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Science of a Side Piece

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • October 1, 2018
    10:45 AM
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Baba God we thank you for this opportunity tonight to go through your word that this meeting but I want to ask in a special way right. At 1st to send angels that excels in strength be given our age over this place that excel in visible and. Bind up this place protect us. Block out the enemy but what I want something else I will ask of God But you said the Holy Spirit into this place and that Lord by the Blood of Jesus Christ that would shed on the cross what you see with all the technology Lord you know the enemy's going to come against my computer the projector the microphones up behind all of that Lord then fog up by a spirit. Bind it and let them realize it is don't follow their father got The Tonight take control of this and tire they want Tory facility from the street all the way up where we are and that of the god your young people that are here would tend this Lord let little tonight that you are God was in complete control of the affairs of it is up prayer in Jesus is precious and holy day but inserts a bed they meant all right so I will confess to you that since my computer found the other night it has been misbehaving it's very difficult to turn out I had a problem in the state of Iowa when it's already got it fixed that the sun the star can do it again so I will leave it all on probably until I believe it may not ever turn it off sounds crazy right but I'll do that. So pray for the computers this is actually funny I was afraid I would get everything to bite so I want to go but at last I was to do the rooftops and I did the science of the side piece tomorrow night just in sessions of about the sitter. And last night we ended by asking the question what are you doing on your rooftop are you looking at what are you using your technology for you send around texts to encourage people and process are you sending around texts trying to look up what people are you on your phone watching things that you should be watching are you on your phone and you know using that technology to get you by the study information or or what's listen to sermons audio for us and a big for us to call it so that you're not a voting auto versus website download thousands of servers that are on there that are really good. And then. We make the statement last night will be good again tonight but let me just remind you of the statement big careful what you entertain sin does a lot and Sasan it before it assassinates and that is exactly what sin does best and that is the size of the side these will read the 2nd Samuel 114 and David said Ginger is a book or came in to him and he lay with her. Cry from her uncleanness and she retired to her house and the woman didn't see a cent told David and said I will with. This is that so I asked if I did today what the soap opera look until I see on T.V. What if filming in the village it is on this drug I can't understand it saying that they don't always be going listen but it's very dramatic they told me It's called. Draw on. So you guys live this month in spread this country is it's a it's a they call them double beds English they're soap operas in the States but you know it is up I've also been. A drama I left what I what a cliffhanger I left you with she's pregnant. And we we love last night and we come back to my to find out how does a date go so also be it to send So the messages sent out on the sides of the sidelines and up in and out is by which someone would put aside the set and I don't know how many of you are familiar want to run it all the term is that a permit when a band has a woman on the side that permits wine to make they say he has a sweetie I don't know what they say here aside and take that next or was it. It As an aside that steak or hot OK well or is it a very good all right so we're going to read back to the story get you caught up and then we're going to go forward into sort became a pass after the years the year was expired. They'd sent the ad and the servants put them all Israel and they destroyed the building of Amman. But David tarried still let through. In the past in an evening tide David Rose off as he walked toward the roof of the king house from the root of all it was it was. A Bible says and the woman was very beautiful to look upon and David sent it implied after the woman and one said it is not this batch of daughter of the wife of your I think it's I know I told you last night it was a warning. Don't visit your home boys girls don't do it. David said the messages and took and took her and she came in on to him and he lived with her for his purified from her own being busy with bird to her house a woman conceived and sent to a bit and said it. With us if you're a married man those are some of the happiest words you'll love it here if you're not young men. Some of you would literally have a heart attack. If your don't that so on so that just into the OR if it's time one it's the day that is supposed to be somewhere else is timing is off disease where it's supposed to be this never happened but I want to talk about as a little bit. It is vital he's bored he's a warrior so he's looking for something to conquer at best she becomes the thing he wants to conquer the women you have to realize that no men are after you because they want to conquest and you got to build in the south a site for the kind of men that want you for a partner you know what I want and for a trophy a man right no poaching get me be careful don't let him come after you to make you a trophy. But the other part of this is that bet she will was in an interesting place our husband had been probably gone some months as well