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Tech Transformation Part 4

Christian Berdahl


The influence of today's technology on our mind, part 4.


Christian Berdahl

Founder of Shepherd's Call music ministry


  • October 21, 2018
    10:45 AM
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Good morning. Our numbers have thinned but I'm glad that you're here and we're going to continue as we dive into our presentation this morning tech transformation part for social media's impact and is it up there on the screen good it's not down here on the monitor maybe we can get that turned on that helps a little bit sometimes but what I want to do is start to get into some practical things in the sense of what's actually going on and what I mean by practical is how can we evaluate where we are with our tech perhaps even tech addiction and so we're going to go through some specifics now we're going to look at social media impact on us. And specifically on our mental health and of course social media platforms obviously can have their benefits and indeed they do but we've learned that using them too frequently can cause issues in fact what they're finding is that it can cause us to be quite unhappy and. And isolated in the long run so there are 6 ways that social media could be negatively affecting your mental health without you actually even realizing it so we're going to go through 6 different things here that the researchers have discovered and the 1st is self image and you know unfortunately if you have spent any time on this planet most of us struggle with our share of insecurities and they can range from just kind of minimal and they can be extreme unfortunately and. Unfortunately what happens with social media is that we tend to compare ourselves and we compare ourselves to those people on social media that are putting out their absolute best foot forward and we think that this is just how they are normally and unfortunately many people are out there are stalking other people and boy are listed voyeuristically looking at these other people and their images they're staying up to date with their relationship status is on Facebook and unfortunately it increases these feelings of self-doubt a study conducted by the University of Copenhagen found that people many people suffer from Facebook in the that's actually a thing now Facebook envy with those who abstain from using the popular site report that they felt more satisfied with their lives and this is really a key point when you're think about this in your neighborhood if you lived in a town you you have this idea of keeping up with the Joneses right where you know and that's that's huge in the world and we Christians I hope it's not in infecting us as well but unfortunately it does to where you would look at maybe your friend group or your neighbors and you kind of just say well you know I mean they have a nice home I have a nice home they have a nice guy have a nice car or whatever it may be other kids are in private school mine or whatever the the the criteria it is that we are keeping up with the Joneses the challenge now is it's not with this a limited friend circle or a family or a neighborhood we're now trying to keep up with especially our young people and even more specifically our young daughters are trying to keep up with the world now hundreds even thousands of people that they're looking at all the time on social media. Social media can cause us to become very dissatisfied with our lives because frankly we don't get to go to that school we can't afford that type of clothing we don't get to go on those vacations we don't have that friend group my parents don't make that much money before you know it you can become extremely dissatisfied with actually a healthy happy life otherwise you follow what I'm saying Dr Tim Bono author of When like aren't enough it's a really good book by the way when we derive derive a sense of worth based on how we are doing relative to others we place our happiness in a variable that is clean completely beyond our control and that's the problem what's what's going to be the standard in specifically for the Christian the standard is Jesus Christ Amen it's not supposed to be others around us and when you look at other people especially on social media it's a variable that's that's beyond our control and that can breed that dissatisfaction social media makes it extremely easy to compare our lives to other and that they have found is not good for our mental health and unfortunately we human beings many of us I'm a Type A personality and I have a very competitive nature and what this does is it really helps us to become quite competitive and weekend to judge ourselves by comparing our lives with that of others I think about our daughters I think about the young ladies in our church and in our communities and I think the you know the keeping up with the Joneses well really today it's more like Keeping Up with the car dash ins. And some of your young people know who they are and it's a they're a well to do family a Hollywood family and they've become frankly media moguls and business entrepreneurs' and they're making hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars I don't even know what their combined net worth is but it's probably getting close to a $1000000000.00 now and what they're what what happens is that our daughters are looking to these these young ladies or they're not so young anymore but these ladies that that have entire teams to help put them together and they take these selfies and if you look at them they're amazing they're beautiful of course they're beautiful people but what they fail to realize is that it took them 5 hours to get to the place where they can take that amazing photograph and yet our daughters that might have $10.00 worth of makeup are trying to compete with that I'll never look like that exactly and the reality is without a team of professionals they don't look like that either Amen but that's not what you see you just think that it's just so candid and so every no no no they are spending countless amount of money on these professionals and on procedures I mean they're doing things all the time to tighten this and to deaden this and you know let's put botulism in the forehead so it doesn't even crinkle when you have an expression everyone's walking around with this perfect wrinkle free skin with no expression Hi How are you I'm fine and doctors lips are stuck and what you know. It's crazy what's going on now how many people are there so they're becoming so. Disingenuous and this is now becoming what we're recalling beauty how difficult for our young people how difficult. The latest research by the disability charity Scope found 60 percent of users on social media this was actually they did a study with about $1500.00 Twitter and Facebook users and here's what they found 60 percent of users felt jealous of their peers on social media so just being on there they're jealous of what other people's lives are and 62 percent felt isolated on social media you see the disconnect here on social media they're feeling isolated. Be it Facebook Twitter