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4. Revelations Eternal Sign

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 6, 2016
    7:00 PM
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Dear Heavenly Father we thank you again for your many blessings to us we thank you for your love for your watch here we thank you for health and for life and we thank you that you have given us brains and you said in your in your word Come let us reason together and so that's what we're wanting to do tonight we pray that your Holy Spirit will be here as we open up your word that you will make it clear and playing help me as I present and I pray that you will convict our hearts as well in your name we pray. All right revelations Eternal Sunshine The Anybody ever feel like there this guy right here all about you but I felt like this guy today this is a guy he's got his briefcase he's running so fast his his ties going. And he's on a hamster wheel you ever feel like you're on a hamster wheel and you're just going in circles go go go go go and you're not even sure how to get off the thing yeah that can be what life is about we've already talked a little bit about smartphones and how you can never get away how they're constantly buzzing how they're constantly telling you things you need to talk about or address or text back or email and on and on and on I think back to the day when everything was on paper how different the world was when everything was on paper and maybe you had piles of paper on your desk to go through and sort through and it's interesting to me how with every passing decade they say oh we've created this thing that will make your life more simple right this machine now will wash your clothes so you don't have to go down to the river and scrub and scrub Now mind you I love washing machines now we have cars you don't have to pony up so to speak and go across town and give them enough water and all the rest but the more inventions that we come up with for faster faster pace life really crazier life can be if you think back and you know. We like to read to our kids the Little House On The Prairie series you ever read any of that and they really enjoy that and we enjoy that and life wasn't simple them oftentimes we get very very picture rest but it was hard there's no doubt about that but there was something about it that was just very simple you just provided for your most basic needs and and while you were writing your horse or while you were walking to town there was that time of refreshment maybe or a time of reflection and it seems like today reflection is just. Almost doesn't exist because we're constantly being bombarded and I use that we're bombarded I mean go go go I was appalled the other day is as I was filling up the car with gas and all of a sudden it wasn't just a voice talking to me but it was a screen there at the gas pump and it was just talking to me and they were commercials and boom boom boom fast as best I can even have a moment to reflect while I'm filling up my car with gas is this. I mean in all the time it gets crazy now what happens before he finishes self and what happens. Have you ever woken up in the morning those are you that count on this little device and you go and you look and all this on that little bar the top where shows your battery is in the red and it's only 7 o'clock or 6 o'clock whatever time you wake up in the morning and you're like who Oh no I have to do the whole day and I have no battery what happened what went wrong it didn't charge is that important to have a charge man and I'm so for the rest of the day you're trying to plug in you're trying to get this thing to charge a little bit here a little bit there live it over there that went out again and a little bit here and did you get my 10 No I didn't get the Oh I didn't get that either I tried to call. My battery was dead even if you just use the phone a lot throughout the day a lot of. Phone calls a lot of screen time whatever it is you can see that thing kind of going down lower and lower and lower Now that's a low piece of electronics How about you and i do we need to plug in and recharge from time to time and what happens if we don't recharge oftentimes we get sick our immunity becomes lower and lower we get more fragmented in our mind we can't concentrate as well we're living on not enough sleep we're not eating right we're not doing all these things and because we're intemperate in all of these areas it starts to pile up more and more and more and more in fact there's a lot of studies that show a large number of illness and sickness and even disease is caused by our lifestyle and not pulling back and recharging and oftentimes there's that pressure that if you pull back in the recharge where you're just being selfish must be nice. I take every Thursday off and I go up on the Must be nice to go up on the parkway I don't have that luxury why because I have no work Marquard 12 hours every day for 7 days a week how come so I can afford that big flat screen T.V. in that fancy car I drive of course that's quality of life right there work yourself into an early grave maybe you know people have done them I think you and I are very similar in the fact that we have a certain I don't want to say life expectancy but our day right if you have those long days you just can feel I need to go to bed but think about how incredible that is to sleep and all of sudden you wake up and you have more energy you feel rested and then if you're not you're not going to bed early off. The earth God created and knew when he fashioned us when he formed us he knows what we need how he would buy a new car or a new appliance or new something. And you bring it home and this is a big purchase I mean there's side small purchases you know an impulse buy the grocery store it's a handy