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David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • January 11, 2014
    11:30 AM
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Well have you ever been really really hungry. I mentioned several times but I had the experience to goes to the missionary to punish pay and I remember on the time after that we had just gotten back and I was going to Southern and I was kind of going through withdrawal because panic pays out in Micronesia and the water is just blue and clear and you can see forever and so I love to scuba dive and to snorkel and to be in the ocean and to see all these fish and creatures and so I was going to withdraw because there's not many places in college yell reason go on a reef and just snorkel and so I did I get connecting with a friend of mine his name is Wes Hall and he started the soon mystery the same time except he was in the least because Ponce is so far away to get back over there is so expensive but the lease is a different story and so Wes and I started talking and he was going through this same withdrawals that I was for Clearwater and for the ocean and all these things and so we started planning Wes and I we said why don't we go down to Billy's do you have you have to have some hook up right that was the key word is there some hookup someplace we can stay Oh well there was actually I know the guy at the dive shop there really well really tell me more as we process all of this we ended up going down the police we found some lady that we stayed with. Some older gas she says I'll put you up in a room in my house and I'll feed you all the meals if you want to for $200.00 a person for the month and we thought what a deal right for a college student you're speaking my language and so we were off and we we got there and. The water was great the snoring was great we got to go on these dive boats that were full whenever we wanted to would never have to paying for Dime which I was very expensive we just had a wonderful time except for the housing arrangements. Now again we were in college so we are too cheap to do anything different there was a whole slew of very nice plush places we could have stayed I don't know if we could afford any of it but we were too cheap to do anything different than what we'd already arranged and the bed was nice you know the room we were sharing this room together Wes and I and that was all fine but the meals. We described that we were vegetarian and c knew a little bit of English and so you know no Carnegie or whatever ways that I don't know if he eventually got the picture and so she was trying to prepare a certain meals and it was just completely hit or miss and sometimes it would be something worthwhile we said you know beans and rice you can see that all day long it sometimes is beans and rice and we would just scarf it up and other times it was I don't know what it was other times. Sometimes there be a bunch of vegetables and she had his vegetable played on top of the beans and rice almost like a haystack will I keep this government is wonderful we B.M. leave the end and she's all you like OK good good good and she leave it out there on the table and we'd come back for supper and it hasn't been touched and always put the thing in the fridge and sort of lie them inland on the hour Kotto and they're brown or they always so we start to learn some of those things remember one particular evening which was kind of par for the course she fed us something that I thought was pretty good it was some kind of a stew on rice vegetarian right over to dairy and vegetarian and it was so good you know where this is going why are you laughing already. It was so good that that I remember going back actually Wes went back 1st to get some more out of the pot and he came back and he sat down he says once you have similar And I said why. It will you did you like I said well you know it's good you go check out the pub. So I went over to the pot. And I don't mean to offend anybody but this is not part of my culture at all this is a way outside of my comfort zone but in the pop was some chicken in a form I'm not used to I didn't see any of the chicken in there exactly but I did see the scratchers. In the pot as if it was some kind of seasoning leaf or something and you can see you know how chicken fried have all these like Anyway I don't need you know that the fingernail polish it was all there in the pot. Suffice it to say I didn't have seconds and over the months that we were there I was so hungry I lost in one month and I wasn't chunky I lost 10 pounds that's 2 and a half pounds a week and I was going to go on the some of these restaurants but we're too cheap but have you ever been hungry someone he will ask about my student experience and you know tell us how was it and they want you to sum it up in like one sentence which is impossible but in a word how is your mission experience hungry I mean we've been our whole side been on food we eat every month and we're still hungry this idea of being fall it seems like I went almost a year without feeling fall you take that for granted this afternoon you're expecting you're going to Spain I can tell you you're expected to be in school I never planned so afternoons I wasn't full There's something about food there's something about hunger and we can put it off for a time but it just kind of continues to grow doesn't instill more and more and more your hunger you've got to find some food you've got to find something where we're going to get food I'm starving. Have you ever heard that from me get up started wait a minute 2 hours ago being hungry as we move into this new year. What do you hunger for is your hunger in your heart a hunger in your soul what will be 1st and foremost what are the non-negotiable if you will what will you hunger for in 2014 Jesus himself said some of the very 1st words out of his mouth in terms of this sermon on the Mount to the whole crowd to the masses he's he's