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Re-Education of Moses

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • October 5, 2018
    10:45 AM
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Let us pray Father God me thank you Lord for this opportunity to study. The hours later keep us awake but fresh. But the words come alive right. There we would have a new or deeper understanding of the truth of what you expect of us Lord and what you trying to do with us and through us bless those that are still in your way if there are any more. We ask for an outpouring of your Holy Spirit tonight. Prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen don't talk about poses tonight poses as who grew up in Africa he grew up in Egypt and even the different more brilliant people the Ancient Egypt and their their generals their scholars actually went to school for 40 years who graduated with a degree after 40 years and then when yet another work was supposed to do was a very religious society and hence all high ripple effects the Sphinx and all the things that you see there was a hierarchy of the riches it is the priests they have more clout that others have a strong written language of hieroglyphics up mention and most probably would have had to learn IRA glyph fix as well as harming other languages but I said it would have been edited it was about 40 and I graduated from there to do his work. Less than the story of Moses you have to up stead that one his sister Marion followed him down the not river got up out of the water and gave them to Sarah's bother her. She was really doing God's work because she was able to hold back and get Moses biological mother and bring her to nurse prayed to raise Moses what that is his mother wasn't what to tell Bowles is that he had a charge on his life I want you to get this Moses was a little boy otherwise there it is real mother his biological mother was telling him that one day he would grow up and liberate offering his people on the other end his adopted mother Pharaoh's daughter and you know if there are what they want to grow up to be a general I reckon the official government moms have a black card was upgraded it was that it was split because it was getting 2 sets of messages when he went off to school to learn in his grandfather's. A King about his role he was learning about law and said and all these are the Egyptian Gods his mother would be telling him about Jehovah God the God of the Hebrews Now what was interesting is that most is that it to trouble get to come back to the verses on lists because when it I'm 40 years old he believed it was time for him to fulfill his mission so what Bowles is that is he saw an Egyptian strike against a Hebrew and Moses as you know a story Mulder's jumps then and he kills it this causes Moses that half the ceiling sort of 1st 40 years of his life he spends in Egypt the 1st 40 years of his life he's been trained to meet a professional a leader a future prime minister as it were a general the 1st 4 years of his life is getting mixed signals from the gods of Egypt and the God of his mother that God of the Hebrews but a 2nd 40 years. Masa stuck watching the sheep. 40 years at what we're not talking about tonight is the ringing education of Moses. What was God trying to accomplish by allowing closer to God that 1st 40 years at the secular universities what has got to an accomplished by making If we train to understand the way the Egyptians say it was the 2nd 40 years why Gotta love that and 2nd 40 years I believe most of it was reeducated A and there are reasons that God wanted to do that so it jumped into the story in Exodus chapter 3 in verse one and this is where Moses was keeping just for his problem was. A general with the preacher minium a new god was that many a night and he led the flock to the back side of the desert get to the Mountain of God even Tora Bora of the story of Moses go about out of God Moses takes the flock around the back of a mountain it's a mud day regular every day thing like you go in to get up you go to climb you probably get the class of days and don't remember how you got just so used to do it most or so used best with the she knows just what day he was just doing what he's supposed to do and 1st he says and the end of the Lord Oh a pair on to here and afraid of fire out of the midst of a Bush. And you look at me whole the bush Barbara fire at the bush was not. Console. Moses going about his everyday business he goes around the back about when there's a bush burning but the Bush is not Big Bird up the most is not being consumed this is that admirable thing both as stops to take a look at is what those animals are says I will now turn aside and see this great sight why is it that the Bush is not bird Why is that the Bush being can so I want a lost art that was turned aside to see got. Out the debts of the horse and said Mother says Moses was response was here are so you got it he's just going about it business do what he always does Wasseypur on the back of a mountain is a bunch of hurting but a post in the ME. Says wait a minute I need a look when he goes over to check what a Bush the Bush does as his main twice both us both as well as a whole lot of folk if the Bush started talking about it and yet the story never took off route but Miles I stands there and says here are 1st 5 he said and he said not by the other in other words don't come any closer put off the shoes from off of your feet to the place where are you stand. Is holy ground that it