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1. Can We Know the Future

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 1, 2016
    7:00 PM
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All right so tonight's topic can we know the future who will be the world's next super power if you ever thought about them there's all types of people maybe grasping and grappling what can we know about that what does the Bible have to say about that and that's what we want to look at the seeming You know all of us dream sometimes are good dreams sometimes they're bad dreams if you ever had a bad dream I know for me a bad dream is showing up to work in my underwear that is a bad dream. Another bad dream is when I've gone through a very stressful day you have those days where maybe you have a bunch of tests when I was in school or or deadlines whatever it is and you literally dream about the entire day and then your alarm clock goes off and you haven't done any of it that is a bad dream have you ever had a good dream where you have boarded the plane to go to a wonderful vacation destination. And the whole time in your dream you're only on the plane you can't seem to ever get off the plane and finally when you're about to get off the plane you wake up. I don't know if that's a good dream sounds like another bad just all of us dream right and I want to tell you about Abraham Lincoln and a dream that he had in fact it was just a few weeks the last few weeks of his life that he had this dream where he heard wailing going on downstairs in the White House have you heard this and you can Google it if you don't believe me he heard wailing and mourning all kinds of things so he got up out of his bed and he went down the stairs in the White House and as he's wandering downstairs he sees everybody surrounding a coffin and morning and he's wondering what in the world is going on what could all this mean and as he asks who is dad in the White House and the response comes back it is the president of the United States now he shared this dream with a close friend and just a few weeks later of course on April 14th 865 Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth Now some of you may have gone to Ford's Theater and there's his booth and if you go there and if you see something I think we went to the net cracker years ago or something there's still flags and everything it's all boarded off and school kids will come and walk through and all the rest but this is where it took place of course and they took him across the street but eventually he was taken to the East Room of the White House there in Washington D.C. remarkable man remarkable dream and that's a little bit out of the ordinary and then now you're all going to be waking up tomorrow thinking oh no what is that me. But we're going to look tonight at another very remarkable dream that's recorded for us in Scripture but before we do that I want to turn to the Book of Revelation lay a little bit of ground work and they're going to jump to this dream OK So Revelation is a book of prophecies that the book of 666 and the mark of the beast the battle of Armageddon the 7 last play the 7 trumpets the 7 seals the 7 ball all these things are all E.-N. revelation and people are going to want to know what is the mark of the beast will talk about that I promise Revelations also the last book of scripture and if you've ever picked up a really good book and you go to the last chapter there's a good chance you might read it and say that doesn't make a lot of sense I don't get any of the characters I don't understand the plot I didn't think the ending was that good Never mind it's kind of similar in the Book of Revelation there's so much that builds up to it in fact over 600 times I've even heard some say over a 1000 times and will mention that again a little bit I'm going ahead of myself but it eludes to and makes reference to the Old Testament that means it refers back to so if you don't understand that context that story that scripture when then we are reading Revelation it doesn't make sense but when you do you kind of have this HA And so we're going to have to lay some groundwork before we get to some of the heavier issues in Revelation but 1st off Revelation Chapter one Verse one the 1st words say the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Him to show his servants and some people you may have heard will say well Revelation is a sealed book we're not supposed to understand it now why would God give this book and as we keep 3 gives it to his servant John and so on why would he give this book and then say but don't read it and seal does that make a lot of sense in fact the word itself revelation means to do what to hide conceal know to reveal and sometimes we get so bogged down in all these things I've already listed the mark of the beast and all the rest when really that's not the point of. Relation at all the point is to reveal who Jesus Christ Jesus is the one whose character we see revealed and significant and powerful ways in the Book of Revelation and so as we talk night after night we want to live Jesus Christ 1st and foremost that's the whole point of Revelation and he gives us some insight that is helpful for us because he cares about us he loves us and so we're going to keep looking at the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Him to show his servants and we already talk about what Revelation means Revelation 2210 says do not feel the words of the prophecy of this book for the time is at hand so we read this back to Revelation 11 The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Him to show his servants not a sealed book at the revelation of Jesus to show certain things which must shortly take place and he sent and signified it by angel to his servant John those are all things that are helpful for us to keep in mind now I also want to talk a little