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9. Revelation Reveals Deadly Delusions

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 13, 2016
    7:00 PM
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How many of you like to visit the graveyard the cemetery and walk through the cemetery or graveyard can you find hope that goes beyond the grave that's a question that really gets at us a little bit doesn't it can get a little bit personal we don't like to talk about death a lot of people don't fill out a will because they don't want to talk about death they don't want to think about what's going to happen when they're no more as if not talking about it makes the not happen right but that's how some people feel and so they try to avoid it altogether they like to avoid funeral sometimes because they don't want to talk about or listen to death they don't want to think about it but I think there's something in us we need to process this thing called death right we need to be comfortable enough to talk about and I think the Bible has plenty to stay on it gives hope so that's what we're going to look at tonight Tina was facing an issue where her father was very sick very ill he had cancer for a long time even badly and he'd been fine for a long time he had been rather miserable his quality of life was not good she knew that the writing was on the wall if you will and there comes a point when you almost feel torn I want my father to be around but his quality of life is so bad I almost wish that he could just fall asleep you understand what I'm talking about when I say that it's not that you wish for your loved one to die but you just hate to see them suffer and suffer and suffer and so a time often time comes when you think I just wish they could fall asleep I wish they could be at peace and that's where Tina was with her dad and finally he did pass away and this is what she wrote she says I know I'm an adult and I'm supposed to be strong but there are some days I feel like I'm 4 years old and all I want is my dad anybody relate to that statement a little bit yeah there are times that you just you want to be that little child you want to be taken care of you want somebody to come alongside you to encourage you and who better then hopefully your mom or your dad and I know everybody doesn't have the best experience maybe that Mom or Dad was replaced by somebody else but whoever that person was There's a loneliness when that person and especially if it is your parent there's kind of this surreal Wow. They're gone I'm next right. I'm kind of getting to the age where I remember in fact my kids asked me just today we were going by the Biltmore and they asked about the Biltmore and when it was built or you know the people the Vanderbilt all these things. Were you and mommy alive when the Vanderbilt's were here. Or maybe it was before that they said were they alive when I was born I mean is a long time ago 5 years ago where they live when I was born know where they live when you guys were born and we said no they said War Oh I'm not I'm not exaggerating other THIS OR and part of me I can think back to bein 5 or 6 or 7 and remembering my parents and they were all. You know don't tell you now yeah and then I have to make the connection of it really doesn't feel like it was that long ago that I was 7 years old and in the time that I went from 7 to 37 just went like this so one more snap and I'm at 67 Whoa my goodness. All right well I digress but there's a sense of loneliness in this fact that my parents are gone and now it's me who I run to I go to school to bail me out if I really get in a pinch or a jam it's just it's you and hopefully we have good friends and relatives and that type of thing too but I think you understand I'm talking about millions of people like Tina are facing one of life's toughest rites of passage watching a parent die and that can be difficult that can be challenging and you know exactly what I'm talking about so we want tonight I want to explore this issue what really happens. At death there's all kinds of theories out there about when you die but it's really hard for anybody to say gonna shout out this is what happens when you die and you say really have you died before that what it was like for you and there's people that write books about their near death experience or their out of body experience and how they saw a bright light and and there's even I've heard some real good medical explanations to some of those things that go on right. But there's all kinds of theories out there what happens when you die do you go to heaven or do you go to hell is heaven a real place is hell a real place what happens now in the south there was a lot of fire and brimstone preaching you can still hear some of that right and the whole point of fire and. Brimstone preaching is just trying to convince you how hot the fire is do you know how hot you know I go on and on and on to me. The hotter it is probably the better because I don't want to have to suffer a few the worse for me would be the cool fire that just kind of slowly Bert but that's the other theory too is that you burn forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and the fire never goes out I'm never going to school with guys in grade school and they said I magine eventually you just get numb. You get numb from fire and you know Nessa pretty significant issue too because a lot of people have left church entirely because of this idea that you burn forever never never never never never never never never. And we're really I'm just touching on that actually I'm not even talking about that tonight at all we have another topic on held together so we're going to get into that I'm just wetting your appetite but I need to stay on topic tonight but a lot of people believe that because I think it. It this idea of the character of God What does that say about God that if you don't follow me I'll torture you for eternity so come back when we talk about Hell I promise you the Bible has a more to say on that topic and you'll be relieved OK let's look about this and then purgatory that's another theory that is not heaven is not Hell it's Purgatory and there's levels and this and that and all the rest other religions well get to that in a minute sometimes you go and you hear a pastor preach and they preach about well man is up in heaven now and she's looking down she's smiling and they are right country songs about it. There's