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8. Revelation Predicts the Time of the End

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 12, 2016
    7:00 PM
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So we're going to jump right in tonight we're looking at Revelation predicts the time of the end and not only does it predict the time of the end we're going to look at the longest time prophecy in the Bible and really the whole thing is about Jesus and what Jesus is doing for you and for me and yes it predicts the time of the end so before we jump in let's do our heads for prayer and ask the Lord to be with us Do you have the Father we thank you again for your many blessings to each one of us here we thank you for all the things that we take for granted and this place that we live lord we see all kinds of ways that America is deteriorating but still it is an incredible place to be and we thank you for that and we pray that we will continue to learn about the Bible and Bible prophecy and that we can be prepared for this time of the end and so we would ask Your Holy Spirit will guide and direct in tonight's teaching may be clear May we be able to understand and may you have your way tonight in your name we pray Amen I just had to throw this in by the way this is a sign somebody e-mailed to me psychic fair cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and feel like that you know we're talking about prophesy. And sometimes people get it right part of the time but does God get it right part of the time all the time I were talking about prophecy and for God to predict something he doesn't guess he knows OK It is a matter of probability Jesus knows the future and tonight we're going to look at a prophecy that foretells exactly when Jesus was going to begin his ministry which was at his baptism is going to tell us exactly when he was going to die it's going to tell us when this come that his people with the Jews ran out and the gods will go the Gentiles of the stoning of Stephen a little bit of a violent picture there and then is going to tell us about the time of the end the judgment and so let's continue on here as we talk and the last portion is going to be when did the judgment begin and that's one of the questions we're asking tonight so oftentimes we look at Daniel and Revelation is they fit hand in glove together and we understand them both much better when we study them together and anybody who's read through even just a light reading of Revelation a light reading of Daniel sees a lot of similarities a lot of similar symbolism that you see in both of those books Revelation describes details about the judgment Daniel predicts when and where the judgment. When it will take place and where it will take place and so I don't know about you but I want to get those questions answered as well I'm interested in the judgment by I also want to know when and where Revelation 147 we looked at this is part of the 3 angel message the 1st of the 3 and message it says Fear God and give glory to Him That means honor and respect God and give glory to Him for the hour of his What's the word judgment will come. For the hour of his judgment has come so here's a scene maybe of the judgment. You know this type of a picture can keep you up at night can it. Hobo away. Were you or were you not did you or did you not and beads of sweat start piling up well we'll talk a bit more about that but what is the significance of the judgment now the good news let me just put you tease right now the good news here you have in this picture you have the law if I didn't have the law I would know what sin was that type of thing we see that in Scripture we have an angel here maybe going over some records of David writes life of all my and then you have who's this right here Christ at our side now the good news is if we've accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior his life and his record appears right here not mind can I hear anybody say a man a a man because and the devil not pictured here but he's accused of the brother and. Sometimes people in our society and in our churches and in our communities they think that they need to do the devil's job and be the accuser of the brothers but the Bible says That's the devil's job right and so he wants to stand there and he wants to accuse and say the know let me tell you about this person but you know what he's not looking at my life as soon as I accept Christ he covers me and now he's looking at Christ's life that's good news right so you don't have to be awake at night about this picture and the judgment. And the judgment is going to come before or at least there's this pre Advent judgment that sounds big what is that 3 Advent will Advent simply means come in again or 2nd coming because Jesus already came the 1st time so the next Advent will be the 2nd Advent and pre that before after or before. OK now look at this verse here and I'll help explain I'll talk more my reward is with me to give to everyone according to his work according to decisions that they've made the choices that they've made. And so he has to know what he's going to do when he comes he has to judge before he comes now again I think some of this to a large degree is. You know I don't know that it takes God. Hours and hours and days and days and months and years to figure out even though there's a lot of people to judge God's a big God right but still I think it's very symbolic of the fact that he has to determine before he comes who he's taking with him does that make sense yeah of course it does and not just for him to be convinced