1000 years and we popped back down right what's going on is true so this is my favorite concepts in Scripture and it's kind of in this little seed form in verse 4 right I saw thrones and they sat on them to talk about the righteous and judgment was committed to them. So what kind of judgment is given to them obviously Jesus has come those who were righteous were caught up who were living those who were dead righteous who died in Christ were resurrected and they were taken to heaven here's all the saints all the saved in heaven and if we hold a thought to another Bible that's well we'll get to that sex after the break. Has in this been a blessing to you Do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to meet us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like That's up next a handle again is in 1st Bible Mel States now back to the discussion. And a welcome back well as breathless I mean if you're going to another bible verse where you know I appreciate the time you help me find my task in 1st Corinthians Jefferson Corinthians chapter. Yes So we're talking about Revelation chapter 20 verse 4 and the Saints in Heaven are now doing some kind of a work of judgment in 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 Paul gives us an interesting clue here he 1st one dear you having a matter against another go to law before the unrighteous and not before the Saints do you not know that the Saints will judge the world if the world will be judged by you are you not worthy to judge in the smallest matters do you not know that we shall judge angels so here's an interesting clue about why Paul giving us the idea that the seats. I have this authority they've been see they've experienced the power of the gospel to transform their lives they know the pull of sin they know what it's like to live in a fallen world and here is their redeemed they have the privilege to evaluate the history is there who's not there why and I hate to jump to another around too much but there's this we talked about this before in Revelation Chapter 15 where the saved are saying great and marvelous are your works this is this is in verse 3 Chapter 15. Is great and marvelous are your works Lord God Almighty just untrue are your ways Oking of states God you are righteous you are just and it goes on to say all nations shall come and worship before you watch for your judgments have been manifest and everything you've done has been made clear and the seeds of heaven essentially audit the books and they say God you are righteous every question that they may have had of God's working in their past who is saved who's not why all of those things are disclosed and they say God you have done everything possible that you could have done for us to arrive at this conclusion and we worship checks and balances and the government of God or God is actually. Giving up some of his authority to human save human beings to check him and to balance on his judgments you know one thing that's been very revealing in our study of revelation is that the judgment is not to see how sinful you are and if you think about it the Bible has already said that we're sinners the judgment will not really grow find something new Everyone is is going to have to go to the longest we all feel the judgment is really to see how righteous God is in saving people when you when when he condemned the wicked you did all that you could do and you couldn't. Save them and then for the save you did all that and then it's proving that God is truly an able and good God to man you have the you know the classic text and 1st John you know that God is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness that declaration that God is just is is is a legal declaration God is a just God not only does he he not only is he is the forgiving but he is faithful to Genesis Chapter one The Genesis Chapter 3 Sorry St had made the claim that God is hiding something and he set that up he's been telling that story and that is as yet that's the accusation and God over and over and over through history has proven I have nothing to hide there's nothing that I'm afraid of you knowing about me or you go ahead and go ahead go ahead and as a matter of fact I want to be made known my my goal is to be made known over and over you have the tabernacle of God is with men come and see let's reason together I will show you these are themes that are found in Scripture in a revelation and finally now you have the opportunity the real opportunity were God says look let's sit down let's open these books and let's see what takes place throughout the course of history you're going to have several questions how in the world did I get here and God's going to show you all you know how in the world of that person that was worse than I was getting here actually was and worse than you were you were worse than them and I save you so I save them too and why is this person missing what this is why this person is missing and all that's going to be able to take place I think it's kind of huge because at the same token while this is happening in heaven right you're going back down to the earth and it talks about the dragon being bound for the same 1000 years is that the devil also gets time to reflect and I think that that's also huge that God wouldn't just kill the double it this time it's like no no no the interests of patients of this future judgment that's coming to the devil then and his angels and the fact that OK now you know all the wicked are dead the righteous. Been taken back to heaven and the devil is stuck here on the planet to contemplate his sweet to contemplate his journey which goes to show you when the Bible says every knee will bow and every tongue will confess right that he is Lord to to the glory that the Greek word is that God reverts to earth to an abyss you know that word in Greek is the same word found in Genesis one before the world was formed before there was Boyd and formless and so it's as if God saying say in you want to world without me you on hold without any or any sign of me well then I'll pull out now and he's on this asteroid of a rock for a 1000 years and he still gives him the gift of life to think about what it is to exist on a world without him let's move forward to chapter 21 and I love her 4 and verse 5 can reverse 4 and 5 for us. And God will Y. you away every tear from their eyes there shall be no more death no more nor sorrow nor crying there shall be no more pain for the former things have passed away then he who sat on the throne said Behold I make all things new he said to me Write for these words are true and faithful let's use that those verses I mean that there is this is an awesome promise Hello this is this is awesome I guess the question is maybe it's maybe it's too simplistic Why does God have to make everything you why can't we just kind of continue where we're at the verse you know what I mean obviously we know that. The world has been affected by the coming in of sin and by the result of sinners and so you have the degradation of the physical world of the animal world the Bible says in Romans chapter 8 that the whole creation