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12. Revelations Lake of Fire

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 16, 2016
    2:30 PM
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All right so tonight we're looking at Revelations lake of fire some people have said that this topic. That this topic has driven more people out of the church Christian churches than any other topic now I don't know how to prove whether or not that's true but I think it goes to say that a lot of people have a hard time worshipping a god that says I'm a God of love but if you don't follow me I'll burn you forever and ever and ever and ever and so that's what we want to look at what does the Book of Revelation have to say about this idea of an ever burning hell and we need to be very careful how we look at this topic because there are some words and there are some phrases that if we're not careful can lead us to that interpretation but I hope tonight and we're going to pray the Holy Spirit will lead us in our state and I pray to be very clear that that's really not what the text is saying. And you hopefully won't have to take my word for it fact I hope you don't but I hope you take God's word for it as we see what it has to say in the Bible because that's the only authority for us right. We're not so interested in what man thinks you're not interested in what I think and you're not here because of me you're here because you want to dig into the word and so we have that in common the word is powerful and double edged sword isn't and so we're going to get into the word but before we get into the word we always should pray and I would challenge you to do that every time in your own study whenever you're looking anything say a prayer doesn't have to be long and then be drawn out a simple prayer that just says Lord send your Holy Spirit to make your word plain that I might see what you have for me to understand today. RICE And we really haven't talked about this but we could assume it but I don't want to assume it someone's going to talk about it now wasn't plan a talk about it I hope you're taking some time every day in God's word every day well how much time I would worry about how much time just get into God's word and before you know what you're going to wish you had more time and then you can wish you had more time and then you're going to have find you at some point going to have to set a timer to go off otherwise you're going to miss out on everything else you have on your schedule that day and you have to start getting up earlier so worry about the time OK. Just spend time in God's word each and every day and pray each and every day to doesn't have to be at the end it can be throughout any time you feel impressed pray over Pat went on to say Pray scripture back to God. And put yourself in the scripture Lord I believe help my unbelief and pray about that for a little bit. I can do all things to Christ to give me strength. I David can do all things today on my To Do list that God deems are important enough I can do those things through Christ to give me strength. Or surrender your plans to him for that day and say Lord you know what needs to happen and what things can be bumped and so I pray to help me to prioritize Anyway I think you get the idea but I would encourage you to spend every day and you can even close every day with a little thought there's plenty of books out there that have nice little thoughts we have several back here I mentioned steps to Christ while I need to read every new you don't worry about a chapter just read a page or 2 pages before you put your your eyes to sleep at night and before you have prayer time. That is meaningful and that helps ground us and you would be surprised. I don't know if I dare say this but I've always been a little bit too honest right I don't know if that's a good thing but each of you have a library at home. And you spend time in that library every day. Maybe you keep a basket in that room you know what room I'm talking about. That's the room that you go to every day to do a little paperwork. You'd be surprised at the blessings and I'm not trying to be irreverent but that's just time we're supposed to be soaking in God's word all the time and people say well I don't have any time you do have time. And even when you're doing paperwork there's going to be something to grab it doesn't have to be a magazine or whatever you can grab something and be blessed I hope you forgive me for that if you think that saddle and I'm not trying to be out of line I'm just trying to feed on God's word all the time so you commute a lot and you have a long ways to travel. There are all kinds of ways now that you can get media you can listen to the Bible you can which I found personally to be kind of hard for me not to get distracted but I love to listen to sermons Well where should I go to find sermons where there's a lot of places that you can go you can listen to radio stations sometimes we have sermons on there and other things. 