was a holy by just saw the ground as holy because God has visited the ground you get that the ground is holy because God is there in other words the charts building as sacred as it is and as respected as it needs to be if you can call for people outside of your room and your hospital and you are going to have worship at prayer add it up at God shows up which he said he will wear 2 or 3 are gathered in my name he says their Bible makes them them if Dark Souls are in your room the room itself. Takes on synchronicity. Again what I'm sayin Sometimes we think we can't see God can't meet God I must come to a place like this challenging you that you're not a Christian if the only place you think you're going to find God is in church some dogs in life you've got to have burning bush experiences you've got to find God when no one else expects the find him and situations where no what else is looking for him ducks makes the most of the 1st 6 he says I am the God of your father. The God of Abraham the God of Isaac the God of Jacob Moses it is spades he was afraid to look upon dart I'll give you a few lessons tonight critical lessons for you as a Christian God universe and. The 1st lesson is this work miracles are often shall the in the but day. Miracles are often found in the Monday what is that. Sometimes the miracle isn't in you acting up and go away to go on a mission trip you know to some far off lead to go as a people that way in the distance some times the big miracle happens right where you mind your seek sometimes the miracle happens when nobody expects it to happen sometime the burning most all of the air in your hostile lot you think you've got to go around the world to see a miracle sometimes a miracle just happens because your being said oh and doing what God has told you to do and if you do it consistently and thankfully Doc operate the miracle to you. A lot of times that is what we have of people who are like you know the cost of war in America because of lawyers ambulance chasing. Because they're looking for an accident that makes their blood saying we're going to sue Webber did some folk a miracle James. That cost me look at for a way to find some place where I got to have a better experience where I got to be more of God and what I'm telling you is that if you will just follow God consistently sort of disposes was up there watching those sheep all up we want to set up royalty I was raised in feral solves a lot watch and she wasting my life away and they want to walk away from the modern day from the Albany area and in walking away the Barrick Gold would NEVER up sometimes the miracles happen in the Mondays or back at the chapel too there's a story of all that came the possible Moses Grove is what it was 40 years old but he went out into his brother and looked on their birds and he spied an Egyptian spider and hebrew one of his brothers this is a this is got his origin story how he comes out of Egypt and he looked this way and that way and when he saw that there was no bad he slowly Egyptian it and hid it in the sand now this might sound crazy but I'm going to say it most of his gangster boss was a dude I you know I was a to do it because Moses had a criminal blood the Bible says models is that just tell the dude if you look this way look that way mates or there were no wait this is how you get this day that he killed and you know it went whatever you. Like and then a sad lack of UPS or. Let up with that he was in the mafia that he went there to do it in despair so the next day he comes out behold 2 lead to the room and are fighting against each other or start the next says. And he said that that did the wrong course and my guest alt died sub and he said who made me a princess and a judge over us and tend to start to kill me as Oculus the Egyptian and holds a spear and said Surely this thing is known now unfair or Sarah 15 says now and say are heard to say he sought to slay his wrath and the man was about that grand father that you had to look to kill most but most struck on the face of Pharaoh but the way of a 1000000 and he sat down by a well. But it was easy about a story and this speaks them something I like to talk about let's make the populations that sometimes of suppression wasn't interesting is that mold is made sure or no witnesses to murdering Egyptians the only person in the story that would have witnessed the polls as killed the Egyptian as old. As the man he said. You gotta get this big ball of person that could have seen that what happened was that God does jump it to stop Egyptians from. Not that I was so messed up he was also. A victim of colonization and slavery that when it went out he must have been the one who sets all those who. Think about that for a 2nd Most of the bottle makes it clear Moses tried to check to make sure there were no one of the men there was another witness but much of the story but best of us are the most likely person to get a holes as. Was the very mad moles as Went to help. I warn you stand on that lead got a glow around the world be careful respect the devil does not pull you into the trout of self-hatred. Adela does that make you think that you are less than because you because of where you come from or what you look like or or what languages you speak or don't speak I challenge you to make sure that you don't let's all of very person who's trying to liberate you maybe what around in their own way but we have a problem with that as many of us been have been trained to believe a beauty standards that come from