making all of these huge statements now for the 1st time in front as large audience and he says Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness Do you hunger and thirst for right just in this morning this morning a look at a time when the Israelites experienced a spiritual high if you will God was with them him raggedly delivered them in fact just 3 days prior there was this incredible Red Sea experience Need I say more I mean it was amazing we were surprised that we were knowing where what where to go what to do they were coming out from behind us mounds over here this is big water over here we were trapped and then all of a sudden God told Moses and the rod and to depart in the wind and dry grass and the other side to get in it was incredible spiritual high can you imagine I have a hard time imagining really but on the heels of that spiritual high that mountaintop experience there brought down into a valley of concern Well Pastor I mean Moses I have some concerns you see around here in the middle of nowhere Moses how do you suppose we're going to get water to thought about that you know provisions food there's a lot of us is a desert we need the bare necessities so much so it was this concern that grew that eventually it's described as grumbling and we all know what grumbling sounds like. That little murmur in the back of the room. It gets louder and louder and that's where we're going to pick up the story this morning if you have your bible throw me to Exodus Chapter 15 as some of this grumbling and moaning starts to get louder and louder Exodus Chapter 15 verse $22.00 just gone through them the Red Sea We have the song of Moses everybody's excited elated and then Exodus Chapter 15 verse $22.00 So Moses brought Israel from the Red Sea Then they went out into the wilderness of sure and they went 3 days in the wilderness and found no water now when they came to morrow they could not drink the waters of more offer they were bitter therefore the name it was called Therefore the name of it was called Murder on the people complained against Moses saying What shall we drink and so he cried out to the Lord in the Lord showed him a tree and when he cast in the waters the waters were made what sweet tragedy averted right we didn't have water God supplied us with water it was bitter and so now we've withdrawn in the 2nd sweet now everything's OK Not so fast Chapter 16 verse one and they journeyed from Aleem and all the congregation of the tone of Israel came to the wilderness of sin which is between Aleem and Sinai and on the 15th day of the 2nd month after they departed from the land of Egypt in the whole congregation of the children of Israel complain against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness and the children visible said to them all that we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt when we sat by the pots of meat and we ate bread to the fall for you brought us out into this wilderness to kill this whole assembly with hunger to about a month and a half after leaving Egypt. Probably only a month from the Red Sea And again the grumbling Oh do you remember the good old days oh yeah US Lavery that was nice know the food Egyptian beef jerky is the best Tell me about it bondage beats hunger any day of the week now we're out here last in the middle of nowhere we're going to starve some deliverance this is grumble grumble and stand inside from patriarchs and prophets to 92 Listen to this carefully she writes They had not yet suffered from hunger isn't that interesting they had not yet suffered from hunger their present once were supplied but they feared for the future doesn't that just sound like human nature Well I have enough on my plate for today but what about tomorrow we're going to still. Do you meet your need for today Well yes but I'm afraid for the future anybody here for the future is God going to provide you going to be there because I've been doing fine and as I've been paying the bills I can see where we're going and it doesn't look good I know the ground when that's going on a work I know their land somebody doesn't look good. I know the scenarios I know the doctors that I know all the things it doesn't look good. They're not suffered from hunger in their present ones were supplied but they feared for the future they could not understand she says in imagination they saw their children famished as anybody have a vivid imagination they could see their children famished in their imagination and she calls it sinful unbelief Where is the next meal coming from he's provided this month what about next month's this week's worked out well but what about next week today's OK what about tomorrow not only was it a lack of faith. But they were desiring what was not in their best interest these flesh pots in Egypt I'm sure Egypt had ANY and EVERY me you could possibly imagine Don't you think roasted up and it's. We're down Ecuador the thing down there is called. There when I'm talking about. You'll see these huge It looks like a chicken shed but it's full of not chickens but guinea pigs they call it. And so you drive down any road in Ecuador practically and there are these little stands and you have this little road to Serie A guinea pig I'm sure Egypt had a law and God knows that there is a correlation between spiritual blessings and physical blessings health was a big part of the Pentateuch In fact if we just go back we skipped over it but in chapter 15 verse 26 we read if you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in his sight give each year of his commandments and keep all of his statues I will put none of the diseases on you which I brought to the Egyptians for in the Lord God who heals you in short if you follow my health laws or my health standards all of things I tell you to do is for your good you will be better off you won't get sick like the Egyptians do all the time you want to have all the ailments that they have all the time if you are. So their needs are met but in