97.3 isn't that what it is. Don't just set one preset set him all. Thing I listen to and listen to the radio but the other thing I like listeners called Audio verse audio verse just spell audio no space verse and I think it's dot org or dot com probably the one will work and it's filled with sermons literally thousands of sermons and I would say thousands of really good sermons and I get blessed and you can either go by topic you can go by presenter you can go buy things that are trending You know sometimes or sermons that are very popular and people are just saying I'm blessed by this and there's a number that says you know so many a day and that really is how many 1000 a day are listening around the world to audio verse and you can get it on your smartphone I have it on my smartphone you can download it if you have to travel out into the deep bush somewhere and you not going to or you can download my home and wife I 1st you can put them on a i Pod and fill up an i Pod There was a time I got that big i Pod with 160 gigs just to fill up with sermons because I it took me so long to figure out how to do all this stuff and I just did it once and for all and I filled it up chock full and I just listened for like a year you'd be surprised how that will feed you when you're when you're taking God's word over and over and over and all the gaps of your day and when you say you have no time you'd be surprised how much and your brain just picks up right where you left off to ever finish a sermon rarely but then I pick it up right where I left off when I exercise the same thing I like to to watch or listen to a sermon or that kind of thing so think about the cracks in your day that you can try and fill it up with something meaningful. What does this have to do with hell Well not much so we're going to have prayer and we're getting kids started. But she just got that for free I'm not going to charge you for that let's pray Dear Heavenly Father we thank you again for this wonderful beautiful day for your Sabbath day and I pray that the people here were able to find rest I pray for the individual that maybe is is trying out this idea of a Sabbath rest maybe for the 1st time more or just kind of in the initial phases here I pray a special blessing on that person and as we delve into tonight's topic what the Bible says about the destruction of the wicked I pray that it will be very clear and that your Holy Spirit will help us to understand what your word has to say to us tonight in your name we pray Amen. All right. Revelations lake of fire this is a picture that somebody grabbed it dates back to February 23991 in fact if you look at the picture closely I think photography is maybe advance a little bit maybe can't tell through the screen. But this is a picture taken in coate and the when Iraq fled it decided to light before he left Saddam Hussein said light one percent why his price said light 100 percent but it ended up about 90 percent of all the oil fields were lit up now that's what you call not nice. And this was a huge ecological issue because these things were just billowing smoke and all kinds of things and ash into the air and it was just ongoing just this constant Burnell 247 is whole I mean the whole country practically seem like it was engulfed in flames I mean look at all this I mean this is a picture from I don't know maybe it's not terribly high but look at these flames here how far back would you have to be and still be able to feel that you know you have a bonfire the size of this table and you can be on the other side of this room and still feel it right. Not to mention the waste and I already mentioned the impact on the. Planet and so it was decided very quickly we got to get these fires out how do you put a fire out of oil that's just burning so incredibly hot. But that's what they had to do that was their task and so they had these long thing that hoses and these guys trying to get up close and the shields in the whole bit and they worked and they worked and they worked and they worked it took months many months to try and get all these fires out but it was very plain very quickly to the entire planet we've got to put it out it can't just keep burning and burning and burning and burning and so tonight we're going to be talking about a fire hell fire does it keep burning and burning and burning forever Here's a picture from up in the sky at that time and all these fires that were going through what is the Book of Revelation have to say about this well it says he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone there you have in Revelation 14 1st 10 and then a verse 11 in the smoke of their torment ascends how long forever never see this is a fire that is going on for ever and ever and ever and ever is that what it says. Looks like I mean it's ascending forever and never does God want some disaster called hell burning forever never that's what we're looking at Revelation 21 verse 2 says in I John saw the holy city New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God prepared as a bride adorned for her husband and I heard a loud voice from heaven same Behold the tabernacle of God is with men and he will dwell with them and they shall be his people God himself will be with them and be their God So of the New Jerusalem is going to descend and we look at this last night it is going to descend on this planet and God going to make all things new how is that co-exist with an ever burning constantly going fire it doesn't co-exist very well does it and we could also ask the question With what part of Revelation is telling us the truth this part of Revelation 21 where we saw just a minute ago in Revelation 14 which passages guideline to us in neither I would say this is a fence post if you are here tonight I talked about fence post there are some verses that seem like it's out of sync it's out of line it's on this other side but as we look at the whole of scripture and compare Scripture with Scripture I think we'll be able to pull those things that seem out of line in line that's what we're going to attempt to do tonight. Revelation 20 verse 9 says they wind up on the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city we looked at this last night as well this is when every knee is already bad every tongue is already