tool in the kitchen that's fine but this is a big purchase and you bring it home and where you unravel this big purchase and none other than the kitchen table and the whole family gathers around oh what is this oh yeah I picked it up today what is it oh this thing is incredible and you open it in your body moves and as you pull it out right this is the part. I don't know whether this now eventually it goes from that place of prominence in your home and then it goes to a place of less prominence and it usually goes in a cupboard or cabinet to try and hide this thing that you maybe shouldn't bother don't need anymore but you can't get rid of it so then you take it to the garage the garage is the last place that there's hardly any hope for this special thing anymore right because once it reaches the garage I think the garage is some or the word car Bob's right it's almost there and sitting right next to the can but you can't let it go anyway I digress but when you bring that thing home you look at the owner's manual some time and to pay and how much you paid for if you're a typical male you try and figure it out and you push all the buttons until you can't figure it out and then you turn to what your wife who said of course you ask you why because what your wife doing she's reading the manual I see comes over so sweetly and so kindly and says Well dear it's because you have to push this 1st and this 1st and then oh yes and then all sudden it works and it comes on and oh how did you know well I read the manual Oh that thing I discarded that was covered in plastic here and I took the plastic up it's very helpful in learning how you know you know how it goes right did God give us a manual What is it really hasn't been discarded are people trying to figure it out on their own mash and all kinds of buttons and pushing and prodding and doing all kinds of crazy things when God told us how we can function best and His word because he created us He fashioned us he formed us he knows what we need God wrote the law to endure for how long. Forever and right there in the heart of the law we have an Exodus 28 to 11 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy It's kind of even a joining commandment here we have the 1st commands on how to honor God and the last on how to honor each other or your neighbor we talked about that last night but here in the force they both join together I mean what other commandment can God join us in and you think of one Thou Shall Not Kill can God joined us and now don't commit adultery can God join us don't use the name Lord thy God name in vain can he join isn't it but in the 4th command he can remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy and why did God say Remember I say for a couple reasons one it presupposes that word remember that they already knew about it it wasn't brand new otherwise to say hey I got a brand new one for you B. and said so then my wife says that remember what I just asked you yesterday have you forgotten already remember and not only that I think it also presuppose this idea that God can see on into the future and know which one people will forget that possible or will were not under the law or under grace OK so I can go to your house and you know kill your cat and steal your wife and all these other things known that you can't do that and you go through the whole list that means I can worship other gods and you can't do that I can take his name in vain so really the only commandment you're telling me that is no longer binding is the one that begins with the word remember Does that make much sense doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me 6 days used to labor and do all your work but the 7 days a sabbath of the Lord your God in it you shall do how much work no work I don't know about you but if I didn't have this command of no work I'd feel guilty every 7th day I would because there's always something to be done. Either around the house in the yard with you know I need to keep track of my personal finances I need to do this need to catch up on now I need to right this person or whatever it is and if I don't have the command and so in that command comes the freedom and the joy of can't do it how would you like your boss to come along and say on such and such a day you can not work. But you can work this is great now if I catch you working you lose the whole thing and the job was lost would you honor that would you feel guilty for not working probably not like this is right I love this command because I don't have to feel guilty if I try and take us out with on a Monday or a Sunday or a Thursday or any other day I feel guilty because I should be in my mind I feel like I should be doing this other thing what am I doing up here on the parkway everybody slaving away at work I feel guilty but when I have a command from God says don't work OK yeah OK the origin of the Sabbath is the creator himself not the Jewish race but the creator as says the 7 days a sound that you catch that it doesn't say a 7th just pick a 7th pick any day one do they have or 567 that's going to I can't do this. This is the. Day and if you look on a calendar sometimes they put all the weekdays in a clump and put the weekend on the end but everybody knows us not the typical you go all the cross 123456077 or Saturday just like the 24th my birthday happens to be the 24th the day before it's not my birth and day after not my birth the 24th my birthday what about an anniversary those with I know their anniversaries on July 6th but there was that other girl I dated. And our birthday or anniversary is on the 15th and I just realized it was easy to remember it was right in the middle of the month and I just like that let's celebrate our anniversary on the 15th because what Matt what difference does it make We're still celebrating