holes in the floor of heaven and the rain porn and that's manna she's crying over us right now and then later on the same preacher sometimes will say and on Resurrection morning. We're all the way all the great are going to bust out but now I get confused at that funeral because it is Nana in heaven or is now going to like pop out of the grave somewhere is that computing or is now up there in heaven and at a future time God you know. I can't whistle very good but he gives everybody's attention and he says Hey and you know they're out on the beach she knows and they're exploring nature and all these things and I know everybody that come over here here here here come here come and come here yeah what is it I'm going to come back to earth next week oh OK like the 2nd coming Yeah well you need us for I need you all to go back into the grave oh no doing right I want to do that yes I need you to do that I need to get back in the grave and then when the trumpet sound that's your cue and you pop out I don't know this is confusing what goes on. Are the dead asleep waiting for the resurrection when Jesus comes or are they in heaven already That's the question right Leigh says one of the questions we could ask and here you have a picture of grains raised on other religion believe in reincarnation so if you are good that you'll be reincarnated into something better right and you have to work your way up the line that's why a lot of these. Eastern religions then make some really good vegetarian food because they don't want to eat their relatives isn't that the truth of the matter yeah. Reincarnation is death the end some people say I don't buy into any of this hogwash when you're dead you're dead was it mean you're dead so what happens after that nothing you're dead that's it end of story finish completion Well I guess that is an interpretation some have as well is the soul in more toll or is there a resurrection that's a question we want to look at tonight is the soul immortal was I mean to be immortal by the way never die that's the superman mentality right that's what teenagers think that they are when they drive at 95 miles an hour on these back country roads I think they're immortal until they hit a tree. And I think there's a lot of deadly delusions in fact the devil I think always likes to keep this whole idea shrouded in darkness and when I preached a serious similar to this. In Africa in Kenya in Nairobi this topic got more. How shall I say the devil attack hardest and I present this topic than any other and there was an individual that came up towards the stage I was out in the open air and we're in the slums of Nairobi in a very poor part of town and all sudden this guy is yelling and he's upset he's coming towards the stage and I just keep preaching and he comes and he's coming around up the steps and I Just Keep reachin and he gets up right close to me and somebody else some of the other people around that were part of these means they grabbed him and they pulled him off the stage and there was a little bit of a tussle I just kept preachin. I talked after the fact the devil doesn't want anybody to know about this topic I really do and I have to practice real hard before I present this topic because he has it so enshrouded unclouded and overcast all the rest and he wants to keep it that way he wants people to live in ignorance and a lot of people do. Begin a deadly delusions we have a lot of this in our area especially with Asheville in our backyard I like Asheville but there's a lot of new age kind of thinking up there right not to say that it wouldn't be down here either but these are books that you can find it on Amazon soul sensing how to communicate with your dead loved ones moon I'm not recommending this book you won't find this book on our book table I'm just telling you that they're out there and this is just one example can we communicate with our dead loved ones by the way are you sure why would people be writing books about it they're communicating with something are you sure because it sure looks like my dad brother Leroy. Or whatever it was we're going to talk more about that here's another one how to talk to spirits This is new it includes bonus psychic development techniques. Oh boy what shall I. And it's always about how to communicate with the dead in the middle you know just about every time I do a Bible study on this topic the individual has to talk about an experience that they have had who with some kind of interaction maybe not themselves but maybe one that they've heard of Gramma passed away and she came back and she talked to me for days weeks months whatever somebody passed away in this house and in that room I hear noises on random nights and I'm too scared to go up there I mean things like that all the time when I was in school we were talking about this topic and some of those in class with me he said that he lost his brother and he was walking to the graveyard after the funeral just really beside himself I think this is maybe a couple weeks of you know because you there by himself and he's walking to their knees praying to God and all the sudden guess who he sees there in the graveyard where his brother was buried but number nobody else other than his brother looked like him talk like him walk like in the same mannerisms as him everything when he quote a passage in Scripture he said he said in my heart I want to believe so bad it was my brother there are some things I want to tell him that I get a chance to tell him there's some conversations I want to have I just want to hug him and to hold him and all these kind of things but I knew it wasn't him he said he quoted the verse please yet these 95 living know that they will die but the dead know how much nothing and this brother disappeared I hear stories like that often see that's proof is it proof I don't think it's proof that there is your grandmother in your house or your brother in your house saying it's proof that there's a spirit in your house I think the devil is playing tricks on you and is that real Absolutely that's real but guess who's more powerful. God is more powerful some of the time most of time all the time so let's keep talking about this topic as we want to the Bible has to say about this issue what's as opposed to a crystal ball I don't know we're moving on to the Bible the Revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 118 I am he who lives and was dead and behold I am alive forevermore