they'd meet all these weeks she was upset finish their cycle and if you study biology you want to add that you know when a woman of the lakes is actually a tie works and maybe she may have to maybe. Mortally more. Ready for physical activity if you don't say it and so so when you get it up you don't put the biology majors understand it. But you get my point is it was the time of months where she would be directly at least hormonally most desiring. It was a perfect storm but the devil like I said last night Eagles haven't laid out a trap and I would imagine the enemy probably is the one who gave it up off his bed and let him up the stairs innocents it's oh we get a story where it is our duty 14 because it's being ease of the law like all the other kings at the time it's the law doesn't apply to it he wants a conquest all of these things are going on it's out of. Several principles tonight as to Holland why they didn't fall but if you follow the steps of his fall you will understand this is the science far out is that David gets into the mess it gets with the one percent potential that is how easy it is beautiful all of the sin and I mean this is sort of poison equals secular influence time selves divided by divine dependence and not somebody like a left that is why this may be going to persuasion but I like it because it makes it simple the more you depend on God whatever than the denominator on the other side of the equation the bigger that is the smaller the thing on the other side of the equation becomes so the bigger you the more in depend on God The lower your scent potential becomes. It's not that you have more willpower don't post this it's the age that the hour or had will power to take the chip on his life he was pretty thick of it except itself into oh what is up all. The end like this all the said does what goes up a 2nd the appraiser part of that is the more so is exalted it was king and he like in any Those are yielding the sleep of the. Soul his self is gold and men unfortunately women you gotta get this men are all very equal to resit So he was trying to again conquest brain does not have a lot of things but he was so good it be that everybody else it takes you know what of that the House of Saud all everything was also David so his ego his self is pride is flesh was super hide and it that I all of them in the book were either of the rights of look with grace it was a gentle goals ut but the last thing I want to put on here is of the we talked about last another secular in fluids so the more you mean by the world we talked last night about when a young person watches a movie with sexual content and they're more likely when they watch those types of movies they're more likely to begin inappropriate sexual activity earlier so you better watch these 3 things one you've got to always be looking to to look for on God do not trust in our profession and you don't put yourself in a position. Where you might fall watch this if you're in the backseat of somebody's car making out this last seen me before you did see out the window church. When you let a child make the decision to eat your purity get out of what he did to law. The decision that should be made before you ever pull out the cities we'll bathe in your prayer time in your sleep time that on that a bit into a situation where have I could compromise where I might be tempted by it stimulated other than a big shot out of the circumstances because I don't trust myself. Jump out of the pen don't God help me stay out of the. Situations so I Jesus praising the Lord's Prayer and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil so that's the 1st principle yours and potential equals secular influence in your life time self what we design a lot of ways divided by divine dependence on a life as all as all the lessons of Bible history teach it is a perilous thing to praise or exalt men for if one comes to a new side of his and I are going on. Trust in His own strength he is sure to what is sure to fall once you begin to trust in yourself you will fall and this is the problem imma get off a little bit because the problem has become legal is it because if you become legal is that some of it becomes self rights you don't want another life speaks against fanaticism self righteousness because you can become so is it that I keep the law on going right they are all wrong they are all heathens they are just what happens that even if you're outwardly behaving right surely you're still feeding itself the flesh to get that. Always was the pen on if you start trusting in yourself it's sort of all I was it was the spirit of self-confidence so it's all pieces are prepared to wait a bit all our room looks a subtle alert and our love truly luxury we're not without effect upon him that's the secular influence part of it that's patriotic profits being $77.00 being principle of it's own distant from you know. To your hand that is short. As a man think is so easy so it's true that a matter is if you sit all day and all for something great for something wasteful something contemplate on something you're always thinking about something or let's just say that that something is sex if that's what is wrong in your mind all day all the time there's the problem what happens is eventually that that will give you the opportunity to make what's wrong with thinking reality what about one of the great past isn't preach is ever heard preach in my life is impending E.C. ward at Oakwood University of the past the church the pastor of the university one of the public streets back then and he had he was a hysterical preaching but he was a very hard nosed region and he said one of our messages one Wednesday night he was talking about sexual purity is I'm a bit well that is they have never forgot and he said if you are sleep. If