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5. Revelations Exposes History's Greatest Hoax

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 8, 2016
    7:00 PM
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Do you have the father we ask yet again that your Holy Spirit will be here in our midst tonight we have a relatively heavy topic but we know that you will be here because we've asked you to be here we pray that it will be plain that we will understand it and we pray that your Holy Spirit will convict our hearts of the truth and we just place this in your hands in your name we pray in. All right so last night we talked about the Sabbath also can be a rather heavy topic for some that have not. Looked at that before but it begs the question. How does everybody end up going to church on Sunday right that's a fair question that I think we need to ask and so we're going to delve into that tonight. And that's what we're going to look at tonight we're going to start again in our theme Book Book of Revelation Revelation Chapter 12 versus 9 and we've seen this already so the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who deceives the whole world I would say the devil is a professional at deceiving he loves to deceive he's good at deception and he's very patient with his deception at times as well you have heard of smart crime that's where they bait you for a period of time and it's not just a quick pickpocket in there on their way no they're baiting you for weeks sometimes even months for a big sting operation and then when they come in they're left totally perplexed and wondering how on earth did this happen isn't it logical that Satan the great deceiver would attack God's law don't you think of that as the heart and soul of who God is and that was so precious it was in the sanctuary in the ark of the Covenant right below ground of the foundation of God's character and who he is when she you think that the devil would leave that alone you can be sure he would attack the law of God We looked at that a couple nights ago he has attacked and how many people just disregard God's law completely God's law defines right and wrong and that's what we talked about the other night but in the heart of God's law right here the 4th Commandment Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days later and all the work the 7th day of the south of the Lord thy God and on and on it goes isn't it logical that Satan the great deceiver what attacked the Creator by challenging the symbol of creation and Wednesday night we look at how this Sabbath is a sim. All is a sign of God's creative authority we also talk a little bit about Darwin we talked about evolution we talk about all these things that that push away this idea that there is a creator god is the devil not attacking them with everything he's God is he being successful who changed the Bible Sabbath and Wednesday thank you last meeting we saw that God didn't change it Malakai 36 says for I am the Lord I do not change you can read that's good Exodus 28 to 10 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days you shall labor and do all your work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God is he killed 20 verse 12 I also gave them my status to be a what a son between them and me so I hear the Sabbath is seal of the fact that he and the son that he is the Creator God the Sabbath is a sign between God and His people were still in review here Jesus kept the Sabbath we saw that on Wednesday night the Apostles kept the Sabbath we saw that as well Wednesday night the Lord has a day that's referred to in Revelation one verse 10 and we look how very plainly Scripture tells us that the Lord's Day is this Sabbath so who changed the Bible Sabbath that still are begging the question God didn't Jesus didn't Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever if God is perfect why would he need to change that makes any sense now I am very imperfect There are a lot of things in me that need to change and hopefully if you meet me 10 years from now I'll be a better person not a worse person by God's grace right but if I were perfect I wouldn't want to change a thing until Jesus Christ is part of it is the same yesterday today and forever changed the Bible saveth the cycles did not change it but Peter and the other apostles answered and said we ought to obey God rather than man acts 529 So who did it or maybe you'll understand me better. Now who done it done it asked the question we're asking again revelation and here's where we get into some heavier things then I stood on the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea does that look like a beast to you I hope you don't have bad dreams after tonight then I saw on the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea having 7 heads count them and 10 horns and on his horns 10 crowns and on his head blasphemous name now blasphemy occurs when an earthly power or human being assumes the privileges and Parag actives of God There were times a ques JESUS over and over of this very thing blasphemy. Because he was claiming to be true God and they were saying you're not God You're just a regular person who do you think you are this is blasphemy and they wanted to take him to the cliff but looking at this again now the beast which I saw was