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18. Revelations Spiritual Revolution for a New Millennium

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 23, 2016
    12:00 PM
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Well the 9th or last night and so after tonight you can get caught up on all those things that you've been putting off and been building up and pay your bills and whatever else it might be but we're going to look at Revelation Spiritual Revolution for a new millennium kind of a summary of what we've been talking about the before we jump in let's ask the Lord to be with us as an Orion Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for this journey that we've been on as we have learned. So much all of us here have learned something new I know I have learned new things as I've gone back through and study these precious truth yet again we just thank you for them. How it truly does you want to give us life and give it to us more abundantly and while some of these truths are hard to accept in the take in when we just follow you in faith and follow the way that your Holy Spirit convicts us I do believe that life will be given to us more abundantly not just in the New Earth but here and now as we follow your directions for us and so I pray that you will be here again tonight that your Holy Spirit will be in trickle in all that is done and said this evening in your name we pray Amen. All right well the year was $193.00. Well that's a long time ago now and then and he believe that anyway I don't I won't die by that the year 10093 it was in the Philippines and they have this festival called the crucifix at the river and the crucifix at the river you may have seen it on the news way back then maybe not maybe it didn't make the news I don't know but there were 3 barges and there were crosses on these barges and people were coming out doing their very best to get as close as they could to this cross and to hang on to the barge because of all the significance that they felt was wrapped up in these barges and these crosses and this religious fanfare and as more and more people climbed onto this barge 300 people people not peeper but people climbed onto the barge in search of touching this cross because they thought of all this power that would be theirs and healing and all arrest and as it mounted more and more and more eventually the barge tipped over and capsized not just one but $23.00 all 3 turned over and 300 people drowned Now why would I tell you such a terrible story. Well I believe today we have people grasping after things and putting every effort to get a hold of or to to be in the presence of or to just simply Tadhg or whatever it is and they're going to great lengths and spending huge amounts of money and time and energy and effort into things that will not cannot help you or save you and if we're not careful we can even go through the motions of church and religiosity and Miss Christ and he may not be the center of what we're doing and that's a problem as well. We can follow all these rules we can never eat cheese again but if I don't know Jesus I've missed it haven't I. I believe there is a hunger for genuine Christianity you almost don't even hear that word much anymore genuine I imagine young people today might ask what does it mean to be genuine and what is it to be genuine to be real That's right yes the word that the young people know oh real Yeah I know that right on right on the real genuine Christianity I think there's a hunger for it today there's a hunger to know and discover truth it's amazing how many times in fact something was just telling me today they were talking about the Sabbath with their coworker they started a new job and one of the 1st days on the job they said you mind if I ask you questions about your religion they said sure and this guy was Baptist and he says yourself yeah what are some of the differences between he says all right there's a lot that we have in common but one of the differences is that we believe in the Bible so out of the 10 Commandments that wasn't changed he says he I believe that too I mean there's people I believe that are hungering and to know and discover the truth I think there's people that know there is truth but because of tradition because they've always done it this way and because the majority and so on and so forth but I think people more and more Their eyes are being open to the truth they want the truth and in this world that we live in truth seems to evade us everybody has an agenda everybody has a slant everybody has their own way and trying to course is to do their thing or this thing of the other thing but we're longing for truth for some is genuine Some of this real. Materialism has been satisfied Oh if I can just get that new pair of shoes if I can just get that new Those new wheels that new ride if I can just get that house with the view that we've been dreaming about if I can just get this just get that I don't know if you've noticed but whenever you think if I just get fill in the blank and then you get it and it yeah it might be nice for a time but does it last. Jonas being doesn't last at all there's a period time where you say I thought I'd be happy if I just got this of I just attain that if I just got this job or whatever else but when you get there you arrive and it's not what you thought it would be materialism hasn't satisfied. Pleasure has not satisfied Well if I can just get ahold more of these drugs or if I can do this or if I can do that if I go I go to these parties and I'm going to go to the bar you know the whole idea of a bar is really sad to me we're looking for a good time we really don't know how to find it we have to intoxicate ourselves in order in hopes that we'll have a good time and then who knows who I might go home with and this and that and it just snowballs. I've told you before maybe I shouldn't say this I used to listen to country I don't really listen to that much anymore there's a song said the party bone you know the lonely bones connected to the party bone how does it go do you remember how it starts. OK now