Amen I have the keys Hades and death if Jesus has a KEYS TO HELL AND to death we have to be a listen to what he has to say I think he knows a few things more about it than we do in fact he's one of the few that has been there is it true. What does the Bible teach about the idea of the immortal soul this idea that I never die. Well we go the Book of Genesis the book of beginnings we have here in the Creation account he is creating human kind it says in the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul I don't know if you notice it there but there are some pieces we want to highlight there's the dust of the ground number he gets very personal he kneeled down and he's forming with his own hands the human race. He forms man so we have God's hand right there where the dust of the ground and we have the breath of life who's the originator of all life God is God gives life and right here he gives the breath of life as so this thing that was just dust just you know there was a few bones in scale that what I mean really when you breathe into the 1st man that it all happened right it was just clay until that point but that's when life comes into it all. I don't know about you but I cannot create life yes my wife and I we can have children but I think as a little bit different than creating life from nothing in fact nobody can do that nobody can do that how can I make this chair come alive I can do it how can I grab a few ingredients if they're not already alive to begin with it's not going to happen I can bring things alive in my fridge I just put it over and leave it for 3 weeks until I've no that doesn't can't either only God can breathe life into something that was not living before and so the dust of the ground the breath of life becomes a living soul so we have the dust plus the spirit which is going to a little addition here equals a living soul OK So the elements of earth plus breath just know if sane is a living being the same idea for a living soul means a living person. Let's continue on what is this Soul is it immortal or can it ever die oh see once you've got the soul I mean you're set forever not true let's see what the Bible says about this is equal 8 $104.00 this is one example out of literally dozens of examples so if you think this is the only fence post remember Mike then about the 5th post that is not the case this is one example of a mini The whole All souls are mine as a soul of the Father so also the soul of the Son is mine the soul that Senate it shall live forever it shall die the way 2nd the soul how about the body that's how it should read this is a bad translation the body that sin shall die is not how it should read not how it reads check your bible home only it's going to be that way either the person who stands is the one who will die it says in another translation today's English version about the Living Bible it is for a man's own sins that he will die. New American Standard Bible the solar person who sins will die so over and over and over there is no such thing in the Bible as an immortal soul only God is immoral in fact we look at that text several times look at it again tonight when he comes that's when he gives us what immortality Why would that even be mentioned in Scripture if we already had immortality ride I mean what sense would it make to say Behold I began my my talk tonight at 630 I will then give you some Per and he's a we've already had supper give me something I don't already have right yeah. There's no mention of immortal soul connected to human being in fact the Bible used the word soul 1600 times and never once does it use the word immortal soul that shocking anybody knew the LA Times you hear people talk about well here mortal soul the immortal soul immortal soul where do they get that kind of language from they don't get it from scripture God the one that's immortal but it's not Scriptural idea at all it's just the soul which is the dust and the breath of life and that becomes a living soul or a living being so for whoever desires to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it for what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul or what will a man give in exchange for his soul so even Jesus is talking about why would you want to lose your soul welcomes my soul to more lives forever never never no it's not true and the only God's immortal mortal means subject death immortal means imperishable untouchable. So less you're a teenager you're mortal here tonight the Bible never used the terms immortal soul or immortality of the soul not even once. So 1st Tennessee 117 says Now to the king eternally mortal who is this you know this is God Now today he turn all Immortal Invisible to God who alone is wise be honor and glory for ever and ever amen God's the one who's immortal he's always been he always will be trying to figure that one out there's nothing in our small little mind that helps us comprehend that. What's been here forever never never never never never never know everything that we know had a beginning and it has an ending nothing's forever right but God forever won't give you a prime not going to get it there are things about God that we're not going to be able to wrap our minds around God's too big if we could wrap our minds fully around God that be a problem and when we think that we have or we can i would suggest that's also a problem because now you have a God complex and there are some people that I believe are so smart and so brilliant and have such an I.Q. that they reason God away. They think they're smarter than God they do anyway than topic contain this verse he who is the blessed and the only part potentate THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS who all alone don't miss that word circle in your Bible who alone has immortality dwelling in our unapproachable light pretty plain and then pretty plain. So pagan Greek philosophy taught that the soul is immortal that's where came from pagan Greek philosophy immortal soul and there's chorus that debate which is worse the soul the body and they were talking about all these lofty things I wish I could escape the body and all these kinds of things. Pagan Greek philosophy spiritualism teaches that the soul is immortal if you stop and think about all of spiritual ism if you take this main piece away you just completely unplug spiritualism I mean. Because the whole thing is focused on connecting with the dead speaking with the dead Waking the