you'll pardon the British. It if you're sexually he says Oh stop. This point it's got to guard your thoughts direct them away from those things because that's what the devil what to do because what you think it. The devil did the Opportunity Works out to fight the thoughts. Of the 7113 says and David said to inquire of the woman and one said is not as bad she was the daughter of the ability of the Achille and the wife and you're right to get tight and David said question until Kirk she came in on him and he lay with her he thought it was it is by as. Well a short distance when he actually did the warning given and verse 3. But Jesus says it like this that inside and verse 20 because that is what I say unto you That whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her as. As committing adultery with her already here in his heart. But he says the saying is the distance is so short that if you sit and think about it all that's missing is the opportunity it's already so I cannot receive is the same because when you want to get by default you're going there that's why we don't watch it that's why we should let stuff because that stuff will do and it is said I That's all because of what is getting you to think about. But what of the 2 continued and instead of relying in humility upon the power of Jehovah day that they get the trust was all wisdom and might so mistake can separate the soul from God the only source of strength. Is the unholy desires of. The work of the enemy is not a bright don't is art not a product it is not at the outset subtle and startling is a secret of finding up the salt. There is all things that. Provide him. The file that. This is a world that others are now doing but never thought they would do what you promised for my what you would do not give most are like but probably you never talked about sex and intimacy you just understood that you weren't supposed to do ever a conversation which isn't good you should have these conversations with it which is children the churches you haven't talk to young people right about it's sex it's not in itself evil but designed sex to be enjoyed inside the marriage relationship and in fact if you do it God's way or that house is full of silt and if you do it any other way. Right you guys need to know that you know. Take our support. But what is important to remember. Is that it starts slow starts with inappropriate language so. It Dana guy is saying things that you didn't shouldn't be saying and you let it slide and he starts touching you in ways you really shouldn't be touching you and you let out. And so did what surely morrow all or if your guy could be a girl that's coming only you but more all that you had to do the determination to say to your big ship all day told it was sort of the devil is a lot just usually is not them jump in and just be a rock he's got to come in and slowly work down your walls Principle Number 3. Sin is aggressive. Since spreads to every part of your life your response to the consequences reveals what was already there your response to its consequences Jeremiah 17 and verse in mind says that the heart is the seat full of all things and desperately wicked it who could know it deep inside of all of us is darkness we have come it was of see it one of the Bible says don't read it we have all sinned and come short of the glory of heaven that means that all of us their thoughts will come back around at our border but the heart of the sea feel it makes you think you can say what you can't handle at all you got up out so they sit and where we're going to the scent of adultery has been committed but sin sin it's oppressive good old school work ask the size of and what's it you never thought could know would lead you to all the thought it would do that's the story of a. David sent to Joab say Send me your riot it tied up dogs and your rides at David and when you're roused and once they made them edit of it Joel did and he and the people did it all the war prospered and David said to your eye this that both the House alone paraphrases a little bit was off to see otherwise it's a bit. And you're right a part of the king's house. And they're following him in best of making the date was like look I don't think it is best Parasympathetic Nervous System of it didn't buy good food because the parasympathetic nervous system is the one that is used to it miss intimacy so look Gomo feel like we have all what's a good food bowl David trying to do. Was trying to cover his all see and this is diabolical I say the manhole but the seeds so that the wife would basically have like a 2nd only. Dog in this thing and he knew that if there I slept with her in another time in a sort of a period of time that the everyone would assume the big salute your eyes depicted by let her know Jack is going to be short of the term for here too that you cover Firstly you haven't cover but they did so have him believe the child is this job 1st says that your rice look at the board of the king's I wouldn't even call X. block the servants of his lord what i doubt was house is what they told David saying you're right that it was out there that I. Came unstuck from by joining did you come along the way you write I did you log out see how own house this is next 1st some level. Is the 2nd warning David gets the 1st warning is that's somebody that's a little daughter your eyes wide probably off limits king hears of warning it gets before him best moves and has the men bird Darius that paid the ark and Israel and Judah up quite intense and Lord of the servants of my Lord are camped in the open to humans alive then go into my house to eat and drink and to live with my whites as the littlest and as I sold in this I don't do this thing. Like today because the state messes listen and. Go on and here I'm having a