confessed but they hate God they want to destroy got so they make one final charge against the city and fire comes down the strange act and consumes them and consume sin consumes the devil some into what about the evil angels them to go on once and for all in these fiery flames. We talk about how the holy city descends the wicked dead a resurrected Satan his followers attack the city and the wicked are devoured by the flames we saw that last night you remember where you shake your head. Now you were here last night if not there's some CD then there's some study guides in the back you can review and said in fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them and so I imagine that the whole planet probably because sin is not an isolated country or an isolated hemisphere or an isolated continent to around the world is not. So you are literally going to have something that appears something like this I suppose fire everywhere. That's going to be hot that's going to consume. All the sin blessed and holy is he was part of the 1st resurrection and the one we decided last night I want to be part of by God's grace over such the 2nd death has no power but they should be priests of God and Christ shall reign with him a 1000 years and that was again last night's topic so now looking at the 2nd death the 1st as is the death that we each die as a natural result of living in a sinful world unless of course we're alive when Jesus comes right but otherwise everyone that has died at this point has died the 1st death but there is a 2nd death the Bible talks about the 2nd death is eternal death and even in my own language I have to describe eternal meaning not eternal that I continue to die forever eternal meaning the effects are eternal that make sense now so the 2nd death has eternal death the result of personal rebellion against God. So Revelation 21 verse one says now I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the 1st heaven in the 1st earth had passed away and go wipe away every tear from their eyes there will be no more death nor sorrow nor crying now if there was a hot spot middle of the earth or of hell continue to burn and burn burn burn burn burn would there be some crime when there be some morning when there be some wailing when there recent heartache I think there certainly would. There should be no more pain for the former things have passed away what does it mean to pass away they're gone they're done they're finished they've been consumed and they're no longer in existence so in that day is going to come if that we're ever going to arrive at that time I mean how many of you parents could enjoy I don't know go say a vacation but how you could enjoy a day knowing that your loved ones were suffering in the midst of that time or your kids are suffering. Where we couldn't find a babysitter so I just locked up the kids in the dog crate figure if we come and let him out every 4 hours everything will be just fine. You're going to have a good no. Maybe the husband could but the wife would never be able to concentrate on anything or I. Never Monday S.S. and the whole rest of that. So that God is eventually going to do away with sin all together God do away with not only sin but suffering pain and hell for ever. You think back of all the horrific things that have happened. On this planet and continue to happen not just in the past in fact anybody who's in law enforcement even in this country will say it is so much worse and Henderson County I heard it just last week it's so much worse in Henderson County than it was just 5 years ago just 10 years ago they say every day it gets worse that's what they're saying some Christian some not Christian They're just saying we're seeing more of everything all the time all the time would you want to torment your worst enemy for trillions of years. I don't know who your worst enemy is but would you really literally want them to burn I mean eternity is in a 100 years and it's not a 1000 years it's not a 1000000 or 1000000000 or trillion I mean it just goes and goes and goes and goes what point would that serve here I I mean let's say I was just the worst sinner I could possibly be for my entire life now if I'm a terrible sinner and I just take it to the nth degree I'm probably not going to live very long but let's suppose the devil blesses me and I live for 100 years what sense would it make to sin royally for 100 years and then be tortured with imaginable pain for trillions and trillions and trillions of years and I can't even imagine how big that number is what does that do to this whole argument the great controversy that God is fair and just and true you know my little kid grabs a cookie I told him not to take a cookie he disobeyed me and so I'm going to spank him now from this moment to eternity how does that make sense and so you have reasoning thinking Christians that they say I can accept this if this is the God The Bible talks about I don't want anything to do with them and I can't fault them for that I really can't because I don't want them to is that God either. So what have we done we just come up with a crafty little way to resolve around something or is this truly what the Bible says well let's see Dr John Stott he's a fairly well known I don't know if you've all heard of him or not but he's a fairly well known scholar he belongs to the Anglican Church and he never he no longer believes in an ever burning Hill from his own study he says I don't believe in ever burning Hill in fact it's rather surprising having gone to seminary and you know you reading commentaries and this commentary in that commentary it can be rather surprising at times when people