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3: The Crisis of Authority in the SDA Church: The Misuse of the Bible

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH



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P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • January 12, 2019
    2:00 PM
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The gentleman. Thank you for coming and giving me the opportunity to relate. To you something that is extremely sensitive in our church. It. It took me some while before a decided to do this. Because. For the reason that they went forward to it because there are so many church members that are confused. They don't know. What side to take. Each side claims to we have the truth. And yet the result is diametrically opposed to each other. And so therefore I decided to ask the Lord to help me to clarify some of those issues so that you can also help others and at a same time you can express your concern. To the leadership. Of the division. And victim hold General Conference. Because unless you take action nothing coached No nothing will change. So this is really all you know does to the scholars but the people there how you have to have to take initiative no. Only when they could ask the troops see it. And remember this things will be to same and get now. So therefore because of the importance here I think we need to asked a lot specially to guide us and let us pray. And during this presentation pray for me to think you have the father for the time to be can spend here. To deal with the truth. And Citizen Jesus to deal with the interpretation of the Bible and the way to be interpret the Bible. Affects. Our destiny in the future. Help us therefore ascend to Holy Spirit annoyed by lips that all the evidence say baby pleasing to you in Jesus' name. Amen. So this is done the 3rd. In a series on the crisis of authority as a church the 1st wrong dealt with the development of historical development the 2nd bone dealt with the misinterpretation of the Spirit of Prophecy. And the 3rd 2 on that I've now dressing is the misuse or the Bible indications of authority as the church. We could take now to the year 2010 and General Conference and it is a time to pass the request mate for no fish or study on ordination. It was not a motion but just a request the leaders reflected upon it and the General Conference administration informed the session over its commitment quote. To establish a process to review the subject of ordination and build report back to the annual Council during this Quiney I'm the period of 2010 to 2015. And then it started to. Be felt now after 40 years the time has come to focus on the theology. Of ordination he trusts quote an attempt to bring about a new understanding of what a theology of ordination was and quote. So that was nice and then the culverts formed a committee and its committee function for 2 years 2013 to 2014 Its called Tosk were just theology of ordination Study Committee and it cost a lot of money. But the president felt it is now time to do this. And so its membership included more than $100.00 persons who have both genders male female serving to church as theologians pastors administrators and lay persons mostly from the North American division he'd met 2 times in 2013 and 2 times in 2014 now latest to majority all of North America because it takes a lot of time if you could all of these equal in a position of all the. All divisions can you imagine 4 times a day. You know 20 people from South Africa 20 people mistreating or whatever there's an incredible sum of money so they felt that this is you know and this vote is not a committee that those going to do site it will simply. Feeling bad day from their study concluded I want that notice the results of the theology of ordination Study Committee. The disagreement were very pretty clear. The student committee did not agree all the biblical position even if that was all the excitements. Were Allan's you had consuls. We live there or not ministerial ordination shooting Klute male or female. So we didn't agree on that. He just inconclusive film ordination and yet it was its purpose. So we realized that it is not easy however there were swimming Greenman agreements. He did that he said I decree ofa court concerning a biblical theology of ordination. He agreed to about ordination as a practice seem to really in the New Testament so at least they see it is Biblical. And they concluded not that quote 70 AD to disinter stand ordination in a biblical sense as the ECK of the church in public he publicly recognizing those whom the Lord scald and the crypt for local and global tears Mid-City keep in mind it is not simply a method of one division but ordination in a church if you didn't hear it is valid afterwards and so therefore we have to be very very careful if we allow it in one place because in another place it doesn't allow it if the person travels there. Of the ordination the person can. Do the ministry. That it passes through to Secondly to quote without ordination Well it would a nation contributes to church order it is needed a special qualities to the person or introduces a kingly hierarchy within the faith community. So keep in mind it doesn't effect the holiness or whatever now this is still CLE different from the Catholic Church if you had or didn't know it there what now with the what are you seeing or not or what ever you are dear to church representatives of the holy respects all of the Communion and all of the other things but to us he doesn't keep you to simply a function and not a special holiness or hierarchy to your now bits of the others how you don't know there's murder 32 you have read this though so we agreed on those 2 points. Now did he say. Verse 3 positions or ordination. The proceeds to number one. It doesn't seem to come up on the slates but that set simply a method of ordination is only for men and not for women. The position of the 2 women ministers may be ordained according to do we'll have to various entities responsible for hiring pastors so low you can go ahead and it doesn't matter but the a male female. It's clear from much study of the Bible that you can go ahead and ordain women. Then number city it's a compromise between position of one position to 2 it's a perk to head sheeple leadership of the men in the home and to church but. In special situations exceptions can be made to women to be ordained decisions should be left to do