it's the drinking bone connected to the party bone the party bone connected to the stain out all night long and she won't think it's funny and I'll wind up all alone and the lonely bones connected to the drinking bone. A little bit of theology in a country song I guess. You go full circle that you catch it. And we have these people and are then always pleasure seeking all the rest and it just goes full circle over and over and over and over and so then they marry somebody else and they go through the cycle again and again and again tell you what we did singles country songs backwards and we get everything back. Technology has not satisfied you know for the longest time they were saying I mean even when technology we think now of you know i Phones and i Pads and laptop computers and all these apps and all the rest now used to be technology was you don't go to the river to do your laundry more they're going to save you so much time and I don't hear what I'm not saying I love the washing machine I love the dryer I love the dishwasher they're for the writer I love all those things but they've always said we're going to save you so much time so now you can go out and spend a day instead of doing your laundry all day long you can play with the kids you can read them stories you can go up on the parkway you can do all these things the weekly workweek is going to be shortened Has anybody seen that in your profession so they introduce more technology that makes you able to get more work done in a shorter period of time do they let you off any sooner I haven't seen that and so you have people that are just thinking about all the good old days you know and we used to walk to church yeah that could be inconvenient the weather wasn't good but there were some nice things about just the conversation right the time out in nature seeing the flowers on the way all these things and now we just been boom boom boom boom technology I don't believe it satisfied like they said that it would. I believe the only thing that satisfies is God's word because it testifies about who God is. And really is God that satisfies he's the only one that can truly bring me happiness and contentment and peace and satisfaction all of these things that I promise you if you could bottle it up and sell it you couldn't keep it on the shelves if you could bottle a piece of mine and put it on the shelf I mean genuine peace of mind you couldn't keep it on the shelf today could you am I making this up I don't think that I am but God says I will give you all these things just come unto me and I will give you rest for your souls. So there's an inner compulsion for something solid something that won't sink when we cling to it. So that God called the people on earth today his church and that's what we've been looking at. You know appealed to men and women to enter into the ark of safety to me all the way back then God had a group of people even though most of their thoughts were continually evil all the time he had a small group of people that were willing to follow him and to do the unthinkable in fact I love this story because he says it's going to God's is going to rain and people say it's never rain before your mind it was just a heavy dew before that a mist is going to rank water's going to fall from the sky this guy's a lunatic 120 years out there building this ark preaching the same message how many converts none this is he and family go into the Ark I magine people made money off of them no stuff right up we're going to take you on a tour past you know where no is billionaires are given billions for the last 100 years as a huge boat built out in the middle of nowhere and he claims and you know the and here's his old fuddy duddy with a long beard that everybody thinks has gone crazy I don't know. Maybe I'm being too imaginative but he chose to be faithful to God in the days of no the majority rejected God's call is it true but it is faithful people entered the ark as it was in the days of Noah so will it be this coming the Son of Man. Here we have Abraham out of the popular majority he was called we read here in Genesis 26 verse 2 then the Lord appeared to him and said Do not go down to Egypt live in the land which I shall tell you I don't like messages like that from God so much I like it when he tells me right now but here is a message which has just go and all you know it will be on a need to know basis I prefer when God says OK here's the plan you're going to go here you're going to camp there you're going to settle here for 2 years I'm going to bring you here and here and here in this is going to work out that's going to work out is going to come together and was you know OK I can do that you know I just want to leave everything that you know I want to set out for land that I will show you later that that takes faith it did and he left the crowds of people to write the multitudes of people and was faithful to God because Abraham obey my voice and kept my charge my commandments my statues and my laws noticed some of these characteristics of God's people Abraham obeyed my voice my charge my commandments my statutes and my laws here we have God calling Moses in Deuteronomy chapter 11 verse one and says therefore you shall love the Lord your God and keep his there it is against charge his statutes his judgments His commandments how long. Always so here we have another faithful group of people who are willing to follow God instead of go with the corral and I would submit to you God is always had a chosen people which really means a of the people that have chosen him right it's never been a closed group invitation only it's been wide open to anyone who will follow and obey but everybody sneers and makes jokes and says. There's not going to be a flood it's not going to rain we like it here and Saddam were comfortable and on and on but I believe God always had a chosen people here we have here. Where 3000 were added to the church in the book of Acts in a single day that's remarkable to me 3000 now I've had the privilege to go over to Kenya and be part of a series like this in fact there were