or Instagram using social media exclaim excessively can increase our actual loneliness and it's just people don't even perceive it because we're doing something that's supposed to be social in nature but it tends to bring us more loneliness and it can lead to depress depression Interestingly enough people with low self-esteem tend to be more active on social media so they already start off with low self-esteem and they are they tend to be the ones that are even more on social media they use social media mostly now for self promotion but sometimes they don't get the likes of that positive feedback that they're looking for and they get upset if it doesn't go viral I've never had anything go viral as though that's now the standard the gold standard is you need to get something to go viral for what purpose for everybody to go oh a mainstay. For something that may not even be of any sort of real impact in one's life. And so unfortunately because they're not getting the response that they want because they're finding their self-worth in their self-image they're building it on whether or not people like them online the challenge with this is that they can go deeper into the reclusive behaviors and retreat back into their loneliness and they just become more and more dissatisfied the National Health Service in the United and the U.K. has identified an alarming trend listen among girls specifically related to social media use they attribute stress and social media with as 68 percent increase in hospital admissions for self harming behaviors in girls that's huge that means if you lined up Sten young ladies 10 teens and even early twenty's if you line them up almost 7 of them will be having and deciding that I need to engage in self harming behaviors why because they can never measure up to what's going on there do you see the problem is that concern your parents nobody is anybody awake this morning all right praise Welcome back and praise the lord what's interesting is that it's you look at the stats for the boys there's there was a 28 per 26 percent increase for boys or for young teens the males were less affected and are less affected by social media then are young girls it's huge This is why I'm so concerned for our daughters. Self image is at an all time low while most posts look like everything is really awesome but inside they're really a mess. The social media's impact on females is alarming the 2nd area of concern is human connection and we've talked a little bit about this quite a bit on the Sabbath morning yesterday as human beings it's important for us to communicate and forge personal connections with one another which we talked about However it can be really hard to do when we're glued to those little rectangular screens becoming more acquainted with our digital of 1st saw them and our friends digital facades more than their real life personas new research has discovered that one in 3 Americans say they are more likely to meet someone new online than in the real world now one in 3 that's like 30 over 30 percent are saying you know what I'm not even meeting people face to face anymore I'm more likely to meet them online in another article entitled well connected several ports are citing a decline in face to face contact. And what they did is they looked at the last 20 years and here's what they found is identified a dramatic decline in hours per day of face to face social interaction as the use of electronic media dramatically increased so look at that we have a a graph here so you'll you'll notice there on the left side of the graph it says hours per day and then you'll notice across the bottom it shows from 1987 to 2007 and by the way this is the most recent information I could find we're trying to find closer data to the decade in which we're living but this is what we could find even back then and this was before there was a huge push in social media so as our electronic electronic media use increased look at the corresponding social interaction it's dramatic So as you're looking at our social media use going up our social interaction with each other face to face is going down the number of people. Saying there is no one with whom they discuss important matters has nearly tripled now so all the social interaction is causing more loneliness and isolation and we're not even finding that most people here are saying you know it's 3 times worse than it used to be to find somebody I can share really important matters with my life in my life with somebody now one beautiful thing about being on a college campus is that if you're just you know bold enough if you will you can go and find somebody and say I really need to talk to you in fact many of you have approached me and talked to me about some very serious things this weekend and just know that Brother Christian or uncle Christian whatever you want to call me is here for you our ministry doesn't stop when we leave here today and men if you can't find somebody on this campus or within your sphere or friends or at your local church then reach out to me and or my wife but the number is tripled in a very short amount of time where people think I can't even talk to anybody yet we're hyper connected the number of both kin means family and non Can confidence is described as dramatically smaller we don't have confidence like we used to the socially empty surface level connection is gutting us as a human family the report said also that couples now spend less time in one another's company and more time at work commuting or in the same house but in separate rooms using different electronic media devices and parents spend less time with their children than they did just a short decade ago and we wonder why our children are getting involved in all these different things and believing strange philosophies mom and dad are just as addicted as their kids. And they're not spending quality time together anymore Another concern is anxiety due to what's known as fall moment have you ever heard of foam O F O M O It means fear of missing out this is become a very serious thing now it's where people feel that other people are having fun or they're living a life and I'm afraid that I'm missing out and all it does is generate within us this envy and and isolation appear why didn't they invite me Stina some a former model who has a large following on Instagram explained how social media sometimes makes her feel that she's being left out she says quote I know from my experiences I can get foam when I see my friends photos of a party I didn't go to and this in turn can make me feel quite lonely and anxious so here's this beautiful model that's making lots of money and is invited to go all over the place but she'll look on social media and see her friends are out there having fun why didn't they invite me why do it what's wrong with me I'm fun I'm cute I dress well I have money why haven't they invited me well friends just because something you're somebody or for your friend group goes somewhere it doesn't mean we're entitled to go and then but this is how it works now I've been left out before we didn't know about it a minute what a blessing it