our love go over like a lead balloon. Exis 28 to 11 but the 7th day the 7th day is a set of the Lord your God in it you shall do no work for in 6 days what's the authority behind why he's saying these things for in 6 days a Lord made the heavens and the earth the sea and all that is in them doesn't that sound very familiar in fact that exact that's like a quote you can take that in our cut in pay society you highlight it you cut it and you run all the way down to Revelation Chapter $14.00 where we already read and you paste it right there literally that's what we have in the Biblical text a cut and paste right there I add a 4th commandment and rested the 7th day so he created all these things were in 6 days the heavens the earth the sea and all that is in him and the rest of the 7 day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day have we seen that before yes and how would it he made it holy So again we have those 3 he made a whole year sanctified it he blessed it and he rested Wow Now we came cross out in Genesis didn't we a creation. The salad was never an exclusively Jewess Jewish institution it was given for all humanity from the very beginning right from the start. As a 566 and sounds everyone who keeps from defile in the south Zebedee have a translation that says any Jew You may have a translation. Be sure. Everyone who keeps going to file in the south I will bring to my holy mountain and make them joyful in my house of prayer for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations this is the holy mountain that he's describing the same one that we read about in revelation earlier everyone who keeps his Sabbath It says we'll be part of that same God who wrote it with his finger on the 10 commandment so we have it in creation we have it with the children Israel in the sanctuary we have it throughout the Old Testament here we have he killed 20 verse 12 Moreover I also gave them my saddest to be a sign between them and me when I was growing up I priced in the mint this but in grade school if you were dating somebody you know why we called it dating your boyfriend girlfriend whatever you called it you would switch your Swatch watch was a really stupid thing because all these girls are walking around with a big watch and all the guys are walking around with a tiny watch. Stupid. And of course in grade school that means that use you swap Swatch watches and that's about it that you can't talk to and that's embarrassing you can't hang out together because what you can say and use is blessed but you change exchange watches as a sign that somehow you're connected Don't ask me at what level. I like you the whole if you like me check yes or no. Remember that. Yeah. And then it's like that mean I get to watch That's what it was and Monday silliness this is not silly though God says I want to give you my Sabbath as a sign. Between them and me that they might know that I am the Lord who sanctifies them God gave us that sign beautiful so we have been in Genesis in the Creation account we have with Moses and Mount Sinai How about Jesus Well Jesus says in Luke 416 where does it say these words is talking about so he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up and as his custom was talking about Jesus he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read. As was his what. Custom here we have Jesus going to the synagogue church on the Sabbath day as was his custom interesting Mark 227 says the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath God knew we need to recharge stimming and so he built and he says we need to do this every week not every month or once a year no that's not going to work every week you need to recharge can I worship God every day that yes you should but used to do those 6 days of work when you going to do that needs to be done you have to take care of your family have to take care of your house and go to work and provide and all these things but the 7th day he says just put it all away it's a weekly time to rest and refresh and recharge and connect with family in a way that you can't do the rest of the week it's just not possible it's not practical Sal is made for me I'm sad as a sign that we worship him exclusively and that we love him supreme Lee That's the sign of the 7 so we rest and a completed creation and in a completed redemption some people say oh the Sabbath Oh I get so tired of hearing about this out of the so legal list. Wait a 2nd legal istic. What does it mean to be a legal istic to work you're trying to get to heaven through works 7 isn't about works the Sabbath is trying to tell us to do what rest stop working. You're working too much in fact you need to rest so if anything the Sabbath is not legal list it is telling everybody to rest what are we resting and where rest is completed creation will rest in complete redemption or rest of the fact that Jesus made us he formed us he fast as he has a right to us and he's also reclaimed us and were resting in that as a sign that we are he is not beautiful Matthew $1212.00 it is lawful to do good on the 7 Now when Jesus came they had to codify the Sabbath so much that they had lost its meaning entirely and that can happen can it that can happen in your married relationship and a lot of other things too if you just are going through the motions you can become roommates and the whole point of certain things and rituals that you do can be completely lost and have been the case in Jesus' time and so you couldn't work and so you could only walk a certain distance and they had paced off exactly how far that distance was and so they came up a little rules and different things you could carry a handkerchief because that was work you are you carrying a load but if you pen it to your clothing then it's part of your clothing and so then it's OK or if you go and