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Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • October 5, 2018
    10:30 AM
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Let's profile the government making for supper to look at this but you are as more about what you would drive the enemy's Romans. If you would send each of the Excel was the groom to be given charge of this place and mellower poor out your Holy Spirit and double triple or say cover be more with your head let your word be spoken as a prayer Jesus is a precious and holy thing and when we start to back it up in the Old Testament we're going to start with. At the end of the life of a lot of shit bobs as the 2nd Kings 30 starting interest 14 out of a light still has fallen sick of a significant Where are you. Joe asked the king of Israel came down and in and went over his face. And said Oh why father my father the chariot. And the horsemen there are a business interesting because you get a chance to look at the death of a life and you get to compare it to the a lot. The less that is is that. A lot of is a prophet of God as though it was the our own spirit doesn't matter miracles rots from just about. Does of us as don't get a logic in the. Ha it's evil leaves a servant and he's ready so she comes to get the certain 1st. And he bought it and prays that a locked it up that will just take it. A lot of these are edited by S.S. and yet without a lot when it comes time for I did a. Better job. And fat DOT says Chariots of Fire to be like You Are Here is a puppet show. The spirit falls on him after Alija goes up at the end just at that what is it for a live shot the guy no chariots no idols he had sex. And a sex that actually caused him to die. Was it fair to judge the Baptist. Preacher. Baptized of the will baptize Jesus he died the most noble death. Is that chopped off at her request of a young girl no one is it going to be a Christian one of the things you must understand that it won't seem fair to us but God is controlled and knows what he's doing. And you gotta understand that I object to the lies of both the prophets of God. Both are important so I know sometimes and look at the light and say it's not fair it's about so good for that person over there but if you say. Worried about how good someone else is doing you'll never reach over to it so I see a saint This is Joe last is actually just a king of Israel is also Joe as in the same chapter of Judah and this Joel asked is a church does not follow God 3 steps but even those when allies is it to go to trial we have been saved my father my father Terry of Israel are not horsemen there are even a lot of props I think that are lies just as that if you do this is where I want to get some of the political lessons from the stars wrong received the lies ahead of the him go and have us. And he took it ball and arrows and he said to the king of Israel. To head the problem up and put his head up on it and the last that says well I see what he has made up on the Kings it's all a lie says that look at a bow and arrow. A hand of a bow but that applies it guides him by placing it and over that the object of Joel each of the kit and he said were 17 open the what built East were and they don't with. Their lives as that suit and the shop and he said the air all of the Lord's deliverance and the air of the liberals from Syria thus else might the Syrians get back to the have. Just an arrow at what you dish it out the window. But it doesn't leap up to a gentle asked lots of The Help so let's head over it and that Alice out to abduct as opposed to a successful get a symbology that allies ask Joe asks of us and that represents the fact a choke point to defeat a series it's just as you want him so does product pretty happy a better story than just twists the kid like a license says but it wasn't just the arrows and it took them and he said unto the king of Israel smite up our grandmother and a small bit more outrageous as Rep element sort of grabbed the guts of it is bad. And it stops I guess is what happens from here I said it's upset with him you brought up with him and said You should of spend 5 or 6000 and out of sincerity of dust and sold it whereas despite Syria. A lot. It was given arrows as an opportunity to test his faith. A license that was a dead arrows and. It tends to add all those if Joe asked is ready for this letter this class to be only going to class when it was over 8 way or the DOESN'T is that whatever you do to get out because he thinks there are bad edges on the lives of those men the soul is I just showed you by the shooting of the arrow that if you do learn right or if you don't have it get to the next thing you're supposed to do it that blessed or followed but I tell you to do it just sell your mediocre you'll be half. You don't do it all the way you do the spit the ground at least 5 or 6 side that the Syrians will never have a Ph You get you to be divided 6 times and that would have been the end of it but it added of this is the kingdom of Israel the Northern Kingdom with the 10 Tribes eventually it is a Syrians come and take them away kept them and the basis of Israel the 10 tribes are scattered all over the world and you look argue that he dumped the prophet set and. As a matter of existence them a bit more art so I give you that to tell you that when you go to school when you want to church when you're looking to be a Christian it's easy when the previous generation places their head over your head and helps you see that error that's easy but at some point you gotta grab the arrows for yourselves and some of you I've just tried are up to get through the list of attack bunches during and be