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Tech Transformation Part 1

Christian Berdahl


The influence of today's technology on our mind, part 1.


Christian Berdahl

Founder of Shepherd's Call music ministry


  • October 20, 2018
    10:45 AM
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Good morning happy Sabbath. When we look at the Word of God We find that he encourages us each one to actually connect with each other and to commune with each other and fact this is why a lot of people utilize social media to connect let's look at Hebrews 10 verse 24 and 25 Let us consider one another and to provoke until love and to good works not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is but exhorting one another and so much of the more as you see the day approaching and what day is that that we were referring to here the Lord Jesus Christ's appearing Amen In fact we are literally encouraged by this scripture as we see that want to provoke into other good works to not for sake the gathering together of ourselves too strongly exhort means to strongly encourage as you see the day of Jesus approaching Have you been looking around the world lately and seeing what's going on come on up have you been looking in the church and seeing what's going up yeah the Lord is coming soon praise the Lord and fact my wife and I believe this to be the case we believe that Jesus Christ's return is eminent This is why we've sold all that we have and we are on the road in that trailer out there that's my house now I talk behind a truck and go all over the country because we want to encourage God's people to find a true walk with God to to to limit or minimize the distractions of the world so we can focus on Jesus Christ who is seeking to save us. The division we see in the world today. From different races different countries the division we see in the church today this is all being manifest and we were told for thousands of years that this would come and frankly my friends I'm excited to be living in this day and age it's a fearful time a Greater is He who is innocent he is in the world and today is digital world many choose to assemble themselves together using online social media communities. And unfortunately many of them are satisfied by this limited connection now I want to say at the outset that we are not against the Internet or social media so you can breathe a little breath of. Reassurance the reality is we as Christians that are dedicated and connected to cries we can utilize these different wonderful technologies to assist us and giving the gospel message Amen deep interpersonal communication and communion can you hear me OK By the way the gallus of the volume went down and I feel like I have to talk a little bit louder of you can hear you can hear me in the back OK OK Good then I'll just keep gone trusting everybody knows what they're doing. Oh you can't hear me you can't OK I'm sorry they would like a little more volume in the back deep into personal communion and communication is what we all need even what we crave to be completely joy filled human beings we all want to be connected communicating and communing with each other. And we just can't find this on our screens we want to understand and to be understood parents spouses children friends we we all want to be heard neighbors and coworkers Chet church members and even God himself desires us to understand him and choose to commune with Him He longs to commune with each one of us effective meaningful communication actually is quite complex when you think about it looking into the eyes of the person you're you're communicating with reading their body language and watching their facial expressions listening even to the intonations in their voice and then amazingly putting it all together with what is actually being said and how it's being said what the body language of what's being said hoping that we can comprehend what they're trying to communicate to us effective communication has always been a necessary component of strong interpersonal relationships Amen and it has in many ways proven to be a struggle for us as a people Dr Albert may Arabian a professor emeritus of psychology at U.C.L.A. widely known for his publications on the relative importance of verbal and nonverbal messages through his studies and others we have found these that. 7 percent of any message conveyed through Word So body language is what we're looking at here and only about 7 percent of what we're saying is important 38 percent is through circle certain vocal elements and 55 percent is through non-verbal elements facial expressions gesture and posture so what this means is that 953 percent of communication is non verbal That's huge no wonder it's so difficult to effectively communicate online in an attempt to put some sort of body language or context to our online communication emoji is were created. It's true this is why we have them and motives are an attempt to help us to add some sort of expression some sort of context to our lifeless texts you know you write this out you got to put like 5 M O G So people really go that you're not being mean or something right all of us networking has misled us into thinking that we have lots of friends complete with healthy relationships you see in today's digital social media world we've actually settled many people for screen grabs pictures in Modi's videos texts as a replacement for face to face meaningful communion with each other because all of this acquiring of friends and all and I really don't like that term in social media that these are all friends because apparently I have tens of thousands of friends but friends they're not all my friends it's a word that's being thrown around that lessens the value of what it means to have a real friend. Online Community is the question can we actually have an online community