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15. Revelation Describes the US in Prophecy

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 22, 2016
    7:00 PM
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Do you have any father we thank you again for your goodness to us for your grace for your mercy for your love for your forgiveness and now we just ask that you will again make your word plain through the power of your Holy Spirit Mer minds be able to focus may it be clear and may our hearts be receptive and your name we pray Amen. I just had to throw this one in for fun somebody sent me this just a couple weeks ago and the quality of the picture is not the best but I'll read it to you it's one of these things you might find a church a small bulletin board says even 7 in the parish hall Monday Alcoholics Anonymous Tuesday abuse spouses Wednesday eating disorders Thursday say no to drugs Friday teen suicide watch Saturday soup kitchen it says Sunday sermon 9 am America's joyous future. That was initially and whether or not that stays or not I don't know but I thought it was interesting I thought I'd do it and throw it in there since we're talking about the United States. Now in prophecy and this probably goes without saying but I'll say it anyway the Bible doesn't tell us about things that are going to happen just that we know that something's going to happen right it has to do with. The great controversy has to do with his people the church and really ultimately it's to prepare his people for what's coming for what's impending And so we're not going to find who's going to win the World Series we're not going to find some of the things but if we're if a country's going to be mentioned it's going to be because there's something and some way it involves God's people anyone Sam to know does that make sense the Bible reveal spiritual things not secular things so it's not going to tell us some of those other things that we might be curious about so when a nation arranging Kingdom plays a significant part in the fulfillment of God's purposes that imply or is described by the Bible prophets. And so we're going to look here I believe the United States is mention we're going to go back in history a little bit. It was July 21776 and they were gathered where were they gathering may remember. Philadelphia and they were one delegate short they voted and it was a tie at one point and they were up in the mill and night and trying to get this figured out and one and a vigil couldn't come because of weather the rain in the creek had risen he thought I'm not going to bother but then he got word and he says OK I need to be there this is obviously very important they're divided on this issue and so he really made a huge attempt to be there the vote for independence was deadlocked. Tie vote what we're going to do and you might be thinking I thought it was July for well they made some revisions and they finally finalized but they actually signed July to you knew that any of these course didn't OK so this individual quickly rushed over there and others were peeking through in fact the story is told that one older man sent his grandson to go peek through the keyhole their independence hall to find out will they or will they not sign a document and what did they do they signed it what would have happened if the vote was no that's not where they have signed it later. Would we be. Well I guess would be independent perhaps is the possibility but the word came out yes they signed it ring grandpa a ring for liberty and the Liberty Bell and so on and so forth the United States Constitution guarantees both civil and religious freedoms to all of its citizens so the very foundational. Time in the history of this country what city was it. Philadelphia just took that away we might come back to that. Will these historic freedoms ever be challenge to oh man that's a little bit of a trick question isn't. Maybe it should read are these historic freedoms being challenge today. Mercy Mercy Mercy. Does the Bible mention United States in prophecy and that's another question we're asking So when to be strange for God to raise up a nation committed to the ideal for democracy and not to mention that at all and Bible prophecy I mean think about that United States is very unique and others have kind of followed suit with that but they were very unique we were very unique when we were raised up in terms of separation of church and state and so it only makes sense that if that is part of where God wants people to be to have religious freedom and all those types of things that the Bible would mention it so. We're going to go to revelation here in a minute but just a little review we have Babylon is brought into view and Bible prophecy because it attacked and overthrew God's people therefore we have that beast in prophecy me to Persia would overthrow Babylon and let God's people go free so that's something that we find in prophecy Greece. United the Empire under one common language and that's significant what language is the New Testament written in entirely in Greek so that is a big part of I think why Greece is mentioned in Rome Jesus was born in the days of Rome and we've been talking a fair bit about that and then church state union under the Roman Church in the early centuries compromise truth persecuted God's people and we talked about that as well so all of these had a piece to play a part to play and therefore there mentioned in prophesy. So now we're going to go to Revelation where in chapter 13 we look at the 1st part of Revelation 13 on Wednesday if I get my nights right tonight on Wednesday we looked at that this is Friday I'm just reviewing for myself here then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth we talk about the 1st beast we talk about how it was the papacy How would things to change times and laws and all these various things and then I saw another beast in verse 11 coming up out of the earth and he had 2 horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon so we have here a nother beast and of course here is our verse we've been using that beast oftentimes signify a kingdom and Daniel in the Book of Daniel tell tell us about that we looked at various beast various kingdoms and how they represent nations Revelation 1715 we looked at this before then he said to me the waters which you saw are people's multitude nations and tongues so this is again review but does this power come out of many waters no this power said it came up out of where the earth so you might think it's a stretch but really if we have many waters as people and if we have earth or dry ground it's kind of an opposite isn't it you have one of merging out of a very populated area and you have another emerging out of a not so populated area and really if you think about America in prophecy when people arrived in America there was a lot of earth and not a lot of people. I mean there was vast countryside and there were times in this nation where what was it the Oklahoma land rush or something like that where they pretty much lined everybody up they said go and the most or any land that you could could. You put little flags in the ground or something it was yours you had to pay anything I would love for something like that in western North Carolina. Maybe because I don't own a bunch of land those of you to do you would like to come in and say you know I want them on. But there was a lot of earth so let's look at some questions about the Beast Where does this power arise. Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth. For this new beast comes out of the earth or a sparsely populated area is anybody ever been to Tetons I think I want my house right there that's why I put my flags. So we have a new nation that's another thing that's unique about this is not overcoming it's not trying to conquer or it's not being conquered or anything else but it's rising up out of the earth so we have a new nation when his power arise well that's another good question we are in Revelation 13 remember we started in Chapter not chapter but verse 11 this is the verse right before he who leads into captivity shall go into captivity what was that referring to member on Wednesday night we talked about the papacy and how it has supreme power for 1260 days you member that and then birth the heir Napoleons general came swooping in and he went into captivity and died in captivity and that was a deadly one all those kinds of things anybody remember the date that that happened. 1798 I'm impressed good job so if that is what's happening here in verse 10 it would only make sense if this beast is emerging in verse 11. They were talking about more or less the same period of time or timeframe on following that right when that makes sense. And so we talked about them as I do this this is then she I didn't mention this on Wednesday night but. The Papacy as the anti-Christ and we've visited that already but think about Jesus' ministry here on this earth was how long 3 and a half years if you take 1260 days it's the same as $42.00 months or the same as 3 and a half years virtually all the same as the year this Anti-Christ has full reign in full power for 3 and a half prophetic years or you know you put out all the days and all of that so I think that's kind of interesting and then it has a deadly wound Jesus crucified and then that movie. More Tolly mortal wound what is it something like that. Heals right and so he kind of I don't want to say fake the resurrection but he has his own resurrection so he had an a Christ kind of paralleling everything that Jesus was doing but if I confuse you with that don't worry about it. But that's just for free so here's Bertie air taking the pope into captivity. And so if that's in 1798 this new power in verse 11 it's going to be about that time let's look at U.S. history a little bit 1776 declaration of independence we're familiar with that date 787 constitution is voted 791 the Bill of Rights 798 United States at that point is clearly recognized as a world power so these aren't you know we're not looking at exact dates of a time in good 798 America is in fact on the scene isn't it so those 2 I think match quite well. Thirdly how does this power arise then I saw another beast. Coming up out of the earth and he had 2 horns like a lamb 2 horns like a lamb really there's no crowns mention on the horns of the 2nd beast. What would crown signify. First beast had crowns and I stood on the sand the sea and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea having 7 heads and 10 horns and on his horns 10 crowns so crowns indicate kingly authority Obama doesn't walk around with a crown does he is he a king. No one a political season and everybody that runs for president always talks like they're going to be the next king of the United States of America I'm going to do this and do that I'm not going to do this I'm not going to do that I'm gonna change is going to change at do they have all timid authority they don't do they have influence Yes Are they part of you know but there's all 3 of these branches that have to work together and there's veto power and all kinds of things that go into this but we don't have a King so in that sense we're quite different so the absence of crowns indicates freedom horns are a symbol of power to indicate that this beast derives its power from political one horn and religious freedom. So little review lamblike beast arising around 1798 we've established that arise in a relatively unpopulated area we've established asked no crowns on its horns we've looked at that. New world compared to the old world GA towns in 635 he says this The mystery of her coming forth from vacancy like a silent seed we grew into an empire the something about death you know it's not worry about them they're so far away we don't have to worry about them it's pretty incredible when you think about what's happened on this soil quite incredible. I don't think anybody for saw this happening. But it's happened hasn't emerging amid the signs of the earth adding daily to its power and strength this is from Daniel revelation the RIAA Smith. He wrote those words so number 4 it would be a young nation number 5 it would rise to a position of worldwide power and influence as that's the case I think it is. And so was the only nation that fits this description. Tanzania Australia. The United States she says that was a dinner food like it's no big deal because it's not. Right is plain right all right I have my witness right here she's eaten her potato skins I hope. United States of America. I don't know if anybody been to the top here are they still doing that no just started again I haven't done that yet keep agent land your story palm cries she was silent lips give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free the wretched refuse of your teeming shore send those the homeless the tempest tossed to me I lift my lamp beside the golden door I'm not so sure those are the words of Donald Trump on last year if he said that. But that's what we hear. You liberty. Continuing on in Revelation 13 I'm just going to back up and reveal a little bit then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth and he had 2 horns. Well the 2 horns again political and religious like a lamb seems harmless all cute little lamb Baba but spoke like a dragon watch out. And how does any nation speak well to its laws to its legislature all kinds of things this is a new picture bigotry disguised as religious liberty it's still bigotry like that word don't say. Bigotry bigotry bigotry your word on and talk about I'm not going to talk about bathrooms I promise I'm