truly are Bible scholars in the sense that they're wanting to know exactly what the Bible says the context and they're there delving into words and meanings in the original languages and on and on and on they might claim a religion but they believe all kinds of things that that religion doesn't believe and you come across that pretty pretty often you say wait a 2nd I thought this guy was Presbyterian or bets or mensis or whatever it is but they'll say in their commentary something quite contrary to their denomination because they're just going on what the word says John Stott is an example of that especially in this area never bring hell he says the Bible doesn't support it even though he claims a denomination Here's one maybe you've heard of because the media has popular popular made it popular How about that. He has a website I just went here the other day Edward 5 ministries and he has his own book in fact here is his book The fire that does what consumes you know that goes against everything we know about fire to the hotter the fire the more it consumes and probably the faster it consumes. We had an issue in our house just the other day somebody flipped on the fan in the bathroom and I was going to heat the house right or heat the bathroom and all the sun and makes all this noise and and I actually was over in Charlotte on Thursday and Elizabeth is calling me and I'm in this I mean I stand in the mean she says Danny just step out the meaning to take Mike OK so I come out what's going on and she says there's smoke coming out of the bathroom and it's up in the attic and we turn the fan off and now I'm afraid the house is on fire and so I am troubleshooting with her and trying to talk to or and well is this well it's kind of stuff but there was ashes that came down and it was quite the little scare the kids ran outside is just there's a they ran outside and they're crying and Mary and shaking and Matthew's praying Dear Jesus please don't let our house burn down. And I think I still don't know exactly what having There's a box of there with a fan isn't something got in there and was on the coil and something was making a fair bit of smoke what that something is we haven't figured that out yet but we have that fan switch taped off we're not touching that for for now do we get that checked out. But the idea of a smoldering fire is what scared by the time by the time I talked with it there are some in the attic and it smoldering in fact somebody in this church had some issue where it smouldered for quite some time into all a sudden a good bit of the house and then just boom I mean flames have a way of just popping sometimes right it smoldering and it's just kind of red. And it goes but the hotter the fire the faster it's going to consume whatever it is true you know. So for a hellfire and brimstone preacher to be talking about how hot the fire is but it doesn't consume anything. That doesn't make a lot of sense from everything that God shown us about what fire does here doesn't make much sense. Sometimes people say well you don't believe in hell fire no I do believe in hell fire I believe in one it's a lot harder than you do maybe because it actually burns it up and it consumes everything so anyway he wrote a book the fire that consumes and the more he studied this and some of you may have seen this this film I would recommend this film hell Mr fudge it's. It's not your high budget film but I think they've done a good job I really do and it talks about he how he came across all these passages and he went up against the establishment at the school in the university and his professors and all these things with all these questions and he went back and forth on some debates and various things you need to pay attention to this I think. And in fact we're going to have a couple of these for sale in the back so you'll have to fight over and I guess I don't know but. The idea of an ever burning hell for trillions of years is really a pagan doctrine and it's blasphemy to a God of love would you agree with them I would agree with that. Thinking Christians have a hard time with that So questions about hell when does Hell occur we want to look at that is how a hot spot bring the center of the earth right now we're going to look at that number 3 how long does Hell last and number 4 How can a loving God destroy those he loves fair questions. Hell is the final destruction of the wicked that purifies the earth at the in the time when they are totally consumed totally consumed. When God consume sand he consumes those who cling to sin really doesn't want to consume anybody or look at that text before the night's done too he has a wish that he would perish but all would come to repentance so the bigger the fire the quicker the death. That's what makes sense to me Malik I for one says For behold the day is come even this do you notice that good because I underlined it the day is coming burning like an oven and all the proud us all who do we can Lee will be stubble day and the day which he is coming in case you missed it the 1st time or the 2nd time the 3rd time which is coming shall burn them up says the LORD of hosts why haven't your homework done got burned. What does that mean will still burn in my bag right now no it means is gone. It burned up it's consumed I don't know that you know the terminology and we use that all the time that mean burned up as in the smoke went up the thing is gone I don't know but it is gone it burned up I'm glad my house didn't burn up because then I would have a house right so day which is coming shall burn them up says the LORD of hosts that will leave them neither root nor branch can be