Dead communicating with all of them and all these powers and all the rest and they can help you to do this and they can know the future there and they can know what job and it goes on and on and on and even I Love Lucy she was visited by another actress I've used this before but I don't have slides for it some Remember the actresses name but she passed away googled will tell you it's not hard to find the actress passed away and she came to what was I Lucy's real name Lucille Ball she can Lucille Ball and she says you know you were offered this T.V. spot you should take it she said I should take it she was starring in 2 movies and that kind of thing well if you're into movies you don't want to go back to T.V. That's a step backwards and she says no you need to take this and kind of came across you know I'm from the nether world I know better I'm trying to communicate trying to tell you what's best for you and she listen to this spirit and sure enough she went into T.V. and the rest is history as they say right Dad is at the heart of this idea of spiritual ism this idea of communicating with the other side and that's why it's so dangerous because you think you're communicating with somebody that you trust or that you know when the reality is you're not communicating with anybody you know and nobody that you should trust that's the truth of the matter and what is up happening I mean let's think about this if I were the devil I don't want to think this way for too long but if I were the devil this would be a perfect way to manipulate people let's suppose you have a great relationship with. We'll say your grandmother or your mother or your father really doesn't matter or is going to say your grandmother and all of a sudden your grandmother passes away and there's a big hole in that Big Boy are you vulnerable at that point time you're vulnerable and then all the sudden just a few nights later Gramma shows up in her room and you have conversations now if I were the devil on that 1st conversation but I'd be like David come on here I want to have a nice so hard to heart talk OK and I come in I'll tell you we're all I wouldn't do that if I were the Devil How do you think I could do I would I would sit there calmly and I would do a great impression of Graham a great impression mannerisms that inflection of the voice the whole 9 yards and I probably would say encouraging things you know what I spoke with God The other day he's so proud of you for what you're doing and he told me to tell you that you're just you're so smart and you you know he probably pump up my ego you get the idea right and then if I were the devil you know what I'd do next I quote scripture you know what the Bible says right here oh man grandma always knew her bio The Bible says right here and God says that's exactly what you do and he's so proud of you oh me OK i gotta go whatever I don't know just plan a seed right I'm building confidence with this kind of weird thing but it sure looks like grandma talk like Grandma quoted scripture like grandma and the devil so patient he'll do that 100 times if he has to and then all the sudden there's this big transition in my life I'm choosing a spouse I'm changing jobs I'm you know whatever it is and also and I know I'll ask Grandma who if I'm the devil who now has a direct access and pipeline into that person's thinking some of their most inner thoughts and who can give them advice. I think he'd take the spot you go on the T.V. or you need to do this you need to do that and you might be thinking what's the big thing if that really was the devil communicating with Lucille Ball was to big deal about I Love Lucy I love that show it's a great show I watch it every night for I go to bed you might be saying Well the devil's very patient and he's very subtle but if you kind of pick that show a part there's an unpopular message too it's like in between meals the whole show is centered on line to your husband right covering things not being honest with anybody and the more she gets herself in a bind she's run over here run over there she's answering this door she's found this lie over here this lie over there NEVER You all laugh and thing and it's funny is making light of the fact that we're now following the law of God always good entertainment cut it out why you didn't you know and that's exactly the one thing is this gradual you know take our time we're not in a rush if I were the devil. Don't keep thinking about that anymore no one should be thinking that about me OK 1st Corinthians 155152 Behold I tell you a mystery we shall not all sleep but we are we shall be changed why do we need to be changed for you mortal or just the new bodies no anymore the new bodies in a moment between Tonight the last trumpet for the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed that's when we get immortality by the way when we're raised by Jesus Christ when God created Adam he places breath within him not in a mortal soul Genesis 27 and the Lord God for man in the dust the groundbreaking new novel The breath of life and man became a living soul so death is creation in essence in reverse. Creation in reverse what's that supposed to mean well please yes these 127 then shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the Spirit shall return and to God who gave I see that's the immortal soul is going back to God No that's not the immortal soul that's the breath of life remember it was the dust of the ground and the breath of God and that made a living soul you have to have both parts. A plus B. equals C. right and yet have all 3 parts and so this spirit shall return is really the breath in fact I think it we have slides to talk about this yeah the Old Testament he reward for Spirit is ruach which means breath same thing OK And so the brass of God goes back to the life giver goes back to God should me shock right and so the spirit and soul our are different the spirit and soul are different it's not the same thing it's a lot of these things to the hang on like one verse and maybe it's the same idea in several verses but it's the wrong idea and it's not comparing it with the whole and the full of scripture and that's part of the problem isn't We've got to look at all of Scripture and line up all the fence posts and if one's a little bit out of line we have to see can we pull that one in line to this interpretation of the rest of them yes we can write that makes sense all right. The spirit or breath of life