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The Seven Thunders

Norbert Restrepo


A study on the seven thunders in the Book of Revelation.


  • October 21, 2018
    8:45 AM
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And warning it is a wonderful opportunity to study God's word and to do so in the quieted of a nice cool morning out here in the midst of nature isn't it. And as we look at the beautiful sunshine and you see the reflection I can see the reflection from where I'm standing right now at the lake see the beautiful blue and all that it looks it's it's so wonderful to see God's creation but what I am thinking on this morning is on that morning after after October 22 the next morning when the sun was probably shining and the admin to believe ritual looking at its brightness but that brightness was not satisfy them at all they wanted a better world and so often we get conformed them wrapped up with what we have around us and we forget where we need to have our focus in fact adman believe verse had their focus on the 2nd coming of Christ. Much more than we often have it we who are living in at the very verge of the end of the investigative judgment so this morning I just want to study with you using the Bible the Spirit of Prophecy to look into scenes that we have been admonish that we have been encouraged that we have been. Called to meditate upon frequently to understand and to share these wonderful truths. A Revelation chapter is 10 in 11 contain a vision that is kind of in the middle of the Book of Revelation and that revelation has an awesome structure a key aspect structure these 2 visions are followed by this vision of debt of Revelation Tepper 1011 is followed by the vision in chapter 12 which we all understand is the summary of the great controversy but chapters 10 and 11. Bring our attention to the time of the end they you know the span of the 6 trumpets the 6 seals all that description we've had it before and when we come to the chapter 10 and start speed of the time of the 7th trumpet it refers to the longest time prophecies that point to the time of the end and let's just take a brief look at that for example if we go to Revelation Chapter 10 and verse 7 we read the following there's going to be a bible study of the Book of Revelation Chapter 10. We read a verse 7 revelation tempter 10 and the word of the Lord says but in the days of the voice of the 7th angel when he shall begin to sail and the mystery of God should be finished as he had declared to his servants the prophets we understand that in the Bible in the Book of Revelation 7 is when God completes his work and as N. arrest him because when we look at Genesis the 1st book of the Bible on the 7th day he rested from all the work that he had done and when you go to and find this claim in Revelation it's the 7th trumpet the 7th seal. Everything is completed the fall plan of redemption. When we reach the number Salman and the amazing thing is that we are the live mean in that period the 6th Trumpet was already fulfilled wasn't it so we are living in this most amazing final period of Earth's history and in these days the prophecy says God spoke and revealed to John in the days of the voice of the 7th angel when he shall begin to sound the trumpets interesting is that does it say when he shall end when he shall begin to sound the trumpet the mystery of God should be finished and of study of the mystery of God is another subject but we can quote kolache is Christ in you the hope of glory. And we turn to the next chapter and we go to. Chapter 11 and verse 15 we read and the 7th angel sounded and there were great voices in heaven who once again it's making reference to that 7th period the last period in this great controversy and at the same time we find in both these chapters allusions to the time prophecies that were to end and then there would be time no longer in chapter 10 and. We read they are actually in chapter 11 verse 2 and the holy city shall be tread under underfoot 40 and 2 months and then you read in verse 3 of Chapter 11 and I will get power into my 2 witnesses and they shall prophesied a 1200 and threescore days and these prophecies are pointed to 17 Nady 8. When the time of the EM should start so it is very unequivocal that these chapters are placing as in this context what is the context the time of the end the time of the end so let's look look at that because we are living in that precise time. Now the vision that we find in those 2 chapters begins with the description of a mighty angel and he uses the expression and now there maybe angel came down from heaven clothed with the cloud and a rainbow was upon his head and his face was as it were the sun and his feet as pillars of fire and when we look back in Revelation and we see similar language describing a celestial Bean it is clear that it is referring to whom Jesus Christ Himself Jesus Christ Himself so this is amazing and he had his head in his hand a little book open and he set his right foot upon the sea and his left foot on the earth and cried with a loud noise as when a lion roars and when he had cried 7 thunders 100 their voices missed interesting that chapter 10 starts with this focus both on the little book that was in his hand right and also on the 7th thunders that uttered their voices it speaks about those 2 things and by the way the little book was open little book was over and but later on we read that the 7th thunders were not to be descried So you have that tension of opening and at the same time not disclosing. Which perfectly describes as we will review in our Advent