was to not know what everybody was doing all the time but now we're we're so hyper connected we know what everybody is doing all the time it's none of their business but now the digital natives and not just the digital aids but the digital immigrants they they feel like they have to be posting stuff all the time all the time. I've been in different cities around this this nation as my wife and I have been on on our tour full time since November we've been a lot of places and people are like just show us where you're going tell us what you're doing I posted just a couple of times and you'd be surprised the feedback I got people send me direct email saying Oh when you're out you're supposed to be serving the Lord what are you doing out there having whoa wait a 2nd I do have some free time in my life I was shocked I'm like Get Get thee behind me Satan. But friends let's be honest it was my fault I've posted it and when I was I was in Niagara Falls with my wife we were up there Minister why not go see the some hazing creation that's well remnant of the flood but I'll tell you what you should have seen the negative react I got some great positive reactions on social media but some people took the extra step and said let's cut this brother's head off because the went to Niagara Falls because I happened to post it my wife had a good day we could go walk around together and then everybody said Oh is your wife healed is she doing better say no she just had a good day but praise the Lord she had a good day you see it's nobody's business but now we want to post and post and post in fact that's one thing that we've been pretty bad at in our ministry we don't send out newsletters all the time we're we're frankly a little too busy sometimes but the reality is we're just trying to do God's work and now if you're on Facebook or on these social media platforms and you do anything nobody thinks that they that they have ject to you know then all of a sudden you're opening yourself up to a bunch of scrutiny because you published it and now you're fair game. Ladies and gentleman whatever you post you could potentially be opening yourself up to a lot of scrutiny Oh and people may not always voice it and what they say is that if someone voices it that means a whole lot more people probably stop the same thing in a study. Oh this is interesting people also reported in this study experiencing anxiety because they don't feel smart enough or as interesting as or successful as other people which keeps them from engaging in person now a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology assessed over $5000.00 subjects and concluded overall that regular use of Facebook had a negative impact on an individual's wellbeing this is this is there's the studies out here are so powerful and I'm just I'm just giving you a little sound bites in a sense when you read the studies and by the way every study that we have referenced I have all the references and when we put this seminar together in its final. Version and we recorded it we will have a bibliography that will go with it and give you all the references that we have cited and you can go and look and go even deeper social media they found establishes a false sense of being social it's actually a solitary activity it's not a social activity and Facebook and Twitter and the like stimulate social interaction but the results can be one of loneliness like we've already talked about. Having friends on social media however is not the same as having friends in real life like we've talked about and often those who have many connections on social media actually lead they have found more anti-social existence in the real world so we need to be careful and not allow social media to replace our face to face human connection which we talked about already let's move on to 3 memories. Let's look at social media's impact on our memories social media can actually be great for looking back of fondly on our memories and and how past events occurred however this is interesting because of maybe the way that we posted it and it's not the reality of what was really going on looking back on these things can distort the way in which you actually remember certain events in your life you might have had a totally different visceral reaction to something was going on but your post is gone everything's great new look back on it and you're like wait a minute that no that's not really was going on or you're deceive yourself into thinking that that's where you were emotionally at that point and so what's interesting is for instance people attending funerals of a loved one crazily enough they will they will stop and because the habit has become to take a selfie. It takes a selfie and they're taking the selfie at grandma's funeral and they're like you know doing this whole little cutesy little thing or what have you and they look back on it when Facebook brings things around this is what you were doing this day last year before you know it it was at grandma's funeral but your face your reaction everything was totally different then the emotions of losing grandma so it starts to distort even our memories. Many of us are guilty of spending way too much time trying to take that perfect photo this visual Marvel and all the while we're actually not absorbing firsthand what we're witnessing what our own eyes I've seen it I have seen it when I've been around the world in the country and people are like oh this is amazing in there and they're there doing this the whole time and they're videoing it in there taking pictures and all of that type of stuff while the real thing is happening right in front of them they're actually living real of vents through their screen now they're missing out on it you know a screen when I do this right here I'm only getting about that much of the picture in front of me but this room is really large and what we're missing out on is life because we're looking at our screens trying to capture it for everybody else we're not even capturing anymore for ourselves is not weird our thinking has been radically changed the way that we're documenting our life as though we need to document it for home before we would take pictures and then we would put them in photo albums and we would sit on the couch periodically and go through the photo albums but it was it was my birthday when I was a little boy and they took a couple photos or maybe a short little bit ago and then they jump back into the activity themselves but now we're back here and everybody's going like this 000-0000 they're not building over and blowing out the candles with the little boy it's pretty sad what's going on and the challenges that many are now experience or lives through that tiny little screen rather than putting it down and stepping into the scene before them. And if we direct all of our to tension to capturing the best shots for social media for followers to admire or well less joy is experienced in our life less joys experienced in real life and spending too too much time on our phones detracts from those other aspects of experience and it undermines the happiness we could be gleaning from them many