done talking in film. Oh I'm not. Sorry this is happening this week though April 19th federal appeals court sided with transgender teens as bathroom case can go forward I'm so sorry. A federal appeals court in Richmond has ruled that transgender high school student who was born as a female can sue his school board on discrimination grounds because it banned him from the boy's bathroom bigotry now I would think a lot of these things we could figure out other ways if I'm a homosexual and I need a cake baked for my wedding and somebody has religious convictions opposed to that I would think I could go to the next cake baker and I would think there'd be cake bakers that might even put a rainbow in their window and get more business because of my convictions I would think there's other ways around that as opposed to laws legislating you have to bake a cake you have to take their picture and you have to you see I'm saying I would think something like this there's a way without legislation as well OK we're going to have a neutral bathroom a family bathroom when we have those rights but no we're going to sue because they're dim discriminating. Mind. Does the book of Revelation describe the events that will lead up to this erosion of religious liberty this union of church and state where we would ask the question if it didn't with me and he exercises now this is a sobering verse right here Buckley fasten your seat belts and he this beast exercise all the authority of the 1st beast in his presence and established with a knight who is the 1st beast not by one or 2 or 3 we had a host of reasons why it represented the Catholic Church the papacy and so this newbie's going to excise all the authority of the 1st beast and we talk about persecution being one of those Dinwiddie of the saints for a period of time in his presence and cause the Earth and those who dwell in it to worship the 1st beast 3 angels message all about worship right whose Deadly Wound was healed as a deadly wound healed his revelation been talking about how it's going to be worship and worship and worship then I tell you if you weren't such quite so sure about the Sabbath and thought we were crazy to put on the same shelf and Wednesday night and said last night was a night we pulled off the shelf because here we have this idea of worship becoming a huge deal at in time our time our country. And so we better take that thing called the South who better pull it off the shelf we better look at it real close because this idea of worship is huge and who we're going to worship. Whose Deadly Wound was healed church and state union people say that's never going to happen this whole country was founded on the separation of church and state that's never going to come together and view and saying that for a long time and. I don't know of any time in our history that it seemed more inevitable than now. I'm not wishing for it I'm not wanting it to happen. I'm not trying to be the voice of doom and gloom but I am trying to interpret Bible prophecy correctly and if I read this correctly it's saying it's going to happen it's going to do the same thing and point to the to the 1st piece and all those types of things you look at some of the symbolism that you have there in Rome and in the United States I will isc and then before that we have the pictures of our Capitol building and the Vatican looks awfully similar and we based it all on that No but it's interesting to me this was a huge thing that happened just last year Pope visits America I mean we rolled out the red carpet on precedent where the pope go 1st he went to the White House to meet the president as he important Yep so we're going to pay tribute to the president and they went there and they greeted him at the airport and they smiled and laughed here they are from the White House standing next to each other here Obama is looking and listening and maybe even clapping here. Waving there from the balcony. President really then he went to the U.S. Capitol joint session of Congress have you ever been invited to a joint session of Congress. Would you believe me if I told you that I was going to address the joint session. Later this that you would believe me I would neither. It's a big deal this is a big deal we haven't seen this before here's a different angle are there a few important people in the room. You know the. House the Senate and then down here you probably can't see it but here we have the chief justices even right here right there on the front row interesting even made Boehner cry. Reiss. And if you watching those interviews he said and the pope is you know he's doing some amazing things he's very busy he's very active he's the people's pope we talked about that last night and he told John Boehner he said Pray for me as we said and he talked about that in an interview and he broke down again he says of all people the pope asked me to pray for him. Precedences is kind of a big deal by the way. As a parent or in a business or whatever it is yet to be careful setting precedents right. You know if we serve meals at one of these means we have to every time right amen OK Don't don't don't don't we listen over there again we'll give him a break 1st. After that he went to United Nations in New York to a General Assembly anybody here been invited to speak there no so he got on a plane and he went there this is again interesting to me a few important people there just a few. And he's addressing everyone. Then he went to Philadelphia What's the significance of Philadelphia are one of the things anyway. Yeah that's where everything happened in this country that's where we declared independence birthplace the United States and so he jetted over there look at all these people that show up wow I think if I went to Philadelphia I don't think all those people would show up that's a lot of people and here he is in front of Independence Hall or they even call Independence Mall that whole area and he's addressing everybody and all that kind of thing big huge fanfare even even shirts I think this is supposed to mean love I love Pope Francis anybody have on the shirts. Don't know show the pope some love. Revelation 1311 any act of the authority of the 1st beast in his presence and cause the Earth and those who dwell in it to worship the 1st B.C. is Deadly Wound was healed now we're not quite there yet man all we lay and some ground work. Were laid laying some significant ground work and in fact last I checked there's only a quarter of the population that's Roman Catholic and United States a quarter but that's I don't know a lot a lot of people are much more open to the pope and have all kinds of respect for him because of the things that he's doing. Forms great signs that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men as some people tell us atomic bomb or something else