good time and my wife and daughters you've given me I'm not good it while everybody else is out to big and The Who or what part of God is that that I'm not doing that being up to the 5 make problems of it to you to show up to the troops to be out there Dolly fighting if you have the air up the do it big important people that they are that should have been a warning the day to say OK I need to go to www dot figure my way out of this mess but it didn't happen. But I want you to know when it comes to sit God always provides principle of For God always provides a warning and an escape person instead their dean says they're not a stake in you but such as is common. The gods a pool if you have a pole at Port 82 with the bases also get away with it maybe there that was David's chance and he blew so the story goes on verse 12 and David says he arrived terrier today also and tomorrow let you go so you are ordered to sell them that day and Mar and one day called to get it big before when he made a drum and it gets the 1st drive it will just give it a whole with food I tried to get the man drunk but he succeeds at what out the lives of the servants of the Lord. That. I came back to the morning they wrote a letter. For you to receive me it was a letter to Joe and said it by the end of your writing wrote a letter saying said he will write in the front or front of the hottest battle and retire from me that the baby spent and what I did on this is were dated skits and weekends as I said Lord day gets diabolical is why this is so we can write a letter as your why deliver is all death sentence that is true you lied to so it's such a loyal soldier that day doesn't even worry that you're right I will open the letter because I know what all of that. Land a lot relays of 40 back to the battle Oh what's it. Like curious how they look in. Right old people the lawyer was soul light soul. But they did trust him to carry his old death sentence that is crazy and your rival Watts is all that all the way back to Joe. And when told it's it if you search 16 so we observe a city but your pride of place be to the war with your RAM we're. Terrible soldiers the want to fight the best work in the city without salt water there else some of the people observing the baited your right to get bad also based on that a worse problem. Grew from of a little bit your right is still there so the job you're right is the Joe up sorry said Up message that they'd tell him what happened and he's getting a charge the passenger when dollars and the matters of the want to get and if so be that the kings route the rise in the sand to the wherefore approach so did I add to the city. When he did fight that they would come on other words till I was gone so much that your lies that the only one who died other people died so Joe I was like Listen dogs out they would have you but if that's upset tell about you know death of products to tell us where it is that what people would want though there's a whole lot of hear about this years in the wallets of verse 21 or 24 and obviously shut your eyes to the whole thing for the best you to bring the day but what date the S. is just is what tells you the depth see into which David Gold except the $711.00 verse $25.00 The Bible says and Beit said unto the messenger. Say on no other let This is easy but the sort of always want it as well as another. Big thought that of course it all gets the city and with through it and power it's down to it and wonder why your I heard that your are both a little bit bored for months but this story just gets worse and worse in the final round of the story day that basically says listen it's war with us and we've got a lost somebody is going to lead somebody is going to die it's perfectly fine but this wasn't a random killing it wasn't that put your ride the hardest part about they withdrew from it an act by your right is dead and so what the best seat here is about it the Bible says more into the heart of OK your Magid the guilt she's feeling not can you imagine David thinks he's what he thinks is sin has been swept under the rug no one's ever going to know what he actually did and date the script that tells us that there are problems all those with draw from. The numbers are self-reliance plus killed equals with drawls from DOT So what happens to people is that they get into sin they get into a mess they start doing enough stuff that as it was a do they think that they can cover up their Senate they think they can hide it which is that always a say in a don't tell motel they think they can get away with it and nobody's ever going to know that self-reliance that you can cover up said combined with the guilt of your sin makes you say away from church it makes you stay away from Bob to withdraw from I don't want to be all riled up because you don't want to deal to be exposed and you don't want to be in the presence of up but here is what happens when you do it David it do literally exult people up up up in this if you're hiding descend from the parents in the galactic the fact that God sees everything. Or you get not so you don't get any time so I try to hide said from people remember that you can't hide it from God so important you remember that. Principle of Assad continuing amid the perils of his earlier life they got in conscious integrity the trust of his case with God the Lord had guided him safely Pop passed the a number of spares that had been laid for his feet but love it this is guilty and of repentance is from great drops of prophets he did not help and guidance from heaven but sought to extricate themselves from the dangers in which sin the head involved him so just like Saul he finds a way out Saul went to the Witch of Endor or David committed word both of them try to find a way out and look at what I said is very very