miss out on these important moments because they are so distracted by the need to post that they miss out on the event themselves and unfortunately here is what happens we're not allowing the of event to imprint in our mind and create the actual memory of being in that real environment what's happening is the mind is being coming so program and rewired in change that we know everything that we put on there on that device and log it into our online experience our memory now is online somewhere as opposed to actually being in our memory in fact this is why people go whoa what was that although I don't remember what we did I know because we are no longer using this beautiful mind the way that God gave us and we're orienting with the world around us through a different means and so there are people going like what did I do last month well this year went by so fast and they don't even have hardly any memories of their year is because it's being a log somewhere and there's no effort putting being put into being in the moment and making a memory my wife and I have decided that as we are with people and as we are in different environments we are just stopping. And we are still like for instance we were just in Washington D.C. last week and I just stood there at the Capitol building right in the middle of Washington D.C. because right underneath that dome of the Capitol building where the constant US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and everything that's there it's actually the center of the building and it's the center of Washington D.C. all by design and I literally just sat there and I looked at that American flag I didn't post it I wasn't taking a ton of pictures I just absorbed this amazing environment and I was impressed by how many people gave their lives so I could have freedom but if you're busy doing this and doing all that because you want to find this angle and see look where I am Look what I'm getting to do look at this oh this is cool you miss the impress the imprint of that moment it will now forever be indelibly marked in my mind because I went old school and then I went analogue and I made that imprint I can see it as clear as day in my mind because guess what my brain still works and then and praise the Lord Hopefully yours does too so let's be aware of this let's experience life for ourselves and for our loved ones with our loved ones and periodicals Perhaps if you want to share something that's neat and insightful Let's do that but be careful build lasting memories that are just for you and your loved ones everybody doesn't need to know how awesome your life isn't. Sleep so we have self-image human connection memories and sleep. Social media can negatively impact our sleep having enough sleep is paramount in having a healthy existence however many of us use not so should change that word many people use their phones in bed which makes it harder to doze off Dr Bono explains he says getting worked up with things ID or N B From what we see on social media keeps the brain on high alert preventing us from falling asleep plus the light from our mobile devices just inches away from our face can suppress the release of melatonin a hormone that helps us feel tired and so they found that there are more and more sleep problems because of that little blue light that's causing us because I don't know if you're on we don't have time to get in the anyway light impacts and the color even the hue of light impacts whether or not we start getting tired or we want to stay awake so trying try setting yourself a strict rule of not getting getting on your phone for at least Here's what they found for at least 40 minutes to an hour before you want to go to sleep if you want to go to sleep about 10 pm then the best thing you can do is turn off your phone or put it on silent and put it in a different room from when you're going to sleep about a 40 minutes to an hour before you want to fall asleep otherwise you're going to lay there for a while it's going to take a while before you fall asleep it's amazing how people will the arm so tired you know or whatever it's amazing how students get exhausted when they just are studying and actually out of the actual book but then you can sit them in front of a screen and thing. They can be on it for hours while because we've disrupted the sleep cycle and so if you're tired and I look around and most people are just tired today I've learned I was one of those people I worked hard worked hard worked hard go out and play hard I come back a check in Been remember I didn't realize that just doing that was causing anxious miss perhaps an investment and and pride all these types of things and the light was stimulating my my. The suppression of melatonin so I was creating a sleepless environment for myself Be careful does that make sense number 5 this move on quickly attention span it's not just your subconscious brain that we need to worry about but it's also the extent to which our brain is fully able to concentrate throughout the day while it's incredible to consider the amount of information that's now readily available at our fingertips and thanks to social media and the Internet it's also means that people have to become very careful because it's very easy to become distracted social media has provided a means of constantly giving in to the temptation of instant easy access entertainment and that's the case I mean I will say I have seen young people that let me just I'm sorry let me rephrase that I have seen people young and old that they will sit down they their intention is to maybe check an email or watch a quick video on something that they wanted to check out but the problem with places like Youtube is if the way if you have it set up you watch one video of the in the next one immediately loads and bam it's going and then the next one loads the next one loads and then before you know it you like 3 hours is gone am I right you know and it's all by design it's to keep us on there because like we looked at yesterday our eyeballs are what's for sale. And the effects this has on students is especially concerning and apropos being here on the campus of Hartman students become victims of social networks more often than anyone else when they're studying or searching their course of study material online they get attracted to these different sites to kill the boredom in their study time diverting their attention from their work read resulting in reduced learning and research capabilities the fact that we're actually on this conduit that can open up the world to you is actually reduced our learning and research capabilities students have start relying more on the information accessible easily on social networking sites and on the web and this reduces their learning and research capabilities because they're being just spoon fed all of this information instead of learning how to dig for it even though I'm talking about all of these things that are online my wife and I have done some online studies but here's what we did we would go and we would do different search criteria we'd start hunting and look we're trying to put this all together