nothing left and if you have a real fire fire can get hot enough to burn things that aren't supposed to burn right I remember as a kid doing some construction and that was back when they would just burn everything well now there's all kinds of restrictions we're not supposed to burn stuff right and I agree with that but what about this glass how it ask Mr Gray what you want to do with all the glass throw it in the far so west not going to burn he's like we'll get a hot enough it'll burn either you can say that about most things you get hot enough it'll burn and nothing will be left hell is not a hot spot in the center of the earth or in that passage is says it's a time that will come not a time that is presently. So is not a hot spot in the center of the earth it is the final destruction of the wicked at the end of time Valley look at the 1000 year period we talk about how beautiful it was that God doesn't destroy anybody permanently for ever make any final decisions in till it's plain and he answers all the questions right then and only then is wickedness and sin consumed and burned up that's the only time and God said do not pass go do not collect $200.00 as if but only until he answered every question 2nd Peter $37.00 but the heavens and the earth which are now preserved by the same word are reserved for fire until the day of judgment and perdition of on godly men so he's reserving the day for that I submit to you that means is not today that day will come at the end of the 1000 years as we talked a little bit about last night so the destruction in the wake of the wicked will be burned up in the future number one number 2 Malakai for 3 you shall trample the wicked for they shall be ashes under the soles of my way to any shoes under the soles of your feet I'm barefoot they usually trample the wicked for they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day that I do this says the LORD of hosts Now that's a hot fire I don't think God is talking about walking on coals where they call that fire walking I don't think is what this tax is talking about I think this text is talking about a time that the wicked are burned up they're consumed sin is consumed and it's it's gone it ceases to exist and time passes enough to where the ashes cool down and you can walk on them and it doesn't hurt your bare feet. Your bare winter feed anybody here have to feed into the summer growing up as a kid and I could step on nails by in the summer but in the spring I had little pansy feet I don't think it matters if you have pansy feet or tough the you can be a walk on the ashes of the wicked the wicked will be turned to ashes not burned continually for millions and trillions of years. When God really enjoy all eternity when the reading with the redeemed if he was continually conscious of the screams of the wicked in hell when he would you. To be awfully tough be awfully tough some 3720 but the wicked shall perish and the enemies of the Lord like the splendor of the meadows shall vanish into smoke of a shell vanish away still more texts and we can provide more text and we really have time for that talk about a conclusion and if analogy to this idea of wickedness and sin and all that kind of thing so the wicked will be burned in the future then the wig will be consumed and burned up and turned to ashes and so now we have to deal with this question What does the Bible mean when they use the expression everlasting destruction or eternal fire because that's what people really that's where this idea that large I mean pagan ideas too if you will point to these passages and see say See there it is so we need to answer that question he was 912 says not with the blood of goats and calves but with his own blood he entered the most holy place once and for all having obtained eternal read them shin How did Jesus obtain eternal read it read emption Well he is still hanging on the cross today and tomorrow and the next day the next day forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever since that was happening. No he did it once. And the effects of that once. Go for how long. The turtle eternal eternal eternal he was 62 of the doctrine of baptisms of laying on of hands of resurrection of the dead and of eternal judgment eternal judgment that means we judge forever and ever and ever and ever and ever no we judge and the effects of that judgment are eternal we're not going to go back and change things or have 2nd chances you judge and the effects are eternal that make sense so the result of redemption and judgment will be everlasting but notice it's the results that are everlasting that make sense and going. To $17.00 as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them in a similar manner to these having given themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh are set forth as an example suffering the vengeance of eternal fire this is fire burns forever never isn't it I don't think so Sodom and Gomorrah where the text say is an example of what will happen at the end of time so I just have a simple question is Sodom and Gomorrah still burning today and if so where it's not still burning if it was it would be a tourist hot spot. Sorry I didn't mean to do that. I really honestly didn't. But I would be a tourist attraction when they. Come see the ever burning fires of Sodom and Gomorrah they've never gone out ever ever ever ever and they're going to be burning for ever ever ever ever I think you and I would know about it I think we could go home tonight and Google how to get tickets to go see the eternal burning fire of Sodom to morrow. It's actually under water right now from one archaeologist tell us and it's