leadership at the proper level to determine if the ordination quote may be appropriate for did air you or Dare region and quote so you notice the positions and serve the conference decided to present those positions. To do or at church let them play and whatever the consequences from the vote we will go with this. And as a result of course. We see that. The test report presented at the. $2014.00 annual consul and busy part includes 3 theological in their menu to commit reasons for conclusions on each position the task suggest it's the way he's forward but did not make a consensus recommendation concerning To practice of ordination into 70 and a search so he used to see positions and that is fraught and see which one prevails. And of course or. It was not to lay out for the division because that is about the more North American division requests that we have that we could go along only we and the rest of the worth of the dental day to day don't need to do it and of course that position of us defeat So today still Noordin nations throughout the world who of course in this division very soon to continue to do it anyway. And that is not a condition how do we get those. The princes are unions over divisions that vote to go ahead anyway how do we get them to comply. And they have no work force 3 years. And still have not been exceed succeeded in this. So he concluded that the ordination issue comes down to quote how suit we interpret the Bible and the book because each position at the Air base of the Bible and therefore we can go it. So how do we interpret the Bible this is the issue that divides us. Now let's go to the Bible about the Bible says about the future of the church that is a prophecy of the coming apostasy. And that this is 2nd to Salonika 2nd shift of Apollo and that no men deceive you by any means for the day to day dilute the day of Christ's return shall Let's come and accept the cubs of fallin away 1st. And the men of sin beauty feel the sin of perdition So here it is the men of sin of iniquity coming up. Food him if you have been equal to the dust already work and then share that we could be revealed whom Gelert so consumed with the spirit of its mouse and shared the strawberry with the brightness office coming. Chapter 2 verse $378.00 and the no debts or the Misty was already at work but could only get worse and worse a version especially with Constantine and constitution became favorable to Christians he put his destiny specifically with the Catholic body of Christians though the other Christians but a Catholic body of Christians and soon. Apostate principles came in apostate practices and the church really went downhill and that continues not so quickly overnight but over the centuries and centuries and centuries until it Kamal to pite it to a new Middle Ages or to Dark Ages. Now this is too cute to do with Catholic church and Bible into petition. Because few you can see the year to circle this and the District of notice or this man of sin. The Catholic church and Bible into petition. Into printers in the Middle Ages sat a multiplicity or meaning into text so every text of the babble had several meanings. The savage a text to her family into petition so every text could afford different meanings. Did to produce you could have a little rule and have a good cool I'm a little more than any google meaning. Now for some of you you know your mind start to spin what does it all mean so by way of shit you know make it practical make it practical so wished to have a good life besides you. So you do then. We came to live through. The lean meaning the meaning of the text for you read it immediately. Do you have a good outlook persons are pushed out to believe. The demand me to use it tells me what you have to do and the end of Google sense is what they are to hope for. This fellow at the Int in tempting to text had a cool few influence on the one but on the believers and took away just certainty of the meaning of the text in the Bible so because the above doesn't work to get together on a ticket. So people mayn't so is a reserve doing good if close to before the person defamation there was a total Co few. What the Bible means so let us know used the fair full thing to petition of the South. Where do we see the little interpretation of the Sabbath is the best or the 7 day. The Arab girl. To be out to believe at least in a spiritualist demand the meaning is we must rest. Day out of 7. And finally the end of Google sends simple measures the few. Men learn here and in the future millennia there we were rests on the 7th day. So what are the consequences the fast fast method of looking at the Sabbath confuses people about the need to keep the 77th. Can you imagine if every text has so many meanings. It took away to power. Of the Gospel in the Bible and so that was at the beginning of the Reformation and now you can see the dick contribution of the defamation to a few people understand. Our present and it's and keep in mind friends that 7th Day Adventist. Team to proles information but you have to keep in mind what is the template. I presume to teach the principles of the babble into potations bed that he flew immerse removed to uncertainty and be debatable powerful. First of all the Bible became No Did norm for faith in authority so there's the bad people and the Bible only. Number 2 the Bible isa an infallible revelation of propositional truth propositions for example the 10 commandments 10 propositions you shall do this this this is this and propositions are in fairly able. To err is indispensable. The babble is clear and sufficient. To be forwarded to oh yeah you know if you have to education if you went to a seminary to university if you had a priest or an adult or to know what a bishop then you could explain it. No duty force it is clear. Fish and. See for salvation you don't need to anybody else to explain it. And this was really a bombshell into Petain should for everyone so no matter whether you are a farmer or. A fantasist. A priest a scholar or the Pope. 3 Rob even. If they have access to it. They can interpret it in the dickens of don't do it so you can see whether liberty should it cost to the people and before it or only T. and you can just. Then 6 focus on the single little sense or the text of the allegorical or mystical sense. Clear don't speculate if you plead to play reading take to interpretation and NOTES. But listen to all kinds of other things with the text. And of course