and when we found the actual study that they were referring to we went and we found the actual study and read it for ourselves that's research and men and then oh this book is referenced and that book is or at reference OK We started buying it online and grabbing the physical tangible books and reading the book Finding out that just don't just take that snippet is it properly are we going to refer to it properly in context of what the researcher was saying and we're highlighting and we're under lining and we're writing notes in margins and post it notes and we're researching this is a lost art today because we think that everything on the Internet is got to be true if it has some sort of reference Oh no. No In fact even in our Music Seminar I learned something from it in the distraction dilemma we talked about these radio frequencies and how they design and do different things and and then we talked about water molecules and all of this the reality is the water molecule thing is that was a little shaky when I went back and I researched it deeper I never talk about it anymore but it's the one thing that people go yeah I'm not so sure about the water molecule thing and then they want to throw out everything else that has been research so we've become very careful with that because we want to lead you in the right direction and then they get a fix on students it can reduce command over language usage and creative writing skills what's interesting is that the more time that students spend on social media sites the less time they tend to spend socializing in person like we've talked about this reduces communication skills hurting their ability to communicate and socialize effectively in person while we do we know that perhaps but here's what employers are reporting your graduates employers are reporting as it's getting more and more difficult and they're becoming more unsatisfied with the communication skills of fresh graduates due to this reason effective communication skills are a key to success in the real world in fact that these employers now they will now go and just be aware young people old people I keep pointing to the young people because I think it's such a difficult challenge to live in this world today that's why I keep talking to my young brothers and sisters but here's the challenge employers will actually not just look at your resume they will go and find you on social media. It is now this is what they do now and if you're presenting yourself as this professional that can really think and reason do all this kind of stuff and they go on to your your or your different social media outlets and they see a totally different idiot they're not going to hire you they're not well that's unfair No actually it's pretty deep investigation into who you might really be or are you putting a facade out there and is this the one while you seem kind of disingenuous we're not sure who you really are we'd rather have somebody that it actually works in person and who you are on line so people are shooting themselves in the foot because they're drunken idiots out in the world and then they want to present themselves with these professional thinking people the Jonestown what I'm saying so whomever you are let's be genuine a man because you would have a great relationship with somebody you can only you need to have genuine as you need to be genuine with people who are you stop putting on this Facebook facade through that's a good title. Facebook facade I might consider that unfortunately students distant more time in these different distractions have a lower grades they have loss of motivation and overall time wastage number 6 social media's impact on mental health now not only has social media been proven the cause on happiness but it can lead into the development of mental health issues such as anxiety or depression when it's used too much without caution it was reported on a survey of 1000 individuals. That more than a 3rd of Jenn's the years that would be people born from the mid ninety's to the 2 thousands they shared that they were thinking of quitting social media for good as 41 percent stated that social media platforms make them feel anxious sad or depressed and this is there's actually an awakening starting to happen in the world we're talking about wanting to talk about Christians we're talking about worldly secular natural man saying you know what this doesn't make me feel good so 41 percent of young people that were surveyed are saying I'm actually thinking about cutting it out when Jacobs a very successful G.J. who has a large following on Twitter decided to go on hiatus himself from the platforms and the Twitter platform specifically and he found the break very beneficial Here's what he wrote quote Twitter indeed make me feel did indeed make me feel anxious from time to time and as it slowly dawned on me I was concerning myself with the feelings of thousands of strangers I followed while they didn't necessarily know who I was since my Twitter hiatus I have had a clear head with plenty of time to devote to other things all I can say is Amen. For others you might need to take a break totally for from it for a while. Now we're going to get into some practical social media impact and key indicators to be aware of if you suspect that social media is chipping away at your emotional wellness you're not alone psychologists psychiatrists and other health care professionals have seemed a drastic uptick in patients who feel that they're being at virtually affected by their online social activity and here are just some of the key indicators to be aware of low or decreased self-esteem during or after social media use now here's what we need to do if we're going to utilize social media and different and have different online experiences I want to strongly encourage you that to be aware of how you're feeling what's going through your mind right before you grab that device to go on there also you're like ha and you're starting to have like OK I want to I want to say I was it be being really discerning ask God to give you wisdom Lord help me to know how is this impacting me and if there's this through this little bit of excitement starting to brew you can know that all of that brain hacking has impacted you that we talked about last night. Or if when you're done or while you're on there if you have low or decrease self-esteem during or after using social media just be honest with yourself and say you know what it does make me a little sad or if it doesn't then move on in fact another key indicator to be aware of negatively comparing yourself to others via social media content so if you're negatively I'm never going to if you start saying these negative things in your mind or even out loud be aware this is an indicator that social media is impacting your mental health Hello makes sense. Respectively focusing on it repetitively focusing on your own shortcomings or distress while viewing other it's social media feeds continuing on a low or decreased self esteem during or after using social media negative. To go down to the bottom decrease in ability to concentrate frequently feeling