no I don't think it is mean to use the Bible to interpret itself really fire the 1st mention the rule of 1st mentioned yeah that cross as Adam and Eve are left or asked to leave or is not a cross it's a fiery sword isn't it so you have a fiery sword is banning them from the Garden of Eden there you have the 1st mention of fire you have fire in the Old Testament sanctuary before that you have fire the burning bush where Moses take off your shoes on holy ground so all of these things are the presence of God. And then in the sanctuary this is the Ark of the Covenant here you have the cherubim and right here is the shit kind of glory. How do you describe it I don't know what it's like fire right and so we're talking about the presence of God I think and he sees those who draw on the earth by those signs that he was granted to do in the sight of the beast and so he's convincing everybody that he is God that this is the real deal that God is the one that's saying all these things so let's imagine this scenario here we have social problems we have drugs we have sexual morality we have economic uncertainty we have rising crime natural disasters so all of that is heading south we have an individual a key player in the world not just this country heading north at some point this is going to the bottom going to fall out and we're going to be looking for anybody somebody to give us some direction and if the bottom falls out on the world scene we saw not that long ago how when when America falls the others are far behind we're a very interconnected economy now and so when the bottom falls out here really bottom falls out everywhere who are people going to look for for answers at that point in time what world leader when he speaks and people are listening he's building their confidence in him and what he stands for and all these things point everybody together. I tell you I think it's certainly setting up quite nicely to do exactly which shouldn't be surprising to us should it does God know is he guessing at the future I don't think he is so telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived to make an image to that 1st beast who was wounded by the sword had that deadly wound but lived here with me and we're going to make an image to that beast and we talked last night about this image. There mark of authority we talked about the Seal of God and the mark of the beast right and so an image I think we have a slide about this what is the image to the beast an image is a likeness you can even say this right here is an image of if this is a real animal up here this would be an image right and so we have something very similar reflection if you will so church and state will unite to enforce religious practices and if the pope's going to be the head honcho the main speaker for all of this which I think he very well could be I think I could even say will be and if he's going to point to a sign or a mark or an image what will it be to try and pull everybody together could it be Sunday its work before it's brought people together before a common day of worship and when all hell breaks loose I can hear people saying we need to get back to God. We have made some decisions in this country we're going in a direction this country there's so much lawlessness in this country everything is out of control I think the things that have happened our judgment of God and what if you have the endorsement the pope saying these are judgment of God We need to get back to God we come back to a common day of worship. Could it happen. I think it certainly could in the Bible I think makes a very strong case for that to the Bible give any indication of end time events in light of this union so events around is the new revelation verse or Chapter 18 feeling her sense have reached to heaven it says in 805. And so you have faults revivals and all kinds of various things happening she has lived luxury Asli. I think you can certainly say that about our country if you don't believe me just travel the world you'll come back feeling rich. Doesn't matter what you make you come back feeling rich Number 3 she experiences natural disasters we see that happening certainly God judgments begin to fall in the land and we also have in Revelation 18 her riches come to nothing so we have spiritual decline natural disasters disasters social chaos economic difficulties lead up to this church and state union and I believe it's going to be from the bottom up not from the top down and there's a scripture for that I'm not sure if we're going to cover it tonight or not I think we're going to see maybe I'll try and hold off but we've already seen that with a lot of things the Supreme Court has done give us what we want and because of the demand of the people all of a sudden this thing that's a no no no no oh yes what's changed the man of the people the thinking of the people the way the media is impacting you know there's all kinds of things but it's really the popular demand so saying take advantage of this situation by introducing a false spiritual revival false spiritual revival it looks genuine sounds genuine they're worshipping God they're not worshipping the devil they're worshipping God but it's a false revival it's not based on God's word fully so he performs great signs back in Revelation 13 talking about America again great signs that he even makes fire come down from heaven this is this false revival if you will the presence of God who cares about this tiny little abcess church over here that says they have a truth we have the power we have our parking lots filled people are kind Groves everybody loves what we're doing we're having healing services and and performing miracles and and our services are so charismatic an incredible amazing and I love how. You get the picture. Who cares about his little church over here we have fire coming down from how we have the presence of God in our midst and it's going to sound good it's going to look good and it's going to be now and I still know it's really hard to go against the flow it's hard to go against the masses even makes fire come down from heaven and earth and sight of man this proof of we have God and he deceives those who dwell on the earth that he's deceiving this isn't true fire this isn't the true presence of God It is the fault fire the false friends of God He deceived those who dwell in the earth by those signs which he was granted to do and the sight of the beast and so we have faults religious revival Revelation Chapter 16 verse 14 for they are spirits of demons performing signs or Marable's which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of the Great Day of God Almighty and 2 verses later says to the battle of Armageddon So here you have his faults or via we have faults Americal as you have all of your senses being tantalized if you will