but others as well Matthew 1627 for the Son of Man will come in the glory of his father with his angels and then he will reward each according to His works same idea this time out amount of G. is even though revelation. To prophecy and so on I think we can trust that too but here we see the same idea he will reward each according to His works decision they made back to Revelation 20 verse 12 and I saw the dead small and great standing before God and books were opened and another book was open which is the Book of Life so throughout Revelation we have this idea of judgment of books of records. And so we're going to look a little more about that in the dead were judged according to their works by the things which were written in the books whole idea too about the judgment we oftentimes think that we are the ones being judged but if you recall back when we talked about in the Garden of Eden there was this back and forth between Lucifer Satan and Jesus. And I think it was directly against Jesus because use is the one that came and died I think it was directly against God God the Father would have died or the Holy Spirit but no it was Jesus. Where was I going with the dead according the works by the things which were written in the book OK So really the judge is not about us I think ultimately the judgments about him this whole idea is God fair is he just is he true can I trust him in every single case because if he gets it right in every case except for Dan's case then someone's going to say flag on the play no fair foul you know not right you're not fair you're not just you know actual I was there but well you weren't with one of saints and so all timidly they're worried and you can be OK. Ultimately God's the one that's on trial isn't a God the one Devils really trying to attack and to accuse and so on and so forth. And here we have this back and forth and Lucifer trying to convince other angels and so on that's what that picture's alluding to and the books and all the rest God reveals in the judgment that he has done everything he can to save Do you believe that everything to the uttermost to seek and to save that which are lost so he's not trying to keep people out he's wanting people to come in right some of you have a picture of God He's like the monks he's like this and he's kind of tapping his toeing you know so you want to go to heaven a it's not the picture of God we have the picture of God We should have it's like this right nails in His hands I'm not going to send somebody I'm going to go myself so I can demonstrate myself that I'm doing everything within my power and still maintain their freedom of choice but everything in my power to draw them to me. And I honestly think that's a lot of what's in these books is how Jesus is trying to draw how he's trying to woo how he's given opportunities I heard a story one time where it's just a parable I suppose but there was a flood situation I mean in a major flood situation where you see boats going around to save people you know nothing and so what back a back up and tell a story wrong So 1st there was the weather forecaster that said you know there's a flood coming in to evacuate and they said that before who cares well start to rain really hard and they started be some some water coming down the driveway and then down the road all that then a cop comes through with a big microphone you know this isn't the person it's selling popsicles in the summertime this is somebody saying it's time to evacuated everybody needs to get out for that work pretty well in this. And they're going up and down the streets forget about it whether they know you get you understand where I'm going with this right then eventually the guy comes by in a boat and there they're starting to you know get up on the stairs and thinking about well maybe if I crawl out this window you know 3rd time you go you got evacuated I'm not going anywhere. And all this time I'm not telling the story or I wasn't playing on channel all this time this person is praying Lord you're big enough you're powerful enough you're strong enough to deliver me from this flood don't let my street flood and he's praying he's right he said No my Lord will save me every time on time to value a normal Samy the boat because I know the law will say me then eventually he's on the roof and a helicopter. Comes over you know and is a spotlight and he's there with Sparky on the roof and the dog barking Famous Amos sir you did a lot you want to grow a little lower or what does he say new Malard will save me. And as the parable goes. The time comes when he gets to see Jesus face to face and he says Lord where were you I prayed the whole time and you didn't I mean the flood still came and swept me away and I drowned him you know how I don't like to drown. You know I don't like to die and in this parable Jesus says I sent the weather forecaster I sent the police officer I sent a boat I sent a helicopter and you refused them all I think Jesus is doing everything that he can to draw us and us and he wants us to be saved so God reveals the judge he has done everything he can to save us and Satan has done everything he can to destroy us we see these polar opposites so where is his judgment take place well if we look in the Book of Daniel we see Daniel has a vision and it's a pretty overwhelming vision and he's trying to figure it out and all the rest and eventually it's given to him the let's start here in Daniel Chapter 7 verse 910 says I watched till thrones were put in place and the Ancient of Days was seated his garment was white as snow and the hair of his head was like