unfortunately some people have replaced true quality of friendships with superficial or meaningless quantity type friendships the challenges the actual medium of social media is actually one of the problems Dr Professor Marshall McLuhan who coined the famous adage The medium is the message his research it's right on target regarding social media meaning in the long run a medium is content matters less not that it doesn't matter but it matters less than the medium itself in influencing how we think and how we act and that's what we see social media is actually not just social media but any sort of online activities is actually starting to alter the brain and we're to look at this as afternoon and it's starting to alter how we interact with one another a popular medium molds what we see and how we see it and eventually if we use it enough it actually changes who we are as individuals and as a society and this holds true for online living including social media and of course we already know because we're going to look at here and 2nd Corinthians we already know that by beholding we are changed Amen now that you're not going to find those words in the Bible but you'll find the principle in 2nd Corinthians 318 but we all how many of us young old short tall male female In other words all of us a man all dusty young people's problem no it can be all of our problems. The medium itself influences how we act or think so we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord in other words we're looking to the things of Christ we are changed into the same image from glory to glory Amen even as by the spirit of the Lord so when we look at the things of God when we behold the character of Christ we will be changed into the same image yes or no yes in fact what's beautiful is the moment you come to Jesus you start with what glory 0 to say hello this is what it says from glory to what glory so the moment I come to Christ I start with glory and I receive his character I receive the impressions of the still small voice from God Amen so I start with glory if I look at the scripture and read it backwards are in the inverse if you will but we all with open face beholding of the glass of the glory of the Lord our change we're going to reverse it now we could be but we all with open face beholding as the glass the the defamation the nastiness of the devil we are changed into the same image from deformity to deformity even as by the spirit of the devil so in but in the Bible you'll find principles and they apply both ways if we behold the things of God will become more like God Behold the things of the world were double become more like the world in the devil yes or no so indeed the content does matter but deeper than this the medium itself is changing us our thinking our lives in this generation are being changed little by little and many actually believe that we can have meaningful healthy relationships nearly all of mine friends this is a deception the thinking has shifted. As digital immigrants now what's a digital immigrant a digital immigrant as those who were not raised with this type of technology that would be me I'm near I'm 49 I'm almost 50 and so I was not raised in this technological digital world I am a digital immigrant I'm more R. ning how to adopt it in my life so I'm an immigrant gender stand. We were not raised with it and so we've had to adapt into a digital world we started in the add a log world if you will and now we're kind of learning how to get into that digital world however digital natives are entirely different. Digital Natives are those who are born into or brought up during the age of digital technology and therefore are familiar with commuters and the Internet from an early age this is normal life to them and those of us who are those of you I can't see us those of you who are around 30 years or older we migrate our lives into this digital world and we actually still have one foot in the tangible world and the other now coming into the digital world the challenge with the digital natives is they've never needed their thinking shifted. This is just how it is this is what community is online they've been raised with it and now it's the most natural thing for them to be online but disconnected from each other and the environment around them. Largely this generation of young people think that that online is what community is many times were physically present with each other but not engaging with each other we are in our own little world mentally and emotionally engaged with our online have long line lives while we're missing out on our real lives you know many times people are sitting there and this amazing things are happening right in front of them but they don't even know because they're right here on this thing because they think that's life now while they're missing out on life can you see any problems with this we as users have believed and propagated this online community idea and quite the buzzword these days in fact we live in an age where we are literally connected all the time now more than ever we're connecting through our smartphones our tablets our laptops our home computers and even on our T.V.'s Now we're using them basically as large screens and using apps and social media and different gaming on those we think that social media like Facebook snap chat or Instagram promise us relationships and community but the reality is friends these companies like Facebook have never promised us community they've never promised that they've only promised to connect us with our network or with others and there's a vast difference between communing and community and just mere connection what we've done as a human family is to turn a simple online networking service into our new lazy way of developing so-called community. It's a mediocre community at best and very limited problematic