done with what is what God What state else at that time the floor of love so there is a good gate complete victory in your lives. Does it help or don't ha use it and that you're going to face some serious Arabs as you cut out of school you get challenges you're going to have the vision that if you look at it here. What are the visits a good professional choir but I mean well up there out of a globalized that it is your head and God will do all of your job your Got up at least 2 parts and you. Know the. 8 euro but when our works is different because of biology I did add some of ideas that were the graphic art I'm bored by their websites and blogs and people at rest with the desire I'll go and do all that work and your excellence but with your walks a hope to get out and strike a graduate as opposed to you going to be by folks who never see the needs the Syrians of this world the people who are worried about how well you do or how God none of them are about the love of themselves you need to have a challenge and. I just found what I have a child as a secularism is expanding its influence as you go up to the world as you come out of school is. Absence of college you go into a bar that is rejecting Christ you might are still here and when you have travelled 000-0000 work of your or at North America you go to see that what you take for granted here is kind Jack didn't and much of the world as that get me read it to me education and still hold it to true that many of you have been raised to believe. The world itself is done out of God has been withdrawn as a material for 8 a 2nd the opportunity but you don't have to send it out it works or we can all. Go and I think that's probably the most important bit. What you think trying to do here is only part of the kit your boss 1st profession must be your profession of faith you get that that is that what you study. Only so that you get me better at what you do in terms of helping others my X. helps it's what I would have anymore as I live too far but as a person accountant I would go out to that office at steps the christ almighty. Yet wait in the waiting room and it cost them what I came and said I was going to be exposed to their cup I challenge you you know I have to be a better missionary you don't have to go out into ministry and be a pastor if you're an engineer if your accountant you're a lawyer you get represented Jesus Christ and what you do you can be ambassadors of a dying legacy allies at a legacy and it was about to die so I sat opportunity to take that legacy at process forward you all are in the touch where there are a lot of churches leaders there a lot of churches all who are doing God's work but guess what the pope has a lot in the past all of you at question is will you be combat soldiers for God and this country and around the world will you be ready and that's where the last one comes a look once attempt takes to be be over that is one of the great challenges and is an excellent business books and anybody studying business anybody who's not in business solves a business the book a book you must read. A book Coughlin good to great in the book one of his famous lines with us one M. of us now and that is that book that it is the end of be a brilliant what is that be. It me that is you have to just get it but if you can get out of it is it easier to just get seasons and you're happy with that that at the end that the doubts all of you knowing and and at the tablets as a Christian do a call to the tail while you halt me that. You will represent Christ and how you do get you represent Christ while you do have work everytime you go it is a rate of up was that the Lord Jesus Christ was a serious and at each one of us is dog. So scared about said as much excess profits and 63 says the lesson is for all it was issue of trust in God It's a way of the a couple of a certain work and there's a start of success the chosen instrument talent that's us that's you as an artist Our read about the promised results and proportion today and Tuesday after a person of Arabs was once the work is carried forward with the success and so do not as many as I said are the selling I do with a muzzle do this my parents sent me here are really want to be in the hall all around you can have that kind of result and. It's a model church and added to it is not just here because I'm supposed to be here I was brings the media up and take to seriously do that I just have a very unique relationship with Christ but savaging you with is the challenge of Alaska if you join us take the arrows and strike the ground as many times as you need to get a victory that God has a total ass that many of you are call. It spot the glow. You can't see it because many of your almost always comes from that where God is about to take a lot of all caught up with what you don't add rather that what God is about that didn't. Add up challenge you to stop limit that yourself as a reason to see that there's potential for God. And episode for them. To work miracles better spots and to see if we can take out the surprise people as they are our. Energy because the end of devotion to his work but of moral courage with market love the soul out of as ego that never flags such words will fire tasks are us no prospect hopeless but will Labor Day Labor are odd up to the up to their defeat it's hard to what glorious victory you guys have a solace that we are kept as a part of us of an organization that is based. And it's tough being on a university campus you look around us of the nominees other lives and you see these big would never believe the Bible when we believe the Bible and never come to the solution to Scripture the message that this