pure wool his throne was a fiery flame its wheels burning fire and the 1000s ministered to him 10000 times 10000 stood before him and the court was seated and the books were opened similar language isn't it this idea of a judgment and here you have maybe a artist depiction of what this mayn't look like at all these men the angels are with him and so forth and here's a person down here and their point of the book and so on but I like this picture here here Christ is interceding on behalf of this person that's guilty. And here you have the shadow of Christ on the cross and that. Somebody came up with that inside to draw them so when does this judgment take place. And where I think is answered that is taking place in heaven when does this judgment take place well let's look at that a little bit here that says Daniel 814 it says for 2300 days then the sanctuary shall be cleansed how many days. 2300 days then the sanctuary shall be cleansed now there was a period of time where a lot of people misinterpreted this text and I met people all over North America people in Europe Bible scholars all over and the prophecy was very sure and that's what we're going to look at tonight is the prophecy and the dates and people largely came to the same conclusions I mean we're talking thousands of people not just one or 2 the thing that they got wrong was what does this mean right here the sanctuary shall be cleansed What does that mean some took it to mean well that means that the earth is going to be cleansed by fire that's when Jesus comes again so that's the 2nd coming and so some gravitated to that interpretation there were some other 2 interpretations along the way it was until after the fact and I'm kind of going on a tangent here but was until after the fact that they look back and realize there was an earthly sanctuary Yes but God gave the plans that earthly sanctuary to Moses and he saw and it was a pattern after a heavenly sanctuary so you have a model on earth as going through the motions going to the process for people to learn the plan of salvation but ultimately this sanctuary in the Old Testament is being played out not just with lambs and goats and all those things but up in heaven with a true pure sacrifice Jesus Christ built a lamb of God takes with him the world so for $2300.00 days in the sanctuary shall be cleansed What did the cleansing of the sanctuary mean so we go to the sanctuary Exodus 25 or say let them make me a sanctuary that I might dwell among them all the way through God simply wants to dwell with his people he wants to restore his people and so on the Old Testament sacrifices pointed forward to Jesus' sacrifice here you have the altar here in the lamb would be sacrificed on this alter all symbolic of Christ's sacrifice later and then you have the Laver and all. All these things are symbolic of various things but when the land we talk about this some on 7 when the Lamb of sacrifice some blood was taken in and it was sprinkled on this curtain right here separating the holy place from the most most holy place yet daily sacrifices were I'm transferring my sin to a lamb placing my hands on the head asking for forgiveness for my specific sins fleeing the Lamb's throat and then the lamb burns and so on but some of the blood gets transferred to the sanctuary symbolic that my sin your sin your sin everybody's sin all year long is being transferred where to the sanctuary to out eventually probably be kind of a stinky place I suppose I don't know some flies I don't know but then there was a daily sacrifice but then there was a yearly sacrifice and the yearly sacrifice was a big deal so I suppose you've sinned you had to put your hand on the head of the lamb you confess your sins and the sinners guilt symbolically transferred to the perfect lamb the perfect lamb was slain in the blood caught in the basin lambs body was put on the altar signifying Christ's death on the cross and then the high priest would administer that blood Right OK So some people say oh it was all done TO CROSS Well it was all done at the cross and in a very significant sense Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for us the big battle that we've been waiting between Lucifer that and the devil and between Jesus Christ was finished at the cross but now he's administering that blood on your behalf and my behalf that's a good thing that's the anti-venom actually being applied on my behalf that's a good thing right. So you have the daily and the yearly sacrifice and here you have the resurrection of Christ and going home and all those types of things Jesus offers the merits of his blood in heaven on our behalf and it's happening even now because we're part of that in part of that investigative judgment phase How do you know that good question we're going to have to go through this prophecy to figure all that out the Day of Atonement or day of judgment or the cleansing of the sanctuary some people break this word up the day of at one ment that was the day that sin was purified from the camp I mean it be like taking the garbage out of your house and putting it down the hill in the revealing and it has builds up all year long at some point you want to purge it right now if Jesus didn't want to just purge sin forever and always he would have just died on the cross and that would have been it he would have set up a different system but he wants to not only provide a way of escape from sin but he wants to purge the planet from sin don't you want that too and so all this adds building up is soon going to be purged and everything is going to be at one ment or at Want to get