bit about prophecy it says here in Isaiah 46 verse 9 it says Remember the former things of old for I am God and there is no other I am God and there is none like me God is the one that remembers the things of old but he's also the one that can prophesied what's going to come declaring in the end from the beginning and from ancient times things that are not yet done prophecy is powerful because it helps us to know that we can trust the Bible I mean if you stop and think about it there are so many different authors on multiple planets over hundreds of years that wrote this book if we all went down here to the highway and we all witnessed a car accident and then we were all put in separate rooms and people said OK how would you describe what you saw when we all come together perfectly I bet you we couldn't get the color the cars right yet this book comes together and our. Remarkable way and prophecy there are multiple times we'll see some tonight where far before suppressions even born we're going to talk about Cyrus tonight before he's even born God predicts that he will be born and what he will do that's powerful and we're going to look at that little more detail so prophecy helps us to recognize that what this book says is true sometimes people think well you know we reasons about other things but when it comes to biblical things we don't reason we have face we'll talk more about faith here in just a minute a mystery verse 7 surely the Lord God does how much how much nothing unless he reveals his secret to his servants the prophets that's a god that wants us to know maybe not every exact detail but he wants us to know and nuff that when things happen we can say you know I think that the fulfillment of Bible prophecy and every time Bible prophecy is fulfilled comes to pass we can say Man God knows what he's doing this god guess that the future he knows is right and to prophecy he's showing us that he knows the future and he gives us hints about what's going to take place surely the Lord God does nothing Hebrews 11 verse one back to this idea of well in church things we just have to have faith if you just have you know you don't don't worry about reason don't worry about study all these things these are these are spiritual things we have to have faith we just believe it as if we're supposed to believe it blindly I don't think God wants us to believe things blindly do you in fact right here we use this as a definition of faith and right here he was 11 verse one it says Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the what's the word evidence of things not seen Now granted there's going to have to be some faith because not everything is going to be spelled out exactly there's going to be questions that all of us have for God when the time comes right god. Why did you do this that didn't make sense to me how come you allowed that to happen but we also see here there's going to be plenty of evidence to believe in Him and to trust in him he doesn't want to just be blindly saying OK you know we look for evidence everywhere else anybody use the word well I researched it out honey I know which bread maker we're supposed to buy I know which car I know which lawnmower How do you know honey I researched it out the body here do that I read reviews on Amazon this one has 5 stars had 5026 people by the 1226 anyway that really liked it this one's going to be a quality product I did that just the other day for a picture that we make our own on milk and it came today and I went and put water in it to see if it pours better than the last one and it dribbles down the front I said everybody rated this so when I thought I had evidence to believe anyway God gives this evidence and so part of that evidence I believe is Bible prophecy because anybody if you stop and think could come up with their own book and say this is our religious book great what gives it a 30 Well we wrote it what else well we're good people what else there are some good things just read I think you'll find it very pleasant nice uplifting great what else Scripture gives us prophecy as evidence that God is who he claims to be and I think that's important to you. Let's move on here's another one Isaiah 118 come now and let us do what reason together what does it mean to reason discuss let's think about this let's ponder over it let's make sure we're making the right decision right now is the difference between an impulse and a conviction an impulse is very flighty I have to do this I need to have this now right a conviction grows steadily over time an impulse maybe there today and it's gone tomorrow oh I have to have his thing and then tomorrow oh you know I don't need that thing is too expensive Why would I get that thing I don't need it but a conviction I'm going on keep thinking about it and keep praying about it and as you continue to think about it and pray that it grows and grows and grows that's what conviction is so Come now let us reason together that's another key verse here and here I already mentioned it's over 600 times the Book of Revelation references or alludes to the Old Testament now to some of the original readers way back in John the Revelator sday all these things made a lot of sense to them or many of them did because they understood the Old Testament very very well but for some of us that may be a little more ignorant on some of the things the old testament there could be Son and alluding to a story and we just glaze right over it and so we're going to find ourselves not just in the Book of Revelation but the 1st part of the story as well to help us understand revelations that make sense it's almost like prophecy is peaking behind the curtain that's why I like this picture and see this in there he's got his hand on the time and he's showing us a little glimpse behind the curtains Private going to pull the whole thing back is going to give us a glimpse of