important good he did not ask for help and guidance from heaven and the words even when you are up to your neck in consequences of your sin. Early over up the mistake you make is the get at the center of will and try and keep it from up even when the actions of best even one citizen mounting up against you it's very important that you turn everything over to God that's critical never take that you're in so much trouble don't bottle up back but a double What is that Delgado your old objects a problem dealt. With over 6 cent never pays what it promises said never pays what it promises it always writes a check that is going to come up short. And the wife says but see above say the beauty and prove this is there to the Kate was the wife you're writing the title of David's greatest and most faithful officers not could foresee what would be the result of the crime the club known law of God or not as the adulterer guilty of death and the proud spirited soldier so shamefully wrong might of events himself by taking a life. Or by exciting the mace to revolt from the beginning Satan has portrayed to men the games to be won by transgression thus he seduced angels doesn't tempted Adam and Eve to sin and doesn't get it leading multiply the way up out at rest as 8 appear desirable but dead there are of other ways of death up to date who have ventured in this way learn about better are the fruits of sin and turning from it. Turns from it before fully manifested themselves dot in his words he did not the bait be lowered to rule it by the deceitful rewards of sit 2nd Samuel 1127 says when the morning was passed they would sit and sets her to his house she became his wife bear him a son look at the last sentence of that verse but the thing that he did what it displeased the Lord God is watching the whole time David never turn and at this point David thinks he won this gorgeous woman is now legally his wife because their husband is bet she's pregnant with his child didn't exist got no but were told and spread across it and sat everyone of Jerusalem kind of figured out what was going all the rumors had been swirling date that reputation and solid people began to question the king because of these allegations. And Nick there's no original putting of the King though was a truck let me just send away to a place where you think you could be comfortable but where in sacked sin is rotting away your insides since acetates before a necessity it's the last principle of light is this. One what you've got to get if you go to work in church you'll be involved in church the rest of your life this is one that you need to get this principle says President of a 7 says even the brightest lights can't go out in America without some great televangelists later on they found out they were involved with of sexual problems or they were you know doing some funny stuff with money I mean over time these things happen and there's this massive falls in Greece and even inside Adventism we've had massive falls from Greece and other things happened that the advice of the story is really this is even David could fall that means you should not put anyone on a pedestal but a lot of us as that ministry happens at the celebrities the people we got to be like. But I'm here to tell you that anybody can fall the only person that you can fully trust to never saw is Christ Jesus so I don't elevate sold out looks like I just know that what I need a role somewhere that goes never going to fail me I go and look for cross I don't look for people don't is that what I'm saying it because if you look at the people people will disappoint you says Bessie observe the customary days of mourning for her husband and at their close David said and faxed it to his house she became his wife's. A look at what I'm Weiss's he says he and the concerts and a sense of other would not permit him even one peril of his life to put forth his hand against the Lord's anointed at so far and it will rock and murder one of his posts faithful animals balance old spirits and hope in the oil and serve a reward a sit but in a last line alive its cause had the final goal become bit how had the whole spine bull changed and operated none of you change and I say this respectfully don't let sexual sin be your side it chick on God I was a side piece of a resident better with you. Because for a lot of us that's what happens we won't drink we don't. Want it what clubs or party so many things that we won't do certain foods will be many but in the rubble of sex and sexuality so many of us this is the one place where we'll let our guard down and get mixed up and stuff and shit and what you've got to understand when you're doing nice is on the side and try to hide from God It's just like a bad one as a wife as a woman of a side sort of hide from hurt and the sexual relationship during any sexual activity you're involved in needs to be and open up to God if you're going to your housing problem or sexual relations if you can't trade before you do it. If you can't invite the angels of God to be present by doing so when you're married you can pray you know I can get out of it in the Praise The Lord give us strength that was at that time thank you Jesus. Probably 5 you're buried about as a marriage the bed is what it's under 5. Children or bear ordinary cups if we pray like that even it up why it is if you're doing it dots where it got to be involved in it God can beat it you don't have to be a Shane but what you can involve God but you gotta hide it from the rest of the people in your church or the fellows but you've got to hide it from your priest it's friends who are being invited to the activity you see it's not that different from the drummers out there who take songs that were meant to praise God and put profanity in it if you change the sexual act which