history this this morning that there was so much truth prophetic truth that was revealed but then there were there were other aspects that were not revealed to them and hence the experience of the disappointment which is also couched in the language of that of Revelation Chapter 10 with the expression it was sweet in my mouth but better in my belly but that's the expression I want to read for this court for the Spirit of Prophecy manuscript 599900 you have it there on the slide the mighty angel who instructed John was no less a personage then Jesus Christ said in his right foot on the sea and his left upon the dry land shows the part which he is active in and what in the closing scenes of the great controversy the closing scenes in the great controversy. This position I continue reading from the quote Even you though you may not have it all on the on the slide this position denotes is supreme power and authority over the whole earth the controversy has waxed stronger and more determined from age to age and will continue to do so to the concluding seeings when the masterly working of the powers of darkness shall reach their height say to any night it with evil men will deceive the whole world and the churches who receive not the love of the truth but the mighty angel demands attention he cries with a loud voice he is to show the power and the authority of his voice to those who have united with Satan to oppose the truth. Now as I mentioned before that the meaning of the 7th urn Durst was head and now we turn to verse 4 of Revelation Chapter 10 we read that description want to turn if you turn with me to Revelation 10 and verse 4 and when the 7 thunder urse had uttered their voices I was about to write it's enters it's very interesting right that it even describes that John was ready to start writing and I heard a voice from heaven sane and to me See ill up those things and seal is the opposite from opening seal up those things which the 7 thunders uttered very specific and write them not write them not and often I have wondered. But then we thank the Lord because in His Word He has revealed those things that we need to understand but often I have wondered why didn't God revealed the full of truths to them William Miller and and these added believers were so earnest they were so fervent in their study of the Bible angels were guiding them but it was clearly prophesied that certain truths would be sealed they would not have access to them because it was necessary for them to go 3 specific experience and it's an arrest in that the way these things were sealed it was not some type of supernatural. Inability to discern Scriptures but basically they just interpreted things based on the knowledge they had the common interpretation of certain symbols like the sanctuary referring to the earth it was a common theological understanding among many Protestant denominations back then this. Sealing the truth means that God did not reveal for the light therefore they drew their own conclusions based on the information that they did have access to and I think this is very really for all of us because that shows how God's truth to us is like them the rising sun it's progressive progressive going back to manage script $59.00 I read it says after the 7 thunders it continues the explanation after the 7 thunders uttered their voices the end judgement comes to John asked to Daniel in regard to the little book seal up those things which the 7 thunders uttered these relate to future events which will be disclosed in their order and Daniel shall stand in his lot at the end of the days John sees the little book unsealed then Daniel's prophecies have their proper place in the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels messages to be given to the world to be given to the world and if we think as part of the Miller Right Movement did they understand the 3 angels the 3rd and those message that they did not understand that their day was message they proclaim the 1st angel's message and the 2nd angel's message but they did not have any understanding of the 3rd angel's message and all. In the Aspire. Revelation that we find the spirit of prophecy it's saying that the full revelation of these messages had to do with finding the proper place of Daniel's prophecies in the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels messages Now it's interesting that the Miller writes as they were called or the admin tests they had an understanding of the prophecies of Daniel but they had not placed in their proper place they had not been able to place them in the proper place the 1st 2nd and 3rd Angel's messages they did not place them in the proper place where they placed an 844 was not what the 1st angel's message actually starts saying Fear got and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come so they did not have the proper order and they thought the 2nd coming was there they also had studied Daniel Chapter 7 and Daniel Chapter 8 Daniel Chapter 9 and when they read these verses for example if you go to Daniel Chapter 7 re read in versus 9 and 1011 through 13 the description when the Son of Man comes to the Ancient of Days and the books were opened the judgment was set they read these passages but they did not understand the proper order of these events and in fact there was one event that they did not understand at all because they did not understand the sanctuary message so the Lord in His wisdom did not reveal those truths to them yet and I read further on in the same manuscript chapter no matter Scott 59 which by the way if you have the study Bible it's