multiple sites I don't know if there were like 60 sites I think in Nairobi and now is the 1st campaign I ever ever preached and we start out with this Jesus video in Swahili and that would bring the people out of the slums and the ghettos and. Then we turn is Jesus video off and that was in Swahili and they started throwing rocks at the stage just their way of saying you know they kind of. They wanted us to turn off the video they want to keep watching it and of course that is why listen to me one of the video. But at the end of that all these 60 sites came together for the last Sabbath and there was this big baptism I'd never been part of anything like that before I'd see you know 2 or 3 maybe even 5 on a Sabbath the baptize a this is wonderful and it is wonderful. But never in my life had I seen the number of people that were baptized on that one single Sabbath we all gathered around there was bleachers there were several lympics sized pools for people who had umbrellas to keep the sun off of them and and we sat there for one hour 2 hours 3 hours 5 hours watching people be baptized and be baptized and be baptized from all these various sites and it was incredible to me to just take that and. So anyway I believe we're going to see this type of thing again in fact we are seeing this again by think it's going to be much bigger and much greater not because of us but because of what the Holy Spirit wants to do and people hunger for truth right. So God has a chosen people 1st Peter 29 says but you are chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation his own special people that you may proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light I think that verse applies to all of us doesn't God has called all of us out of darkness he's called all of us from our past whatever it is whatever mistakes importances we've made he calls out of that darkness into his marvelous light and he says I want to call you one of my own I choose you and I Jews you and you I want you to be part of my royal priesthood my my own my children my family that's pretty awesome so throughout the centuries God has had men and women who have been faithful to him I don't believe it was ever God's intent to have so many churches that believe so many different things. What makes me think that well as an internal Prince Will you not go to church will talk about it 1st you don't go to church to find the truth you go to the Bible to find the truth right if it's in the Bible I believe it is not in the Bible I'm not interested and so when you find the truth in God's word then you pray Lord lead me to the church that is following the Bible right that's what you do that's the order of how goes so when you take a step to follow through the become part of God's commandment keeping people you do not deny any truth that you believe in the past and sometimes people come to me like this and they've been a Baptist or Methodist or a Catholic or whatever it is their whole life and their their grandmother and their great grandmother or maybe they had some pastors down the line in their family heritage as well and they think if I come into this I'm going to be denying that whole past history friends I would say that God has used that past history to bring you where you are today and I believe God never is going to whisper in your ear I'm done with you there's no more I can do with you you've reached the end of the line no and just like your great grandpa may have been a Baptist minister because you want to follow God's call for his life I believe if he heard this truth he might say you know what that's truth I'm going to follow that so we're not denying our past experience but we're thanking God for our past experiences led us to this point does that make sense absolutely our eyes while we appreciate our past we commit ourselves to all the truth God has for us today and that can be doctoral that can be joining other church but that also needs to be every day opening my Bible and being reminded of things or being or learning things for the 1st time that never seen before and I say Wow I think that applies to me that's a new truth for me today. You know you think well I've read through the Bible I've read through the Gospels I've read through you know flippin 0 feedings or whatever yeah you may have read through Philippians before you were married but it's maybe a little different after you were married or maybe you read it before you had kids a little different after you have kids or maybe you read the Gospels you know before you had teenagers maybe it means something different after you have here you know my point the life experience that we have changes and so when we come to Scripture oftentimes as the things I read so many times before I miss it I miss it and I miss it but I'm just at a certain place in my life and I see something and I say wow. I believe God Taylor puts together something special and unique for us each and every day to discover and to find that empowers us for that day to live through and overcome the challenges for that day I really do and that doesn't mean that you won't have it you might have a day that you say I don't know I don't see any big you know the warning fireworks today well that's OK you still surrender yourself to God and His word right and sometimes as I do that day after day after day I'm continuing on a story and as I continue on that story then there's the aha moment that I say Wow And that may not be till Thursday or next week or in a month or whatever but God has things for us he's waiting for us there's that special appointment time I think each and every day that he wants to meet with us and share things with us all right so when you find a truth you look for a church that teaches the truth a man. First Timothy 315 I write so that you may know how you want to conduct yourself in the house of God which is the Church of the living God the pillar and ground of the truth and untruth. In this book The End of religious controversy page $95.00 it says there is but one inquiry to be made namely which is the true church by solving this one question you will