groans and rightness travailing like a woman in you know in labor pains right waiting for the manifestation of the sons of gone so it's not just humanity but nature earth everything is of an image in an image you. It's all suffering under the curse and the pall of sin so we've got a reboot going on that's exactly right in this is all a system and this same process right the Bible says is that God is going to make all things new so there's also a sense of restoration so it's almost like you know if I bring my shoes and you're like man you know the bottom is kind of coming off a member one time I was looking for eating a sermon and like as I'm walking around for years or preaching to students were preaching to issues like this separating and I remember someone brought me on they're like Man I need to buy you some new shoes and another person was like hey you know what I can take you somewhere so someone can fix the shoes and make it like they were new and it's just interesting to think that one person would say just replace this right just get rid of humanity just get rid of this earth and just replace it but God is not a God who thinks something is it redeemable as far as this world has fallen in Babylonian false doctrines and all the things that we studied in previous episodes God like this thing can still be redeemed I mean one of his amazing glance of that the woman who was raped got to make her new as if she was never rate right the person who was being the person that was neglected the person that was shamed or was a social outcast they can be restored unmodified right as if nothing ever touched them the entire exists in us it really reminds me of the of the marriage feast with Jesus where he transforms water into wine yet he doesn't get rid of the water he doesn't add to the water make it you know Kool-Aid or what but he transforms the water it's still water but it's now wine Yes and that shows the the one thing that only God can do is to take something that's the same and to make a different you know same thing a different and and and the point of Revelation chapter 21 in verse 3 it says you know there's a there's a loud voice saying you know Behold the tabernacle of God is with men and he will do well with them and they shall be with his people and God itself will be with them and be their god. All of history this is what God has been pointing to I want to be with my people I want to be with my people and this finally takes place how does this take place it takes place through this transformative power and I have to speak about verse 5 if I can just 21 verse and it says and he that sat upon the throne said Behold I make all things new and he sent to me right for these words are true and faithful this passage everyone here knows and some people might know on on television that over the last 3 or 4 years I lost my brother my brother who was just 3 years older than me and then last year I lost my dad and as I was reflecting on this on this passage. I was claiming this promise in verse 4 God will wipe away all tears from their eyes there's going to be no more no more saw a normal cry and the reason is because there is going to be no more sense and through this through this experience of hardship spoke to me was verse 5 where where it says Write for these words are true and faithful and it was as though God was saying listen my word is sure my word is true I promise you so much so that you can write it down write it down so you don't forget and we have I mean I have a journal here and because I have written stuff on here it is the only way to get rid of this is to burn it and so God says look I want you to I want to show you how confident I am that I'm able to transform the world that I'm able to transform you that I'm telling you John write it down so that I can be held accountable to the universe by the done because I know that these words are true and faithful and so I love this part it reminds me of when I was in Boston I went to visit a young girl's father became ill she was only 16 years old and when we got to the hospital her family was there and they knew that she was attending Bible studies with me in a group that we had and so they're like oh he's here you know he needs to pray and so there translating you know and I'm hard there Ethiopian family and they're like OK what words you want to say before you pray over him and he's in a coma and while I'm going through this experience or in my mind it was like for a 2nd there was like an ounce of doubt in my mind like am I giving these people false hope I mean people are crying people are weeping people are looking today like I haven't been to any religious services in forever and in the end the fact that we say Write this down because this is true and faithful it can give you confidence when you share this to encourage a soul that you're not preaching false These are wonderful promises and in the last half of last last part of Revelation I love the right component here so Chapter 20. First 6 going on with these words that. Then he said to me these words are faithful and true and the Lord God of the holy prophet sent his angel to show his servants things which must surely take place 1st 7 Behold I am coming quickly bless it is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book is cool the Book of Revelation has actually 7 blessings blessed said Blessed are the blessed of bless it and this book is really saying hey the last thing that we need to anticipate in our day and age is the 2nd coming of Jesus and then hopefully all of all of you guys my hope has been fanned by this book and hopefully that's your prayer out there as well I want to spend a little bit of time in saying some some words of goodbye to one of our one of our team members here Jared has been with us in our last couple of years on our journey of inverse and now he's moving on to higher and bigger and broader work for God and he this is his last episode and we want to send him off with with our blessing and want to say Jared it's been you know ride it's been so much fun to have you here it's been so much fun watching your beard grow longer. We love your passion your intensity your knowledge and your wisdom and most likely most most much most most of all the your heart for the Lord Jesus Christ and it's been encouraged to all of you're welcome to the show at any time you know so a lot of you guys you might see this beard once again as a guest star on the show or my bare handsome face if I decide to give up that's right that's right is it that we should take it hope we've been blessed by this entire season of Revelation we know that we have been hope even as well we'll see you next week on in years. You've been listening to N.P.R. It's a Bible based conversation with Cali Williams Israel Ramos Jarrod Thomas Sebastian Braxton doco and your host Justin can invest. Brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives but this and more inspiring episodes visit inverse dot hope T.V. dot org and find us on social media has tagged in verse 5 until next time this isn't the 1st.


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