not burning there either so if that's the example of what's going to happen at the end maybe we should take note of the fact that eternal fire does not mean it's burning forever never never but the effects of that fire are eternal you're not going to undo it you're not going to reconstruct your homework from the smoke in the air the effects of your home or getting burned up are eternal you can redo the homework but anyway 2nd Peter 2 sticks and turning the season saw them get more into ashes condemned them to destruction making them an example to those who afterward would live an godly we have it again and example fire came down and saw them more and everything was what consumed burned up turned into ashes so an eternal fire is one whose effects or results are eternal everlasting punishment is one punishment has effects are or results are eternal notice the Bible and this is in the verse but where I think we have a verse maybe I should wait till we see those but everlasting punishment is not everlasting punishing there's a difference if we have the English majors in here everlasting punishment has a conclusion to it if it doesn't that it's going to be everlasting punished in see the difference there's a difference we're talking punishment that's everlasting The effects are everlasting. You can't change it OK so it's punishment everlasting punishment slippy in $318.00 that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ whose end is destruction. The Greek word for destruction is one of the strongest words in the entire Bible it means to be utterly consumed or totally destroyed so even doing a word study on that word destruction is very plain and very clear that this has an end to it OK and all this mythology and all the rest comes from all kinds of pagan things that are not rooted in Scripture God's plan is always included loving imitations to save people and again people say well what kind of a god is that he had hold a gun up to my head and says either love me or I'm going to burn you in hell that's a twisted view of the situation the situation is sin will kill you you have AIDS or you have the bola and you will die I will die and the only hope for us is to go down to Atlanta and look at those people with the yellow suits and us a little bit old and we have something else that Zeek a virus now have mercy. But the point is we have evolution we are destined to die and our only hope is to try and get the treatment that can turn that around and that's happened for some jesus is that treatment and he is calling out to us I don't want you to perish I don't want you to die I want you to get the treatment that you need what kind of an option is that you're for see me no I'm not forcing you I'm just begging you you don't have to go through this all right Matthew 713 for why it is the gate and broad the way that leads to destruction. So the fate of the wicked the wicked will die we know that Romans $623.00 the wicked will perish see that new $133.00 the wicked will be burned up Malakai for one and the wicked will be utterly consumed some 3720 and the wicked will be turned into ashes Malakai 43 the wicked will be though they had not been over die a 16 and Satan will be totally and completely destroyed I'm looking forward to that day I really am. We can either be in this situation or we can accept this imitation Yes the body dies in hell but the soul keeps on suffering right you're just talking about the body. Tricky tricky. Ya'll always come up with good questions. Is equal 820 the soul the body what does it say similar get up in your by. The soul of that sentence it shall live forever. It shall die that goes back to that. Was that Wednesday night we talked about what constitutes a soul right and this is tell you about the soul that Senate shall die this is one of many many verses that we have what about the Bible expression UN Quinn job all firearm. I just have to say it with a southern drawl and then OK if your hand cause you to sin cut it off it's better for you to enter into life maimed rather than having 2 hands to go then to go to hell into the fire that shall never be quenched Oh have mercy where there worm does not die and the fire is not quenched What does that mean the fire is not quenched this sounds terrible friends if your house goes up in smoke. There is a point in that fire that the fire department may show up from 4 different counties but that fire is not going to quench and you know I'm talking amount is too far gone there was that point when it was just small During that you could just snuffed it out or put your hose to it or something but there comes a point like those pictures we saw in the beginning those enormous fires I don't care how many garden hoses you get it's going to be something bigger than and there's a fire that will not be quenched that's all it's talking about this is a fire that will not be put out in till it fully does its work all of it it just will be quenched I say 6624 and they shall go forth and look upon the corpses of the men who have transgressed against me for their worm does not die and their fire is not quenched they shall be an abhorrence to all flesh What is that the worms shall not die this simply saying you know the worm that eats our flesh is going to finish its work to is more of a symbolic way of talking about it but is saying death is going to come and you're not going to stop it you know you will stop it. Jeremiah 1727 then I will kindle a fire in its gates and it shall devour the palaces of Jerusalem and it shall not be quenched there you have it again so an unquenchable fire is one that no human hand can put out can be done in Revelation we have