their sinful and believe they're fearing for the future and so they're grumbling they're whining they're complaining and so what does the Lord do fireball from heaven Oil think that's what. This 16 verse for then the Lord said to Moses Behold I will rain bread from heaven for you and the people shall go out and gather a certain quota every day that I may test them whether they will walk in my law or not. Skipping down to verse 11 the Lord spoke to Moses saying I have heard the complaints of the children of Israel speak to them saying at twilight you shall eat meat and the morning you shall be filled with bread and you shall know that I am the LORD your God God sins not just manna but quail descend on the camp and there saw exhausted apparently from their journey that they're easy prey and they feast I find that rather interesting that God provides them both with meat in the evening and manna in the morning now notice they're not given the quail day after day after day after day on for years and years and years notice that's what God gives the man for and in verse 35 is as until they reach the border of Canaan that was a long time they had manna But still even still God sent the quail here in these chapters I believe God sets out to teach Israel that he can provide their most basic needs food and water and that's easy even willing and gracious enough to give a few extras as well. Like me to satisfy those home sick ex slaves he knows are human is he knows their past and so he is patient what you really need is a return to the original died of the learn I agree what you really need is manna from heaven I would agree. Some $782125.00 mans describes the grain of heaven the bread of angels I would agree and while it would be true that meat was not part of God's idea we can turn to Genesis it's not there there wasn't killing there wasn't bloodshed it was it was just a vegetarian diet and while that is true here God supplies. Some quail some meat now I understand eating quail is not immoral but I love the picture of God that emerges here is a picture of God who knows what is best for them and he also knows what is foreign to them but out of his grace he says I'll give you a little meat as well out of his grace he says all bless you despite your growing despite your lack of faith what an amazing and gracious God that we serve knowing that this was a radical shift for them that they were so backwards in their thinking so animalistic coming out of Egypt that God in His grace and his patience walks with them and over time brings them to his ideal is that the picture that emerges for you so quickly want to pull people straight out of Egypt and draw in a straight jacket and say here's how you live the obvious lifestyle this is the ideal and while I agree if we're going to bring them to that point maybe we should follow God's model here at times of being patient and recognizing that some things take a little time does that make sense in our immaturity in our grumbling in our lack of faith has God not been patient with me so many times before and blessed me despite myself oh I got it all figured out no you don't he just hasn't revealed it to you yet nobody's arrived all of us are a work in progress in process and God is patient with us he's patient with me he's gracious with me as I seek Him He continually points things out to me and I pray does the same for you but I thank you that along that path that you are gracious to me as well. And why there was a story that I will never forget when when she was in the middle of all this writing and publishing and ministering I mean she had a whole team of people that surrounded her almost all the time living in her home STAYNER home feeding hosts of people and she was convicted it's interesting to me how late in the game in terms of our Aves history the health message comes forward or comes out I mean we have an amnesty or just Alice without the health message meditate on that for the afternoon but she's convicted that Pepper is not the best thing for her it's not part of God's ideal And so what does she do she yanks it off of her kitchen table and says we're not even pepper in this house now if she does she could have but rather she left it there and she chose not to use it anymore because where she was in her walk is that right for me to impose my convictions on everybody else or do I need to be patient then let them see by my example ask questions and maybe they'll give a pepper too and then maybe the day will come when the whole place doesn't use pepper anymore but for the right reasons as opposed to can't believe this took away or pepper doesn't this big volumes as to me but I'm kind of simple so I think this past week volumes about God I guess story speaks volumes about our white I think it speaks volumes about us and we are patient with people like God is patient with you and I when we are gracious with people like God's gracious with us recognizing that God calls us to live the ideal not condemn those who don't in God's graciousness he is patient with us all the while desiring our best good one amazing God we serve. But in Zion your best good God sins man a main staple of their diet for the next 40 years and we continue on in our story chapter 16 verse 13 now we read so it was that quails came up at the evening and covered the camp and in the morning the do lay all around the camp and when the layer of due lifted there on the service of the wilderness was a small round substance as fine as frost on the ground verse 15 so when the children of Israel saw it they said to one another What is it they didn't know what it was like that's where we get the word man and means what is it what is. This 1631 the same chapter says why are you like coriander seed and tasted like wafers made with honey and sound too bad course if you're a hard core flesh eater that's probably not your stomach go on numbers 11 verse 8 says the people went around gathering it and they ground it into a hand Miller crushed it