right there as a comment to Revelation chapter Ted. It's it's there the whole section of this matter script John heard the mysteries which the thunderous uttered but he was commanded not to write them the special light given to John which was expressed in the 7th thunders was a delineation of events which would transpire under the 1st and 2nd Angel's messages so what was it it was the Delany ation of you Vance that which would transpire but it goes on and says it was not best for the people to know these things for their faith must be necessarily tested they needed to go through a test and therefore God with withheld part of his information in the order of God most wonderful and advanced ships would be proclaimed Now think about it just for a moment let's this kind of speculate why wouldn't God not want to reveal to them the whole truth why well we we know that the Spirit of Prophecy clearly says that he wanted to test their faith it must necessarily be tested but. Wow Did he have to test it that way Afterall he didn't come in their generation all of these pioneers have long time ago gone to their rest so what other purpose could there have been and my personal conclusion based on my study is that there had to be a worldwide movement an expectation about the 2nd Coming of Christ as a literal event if people if they had understood or he's moving from the holy place of the most holy place something up there in heaven something that even today is very difficult for people to accept. There are a lot of Christians who say there is no heavily sanctuary they don't believe in the heavenly sanctuary so to speak of things that are not seen it would have been very difficult for people to accept by faith and to enter by faith into the most holy place but to speak about the 2nd Coming of Christ to the earth with to bring fire and destruction upon the wicked This was something that they all could relate with the 2nd coming of Christ was a message to waken up the world to bring a revival to the churches in Christendom and it was a startling message it was even the scarf or worse or add times F. raid what did this actually happens and they would stop laughing and they would kind of you know after October 20 to midnight passed they were back again to their market in and reviling but for a time they were concerned maybe this this might be true this might be true so God created brought great attention great attention if you lived read the books of history that was part of the great awakening of the evangelical churches during that time it's a historical period that's documented there for God could draw their attention to the heavenly sanctuary and what was actually occurring on that day. Turn into the great disappointment Revelation Chapter 10 versus 8 to 10 describe that experience and the voice which I heard from heaven spake and to me again and said Go and take the little book and eat it and the Angel actually gives the description it shall be sweet in your mouth and better in your belly and it's amazing to see how soon they started relating and understanding those verses but when did they understand those verses because I'm sure they were studying them before October 22 1844 they were studying them but just as the disciples they studied the purse as they read the verses about Jesus' death Isaiah 53 but they could not understand them but after the disappointment they read those verses and they were aha this is what we're experiencing this was so sweet in our mouth but it has been so better now we see it let's I want to share with you this passage and this is from your book on Adventist M. this message and mission. Remember I care hard sed damn steet when finally the end of the year 843 passed without the appearance of Christ Miller right experience a general disappointment $843.00 for some their mission outreach slowed down further and just means of time calculations and a study of the cleansing of the sanctuary in the light of the typological implications of the Old Testament Day of Atonement for a Christ high priestly ministry led to the most important time set in movement and it's interesting that the name given to that movement also has a 7 the 7th month movement that's how it was called the 7th month movement it was the 7th month movement because under 7th month the 10th day based on the Jewish. Care right year was the day of atonement so they understood from looking at the Old Testament typological implication based on the sanctuary that justice cries and was crucified in the precise day that the same 3 services and feast days represented then be a day of atonement the day of the cleansing of the sanctuary but also happened on the precise day so they were actually looking into the sanctuary message and they were dry right conclusions but still they were not understanding the same tree message itself they were not understand that So going back to the slide we have here the 7th month movement which was the most important time set in movement now think about that for a moment the most important is the superlative expression right there can be any anyday. Time said the movement more important than this one the most important times any movement was the 7th most movement which led to which date a sober 22844 and if we go back to Revelation Chapter 10 it's precisely when that event was fulfilled which is described as the most important times any movement that Scripture says tie shall be no longer no longer and when we try to set new times and we try to reapply time prophecies we are actually distracting from where our focus should be because that the last the