you stay at somebody's house or you visit with them that somehow made it possible if you go just a little bit further and that kind of thing I mean crazy stuff literally you couldn't spit on the sad because you'd be watering and watering is work. What have they lost the point of rest and relationship and recharging and be able to spend a whole on rust on hurry day with God they've missed it and sometimes people are tempted today to make all these rules and regulations about exactly how to keep the Sabbath Now I know for me. Part of rest means to pull away from all those things that distract me from God and from my family and the physical rest and all the things I pull away so I don't watch the news on open all my bills that might show me you know oh my goodness how this happened and now I'm stressed for the rest the day I don't look at all those things I unplugged for a day and it's incredible in fact you have a lot of people talking about the importance of unplugging for a day even the pope's been talking about how our planet needs to rest that's a great idea I wonder who came up with it. So is it lawful to do good or say you said it is lawful good on the Sabbath I always try to catch him if you is healing or he was doing this or of us doing that he says it's a good thing to do good things on the Sabbath to make sense it's a good thing to do good things on the Sabbath. Even at the cross it's interesting that Jesus rested what day did he die. Friday the day the race. So did he rest on that Sabbath as well as not interesting must just be a coincidence. Oh no again this verse if you love me key my commandments and if you don't don't bother and I realize this might be brand new this is strange this is where I am Have I not seen this before how I overlooked it and you don't just instantly but but you can in fact I talked to somebody just recently said pastor who kept our 1st Sabbath It was beautiful they said we did all of our grocery shopping on Fridays we didn't have to worry about what we're going to eat and I even I even put the chicken in the oven and roasted it before Sabbath could be ready so those wonderful present. And it's something that you have to continually. I don't know you have to get in the habit of certain things you have to plan ahead it's kind of like that date the more you plan for that date the more rewarding the time is going to be isn't it if you get in the car you say what you won't do. I'll know what to do are you hungry where should we go is it open I don't know is that the idea of a perfect date. The opposite of that is that I heard this recently a guy was talking about the high school kids and they're all yours when it comes to dating stuff right they just perk up and he was talking about this guy that really liked this girl he asked around a date and she said yes and he started planning and planning and planning and he ordered this long limousine and had to work extra to pay for that he got all these roses and then he planned and made reservations of this beautiful restaurant in downtown Asheville somewhere maybe the Biltmore I don't know and he went on and on planning this incredible date and he came in showed up at the time and he said he'd be ready and he come he comes out of the limo and he's walking up to the door and he. She's not ready like at all what are you going to go on the day. You know it's OK you can just go like like you are just oh House tonight oh well I really wasn't planning on tonight can reschedule it oh and this guy was crushed I believe every 7th God has a date with you and I and he gets all excited about that extra time that he can spend with us and so often we say oh I'm busy busy How about next week or the next week or I don't know when we see what God has done for us we'll be compelled. To obey the commandments Jesus also said this and Matthew 24 verse 20 and pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath he is telling his disciples assuming that all the way down to the end of time there was still be seasons and there were people keeping the Sabbath so I think now we also know that not too long later the Romans came and tried to attack them and they actually came and looked like they were surround the city on a Sabbath and so Christians gather together and they pray based on what Jesus said and then the Roman army actually pulled back. And they pulled back and then every Christian escaped before the Romans came back and totally took over the city and history Jerusalem was destroyed in 8070 so his time ever been lost 13 people bring up this question of time never been lost but when it comes to Good Friday and Easter Sunday they seem to know exactly when the time is. I was finally assisting but we can look at the Bible we've already done most of that we can look at language we can look at astronomy to answer this question we've already gone regard I mean we've looked at Moses we looked at what Jesus habits were we saw Jesus rested on the Sabbath and here in Luke $2354.00 it says that day was the preparation and the Sabbath Jr So the preparation day is Friday OK In fact in the Hebrew you can even break down the Hebrew and it basically says so many days until Sabbath are the names of the days that's what it is all you the only day that is named is Sabbath and then it's 6 days until South 5 days till South 4 days 3 days and I mentioned Sabbath. I guess if you're on the 6th because to be 6 days away anyway that's what you have in the Hebrew so that there was a preparation day in the Sabbath the Jew near and the women who had come with him from Galilee followed after and they observed the tomb and how his body was laid then they returned and prepared spices and fragrant oils and they rested on the Sabbath according to the commandment now you would think you know this is an ox in the ditch we have you