India's of others while engaged with social media using social media as your prime at leisure activity that's what's happening now is that when you want to go do something you kind of want to just vege out your debt kind of done with your real life we now use social media as a leisure activity this these are kids indicators to be aware of feeling disconnected from friends and family or not interacting with them in person as often as you normally would or previously would increased or unusual social anxiety when interacting with people online this is what is crazy you start off with this online experience you're hidden behind your screen and what have you and there's kind of this little safety buffer This is why people engage in cyber bullying and saying horrible things to people because they would not normally typically do that face to face but our social interactions have changed now and we just cut people's heads off if we don't like what they're saying so what's happening is it's developing an anxiety Actually even when we're interacting with people online now because we're afraid of the repercussions of what we might say. Feeling a need to share everything you're doing offline on social media that's what I alluded to earlier if you just have this compulsion to want to share things all the time Now what's interesting is on campuses maybe like Heartland I'm not sure what your policies are here anymore I don't know I used to know them about 15 years ago I don't know how things may have shifted but uncertain Academy campuses in not generally college campuses but Academy campuses there's a strict rule no no no smartphones No and if you need to call your parents you pick up a landline and you call your parents or your parents need to get a hold of you so those devices are checked which actually is a really good thing here's what every single principal and teacher of told me the 1st week of coming back to school after a break the kids are nuts they're not they're totally different but as they detox and come off of it these nice young people return and they're not they're not being driven by all of this and they're able to communicate better they're able to to share with each other face to face and then when it's time to leave oh they get it back OK ah and before you know it they're right back into it as they go home for break and the cycle continues every single time they come back and now the teachers just know we know the 1st week they in fact some some schools teachers privately call it Hell Week. What's going on it's changing us it's parenting negative another key indicator to be aware of that perhaps social media could be impacting your mental health experience in the negative emotional experience of foremost fear of missing out during or after viewing others online activity consciously consistently using social media as a distraction to avoid or suppress unpleasant emotions and zeal some people are not running to drugs and alcohol which is not good of course not a good choice to numb their reality they're running to social media now to vicariously live through other people and put out this other avatar that we talked about yesterday irregular or disordered sleeping patterns this can be another key indicator increased in fatigue or stress during or after using the social media now these are some of the the basic things that we want to look at and be honest in our evaluation how do you really feel before during or after your time on social media platforms are you left jealous upset and stressed out are you finding that you are that when you're getting out of your interactions online that it's it doesn't help you to feel settled but you're unsettled so it's important for us to closely examine how we are reacting to our social media so now let's get into some actual serious warning signs not that those weren't serious but these are according to the researchers those were some of the key indicators now we're going to get into serious warning signs do you feel social media has become compulsive that you have to use it and there are many people that when they wake up they have to get on. When they're done with class they've got to get on that when they're on their break from work they have to get on or while they're working they're sneaking peeks this is a serious warning sign do you find it difficult to not engage in social media even when you don't really want to this is kind of like a drug addict saying I don't really want to take the drug but they take it anyway because they found that it's on the same level addiction wise because of what it does in the brain so if you're using social media and you don't really want to serious warning signs do you find your use or desire to use social media rapidly growing maybe you started it was interesting you wanted to catch up with some old friends if they were online but now it's rapidly growing that you really have this desire to use it this is a serious warning sign do you become angry irritated negatively emotionally or physically affected when you cut back or aren't engaged in social media platforms this is a sign of addiction and this is what the schools experience and the teachers experience when they really remove it those smartphones from the students at academies they become angry they become irritated they are negatively emotionally impacted this is a serious sign of addiction do you often find yourself preoccupied with social media how are you going to use it or what's going on in the different social media platforms that you use so when you're not on it are you thinking about it that's another sign of serious sign 6 are you neglecting other aspects of your life or have your online relationships with your family because the offline relationship with your family and friends been negatively affected by your social media use if if you are not hanging out with mom and dad or your brother your sister your friends in the real world and I don't mean you're sitting in the same room and you're all on your devices that's the new family time. That's not healthy family time. In fact I was at a number of years ago my mother had Thanksgiving dinner out of her house and my niece and her friend her friend had no where to go for things giving so she asked Can can I bring my friend a Thanksgiving of course sure and everything's giving we go to Salvation Army and we serve the homeless and then we come home and have a small things giving together and my niece was there sitting next to her friend at the dinner table and I realized they were texting each other at the dinner table sitting right next to each other literally this has become and I'm telling you my niece was highly addicted highly addicted thousands and thousands of texts all the time and she was sitting and I looked at her and I said Ashley I don't normally use her name I said so we are. Who are you texting right now and she went. I with what we're having a dinner here you're not even in gate I thought maybe at 1st she was texting somebody else and but then I noticed they were kind of like. And I've always a minute who are you I knew at that point she goes I go you guys are sitting