longest time prophecy and that in 844 and what started in 1904 the day of atonement and when Christ steps out of the most holy place and says it is finished probation will end for all humanity and shortly afterwards he will come he will come in the close of him and so any other type of reallocation of time prophecies actually distracts from where our focus should be which is in the day the Judgment Day The Day of Atonement the measure that God has for us in the 1st Angel's messages which is tightly connected with the 3rd angel's message it makes great controversy page 400 Let me just share that quote with you page 400 and remember I told you this morning this is the study. Of scripture is referring to the prophecies of Revelation that apply to our days under the Messiah system the cleansing of the sanctuary of the Great or the Great Day of Atonement occurred on the 10th day of the 7th Jewish month when the high priest having made an atonement for all Israel and verse removed. There are since from the same jury came forth and Blessed are the people so it was believe that Christ our great high priest would appear to purify the earth by the destruction of sin and sinners and to bless his waiting people with immortality the 10th day of the 7th month the Great Day of Atonement the time of the cleansing of the sanctuary which in the year 844 fell upon the 22nd of October was regarded as the time of the Lord's coming and as the conclusion seemed a recessed irresistible it was so clear to their minds the following page says that like a tidal believe meant like a tidal wave the movement wept over the land from city to city from village to village and into remote country places it went until the waiting people of God were fully aroused it was necessary for it to be presented as Christ 2nd coming to fully aroused people under that context but then came the great disappointment the better belly experience. Let me read this description penned by Hiram Edson and I found it in the early years the volumes written by Arthur white Ellen De White's. Grandson Volume one page 53 with bated breath the adamant ists no less than 50000 and probably near 100000 scattered largely across the northeastern portion of North America a rose to the eventual day. A Tuesday it was a Tuesday morning October 20 to 844 some sought vantage points where they could peer into the clear heavens hoping to catch the 1st glimpse of their returning Lord when Would Jesus come in the morning hours slowly past and noon came and then mid afternoon finally darkness settled upon the earth but it was still October 22 and it would still be until midnight we look for the coming of the Lord until the clock told 12 at midnight then our disappointment became a certainty our fondest hopes and expectations were blasted and such a spirit of weeping came up over us as I never experienced before it seemed that the laws of all earthly friends could have been no comparison we wept and wept to the day don't think about that experience and I think that very often as adamant as we forget to remember these things and in the midst of that weeping and in the midst of that terrible disappointment that we cannot relate to Hiram Edson his cell was walking through a cornfield and what did God revealed to him you gave him a vision like we read him in. Revelation Chapter 11 we go to Revelation Chapter 11 we see in this prophetic language verse 19 and the temple of God was opened in heaven and there was seen in his temple the ark of S. Testament wasn't that the very same vision that harm Edson had on that cornfield he saw like the heavens opened in and he saw the ark of God in the most holy place. God revealed to him what was in scripture but in a special vision to this very same man who penned these words of deep sorrow weeping for his Lord had not come and I can imagine you know the woman who were there at the graveside on a Sunday morning probably was a morning like today right and they were there but they did not see the shining sun They were sad they were weeping because their master had been crucified and then they came to the 2 men they could not find him well he's not here he's dead and he's not even here similar to the experience of the Miller writes he did not come so where is eat Does he even exist it we can't just be following fables this has to be true we felt we knew that God was leading us and as these women going back to the Sunday morning a resurrection were weeping we not and to one of them who was the one who said we dies it was Jesus himself this is himself to hire Madson who was weeping and meditating God gave a revelation he showed him the ark the most holy place and the Ark open and the special light of God upon His commandments and what I learn from this experience when you look at Daniel in Daniel Chapter 9 morning and weepin and searching and confessed in his sins What did God do he said to Gabriel to speak to him all beloved of God. And if we had that experience that we are entitled to have today because when we read in is equal chapter 8 and is equal Chapter 9 it says that those who are weepin and mourning for the abominations are going on in the land they will be visited by angels in a spiritual sense and they will be received the seal of God in their foreheads and the seal of God is it is what completes the process of the Day of Atonement is in it and so my question my question to myself is am I having that experience today or am I having an indifferent experience where my focus is on other things. And as we have been learning this weekend Satan has created so many things to distract our minds