at once all every question of religious controversy that's ever been or that ever can be as dated it's a pretty big question right and really we have to go back to this idea was to church well what is the Bible say and where is the church's teaching what the Bible says right. John 1721 Jesus prays here he says that they all may be one as you Father are in me and I in you it's interesting one of these prayers when I was really Jesus last really engaging in prayer that we have where he has poured his heart out to God and he could have prayed for all kinds of things but he says Lord I pray that they may be one as you and I are 11 in what one and what they wear one and what they look like they buy you supposed to conform and be like this space age everybody wears silver suits one and what I think one of the truth truth really connects you to people more than anything else if you believe the same truth as somebody else you're connected and that's a beautiful thing that I like about Santa Ana church I can travel anywhere around the world and on Saturday morning I can go into a 70 M. church and meet people over the very 1st time and I feel a kinship I feel connected why because we are one not in clothing not in skin color but in truth in truth and it's a beautiful thing sanctify them by your truth your word is truth. And so God's word is extremely important and such an incredible gift and how many how many bibles do we have at home and how many of them don't get use and you don't have to use them all but we have no excuse there are places around the world that would literally do anything for a Bible in their language that they could study and read and understand and here we have I probably have 2030 miles at home right I better be reading those I better be remember. John 832 and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free Have you ever known people that are down and worried and stressed all because of a lot they don't know the truth I mean when you go to the doctor you want to know be informed on the procedure what to expect oftentimes the truth will set you at ease. I know with. Child delivery and all those things we went through all kinds of things my wife of course I just skip to the class I was so excited to go the reality is you drag me to the class but it was helpful you know why because I knew the truth about how she did our deliveries naturally and so I got to know the truth about how this delivery process would go and let me tell you was very helpful very helpful there was somebody else in the delivery room with us I won't tell you who it was it was her mother and she didn't go to the class. She didn't go through the class and you would think having 3 girls of her own she would have remembered everything was she forgot and there were certain things along the way certain way Waymark I won't tell you what the way marks are but there are certain things happening and it got me really excited why because I knew we were getting close and the truth set me free I could have been in panic mode her mom at one point in time was in panic mode and I said no no no this is one of the signs that we're really close. One of the signs by the way is when they start saying you did this to me now she didn't say that I see didn't say that. But they call that transition and see how educated I sound they call that transition and so when the woman goes through transition and she starts getting a little bit you know ornery you know things are going to be very soon this is exciting. Now I'm not trying I really honestly don't mean to be irreverent but the truth here will set you free he if you know the truth it will set you free but if you live in ignorance the devil can put his thumb on you and he can make you be scared and and carrier and run and hide and all these things when if you just knew the truth. Right if you just the truth of the matter. And the truth will set you free John 17 Again Jesus prayer that they all may be one as you Father are in me and I in you that they also may be one in us that the world may believe that you sent me was the strongest testimony to the world that God has sent us the fact that we're one I hope you haven't been part of a church where there are not one there every But every man woman and child for themselves and their poll and people down and they're judging over here and that doesn't belong and you get out of here they're your kind of belong in this church and all the rest does that give it what kind of testimony is that to the world but Jesus says the greatest testimony is that you will be one. One in the truth right now or on. If we approach God's word only designed to prove our position we will not discover his will our own thoughts will influence what we read in His Word so I don't go to the Bible trying to prove myself I get an argument somebody tells me something as it S. not true I'm going to find I'm not set I'm right as I go to the word I'm looking for things now all the sudden I'm putting my presuppositions into the passage right I'm trying to make the passage say what I want to say so I can put it in somebody's space that's not the right attitude approach God's word at all I want to be on my knees and say Lord revealed to me your truth as I study your word as I prayerfully consider what you have to say reveal your truth to me and that's how God reveals I mean God says Absolutely I'd love to do that that's a prayer and I believe God always answered he loves to do that X. 20 verse 30 also from among yourselves men will rise up speaking perverse things to draw away the disciples after themselves and so we don't get caught up in them in the Book of Revelation we've talked about this poor woman and what does she represent. God's true church that's right his bride and sent Corinthians 112 it says for I am jealous for you with godly jealousy for I have been TROs you to one husband that you may present that I may present you as a chaste version to Christ pure. Reserved. Saved herself right he wants God's church to be pure doctrinally pure and what makes the church pure What makes doctrine pure Has the truth it follows