like a leopard his feet were like the feet of a bear and his mouth like the mouth of a lion and the dragon or the Devil gave him his power his throne and great authority now is this a good beast so sure does sound so good to me and fact here in this symbolism we'll see that we have church and state united we have some ideas here that even bring into the fact of $666.00 and we're going to have to get into that another night but all of that is there and is being unpacked and some of this symbolism that we have the balance of you universe between good and evil is a battle over worship and it centers on God's Law OK Now you might be all confused about that text but don't worry we're going to come back to that a little bit the Sabbath is at the heart of this controversy over worship so we've said it before Revelation and Daniel are like hand in glove they go so well together and we really need both of them for the. Makes sense is that pivotal book that helps us understand Revelation in fact you're going to see some parallels of what we just read in the Book of Daniel so then the same imagery the same beast and so on we're going to see Daniel so we're in a pause with the revelation for a moment and we're go over here to the Book of Daniel where we see these B. and what we just read is really a combination if you will of the beast but let's start in Daniel Chapter 7 where we're going to look for who where and what those are questions we want to know about that beast that we just read about who is it where does it come from or come out of and what is it what's the point of what he wants to do so Daniel 72 and 3 Daniel spoke saying I saw in my vision by night and behold the 4 winds of heaven were stirred up the great sea and for great peace came up from the sea each different from the other Now keep in mind we are in fact if you were here on our very 1st night we looked at Daniel Chapter 2 remember where Daniel interpreted the dream and there was this image with the head of gold and silver chest and arms of silver and bronze and then legs of iron and then Clay and iron at the feet remember that and we looked at those 4 main world empires and then divided Europe you member them and that was just kind of a basic outline if you will so Daniel Chapter 7 verse 2 and 3 and 4 great beast came up from the sea each different from the other those great beast which are 4 are 4 kings which arise out of the earth and probably most of you can tell me what those kings were because he went over it already he didn't talk that way did he he was fast and he was so fast you conquer the whole world by the time he was in his early thirty's I mean wow this is remarkable isn't it and I've already talked about the teeth of beautiful animal How about the foreheads Well you know that Alexander the Great died at a young age right I think he was one. $3436.00 something like that not very old and he had 4 main generals and rather than them fight with each other they decided hey let's just be at peace with one another and will divide up the kingdom they have 4 heads is Bible prophecy accurate again this is remarkable and so here you have the names of these leaders unless you pronounce them I know they're not that hard but I'm a country boy Chapter 7 continuing on this is after this I saw in the night visions and behold a 4th beast dreadful and terrible exceedingly strong it had huge iron teeth kind of like the legs of iron again it was characterized by iron throughout Rome I just gave you a hint I just told you what it was but you knew that already iron everywhere it was different from all the beasts that were before it and it had 10 horns and so because of Daniel 2 because you've already gone through this library if you will we know what the name main next thing is going to be we know it to be Rome and of course this takes us all the way up to the time of Jesus and the time of Christ it was because of a law passed in that time that Joseph has to go with Mary and find a place you have go back to Bethleham remember that was in the time of Rome it was pilot who was the one that basically tried Jesus if you will He was a Roman you have a Roman soldier who is driving the nails through Jesus hands. At the cross and so the Bible describes the collapse of the Roman Empire and there is symbolism of the toes of the image and the horns and the 4th beast and so here you have how all of Rome was divided up at its fall and so here you have this beast and God reveals how apostasy would enter the church at a time when the Roman Empire was being overrun by the barbarian tribes of the north and they clearly are. A conflict over worship and personally how the Sabbath would change and that's where we're going to night because in this last power all these other powers are interesting they're denying it's helpful but really all we're doing is proving that the Bible knows who's coming next in the sequence yet proved it again yet proved it again yet proved it again but now we're getting to this Roman power get into these horns we're going to divided Europe we're going to this time frame and we're really focusing and zeroing in on something that is very important that makes sense as I was considering the horns and there were another there was another horn a little one coming up among them and there in this horn where I is