is impossible to. One up talent is that if you got bad right God will work miracles. He won't work miracles you get wages you can't even understand Day I know this is one of the one of the blues that I used to work with us and to this I work I help partly I still work at an organization that know how to work in readability to get us there is a broad Bloods and Crips your whole bloods in the groups are. The grips of course are historical street gangs in Los Angeles they go back to the sixty's or seventy's they go back a long way a pretty tough dude. Run drugs because the real historically bit of what an elderly. But it does when you deal with them until real killers real in a way this is a make redundant real Badman sauce of them who aside had completely given up. A completely written off after the church began to work with them as the organization to get to work with us all get bangers Bloods and Crips to get to follow God begin to get a lot of the buzz of the groups fighting to begin to get out lots of good jobs at least us all lies completely charter out lot of the rest of society and the last would say it could never be rehabilitated when exposed to the power of God they were more reasonability they became the basters of the news of Jesus Christ's I'll tell you get you up on anyone that there are people that God is and that be that is it that it is up to Jesus is up she's out of prison the last of the must be ob are the laws of our state we are because of us were from their purpose of labor to get worked up for the upbuilding of Muskingum this is what you got here to do one of our sins that that puts on this is this is about out of pocket the souls or it is we cut with the National Football League. That is the professionals the biggest for me not as it is called but it's not your for all it's our fault was it throw a ball you use your head you know something but that the particular kid was there by use their day. But captain when he came out a cop would sign a certain 6000000 dollar contract with the Washington Redskins he went to my side were all of the draft a lot of college players he went 12345 it's been higher you go what do you make and hundreds of hundreds of. Young men are drafted every year. What I want you to get what I read this text and make it a clickable is that it seemed like it was easy money like I just get there is it's made out of my game but what the world didn't see it is. That when everybody else was leaving he was out running. On or off and see if that at 2 what afternoon what everybody else at work know what's up and else it was that whites whatever see is that what the season all about the start he changes that stuff up with the breath in change the way you live so I think to be a better football player and it what i'm last look at is college more of a story later on but he was a. Top player in fact probably what a great estate is that ever play a game of football says athletes who do that all. No it not that that would run a race all but what precedes the problem so that you have TB and every bad side of the Master was never in the offing. Or to obtain a corrupt. And we did corrupt Paul says when you watch all the great football players. For the Premier League for all the different. Watch they work hard and what I'm working for their work on so that they can when I'm just happy and so that their teeth get a trophy and the state get a trophy the T. gets a trophy and everybody on the team gets a raise. And they are working so hard for it all said Isn't it interesting that don't just want to work that are to get something that's going to be one day something that is not part of it and yet we are a work of art so they go to a play that a corruptible. In corrupt one time to do that when you said it was who you do them daily devotion it's you understand that what you're working for never be corrupt. But got past you get hurt or that when you work they work hard to take them score a goal the trouble attempt is it your it was some of these so what's been going to net is that I'm. Not as uncertainly so I was going to be that there's a lot in that I'm not sad a lot of that has swung it at not an awesome fight for. These I keep up my body and I bring it into subjection lest I bite it that creates the others us us in. A cast the way the great word castaway he is a duck a boss and me to be. Disqualified. As Apteryx than everybody else out of the biggest problem is that most of the evidence but what was that it was her mother's of it but of the 7 that is. Or generations but guess what all I say. I've got a little Jesus of us well. I've got a Jesus for myself or else outlaws but otherwise that God the Sabbath. In the Pathfinder as a child does that in a choir but I hit these notes in them but it looked back and said Was the world did that that are reluctant was the dust of the elves out of the lab dolls names and lose out all a kick up a lot or I don't preach say that about whatever you do I don't want to do that and miss out on ahead you know looking very miserable at the 2nd coming and are at it when New Jerusalem comes down to you no matter how busy this is. Judas was this close to Jesus in fact Judas is the work miracles of the other disciples that did not visit all he's got at me what he realizes what he really missed out on I don't want to be Jesus I don't want to miss out what God hasn't I want to keep the sig serious and all I talk to be ambassadors. Just says if he's a sick society not for me that others may give it to me that I'm all about. To make not a miss of the gospel which admittedly baster and Bob's dared add me speak boldly as I ought to speak it's to be ambassadors he says to wit that God has