know this is Jesus our Savior This is the Son of God He this is fine we need to continue to prepare this body but they say no we're going to rest according to the commandment and we're going to come back after the Sabbath and finish well home and not only did they do that but they thought it was necessary to put in scripture now in the 1st day of the week very early in the morning they and certain other women went with them came to the tomb bringing the spices which they had prepared and as I hear people talk about the ox in the dish you know like the ox is in the ditch all the time Now granted if you have a flat tire on the Sabbath you need to change it because you're probably on your way to church or whatever but sometimes we use that to acknowledge him anyway the order of events we have the Friday the preparation day we have Saturday the Sabbath day and we have Sunday the 1st day of the week there are 8 text of the New Testament that mention the 1st day of the week and not one of them tells us to worship on Sunday in honor of the resurrection not there I'll give you a 1000000 bucks if you can find it out there. So you think you'll have a 1000000 bucks and you'd be right Christ is given us a symbol of the resurrection you know what it is it says right here Roman 63 and 4 or do you not know that as many of us as were bad ties in the Christ Jesus were baptized into His death keep reading therefore we were buried with him through baptism into death can't breathe when you're under water. That just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father even so we also should walk in newness of life you come up out of the water and the 1st breath newness of life beautiful symbolism of the life death and resurrection of Jesus that's the symbol of resurrection so how do we know each day this hour we have biblical reasons How about language in over $140.00 languages of the world the word for the 7th day of the week is Sabbath that you know now so if you take Greek Spanish Portuguese Italian French German Russian Polish Persian Hindi air Arabic they all have a form of Sabbath I find it very interesting how would somebody orchestrate that how would that just happen I don't know. To me. And lastly we're going to look at astronomy here royal Greenwich Observatory in Greenwich England they talk about old times been laws they change the calendar yes they did change a calendar because they hadn't figured out Leap Year all the fancy math to keep us on track and so their seasons were getting off and they didn't like having Christmas in the middle of summer or whatever it was and so they changed the calendar here in 582 And so it went from 1234 to 15 only time that we know in modern history ever been changed but look at the weekly cycle say the same how I mean you could convince even today if you had good reasons to do something like this today but don't try and convince me on to lose my weekend right I don't like that idea of losing my weekend you messing up my week in fact companies Hewlett Packard and other companies and monarchs and other people have tried to Linfen the week to be more productive today we can what is that and we're going to work a little longer and then we'll give them a couple days. From a strictly production standpoint it is not viable doesn't work people get sick people don't don't do as well their brains are not as clear and fact even the body chemistry there's some studies that talk about all the things in your body that are made up of elements of 7 incredible Does God Notice the owner and then you'll know how we're made informed fashion how we work and function best Absolutely let's look at the planets resilient. Where do we get our year from every time we go around the Sun one time it's a year how about our month where do we get the Muth the moon travels around us one time thing month where do you get the Day The Earth rotates I mean don't imagine all these things you'll get dizzy one time being Day OK where you get the week come on. Once it's got you want of these planets or something right. There's absolutely nothing people are dumbfounded where do we get the week you can ask an atheist where we get that week. Has always been. A fair answer always been since God created it so we have a Just account we have Moses we have all the prophets before Jesus time we have Jesus himself in his practice and then we get after Jesus X.M. teen wanted to they came to Thessalonica where there was a synagogue of the Jews then Paul as his custom was there is again went into them and for 3 sav as a reason with them from the Scriptures sounds pretty plain to me X. $1342.00 the Gentiles bag these words might be preached to them the next Sabbath Acts $1344.00 on the next hour the almost the whole city came together to hear the Word of God. And then later in X. 1613 and on the Sabbath day we went out of the city to the riverside where prayers were customarily made and we sat down and spoke to the women who met there so we don't have a lot of references but every reference we do is to the 7th day. Going back to Revelation Revelation 110 he says I was in the sphere on the Lord's Day which day is the Lord's day for the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath Matthew 128 Therefore the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath mark $228.00 the Son of Man is also on the south again in Luke $65.00 and so the Sabbath of the Creator God in Genesis is the Lord's Day of Revelation and if you think word just capping off this thing of the 1000 revelations we're just getting started there's a lot of good stuff in Revelation that we're still laying the groundwork for the groundwork kind of boring sometimes 7 and boring but you know you're digging holes and there's mud everywhere in the center block and you drive by and you're still nothing but then all