the power of life goes back to God We read the verse we already read a couple times I'm going to keep going the Bible teaches that the breath and spirit are the same thing ruach. Job 273 says all the while my breath is in me and the Spirit of God is in my nostrils it's an example of that. James $226.00 the body without the Spirit or breath is dead it doesn't say immortal and it did. It's kind of like a light bulb What does it take to have the light bulb go on electricity now if you just have electricity and you have light not necessarily me maybe have a parking or something I understand that but in terms of practically speaking in your home if you just have electricity but no light bulb you're out of luck if you have a light bulb an electricity again you're equally what out of luck no light or if you just unplug it is a simple way to do the experiment right and so if you have electricity and a light bulb guess what you have light so when I'm plugged a lamp or I unplug anything that has electrical Al where does the light go yes we say the lights went out but the light We're does it go does it like run off into the corner of the room and hide there until I flip it back on that rushes back to the lamp to hide in the floor is going to the table we're just like go ceases to be ceases to exist same thing with the person you have the dust of the ground the breath of life when the breath of life is taken out the person ceases to exist there is no where does it go it ceases to exist it simply goes out if you like to. The. Next that you're OK Is there any consciousness in death what do you think that's a good thing because I'm just a wee bit claustrophobic I don't know if it's because my brother held my head under the kiddie pool we had for too many seconds longer than I thought I could survive or what but I'm claustrophobic and the idea of getting inside of a box and then putting that box inside of another concrete box with a huge lid on Soc And they're going to bury that thing in the ground and put 10 feet on top whoa I don't want any consciousness of that some people don't like that idea so they want to have the box up above ground over here or something else right. But there's no consciousness whether I'm cremated whether I'm buried whatever you do there's no consciousness the reasoning person ceases to exist right someone 46 verse 4 says his spirit departs he returns to his to his earth in that very day his plans or some translates to his thoughts perish that's it they're not down there thinking and planning answer might know that that's it their thoughts and their plans perish Ecclesiastes 95 is the text that my friend quoted for the living know that they will die but the dead know nothing I don't know anything also their love their hatred their Envy have now perished Yes another big idea Oh I did this terrible thing and now they're dead but you know what they're coming back for vengeance. Right and people live in fear and I stop and think about this if I'm naive on this issue and it's the devil is is harassing me and if I somehow did something wrong I did something I wasn't supposed to do and somehow I feel like I'm at fault for this person that passed away and now the spirit is harassing me and is banging around in my house and I'm paralyzed with fear you know the devil works on the currency of fear by the way he loves for us to be afraid Jesus says perfect love casts out all fear we don't follow Jesus because we're afraid so all these people that are our fire and brimstone and I'm so afraid I'm going to fall you know even tell you they can be a secular counsellor but fear is not a good motivator it's not a good motivator it will motivate for a time but it's not a motivator love is a good motivator love a good grace but not fear. And so they operate on a currency of fear this idea they hate me they they are upset with me and they're coming back to get me and the devil operates with that and keep people in fear for an awful long time or something else was going to say about that but the thoughts left me. Anyway it just ceased to exist and just poof. Job 79 to 10 as the cloud disappears and vanishes away so he who goes down to the grave does not come up he shall never return to his house nor shall his place known him or know him any more this is another key verse I think because there's all kinds of stories in fact I just heard one just this year somebody says well this person is still living in this house it's not the person I'm not telling the person they're crazy they're not crazy but it's not the person it's the devil and it's his evil angels that are harassing that person can I go up against the devil you know can I go up against evil angels no they will tear me to shreds literally but can they go up against God nor will so what do you do maybe somebody here is too afraid to say anything about the fact that they have some rattling in their attic or their basement or whatever you pray a prayer and you pray it out loud the devil can't read your thoughts so you prayed out loud and you say in the name of Jesus Christ who shed his blood for me who's now my calling on Jesus Christ it's crucial by me who's so big and strong get out of here no to do in the name of Jesus Christ I hate the name in the name of Jesus Christ who shed his blood for me I command you to leave they don't have any choice they have no choice they have to leave right and left you have something in your home is continually inviting them back. They have to leave and that's sometimes where you get into well what do you have in your home what kind of videos you have what kind of books do you have what kind of this do you have what kind of that do you have and sometimes you find oh oh there's this little game I got for my grandkids is just a little weed or they have fun with it it makes the words all right no whoa that's got to go and I've heard all kinds of stories you know and we're Dean they chop it up put in the dumpster and also they get back up to the room and there it is the same wheezy board it's untouched in a car some in the side or a head some car on the side they know it's the same one they do the same thing over and over and over until finally it doesn't reappear I mean they're claiming and praying and asking take it away somehow that spirit that he had such a foothold I don't know why he was able to keep coming back maybe the student didn't really want to let it go I don't know but I know when we pray in the name of