and dysfunctional frankly at the worse Now my concern is that we are as a people especially the people of God were many times we're settling for this very limited connection when what we really desire is true communion and true community it's time to carefully consider the reality of social media in our online lives now the reality is we're not going to escape the digital world unless we choose to just cut it out and that is possible however very rare but we can learn to use media carefully fully aware with our eyes open and this afternoon and tomorrow we're going to expose some of the things that are going on and it will terrify some of you frankly especially if you have young children. Media can be used for good every day our ministry puts out a new spiritual thought or or some scripture good use Amen and many people are doing that many ministries are using it in positive ways so it can be used to affect change in positive ways in this crazy world so we're not against online media we're not against being in utilizing this technology being a vessel for the Lord there are some ideas though and I want to look at a few of these surrounding the social media world that we would do well to look into and one of social media's ideology is that media are a moral and this is being propagated all over the world we've come to believe that how we communicate doesn't really matter as long as we're communicating. What we think that we think that various forms of media are neutral and under our control social media and the Internet you know they're just tools and I'll use them whenever I want as though there's not something behind it that causes us to become even addicted which we'll look at this afternoon The Shallows What the Internet is Doing to Our brain author Nicholas Carr writes in the end we come to pretend that the technology itself does not matter it's how we use it that matters we tell ourselves the implication comforting in its hubris is that we are in control the technology is just a tool and nurture until we pick it up and inert again once we set it aside and we will show this afternoon this is not true. Basically what we're saying is that our smartphones are no different than a pad of paper or a pen or Nick Cyclopedia not affecting or influencing us until we decide to use it PROFESSOR SUSAN GREENFIELD one of Britain's top neuroscientists whose research we're going to look at to deeper this afternoon way back in 2015 now in the digital world 2015 might it might as well been a decade ago but here's what she was saying several years ago many were dismissive of the suggestion that technology could shape the mind now there appears to be a debate on how rather than if. In fact hundreds of studies have been commissioned around the world and it's showing yes indeed the brain is impacted the mind the physiology the neurobiology and fact there are spiritual implications as well but when we think that what would be a whole doesn't really change or the medium that we use doesn't friends we are on shaky ground I'd like to read testimonies for the church paid a volume 5 page $94.00 if the thoughts are wrong though what the feelings will be wrong can we look at wrong thoughts on social media of course it's rampant with it and the thoughts and feelings combined make up the what moral character so because my thoughts and my feelings are being moved by social media and by my online presence my friend media is not a moral media is very immoral or immoral M.N. you're not convinced and then OK good as I had about 4 of you. Reading on when you decide that as Christians you're not required to restrain your thoughts and feel I'm going to watch whatever I want I'm going to read whatever I want I need to be informed after all right now wait a 2nd when you decide as Christians are not required to restrain your thoughts and feelings you are brought under the influence of Jesus no that's not what it says you're brought out of the influence of what evil angels and invite their presence and their control no think you if you yield to your impressions allow your thoughts to run in a channel of suspicion Oh man you get on social media there are people that are putting stuff out there all the time that cause your mind to run in a channel of suspicion doubt and repining she says you will be among the most unhappy of mortals and your lies will prove failure. I mean it's almost as though she knew that social media was coming think about that the fact is if what by beholding Yes we are changed and now my friends it's not just like be holding those around us and we could be sitting out in the middle of nowhere still on our digital advice and being influenced by the devil and by the world you never had that before the world indeed is changing and since the very part form of social media is changing the way that I think and feel imbuing me with thoughts and feelings therefore by definition media can be moral or very immoral not amoral can I hear a man. Media the content and the medium impact us and every medium has an inherent bias Neil Postman author of Amusing Ourselves to Death he writes about technology and here's an interesting paragraph we found it has within its physical form a predisposition toward being used in certain ways and not others only those who know nothing of the history of technology believe that a technology is entirely neutral even technology has an agenda of its own our use of these online social media are changing how we think and how we even interact with one another online social media is now unfortunately our perfervid way of keeping our conversations going working through these texts and working through emails everything is now tech driven and we many times per for that face to face communion is increasingly becoming more difficult for the digital natives they don't know how to do it many have never