they did away with the fourfold interpretation of the text and that's great strength to the people 7 Bible stories are executed 3. Then nobody ages. To progress to the battle so diverse the bad movie feels scratched and all the text that you see there think about is what does it reveal about Christ the very 1st notice you to be able what does it why do they reveal about clinched. Then scriptures don't interpreter. Or does it mean you don't need to take a whole course of how to interpret a bible he don't need to read books how to get into a bit Bible you go to babble as to how to babble interprets itself and then you get the rules and principles how to tip the Bible and so what does it do it causes you to really to go down to this to the Bible then the analogy of scripture principle which means comparing Scripture with Scripture and type energy so if you don't understand to insert the passage of the parable then you go to other passages that are clear and then compare scripture after Scripture and then the clear passages the feel what is unclear. And then the necessity of the Holy Spirit in the Bible study so the 11 principles have been communicated from generation to generation and have also of been adopted by the administers final years. And they're worse bunny to vidual who formulated his in a very nice single set of rules. When about to greet at the movement of the $846.00 will need to fit into battle so we jump through unity years in the future and what did the year to add to this day William Miller advocate here it is quote you find it's a great controversy piece the 35 quote Who would have got up was the only testimony accepted by the preachers of the AT and truth to back in the Bible early was that what's the word. Seed it is a genius of the IT and movement because stay confined himself to the Bible specifically. That boasts the key to their success. And the principles of how to interpret the Bible not explained in William Miller's rules of babbling to petition he load him up on the floor on a piece of paper to say it's 2 pages and if you want to defend him here I doubt a book about the foundations of the 70 of this mess is a mission and there you see that rumor mill is the rules of babble interpretation and had to phone dish or movement and at the end where all those speeches you find. Very clearly though there were the principals no Google News Radio. Has referred to divorce rules of failure Miller's piece with the petition. One person 2 persons praise the Lord but what about the rest. And I know this is the foundation or of studying the Bible so maybe you have to study to find out where you could gather business the only book is a book with a road. But then we continue. Reading is the engine to spend years on babbling to potations need to petition the Bible. Quotes we in 844 to persist that the babble in the Bible only was to be our guide and we are never to depart from this position you find this in councils to write this in as its a space 145. Now what does the Spirit of Prophecy say about William Miller's The rules of in the petition how. Valuable it is and here do you see something here. Critics. There were shouting gates to proclaiming to 3rd angels message our seeking searching to scriptures upon the same plan that father Miller the adopted into a little book untitled view of prophecies and prophetic or Knology father Miller gives to following simple but in the Nugent and the plant to who rules for Bible study see here simple intelligent he didn't rules for not only just steady but also to interpretation of the Bible this will not refute Harold Nov 251884. Then elevate selects some of those rules and especially a door and door system now in the beginning you have the general rules in the 2nd part how to interpret the prophecy and perhaps we should go back and review how we interpret Daniel of evolution to catch the secret or the interpretation of prophecy the web and. Most of its prep are. All the subject presented in the bible see every rule. But only do one. As scripture is necessary and may be understood by diligent application and study so what you see now here is that if you read the passage to each word the immediate context is important but that's not enough to conclude certain doctors or teachings you have also to look at in the whole of the battle. So the route. And the large you can think of the whole Bible. And that's if you take those 2 together then and you can achieve it that identification. And then here numbers 3 nothing even in scripture can or will be it from those who are in faith not wavering. If you don't have faith don't expect to come to a proper conclusion your most a faith and most will getting through to the lurch that's Bible study that's about all the parties did and that's how we came to our teachings. Now only refer but elevator door since this is crucial understand ducting teaching but in the scriptures to give up on the subject which you wish to know then let everyone have its proper influence and if you confirm your theory without any contradiction you could be in enter. See here as the Scripture. And again every word. And if your theory or Dr Dean or teaching fits all. That you found and brought harmony you got it see how simple it is. British people you don't need to go to university or seminary to understand that one. And I would have to fight. Scripture most be used to own explosives or you know you find it in the scripture says it is the rule itself if. Teacher to expound to me and he should guess at its meaning or desire to have it so on account of his sectarian create were to be thought too right. Then his good seeing de sac Crete or wisdom is my rule and not the Bible so you know simple as this. Scripture is it's expensive of course this requires a level of Bible study for yourself because it doesn't come quickly if you live in a lazy Bush chair because you. Know you better sit up straight by the table and open the Bible. Because he. Has a Bible the module much of a difference and he concluded and that's how we've been to the Bible. So she endorsed the utils quote the above is a perishing of those rules and in our study of the Bible we shall do well to heed the principle sent forth. US if you help Nov 25804884. And serve friends. I would advise you to get a soon as possible and insight and you may find of all the up search and downloadable about it and see how easy those rules are for him to petition now what to position on in to interpret