Jesus Christ who shed his blood for me I command you to leave outloud gone to make sense. Because we know the dead do not return to his house to your house to anybody's health care. Death is a sleep and I would submit to you this is a far better way of thinking about of this is new to somebody they might say I don't know about this idea I have always imagined grandma or my sister whoever they are in heaven or on the white cloud they're playing the harp and and I talk to them I feel their presence all and I feel comfort I feel empowered when I do this and I do that and I feel like they're with me and and now you're saying none of that's true I'm having a hard time with that hear it out because a lot of things with that idea that I don't like I don't like the idea of grandma watching me shower every day. I don't like the idea. If I die I like the idea of being up there in heaven and I'm strumming my harp and all of sudden I break a string because Elizabeth C. and somebody else. I don't like that idea then she marry somebody else and if she has kids with somebody I don't want to watch any of that. There are some slides on this when we get there all skip because I'm getting ahead of myself. One of my kids make poor choices what if somebody does something horrific to my child and I can't do anything to stop it I don't want to sit there and just witness that what was happening years on I'm just playing what is that. I don't read this lie the Bible teaches that death is like a sleep that lasts until Christ 2nd coming Bible writers declare death is asleep more than 50 times and Jesus does as well some 13 verse 3 consider and hear me Oh Lord my God and light my eyes lest I sleep the sleep of death puts those together to the idea sleep is that if you have a good night's rest I had one last night there's a tiny bit frustrating because I don't get to enjoy any of it my head hit the pillow. I know you've got to be kidding me the money ever feel that way my thoughts perished there was no dreams I didn't have to use the bathroom I know that might change them more often but none of that happened next thing I knew I was awake that's how death is no consciousness in between I close my eyes next thing I know and think about that if your loved one is in the hospital and breathed their last breath and they believe in Jesus Christ their very next breath What is it. To see Jesus so I visit people in the hospital often and I'm a person I get a little bit envious I get a little bit jealous now they're going to see Jesus before I see Jesus but they've lived their life they've been faithful to God they're right here at the very end and I know there's all kinds of leaving people behind I get all that death is still an enemy but the idea that when you fall asleep the next thing you know everything is perfect your body is perfect your health is perfect and you see Jesus coming in the clouds and it's a beautiful thing beautiful thing just like that now maybe you know thousands of years like it was for some of the people in the Old Testament and maybe a few years a few weeks it doesn't matter being like that Jesus is coming. And I like the idea that that person that I love so much is not going to experience that on their own how many of you want to take the dream vacation I mean you've been imagine this for ever and you want to take it all by yourself probably not any of you I took a scuba diving trip I was thinking about for a long time out to shoot Laguna dive some of these wrecks some of the best wrecks World War 2 wrecks they still have tankers on it and what they call depth charges and there's bicycles attached and there's even some skulls and things but it's all in shallow water and so I had this idea of diving and I had to buy those you know with me he backed out last minute and I tell you it was it was so frustrating to see something so incredible and not have anybody to share with I ended up over there by myself he backed out at the at the last R.T. had my tickets so I have the dive master but he's seen a 1000000 times right we like to share things with people that's what gives stuff meaning doesn't it and so when we go to heaven when we see Jesus for the 1st time we do that together it's not this idea I'm so glad you finally got here let me show you this plan that plan this animal that animal now we find out together we discover together. I'm telling you I just like this idea a whole lot better. First Kings 21 now the days of David to near that he should die so David arrested with his father it was the word that they chose to use rested with his fathers and was buried in the City of David here we have some words of Jesus I like this story too I could talk about this one for far too long Lazarus and Mary and Martha were a safe place for Jesus he didn't have many safe places but those 3 they were a safe place he loved Lazarus and Mary and Martha they were close and Lazarus is sick right you would think Jesus would say ma'am there drop what I'm doing I'm there our friend Lazarus sleeps and he says but I go that I may wake him up now is he referring to sleep as in sleep always your friend asleep as in death there is this I will say Lord if he sleeps he'll get well that's a good thing if you're sick you need to sleep you need to rest he'll be feeling a lot better do the disciples get it don't get it the good thing because we don't get it either and have time we only get it because disciples didn't get it and they helped us get it however Jesus spoke of his death but they thought he was speaking about taking a rest in sleep then Jesus said to them plainly OK Read my lips Lazarus is dead or skulls interest Leslie and I says no he's dead and then there's this conversation. Said Mary and Martha Martha Jesus said to her Your brother will rise again he's all upset if you read the whole account just why did you come sooner he would he would still be alive you were to come sooner why why why we ask the same questions to us and I saw only Where were you. And he said to her Your brother will rise again and what Martha believe about death Martha said to him I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day does she have her theology straight she does Hill live again Oh she said Oh yeah I know he's up one now i Cloud he's strumming the harpies happy I should just be content I'm being selfish I'm sorry she doesn't say that she says I know that he will rise again the resurrection the last day now for theology is incorrect