what we can expect So I want to go now to the Book of Daniel and we're going to look at a very powerful prophecy in the Book of Daniel you may be familiar with this you may not this story took place in Babylon right here you see pictures right there. Really where Kuwait and Iraq are primarily in Israel and they're in Babylon at the time that we're going to read about in a moment they were the Hanging Gardens of never can as are beautiful in fact it was one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world these hanging gardens and we don't really know what they look like but here's a few depictions of what it looked like I mean you think about this when all there was was babbling all there was was King Nebuchadnezzar there was nobody else find anything else he was the supreme ruler of the world and so he would just wake up in the morning I suppose and say you know what I think would be nice over there let's let's put a hanging garden over there that's going to be $18000000000.00 great or maybe it would be 18 because he just has that many slaves these are going to send them over their network their whole life in the next you know whatever it might be so these beautiful gardens a beautiful city but one night never can as or had Can you guess a dream and this wasn't just an ordinary dream but this was a dream that he felt really had some significance but he couldn't figure out what it was and so he was very very curious and so he read about it in Daniel Chapter 2 verse one now in the 2nd year of never can as rain never can as are had dreams and his spirit was so troubled that his sleep did what it's not the worst I mean when you can't sleep it's not pleasant and so he says turning and turning and turning and so verse 2 so the king summoned the magicians the enchanters The Sorcerers and the astrologers these are the guys I paid in all the things that I don't know and what's his request to tell him what he had dreamed and when they came in and stood before the king he said to them I have had a dream that troubles me and I want to know what it means and they said OK Live Forever tell your servants the dream and we will give the interpretation of the dream Now wait a 2nd. If you're able to tell the future why do I have to tell you the dream I mean you drive around Asheville and you see all these things for palm readers right. Now I'm not going to go in there I'll tell you maybe later on the series Well I'm not going to go in there but all the psychic hotlines and all the rest I don't I've always been tempted to call and as they say hello to my speaking with you should know where you coming from you tell me. What's going on in your life that's what I'd like to know I mean really write and so never can as or is dangerous tell me what I dreamed he said was it just tell us a dream and we'll tell you what it means what anybody can come up with the meaning to a dream right they all come together they get in the back room you know what this will probably be a good interpretation the king would like that we'll all put our heads together Yep let's go and present that and then because there's no I can't 1st of all I can't remember the dream and 2nd of all you all are making me mad by not telling me the dream what am I paying you for King sometimes have a bad attitude and so they can replied to this trawlers this is what I have firmly decided you don't go up against a king who's firmly decided something if you do not tell me what my dream was and interpret it I will have you cut into pieces and now your house is turned into rubble a piece that snapped and so it goes the death decree goes out for all of these wise men if you will in Babylon and here's their response they say there is no man on earth who can do what you ask if you're asking too much this is impossible you know throws some slack here or something but he sticks to that and in fact it says This made the king so angry and furious that he ordered the execution of all the wise men of BALLEN. Now here's where Daniel how you came to the Daniel Fast raise your hands and here's where Daniel comes into the picture because Daniel he's not about alone in fact he was one of the Jews. AD But the Jewish nation was really not behaving themselves they weren't following God they were being rebellious in many ways though God allowed the Babylonians and King Nebuchadnezzar to overtake them but he was smart he said I'm not going to just an island everybody I'm going to take their best and their brightest and I'm going to put them in my group of best and brightest and so that's where Daniel find himself excess Now there's a death to create for Daniel this is a problem because I use my head to breathe how about you yeah when I'm cut into pieces I find it hard to do a lot of things I enjoy doing and so look at what Daniel says Daniel appeals he goes before the king and he says give us time give us time if you read a story there Daniel 2 that we may be able to give you and share with you interpretation of the dream and so the king says fine Very well I imagine you're going to be in pieces whether it's tomorrow or the next day so knock yourself out I don't know what translation that is but anyway so Daniel goes back he tells his other friends who are faithful to God and they pray can you imagine that prayer meeting I don't know about you but if this is my last night to pray I'm probably just going to keep praying and keep praying and keep praying has God given you any ideas yet you know let's keep praying How about you OK let's keep praying if it were me I probably would have prayed to the night that's now we re if you go look at the story. It says. Tells you how Daniel dealt with the crisis they prayed then he went to sleep and then God gave him the drain line put some of that he asked for time he shared problem with his friends he prayed and he waited in face now waiting is hard isn't it I mean waiting