in the Bible today because our church does not promote it. The only militia rules so what do we know today you refer to as a time. Nothing bible study of this is the new document there is no document of 2 pages but each page use. Developed by a learned man and scholars and I tell you it is a good document. What does it do quote. Minutes of Bible study document is Digital Conference of 70 activists executive committee in 1808 at the end you counsel floated this document for the church. Now what is the executive committee is the committee that works between the 2 sessions you have 22012015 then in between you have the executive committee that in the spring if all comes together and meet the accommodations. Now what is a dupe it promotes the Sterkel crimen to commit it and who arms against quote the stroke of critical method of the Bible study quote even a mega faith use of this method that retains the principle of criticism which suburbanized the Bible to human reason is only acceptable to 70 after this and quote. So why did to believe the no decided to publish this because of the even those of critical approaches to the Bible and be rather to add this to tears to protect it kids do. Methods by publishing this. Then. The Bible is and the document affirms this it says the Bible is quote. The clear infallible would have illusion of God's will and if so vision the Bible is there would have got and it is the standard by which all teachings and experiences must be tested and quote So again this affirms the Babel and the Bible only so no matter where to study where to incorporate you study the polls should be to final 30 and so it is a good document but spelt out because things have developed over the years. More to sophisticated the. Principles have be discovered and so therefore we publish this. So the birth of the Bible study indicates to how to do the bible study it deals with the presuppositions principles and methods. Used the quotes in the beginning this statement is addressed to all members of the city of this church with the purpose of proof gate lanes or how to study the Bible but the 3 biblical scholars and others who ever in this group wrote this document is there one person. But about the list now probably it is that the church has no promoted this but if the church is not promoted to. The church Major still but even if the leadership has failed to stress this. You have a pastor in the church pastor to present the church. So you can ask your pastor please provide it for us this material. I don't want to burden your pastor with all kind of assignments but this is an important assignment. You know and if you read it and if that have questions you want to discuss Chris and you can try to explain it so keep in mind friends to do she's not our opposition today it explains more formally what William Miller had in 2 pages. Was an excellent presentation so he did. It's important to stress the days Gary claims of interpretation and for all people. This perspective is engrossed by Ellen right what is she saying quote The paragraph as written for do. Common people as well as for Scholars and is within the comprehension of oh councils to say I was schoolwork page $23.00 but she continues quote the baboo with these precious gems of truth was not to be to for school or alone on the Today it was designed for the common people and deed to petition given by the common people. When aided by the Holy Spirit it accords best we to truth as it is in Jesus and quote and that's what set we have to present in the bible study the truth and. Testimonies volume 5 bits 331 and so you can see what a fantastic thing it is there to be. Can do those things. MERIK. I mean if he does junk on his committee and I was going to members of my wife. But every division then how many divisions do we have. 13 every division established that own theology of ordination committee and certainly led to what we did in Washington D.C. It happens all over the world. So the North American division if you will have ordination committee decided this in a document but we have to addictive document a little so what is now the adoption Well why wasn't sufficient writing is William is the rules still valid for us right. So here let's see the reason for the other patients. Quote The methods of Bible study document was written and voted 27 years ago and as such does not address the whole movement in Biblical study which the last 20 years have seen so there's all kinds of scholars scheme for all kinds of new ideas up about the Bible and the document Metis the Bible study did not address those things so therefore we have to make some adult adept actions. Through because of the other. What needs to be expressed their North American division committee decided certain spinny should be don't believe in verbal inspiration for British tradition is that every letter is dictated by paper delivered. That you may be explicit I mean we have never discovered the Exodus church as never adopted frugally specie that every route. It's inspired know to prove. Their posters out the prophets are inspired but not every root to tear it wrote and we have to consider that the babble is both define a human and if it is a genuine document also then we have to be very careful if we use that word in Phila billeted because humans make mistakes. She will just groan. So did next man here he's still. Use of X. though no biblical historical and cultural sources to understand the text and good Emery and sentence construction of the document and the mysterious refers to Yosemite. Then in the North American Committee the photo of the baby the writings of Ellen right and the 28 fundamental beliefs and that's a good point. You know we have need to have some controlling influences of the Bible the writings of Helen right and to debate the beliefs. Now we in the Gox to the extra biblical sources have historical sources burglaries were the problems start to come up. Interesting but that committee from the North American division made to conclusion is very significant Lucian. She says then we look at what the US church is doing we have to. Look for like the Catholics but major wish to interpret Scripture. So what is it. The stroke of good. Approach. And that is what they feel that the method is. And then the principle of reading method so here you have the 2 things and the North American division Committee says this to commit to commit to deals with the playing natural little meaning of