somewhere else. Terrorists in and set our lips a bit our noses and straighter here we've been trained to believe in those types of beauties and this but but I'll just submit to you that you've got to understand that better our value in God is priceless. So all the arguable argue that Christ died for you in other words you the way you are he died to save you a way through art with 2nd lesson is this one difficulty he's often create. The best class routes Sometimes the best lesson to go on holes as it lest you had to learn it was more learned because you set out into the wilderness alights as a patriotic profit making 47 she says and so when the Egyptian Moses had all been to the same error so often committed by his fathers of making their own head and their all into their own heads but work that God promised to do. It was not God's will to deliver his people by or fear as both a start but by his all mighty power that the glory might be ascribed to him alone even a rash act was overruled by God accomplish his purpose old enough repair force for that for his great work he had yet to learn the same lesson of faith that Abraham and Jake at and bought. Not to rely upon human strength or wisdom but upon the power of God but the fulfillment of His purpose of his promise it's and there were other lessons that amid the solitude of the mountain Moses was to receive in a school of self-denial and hardship he was our tastebuds Temporist acids to govern wisely he was 1st be trained to obey it as all the heart must be fully in harmony with God before he could teach the knowledge of His will to Israel by his own experience he must be prepared to exercise a fatherly care over all needed his help there would have dispensed with that all period of toil in obscurity deeming it a great loss of time but wisdom called him who was to become the leader of the people to spend 40 years in the home work. More so had been learning much of that of that much that he must learn most as had been learned much that he must and learn so God said Moses' into the wilderness to watch. To do something Monday night is that some of you will either when I wasn't and universally what I was in college. There were times that I wanted to give up I got tired of studying science I was a biology major chemistry MY there the people that were studying other subjects I will make any Somebody might get mad at me See that have so much more free time and they seem to be able to enjoy life there a lot in the cost me show on Thursday night they were they were going out on dates they of Saturday night you were all my friends were gone I was in the door by ourselves at the end. Ells out I got out of what I remembered about my junior senior year or what I said Man this is this is this is horrible actually and do nothing any more and better why would a medical school and do this of 4 more years as a lot of losing my life get and just then the federal government said some people from Washington D.C. too are true all our tempers to pick up from us are a. Federal firefighters the people are I don't even know existed but these are people who joined the fire department for the United States government I thought of the federal government and they were going to pay $7000.00 a year. Like a lot of money her that's good money to cover other clubs and I was so tempted I was I want to hear these young people out of watching. I was tired of them one day to our 2nd study and 2nd it was tired of it I did luck or any hide to study your best to prepare for it Mr Right I was sick of it I was sick of bed toys and. The words of the help you played was all I was sick of me in a book about poor mother out of order out. And boy that $70000.00. That's in my garden stored me up by far. I can just grab hold and 70 I was raised for $70.00 like a for to be at the top but there was much God needed to do with me wasn't ready for me to leave. The scene of the see the sequel the classroom. To see but the study to see what a lecture hall in fact I'll go on to complete another almost 12 or 13 years of school level they're not including the 2 residences I can. I came basically had some point a professor instantly. Literally I mean I thought I was in school however it seemed like you know. I tell you that because some of you get are going to get tired. You're going to get this go to school thing is going to get overwhelming but out and to tell you that but you can't give up before God is done with what he's trying to do with you Moses had to spread the 40 a lot of years in the wilderness before he could move forward and did something else and let me tell us of the what I learned in all those years of school I learned to trust God Don't miss in this day you see I left school and joined the Federal Fire Department I don't know what fires they fight but I don't know where they are set me maybe it is a national part but I would sit in a bow and a tree house watching the forest wait for supper start burning at no idea what I would have done almost $70000.00 out of probably bought a Sega Genesis and sat and watched on point is that's not where God wanted me and I talked about this last night you can't settle so good God wants greatness out of each one of them he said you want to be the head and not the tail so I know you get tired I know are ridiculous it seemed but 5 are some of you need to spend some more time in school because God is expecting some stuff from some of you will be very probably feeling school but one of the things God has going for many of you like