what you see what you hear what you feel all of this is just being so hyped up this has to be God I believe God wants to remove feelings from us I used to think that if I was close to God I felt close to God Now God does give us feelings and when we 1st come to him oftentimes it's accompanied with feelings and that's not bad but this idea if I don't feel close then I'm not close that can get us in trouble that really can there was so much of the time especially those closing hours of Jesus' life he didn't feel close. But by faith he continued trust in His father he felt so distant and disconnected as you experience in that 2nd death but by faith he hung on and it wasn't because of his feelings his feelings were saying my God my God why have you forsaken me and some of you here may be going through situations in life we're saying the same thing my God why you for saying where are you I don't feel like you're close to me at all. And that's when it gets challenging and we have to say we have to read those passages and we have to trust we have to believe we have to stand on those promises and say God I know I don't feel it but this is what your word says I'm going to claim it by your grace I'm going to claim that power and I'm going to pray this passage back to you. I will never leave you nor forsake you it feel I feel for saken but I know your words as you never will receive them say and so in preparation for this deception we have to allow God to wean us from our feelings. And build our faith and that can be a very very very challenging thing but at the end of the day maybe the day isn't the right thing at the end when Jesus comes us put it that way I would rather have God allow my faith to be built through tests and trials so I overcome when he comes as opposed to me getting weeded out then because I had this wishy washy feeling feel good faith are you with me. So there's all kinds of questions I know people have in this room why did God allow this why God allow that why God allowed to have our last child be born with this crazy disease he could die at any time in our future is uncertain I don't know but I know it's really my faith. And I know God is bringing me closer draw me closer to him and have me trust him more and more and more through this experience and he's building that faith I think for a time such as this. Because when you have been tested that's what the military does they know that why you think they have boot camp they put you to the limit on accident no they like practically kill you if you want to be a Navy SEAL you have to like literally drown and they have to bring you back to life and all this crazy stuff if you want to be a cop you have to be tasered a little ahead a friend had to do that for 30 seconds and the whole idea of boot camp is what doesn't kill you makes you what srong are. So if you have a trial in your life praise God Praise God I'm not saying God sent you to trial. But I think he allows trials to come and if we allow that will bring us closer to him you with me not by feeling but by faith that was not in my notes OK. How can you tell the difference when the true and false are vital because you're going to be a true revival if there's going to be a true revival it would only make sense of the devil would do his before after before you're going to fool people you can do it after the fact you got to before the fact. Not everyone who says to me Lord Lord shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven what name are they calling on the Lord not because they are not anybody's The same thing no Lord Lord they're calling now in the name of the Lord but they will not all enter the kingdom of heaven but who does the will of My Father in heaven that talking about faithfulness to his word that talking about obedience that about trusting him with everything that I have. Love always leads to obedience many will say to me in that day Lord Lord Have I not prophesied in your name I want you really think about this verse Lord Lord Have I not prophesied in your name cast out demons in your name and done many wonders in your name. Not any crazy name Lorna in your name Haven't I done all those things and what does he say and then I'll declare to them I never knew you I never knew you Depart from Me I never knew you how do you never know them. Apparently just because you're doing something in the name of the Lord doesn't necessarily mean the Lord's in it just because you're doing some in them Lord. I never knew you Depart from Me you who practice law less mass if you love me how come you didn't obey mercy the evidence is not what they claim to do in his name the evidence is in obedience life that's the evidence that's the evidence and obedient life God made choose to leave me down here Mr ing to these people over here or he may choose to raise a person up to minister to thousands but ultimately it's up to God My job is faithfulness to God Period and the fruit is his his deal as well not mine or yours or anybody else's Our job is to surrender I want you go preach a 1001 of those reasons albums. Are you surrendered than you going to go. Well your job is to stay here and minister to your neighbor only go preach a 1000 No you surrender increase your neighbor as a 20 to the law and the testimony if they do not speak this isn't in accordance to how noting true and false revivals is a very key text to the law and to the testimony if they do not speak according to this word right here the Bible is because there is how much light in them no light this is the litmus test if they're not speaking according to truth in this word throw it out and so saying you can't trust people that are not faithful to God's word on faithful most of. We need to be faithful to all things doesn't mean we're perfect or any of those kinds of things it simply means we're trying to do our best to live up to the light as been given to us right here and when God reveals something to us whether it be corporately or whether it be individually in my own morning devotions God reveals really that that's the case Lord forgive me I have to surrender that's the whole idea is this attitude of surrender surrender surrender surrender and it is not a court of this law the testimony there's no light in them the Bible says to the Law the 10 Commandments the testimony of scripture if they're not teaching in harmony with God's law is because there is no light if the devil want to unite people religiously what vehicle might he use and we already touched on this in the early church he used the day of the Sun and Sunday worship and I worked for him quite well we look at this quote already to conciliate the pagans to nominal christianity Rome pursuing his usual policy took measures to get the Christian and pagan festivals amalgamated come together and to get paganism and Christianity not