developed the necessary interpersonal communication skills or they are quickly losing them if they are a bit older. Another one of social media's ideology it's OK to make it all about you another social media never before in this world have we ever seen such an easy way to promote self before the only way to promote yourself was face to face with people or if you're a famous person perhaps you might have articles written about your or T.V. or radio programs interviewing or posters perhaps that were promoting your next event and most digital immigrants we feel actually a little strange talking about ourselves in conversation and unless we're asked about our lives or our opinions we usually didn't walk around engaged in shameless self promotion insect if somebody did that we would refer to them as you know guys kind of conceited is a little self-centered The original sin my friends it was pride beginning with Lucifer himself you see the biases or agenda of social media has become to a large extent it's all about me the majority of users today unfortunately utilize social media as a means to glorify self and by the way that picture she's taking over self she's done $52.00 of them before she found the right one it was not how it started though or even how most intended on using it when we joined these different platforms but now it's the most normal thing our thinking has shifted not healthy but this is what it is we're not asked for this information we're consistently sending pre-meditated information about self to the world in an effort to paint a picture to the world or our friends of how we want them to view us and most of the time it's not even accurate. By the way the Bible says so it's about what am I doing what do I like What's my opinion social media is a digital way of self to self present through status of dates photos and likes you to this byline as broadcaster self but the Bible has counsel that is quite opposite let another praise you Proverbs 272 and not your own mouth. But a stranger and not your own lips you see a false sense of self-importance is far and usually a false a virtual version of ourselves becomes our manufactured online virtual reality in fact many times we're not even presenting what's really going on in our lives I've seen it with my own eyes. A Christian couple on the verge of divorce their child struggling with serious emotional and mental issues the father a slave to Internet pornography and the mother on the verge of a mental breakdown but when you read their constantly updated social media posts and their personal profile they're the model Christian family they have postured themselves very carefully and friends you know this is true their postings are filled with out not lies their postings are filled with the life that they wish they had they're not solving anything they're just fooling themselves they were living through an alternative life Listen to this their virtual selves are numbing their real broken lives so they will live life through a virtual version of themselves while ignoring the real problems that are causing the issues in their own life isn't that crazy. Because before it's like we would people would run to drugs and alcohol may still do and they would run to movies and music and they still do but now they're actually running 2 virtual versions of themselves and you know what to do with that that's crazy unfortunately far too many people are more concerned with what's going on in the virtual world and how people perceive them while they're ignoring the real world that is left to neglect sometimes many have mazing virtual lives while their real lives are a mess and sadly falling apart who do you think is behind fact. Did you know that it has been discovered that at least 25 percent that's one in 4 post on social media is a flat out lie a white lie or a lie of omission Now I'm not saying that they should post all of the sad details of what they're going through in their life no we don't want that but posts are filled with lies why not just post what I mean scuse me what I see is I see a lot of people that are having these issues and and they are wanting to post something so they want to post and they get out there and they start posting things and many times a lot of it doesn't even really matter did you know that people watch people making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But they'll sit there for hours and just and and just go into other people's lives because they're so dissatisfied with their own. I've had young people come up to me after I've given my testimony and I have a tough testimony in it it cracks open cans of worms for people that have gone through the same and they begin to tell me sometimes of their problems that they're having in school or at home the depression and suicidal thoughts perhaps they're struggling with and it goes on and on and it breaks my heart and I I by God's grace try to create a bridge to them and and tell them that that I love them and that the Lord loves them and that there are some help and some answers out there and I try to pray with them and encourage them but sometimes I sense there's like maybe a little something off and so I will search for them sometimes on these different online sources including Facebook or their Instagram posts and sometimes I see a totally opposite person fun happy sillies successful being hugged by their their parents and so on and so forth so I have to ask as a as a minister of the gospel which one is the truth the one that they were telling me face to face when they just trying to garner sympathy or did they really need help or is it the online presence because can you see the disconnect in the problems you could have so I have to know what's going on which is the truth you see what we're doing now by and large is recreating avatars of our own and other words