this he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone and the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever and they have no rest day or night her smoke rises up for ever and ever now that doesn't sound like an ever burning hell I don't know what does oh boy I should have thought before I put that text on the screen well for ever in the Bible can be translated until the end of the age now that's a key point. Sometimes a word is translated forever sometimes translated to the end of the age but either way when it says forever it means until the end of the age that makes a big difference let's look at some examples because you may not be believing me but it sometimes refers to a limited time axis 216 then his master shall bring him to the judges and he shall also bring him to the door or to the doorpost and his master shall pierce his ear with an all and he shall serve Him for ever that servant still serving his master from back when this was done thousands of years ago no to the end of the age and the ages expired. Forever in the passage refers to a limited amount of time the life of the Slave kind of understood that makes sense Jonas chapter 2 verse 6. I love that picture these are called Sweet Lips by the way I'm a vegetarian but I hear these are very tasty fish I'm distracted easily Jonah to verse 6 I went down to the moorings of the mountains the earth with its bars close behind me for ever yet you have brought up my life from the pit Oh Lord my God Was he down in the whale for ever you know to the end of that age until the end of that time period Jonah was in the belly of the whale forever or until the end of the age until it was time for him to come out so we had to be careful you know anybody here speaks a 2nd language or 3rd or 4th or 8th language you understand that to be a good translator is challenging if you don't know a 2nd language or haven't studied a 2nd language that concept can be lost but the idea that this one word we're always going to translate with this one word doesn't always work in fact many times it doesn't work. Sometimes this word over here needs 3 words over here or this word in this context is said this way but when you use it over here you have to say it and go around and around around other way so you can't just say this word equals that word and especially when you get into biblical languages you have a word that has all kinds of nuance and meaning and I mean you've heard pastors go on and on about love and how there's different kinds of love and the different words for love but in our English Bibles is just as love. I love my cat and I love my wife. What oh yeah I love playing golf and I love Jesus. When that says our English language is pretty weak now we can we can add words to that right. To help us in our English language but in the Greek language and Hebrew language and other the language is just the word itself denotes a meaning beyond what we have in English so we had to be careful of that when we're looking in our Bibles as well and that's why sometimes we had to go back to the original 1st and 122 I would take him that he may appear this is Hannah there are little son Samuel You might remember to take him to the priest says I Hanna will take him that he may appear before the Lord and remain there for ever he's not still serving there. That makes sense therefore I also have lent him to the Lord as long as he lives it answers it for us how long is forever in this situation as long as he lives he shall be lent to the Lord so in Revelation where it says I'll burn for ever really to the end of the age or as long as somebody lives that makes sense now I will submit the fact that the only verses we had on the destruction of the wicked is the one in Revelation I will fully concede that we would probably have a problem. Now we could get into the millennium which we already talked about we could get into the state of the dead we could get into some other things but we just have that one text and that fans could go in in direction you wanted to argue with me but we have all these other verses and the fence seems to be lining up this way and then we come across that verse that seems a little bit vague I think we've just found a good reason that we can pull that one into line so it makes sense and I think that's important is that the clearest text that we have No but can it also mean what all these other texts mean it can and I think that's important to recognize So what about the parable of the rich man and Lazarus Remember the parable the rich man Lazarus this man dies and the well before this guy dies he was he was begging always to the rich and all the rest and they both die on the rich man does he go to heaven like everybody thought he would know he goes to hell in the poor man does he go to hell like anybody thought he would know he goes to heaven and so everything is kind of backwards and upside down and people point to this parable and they say See Is What Happens When You Die You go to heaven you go to hell. Now keep in mind a parable is intended to teach one main point and if we start picking apart every tiny piece of a parable even this parable we have some problems what are some of those problems well as a literal story if it is literal fully Abraham's bosom must be very large we've had various pictures of heaven and what it looks like we're gonna have to scrap all of that and we're going to have a big hairy chest. I don't like that idea do you that seems odd number 2 can people in heaven really see people in hell and do they talk to each other this is a common story that was often told that Jesus twists around as well but if this is