the words. What about the principle based D.D. method which do you recommend it is the principle of the object 3 of the scripture counted for what is it the trajectory is the way just scriptures flow well it is to destiny of the Scriptures what is the purpose of the Scriptures served a principle and trajectory of Scripture and if they deal with it and then they still need to clear the Bruce who used a clinical historical method this is preferred by openings of women's ordination but about your demands. Preferred by proponents of women sort of nation. So Ron did the North American committee feels but the 2nd method is also a method because if you use the 2nd method it's fee for should be ordination and they favor women's ordination so why not use that method. So the question is you know. Not confusing. The method of new post out of sticks they're not in harmony. Though now let's see here how to concede that it could historical claim medical method. It's focused on the play natural has little meaning of the text it's also called a common sense approach it usually of words using extra biblical sources and uses the Bible in the Bible ONLY as the only servers so less script to try to interpret a text. And that's what we have been doing for some time for many years. It is soused the bad will is even evident without mistakes but only in so variation and theology but also in science and history you could close the battle. Even in the matters of science and history conclusion with the spinning little approach to the Bible the ordination of women is not possible unless there is a clear biblical mandate. Unless you can even. Though do it. Because it affects every church in the world. So Taksin em practice so know that about a principle based leading method it includes quote principle based contextual linguistic and historical cultural reading strategies at the heart of the Biblical approach. It is vast To use of none Biblical sources. This approach consequently ceased most of the so-called controversial passages about women ordination in the context of family relationships and in some as some emphasize a 2 submission so if it is not the woman submit to the wife. But also to has been submitted to the woman this is a 2 way street it is supercold leadership thing and then and it talks about women to men whenever it has nothing to do with the church but it's only within the home. So it can find their statements to the whole situation or mutual submission. And that is. The truth all the controversial prestigious. With the use of this approach no conclusive evidence prohibiting the ordination of women can be found in the Bible so do you know yes to talks about the ordination of men but where does it state you can not ordain women it doesn't state it so therefore we can go it. With methods to use. Any D. committees sense but methods we need the Bradford ngs or read the Methodists or battle study document proofs for the atmosphere. So both methods fit there together so you can either use this or that. Now how shooter you shouldn't. Read a literal reading strategy would be sufficient to understand most of the Bible so destroy her medical method is the best for most of the battle. But there are exceptions. And this has to do with the text we've been ordination. Led to committee beliefs the drop goal completions when we shoot imply a principle based reading because depression scouts were an understanding of the stroke and contextual setting so we need to show they are not as easy to be understood and then he used to 2nd best us. Now the question here is. The $62.00 minutes we submit that that's what they say quote detects the terms of each method may be murder propre for them to petition now the question is. Who determines which texts should be dealt. Texts is this all good reader. To me it may be fairly plain. But there's somebody else made me play so we did not play to use the other method but to me you don't have to use it. You see both of the result is confusion it takes their ideas certainty of the teachings with metal. Then he Committee says quote. The general rule of thumb is that when it comes when 2 or more are interpretations are claimed for a passage the one that works with the information. So they use the other one. To methods compare. Let's take an example through steamer to 1st 12 and 13. I see if another woman went to teach. Nor usurp authority over the man why for Adam else 1st formed then. More books and papers have been written on this text you can imagine so let us use now both methods and example of how I met the school pair he's trying her medical method visible goes through the method. Through medical methods. Explains the lewd relationship between male and female. Before seeing that it's very important to be 1st seen and sure but the role of the difference is. Or functions before the fall because he says and it was created 1st. So he uses Creation or before seeing. What about you have a methods. This is only a girl situation in essence. Be flu season deficit totally quantity in nature in functions to do us no difference whatsoever except by illegible. Adam and Eve were both of us and priests and were the priests into sanctuary of Eden. Battle again and we destroyed critical methods he says. Well before Eve in the order of creation. Him to be the leader. So are we allowing our patio. To interpret the situation 4000 years or in the year. Or do we have to follow. Scholars today. Who interpret the situation 6000 years earlier. About the principle base myth that says. Zeus did not stick to see associated with the Goddess Dana remember duality of deviations. And the Tennessee Vols to do would most creative 1st and surpass Oh thrash to. Amend that situation. And so do you. Luko will leave for. Emphasis to fight ahead of you. Now where do we find that had a see. You can lid look at all being literature but there is no study that has ever showed that to those dead in the church that this. Would be created 1st existent in FS In fact you have to wait another 2 years to the end of the 2nd century where you find there's no stick. But not in the time of Paul. And there is nothing in Timothy that says Pallies or didn't she had a she. He only thinks the shape only in the emphasis church because as opposed to the beginning the woman should know depletion. That's what he says East peace comment inspire each. We're not welcome in the preface and apostles of the Bible to interpret the Bible itself. I tell you if