because that war time out time out time out you don't understand you're all off that he says No Jesus said to her I am the resurrection the life he who believes in me though he may die he shall live and then he goes to the tomb and he says Lazarus come forth some people believe he went to call him by name everybody would just popped out of their graves I don't know. And so Lazarus comes forth. That all the text we have for that one. All right I guess is all the text go back and read it's in John Chapter 11 he didn't say Lazarus come down. Here and say Lazarus come up he just says Lazarus come forth and they try and talk him out of it because he's been dead for several days there's going to staying in the whole thing and God says No no I'm going to call Lazarus back now if I was Lazarus and I would have been in heaven for 3 days I don't want to come back down here to hew every terrible. Come down he doesn't say come up if I was in hell burn forever never never never never. Get me out of here no he says Lazarus come forth because he was only asleep didn't know anything because while he now they have take these bandages off and the whole thing. But my mom and dad are looking down on me now and are proud of me right pretty much already talked about that but Joe $1421.00 if his sons are on Urd he does not know it if they are brought low he doesn't see it why because I thought perish their existence I mean they just cease to exist and we talk about you know some have and your kid got hit by a car if your son goes off to war and he's in some army death camp or something like that you don't want to have to witness that but that's not part of how God designed things to be if your son becomes a drug drug addict all these kinds of things someone to attain verse 17 the dead do not praise the Lord nor any who go down into silence and you'd think if there was any existence afterwards this text certainly wouldn't exist I mean they're still living there in heaven they're going to be praising the Lord dope because they are asleep they cease to exist caution 334 you died and your life is hidden with Christ in God Your life is hidden with Christ and someday he's going to breathe back in to your nostrils the breath of life. And along with that he's going to give you a perfect body a man man I'm looking forward to that I don't know about you but I'm little good. You're laughing because you want to look good too we're all going to look good not just good amazing you know these people in the shelves I try and bounce my son and look at the shelves but you know they doctor all those things up right know people actually exist they airbrush and do all kinds of things for hours and hours and hours and by the time they're done it's not even the same person and then you and I we go by our things at the store and we think we have to look like Dad Well I Got News For You can't but I got some more news for you some day you well. And it's not going to be airbrushed is going to be the real deal when we get to heaven come see me I'm going to show you my biceps were really. OK I digressed when Christ who is our life appears then you also will appear with him in glory in that wonderful and to Jesus I believe he has a much better way of doing all of this and if we trust Him It saves us from the delusion it pretty much unplugged completely this spiritualistic delusion Now stop and think about this at the end of time is a devil who is trying to manipulate and trying to confuse and trying to trick and come up with counterfeits Let's suppose and I believe the devil is very organized you talk about organized crime the Devils organized he doesn't get to where he is today by just haphazardly doing whatever you feel like when he gets up in the morning he has a game plan and he's working that plan and not only does he have a master plan he has a game plan and a master plan for me and for you and for all of us. And he's working that plan I remember I was shocked when I was watching the show and maybe I should bring this up but there was a young man who was on a computer and everybody with that was communicating with him was trying to manipulate him these older people and trying to get him to do inappropriate things in front of his webcam and I was shocked when I found out not that it was one or 2 people targeting this young man but how organized it was behind the scenes and there were hundreds of people communicating with each other well I got him to do this well I can do that maybe he'll do this next and I got on on to try and target this one person and I'm thinking this is terrible what do we think the devil's doing by the way. He has got a master plan on us and so if the Del has a master plan and if he is building up his reporter with you using grandma using grandpa using a passed away spouse using whatever means necessary and he's building that report and if that master plan includes all of these evil angel saying OK now you got people OK yes yes yes OK now the time is going to come we're going to do this huge masterful deception Yeah yeah yeah yeah when we can do it we're going to do it and they pick a day and I'm sure they've got reasons for the day right whatever day they decide let's suppose it's going to be May 15 we're going to do a huge blitz on the earth May 15th because I'll be right after that I'm going to cause this hurricane to come that's going to be right after this tidal wave as never is going to be demanding things of their governments and on and on and on and then we're going to do this huge blitz and on May 15th I want your grandma your Uncle Sam you're all these other people and you're going to come and you going to sit on them for their bed you're going to say now I told you to believe me there's something major is going to happen maybe 15 and then sure enough it happens 1000000000 more report until finally they can tell the people all at once all the same lie at once I just had this feeling that I need to do this that this is going to happen that Jesus is going to come false false coming Could it be whatever it is he can send that message to mass mail it to everybody through his demons and everybody's on the same page is that little jumpstart his deception it's a huge jump start to his deception not to mention people's interest and Pomeranian and this spirit and that spirit how I can get ahead and know the future and know God's will or whatever it is the thing I should do in my life and the devil is the one that