you had told me is that the I have to I'm wired but I kept the college so I did so I got very up my school I did well for as year college I thought I was the smartest thing since since somebody invented sliced bread but I had to learn the hard way or do I was useless was special in medical school I had to school everybody was a genius everybody was smart and hours at a moment I began to learn. I'll get to the other side it is 4 years if God is not the center of my lights or you get this he wants it done learned some things otherwise is the habits of caretaking of self forgetfulness and had no solid solicitude for his flock thus developed were prepared to become a compassionate suffering shepherd of Israel. Know it then is that human trait or culture could must old could be substituted could be a substitute for this experience some of you along to some hard times you got a bit too small is getting difficult what you're going through trying to figure out why a player to wish and some of you to try to figure out how you are by your next meal some of your box of hard times I want you to understand that what you are doing now is to trust God in small things because one day it may actually give you allow you to be in charge of something big is. What you're going through without let or trust God as to how you got to pass the next example how you got up find your next meal how you got up again pay your tuition the next semester you're going to do now is God preparing you for greater work later on don't give up all dogs when he's trying to. 1st a job with reverse exam or a set that says I'm a God of your Father the God of Abraham the dollar buys into my God Jacob at most is it a spade or is afraid to look upon God writes I have surely seen the Flix of my people which are Egypt I've heard their crowd by reason of their taskmasters proud oh they're stopped 1st 8 and I came down to deliver the out of the head of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of the lead up to a good lead and a large at a 2 hour lead Smalling of milk and honey on the place of the Canaanites they did that to our right at the parasites headlights at the genocides out there for he says Behold tries the children of Israel as come unto me and I have also seen your PRESIDENT Well Egyptians oppressed or so it's come about Therefore I will send you one to Pharaoh that you may bring forth my people the children of Israel out of me is as real a certain less than I want to give you as one that I had to learn the hard way. This one says what you were trained for May not be what you were called forward and I want you to understand a simple you are studying all kinds of things that met some of you that are studying Business Law counting up the agricultural sides of and I've been keeping track what you are saying you're studying I've been listening to what you say and I think it's great some of you want to know about me doctor some of you are going to be lawyers but less I want you to get this lesson though whatever profession you wind up in. May not the full list of the calling God has on Europe's. Because in high school I did not call to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ I was raised that menaced I don't laugh my mother was a better person and I didn't want to preach anything and that when I was about 16 my plastic enemy said one day you got a preacher the Gospel you looked all over the world a set man I'll never preach he said was that man you knew scoop points preaching. A How to Be Cool better girl because I don't preach or is it a $3.00 to $1.00 that I'm a doctor is more dignified I want to up the whole world and I started study inside a study hard like I told you in what I actually signed up for a black history oratorical contests and I went to read a paper I wrote for history class I thought it was the best place where I was going to read and I went to oratorical contest then I get in there and these guys are preached and then you know it does. They're pretty. Rigid and are. A mistake closer. Every time and they're carrying all the other good stuff and I said I'm going to read a paper and up whatever bugs. Off the top of my head I got into the whole bit but as oratorical contest that and I just began to speak my story the things that I had been through the racial prejudice us up in high school which was very bad and I spoke about all of these things from art and the whole I had up and in learning more about I called him up the wall and and on and on and what it was all over pink up it I won 2nd place in a contest with a talk I gave off the top of my head. I was that recruited into an organization and we will all over the United States. Amongst young and black we try out all of the United States tricks to get to talk and have academies talk in a churches. And I was in a printing work by accident but I've never met I just stumbled it do it. Not get over to be a doctor but what I want to tell you is I don't love looking back on my life and got caught me to preach and it just because someone you are studying theology doesn't mean that one day you're. Elder adults you're not going to be involved at a church and need to lead in a priest earth or the to the Sabbath school classes and on and on and on many of you have been called to do stuff you don't even think you're going to do God they got up and do it that's the 3rd lesson what you've been trained for here in school stuff like that but even accounting in science is that a lot of amazing things the study. Some of you will one day