I face Jesus into judgment I can say. I found Apollo. I followed Jeremiah. And. I followed mock that some pieces friend the Bible the Bible only. So this is now how the methods work you see simple evaluate you have the methods of battle study document so now we take each 70. Interpretation methods and compared it with the $8989.00 document that is recommended for our church. The issue is how can you sing methods or when to petition the. Lady to opposite conclusions or women ordination proofed by just $78.00 to the standard document for good looking to petition. How can we be to benefits to opposing conclusions. And supported. By the document that says the Bible to be lonely. So let's continue here you see the OP Opus's. The issue is who. Well to not do. Or which interpretation to use in a given passage. How do we determine that the balcony is no longer the arbiter of the human being as you. So we've determined are. What should be done. And therefore the Bible is not only for us but we had over the Bible so. Let's look at it could a medical admitted a historical method and the myth that these methods of Battle Studies document. This true good medical method to opponents to ballet people as discipline pretty standard to an authority for truth and be a very comfortable fit the methods of babble study document claims that the Bible is quote clear infallibly level of God's will and is so vision the Bible is the Word of God but and it alone is the standard by which all teachings and experiences must be touched and to quote. The conclusion is there for everything needs to be to be tested by the bible This means that a document is in full harmony with historical medical methods that the Bible is defined low 30 to determine what is the truth all women ordination. And in all other issues about creation evolution Rouge ship music all of those things homosexuality. You know things inside from the spirit of prophecy about the value of the Babble one serving controversies What is that during the 888 do you need to 88 when Adventists were involved a major call diversion controversies and the like in fact a cliche state it quote. It is the root of the Living God That is to decide all controversies and quote She explains quote the word of God His decree detector of at or to eat me believe everything must be brought to bear members be our standard for every doctor me and practice the study of the difference for me is the $888.00 Materials pages $44.45. So you can see you know variability it is because this decide what. Controversies including we are a nation. Again. What is the value. The Spirit of Prophecy considers the Bible the only truly objective pathology of history and all might surface that quote. Only can be find in history of a race and separate but a human prejudice or you can print and quote so whatever polemics Peter writes the Old Testament they are not contaminated by pride by prejudice Oh yes you know Pavel's a woman hater Orphic you know you have no respect for women. It doesn't fit into the spirit. It's. They is there without prejudice and without product it isn't objective you know you really should. Value of Babel. She continues the Bible lights up the faster distant past where human research seeks a v need to penetrate their way throughout school as. They are simply speculating about it. And then he a P.T. actually profits base 596 you find it all so debatable gestures non biblical research I have a scholarly world is being judged by the Bible and not those sources church debatable conclusion the Bible is the best source to evaluate idiots the village of X. the Biblical sources. The story the medical method priests only actually uses disparate civil Yes I don't know that studies also are resource out site but when it comes back accepting this we used to Pavel. Now literacy literacy evaluate the principle based methods and the document methods of Bible study. The principle based methods includes principle based contextual linguistic and historical cultural reading of the status strategies at the heart of their biblical approach these methods include the use of the old typical sources business you know how do you evaluate those. The methods of battle study also recommended Bible Students Equinix should be the study of the biblical text and explored the stroke calling cultural factors our community and to Pelosi and he steamy contributes to understanding to me meaning of the text and quote yet this document clearly states that the back is to final judge over those no Biblical sources to keep of the mend. The conclusion. The principle being contextual approach uses did no wrong biblical findings however it neglects the bad will meet minutes of Bible study stipulation that the Bible is the standard by which to accord rectums of these sources are to be judged. Consequently detections interpreted by conclusions of known Biblical sources that allows for the rooms for reading to text in support over women ordination and put into position. And if you as a division feels that they would suit be ordained what methods are you going to use into difficulty X. And what about the difficult text any text dealing with the bill in relation or man's leadership see I'm serious here. And that is the reason right to developed this principle based reading but many of our people don't understand this and get confused says John you know here you have these documents and you can do anything you can be forward we should against what a nation is rather OK no friends conclusions on the 2 methods of in the petition it is impossible that both of these Sturgill grammatical methods and the principle based methods are in harmony with quote the methods of Bible study document. Because their conclusions diametrically opposed. Gramatica method is in harmony with the methods of Bible study because it is guided by the babble and the Bible only. Making the babble of the final authority and judge or. Is outside of the Bible. Bend. Over aspect of interpretation of the Bible is interpreted is to call the redemptive movement into position now what is that sounds good is the text. For then in the past. Well for now and this notice in of interpretation is the key. And he bent movement. It is necessary quote This is the. D.N.A. de Tosca representative says it is necessary to find a set of principles to distinguish the twitches strand school children from that which is you know because the Bible is written in the to kill or speech in time