what God says and his word follows what God says in His Word. Revelation 20 sorry 12th verse 9 we also have this this woman here so the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who deceives the whole world we're going to be here in Revelation 12 for just a minute and we're going to see various episodes where the devil tried to overcome the devil tried to overcome the devil tried to overcome but I have news for you he doesn't overcome he doesn't you know how the story ends to don't you so the great dragon was cast out that old servant of all called The Devil and Satan who deceived the whole world he was cast of the earth and his angels were cast out with him and we know the news for convince a 3rd of the angels and God labor long Lucifer but he couldn't change his mind the time came that he need to go and so they were cast out of heaven so we can say Episode one Satan rebels against God in heaven Christ wins Satan loses. Continuing on Revelation Chapter 12 and the dragon stood before the woman God's Church pier church who is ready to give birth to devour her child as soon as it was born devil said That's all right I'll get you on this next one when Jesus comes along and so everything I have in Him I've had thousands of years to plan for this we had so many means about this we know how we're going to get him I'm going to throw everything we have at him and it's going to work did it work she bore a male child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child was caught up to God and His throne in the midst of all of these temptations and all of these things that the devil tried to throw at him over and over and over and over Jesus' days so well connected to his heavenly father that he was overcome even once is now incredible. And he stand an example for you and I by the way the key is in that connection to our Heavenly Father. And he died on the cross and I magine the devil thought we got him we got him we got him if we can just keep him in the tomb because they do. You know he says into hands I commit my spirit and he dies and it says in Revelation 12 verse 5 and her child was caught up to God and His throne he resurrected he went back up to heaven episode to Satan tries to destroy Christ to stamp them out as a work of Christ wins Satan loses episode 2 saying turn his wrath on the woman the Christian church he says alright if I can't get Christ I get his followers and I'm gonna try and mess them all up in terrible ways and so he imprisoned all the disciples and various things in fact all but one of the disciples died a martyr's death Some said I don't want to die like my Lord did crucify me upside down it was out that Peter. Died almost all but one died a martyr's death. And that's probably because of Judas I don't know church and state united in the days of Constantine great numbers were driven from the habitations with their wives and Joe this is in the history of the post volume 2 stripped and naked many of them inhumanely mass occurred I only want to mention that Revelation 126 then the woman the church God's True Church fled into the wilderness where she had a place prepared by God God again protected his chosen people and his message we call the dark ages the large popular church reigns Christ's Church is not now visible so to speak during that period of time says that they should feed her their 1000 $260.00 days and we looked at that prophecy the day equals a year of Bible prophecy we. Came up with the starting date is ending date is not just by chance we're not just pulling numbers out of the air and everything works out exactly precisely right on time and so even during the Dark Ages the posts or the Pope oftentimes had more power than the many of the Kings in Europe. They had so much power. The church was in the wilderness. Wondering I mean 1260 days that's a long time or years I should say prophetic that's a long time are we ever going to be able to be delivered from this tyranny the reformers were persecuted for their face but in episode 3 Satan tried to destroy Christ's church he tried to bury the truth so it will never see the light of day Bibles are burned and all the rest but Christ wins and Satan loses he always had his faithful people that were guarding the truth that were memorizing his words passing out his word then in 798 the pope was taken prisoner by Napoleon's general birth year we've looked at that and so the wilderness period ends. The pope goes into captivity and dies in 7908 and so all the way through from Noah's time to Moses time to Abraham's time to the time of the church during Christ time and the reformers God always I believe had a chosen group of people that were faithful to his word. And so the Book of Revelation describes it in a fine character characteristics of God's last day people and we've talked about this many times in the Dragon was in raised with the woman back here in Revelation 12 and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring OK who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus those 2 characteristics keep the commandments of God 9 good enough right. All 10 years such a legal is to crowd all tense keep the commandments of God That's right and have the testimony of Jesus one of the 10 Commandments we've looked at these before but they also have no other gods before me number one number 2 now shall not make any graven images they also not taken a Lord thy God in vain is number 3 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days while the labor do all the work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord God It goes on to tell us in command is not to work right fearful number 5 honor thy father and I mother sometimes we think about this is like our little kids need to honor the parents today when it gets really challenging sometimes is when it's big kids honoring their very elderly parents that can be challenging but I still think we need to remember this idea of Honor your father and your mother your parents that mean you're always going to agree no Does that mean on every be difficult you know that or mean they won't have an X. and on your couch