help to finish the work by bringing the gospel around the globe Amen. And Moses under God who am I that I should go into Pharaoh and that I said Bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt most bike that's what some of you are going to say why should I wonder what it is I'm a service that America must be one of the most difficult things for me to do is to preach the word out like preaching the word I join regional word in a sense but I love part of me every time I go to prison adults begins to try the age of our other word the I Am is always trying to appeal you don't deserve 20 you don't preach you haven't lived an example right you haven't lived the perfect like the mistakes you made. At me tries to remind me of my past helping our work and I have to admit it's public that I don't get a big head about preaching I know I don't love preachers who do everything big heads over their preaching. Because they get a lot of accolades and I get a lot of props and I get a lot of attention but I don't go out buy into any of that stuff and I tell you I love someone or worse servants are ever heard up when they're when we're going out you're out to be what happened to the preacher Well that was such a good pretty civil servant past that said that I was a nursery rhyme What are you talking about. So are I don't take I don't take a couple of eggs and I don't take this up I don't take it you tell me I did good I don't take you don't generally I did back I don't wake myself up I don't I don't think about that stuff but I look forward to preach and I ask the message you have your people put it up there you know what you need them here let them here because I'm just of that's all I am and I don't want to get caught up in anything like that and one of the reason most of the so lucky when you read but was Chapter 12 that says that Moses was. Moses is hard pope and I say this all the time there's no such thing as an arrogant Christian it's an oxymoron they don't exist but a fall if you're a Christian your home you don't get a big head you don't have big ego and narcissistic in how you treat other people are you want attention for yourself Kirstie Alley is really at its foundation the Spirit of God keeping you all when everything else is trying to tell you to try and be big but certainly God certainly. Doesn't certainly out me with the Xmas tree 12 this will be a token one to be but our setting $1.00 has brought forth the people out of Egypt you shall serve God a part of this mountain and Moses are to guard the whole that I come out of the children of Israel and just say Under that the god of your fathers that sent me on to you and they shall say to me what is his name what shall I say Adam what's your name up got it into holes I care. That I. That is profound guts as I am in other words I just exist I am and this is one of things modern science can't understand a reason evolutionist think it hold in a world they don't understand I got exist he just exists exists to such a point and he doesn't even try to prove his existence so a lot of it was a one of God's got out of that you do there's a God that doesn't have to prove he exists the proof of God's existence is all around you in nature and the complexity of nature and the beauty of nature it's all around and God says I L. And God said we're all I have anything to said out those of us of the children of Israel I am have set me and to you and dots and moreover I suppose douse out those of us of the children of Israel the Lord God of your fathers the God of Abraham the out of lies the god object that set me up to you this is my name for ever and this is my memorial it's all generations go it gather the Elders of Israel get up together. As our civic visit them and sort of what is and I've seen what is done in Egypt Moses responds like any of us would respond in verse 4 Verse one behold they will not believe me but hearken unto my force what they were say but more to not appear them to the. The LORD said unto him what is that in my hands that are art cast into the ground a rod became US but and Moses read from a surfer Herat a lot of the most support for the head a ticket bought a daily bread with Rod snake by the tail of it turned into a rod again the 1st 5 did that they made believe that the Lord God of their fathers the God of Abraham got eyes going to God Jacob appeared to be a sort what I want to give you is this Will every single one of you have the tools to success and I'm a break this down in 2 ways the 1st one is what is your purpose on campus to understand that you have a job to do on campus you're not just. God is not allowed to be at what I've heard since I've been here is one of the best universities about the blessing of our city in God or one of the best universities in all of of Africa are definitely out West Africa God has not brought you here just soak up the grades and get ahead God expects you to be missionaries on the campus that means you need to be able to relate to people and get along with people and that real missionary work as well by Jesus real misson and works mother by Jesus means that person must make friends with him I would ask you because the support letter is there. You have all the tools you need for success on the 1st. In order you don't win souls for Christ on his camp as you know one of the most important you need him to do is be friends. Just taught me never get your mind that somehow because of who you are at the Atlanta store or in general never get your mind that you're better than