like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking pompous words so we're looking for characteristics now of this little horn power so the little horn in Daniel Chapter 7 verse 8 what do we know so far in a rose among the 10 horns so what are we talking about in terms of area are we talking about Africa and Arctica South America Europe Western Europe number 2 would arise after the 10 horns OK number 3 eyes like the eyes of a man we saw that mention in the Bible a prophet is called a seer that's really a more direct translation of prophet because they can see things by God's help God shows them to a vision through a dream he gives them insight into the future so a prophet in scripture is really a seer because a prophet sees with God's eyes but this has eyes like a man so we have a human religious system based on man's teachings you might think that's a stretch but I really don't think so I's like a man and forth it is diverse Daniel 724 he shall be different from the 1st ones you member that part how will it. The different Think about the 1st ones who was in charge of Babylon never can as Or he was in charge he was the king he was in command who is in charge of the 2nd one what was the 2nd one again made of Persia where you had some kings over top of that to the 3rd one while you had Alexander the Great and you had his 4 generals but this 4th one is going to be a little bit different rather than just an all powerful king it's going to mix some things together it's going to mix church and state together church power and state power in this conglomeration that is called different Let's see I would say is probably not primarily a political power but it's religious but it is political but it's religious so we'll just say it's different that's is a religio political power thank you so what would this power do and you'll 725 and he shall speak great words against the Most High who is that God he's going to speak great words against God or the Most High and show wear out the saints of the most high What could that mean to wear out the Saints persecution perhaps. And think to change what 2 things times and laws now is this going to be a law of the land I would suggest getting ahead of myself now any time a new king takes over they're probably going to change the law of the land we kind of expect that we in America we're not used to being overtaken and laws changing even though they still change the laws even here but God's law I would submit to you doesn't need to be changed is perfect it's been for thousands and thousands of years in fact I would even submit to you that's part of his character and his character has been forever and so doesn't need to change and so I don't think that this beast is thinking to taint change local times and laws grocery stores and now be open at 630 is that no I don't think so if you want to vote now you have to be 19 and a half no I don't think so. I think it's talking about God's law and if we're talking about God's law of the 10 Commandments which law deals with time 4th Commandment deals with time Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy then trysting So this power would attempt to change the very law of God Do you feel comfortable with a power changing God's Law I don't feel comfortable with you might and you're entitled to that opinion when one nation Vols another nearly always changes human laws but this little horn power would speak great words against the most high by assuming God's prerogative and attempting to change Divine Law us now notice it doesn't say this is in the text but it's a pretty close quote from the text notice it doesn't say attempt to change doesn't say it will change God's laws right my little kids sometimes attempt to change mom and dad's rules let me emphasize the word attempt right typical Yeah and they can attempt all they want to but guess who's going to win that's because they're little kids just wait they'll be teenagers someday anyway pray for me so I would attempt cast and continue on this verse I would cast as the in power cast truth down to the ground and he did all this and prospered you would think you would do all this and not prosper become this no name off shoot nothing to worry about little blip on the radar of time but he does all these things souls true to the ground attempted change times and laws persecute the Saints or wears out the sayings for a period of time all of these things and yet prospers what's going on here and how did that change in the Sabbath Sunday actually occur let me ask you this question if you look at all of these things you know the 10 horns come out of Rome after the dividing of Europe you have attempted to change times and laws has a of a man but speaks like a dragon a revelation in any way has all. All these various characteristics that we've just looked at how do you suppose it is this Mickey Mouse Donald Duck Did somebody say the Pope I didn't say the pope church didn't say the Catholic Church you said I didn't say it isn't that obvious I would submit to you it is that obvious now I'm not it against the Pope I think he's a very nice man he is much more spiritual if you will than many that we've had prior and I know a lot of Roman Catholics that are very nice people very godly people so we're not talking about him specifically and we're not talking