Nope but you honor them because they're your parents God commands to do this that I shall not kill that I shall not commit adultery Thou shall not steal shall sell not bear false witness against I neighbor and lastly Thou shalt not covet we tell these to our kids in our south school classes up here we call these the happiness rules is the happiness rule you break these you can be as happy. I believe God is going to have a group of people that choose to follow his law he was 1016 says I will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds I will write them he wants it to be here and here not just head knowledge but we want to do it we want to do with hard right. And we don't have to constantly point out and say Is this according to the 10 Commandments or not no they're here and they're here and we don't have to think about them hopefully over time right how he woke up this morning he said OK I'm not going to kill him but not today not today going to be a good day you can do that. It's written on your mind and on your heart right maybe that doesn't go for all of them but anyway so keep the commandments of God in the 2nd one that describes God then time people have the testimony of Jesus and if you are here this morning we looked at 2 verses hero lation 1217 have a testimony of Jesus Christ we are looked at that just a moment ago and Revelation 110 says the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy I believe this very prophet such a precious gift such a precious gift and if you didn't get a great controversy before you left this morning you want to hear his morning we have one for you for free if you want to take 2 if you want 10 take 10 you just have to promise someone's going to read them OK but take one with you read through that to the incredible book 1st Corinthians one verse 7 so that you come sure in no gift eagerly waiting for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ even Jesus said Go therefore make disciples of all nations there's going to another characteristic commandments of God testimony of Jesus Spirit of Prophecy but it's going to be a global a worldwide movement isn't it and it's not going to be a small isolated thing it's going to be around the world on the same day on a church is going around the world and fact you may not know this but in North America most protestant churches are dying. They're going down and membership now I wish I could say that the North American division is soaring with church membership while we're not soaring we're not dine in fact we are going up and other denominations are looking at that and when passes get together I've had pastor come to. What are you guys doing how come you guys are going we're not growing I think it has to do with the fact that we have a message that's relevant for our time and when we preach it faithfully people grab hold of that because it answers all kinds of questions that they've had and have never been answered before that's what I believe I don't believe has anything to do with architecture and they have any do it with the pastors or or how we do things or how we set things up I think it has everything everything everything to do with the message that's what I believe and that's why we're growing can we be growing better and be doing better we could and I believe eventually God going to pour out His Spirit and we're going to see a ladder a new pour out across this nation we haven't seen before I'm praying for them but I just thank the Lord even now that we're going so how do I get so distracted Matthew 2819 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the age to send them to church is big in mission our church loves to take mission trips but we also recognize it is mission work to do right here right now and oftentimes we go over there to learn from them and bring that back here because oftentimes all these other countries Africa and these other places are growing by leaps and bounds down in Brazil and message this is going like gangbusters and so we go there and we see what they're doing we say Wow how come I'm not more on fire and we hopefully the idea is we bring it back here. Because North America we're so complacent right you know. So we do North America but other places are just growing by leaps and bounds. But God is looking for people that are willing to commit everything and be sold out for Jesus Christ and so let's review very quickly this 3 angels message at the heart of the apex of Revelation so then I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel you should have this memorized by now to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people as everybody and saying fear on a respect God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come how do we give glory to God well to glorify God means to honor him and how we live both in our diet and our lifestyle everything we do is to glorify God in fact these 2 verses in Christians 1st Corinthians $1031.00 and says whether you eat or drink or whatever you do do all for the glory of God its body temple right God made me he knows what I need to put in how all of function best how all feel best right it's amazing for a little thing that we think taste so wonderful will give up feeling good for the day for the week for the month maybe forever just for a little taste here what does that tell us by the way if we're willing to give up something that's far better for us and our health and just feeling better not feeling tired not having back pain at all these other things but we give it up for just a little sensation What does that tell us about the end times scenario that we've been studying It's pretty heavy when the whole world is pressing down on us and that's why you look at the 7 last place and how those will be pressing down and we have to remain faithful to God by God's strength and his only but we have to be faithful to God say Lord not none of this makes sense this is difficult it's hard it's challenging but I choose to trust you and follow you. How are we going to stand then if even in the little things right now I'm not telling you what those little things are