at even if we had no technology we could still be distracted we can still be distracted with the faults of others with our own faults and that look he had he who came cleanse us from all unrighteousness this quote I have placed there on the slide the words and this is from has learned. Refrained in his prophetic book the book of prophecy has little or no rights in page 202 the words of the angel of Revelation 10 point forward to the 7th trumpet as the definite time for the accomplishment or completion of the mystery of God I read that right in Revelation Chapter 10 the events of the 7th Trumpet and Revelation 1115 through 19 are the triumph of God's visible rule and kingdom the opening of God's temple in heaven and the outpouring of God's wrath in the 7 last plagues the resurrection of the dead saints and the rewarding of. All faithful once the secrets of the plan of redemption will finally be revealed in historical reality when the 7th Trumpet blown was going further and as opening the Spirit of Prophecy page $423.00 of the great controversy reread the subject of the sanctuary was the key which unlocked their message 3 of the disappointment of $844.00 so the sub to the sanctuary and the sanctuary reveals the whole plan of redemption and that was what revealed the mystery of the disappointment Shouldn't that be the focus of verse 30 and when you look at the sanctuary who is the focus of the sanctuary it's Jesus diseases the lamp they were slain Jesus is the high priest Jesus is the judge and Jesus the enter Sesar And as we see Jesus in the different phases offis ministry and we will read more about this as we move on in our in our study this morning we see the land that was slain the land that was slain we see the high priest but the high priest even when he is Ministry he is lifting up his hands and as he lets up his hands what do we view the wounds in his hands which once again point us to the Lamb that was slain for you and for my sins and the effect of meditating on these realities in the context of the final day of the Atonement will be transformation in your life and in my mind. Many times we focus so much on the other things that are happening and you know there is there is a lot we are transformed by what we the holds sometimes we focus so much even though it has its proper place and what the pope is doing we can't even focus so much on all the terrible things that are happening in the news or through the media and that has its place that has its place we have to be aware of those deceptions but do we spend the same amount of time at least behold the Christ in His ministry in the heavenly sanctuary because that's what has the transforming power the other things are just information that does not have power to transform us into His image and likeness and that does not have power to increase our faith to be able to stand like Daniel will stand in the last days in a figurative way great controversy page 425 light was to be given direct in their minds to that temple of God in heaven and as they should by faith follow their high priest in his ministration their new duties would be revealed new duties would be revealed while the investigative judgment is going forward in Heaven while the sens of the pennant believers are being removed from the sanctuary there is to be a special work of purification of puttin O.O.A. of sin among God's people upon the earth this work is more clearly presented in the messages of Revelation chapter 14 and when we look at the messages of relation chapter 14 as they mentioned before the 1st message is fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come. It is amazing you know I thank the Lord for the book of the whole Bible but when you think about the subject of the sanctuary in the context of the fulfillment of of of the century in Christ what book of the Bible comes to your mind when you think about the saying Cheri in terms of Christ fulfilling the same sherry which book of the Bible comes to your mind Hebrews definitely Hebrews Let's turn to the book of Hebrews and let's read chapter 2 of Hebrews and I believe it's verse 12 they want to share with you Hebrews chapter 2 and verse 14 and onwards for as much then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood he also himself likewise took part of the same that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death that is the devil and deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage for verily he took not on him the nature of angels but he took on him with seed of Abraham Wherefore in all things it be hooved him to be made like and to his brother in now let me just pause there when when we are meditating when our eyes are fixed on the same cherry and Christ Ministry in the most holy place the Apostle Paul is telling us that some of the things we need to consider is that he became like one of us so when you are experiencing things as a human being and going through trials you can look at the sanctuary and think I have a high priest who is able to Sykora me because he was tempted in all points just as I am. He can relate to me he can relate to my experience and there's an on a human level when you when you're going through trials and someone comes to you and tells you his experience and his experience is so similar to yours don't you feel like there is someone who understands Oh finally someone is listening has actually gone through the same thing and it makes such a difference I remember as I was growing up I would hear so many people speak about a child a bringing and true education and they would sue it do it with such in fact they had an experience. When I was. 7 years old I was taken in by a family who had no children and I was there with them for 3 weeks or or M I think it was a month and this family had such a zeal for following Scripture and and following the spirit of prophecy they had never had children so they took me and my brother there for 4 weeks and they applied the Spirit of Prophecy to the very letter so it was 2 meals a day and we were used to having 3 meals so it was just 2 meals a day and you know the food had to be you can't eat in excess because Over eating is sin so their understanding of not overeating was under 18 so they underfed assess if it was a year just to use one's life of bread. 