these are figures that represent particular people in video games or on online experiences so we escape into these new avatars creating our own hypocritical online existence which reinforces in our thinking that we're probably all a bunch of hypocrites and liars. Have you ever thought about it that way because if we're not posting the truth then we're going to know wall I already know him and he's not that's really not what he's gone through that's really not who he is so it reinforces in our mind that more probably everybody or largely everybody online are probably fudging the truth a little bit and they're probably hypocrites friends don't you see this being a problem for the digital natives especially when they just know that everything is not true now what happens when a well meaning person comes along on a social media platform and is teaching them the truth and sharing the truth well that can't be true either because you just can't trust what's going on all the devil is at work. How could this new medium not cause some serious emotional and sociological issues when we focus on self we're looking in the wrong place we need to be looking to God who is the real problem solver social media ain't going to do it amen and as sweet as and as innocent as many of our posts are like pictures of our children when you know their side of that happy and we give them a beautiful little gift on their birthday the problem is we post it for the entire world and no longer is it a special event that is shared with our close friends now everybody's on the same level whether it be Grandma or the kid that you knew in 3rd grade that's now our friend who really doesn't give anything about your life there is no difference everyone gets to see it all this does not build community it destroys it. And now apparently everything we're doing in our life are notable newsworthy items that must be broadcast around the world and then we sit by and we watch to see how many people were respond and if they don't respond the way that we think that they should we can fall into a place of frustration and isolation and for some even depression people will go back and they can't wait to see I posted something I want to see how amazing I am and how many people think that I'm amazing too and my right. This is what's going on we're using social media now as a way to gage our talents and the build our own self-worth if you don't get the likes and the responses and different thumbs up and all these types of things then people have been actually diagnosed clinically diagnosed depressive disorders and you've probably heard the the idiom keeping up with the Joneses Joneses Fortunately it's alive and well in the real world and in the virtual world. Although now we look at dozens of friends maybe hundreds of even thousands of friends and what they post and what they're wearing and and oh well I wish I could dress like that and what music that they like and that they listen to yeah well I'm a Christian I just can't listen to that I shouldn't listen I want to but I really shouldn't and you know who are they hang in a way to minute why didn't they ask me to hang out with them my vacations are lame compared to theirs whoa I'm not of a good mother as she is I'm not even creative like her Whoa I am not as fit as that guy I'm pathetic look at me I'm a blubber baby I wish my family was that spiritual Oh I wish my spouse and I would would talk to each other like that man my life stinks my relationship is a mess so we secretly covet. Our neighbor's listen our neighbor's virtual life. We're not even coveting their real life at least 30 years ago you would covet their real life. But now we're coveting probably 25 percent of it at least as a lie. Just amazes me. Deuteronomy those very clear that were on Dave's dangerous ground we covet generally 521 and you shall not covet your neighbors wife and you shall not desire neighbor's house his field or his male servant or his female servant his ox or his dog or anything that is your neighbor's you see self promotion is at an all time high these days and social media is designed to promote self self promotion is spoken against in the Bible pride is shaky ground and it leads to falls Proverbs $1618.00 pride goeth before destruction and a hearty spirit before a fall and yet it's everywhere with the promotion of self and the pride of opinion being the center of billions of people's world every day it's only a matter of time before it all comes tumbling down frankly we know we have major problems coming in this world right I'm concerned that people are going to lose their God loving minds if we just have a simple power grid failure and the entire electrical system tumbles which causes the Internet to tumble and literally these people's lives are going to be gone if your life is wrapped up in that virtual world when your world ends what are you going to do what's real in your life do you have a real walk with God or do you kind of just have a virtual walk can I be honest and frank with you this morning because friends I believe the eminent return of Jesus it's upon us oh doll we have to go through this and this and this and this a get out of your head and look around it's happening Amen get out of the virtual world that everything's great and look at the real world and what's going on. So we as devoted Christian as a beautiful Christian community need to be solid in the truth standing with their arms open wide to receive these broken avatars to receive these broken virtual people and to love them with a real community to heal their broken bodies Amen and to lead them to Jesus Christ Proverbs $2923.00 says one's pride will bring him a low but he who is lowly in spirit will obtain on another words when we see that we have been utilizing some of these things in a wrong way let's let's lay it on the altar and say Lord