here and you're texting each other how about this how about we collect everybody's phone Come on no Uncle No no no well I won't text anymore not just a god a little basket let's put it in here guess what it became my mother's thing when you come to my house for dinner all the phones are going in the basket now thanks to a good Christian. But guess what we had a great night together we were playing games we were talking and I saw my little niece little she was 19 at the time but I saw my young niece who was just like engaged in life again instead of like this the whole time and now she has children and she's like mommy mommy mommy just a minute my mama Mommy I said Ashley put your phone down your kids want you I will in just a minute full addiction. The social media use is impacting the real life and breaks my heart so what do we do if we recognize that the success of social media use is undermining our health our mental health and our happiness then that's really the 1st big step to admit yeah I got an issue I've got a problem here and then we can make a committed decision to make change how about here's a few things that you can do when you're committed to making a change substitute some or all of your social media time with face to face activities with family and friends who support you and actually care about you that's a great novel idea even put down your phone and other devices when you are with others go out take a hike go if you like fishing go fishing do whatever that's healthy and wonderful activity I'm not saying go and do you know destructive things but what we need to do is to spend time with each other doing real things consider expanding your interpersonal social circles to include people with similar interests get out there do something people of come to me for years that oh I wish I could play the piano I wish I could play the guitar how about you drop 8 hours a day of being on this other junk and learn and become a master with that kind of devotion can imagine what you could do if you if you devoted 8 hours to learning how to play the piano imagine if you just use 4 hours a day I don't have that kind of time yes you do yes you one of how many people want to learn a 2nd language or 3rd language I just don't have time yes you do you're just not prioritizing it in a way that utilize your time that helps you in your life right. How about get moving toward something better when you feel a need to hit social media if you if you sense it welling up to say no you know what I'm going to go and pick up the word of God or no I'm going to go and I'm going to call my mom and talk to my mom do something productive in your life instead of going to that habit of social media which doesn't sometimes really do us much good find a new healthy hobby like you said learn a new skill or our language how about this how about get some sleep. If you know what I finally figured out the best remedy if you're tired sleep. You don't need herbs you don't need all this other stuff if you're tired put it down and go to sleep that's like revolutionary thinking. Takes some time away from the Internet as a whole to remove the temptation of logging on to your favorite social media platforms they have found if you have a challenge with this just put it all away for a while you choose how long you need to put it away take social media off your radar by uninstalling apps perhaps removing short cuts from your home screens and bookmarks from your browser This makes getting to the social media platforms a little bit longer which requires a little bit more effort and perhaps the Holy Spirit could have a little bit of time to go do we really want to do that right now another important step turn off notifications except for perhaps phone calls or messages and your calendar and then re enable the ones that you realize that you actually want later for example or Google Maps like for instance I turned off notifications for like everything on my phone for a while and then I was like OK a few things I needed. If you are calling up a nuber and have someone to come you need to have the notification Hey I'm here right so don't turn them all off and leave them all off unless you can exist that way but because I travel so much there are certain apps I need to have notifications popping up but you know what I need to turn off my Instagram notifications because I'm getting them all the time so and so likes you so and so just so follow his own so I'm like I don't even know who they are until I go and spend time to find out who they are oh hey hi how are you and if you don't respond people start going well I guess this is not important to follow him you can't possibly respond to everybody you know give me some grace him and give yourself some grace. Set firm boundaries if you must engage on social media lay down clear limits on in advance of how many times a day or how long you will spend online you can actually install apps on your devices and you define it you say I only want to spend an hour a day on social media and then you say a one hour and didn't lock me out of that app after 12 hours or you get to set it up and unfortunately if you're like forget this and you want to uninstall the app you're addicted that means you really need to be using that as a men it's a good indicator and so if you go I only want to spend this much time on this app and this you can totally define it however you want. Set firm boundaries steer clear of content and platforms that bring you down and evoke negative responses this is something that's revolutionary to people if you are getting negative emotions and feelings stop doing whatever gives you those negative emotions for instance in the music similar we talk about if you're sad don't listen to sad music why you're going to become perhaps even depressed that's in Miss use of music if you're sad listen something that's uplifting in a pull you out of that amen Well if something makes you angry now I have to drive in traffic sometimes the traffic upsets me. Especially when I put pulling a 42 and a half foot trailer behind me and people cut you off I'm like I'm going to smash your body sorry because you're talking about safety concerns I'm like you know that kind of thing but the reality is I can't escape traffic because I have to travel around the world but I can't escape something perhaps on social media or online that causes me to get angry or upset a man there are certain things we can modify and it just makes you sad why do you want to go we sat I tried that once I don't like how it makes me feel so I don't do it anymore praise the Lord best using your mind in a good way and then nobody said Amen. So I have a heart I have a challenge for you try one weekend to start with tech free no smartphones no tablet no Facebook no computer and if you're saying. No then you're the one that needs to do it for longer than a weekend. I'm serious if that was kind of your knee jerk reaction let that be a warning warning you have an addiction. No smart phones no Facebook no computer evaluate yourself over the course of the weekend make a mental note every time that you find yourself fishing for