in a mortar and then they cooked it in a pot or made into cakes and it tasted like something made with all of oil so whatever this was this was something that was flexible enough that maybe you could sweeten it maybe you could make it more savory it was versatile but despite the obvious providing for their most basic needs I believe God had a 3 fold purpose in sending the manna and so that's awareness for the remainder of our time looking at a 3 fold purpose maybe more than that but we're going to look at 3 the 1st we see in verse 12 I have heard the complaints of the children is will speak to them saying at twilight eat meat and in the morning you shall be filled with bread hold your place there and turn me to John chapter 6 just released today thank you Chris Read it for us. In our youth to a nice job. John chapter 6 beginning worse 48. Spoken of his bread and here in verse 48 says I am Jesus speaking I am the bread of life your father is it a man in the wilderness and are dead this is the bread which comes down from heaven that 1 May eat of it and not die I am the living bread which came down from heaven if any one eats of this bread he will live forever and the bread that I shall give is my flesh which I shall give for the life of the world do you see the symbolism do you see the parallel in sin the man and you this is saying I am the bread of life so the picture here of Jesus is as Joe whole Jairo as the provider of our most basic physical and spiritual needs. And prophets to 97 says that man are falling from heaven for the sustenance of Israel was a type of Him who came from God to give a life to the world did you hear that the manna falling from heaven was this for the sustenance of Israel God's people we put ourselves in there was a type of foreshadowing if you will of Him Jesus who came from God to give life to the world as you and me the man was a type a foreshadowing of that event and friends equally in the same way our sustenance our life is dependent on feeding on Christ the bread of life and I hear you say. Have you had breakfast this morning that your engine is running this good how you plan on having lunch today and we talk what happens if you don't eat what you get weak Have you ever told someone. Could you eat for me today because I just don't have time I mean the connection is obvious just as our physical life is sustain with food source spiritual life is sustained by Jesus Christ through His word is it true and each person must receive that food for themselves now sermons can be good terms can be awful I suppose and I contend to be a sermon junkie but in so many ways even though there's some good things there it's kind of like eating processed food how much more rich the blessing Often times if I combine that with getting it for myself from the word on my own don't get me wrong I like sermons and people can preach good sermons I listen to them all the time but if that replaces my own connection with God My own reading of his words my own decipher in my own feeding directly I'm missing something. Of Ages. 319 well before we turn there Hebrews 412. This text Lauren this week she just got a new Bible for Christmas upon her request so we're going through some studies but here is chapter 4 verse 12 says for the Word of God is live in and powerful I've heard this before but it hit me again this week for the Word of God is living it's not dead it's powerful and sharper than any 2 edged sword appears even to the division of soul and spirit and the joints and Mark and marrow Maro marrow and it is a discerner of the thoughts and intent of the heart so here I'm trying to explain this to Lauren she says. What's morrow and bones. I mean you see that picture that emerges I had to say OK Have you ever come across an animal in a field or someplace and it's kind of decayed and but the last thing they give away is that mark on the bones right as I understand it that is just clinging to that bone so tight even with a knife it can be hard to get it off that's the picture the Word of God is living and powerful sharper than any 2 edged sword whatever your your flesh is clinging to and seemingly impossible to free yourself from God The word my friends God's word is more powerful more powerful desire of ages 39 he says the life of Christ that gives life to the world is in here is word it was by his word that Jesus healed diseases and cast out demons by his word he still the sea and raise the dead and the people bore witness that His Word was with power the whole Bible is a manifestation of Christ God's word are you feeding on his word Are you hungry and thirsty after righteousness is he a non-negotiable in 2014 we don't understand I have to get up early for work get up early or go to bed earlier but I'm just so tired i'm so groggy you will then you need to start your devotion time at night when you go to bed right. You just well did you have time to eat today some of us skip meals at times because we're too busy that's not a good thing but we usually remember the next one right how long can you go with it without eating and feeding from God's word you know how long can you go and can you notice a difference I'm not saying everybody else can you notice a difference for you as you're more stressed less patient more reactionary. Juices I am the bread of life the heavenly manna feed on my word my word is truth I challenge all of us to feed on Jesus' word your spiritual life depends on nobody can do it for you it's between you and God So I said 3 purposes the last 2 will be much faster I promise. The 2nd purpose take what you need for today we find a couple times in verse 16 this is the thing which the Lord has commanded let every man gather it according to each one's need not to give the recommendation one Almer for each person according to the number of persons let every man take for those who are in his 10 then verse 19 and Moses said Let no one leave any of it till morning and then verse 21 so they gathered it every morning