the Holy Spirit will do that I'm not the Holy Spirit who need to take this very seriously there's another verse 1st Corinthians 619 and 20 you were bought with a price therefore glorify God with your body really if this is a body temple it is God's temple I want to I want to really be so careful of what I put into my body how I treat my body but society today is saying it's your By Do whatever you want you can have many partners you want you can eat whatever you want you can smoke whatever you want you can inject whatever you want do what you want live and let live that's the devil's motto right follow your heart you only don't live live want to live live and taste. As the Devil's a mulatto you know we need to glorify God in our bodies and our lifestyle in all that we do so we can have clear minds how can I study my Bible when I'm so drunk and I'm hung in this toilet it doesn't work I just run up all over my Bible. OK So an image of our story in an age of irresponsibility God is calling for moral responsibility and you don't hear that talk much anymore either you don't hear about their god final message to mankind eclairs the hour of his judgment as come this is not his business as usual I believe he is about to come and so we continue on and worship Him who made the heaven the earth the sea in spring the water direct quotation taken right out of the 4th Commandment worship the creator and not only the the creator but remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy right. So here we have the Creator I mean this is going to be incredible By the way we just recently got parakeets a little bit of grew up with birds I never did and so I was Mr Grant biomes I want perky It's all Iraq well. Episode one. Elizabeth wins David loses so we got parakeets and. We got very gaves and we had this one parakeet that was so cool and it would sit right on our our finger and we could just study I mean those birds are beautiful I mean you lose you study them up close some have little spots here and some of those those fellows when you get them in the sun in the window or something I mean they're just iridescent It's incredible and they perch on your finger and they're little tiny tiny little feet I mean it is. But they're warm and it's like wow their feet are so warm and then they kind of have that little you know I don't know but you just get to study and and so now I've always loved birds I've always been somewhat of a bird watcher I suppose and I'm looking at all the birds in nature and I'm thinking how cool would that be to just have all these birds come and perch and just study them would never need you think you would need us why put up a bird feeder but as lame compared to this isn't it that's going to be so cool and Jesus is going to show us all these things oh look at this thing this was I was so excited about making this this has special features and we're going to be able to inspect it not have to watch some guy with an axe and tell us about it we're going to be hands on. The Sabbath is part of God's last day messages so we have that inserted and the 3 angels message relation 14 AM another angel fall is the 2nd Angel's mess is saying Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and we've studied into this a little bit one represents false doctrine and babble and symbolize the system of religious confusion and he says Babylon is fallen this fallen and then the 3rd Well before we get to the 3rd angel of Revelation 804 and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people got has people in all various walks and various faiths and he says come out be faithful to my word be part of my chosen people because you follow my word completely and fully lest you share her stance unless you receive her plagues God as not only calls us to come out of something but he also calls us into something that's the good news isn't to say come out and sit on the curb he says no come out of her and come into my beautiful truth come into my truth come into my my last day a group of people does me make us perfect but I believe our message is incredible I believe I'm as incredible he's calling people to this message where truth has been restored and so we look back again at these 3 Angels' messages and the 1st angel message is a call accept Jesus totally completely fully as your Savior and as your Lord the 2nd angel's message is a call out of the religious confusion of so many churches and the 3rd angels message is the most urgent appeal in the viable I would say and we're going to read it in a 3rd angel followed them saying with a loud voice if anyone worships the beast and his image and receive his mark on his forehead or on his hand. He himself shall also drink the wine of the wrath of God we look at this one when we talk about the plagues the wrath of God talks about Revelation 15 is simply the pill eggs all these things that said if you just receive the mark on your forehead or on your wrist either whether you know it and are convinced of it or whether you just go along with it or you're forced and coursed by it either way if you allow them if you if you buy into this idea of we'll protect you we'll give you physical security we'll give you financial security they'll be perks of the all these other things all true life all these things are found in us if you take our mark and the plagues are the undoing of all of that only all of our physical security is in crisis all of our economic security is in Christ my life is hitting Christ all true light is in Christ all of the plagues are showing up only in Christ can you supply all the things and he says come out of her so you don't have to receive that Raffles Place Ryan because only in Christ we final things don't be intoxicated the 3rd angels message regarding the mark of the beast called all men and women to stand by their commitment to follow Christ so God's True Church will have these characteristics it will recapture the pure faith of the disciples were capture the pure faces cycles it will have the dual characteristics of keeping God's Commandments and guided by the gift of prophecy and if this isn't us then