I mean everything will be as it needs to be and so during that day of atonement it was a big fanfare for the children his rail and everyone was aware of it and everyone was fasting and everyone was praying and I one was seeking after God and making sure I didn't have any unconfessed sense right. Because the last thing you want to do is sin right before it's all done away with right and you don't have time to bring your lamb and all the rest so you're really you're really on your knees it's a special time it's a consecrated time. And so people here are praying they're seeking after God they want to make sure all of their sins are they've asked for forgiveness right you don't want to have a sin left some place on the books that you forgot to ask for now that doesn't mean I don't believe anyway it doesn't mean that we have to painstakingly go through every little detail I mean how to David pray and some he said Lord search my heart if there's any wickedness in me. Help me to know what so I can confess it and I think that's a fair prayer to pray I think in a general sense but there's time to pray in a very specific sense because God has convicted or the Holy Spirit convicted of us convicted us of a certain thing that we really need to make right and that's I mean we just want to just pass over you know oh my God everybody down to mall day Lord forgive me for my sins a man I crawl into bed a little more than that right anyway because of the thank you in the Old Testament is a symbol a symbol of the final work of judgment prior to Christ 2nd coming prior to Christ 2nd coming and I believe Jesus is coming soon so they're going to happen prior before pre Advent we're going to start is it taking place now that's what we're looking at so let's go back to this idea what is the meaning of the 2300 days now in Daniel to have great were 1617 Gabriel make this man understand the vision if you actually go back and read this chapter Daniel is confessing his sins now Daniel is one of the 2 I think in scripture that we never have anything written about him that we know he did wrong and we can't say that about King David we can't say that about most all the disciples we can't say that about most everybody else but Daniel's one we never have any wrong recorded in scripture I'm not saying is perfect but it's not recorded but we have Daniel pouring out His hard to go to a. Asking for forgiveness personally and corporately as a body of people and pleading with the Lord and in the middle of that he's interrupted when God sends His Angel Gabriel and he says make this man understand the vision so he came near where I stood and when he came I was afraid and fell on my face but he said to me understand Son of man that the vision refers to what time the time of the end so the vision is going to be at the end of time it's going to be speaking to the heavenly sanctuary and thirdly it's going to be symbolic time period if we just take $2300.00 days from the time of Daniel that comes out to about I don't know 6 years or something figured out let me know there's not much significance that takes place in the next 6 years now sometimes will point to this thing this verse here is for 6 I have laid on you a day for each year there's another place I think it's in the Book of Numbers that says something similar and we can point to that we can say when we're talking about Bible prophecy not talking about days of creation not talking about this person journeyed 3 days to this village and all the rest we can't just assign this willy nilly but when we have beast and symbols and signs we can simply ask ourselves would this be a place we could apply this day for a year principle and honestly the biggest proof that we can do that is to me that it works we can point to these texts like I just have there is and that's good that gives us kind of a foundation we can do that but the real proof to me is that it works. That's pretty powerful so let's let's continue on so is it literal or symbolic that's the question asked when Jesus riding on his white horse victorious is that literal or is that symbolic. The $2300.00 days that literal or symbolic will us look if we were to say it is literal or well $2300.00 symbolic days or little days if we're going to say it's literal then we have like 6 or so years out from Daniel we have to put all these things into that time period and people I have tried that and they don't come up with much but if we say it's symbolic of a day for a year principle and we have 2300 years and along the line we're going to see in this passage here and this can be confusing I hope you're not confused if you are confused I apologize but even if you are a little bit confused at the OK There's no test you're not going to get to the pearly gates no one's going to ask you to recite this from memory OK and you have more time to study it out but we're going to try and do a quick overview if we could we're going to pinpoint the baptism we're going to pinpoint the crucifixion we're going to pinpoint the Gospel going to the Gentiles and we're going to put pen point the judgment hour and when that began and all of that is in this $2300.00 day slash 2300 year prophecy OK now I just took a picture of this with my i Phone if you look in your and you study Bible is the blue and that's there in front of you may have one at home you may want to look there it's right here the top page $1127.00 this is another depiction of this prophecy and I think this one honestly makes a lot of sense but we have a $2300.00 days in total. And then we have these 70 weeks 70 weeks if we turn in 2 years would be 490 