that phone are reaching for it because it's become your habit and that should be like Oh in fact even be aware of have you been experiencing phantom Buzz's did you know that starts to happen if you carry that phone right here you'll start having phantom buzzes the phones on the beat in your pocket it's crazy what it's doing to us physiologically and emotionally we don't have time to get into all of that be aware and remember the times when you start developing and it's to go surfing or update your Twitter distract yourself with productive activities so here's a here's what I'm going to suggest get on our mailing list if you're not already go to our website shepherds call dot com and go there it's S H E P H E R D Shep herds call dot com and get on our mailing lists or sign up on our e-mail list and when we get this all done we'll send you out a notification because it's probably going to be around 6 hours because we have so much of amazing information and we're going to tighten it up but we're going to expand it we're going to go into we haven't even talked about cat fishing we haven't even talked about all the problems with the these sexual predators that are on online that in any given day there's over a half a 1000000 sexual predators online and they're after our children in fact I just I had a lady come up to me and tell me a harrowing story yesterday about the sexual activity that her grandchildren were into and now the family's life is threatened if they don't sin inappropriate disgusting videos to this pervert it's real and it's happening even in the cream of the crop let's finish up here we have just a few slides less this is this is interesting I just want you to think about this let's be careful. To let another praise you and not your own mouth a stranger and not your own lips Let's remember to not covet our neighbor's wife and you shall not desire neighbor's house or his vacations or the clothing they're wearing his field or is man servant as female servant his ox or his car is motorcycle or his donkey or anything that is your neighbor's because self promotion now is at an all time high and we're coveting we're even looking at everybody else's thing and is creating this dissatisfaction where God may not put us in a certain financial station in life there are some among our ranks that have great means and they live in a different level but that doesn't mean that we're less than because they have more and men I guess I sold everything I had a beautiful home it took me many years to save money and work hard for that but God said put it all aside and if things had become my standard then I would have never sold the home I would have never sold the beautiful green house and the orchard I would have been one of sold my videos to a $4000.00 square foot video studio I wouldn't have sold all these things if my heart was in the world right end of the world and God is trying to say let's disconnect Do not be distracted by the world I'm not saying the world doesn't pull at my heart it pulls at everybody's heart but the reality is my friends if we're focused on price and what he has for us then we will spend to be spent for the Gospel sake not for self sake amen. Self Promotion is spoken against in the Bible and we need to be careful and as we draw it to Earth in Hebrews 102425 says Let us consider one another to provoke unto love and good works my goal here today is to provoke you and to love and to good words and to set aside some of these things that might be a distraction in your life not forsaking the assembly of ourselves together as is the manner of some on social media but exhorting one another what does that mean and means to strongly encourage and so much the more as you see the day approaching so let's not allow the devil to separate us from each other Amen let's let's not be satisfied with a semi connected superficial network online I'm not saying they're evil but I am saying there are some serious issues and if you don't control it it will control you it's designed to do that and friends your little brain cannot overcome the brain of a 1000 engineers on the other side of that device there is no way we need Christ in our lives we need God to help us we need him to give us perspective as to whether this is a problem and as we see the dam approaching of Christ 2nd return we need to encourage each other to get in the Word of God If you're spending this much time on social media you better be spending at least that much time in the Word of God Otherwise it's like you're flipping a coin and I really going to be saved or not amen because friends if you're spending more time with the world then you are with God you're going to become more like the world this is how the brain works so if you're going to spend 2 hours a day with the world you better spend 2 hours and one minutes with the Lord amen but friends think about this that's just the coin toss. At that point because you're spending 2 hours in 2 hours and most of my brothers and sisters are not spending 2 hours a day with God So at minimum we should spend way more time with the Word of God and with the Lord in our lives because friends we are not going to overcome we are we are being overcome and we need to be overcomers Amen and if we're not vitally I wish I had time to give you a whole nother message on being vitally connected go to our website look up the 4 seas of Christianity it will give you a baseline to help and I just finally got to place where I said lord you've got to show me how this Christianity thing works and how this connection thing works I don't get it apparently and he helped me just strip down Christianity to 4 simple little steps and it changed my life so let's spend more time together fellowshipping with one another encouraging as we see the day approaching and as these in these last days that we are living in earth's history and I believe it's really happening look around don't look here look around a man. We're going to be scattered all over this planet we're going to not be able to fellowship with one another life we can right now and we're going to look back on these days and and when we had true communion with each other and man with the true community here on this campus and we're going to look back and by God's grace it's going to encourage us to go forward even though we feel like we're totally isolated but the reality is God has sent his angels to be with us we know it may not be able to see it with our own eyes but we can know it's true because we've spent time with God and God's Word is true he said he will send every bit of help that we need so let's be careful. With what we're looking at let's be careful with where we're putting our time the stuff wasting time in the world and on social media and let's start investing time in our walk with God Does that make sense something cyber social media can never do for us is build our walk with Jesus Christ that is built on our knees in communion in prayer with God and in His Word and fellowshipping with like minded believers and then this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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