2 tablespoons of merit no I don't I haven't heard about that cereal anymore but I remember that cereal passed equipment Merano it was like a dark and nuggets and that and so they serve that there one orange one piece of bread 2 tablespoons of that type of granola and that was it there was breakfast. Thoroughly chewed and bred could not it only could be so I bark if it wasn't white but you couldn't eat it and the peanut butter had to be him also fight if it wasn't in most of fight it's not healthy and you name it you think of it we had it we had it it was a military regime we couldn't even peel oranges this way had to be this way everything was prescribed everything was micromanaged to the very dart. It was well no it was a harrowing experience. I decided I wrote a letter to my mom I wrote her a letter and said because I into letting us go to their place I thought it was a wonderful place and it turned out to be a concentration camp definitely I'm not exaggerating I was not tortured beaten physically but through you know having so few food going to bed hungry Knol that so I wrote a letter to my mom and I asked her please can you come in and take us home please and there there was a a brother who was the father in law of that family where we were staying at that he would go back to you go back to your chin pines so I sent a letter to my mom with them and he gave it to this lady who was our mom these days she you read that opened the envelope read the letter never sent it to my mom and then she sat us down and so you're not happy with this and you're not happy with that and things just go worse and worse to finally I decided I'm going to escape a 7 year old boy. And I try to hide in a dump truck and just go back with this man but you know when you're a kid you think you're hiding in great places and you know your mom can see your toes sticking out from under the closet they found me they pull me out and eventually that not Mayor finished but the point I want I want to draw out is that years later and that lady had her own children she wrote a letter to my mother apologizing for what she put us through apologizing for what you put us through it's so easy to tell someone else well you should have done this you should have done that why didn't you do this and even when you have small children you say all these things OK well wait until they grow up and wait not until one grows up wait until all 3 or 4 grow up because each child reacts in a different way and I think it was a pastor clearly who mentioned ones that when you're young you you give counsel freely when you reach a certain age with your reservation when you get closer to being a grandfather. As you go more and experience you become more has attended as it many times when you're young and in express your so bold and say this is what you got to do but we have a high priest who went verse 17 of Hebrews chapter 2 in all things in how much an ol things it be who had him to be made like and to his brother in that he might be what a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God to make reconciliation for the sin of his people amazing. Amazing why would we not want to focus our eyes on Jesus and his ministry in the most holy place for us doesn't it touch you just reading about it and when you are touched you have the desire to allow him to transform your lives you have a desire verse 18 for him that he himself have suffered he himself has suffered being tempted he is able to assert Sykora them or succor them that are tempted and turn into Hebrews Chapter 4 verse 14 to 16 seen it what does it mean seen looking place in your eyes focused seen on seen that we have a great high priest that is passed into the heavens and Jesus the Son of God Let us hold fast our profession for we have not and high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities he can be touched with the feeling of our infirmities and our shortcomings but was in all points tempted like as we are yet without sin let us and Vera for come boldly and to the throne of grace that we may hope tane was the 1st thing mercy and find what Grey's that power and to salvation and help in the time of need. What a wonderful I'm encouraging message God has given to us now the investigative judgment has a a dual purpose which it shows that we are under investigation there are cases are being considered but at the same time it shows Christ stretching out his hands and offering his merits and his righteousness instead in place of our sins great controversy paid for 80 for the deepest interest manifested him on men in the desertion of its earthly tribunals but frankly it represents the interest of vents in the heavenly courts when the names entered in the book of life come up in review before the judge of all the earth it says that the Great is the deep past interest manifested in human tribunals but they really reflects what's going on in heaven now just