about Roland at or yeah Roman Catholics specifically we're simply talking about this power. And I know sometimes it can be hard to separate the 2 but I'm going to ask you to do that because I don't want to denigrate any individual or person but I do think there are businesses organizations religious institutions that are corrupt that doesn't mean everybody that works in that business is corrupt or bad or terrible and if you work at one of the local banks and the bank is shown as as absconding money or doing all these terrible horrible things and you're a teller at the bank that doesn't mean you're in on it I mean if you are you're probably going to be tried to pry go to prison but it doesn't mean that you are just cause you work for the company you can be vastly disappointed and you go work for something else somebody else all right so how did the change from Sabbath this Sunday actually occur the Bible encyclopedia page 561 as this Sabbath the Hebrew word of signifying rest and later says Sunday was a name given by the heathens to the 1st day of the week because it was the day on which they worship the Sun You've heard that before right in fact all of the days of the week are named after celestial bodies and gods and various things and so Sunday was named for those that worshiped the Sun God and in fact you go all the way back to various cultures in Egypt in Babylon in Persia and Rome you had. Individuals and large groups of people really in fact most all of these pagan cultures they didn't worship the true God they worshiped false gods and pagan gods and all the rest and it wasn't just one but it was many but most if not all of them recognize the sun god and they had different names for it but the sun god is supreme think about that it's powerful What do we do without it it makes everything grow you know and on and on and so the sun was known throughout cultures and we have all kinds of things depicting people worshipping the sun and so forth and so we continue on here in the 4th century the Roman emperor Constantine was so influenced by Sun worship and he wanted to unite his empire How come why do you want a United Empire when he had some issues there there were Jewish revolts you had Christians and Jews worshipping on the same Sabbath and there was a sect in between the 2 of them so you had that rivalry you had Sunday regarded as sacred by the pagans so you had that rivalry so all these people are all split up how could Constantine unite his empire and so on a stroke of genius from a political perspective he then signed something that says OK we're all going to come together and worship on one day a common day of worship and that's going to be Sunday Now this isn't just you know margin line and everything boom changes but this is a significant point in the process right there's going to be other points along the way but this is a certainly a mile marker to pay attention to so we read here on the venerable day of the sun let the magistrates and people residing in cities rest and let all the shops be closed and so is a process where they're closing shops and various things but then it got a little bit more intense and fact even money from that time period 830-6337 here we have Constantine on one side of the coin and on the other side of the coin we have the sun god that's how united those 2 were that it was on all the money and so in the days of Constantine you have church and. State uniting you know you have a church wanting to do its own religious convictions and what it wants to do and you have the state over here saying no we're going to do Sunday we're all going to Sunday we're all going to come together and we're going to force it how can you do that well where the state so we can do that and so you have this coming together in a rather unique way with Constantine Catholic world page 8 o 9 this is March 1904 the sun was a foremost God with heathen dumb there is in truth something royal kingly about the sun making it a fit emblem of Jesus the Son of justice you kind of see this melding between the 2 Yeah I mean the son is powerful and it's all these incredible things and so the Jesus answer will bring them together and it's it's a good match this quote This is the church in these countries would seem to have said keep out old pagan name remain consecrated and sanctified interesting and thus the pagan Sunday just dedicated to Ballard became the Christian Sunday sacred to Jesus again this coming together now I have to go to some of these outside sources I heard one preacher talking about this and the question was asked you know they were going back and forth in their Bibles and and he would just constantly looking up looking up he had a little tricky put small rubber bands in his Bible so it always fall open to the next text he was trying to go to you know about was if you'll ever want to do that just put your hands in your Bible but he was going through his Bible very quickly and then it got God to the question of all how is it changed and he had his Bible did better than mine I think will he shut it really quick and it just made a he said well we had to close scripture for that there's not much about it and it's true there's some of this prophecy that gives us some insight to it but in terms of the actual change there's nothing in here that tells us to