a price reconciled a world out there not to let their trust last of them and after a bit under US or a reconciliation now that we are and bastards that really inspired I didn't know what out there are bastards for Christ as the got busy. With Christ said be we can sow to God. For us who goes in that we make the right distance of him when you are at Basta you get the training your said that by his rightists and that is a good deal you have to try to lead otherwise as I was as a bastard as surprised at a solid important work which rests all to get the lights I was don't take it seriously enough while Christ is the minister in the centurion is also to his death that in the Minister of his Church on earth that is where each one of you come into play and I don't know what it's like to have to be the best at many stories like this but I'll stick with the one about the curse of the what's on the cross the blood stream. And they are very aware of the text and it's other if you if you know anything about American hip up using some rappers our prayers are rap is a blood and you can hear in the top which one is which right. Is a blood so he doesn't say Cotton is a C. is a Bob Dylan a did because you say it is Martin's A C. and A silly but that's how it is it's a whole hierarchy it's very child Well actually they're a very big day or. And they got a go at each other all the top and add group of them that we were working with his organization one day what my day was over at work about 5 to 6 o'clock was those that L. part and I get a call on one of the guys in this organization that it need me to stop by their office because they've got a crisis situation at the head of the what do you mean he said if you don't come over here someone is going to kill someone else what's a threat as serious so you know what the police is not of but what if you look up to what we did the bastard I got a car left my job up job to this place is that you're all I get back this will sit around a table. I said what I have is a tough tough brothers tough was that what happened on one of the guys that was that become cool with that was rehabilitated if you like it a bit you had a girlfriend York and they were you don't patrol to put our lives together you're going to try to work very hard and work at it he had a good His girlfriend got to Los Angeles. To do something I don't know what I would only do it at a big in the car. And while he was there one of the enemy he's. Tried it should I'm. Shot a girlfriend who wants to hit him 60. 6 tons but here's what's crazy is Robert was out once and up. He was shot 6 tons and he survived. The bag Fortunately the car the big hit by the bullets right about the law says it was. Hope. These guys were there and they were cry out it will be the end that were a little you can't allow someone to do stuff like that or you know how. You feel that what I do that's what he homie and you don't go and get exact revenge as that is a is a street movie somebody's got to get a bit. And they already got ghetto and they were crying when. They're already adult and that's what I call it is another. You got a job to. Convince them not to go and get rid of. Us we'll let. A sabot tell you what I found as a doctor as a facilitator as a preacher if you stop but if you just stop when you like this Well that well it doesn't seem like it makes sense like that has put you in a situation bigoted you could handle the gossip that was a stop like date starts or you want to go by. And remember all of it is God has done to you before and I said I did I stopped a pause into the deep breath or I don't know what to say you need to speak to me. But I did not know what came about as a set it up how do you believe in God He raised. And a verse of scripture came and I said well God says Benson's is my say a low order I will repay us that on it and that goes to exact revenge on whatever did this is your state you are God. As that out of the winds of you thinks you are God. It is better than dealing with this said the other with everything they've been going to charge and try to work things through work out alive to put themselves back together and up to. Date we are ised that they will be stepping up to the route of divinity by trying to exact revenge they broke down they started to stop. It there is a puppet in the best of. Our tried to get revenge for what happened to their old boy. And that letter about it to visit with their their hope their their friend who was shot 6 times who survived who was pretty much almost completely intact I had access to better. Counseling I would in 6 to 8 months he was back working a take care of his child. But he doesn't know what happened violence is like a contagious disease on an exact revenge what would happen the groom and a shot at would do what they'd come back to this and it would just escalate the violence begets violence that's why civil rights really united states we're. All here to get a 1000 years up up at the altar sit our role all the guys the what the where does street credibility that these guys. And stand up in the midst the stuff like that and speak and. Cut away the slit put down their weapons of war Listen Emma. And stay peaceful so they all stayed out of prison. And out of the cemetery but how does one of. God's Hollywood allow their focus he needs you to be. A leader all I challenge you to. Is to be ambassadors don't be like Joe asked. I don't have to disclose it give you the arrows but instead you write. Back as on the ground don't write their own wants and give up the south that's enough back to study the back arrow quizes it is about I'm only here to get a husband to bed good enough to do that go back at 3 