far sunk and idolatry in this as in so many other things to shake hands We've done it before you had our test run it worked out quite nicely for us we'll make a few course corrections or going to do it again and so this wall of separation between church and state I believe bricks are starting to come off of this wall and I believe they're going to continue come off of this wall because I say so you know God's word says so I believe. This is the former chief justice here William run Rehnquist he passed away I think in law 2005 or something. Former chief justice as the wall of separation between church and state is a metaphor based on bad history former chief justice. Highest Court of the land church and state separation bad history and trysting. St Louis Dispatch October back in 1901 as a 2nd century the Bill of Rights draws to a close the prison court is redefining what religious liberty will mean in the 3rd century. Brolly the court's new approach helps conventional religions while hurting unconventional ones interesting this is who we have on the Supreme Court now except he passed away just recently. Scalia thank you and John Roberts here you know you're pointed to this position for life he's not very old. What is e late fifty's maybe maybe almost 60 The other thing I find interesting is that of all the people we have here 6 of the 9 Supreme Court justices and I'm talking before he passed away were Catholic 6 of the 9 were Catholic when only a 4th of the population in this country is Catholic so now you don't have 6 and 9 you just have 5 of a majority and the other others are Jews how many Protestants and we have one Supreme Court. None force of the country yet they have the majority of our Supreme Court deciding the laws of the land for you and for me I find that little bit disturbing. Justice William O. Douglas former justice it seems to be playing that by these laws the states compel you talking about blue laws actually Sunday blue laws that are still on the books by these blue laws we could say the states compel one under the sanction of law to refrain from work or recreation on Sunday because the majority view on that day the state law makes Sunday a symbol of respect or adherents so you can go back and say hey we've done this we just haven't really enforce it why don't we enforce it well let's enforce it. Oh my church and state. This piece power back to Revelation 13 telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived we're talking about a Sunday law and I think it will come in waves 1st it will be strongly encouraged even now it's being encouraged a little bit. And we'll look at that a minute and then it will be come along come and be part of this movement that we're doing and eventually I think will be why aren't you falling in line why can't you join us why can't you just gather together on Sunday open your 1000000000 let's pray I thought you were Christian and I'll go further and further until eventually you are a bunch of bigots you're the one these judgments continue to fall we're going to talk about some less Clegg's right up in this room tomorrow morning the judgment continue to fall and it's your fault you're not falling in line and you have legislation and 1st are taking away rights and various things until eventually it's death penalty you might think I'm crazy you might walk out of here and never come back but just keep watching the news and don't wait until it's too late because as these things happen everything in your senses will say I want to go with the crowd but we'll talk a little bit more tomorrow how the crowd doesn't end up on top if they don't God winning again. And his chosen people that are faithful and obedient to His word come out on top as well he is granted power to give breath to the image of the beast at the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast Sunday worship to be what I didn't say that the Bible said. That a metaphor for something gets called not breathing. Right. Pat Robertson this is a little bit old I suppose but it's still inching to me he ran for president one point the New World Order still a relatively popular book The next obligation that a citizen of God's world order owes to himself Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy is a commandment for personal benefit of each citizen Sorry to sound very similar to what the pope is saying now higher civilizations rise and people can rest and draw inspiration from God's laws in America that mandate a day of rest sounds very much like what we were just looking on the bio have been NOLA fied as a violation of the separation of church and state as an outright insult to God and His plan insult to God and His plan why don't you come alongside only these policies that can be shown to have a clearly secular purpose are recognized so he's beating this drum from Hong Kong. Have all this Associated Press Pope says no work Sundays are good not just for faithful This is July 5 2014. And then you have this encyclical and the date on this is June 18th 2015 so not even a year ago in sickle the planet is at a breaking point says Pope Francis one of the major solutions everybodys take a day off get back to God get back to family as the pope said it recently do nothing with your kids or something like that. He just he just kind of thrown it out there let it marinate a little bit and then all these disasters and everything member I said all hell breaks loose are going to be looking and he's already going to have laid quite the groundwork and he's already been doing that I believe this last visit innocent says Sunday like the Jewish Sabbath is meant to be a day which heals our relationships with God with ourselves with others and with the world and so the pope encouraged the people to bring healthy pressure what was the word healthy pressure to bear on those who wield political economic and social power do you think that had something to do with him coming United States are you going to apply a little bit of healthy pressure while they give him a standing ovation and you have all these prostin leaders you have Rick Warren you have Jolo Steen you have with this guy here Kenneth Copeland That's right and this guy actually passed away in a motorcycle accident helmet his name Tony Palmer he was big on trying to pull everybody gets you have all these Protestants and he's making all these inroads all these prostin groups and Tony Palmer's big drum that he was be is that was that the Reformation is over we don't have anything to object to more let's just all come together. Even Obama says this I welcome his holiness Pope Francis in cyclical and deeply admire the pope's decision to make the case clearly powerfully and with the full moral authority of his position for action on global climate change people are feeding him as the moral authority of the world and saying we welcome his ideas this heading here Pope Francis says obstinate Christians are rebels and idolaters. If you don't fall in line. And this is from the Vatican Radio this is their thing not our thing this is their thing obstinate Christians are rebels if you don't fall in line your rebel maybe later will call you a bigot for right now you're just a rebel. And this was just 2 weeks ago they do the date backwards that actually the April 7. 