make that change and I think that's significant don't you because if this is going to be our only rule of faith and practice but then wait a minute it's not going to be just this is going to be this and something else. Well what else are we going to have and what else is that going to look like and how are we going to base that you know we can look to this and look at prophecy and say OK this book is The Word of God but something else how do I test that so it gets a little bit scary so you have the 1st day of the week highlighting the Council of the 8325 as Christians shall not Judy eyes and be idle on Saturday here's now or they're starting to come down harder you can be idle on Saturday or Sabbath if you will you've got to go to work I want to keep myself as you know is my conviction too bad you can't be idle against the law take him away while person shall not be so not Judy eyes and be idle on Saturday also trying to put together this idea that those that keep the Sabbath must be Jews right even though this existed long before there was a Jewish race it was just Adam and Eve was just humanity we looked the other day but the Lord's day they still especially on are and they're getting this mixed up too because the Lord's Day We already saw was the 7th day but they're referring to this now as which day Sunday but the Lord's day they show especially honor and as being Christians shall if possible do no work on that day If however they are found Judaizing working on the Sabbath they shall be shut out from Christ. People were really had some major decisions to make Didn't day so they changed the Sabbath took place gradually but more and more it had teeth Daniel 725 it will think to change times and laws interesting in the converse Catechism of the Catholic doctrine and we have this Q. and A and you can still pick one of these up at Amazon and you can find this question which is the Sabbath Day Good question says this book we're so glad you asked answer Saturday is the Sabbath me me me being you are correct. Next question why do we have observed Sunday instead of Sabbath well because the Catholic Church transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday oh OK what else of the Catholic Church transfer or change Interesting OK that's what you say this is the Catholic Encyclopedia. Volume 4 page 153 the church after changing the day of rest from the Jewish Sabbath of the 7th day of the week to the 1st made the 3rd commandment referred to Sunday as the day to be kept holy as the Lord's day. So in their own Bible they changed the 10 Commandments around and this is no secret to anybody you can pick up any Catholic Bible and you can go and find the 10 Commandments and you'll find what they've done is they've taken out the 2nd commandment which one is that talk about idol worship and not making any images and that kind of thing we've got to get rid of that that's going to be a problem and then how do they make up for the others well you have the 3rd shifts up to become the 2nd the 4th shift up all of them shift up and then the very last attempt we're just going to divide into 2 and it's like nothing ever happened attempt to change times and laws the false ism and fundamentalism here Carl Keating in this book says fundamentalist need for worship on Sunday yet there is no evidence in the Bible that corporate worship was to be made on Sundays the Jewish Jewish Sabbath or day of rest was of course Saturday it was the Catholic Church that decided Sunday should be the day of worship for Christians in honor of the resurrection they're not ashamed of this this isn't news to them they publish this in their works in fact this is really something that they brag about pretty openly because all these Protestant churches was I mean to be a Protestant church protesting the Catholic church for various things that they're doing that they feel like are not biblical right but the Catholic Church comes along even now and they'll say well that's all fine and dandy you go ahead and do your little protest over there but you have to recognise the fact that the 7 day biblically is the Sabbath but you as Protestants still come under the Mother Church right by worshipping on Sunday something which there is no Biblical evidence other than the fact that we've changed it how do we change it because we have the power to change it and you are proving every time you go to church on Sunday that we as a gallop judge had the power to do it they're not. Not hiding anything they're proud of it you try changing something like that get the whole world to do it good luck we can interesting does the church have the authority to change the law that's a very fundamental question that each of us need to ask the Bible talks about returning a faithful tie the 10 percent but you know I I had a dream last night and everybody that comes to my church they need to now return a 20 percent tie and then next year I might have another dream 30 percent because I'm going to have kids are going to college you get the idea so you are going to get your checkbooks right and because I changed the solemnity from 10 percent to 30 percent you're going to do it right how you have a problem with that. So the Faith of Our Fathers This is another book by James Givens and he writes this You may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification of Sunday they just put it out there very plainly we've looked from the front to the back it's not there right the Scriptures enforce the religious observance of Saturday and so the choices are you going to follow the Bible as your guide are you going to follow tradition as your guide again a question that we all need to ask now I realize this this is pretty heavy stuff I realized that I get that and this isn't a decision to just make on the spur of the moment you know you don't want to be erratic about it or quick about it you really want to study this out so please don't take my word for it OK do your own research do your own study look up these verses in the Bible get a concordance and go through and look at all the times that Sabbath is mentioned or 1st day that week is mentioned during these things do your own study an asshole or reveal your true to me over a period of time convict me if this is from you if not I don't want to do it it is not how we're supposed to do Bible study Yeah so don't take my word for it what do I know I'm just a young in the has his pants need to be ironed OK Some 8934. Says my come in I will not break nor alter the word that has gone out of my lips because this thing today yesterday and forever Toronto Daily Star this is back in 1949 but this is a BIG saying in 49 Reverend Philip Carrington an Anglican Archbishop of Quebec sent local clergy men into a huddle today by saying outright there was nothing to support Sunday being kept holy in the Toronto Daily Carrington definitely told the church meeting in this city of straight laced Crossan ism that tradition not the Bible made Sunday the day of worship was a front line headline in Toronto that day what was what who is your master that's the question church leaders or Jesus what is the foundation of your faith the Bible or what a man says tradition $263.00 says the authority of the church could therefore not be bound to the authority of the scriptures because the church had changed the Sabbath to Sunday not by command of Christ but by its own don't miss it by its own authority kind of like God uses prophecy to prove his book they're using the fact that everybody is following them to prove that hey we have authority don't mess with our authority so the church or God's will or God's word what is the basis of authority in spiritual matters the very foundational question isn't this really is and so we see God's law on the Sabbath from creation we see him giving it to Moses we see Jesus honoring it we see the Apostle honoring it all the way through Scripture as he killed 2012 Moreover I also gave them my sadness to be a sign between them and me. And read the rest of it read in its context doesn't just say for a little while until I raise from the dead and then well worship on Sunday if my Bible read that way I do worship on Sunday David said and then we all worship on Wednesday I do worship on Wednesday it is it but it doesn't say those things anywhere in Scripture so really as far as I'm concerned has nothing to do with who's right who's wrong it has to do with what is God's word have to say that's that's the bottom line for me not on just this topic but but all topics Revelation 1412 here is the patience of the Saints does it take patients when people badger you about stuff they think that you're very wrong they're constantly bugging you and Tonton you and all these kind does it take patience it does but here's the patients of the Saints Here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus so here we have again. In the Garden of Eden here we have Jesus showing them around only the 7th day remember did he bless to be sanctified did he rest didn't do it the 1st day 2nd and 3rd day 4th they fit their Savior only the 7th day and he says this will be my sign for you so is the choice Bible or tradition Jesus or religious leaders God's law or man's dogma is God's instruction or human teaching God's way or man's way to your heavenly Father through our amazing that something that you instituted at the beginning of time as this human race knew it and carried all the way through with your people and that you continued to honor while you were here how that is somehow just been erased and we say somehow I believe that the devil has been behind it and he's been patient and he's been working for hundreds of years to bring it about the way he wants it but Lord you haven't changed and perhaps as you look down to time you saw that people would forget the 4th commandment and you place that little marker that word says ROOM. Number in front of it and the Sabbath has to be a sign that you are our Creator here our God your Redeemer and so Lord I pray that we will be convicted to honor all of your commandments as we have seen tonight and to have the courage to follow you Lord there may be some still on the fence and that's OK I just encourage them to keep coming and pray that if this is your leading that the picture will only become clearer and if this is a false teaching and you'll make this abundantly plain as well but we want to do your will we want to be your people that follow your book how you ask us to. In your name we pray and email. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like this more service. W.W.W.. Or.


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