is leading this person along and cause him to make mistakes. And he doesn't care who gives you this success or that success or that success along the way as long as ultimately you crash and burn so that's why this is a huge deal huge deal and if you haven't heard it before you probably don't know about this study it out because you need to know you need to know otherwise the Dell is going to deal with you with a currency of fear I don't know about you but I don't like to live in fear God has a much better way. He died on the cross so none of us would have to live forever sorry have to die forever but we could live forever with Him We don't have to be afraid of death because really death is our way out of this planet that really quite honestly is quite terrible oh I just need to do this 1st never know you don't need to anything 1st has a 1000000 times better than anything we have here and Jesus already. Provide that for us the thief on the cross so I better keep going here what about the thief on the cross Luke 2343 and Jesus said to him assuredly I say to you today you'll be with me in paradise Ah there it is he goes straight to heaven today Well 1st of all when you died on the cross it was a form of torture and they were shocked when Jesus died that quickly shocked and it wasn't because of the physical pain that's another sermon for another time but I'm just throwing that out there to tell you we have no proof that this thief didn't live for a couple more days he probably did so he would be in heaven with him today. That's not good enough for me you might say OK. You have Friday Sabbath and Sunday where was Jesus on Friday on the cross where was he on Sabbath in the grave and where was he on Sunday he raised and was resurrected back so was Jesus in heaven today Friday. No where was Jesus John 20 verse 15 Jesus said to her Woman Why are you weeping whom are you seeking she supposed him to be the gardener and said to him sir if you have carried him away tell me where you have laid Him and I will take him away and Jesus said to her Mary and she turned and said to him Rab and I which is to say teacher and Jesus said here do not cling to me for I have not yet ascended to my father so I have a question for you who did Jesus lie to the thief on the cross or to Mary it's a trick question isn't it just as a lie Jesus doesn't lie so how do we fix this so they go to my brother and say to them I am ascended to my father and your father and to my God and your god punctuation comes into play here now the Bible had no punctuation for a long period time that was added later and punctuation can make quite a difference can it how to read a sense a woman without her man is nothing how you like. What if we put some punctuation there a woman without her man is nothing. Makes a difference doesn't it you like does that one better don't you yeah. If we're going to build our whole theology on a comma that wasn't part of the original then we're really based in on something that's kind of baseless and it makes Jesus to be a liar to somebody I don't like that idea at all because like you said Jesus doesn't lie Luke 2343 and Jesus said to him assuredly I say to you today you'll be with me in paradise or it could have been read like or said like this and Jesus said to him assuredly I say to you today you will be with me in paradise. With that bring that fence post it outlined back in line with everything else we studied it would win and now they're all lined up love a straight fence don't. Look so nice 1st Corinthians 15550 deaths where is your sting Oh Hades where is your victory but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ the devil can use these false ideas about death to deceive us and I've already talked enough about that I'm not to take any more time to talk about it but I love this idea that on Resurrection morning Revelation 20 verse 6 blessed and holy is he who has part in the 1st resurrection when talk more about this over such the 2nd death has no power when Jesus comes we're all going to experience seeing him and being with him and going to heaven together and I submit to you that's a far better plan and it wasn't my idea I believe it's grounded and rooted in Scripture and the words of Jesus for settling for 16 for the Lord Himself descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of an archangel and with the trumpet of God and then the dead in Christ will rise 1st then we who are alive remain so because of together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air that's when he gives immortality that's when puts the breath back in. And thus we shall always be with the Lord I hope it is the 1st time you heard this that maybe you like that idea I don't know and if you've been basing all the other for a long time that this could be a major roadblock and I pray that it's not but if it is studied out you owe it to yourself to know and if I'm wrong and you study it out and the Bible says he's done it differently then great for you but what if. These verses actually mean what they say what if this is actually what the Bible does say it says then you owe it to yourself Revelation 25 and they shall reign forever and ever I would submit to you that Jesus has an incredible plan not only to eradicate sin but for us to overcome death and I believe the Bible means exactly what it says we rest we sleep we have no consciousness and when he comes and the angel blasts that trumpet and he calls us forth and together we meet and we see the Lord that's going to be a beautiful day and I look forward to that day do you have any father all we want to do is to trust you and you alone we want to trust in your word we want to trust what you put there for us and you always always always have our best interest at heart even when we don't fully understand even when it doesn't always make the most sense to us no matter what we go through we can trust you and we can trust your word as the only sure thing in this world in which we live and so I pray even on this sensitive subject of death and our loved ones may we trust you and your word that the dead are sleeping. But the you have overcome death that you have the keys of death and that someday you will call them back to life. And want to beautiful reunion that will be we look forward so much to that day keep us close to you until the end we pray ingeniously. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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