2016 Catholics and that is walking together in service to the world who knows the next An Amish are going to walk together walk together walk together until I was walking together they're all in the same page does the Bible knows God nobody's talking about. How long are we going to sit on the fence and say not going to have been some possible not going to happen the land of the Free and Home of the Braves Let's go to Atlanta watch a game it's going to happen in fact I think it is happening friends right before our eyes but we're just kind of a slave to it that Chronicle 714 if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face what we have to do we have to call on his name we have to humble ourselves we have to pray we have to seek his face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and I'll forgive their sin and heal their land that's what God's call is to do. He's looking I believe for men and women boys and girls young and old who are faithful to him not because it's popular not because it's a fad not because of anything other than they want to glorify God more than anything else in their life that's what they want. They want to follow the scriptures totally and fully and completely and so that means he's been time and his word they spend time in prayer they spend time studying these things asking the questions is this true. Praying Lord if this is true give me a conviction not a flighty impulse I need a conviction impulses here today gone tomorrow a conviction grows Lord of this if you speak to me I need you to grow that conviction more and more and more and more cause me to go deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper intil I'm just fully completely sold out to you Revelation 1412 here is the patience of the saints here those who keep the commandments of God and the face of Jesus that's a Revelation describes God's in time groups of people keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus it's a lot of people that claim the faith of Jesus but they're not inch and keep the commandments of God God says if you love me keep my commandments I want to go real quickly here for with a few slides about baptism we haven't talked about that yet but I believe baptism is a symbol of our commitment and our loyalty and our allegiance to Jesus Christ baptism we have this verse Matthew 281020 there's a whole bunch of verses I just picked out a few of my favorites says Go therefore and make disciples of all nations doing what baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have come man did you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the Age So the last words on Jesus lips before he goes to heaven that's what he tells us says all of that or he has given me under heaven earth how much authority is that by the way a lot of authority and he says go and make disciples God says go that's a command right. I believe we're really making a huge mistake when God tells do something we don't make disciples be baptized do everything I've asked you to do so baptism is mentioned more than 80 times the New Testament and when we're baptized we declare our allegiance we take a public stand we show whose side we're on that's why it's a public service because you're making a commitment before a group of people and saying please keep me accountable will keep you accountable will be part of the family of faith and we don't just baptize in a D.S. we baptize into a church and we had time we could study that if you have a question I'll be happy to stay that with you but you don't adopt a child just into the country you adopt a child into your family and so when God when you you say I want to pledge myself you've got I want to be part of your family says OK I'm going to pull this church around you and they will be there to lift you up at times and you'll be there lift them up a time to keep each other accountable keep all of us on the straight and narrow because we all need to be part of a family not be orphans out there right. Feet in $451.00 Lord one face one baptism Well how is Jesus baptized as probably the only example we really need it came to pass in those days that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan he wasn't sprinkled that in doing with roses or anything else it was by immersion fact the Greek word baptism is baptism to dip under you need to have a fair bit of water depend or doesn't have to be huge but it has to be enough now John also saw baptism was so I also was baptizing and on near Salim because there was much water there and they came and were baptized this was the mean of Bible baptism I love this verse Romans 63 and 4 do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death. This idea that I'm crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live Jesus Christ now lives in me the finishes verse were baptized into His death therefore we were buried with him through baptism into deaths were buried under the watery grave we say tonight is a baptism and then it says that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father even so we also should walk in newness of life we come out of the water we take out 1st breath. And it symbolizes that Lord I'm on your side that means I'm perfect I'm never going to mess up never have No it doesn't it's very similar to a marriage you might get married somebody here might be getting married this summer I'm counseling some couples that are one couple in with him in the summer it doesn't mean they're never going to mess up again it doesn't mean they're not going to have to ask for forgiveness but it means they're committed to each other and part of that commitment is if you love me keep my commandments right be obedient to the wedding vows to this covenant that we've made before God and before our families that's what baptism is. So bad doesn't mean you're perfect it means you're committed whoever it believes in is baptize will be saved I would if I have this nagging sin in my life that I have to get rid of it well I would say this I don't believe we should go into the baptismal tank trying to defend in any sin not defending it. Now might be that you said Lord I want to give you this thing you know about this thing I don't want to do it anymore take it away from me OK So how long do you have to go without doing that thing before you can do that touched I'm not so much concerned with how much time I'm more