was made so that bad woman would please god like beings to children multiplying and replenishing the earth and you look at the things that are not of God and you behavior to God kidney please would just like they are inviting in a spirit. Doc demonic spirit. So are you a spirit that by. Police people it's a sexual addiction a cause havoc what spirit is going to show up both and unless you do it the way God says do it the inviting in the spirit of the end and you want to know why so many men this is what leads to our ruined because you allow the devil to get a slight hold in our heart around this issue and David would deal with this the rest of his life to talk about that to bark like this said really impacts him and it impacts his children it impacts the kingdom it acts rethink it is one of the brands Jesus being born as they sit with our night because De Jesus was born of the lineage of David this said could of completely ruin that and close it have a I was I was invited to a prayer breakfast for about a group of women one of them worked where I was working at it I want to say where I was and. I was dull there's only 2 bit in the house me and the husband awoke and what he saw me so up is I listened at a motor sports bar Groton football game he took out last that a back to the only man you know it's you want to be that speak on certain spiritual issues I think were talking about prayer and up prayer works and how many more at that is of the the nominees if you Grandma different and out of house a really nice house in the Los Angeles it was really cool we were sitting there and we were going to discuss a different everything's a toll that wasn't my car to get those women so they had T.V. ads up the sit in the back says the states have a good time listen been a fly on the wall and before me. Caught my attention this was you got a young lady comes in very attractive young lady looks very well put together she goes up to the microphone and a member of the mike was what up in front of a group in the house. And she starts talking and she says listen I was a big the book sexual trafficking and I'm here to tell you my story. You know a little you said old post as you don't look like one of those posters who looks when you go like Prada and Gucci on and stuff to look like stuff like that what happened to her she began to tell the story I want you to get this she ever tell a story when she was away at college and one of the finest historically black colleges in the United States while she was there in her junior year of college and she was studying and tell you know what it was in the study she what night decided lots of my clothes to dance and have a few drinks and she said she wore something that was a bit provocative her words not mine I don't know what it was where it was going to get as it got on the dance floor excesses out of the pants and of seductively we all saw it and she was dead to the dances and to women came on to the dance floor walked over to her and said listen I'll boss wants them to be here where models and he wants to make you a model is like that it doesn't make any sense I said no you don't understand we're serious and we you know we can show you our sheets and Barcelona pictures from a fall we get paid the bottles you'll be an amazing mop. The guy was up and wanted to get up out of the I can like up and saw 2 girls talking about it so he comes down on to the floor to talk there is licit notables where most beautiful women I've ever seen I've never seen anybody move like that looks like you look you've got it all together we like to think you have same as I can take your Model T. on her mind I'm only one and a half more years of school it doesn't make sense and I know you don't understand with a lot of money people. Money off the old school of about it's about a little bit set at a shop lined up for instance when I got the pick there is a god. That was there he said OK we have another suit in about 4 weeks but it's in New York and you would have to raise the money for your plane ticket raise the money for your hotel room and a little bit a few other expenses and if you have that much money you can go on which is that I don't have that kind of money is OK I will wait for you to make that kind of money you know up to you all this time tonight of Oh but I'll take you well you find a way to make some money he takes or that night to us. And says listen you can make a lot of money and she's like I'll do stuff like this I was raised in the church this isn't something that I would said you don't understand if you just get to choose the money you make to that will be to the next you and you will need to do this anymore up do you have another way you got to make that L. body she says yes and drink C. to loosen us up upsy she got into it she went out and she did it she made so let's get more money and that what she had made like working all summer and she was hooked. So every piece of this is article once a week twice a week and she started making his money and she went did the shoot and she was successful came back in the shoot out but is small in person or woman started to wonder what was going all of this would disappear all the time late into the night and the last of the next one which the study hall is set to use a lot out of all that even some other stuff over much of this it it were the courage to do what she would otherwise never do and to and to the even of the sinful life she found herself the story took a twist when one night the guy told her to come out the back of the book blow him out of the back of the club and it was a there was a fancy car there were remember the story in the back and there was a guy there and guys and this is the backseat she said what she said no he's going to lose is not what he said but she said get back