it's. Conditioned And so some things up. Throughout the Bible and into the future are only limited. And so you then. This means that we have to find out what quote what component of the Biblical text have all growing practical significance and wept components are limited in application to do or digital agence then. And up discovering this distinction can be done by adopting a very dumb to have movement hermeneutic that is based on the life ministry death and resurrection to such beautiful it's called a center. So how does it work complex Culloty. Back to creation into petition. At commission. This is do you Simpson Do they have men and women experience that totally quality or of nature and function or will Adam and Eve were both rulers best priests in the sanctuary and if so that's a total equality. At the fado women were brought into were temporary submission to men that was only to last till Christ's. So lonely in your old testament but Babbitt Crace came here for food Deb shit and what does it mean. Because of that he didn't shoot Jesus Christ this is a day Nicky quoting of nature function in Roe was now finally reached Stuart as described in collations 328 then men and women are to function as spiritual leaders have ministers and pastors in the church 30 Lieschen sheep is now ready 3 supercargo which means there is no a mold to natural submission and not any more of one party to the other. Past statement or its ship and he talks about this inclusion order I limit to it. To local situation and have no universal application whatsoever so it better to end it now to get back to a lot of 2000 years now to catch up and post the feminist movement that brought us that clearly enlightenment that narrow will be a completely free equal and we don't need to submit anymore. But to even using you could object creation but if that assumption of totally quality is incorrect the I.M.F. is falls apart. So when you want to do are you going to use these methods or are you going to use polls methods. Very simple. Back to creation. This approach looks for the redemptive spirit or trajectory in the texts to discern votes still applies today. People to the foolish 3 utilization or if it's real for them that is what is more reaches equitable levering it just. It is called the Creation Faddle recreation back to creation who new to coding to petition so every text that you interpret To regard to even ordination you have to ask yourself the old sort of question establish a relationship between male or female is more righteous equitable living and just under the plans you or you live. Very simple and our culture is now total equality and that's what we have to use. From the perspective of the bank to creation interpretation of the Bible completions 328 is vital that is needed John. Nerd Gentile needed no free. Birdies than a male or female for you are an increased. The stakes are the causes back to the divine ideal of creation which has no place for digital subordination of females to male. So therefore if you want to do it you. Principle method. It seems as if he is stroke a mythical method doesn't use principles should we have to use your principles but principles in harmony with the Bible. Evaluation of the book to creation approach. This approach to Texas based on the presupposition that in the Bible isn't 3rd Jack 3 a movement of progression in the experience of humans from eating to Eden the story based on God's plan of salvation. This trajectory. Taken is the key to interpretation or biblical text to support if you will fully quality between male and female such as Adam and Eve functioned as priest before and after the fall full equality the included to assumption is that beef up the relationship between Adam and Eve Prost not or if a need to compliment each other. But good to ourself total equality in nature and no distinction in functions or ols this batch or or if the divine had a Cipro and leadership role of the man before to follow their spell to add to the New Testament it's sure a good and a misuse of the bed biblical text issue Purt of an agenda in support of women's ordination. And survey Alice in the past have believed that millionaire female compliment each other that complete fit each other through each other in the needs. But. This is what is has been rejected. Now the question is real there is the leadership find unity in these positions. And as a result of the task every party has now be more from the. Stake in the ground the before before the revision is only a myth of policy but after a study of 2 years we all agree it needs to be based on the battle at least positions based on the bag. There is nameless easy being piece of the Bible and yet letting conflict there's no unity possible friends no unity you hope you know just be quiet about it but everybody has put their station is in the Bible and they you cannot compromise. So here both sites claim support of the Bible in Spirit of Prophecy put into petitions How could there be a unity led to positions on the ribbon ordination a day limited to your post I mean you use common sense unity is only possible when we accept the position that I and our teachings are based on the Bible. That is the only week that unity can be accomplished and the leaders will realize that this is the key you will have a continual fight on your hands and churches are split because the church member cv to you also Deacon. And you have a dick you know the back of the bag lonely. Because that has been the command that. Well to be the outcome of the controversy. Use a vision of Ellen right in division a shock to our army in terrible conflict one army of us led by the banners bearing the work we're Insania the others by the blood stained blending of principal and you'll still only to have to stand it close left to true in the dust as company after company from the little charming junior fellow. But try to have to try from the ranks of the enemy you need to get with the commandments of people people of God Praise the Lord you see here company after company a good stripe after tried. There is quite a difference. It's come from. From the through family worse he battled. Through phantoms of go up. And about continues here. Notwithstanding the spiritual darkness and a nation from God at the latest in the churches which constitute Babylon the Great Bad Day of Christ through followers are still to be found in their communion there's a few more do so despite with the present condition