anyone else people and it that you want to join up with you let you think you're better than. I saod you to fight when you also got a campus ministries in the states were thought up some of the hope that's even from here hard to say and let up now has been a street a place that University of Michigan you know that when sold stuff like book help and meals and happy much harder help your. Some of the been trained in massage therapy and one is one of the big and it's best open. Materials and causes the at least but it better for example some a doctor gives them a does what's out of building a massage therapy the to look at it with her. And they were told of things like just wrong here so that they will fracture so that others don't see them as. They can trust that we have the best interest in my up. So what a revelation 7 are and they started buying me more by the look to series and rest of the items that would have thought of students left school and a much more lot of it was just invited up in the back. And bite the bullet in the back so what do you know that you are missing I wouldn't want to win souls I thought that that is what it was. Because that's what always did you know it's up to us the 4th to get lapped the tools you need but it's just all off the bat but just in that route tools you need to be successful in life in the work that your head in the business is you're going to start the tools of success as a product written at all describe the skills you need for hyper top up more to be able to work really. About rhythm and when you want to get a job. You must all be rich well in the states that have every right in what letter was a job because it was said to leave. At the above about. The bog and. So this was written about was fine. The skills you need for what we now call hyper dogs these are the best job in the world and they cut across all of the different. Areas of training but what they all people who know what this is are they what we will find the why of things and sides of business or deal about they want people to say that's why people buy. Or. Because a lot of my copy I get it now but we're caught I don't YOU ARE you get my point there is such a thing as creativity it wasn't something no one wants a bed in the cradle and you create new things in you a badge and a new way to create energy employment that is the fruit drink in the real of the world some of you all make it what someone else and then it actually meant that so that everyone in the world wants to use it in the woods and rather look up to inspired or part was the work of us the work the C.E.O. the work of a better supervisor it opened go to war and be more better to lots of it or other things or the body was a medical doctors dentists engineers mechanics so a lot of. Big skills there is but then everything deeper enabling still there and I would ask yourself do you have skills are you ready to really get into what. The what basic skills such as such lots of the case of an emotional release up with do some thinking and base building like what psychic book takes it it's a little absurd to start once a responsibility including global consciousness and look at the last thing which is sense of the Got this article says I religious. What. Jobs are looking for are people who. Are expert people who care people who are going to lead someone up the streets people who are a lot of the people who are going to care about other people who want to make sort of neck or bread is protected. But to also be successful because you. Are looking at a strong or compass that's a world absolutely loved in or on a higher. But you're less likely to steal stuff or take a bra or cut corners but rather to look at those skills and see if you are. Also something about Obama or I look without doubt. Either here to force things that are spoken of by service also as a whole speech I was so tired of the Lords that I am who on a man's mouth who makes the dumb or dead or the seeing on the by a bottle boy doctors listen. This is an intro. Even your weaknesses he says a low I'll be your ma I'll teach you what you said he said I would said I greatly abaya head of. I want to get this a massage is really a. Dub works Morag. I want to tell you about a doctor of a doctor or a public health at are up Ike the up I'm going up to see darkness but really. I can focus the border 5 minutes on others a log on top of that really was how I got all because I have a heart. And I had a baby some of the used but I thought I could say this but I could cry for an example but better than anybody. Because what. What what outward one except just what the drug routes are cart what bike readily or really doesn't begin with. Took everything back to be and out of the focus and I could study it all I like them and I kept their work so up whatever it was the credit of the few days and weeks earlier but other to do that I don't know how God was able to do it but what was my witness up up up in a while during a test. Is also why later on but I had of multitasking run up the part see places of a clinic or it was a doctor old like Briggs Aster all at the same time. That was my weakness it was right because I was on some course of it got to do what help and move on to the next day I challenge you that some of your weaknesses and you probably deal with them the witness is good at maybe a sprites trying to set off a year with this is to be stronger but I understand what you think is a weakness but sometimes you do Gary's asked to win it but you keep digging in