years and so we have that there there we have talk of $7.62 weeks which would add that up to $69.00 or 483 years and then there's one week left to complete this section here and then we have all these dates along the way we're going to talk about each of those but maybe that gives you a little bit of a framework with which to hang things on and hopefully that's helpful and that's something you can go back and study on your own as well but Daniel Chapter 9 verse 27 it says 70 weeks are determined now word for determined means to cut off. To amputate to separate now to amputate something doesn't mean it was independent to begin with right I mean if there's enough extra arm over there and the doctor amputates it it doesn't make sense has any part of me right and then they take it off I mean it sends chills in my bio to think about in the Civil War a good doctor could amputate or saw a leg in 30 seconds while everybody holds him down why did I share that I don't know OK we live in a much better time knowing so 70 weeks are determined are cut off for your people and for your holy city so we have 2300 days and if we're going to amputate or cut off that's not a separate or you know we can't just throw that out over here over there it's part of the $2300.00 days as on the front part OK and the 70 weeks are determined for your people and for your holy city who was Daniel's people the Jewish race or the Israelites and so for 70 weeks there was going to be a period. Determined for your people and for your Holy City Daniel said he was Jerusalem Daniel's people as the Jews and the 70 weeks are determined or cut off for your people and for your holy city the 1st 70 weeks apply to the Jewish nation that's if I don't get overly confused about death is there in you and you study biology have 2300 days we're going to cut off the 1st 70 weeks of that which is really how many years let's do some math 70 weeks time 7 days per week $490.00 prophetic days or 400 years so we have 22300 years and they were going to cut off 490 years right and those are going to be for God's people are you confused yet you to this day for your principle So here's how they represent it here and then the 70 weeks we have right here and there's even some explanation down here in your bible it was just too small I didn't include it this is just to remind me that the shoe fits wear it we have heard that expression. If the day for your principle fits that's how we'll know largely that it works right so let's keep going we have a for 90 years and when does this prophecy start now that would be a nice thing to have on our chart when it because we can start 20100 days today was back in Daniel's day or some other time let's look at another interesting point is that in prophecy every time prophecy always begins in the time of the prophet that he gives it to make sense alright so Daniel 925 know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem remember he was taken captive by never can as or right and so he is looking for this to happen and understand from the going forth as the command to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince there shall be 7 weeks and 62 weeks so this verse is helpful in a couple ways one it tells us the starting point the decreed to restore and rebuild Jerusalem but then also adds more numbers oh now we're going to get confused Well let's start with this 1st part of the degree the decree to rebuild Jerusalem was given for 57 B.C. we can find that we can know that I don't believe me ask you though it can find that in those that. By our visit these king of Persia So that gives us a starting point now of 457 B C Now Starsky a little exciting because now we can predict if you will even though it's in the past but in Daniel's mind you can start thinking OK what does this really mean we have a 490 years for his people so we have part one for the Jews Part 2 for the gentiles the remaining period now therefore understand that from the going forth of the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem for 57 B.C. OK let's keep going here until Messiah the Prince there shall be 70 weeks and 62 weeks now who's Messiah the Prince. Jesus Christ and so we know that Jesus going to begin his ministry at the end of the period they told us. 7 weeks and 62 weeks. And so if we have 7 weeks and $62.00 weeks and equal $69.00 weeks so you really have to turn all this out it can be very confusing but about the time it just comes to an expiration which will see is 844 thousands of people around the world are coming up with this it wasn't just a few here and there so Messiah means the anointed one and when was Jesus anointed at his baptism or the dove that came down this is my beloved son who I'm well pleased that's when his ministry began Up until then we have almost almost no record of what Jesus was doing right I mean we know he taught the temple and a few little pieces along the way but we virtually have the 1st 29 years of his life we have almost nothing because why his time had not yet come to Jesus or stand as prophecy I believe he did so we have Messiah means the anointed one so let's continue on so we have a starting point for 57 then we have the 69 weeks and then we have his baptism does that come out right if we do the math it really does if you study out it comes out exactly right perfectly right so he has 70 weeks. Yes $69.00 and $7.00 days per week $483.00 prophetic days. Day for year principal the I get confused and some of the stuff but 8027 and some of these charts I think are not the best that's why I keep referring back to this and the 20 other days the other