and the lemming for clear light they look is going for the image of Christ in the churches with which they are connected and quote a great call that which you see 90 you see Dish's. Controversy has affected every church. Has split many churches. And people who have had to follow the Bible the Bible only have separated from those churches. And what they do do they look for people communities and churches that call by the back of the bed I go. So you can see you know how important it is to do. Our church the image of Christ pushed on the back if. They were doing. Because their churches have apostatized and you know churches will fix up to $300.00 in each according to steps to to stick a Studies with them in giving. And membership. Intervals thousands of people. And say oh I witness about the babble of the Bible only and the truth is in Jesus is degree heat attraction for God's people because. You get the point that is very very important and so that is what it is to babble in the Bible only what is not is the position of the Bible Well according to the latest information of the Spirit of Prophecy. In our time there is a ready Parcher from birth to the firm as doctors have precepts and they said Need to a pretty turn to degrade present principle the bag of the Bible ONLY as deluded or faith and duty. So she calls upon us to oppose this. Quote the same unscrew bring it Tetons to the Word of God many faceted that gracious or that information is the only hope of reform today. And quote a great goal in the 1st 2 pages to afford into a 5. You see how important it is that we should be clearly demonstrated to be either continuity of that information and that this is the breach to all our problems friends and relatives. Rai didn't write Tosk didn't solve the crisis. But the delegates who Juden not unite because of the different views of inspiration abetted so people to petition. The division. That the position on women's ordination is based on the Bone Spirit of Prophecy. They were convinced about. The route to choose the stroke or medical method that takes to Barry bull as its final arbiter of its doctoring this method shows that the beast methods misinterpret the battle. Very very clear. The only way to solve the crisis to unite is to unite on the same methods over interpret in the Bible that is the only way that will solve the controversy because of the church are we willing to make the sacrifice Fadi Ching affects or different Mississippian to petition and this you know is far reaching we once were to Nishan is but a 1000000 example of how the church is effected to be able to petition the. Sherry to serve evolutionary theories and effect. It's very close churches are schools and those things. The query questions look on the range and. The people that tend to use the same principles I mean to petition the principle base presume a new tax term to use this. And if you have seen the desaster results in other churches. News you can lose SCHIP have divided us. Discussions on the joy of the Gospel justification significant perfection and victory over seemed to define a generation. No focused on the group's. Differences and difficult to petition and not following the counsel of the Spirit of Prophecy. And so friends. We caught will have a people no matter what you see here don't you quote but God will have the people upon the earth to maintain the Bible in the Bible ONLY as the standard of all doctoring and the basis of all the forms before our accepting any doctrine or precepts we should demand a plain bus service the Lord in its support. Great called The 1st the 595 and so you can see what's. Grown Dios hope for us we don't need to be disappointed about the crisis don't us. Radio show to only be disappointed if you don't see our mission. But friends with this information sharing it with neighbors friends relatives and whatever we can get a revival in our church and we can build our churches stronger and more powerful because don't think that if you're deaf and that's what a nation. That our church has become more solved in conservative but more liberal do you think that we will attract Nur of the of the churches because for all of our teachings to. Know because most churches consider this the Sabbath as really the past you don't need to do it and churches to do food washing with the Lord's Supper That's crazy. See their friends if they see you've got the babble about lonely though to be. The key here is called speech he describes prophetic remnant and if you didn't understand of the prophecy they will join us and so friends made the call to help us to do this and your task is not only for you right. To your leaders you try to approach you and says we have to come back to the path of the Bible only and we have to come back to a unity in prophetic in the potations and biblical interpretation and be called Hope you but if you do say OK now that was Beijing information and you grab. You will not contribute to the prosperity of COS church. And be called perhaps Europe is now as material where do I get it. Simply on the internet simply in the incident he'll regret at this news network Mentzer babble study document it is there in the new ticks of the North American division it's all there and all the articles and also people who disagree with this document and those who have produced in 2030. And we don't know 5 years ago. Friends read a study in it and applied to the old black that sprayed. And I was called to bless us evilly Father we thank you so much by giving us this marvelous insight in your words and how powerful is your work is and that this word is the only remedy for our church and the only way that we can bring a very fit then the Holy Spirit can bring to revive the Reformation Oh Father help us to share discord message that you have given us with Manti 9.9 percent of the world who doesn't even know have at the does of his and we are trying to fight among ourselves Oh Father help us to keep a vision how to big we can implement this marvelous light to the world and maybe our midst it's will be a message of hope or rescue or it's people doing the loud cry and the letter grade and it may not be left out in the letter read but maybe an instrument in your hands in Jesus' name and for his sake he meant. This media was brought by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free audio and much more if you would like to know more about. This. Or.


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