and she's like oh I didn't tell you was that when he signed up to be a mom he got her parents address some of the family members information into so he knew where parents live that's the point so when she was bouncing look up but you wouldn't guess I'm not a prostitute I'm not born in the backseat of a car with this range then he said if you don't do that I know where your parents live I have limited in a Los Angeles right now and she was in school it's out of country and I will have your parents murdered and she did it he gained control of her and she found out he had this kind of control over many other with. And he would drag around the country to of vents and she would have to do this kind of thing I'm sitting there and this paragraph is like Oh she said but I was written as yes reporter stores but I was raised Christian but I knew that I had gone so far from God and as I don't want it all Buffalo I knew this man was really manipulative he was really evil he was really violent I knew the trouble I was in he said I was all soul. You know how tall I was in the bottom. He says he began to pray for deliverance he had no idea how to get out of it but now says up to. A life isn't a else and it's wonder what's going on you can hardly hear from Mark up to talk to the family with a period of time he begins to pray I think Bentley what other girls a lot of police ask what's called all the rest a man as fired at the he's locked up she's free he says after all of that happened she says then she realized how broken she was up traumatized she was she thought no matter whatever bury her she would never have kids get up all kinds of psychological issues and she said to get no where to her but in the darkest of the moment she heard back slowly the crisis and her healing begin she began to go back to church to go to counseling just a couple of months they were parents are well aware of her and she went through somebody to study something at the process if I said I'll run and I tell women just how much God values them but they audit the Fed protect their body temple she said but I'd just tell them that God values them if they've never had sexual sin she says I tell them that God values you don't bother watching. And that's the reason you can trust him to get you out of whatever it is you're into. David wouldn't turn back to the days of the devil is that man was to threaten your parents threaten your life threatened all kinds of things with you he wants to make you think you'll never be happy never be popular unless you involve his up in certain things that is the science of the side he wants to sell you a bill of goods that says you might be happy if you put it to the illegals and haven't even an argument to the people all the people accepted all the sins court. The same Look at the poll actors and in the IT lead to ruin. I'm here to tell you tonight that you both have to be the devil's slave that if you're willing to go to God no matter what it is you've done wrong about it is you want me to do if you're not in to anything you can hold you and keep you out of S. If you're the best he can get you out don't be like they'd Well try cover Bess whatever it is you're in to take it to dot if you never take it to the past if you never take a D.L. this if you never take it to your parents take it to the Lord God and trust Him and He will deliver amen because what a lot of people want to think Is that what your dad did today was in one of the things I like about that young lady's testimony was a crazy testimony is that it's as big as what it was like the testimony was no matter what happened on the side of her trouble she largest It is the trust God even more some of you've been traumatized trust God. As everyone is about to realize clubs would do another silent appeal you don't have to wait raise a hand you don't have to stand up this appeal is with deep inside this is the appeal that says at some point you've got to realize the value. Someone you've got to realize just how special you are to up and that is given us these challenges he's given us. A world that is difficult he's given us. All of our struggles to make us stronger the struggle with with intimacy and relationships is a tough one but if you cite the good side of faith in Christ Jesus winning this picture will make you spiritually very strong so I want you to pray about tonight is not solemn and David's past of sitting and covering sit but tonight I want you to pray and ask God to help you to turn everything over to and the trust that by the Blood of Jesus Christ can tree oversee and we all need the power of the blood to gain victory and then. The God I pray all of your students tonight a prayer to these young people here at the University of God of the Lord as campus's us is a secular one even on the way here. To have a meeting tonight we want by people who may or may not be messing with spiritual is a leader not willingly but a God this is a light on this campus are these young. These are they that have been called out of darkness into a marvelous likes of the got the devil would love to ruin that by getting them to engage in behavior very be a word he would love the shock of them to people they should not be with because they've been intimate with the love the shock of them with a lifetime of shame and guilt the love the Sokal the to addiction. Sexual addictions give up the shackled up Lord what a feeling that they have God so sorry but will never accept that I mean. By the power of your own legal brain every chance. Lord of our. Spirit of the Living God by the fruit of these it's all a. Little see. The sign. At all and. They may be right servants yet. But they were the tollway of yourself. Pray this prayer Jesus is present only to the Church same as. 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