a few weeks ago a lot of us here in the United States were kind of like glued to what was going to happen with the nomination of the next Supreme Court justice least I was paying attention. And when they had this hearing which almost seemed like a judgment at Congress they were transmitting it live for free in you know you could just Google it even C.N.N. was transmitted for free and I was like what's what's going on I want I want to hear the testimony and the reaction and the statements it was like a whole jury with the judges and all the attention it really drew attention to the prophecy says that all of that interest but frankly represents the interests of the universe and what's going on in the heavily sanctuary right now. And how many of us are really thinking and meditating upon how many of us we lose focus and therefore we miss. The blessing as a raft my final thoughts from this study I want to turn to page 488 of the great controversy so wonderful book that does all the books of the Spirit prophecy are wonderful but we are called to study this book can get in in these days in which we are living in page 488 of the great controversy the chapter entitled facing lives record and I read for 8 Satan invents a numbered schemes to occupy our minds that they may not to dwell upon the very work with which we are to be best acquainted the arch deceiver the arch deceiver hates the great truths that bring to view and tone and sacrifice and an all powerful mediator What are the all powerful truths that the arch deceiver hates which ones are they the atoning sacrifice and an all powerful mediator he knows that with him everything depends on diverting minds from Jesus and His truth. Those who would share the benefits of the Saviors mediation should permit nothing to interfere with their duty to perfect holiness in the fear of God the precious hours instead of being given to pleasure to display or to gain seeking should be devoted to an earnest prayerful study of the word of truth the subject of the saying Cherry and the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God and is not simply a theoretical understanding it's it's really grasping and appreciating what crisis doing for us in a personal way what is he doing for me and as we by faith look into that scene we even have prophetic chapters like is that Koran or chapter 3 and the description of Joshua and the angel were where you see that controversy we're sittin is accusing us and Christ is presenting what he has done for each one of us it's described in the following words that I would like to to share with you well Jesus this is from page 484 the divine enter Sesar presenting the plea that all who have overcome through faith in his blood be forgiven their transgressions think about that the divine intercessor. Presents the plea that all who have overcome through faith in his blood be for given their transgressions I remember one time when I was a little boy and I had disobeyed and on top of that when my mom tried to discipline me that day I just suddenly felt so afraid of of the belt that I did something I never did I started running away from her and she was chasing me and once I saw her chasing me and I was running I said this is getting worse and I said What can I do and I kept going around the table around the table and then finally I dash to my parents' room and my dad was there and I just hugged my dad and my mom came with the belt and my dad smiled and said let's forgive him oh there was so sweet. I still remember it. Now that's that's an earthly father but the Heavenly Father Jesus Christ our Elder Brother It says these presents the plea he and he says through my blood their transgressions be forgiven. So that we appreciate that and they're there for a given the also has the power to give us victory over those sins in fact when we realize the power of his for a given this we do not want to do things that will hurt him it brings pain upon our heart how can I do this how can a wound appears his wounds afresh again and there comes a point in our experience where we hate sin because of the suffering it has brought upon Christ and The Heavenly Father so there is a transforming experience that we can have if we meditate step to Christ pager. 21 all will let us contemplate the amazing sacrifice that has been made for us let us try to appreciate the labor and energy that heaven is expended to reclaim the lost and bring them back to the Father's house motive stronger and agencies more powerful could never be brought into operation the exceeding rewards for right doing the enjoyment of heaven the society of the angels the communion and love of God and His Son the elevation and extension of all our powers throughout the eternal ages are these not mighty incentives and encouragement to urge us to give the hearts of loving service to our Creator and redeem shall we not regard the mercy of God What more could he do let us place ourselves in the right relation to Him who has loved us with amazing love let as a veil ourselves of the means provided for what for us that we may be transformed into His likeness and be restructured to fellowship with the ministry in angels to harmony and communion with the Father and the son my appeal and my need I will express it in these words Oh May we look to Jesus the Lamb of God or may we look into Jesus our High Priest intercede in the most holy place and soon to step out and say it is finished Oh maybe you look to the author and finisher of our faith this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. 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