go look someplace else and make sure they have all these characteristics OK be a worldwide mission driven movement there's some movement out there that say well 144000 is a close number what does that do to evangelism I don't want. To baptize you and bring you into the faith you might take my spot 144000 kind of kills evangelism doesn't it and there was a time when the population of the world may have kind of led to that little bit but now anyway. World might wide mission driven movement number 4 call people to total commitment to Christ and number 5 lead people to the Bible Sabbath you know I think sometimes our schools we have you know they have the system has a lot of schools and we have a lot we call them private schools they have a school some do very well some do not as well. Most of them do quite well but you know there's there's even within our own system there are better schools than others and I'm not trying to point fingers or anything else but I have noticed in my own observations based on this thing called people to total commitment to Christ when our schools follow God's standard and have a high standard they do very well. When our schools try to soften the standard and downplay the standard and minimize the standard to where you're not even sure if they're 7th Avenue School I wish I could say that's never the case but when our schools do that they don't do well at all but when we have hold the standard they flourish that really isn't rocket science is it and I believe the same is true in your life in my life if we uphold the standard God will bless us He will bless us that mean I'm going to get checks in them and know it means you're going to live life to the fullest and that doesn't mean being rich necessarily but it means enjoying everything that God has to offer in life so lead people to the Bible have a 6 encourage people to give their bodies to him 7 make a final appeal to accept truth. Friends God's Church is not in the majority hate to say it but it's not you can never base truth on a majority vote because church is not the most popular truth rarely wins a popularity contest. I mean we're we're having a popularity contest with a very variety of issues in this country today does that make it true does that make it Biblical does that make you got honoring it doesn't cause church is not the most spectacular but I believe God values truth more than architecture you know you look at this fellowship hall can a plane. Right can I say that's kind of plain but it's not intimidating is serving our purpose and we're talking about revamping it I have my own convictions about how I want God's house to look nice and so we're we're talking about that but you know that's not the most important thing that's really not it's all going to burn in the end right. And so I think our church should look as good as our houses do and if we're going to be remodeling our house we need to be remodeling our churches so we're going around some of these kinds of things but it's not the architecture that draws me the average church I mean that's that's an easy one you go around the country and you go to Europe and all these other places I don't know of any place where there's tours going to have as churches necessarily. I don't know that. But that's not what it's about is the message and we may not be able to compete with their cathedrals and we won't talk about how they got the money to pay for them but you can't compete with our truth our truth is so precious and that's what draws people God's Church does not need the approval of popular religious leaders truth is truth whether religious leaders accept it is true or not there's something about truth that just rings true and then when you hear you say you know what that sounds true that sounds like the truth and people appreciate it I think when you tell them the truth even if it's not always. What they want to hear perhaps So the truth beckons us to follow it. Truth burns in our soul that's really a conviction and set burning and it only gets deeper and deeper and deeper as time goes on if you really are praying about what to do say Lord convict me and that will grow and grow and grow if it's just an impulse it'll be fly you'll be gone I'm on Santa asked Lord is this an impulse or is this a growing conviction if it is help us to continue to grow and to deepen right phrase our mind from air talking about truth demands we take a stand and so John 1317 and says if you know these things all of this verse if you know these things happier you if you do them so that nice to be so happy if you do them don't do them for me don't do them for Chris or Pastor Brian or any don't do them for any of those people do it for God because it's truth to it for you to for happiness for peace of mind knowing that you're right with God knowing that you're following what the Bible has to say and studied out I mean this is been a whirlwind tour right I mean this is like drinking from a fire hydrant. Right. I don't recommend that necessarily but that's what we've been doing here so take some time to study it out we have study guys back here well he's done you guys don't do it for me don't worry we got more. We'll try you on another set I don't like media Well we got Maher. But keep studying keep asking your questions and get into the word if you know these things have for you if you do them Joshua 2415 choose for yourself this day whom you will serve but as for me and my house. By God's grace and by His power and by his strength alone we will serve the Lord right. And your Heavenly Father we thank you for these incredible hands that we've been able to sing that fill us with energy and excitement of the day that you come in the clouds and the day that you restore all things and or we look for that day so longingly we can't wait for it to come but until then keep us faithful Until then keep us rooted and grounded in your word and in your truth until then may we bring honor and glory to you in everything that we do is our prayer in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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