deeper and you're in the classic I'll shut up stop asking what it just got up this week. That your eos that he wanted my one of 8 it occurred. Because you never stop until you get the part that watched God will work your own weaknesses because our weaknesses keep us on our weaknesses keep us connected to God Our weakness is a law of God and the fight into our situation oh it's out of the pollsters and many it. Oh a turbans eager for all men out there would start to like the most express guard you will deal with your fears you would build your foals you would deal with the innocence trust God deal with the freedom of thought some of you and you're free but when you want to leave and go to Europe or to North America and study you're afraid you have no idea how God get in here but me tell you something if you trust our Its it will that you get there you will not get us some of you will go to 1st class and. I understand what I'm saying to you I don't want to lead anything here and I got fully used Thanks and they are going to exist in the same was a book about earlier this week telling you tonight that each must start and if all the got to 7 they suck only return of a clodhopper up though you don't have a lot of money but it's $110.00 even small whatever little bit you have. A part of it will start you know I want to do let Because the Bible says the return of. God open up the windows of head and or you up just like that there would not be room enough to receive the 1st some of the a whole other room to receive blessing would you like to know everything or not these are going to give us our will cause you to ride up hard to hide places of fear I charge you that if it consists of what dark right out in all things now keep it. Up just spend your money at it returning. It right out the Faith and sprawl and even if you expects just up the hill with your spaces most of the day I went to gather together all the others of the children of his. Parents or into the markets open to holes then the signs on the side. The people believe. When they heard the Lord had visited the children of Israel. When I heard. That and we really want to have heard a lot of the jobs numbers go and that he had looked upon earth which. I like the bark their heads and what they do. Their worst I want you to get that's their worst God before they were delivered. And you get that So what you are waiting for victory before you shower before you think are before you really worship up when you want to see it which the gaming victory is that you worship in advance you bet are you praise God before you get in scouts it doesn't praise God all you get but the XTI program and the university you are wherever you want and you praise God know how to get a good husband or good like a little. Us or only one person sorry but no I had a perfect person or the brother yelling at our best or I did what. Possible but I said it is mixed up so that what we do is we say OK up to God when I get what I ought. In a debts because I know in me what I ought but even more importantly don't give me what I meet what he wants me that so I would pray to God how I what I can see and I'm judging some Thank God that's a couple our sides on education otherwise our ideas of education think they're all and to lowering there's a need of a broader scale higher. To education means more than the pursuit looks or study. It means more the preparation of a life that now leads us to be with the whole being at war the whole period of existence is possible to lead it is not harmonious the puppet of the physical but mental spiritual powers if there is a student for the joy of service in this world with all the higher joy of white service in the world that are not just studying for today by God's grace study for your target or last but to really get a mature work to the Lord and your plans will be. A stat. A mix of work to the Lord and your plans will be a stop what the founding of the United States are saying that nobody plans for fail oh they simply sail the play. You got to have a point. That's been. Us earlier I thought for sure our quit and give up on Madison now to just up the fire with up to what hock about Scott Glading taken that job just yet not just out of 21 Years or Internet of money. Up to sacrifice my mother bake it. Father bought a whole life but dream was to be a doctor and I have to ask myself a hard question you have asked us up is hard but. It's got to be able to do what he said he said and. As he put something on your heart toward something and it's just they just don't want to take it I don't think I'm going to be able to get we're at we're got what's been and are you starting to give up. Before you really begin to trust but I think that at the close of us the cards but no matter what happened. God to me and yet Dr I keep Gordon doors as locked they were open the guts of the doors set into the window we want to go but I want you some tough stuff I say you're a nice cuppa really set us here in dark what's the big things make some mistakes and. While that's a year was going on I did not quite a bit of. A new as well our entrance exam but at school as I said a lot of stuff I didn't know what I was going to do. Because not up it was dark the better off. All of the episodes are going to require or whatever they did and I was stuck trying to figure out what what what the rest. Of the day though or stuck up on a billboard of the book stick more to the bottom part something I talked about opposed baccalaureate program at Wake Forest University