at the post office when you show up in the line is long is hard but when this might be your last day on Earth and you pray about it I don't know him and prayed an hour or 2 I don't know doesn't say but then he just waited in Phase I actually went to bed he went to sleep which tells me something about how much he trusted God it's hard to go to sleep but maybe when it's hard to go to sleep maybe not trusting God like you should in the situation anyway so he goes to sleep and God gives in the dream says I thank you and praise you oh god my father's You have given me wisdom might and he goes back to the king with interpretation dream if you're never gonna sleep he never would have a dream he never would have interpretation the dream so he goes before the king and if he is self serving serving he would say something maybe like this Daniel replied No wise man in chance or a magician or divine or can explain to the king the mystery he is asked about but he could have left this out but he doesn't but there's a God in heaven who reveals what secrets sounds like prophecy sounds like Revelation there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets and he made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will be and the latter days I'm listening and so he continues on you know kings were watching him Behold a great image this great image who Splendor was excellent stood before you and its form was awesome and I imagine maybe the king a star has a. Yes yes yes there was an image is starting to come back to me now and it was big and it was awesome keep going this image head was a fine goal is chest and arms of silver and belly and dies of bronze its legs of on its feet partly of iron and partly of clay Yes yes that sounds all very male year and everybody else in the palace by his silence whoa this is happening. And you watch while a stone was cut out without hands which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and broke them in pieces yes there was a stone here right in the iron the clay the bronze the silver and the gold were crushed together and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found and the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth cannot go now no it doesn't say that maybe he was thinking then but then he continued on this is the dream now we will tell the interpretation of it before the King that's what he wanted in the 1st place right I had this dream it seems significant What does it mean well it starts out nice you. Are a king of kings and are this head of gold ha ha ha ha yes and at the top on the head of goat sounds good TELL ME MORE we have babble in largely the archaeologists in various people of you and research this Babylon have so much gold I mean lots and lots of gold and we're talking about 605-2539 B C. Never consented to babble and here's another artist's rendition of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon 10 miles around biggest city of that time bar none hands down Rome was only 6 miles Athens only for so Babylon was the biggest and the best and the greatest the temple of Mar do you have a artist's rendition there in the background was 300 feet high outside it was covered with blue glaze tile inside it was all overlaid with gold there was gold everywhere and the altar and throne were made from 8 and a half tons of solid gold how to be a really good for a one K. went. And so Daniel was self-serving because that you're the head of gold you're at the top and then he could've you know had somebody call him on his cell phone can you please excuse me and leave me doesn't do that either he tells a full interpretation he says it's chest and arms of still remember that part he goes and explains that but after you shall arise another kingdom inferior to yours and sure enough Persia arose after Babylon from 539-2331 B.C. representing the chest and arms of silver and if you study some of. The time there Persia was known for its alcohol and King belch as Or who was arrogant and proud he was the grandson of King Nebuchadnezzar was having a big party one night that the Bible tells about this too and on the wall the handwriting on the wall you remember that story many many tech will parson was what was written on the wall and it says God has numbered your kingdom and finished it is what many means. In fact they had to call to have this interpreted by Daniel's Well you have been weighed in the balances and found wanting and that very night oh I have read this to your kingdom has been divided and given to the needs and the Persians so that's what the hand wrote on the wall and had to call Dan and he was much older by this time and he interprets what this says in the wall because they're all drunk they're all having a good time and then this thing this catches everybody's eye what's going on and they remember oh Daniel he might be the one that could help us out sure enough he comes and he interprets this and that very night Cyrus is outside the city and he's trying to find a way to get in the walls of the city are too thick too high impossible in fact they are so proud of how fat they have the fact the city is just impregnable that they they don't worry about anything they have a water supply they have food supply for 50 years and all kinds and sometimes even by all times it's all screwed down at attacking armies as a way of saying oh look hot out there oh you want some peanut butter and jelly sounds here let's give you something you look so famished we have a 50 year food supply here we're not worried line games right well Cyrus did something that they were expecting on this night that they're partying that they're drinking alcohol they're drunk at the handwriting on the wall Cyrus is having his man it probably took several days but he has his man divert the river and so maybe they have some channel of this size and they have something that they're able to just drop