please forgive me I humble myself before you in fact frankly Lord humble me give me the gift of humbleness and change in me what doesn't please you he must increase it's the humble that God will use and the reward with and reward them with internal life self must be laid in the dust I must decrease so he can increase but friends because of these new digital natives the idea that self must be laid in the dust goes against this young generations philosophy like none other self is to be celebrated so as to be promoted so as to be displayed self as to be glorified even in the Church of God now and we digital immigrants Oh don't think that we're safe we are converting to we are not immune Come on let's think about this how many hours this last week or how about this month so far how many hours have been not invested in your walk with God but have been wasted in fullest things not necessarily sinful things but this foolish things watching you to. On the internet looking at things that you should be looking at on social media looking at Burra listicle e many times just what everybody else is doing it does nothing to build our saw for the Kingdom of Heaven he must increase but I must decrease and social media has a tendency as we have looked out briefly now to inflame a condition that we all struggle with and that is thinking more highly of ourselves than we should the problem is these digital natives the Gens ears the Muslim in the middle meals are deeply offended if you tell them to stop stinking so egotistical of yourselves they think that you're down on them and that you're pulling them down because you don't think that you they should be telling everybody how awesome they are all the time of phrase that's all too common today is wow I'm really proud of myself I really impressed with myself that I thought this way or a said that did you see how I wrote that wow it's really amazing what I said in times past we would call that like we said before being conceded me focused Unfortunately if we don't get our way this new generation just melts down if we're told no they have a melt down. We're no longer teaching our youth how to cope with disappointment even sporting events now with young people everybody gets a trophy just for showing up now. We're living a highly digital life without parental guidance and perspective and this debilitates us in the real world where there are real circumstances and real situations that can disappoint us and this lack of strength and fortitude was powerfully Illustrated recently for the 1st time in our nation's history college campuses canceled classes they canceled tests and set up safe environments and some colleges even brought in therapy puppies for students to help them deal with the great disappointment that Trump was elected. Seriously are thinking everything has molded so much that you can't just go bomber our candidate didn't win and he won well he's now our president let's rally in the make the country amazing Amen No no I can't even go that cool else. Unbelievable what's going on our thinking is being changed radically and our fortitude to deal with life is gone the media changes us and indeed it's we have a totally different new generation ahead what's going on while we're going to look at that this afternoon it's amazing. The world is being ripened right now for Satan's over whelming delusions and they are about to burst upon this world another thought will end with this one in just a moment another thought surrounding the social media world is that community can be found anywhere social media offers us this convenience and ease when it comes our friendships and community quality time with friends and family it used to be spent over dinner maybe playing a game together or having a power Bible study but now more than ever community quote unquote life is managed digitally and as we cited earlier this is interesting nearly 40 percent of Americans spend more time socializing being the internet than in real life do you realize the problem is that we're trying to build this community through a medium that was never designed to maintain a community but rather to build a simple network it's like trying to use a butter knife to chop down a tree it's just not the right tool or you could do it eventually perhaps but you're probably going to tire before you get there in the early days of online living we called Facebook social networks but now we call them online communities over time the lines have gotten blurred and we began to seek for deeper authentic intimate relations ships and community through a medium that was never intended for anything more than touch points shallow relationships unlike a network which is built on any type of communication deep community is built with face to face communion and then don't 1st save the gathering together of ourselves I'm so thankful that there's so many people here this morning who understand it's important to come together and friends don't just get in your car and bolt and leave here because you need to go and gauges some lay activity this afternoon no. How about we stick around how about we have some face to face communion with each other amen because friends we're going to be looking back on these times some day and saying I remember that convocation I remember it really encouraged me it helped me to go forward today because at the end of time we're going to look back and covet these times that we are having face to face communion Amen but what about the digital immigrants that's Give me a native that I've really never learned to have that they're not going to have anything to pull on do you see the problem because all this technology venture is going to go bye bye some current studies are looking at if this lack of true communion could be contributing to the increase rate of relationship breakups and divorce researchers