time a term and for God's people you have the 483 years from the starting point and it takes you exactly to 27 a D. Now if you're going to go home and you're going to figure this up on your own to check me out which I encourage you to do by the way you have to keep in mind because you might be a one year off because your calculator it goes from all these negative numbers and then you have 0 and then it goes the other way when you look at history when you go from before Christ to after it just goes from one to one which means with your calculator you add one when going from B. C. to A D. That makes sense so I just saw that out there for when you double check and so this time comes out exactly to you says it's this time it's interesting to me as well as you go through the Gospels I'm sure many of you read the Gospels many many times different ones are trying to kill Jesus and do other things I think Jesus took hope in the fact that it wasn't yet his time because we're going to see in a minute It also predicts his death. Now does that give you hope or does it not give you hope I don't know maybe a little bit of both you know your time is short because you only have 3 and a half years of ministry this is going to tell us here a little bit so you know it's not going to be tomorrow but the same time you also know it's going to be another year or whatever it is but I think Jesus knew all about all this so Luke $321.00 says when all the people were baptized it came to pass that Jesus also was baptized now in the 15th year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar and so we have that date that we can go back to we can check it out and it comes out exactly to a D. 27 according to this prophecy that pretty cool I think is pretty cool and then it says and after the $62.00 weeks Messiah shall be cut off number it had 7 listed 1st and then it talked about the 60 to bring it to the $69.00 but after the $62.00 portion the Messiah would be cut off then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week so here we have our graphic again I probably should take in all these out and just gone with and you study bible one but you have 483 and then you have one final week and the 69 and the one makes for the 70 the time determine for the Jewish race right and we're going to now look at this one week and it's going to give us some details about what's going to happen and that one prophetic week OK those 7 years starting with the baptism of Christ so then he saw confirm a covenant with many for one week but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offerings. The weakest 7 days wins the middle of the Week 3 and a half days to be in technical divide 7 by $23.00 and a half how long she is Ministry 3 and a half years exactly so we have this again we've pinpointed the baptism of the crucifixion 3 and a half years later in 8031 and then there's another verse here this is another way of depicting here is that last week and it's divided There's 3 and a half years in between here 3 and a half years in between here Jesus' baptism was in the fall of Jesus' crucifixion was in the spring that's the half and then we have this Gospel to the Gentiles this next piece we're looking for Daniel 9 is about Jesus Christ our Messiah by the way and all these different things he was anointed to minister to show us an example he died for our sins he had a covenant with his people but then when they didn't abide by that when they didn't obey it went then to the Gentiles that's you and me and many of us here are Jews right we're part of spiritual Israel today and then eventually about the judgment so it's all about Jesus for this is my blood of the new covenant which is shed for many for the remission of sins Christ was crucified exactly on time and Jesus knew he didn't guess he didn't think oh I wonder in fact it was during Passover wasn't it in just accidently happened but instead of a Passover lamb Passover was part of the Day of Atonement all that but then it was Jesus this time was lamb it was Jesus right glacier and for for but when the fullness of the time had come God sent forth His Son God doesn't guess he knows when the fullness of time is come and it comes right on time the time is fulfilled it says in Mark $100.00 and if you start looking for these things are find them all throughout the Gospels and throughout Scripture. Now my time is now my time Romans 56 in due time Christ died for the on godly right on time and when Jesus died the curtain between the holy place and the most holy place that they sprinkled the blood all year long was ripped how was a diagonal pot I'm up top to bottom didn't want there to be any mistake that somebody had snuck in there and I could just get it started. That's a good question how high was it. 1012 feet was pretty high top to bottom ripped no longer are going to have to go through the system the ultimate sacrifice has come and died right on time so Christ baptized on Time Crisis crucified on time here we have this chart we have the beginning we have a 4 and a 3 years we have 3 and a half and 3 and a half to date to go across the top OK what happened in A.D.T. for are we just assigning some you know we going in looking and go let's go fish what we find 8034 who. Know something very significant happened and 80348034 Stephen gave. He testified really about who Jesus was as the Messiah spoken of in the Old Testament that Jesus was a fulfillment of that and he gave that to the Jewish leaders and they didn't they didn't like that idea in fact they hated that idea they never accepted Jesus the Messiah all along they hated Jesus as why