like a dam and divert the river all at once and it kind of goes off another way and avoids the city altogether and so on this night that everybody is drunk somebody leaves the gate open to the river because they had this big iron gate that the water flowed through as well they left that open and all of the men file into babbling and just like that unsuspecting of anything they were take that leap. They walk in and take it as their 45 Verse one this is is written by the way 150 years before Cyrus is even born so this too is prophecy. Probably 200 years before the event thus says the Lord to his anointed to Cyrus whose right hand I have held to subdue Nations before him and loosed the armor of Kings to open before him the double doors so that the gates will not be shut Cyrus the means named Proxima 150 years before his birth and so you have Persia take over next from 539 to 331 B.C. but then you continues on then another 3rd kingdom of bronze which shall rule over all the earth will come about and this is symbolized by Greece again if you don't believe me go back and just google these things and now pop right up Greece Alexander the Great was the one that defeated Arius the 3rd of Persia and he was the one that changed everything so 1st you had Babel and you had me to Persia now you have Greece Alexander the Great By the way incredible warrior very young I think he died at 3233 very very young at the Battle of Arbella in 3331 B.C. he overtook me to Persia and now Greece was the main person on the world stage in fact all of their weaponry at that time was largely brass and that kind of thing and so on or bronze I should say and that's a good characteristic for that as well. One arth author of History says this I am persuaded that there was no nation city nor people where his name did not reach there seems to have been some divine hand presiding both over his birth and actions that's in the historical library book 16 Chapter 12. And so he overtook me to purge and then finally there will be a 4th kingdom strong as iron that's the legs of Iron have symbolic of Rome from 16824768 D. Edward given writes this to images of gold silver or brass that might serve to represent the nations and their kings were successively broken by the iron monarchy of Rome and again iron was everywhere throughout Rome at that time in fact it was during the birth of Christ it was during the Roman Empire wasn't in fact Roman decreed to kill all the babies in the land 2 years and under to try to get rid of who Jesus it was a Roman governor who left the Jews or so I let the Jews take Jesus and crucify him and so all this is taking place while Rome is in power so you have ballon the head of gold followed by Persia just Norm's silver grease the size 5 of bronze and Rome the legs of iron and then there's one more piece divided Europe feet of iron and clay still in Daniel Chapter 2 now verse $41.00 just as you saw the feet and toes were partly of a clay and partly of iron so this will be a what kind of kingdom divided kingdom and this is where I think it gets very interesting you know throughout history and this is the Fredericksburg castle in Denmark and you can go there and you can look on the walls and you can see in their family tree everybody is interconnected royally because the idea was if I can get my daughter to marry his son or vice versa or whatever then we'll all come together and with no one will fight no one will try and take anything from anybody else and everyone will just be happy and it will be so much better. More often than not it didn't ever work out that way and you have battle after battle after battle and here you have the division of Europe and you have all these different classes that we now have in Europe today and then 3 that are now extinct and they continue to exist and be divided right and so here you have the 10 toes sometimes you refer to as a 10 toes and that type of thing and so you have Charlemagne who tried to bring everybody together again did it work didn't work you have Charles the 5th trying to bring everybody together doesn't work no was a Bible say they will not cleave one to another you have Louis the 14th same thing didn't work didn't work you have Napoleon Oh Napoleon he's going to be the one to do it they shall not cleave the Bible says in fact the Battle of Waterloo this is written in the historical lectures lecture number 3 on modern history says What was the principal adversary of this tremendous power by whom was it checked and resisted and put down by none and by nothing but the direct and manifest interpose ition of God Again again you have historians saying this doesn't make a lot of sense but some way somehow it's almost as if God was preventing this from happening I don't know does God know the future does he guess doesn't guess he's not right 75 percent of time and he pretty good he's right 100 percent of the time but they shall not cleave one to another even as iron is not mixed with clay so Napoleon can do it Kaiser Wilhelm couldn't do it and there at the bottom even Hitler couldn't do it they're all grasping to try to unite the world and be the next world superpower the 3rd Reich we are going to do it. Not going to happen I don't care who comes on the scene if you believe in the Bible and Bible prophecy and you believe God knows what he's talking about never again where they'll be one world empire again not going to heaven they will not cleave I was looking at this book just this morning a 1000 shall fall you can get an Amazon and a Kindle version or a hard copy whatever but this is a remarkable story this guy was German the fact his grandson was my teacher at Southern Michel ha and I took Hebrew from him and he would start on Friday mornings by telling us stories of his grandfather and their family but primarily of this man when he was in the war he was in World War One then he was converted and then he