concerned with your level of commitment and surrender the inverse of that is if I go in there defending it that's not that big a deal why you harp on me calm down leave me alone see the difference I'm not surrendered if I'm surrendered to God. I say take me to the water to be baptized take the water I want to commit my life to you I want to be in a covenant relationship with you if that makes sense and now what are you waiting for get up be baptized and wash your sins away calling on his name ACTs 2216 as I believe God is calling to us and I'm going to ask Judy Bailey to come forward she's going to play the harp and I know this is maybe a scary thing but you know if she is going to hang up on that cross naked for you and I and bare your sin and my sin all of our Stan I think that we owe it to him to stand before men don't you to make a stand and so maybe there's somebody here that says I'd like to be baptized I've learned some new things and you're still going to keep learning new things that promise but you've learned enough new things you say I need to commit my life to God and to recommit my life to God to baptism that doesn't mean we're going to baptize you tomorrow doesn't mean we're going to baptize you next week we want to make sure all your questions are answered we don't want you to become part of the 7th day I missed your journals and you say you do what you believe in what you know we want to make sure you know what you're getting into so we'll sit down we'll talk together will answer your question we might even study some of the things we haven't had a chance to go over. But if you feel convicted by the Holy Spirit to come forward you're saying I want to continue on this path with Jesus Christ. I want to be surrendered to him. I want to put my will on the side of Jesus Christ. If that is anyone here in this room I just want to fight you to come forward and join me right up here you don't have to stand here the whole time you can just slip right here in one of these chairs I have special prayer with you. And maybe you've been baptized before but you walked away. You basically divorced God for whatever reason and you say I need to be remarried to God. I want to be baptized as well would be appropriate for you to come. So I'm just going to buy you to listen as Judy plays the harp spend some time in prayer and just simply ask and surrender say God what you want me to do. Is this call for me and if it is I would invite you to slip forward and just come into one of these chairs here. And. Read. I just want to make another call now the plea. I would submit to you there's no better time than right now. I'll do it tomorrow. May not have tomorrow. I may not have tomorrow. Well I don't want to go up and set one of those chairs or one will think all kinds of things about me. I'll be happy for you. They'll be thrilled for you. Because you'll be making the best decision you've ever made. And spiritual decisions can be hard decisions to make believe me. But if you surrender if the Holy Spirit is playing with your heart and you surrender. You'll sleep better tonight than you've ever slept before. I want to give you one more opportunity come forward. We're. Way. Too man noticed already there's also a card on your table. You might say pass or this is too much for me. You just don't have know how much I'm afraid to come forward OK. I need to speak up you have a hard time hear me. Is simply a decision card. And is just a place there to put your name and there are several boxes for boxes you can check I believe Jesus is calling me to a deeper commitment to Him in His word if you believe that to be true. Check that box. Second one I would be interested in learning more through a bible study or the pastor's class on Saturday morning. If that's the case for you check that box if you want to do Bible studies and the pastors class you can check both those boxes to. Say you know I like what I'm hearing by I need more information I'm fine with that I want you to have more information. The 3rd box is I'd like to talk more about baptism. And I went through that a little bit quickly just not sure about it. Check that box but the last box is perhaps for somebody who maybe is a little shy and they feel like they should have come up and you still can but if that's too much you can check that last box I've decided to follow Jesus and commit fully to him through baptism and join the church. Again this wouldn't happen tomorrow or next week we're going to get together we're going to continue to talk about this but this is your way of saying I want to commit fully 100 percent I'm in. And so I would invite everybody at your table there's a box there for everybody to check I hope. If there's not just put your name on and turn upside down that's fine too. But I gave you just a moment to fill this card a. Were were. Were. When you're done you can just fold that up. And you can leave it there on the table you're welcome to give it to me if you like but you're fine just leave it right there on the table fold it up and we'll get of those up when we're done. But let's just pray is that OK. Here Heavenly Father we've had another very heavy topic tonight. And for those that have heard this for the 1st time lord it can make quite startling. Hard to wrap our minds around is this true is this possible is this really what your word has to say. Lord if this is truth I pray that you will continue to reveal it to us. That this conviction will only continue to grow more and more and more because we want to be settled and grounded in the truth we want to follow the lamb wherever he goes we want to be faithful to you and we want to honor you and obey you because we love you. And so Lord I just pray for each person here I believe our time is short at any time a natural disaster or an earthquake and any number of things could send our economy plummeting could cause us to be upside down very quickly as a nation and even around the world and these things could happen in a matter of weeks. But I don't feel like we have time to lose and even if that's not the scenario even if it's another 51020 years down the line. It could be all over for us. In just any minute that's right. So low we want to see our commit with you tonight. And Lord I just want to raise my hand and say Lord I'm committed to you and maybe there's others here that say Lord I just want to commit myself to you as not about what I bring but that I'm clinging to you and I'm asking for your robe of righteousness to cover me and to empower me to live for you and to honor you to follow you to obey you. So no matter what comes my faith in you and your power sustain me. Will get me through to the very. Best we won as we pray tonight in Jesus name in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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