really reality of how it is if it's literal that I'm in heaven and I can have a conversation with somebody in hell Whoa. How Mike enjoy heaven when I can hear let's say my family rejects God and I'm listening to them the whole time I'm in heaven how can I enjoy heaven that doesn't make sense either does it 30 souls have fingers and eyes and tongues I mean all this figurative language no as a string of one of I think it's 5 different parables and the main point is what decisions you make here on this earth determine your destiny it's not what everybody thinks and they thought well if you're rich and you're healthy and you're wealthy then obviously you're going straight to heaven and Jesus says not so that's not a free ticket they thought well that means the Lord's blessing you and blessing your own blessing you know not necessarily right and everything is switched around. Here's the wealth everybody thought if you're wealthy God blessed you and so on the parable is true meaning here it is riches are not necessarily a sign of divine favor there is no 2nd chance after death he said Oh this was let me go back and one of my friends he said no it's not we can't do that doesn't work that way and miracles are not a sign of divine favor he says well maybe if you just you know in fact right not long after this parable he does an incredible miracle with somebody also named Hoess name a name Lazarus and all the sudden he did that incredible miracle in the sight of all these doubters and all the doubters believe it out the Bible says no they continue to doubt no miracle is going to supersede God's word it's not especially in a time when Revelation talks about going to be false miracles and false signs we have to trust God's word and if we're not going to trust God's word with or without Americans we're not going to change our mind that's the point of this parable. If you have questions we can talk more about them and keep going Matthew 1350. Says and cast them in the furnace of fire there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth now the 2213 the king instead of the servants bind them hand and foot take him away and cast them into outer darkness there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth all these talking about Hell Fire OK we'll have to experience the 2nd death and ultimately you know we get so caught up in this idea of fire and pain that's going to go by so quickly in this unquenchable e hot fire really the 2nd death is all about separation from God and Jesus experienced that 2nd death he was separated from God wasn't and we say Oh well God doesn't understand what I'm going through friends you don't understand what Jesus went through for you he went through something that by God's grace we will never have to go through and that's the 2nd death Jesus literally went to hell for you and I he experienced hell and what's at the the heart of hell it's not the pain was it painful Yes Were the nails real yes was the forms really yes all of that was real but at the heart of it was the separation that he felt from his father as he pulled away and allowed Jesus to feel the weight and the guilt of your sin and my sin so that we don't have to experience a 2nd death we don't have to pay for our own sins and he offers us an imitation is equal $823.00 Do I have any pleasure at all that the wicked should die says the Lord God and not that he should turn from his ways and live do you hear the tears in his voice. I don't want this for anyone I don't want this for you. Sin will ultimately destroy you but there is a way that you can have I am the way and the truth and the life and I think even in this idea of hellfire we see that God is fair and he's just and he's true he's given every opportunity for people to choose him to the point where even last night even the week even the devil even his angels every knee will bow every time will confess that God is fair that he's just that he's true that he's he's judged rightly in every single case and then and only then is the strange act where the wicked are completely destroyed as they try to wage war on the city one last time and sin is annihilated once and for all that will be sobering if by God's grace and there's no reason we can't be if by God's grace we're up in the sea that's going to be a sobering thing to take in telling me a hard thing to take in a sad thing to take in but it will be done it will be finished 4 times I think we have in Scripture creation at the end he says it is finished once the next time at the cross he said it is finished when he comes the 2nd coming out of the 7 last playing and we think there's no hope anywhere he says it is finished and after this he says it's finished sin is finished once and for all it's done it's purged it's consumed it's over and on that day true eternity begins with Jesus. Where all of that is done away with everything's been paid in full sin is eradicated the devil is gone. It's like this time of year be in 10 years old and summer break comes no more homework no more stress I'm just going to kick off my shoes and go play in the creek every day. And it's was going to be for I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies as the Lord God therefore turn and live good news let's pray Dear Heavenly Father we are so thankful. That you have paid it all. You take on what each of us here deserves that we may receive what you deserve or that hardly seems fair but that's what you've done for us. Or made that incredible sacrifice not me made for any of us here tonight in vain. In Jesus' name we pray in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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