believe that there is a correlation to the quantity of texting between companions and the lack of anything to talk about when they're face to face that in fact in your relationships with your spouse don't text you might say I start thinking about you love you but don't give a data dump or him a data dump of everything that's going on here day why because when you get together in the evening and you and you your face to face how about you talk to one another that I mean there's a lost art I know but try it it's amazing. Let's look at the definition of commune it means to converse together with sympathy and confidence to interchange sentiments or feelings and in this regard social media as a medium is inherently flawed it can never interchange those sentiments or lose feelings like true face to face communion This is why we put a bunch of different emote out there to try to make this happen the question I have here is are we actually having communion or we're just communicating on a basic surface level are we just exchanging thoughts and ideas and getting and got involved in debates which of debate is never one of soul to Christ. I debate people on Facebook I teach the truth I didn't see were Jesus got into deep debate with people the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings especially want to exchange is on a mental or spiritual level true community will have or ality So this is what we need to look for which means verbal and non-verbal communication and it will have our presence our physical presence in men. You know if you think about it the devil has always tried to divide God's family and he's doing a really good job out of it today and now we're connected and we think we're together but really we are divided because you can't have true face to face amazing health giving communion that encourages a soul on a little touch point here and there we don't have time to get into all this I have to skip it Genesis 27 The Lord formed man of the dust of the ground the Lord what he formed man and of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul think about this god created us with bodies tangible embraceable huggable and now we're satisfied with a virtual version of ourselves. The eyes of both of them were open and they knew that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves low in class shame came to them and they work to hide their shame and fear and frankly friends we still do this today we're constantly maneuvering our posturing ourselves for security in our relationships and we're too aware of the shame and this vulnerability and now with social media the ability to post this picture and to to make that comment is like that thing it's like that fig leaf it's covering really the shame that we actually have but we can present an ideal avatar of ourselves and shield who I really am so I can receive the applause of those around me while God is saying I know your real heart social media are the new leaves that we sew together to cover our shame and present to the world false ideas of who we actually are 1st Corinthians $13145.00 Love is patient love is kind it does not in Vienna does not boast and is not proud and that's a slap right across a lot of social media's face right there it does not dishonor others Amen it is not self-seeking praise the lord it's not easily angered it keeps no record of wrongs and by the way that whatever you post on the Internet is going to be there until the Internet crashes everything you've ever said is always going to be there. Is any of this making sense. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life notice this God sent his real son to our real world not to a virtual world not to a fake online existence but to a tangible world to save tangible people Amen and even more Jesus came and was made in the likeness of men the creator became the creation to save the creation it was real and it is tangible and his 2nd coming my friends is real and is tangible and many people think that is just an idea or some sort of philosophy they don't even believe in the literal 2nd coming of Jesus Christ anymore why they can't believe half of anything that they're reading anyway and it's our job to show these people that Jesus is real that Jesus God the Father loves them so much so that he allowed his son to come into a real world and it's our job as as real Christians real 7th Day Adventist to stand up and say though the heavens may fall I will be as true as the needle is to the north I will not be bought or sold I will not allow my mind to be altered or changed by this virtual world but rather I want to be a light I want to be a beacon I want to be the real deal for Jesus Christ do not forsake the assembling of ourselves together in the real world as the matter is of some on line but exhorting one another and so much more as you see the day approaching. God bless you and may your names remain in the book of life. Let's pray Oh father we like sheep have gone astray all this new sparkly and. Around us the lights the online experiences all of these things that are now at our fingertips lore it makes me nervous for this young generation I believe father it's harder to be saved today than just a decade ago Oh father please help us to see these things for what they are to use them in a way that brings on or in glory to you and Father I pray that you would help us to be steadfast careful with what we allow into our homes especially into the hands of our children Lord I pray forgive us for where we have gone astray and pick us up dust us off and bless us with your power and show us how to walk on that terra firma that firm ground that leads to heaven and everlasting joy with you Lord we love you and we need you and we choose you this Sabbath day for we pray this in Jesus' name and for his sake amen. 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