of a sudden you get the groundwork laid as we're trying to do. And then you start the rough frame your whole. Is going to leave. Don't go anywhere OK We're just getting started this out Revelation 14 Well here's the patient of the saints here those who keep the commandments of God or at least 9 of them so. Here are those who give the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus so the Sabbath was given to creation it's given at Sinai it's kept by his people all humanity kept by Jesus honored by the disciples sign of God's power and kept on the new earth wait a 2nd did I miss something or we have like that text as a $66.00 verse $22.00 for as the new heavens and the new earth which I will make shall remain before me says the Lord so shall your descendants and your name remain and it shall come to pass that from one new moon to another and from one Sabbath to another all flesh shall come to worship before me says the Lord want to have a wonderful Jesus leading out I can't wait I don't know about you but when I was a kid I was very blessed my father would do something with me he would take me out he called it special days sometimes it was a day sometimes as a weekend that I shares with you already know and so I oftentimes got to choose over go out to eat I often times I remember chocolate shake with peanut butter cookies and we'd mash it up in. The little bag that it came in and then we'd sprinkle it on top and you don't mix it all the way through because it gets soggy So you keep the crunchy Cook people or cookies on top of the body mouthwatering and then you eat that off the top when you pull that morning and that's one thing that stands out for me I mean we played racketball I mean we went backpacking and all these things and it was just dad and just me and it was so special because dad once spent time with just me wow. It wasn't the family it wasn't you know all the other siblings I was one of 4 it was just me and that stood out to me still stands out to me and I'm trying to that now when my kids and we take turns having a special day and we go down the line and they get to plan what they want to do and we have fun together you know aside from all the biblical stuff which I believe in to me at the heart of this message is a God that is a personal God that says I have created a special day every week and I want to spend it with you in this special way where we don't have to be rushed or hurried or have to worry about all these other stresses and things is just going to be you and me for the whole day and we'll be able to enjoy each other and rest in that relationship and that's what I see God calling us to and again maybe you heard it for the 1st time you say this is kind of strange this kind of weird I'm not so sure think about this as fine go pray about it look up the verses yourself ask the Lord to convict your heart and if it still is confusing you I mean you can talk to me maybe you're not ready for that well just put up on the shelf for now I'm fine with their just take this whole Sabbath thing I mean you're doing yourself I think a disservice because that's a beautiful gift but that's OK take it and put it on the shelf and you just way you keep coming and you see how the Sabbath intermingles and plays and the significant role in the Book of Revelation because you might say oh you know you're nitpicking OK just take the whole nit picking thing and put it up on the shelf. Keep coming in. And see how the Book of Revelation keeps bringing up this subject and see how it all kind of comes together in a way that only God could do so if you're not ready to start keeping the Sabbath that's fine I'm fine with that. But I would encourage you to keep coming because you're going to see the importance in the significance how this truly is a sign that God gave us and it has a huge impact and significance to interpret the rest to Revelation and future events so whatever you choose to do and maybe you're not there maybe you've heard this and you say matter so beautiful I want to keep the Sabbath great we can put that verse on the screen it really. From the creation account you had even the morning was day one evening and morning was day to evening morning was day 3 so when the Sabbath start even when the sun sets and goes on all the way through the morning until the next evening and morning that's the next day so from sunset to sunset Friday night to Saturday night that's the South who one of my going to do has to beauty and. He you go to bed early for once maybe you read your Bible a little bit more now you put on some beautiful music maybe go worship with like believers maybe you up on the parkway and look at nature and all the things that God has made because it's a memorial of creation maybe do any of those things but you just unplug for the day and you recharge in Jesus you're only follow we've looked at a lot of verses today. And maybe the subject was a little bit overwhelming and we're never going to be able to remember all that and I'm not so sure that so much matters as the very simple fact that we serve a personal God from the very beginning you knew we would need this time to rest to recharge to plug in if you will to you in a way that we just honestly can do the rest of the week yes we can read our Bibles every day even before we go to bed at night but there's so much else on our to do this but one day a week you command us to just put it all away. And do not feel guilty and to spend time that's on her even on rushed and just enjoying and basking in time together with you and with family with friends in nature even resting physically and you knew that we would need that you gave that precious gift to us Lord may we not discard it. Memory remembering each and every week of my prayer in Jesus' name. 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