was drafted to go into World War 2 didn't want to go to war didn't believe in war he tried to be a conscientious objector and instead they said no no no we're going to put you at some of the most worthless. Ruthless I should say we're going to put you out front of where Hitler wants to go next you're going to build bridges and everything else so you're the 1st people to go into enemy territory and he prays he gathers his family around because he doesn't believe in Hitler doesn't believe in this war he doesn't believe in killing people and all the things and he plays a very simple prayer with his family before he actually heads off to war he says Lord help me to be able to be faithful to you and to follow all 10 of your commandments he doesn't want to kill anybody partway in this story he actually takes his gun one night and throws it into the water cup and puts a piece of wood that he paints black in the holster because he has to carry but he doesn't want to be put in the situation where he will be tempted to use it. And so he gets rid of his gun time and time again he trusts in God and God alone I mean this book Elizabeth and I my wife back here and my kids how y'all doing I need to be done how OK listen I'm going to read this book together it's going to be a nice thing that we would do you know we'd sit down the couch and we'd take turns reading it and we did the 1st chapter or 2 and then I came home from work the next day and and you know drapery the next chapter for e what finished the book. Is just one of those books there's times where they're marching and his feet are just too tough and they have all kinds of of what you call blisters and bleeding and all the rest and he's afraid if he takes his boots off he's not going to get them back on again but he has to inspect and sure enough they're just tore up and they're so swollen and he prays a prayer the next morning wakes up and feet are perfect incredible story and so and he would tell us the stories of being a Hebrew class you know and we want to keep going keep going well there's a time comes he's always read his Bible and people are criticizing him for what do you do you secret Jew and he's reading his Bible at one point he gains enough credibility with the people around him by his example that one point they call him in and it's not just him but that's about 3 or 4 War generals in the room and they said you know your Bible Well well you know I I read it and I started asking him questions and he kept coming up with answers and then finally they ran a question he said Are you familiar with Daniel to know what's Daniel to and he spent the next I think it's either 2 or 3 hours to explain this prophecy to them he had written down all the dates that I just shared with you a little note card that was in his Bible maybe on the margins Bible and they took all that time to explain all this and those general said wow I have never heard anything like this in my life I said I believe every word of it. And he's and he even told them the conclusion that he come to that the Reich would not overcome Hitler would not win this war because God says it wouldn't happen and so he ends up telling hostle he says I want you to instead of putting all the fuel in some of these trucks I want you to say I don't remember what it was a percentage every time we get fuel I want you to say that back over here don't tell anybody you do stuff like that and you're done right I want you say some fuel so the when the war is over we'll have enough to go home. But he said this. Incredible book they shall not cleave feat of iron and clay from 476 A.D. to the present Revelation 1712 says the 10 horns which you saw are 10 kings who have received no kingdoms as yet but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast So when to talk more about that is laying a foundation that will come back to in Revelation we're going to build on this in fact we're going to add more detail 1st we just have the kingdoms and then we're going to have more detail about the kingdoms and they're going to have more detail about one of the Kingdoms and we're just going to continue to unpack it as we go along but this hopefully will say we'll put a framework for you as we add to it you'll say aha you can put that on that shelf and that shelf in a kind of organized or is that make sense we're kind of creating these little bins if my wife loves bins we have a basement and I've built a whole wall of bands you can label and organize in there see through and everything has its place the rails like that well this is supposed to have its place until I get in there MADELINE But anyway we're trying to create this network in your mind is framework continue on relation these are of one mind and they will give their power and authority to the beast these will make war with the lamb and the lamb will overcome them for he is Lord of Lords and King of Kings and those who are with him are called chosen and faithful. So again we'll come back to this idea of returning to Daniel Chapter 2 to finish off his dream you watch while a stone was cut out without hands which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and broke them in pieces the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed it still break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it shall stand for ever and so this rock in prophecy is symbolic of the coming of Jesus Christ there is not going to be another world power is not going to another world leader is not going to be another big major significant power player who's going to be Jesus Christ coming in the flesh to take us home and eventually to set up His Kingdom on this earth to some these last events is Jesus' 2nd Coming the nations of Europe will come to an end God will set up His kingdom and God's kingdom will last for ever and Jesus will be anointed as can KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS and he comes to earth to reign over an ever lasting kingdom so sometimes people will say well where are we and prophesy according to Daniel 2 we're not in the head we're not in the chest we're not in the thoughts are not in the legs we're not even in the feet as much as we're in the told nails I'm not sure if that's biblical or not doesn't talk about the toenails but but we're right there the next thing to happen is Jesus will come that's exciting to me living in 2016 it probably would have been so exciting for Daniel because he knows this is not going to be when I'm around probably but exciting for me Jesus will come if you ever stop to imagine that day what it will be like what will matter on that day what all the sun will just go away on the. I don't know but I think about that a fair bit we have a little boy James we have 4 kids 2 boys and 2 girls and James Our youngest is challenge he has something called Alexander Disease which is extremely rare there's only how many known cases I'm told this in a while 500 in the world ever recorded and he's got a variant he's one of 3 and it's a brain issue that means in effect his frontal lobe and so he can't develop like normal children will we've had several M.R.I.'s and it shows that in his brain matter it's kind of foggy you know how you should have all these fingers somehow it just looks kind of overcast is the best way I can describe it and it's there around his brain stem and other things and so this devastated us when we found out all of this and it's a fatal saying we don't know how long sometimes they don't even live as long as he has he's going to have his 3rd birthday this summer but we've found since we 1st learned of this that there are some on Facebook that are in their teens and they're functioning relatively well and so we're encouraged by that and we don't know what the future holds for James. At some point even though he's getting better in fact he's starting to walk a little bit we're trying to capture a video of him going out with this walker but now he'll leave some of that behind and he can walk from me to Charles now sometimes he'll fall on the way but the fact that he can do it is a right I'm still a father and a so I don't know he may he may just be fine and normal He may at some point what the doctors tell us is that his improvement will some at some point reach a ceiling and he'll start to decline and will start to go backwards and start to lose function until eventually lose enough function that he passes away that's going to be tough I have plenty of time thinking about the brain about the crime about that. But you know since that's happened I think differently about this day because I think James if it were good if it were tomorrow or next week or next year or 2 I think of James just running to us. And maybe he's normal sized I mean he's kind of small for his age he's a continual youngster but that's OK We love him he's got a sweet personality he loves to flirt. So I don't think it's just you and it's you and everybody so don't let him break your heart but I just imagine him running and be able to talk and he still may learn to talk but to be able to say you know thank you so much for taking such good care whatever it might be and I'm think the pride the word little just right the all over and that's a reality. That's not just a maybe as sure as God predicted all of these kingdoms the last the stone has cut out not by human hands will come and Jesus will come and on that day all these things will be made right once and for all and that will be a beautiful beautiful day Revelation 1115 and there were loud voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and he show Rain for ever and ever that's going to be a good day that's going to be a good day so Daniel 247 truly your god this is never can enter speaking now truly your god is the God of God The Lord of lords and reveal or of secrets and I'm going to says Wow Wow In fact eventually the LORD continues to work on never can answer it takes quite a while but eventually never can as a right a portion of Holy Scripture how many have done that anybody I haven't but never connected and he was a pretty good guy but worked on him kind of another story John 141 to 3 Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to Myself that where I am there you may be also doesn't send somebody anybody has been separated for a long period of time and they're coming the airport you don't send somebody you go I believe Jesus can't wait to come and people say oh we've been waiting and waiting waiting when he going to come I've got news for you none of us in this room have to wait more than a lifetime right. How long is God there waiting and waiting and waiting he is so anxious to come to your family father as we have laid a little bit of a foundation here. Faith is things hoped for but it's also the evidence of things not seen and you've given us some evidence tonight of how you do hold the future and us and you reveal these things to your servants the prophets that we might have some idea some understanding of what we can expect what is coming down the pike and or that gives us hope knowing that you know and as long as we hang on to your hand you will guide us through these end times that are really upon us even now and Revelation has so many more insights onto what we're seen and what we're going to see and when you give us all of that because you're a god of love and compassion and you want us to base our trust on you on evidence so when there are those things that we don't understand that we can't fully figure out we can just place in your hands say Lord we trust you as long as we stay connected with you and hang on to you you will bring us through and so are we just thank you for all that have come out tonight and for your blessing in this place and your name. 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