in North Carolina I don't know what's been the target date or incentive. The medicine and the new will blow up a bunch of things there. But I like the messed up in my updates process and I thought it was done thought it was old I could not get out of the big ask in dark that he really wants to be a doctor let is gone. What a week or 2 this was back still they already did all the stuff I got there and I'm a 0 X. into that program at the course of the 1st heres. What dark trust your basic souls up ship a living allowance causing X. books and as Mark said well it was all other. See it bought great medical. X. that at university our border the border is like the Southern US of all. And I went you're you know it was interesting. I went there but bought the book heard preaching Bible studies and I realized God sent me here not just I want to be a bit zit God said you know because you want me to be involved in ministry at church and that preparing for the youth ministry live. Because I went there and I got straight A's when I was applying to medical school. And didn't of course. I want to get a full scholarship to medical school at the University of Miami. And one of the reasons was the head of that is didn't really want any more students from our school. At the time we had a bias against. But his art is how Bob works his daughter had just been except in the Wake Forest University you are undergrad program so he thought the world of course University when he saw that tool delays that the time of the summer so I think that was about the ways in the Cup of course at the school or did he eat almost and Middle East all the spots I want to. I was ready to give up was ready to go be a I have been out of it a bad. Couple I was murdered at the hotel opposite direction but God did you get upset but I was ready to give up Dobbs just pick. It up the ring educate you that is always in or out what is not always the way I want but we had also let rates of people. Get up bird kill people and the lever is Rob Egypt opt out of the left in them so I get the glory at every step for you today I was allowed only for Marco and the Gospel is because I just sat Adachi because of anything I did. I want to resign I have experienced the other job I have I have a bit of my own I just like bold as much of a step like Jacob was but actually I think of it I just said what I looked at but. I'm saying any of us look up to a certain to be up to somebody else. And asked Bobby. To fail that's really what senior bought of. The great experience is the great work at bottom up to do with my butt out of any of that ever lived up to the sake of the bucket. Or other product I want but it was 1st of all to get at what I was lacking and say at ready to give up God opened up the side of the house so I had built or no window I just walked when he was setting it just makes What's that. And I want to tell. You had to take it to a big stead it's not right or hard it's not quite what it's my kids are it's my get up it's my His Spirit. That I got to deliver that is going to do the bring the are just devastated big with the. Most would never have been. You know what when he died at 120 years old he started his ministry at 80. 8 years old when most are spent some of you God has a great Web site but most of his it bolsters if he doesn't watch of. A point is. The big things may not happen 5 years 10 years what cheat on terrorists part is published I want you to stay with a c I want to invite me with a bot studies out what to push for Dot I want to work on his behalf if you can trust in little things what trust in big it all they can appeal to but. I'm going to make an appeal ask you to be safe. With this but if you're like What are. The people around you that can be friend with those friends of the. So that one day you'll be able to influence them. I want you to be thinking the most. Obvious studies and the Monday aggravated way that you got to go to class all the time and teachers are on you I want to stay faithful with those 80 I want to say they want to see a subset I want you all the beautiful park I want to be trussed up I want you to. Your OK with me make woodsy say we're really close and we're probably got me thank you Lord for these young. Person's soul or board they are covered by their hair and you put your words in their pockets or the law gave them it's make our heart I hear they are said to say public GOD THEY'RE GOING TO BE think I'm a little because they're going to find. An L.R.. So that what they order can be called all the liberal Israel or any of them. Are going through things more financially or struggling so some of them may not come as easy as a church. That's the life of others or we know but most of them are worried about exams. And worried about being able to keep suck as a particularly in the school or dead duck challenges spots of ice. Age break especially. Over these young. Bob the dark forest and they stay committed but they become more committed and I'm not going to become the most. Oppressed. And all of them at school or. Into your. But the angels that excel of wisdom and strength when we're given charge over each one of. Sadat's. Just the processes that they have but the edge you have. In the building up of that. There would be wrecks. And we saw. God help you realize that you can work with the tools they need they have their miracles and the modern day. Teach them to worse you now even bring up. Ready. To sinister or disk or of your. 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