to say look I'm just here to see you know so I get data out of me a lot of girls don't do it you bet 5678 you banged the arrow as much as got me to do so that great as a misty but great as the old. Exultation but the greatest comes to you so that you can do great things for God. If you remember that it will pass the tests and the exams to be well right and I want to laugh at this paper that wrote I still don't know how. At the acoustic truth I would write a paragraph and stop a rag to paragraphs that I brought up some of that right evidence 1st right at the end then the 3rd out of. 6 of. What I've said to you has it it's got a purpose you and your well it's all rather towards him. The fact if you have not dealt with that but. I tell you this because you are the blood you are the life line of the church not the air and got what you call of me some of your knowledge that the church mogul that digital from right now being in the list and you're not just for periods or career you're preparing to be soldiers in the Army of the Living God every song you guys a good time you guys that was every prayer that prayed every bite is that you have every day is equal you worked late all at 1st could not come back and. Never started that verse God has a plan. You're all a bastard there's this great things that you're going to get. Because out it's honest or eat its innocence or because the Shoah. As a said I give the story a lot of us are served with the powerful story but in a solid hours it is he's murdered my cousin who got 36000000 other tract so annoyed a visit at his house he probably has never been there. I was all of us Aust up at his house that was valuable I came back to try and rob of course America to carry a gun in the expecting to be home when it came in the back window as there was a girlfriend and their baby it came in the back window the house it came out of a said. As he had got in trouble with the Nat bones and skulls little more. Optimism led him. To a see more of our. Biggest artery. He was airlifted to the hospital or out to medical school to the trauma center in air it gave him $60000.00 worth about human. A Try your best to keep them alive with blood and safely and everything else a lot of it's just that big so that my grandmother who was of the Living God kept out at his bedside in the hospital with us our then really needed here I guess the C.N.N. all the big boobs out that everybody was there at the hospital trying to figure out what happened to shot him my grandmother was there to sing in his ear less risk of churches here is talkers here being an ambassador just by the end of the Sabbath school lesson she taught him when he was a child. Will soar all over a doctor walked in with others and alert but are headed sobs ahead of the doctors and sobs he says heads on the day doctors are blink your eyes he goes them he glances up a buck look at the person as a bit of Doc and he walked out of. What happened whatever they got up there walked out got rest not given but are stuck together because of our brother are our code because ours are and get glued up what about it makes sense is what America was just about to happen what my grandmother got up and leave one of 21 of new C.N.N. is we had also decided to have a liberal love to our right. Over the $24.00 hours my cousin was dead Well it's from California to California to go to the funeral lot of people up the farce Margret us a wide went to see why he was about to be revived why that point did you walk away while it was showered and white it just might read was that she was there or might it other sobs. She was telling him a Bible verses from when he was a child she said I was sick it is here that I suspect they wanted us out and I got tired and I said well I don't know if you can hear me show me that you hear. It break up credit up the law. And the nurse talked in the room and a doctor had even blink at my grandma's it was realized it here are her words up and she went home she said I gave him what he needed so that on his deathbed he chose to follow Christ's equal so he could be saved by me days up to each one of you this world is all its deathbed some of us be arms out to go back and find some your friends that have given up on God is not the military or something so many people here are kept as a tennis others at meetings so you go back and whisper in it your own lessons that will to go back and sings but I must say the hymns that they used to say to go back and relied on the who they belong to. A lot of GA to some of you doesn't play again the you delete capture So let's say he has it is right. Your army not to stay there all but obviously. Write. Him a preface a preface with the slip but it's up for all of you that a lot of it my practice of you is if you will understand that this is a busy as you begin to win souls with Jesus Christ and met him and pluck out the Thank You Lord for this is as sharp as that into the order we thank you Lord for the truth. The story of a life's. The Lord's love lust out of previous generation there are windows more we need the ability of the arrows in your combat than the mop and ground symbolic symbolizes the fact Lord and we are going to do whatever it takes a victory to be gained in our lives that we are. Lost that must be on every suit here on the leaders of this of us of every one of us out was right out of. The Holy Spirit. I forgot grad level but must have in their studies and their finances and there were always ships more in their whole lives when their homemade I'll ask the Mormons and still they were the only hopes. Of prayer Jesus is precious and holy men with the same. 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