they killed Jesus and wanted him killed and so rather than accepting that what did they do to Stephen the messenger they stone Him That's a significant point in time because that period member that 1st 490 that was amputated that was cut off to right then. Things change at 34 A.D. and in the midst of this this is incredible to me while they're picking up stones you know they have stone they're about ready to hurl them and throw them and in the midst of this Stephen is praying and what's his prayer same as Christ God forgive and they don't know what they're doing forgiven they know not what they do to just get practical for a 2nd that's a great prayer for United pray Isn't it pretty incredible to me so we have the gospel then to the Gentiles going to the Gentiles all these things right on time these are markers a long way right on time right on time right on time right on time and then we catapult. Way off into the future Daniel 92470 weeks are determined for your people and for your holy city and we have that part one and then we got here to 8034 which is broken down but then there's part 2 and we have 1810 years left that takes its way over here and was the year over there 1844 what happened in a teen 44 Some people say a whole bunch and nothing the whole thing is a fraud I don't think so if God shows that he's right on time. To out this prophecy over and over and over and over and that he doesn't guess and then he shoots off here to $844.00 I believe something happened so we have here the sanctuary cleansing and the fall of $8844.00 just 14442003 100 days then the sanctuary shall be Clint De Jesus come in $844.00 good thing are we missed it but the cleansing of the sanctuary the Day of Atonement the beginning of the investigative judgment investigative seeing who he will reward with what when he comes who is going to take back home with him when he comes and the Old Testament thank you it was a solemn time right of fasting and of prayer asking for forgiveness I believe we entered into that time since 844 we have been living in God's judgment our our John the Revelator and his vision fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come it has come as of 1844 the hour of judgment has come it's now God is interceding on our behalf with his own blood in the heavenly sanctuary now and I think that's a good thing I don't want to be my own sacrifice to you not at all one example I like to use of this one is this all mean what's the big deal who cares Well to me it shows we're just that much closer to when Jesus going to come in fact there is no time prophecy in Scripture that is yet to happen in terms of specific days and times it's not there we know of things that will still continue to happen up until Jesus comes but it's not a punk till your event all that is done away with and we know the final scenes will be rapid once. And if anybody play soccer or as if you ever watch soccer sometimes there's delays in the game maybe the microphone goes out you have to fiddle with that or whatever it is and people are in awe of the field somebody gets hurt the paramedics that come out whatever it is so the delays in the game and the referee is able if there is a tie game at the end as a clock expires he's able to say we're going to we're going to not go into extra innings but we're going to add some time on the clock when as the town clock we have a shoot out and that referee can decide at any point that he wants to based on how much delay he thought there was in the game how long a let them play so it's not like other sports so they just put up you know 5 minutes on the clock and. 10 minutes whatever he decides is most had to judge the referee decides and any point I mean they're just all out at this point they're running they're scrambling they're doing everything they can is tie game and they want to get that last final goal before the referee says time and put his hand up that's virtually where we are in earth's history at any point in this game God can just say time time's up blow the whistle so that's the game and that's where we are folks we don't have to be afraid of the judgment because we've been pardoned Christ has paid the penalty for your sin and for my sins and he longs to cover us and so yes while we might be in that time of investigative judgment if Jesus is on our side we have nothing to fear now he's not then I suppose we do but as long as we are with Jesus as long as we're hanging on to his hand he will see through he does everything on time he knows what he's doing he's making every appeal to draw you to him and I believe our time is short at some point very soon the rest is going to say time. It is finished I don't want to be left on the fence on that day I want to make my decision today your Heavenly Father we thank you that you have done everything in your power to redeem us you've paid every price that can be paid and even now you're you're ministering your blood on our behalf in the heavenly sanctuary for us you're applying that antidote if you will for us and no we don't have to worry about the future we don't have to worry about judgment we don't have to worry about so much because you have died for us we are secure in Christ we can't be secure in the world we can't be secure in our finances or bank accounts we can't be secure in our jobs we can't even be fully secure in our families but we can be fully secure in Jesus Christ who gave his all for us. Thank you for them and they we live. Like we're living in the final moments because this prophecy says that with your name we pray. 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