every man according to his need and when the sun became hot it melted take what you need there's a recommendation but take all you need there's plenty there's no shortage of the power of God's word there's no shortage there's an endless supply if you need more take more but I would encourage you to take it in the morning before the sun melts away when you need strength for the day and maybe you need it throughout the day if you need more take more recently on your lunch break for you go to bed I'm not posing it feeds me that's great but when you need strength of the day often times of the morning I know you fight all day forgive me but we filed in our underwear instead of put on the armor of God and at the end of the day we put on our armor and crawl into bed what would you then take what you need in the morning at the beginning before the sun melted away if you ever had the sun melt away your devotional time for anybody who has kids and you can get a witness right. You're well intentioned the alarm goes off you wake up there and all the sudden somebody wet the bed and then someone else have and some else haven't and then the whole day or have you ever had the intention Yeah it's been such a long day gotta know your love and I know you're patient you're kind I mean if you give me this one time if I don't spend any time the sun is going to sleep and I'm just going to really indulge here but I promise you later in the day never mind the problems and the sun melts away your emotional time and once that day get started and that motor gets running so fast you think you will stop in the middle the day and have that quiet communion with Him not that verse and you're gone I'm talking to the other hears voices is there anything more important than that so take what you need. And the other fact here is it won't last for more than a day we could read into this too much I suppose but every day they had to get a new supply on I want to sleep in the Marcellus talk up today no you won't it will spoil give us this day our daily bread too many in our churches today are depending on a past experience a time in the past when they were close to God a time in the past when our hearts thrilled with in them of our message a time in the past when they understood the beautiful truth of this admin's hope that we have but the subduing Laodicean breezes of blown too long and their kind of putting us to sleep our faith has become lukewarm stale formal ritualised ritualistic If that describes your experience in any way challenge you get back in to God's word take what you need for the day allow God's word to transform your thinking your habits your impulses your motives your desires everything. It's living is active and he longs to make you into a new creature in Jesus Christ you say I'm too far gone you don't understand that's why I says your new creation when he created what do you start with nothing you may have nothing to bring to the table in so many ways I think I prefer that that way I can recreate those avenues in your mind so one on the bread of life Jesus is the Bread of Life feed on his word to take what you need for today take all you need do it 1st thing don't rely on yesterday's experience and lastly as a reminder of his holy Sabbath verse 22 and so it was on the 6th day that they gathered twice as much bread to Omer's for each one and all the rulers of the congregation came and told Moses skipping down the verse $24.00 so they laid it up till morning and as most commanded it did not stink nor were there any worms in it praise the Lord for there then Moses said eat that day for today is a Sabbath to the Lord today you will not find in the field 6 days you shall gather but on the 7th day the Sabbath there will be how much on now it happened that some of the people went out on the 7th day together but they found none and the Lord said to Moses how long how long do you refuse to keep my commandments and my laws see for the Lord has given you the 7 therefore he gives you on the 6th day bread for 2 days let every man remain in his place let no man go out of his place on the 7th day so the people rested on the 7th day notice this is before Sinai this is before giving the 10 commandments to Moses yet he's teaching them already how to observe the Sabbath. On the preparation day we do everything we can so we can be ready in no way should our business encroach upon holy time granted those laboring for the sick the work of mercy and so we make some provision somebody needs to be in the hospital in those types of things but even in the medical community I would submit to you there are those that use that as an excuse I'm not here to judge or pass judgement but I know of too many things that go on and savaged in the medical community that could just as easily wait now if I leave here in this rain is pouring down outside of my will keep talking as you know about this and I had an accident down here I want somebody at the hospital. In my shoulders just locator and my legs dangling I want more than just charcoal. But all necessary work should be avoided you know I'm going to pick on the medical community at price should pick on the pastoral community well I'll do all the stuff around the house and then when the sun sets then I'll work on my school. Put together a sermon. Do this and I'll do that in a lot of e-mail as ministry related so I'll go ahead and check email and I'll just work 7 days a week go go go it's pastoral it's ministry is it all necessary. And some of that wait for another day sermon preparation be done another time I was talking to the pastors in the room so each week Jonah visual witness is 3 point miracle to edge this idea in their mind double amount fell on Friday the 6th day the preparation day none fell on the Sabbath day and the Sabbath portion did not spoil is not beautiful but it kept. The Sabbath is and always has been since creation of great importance to God It's a holy and sacred time for us to spend with God our Father. Are we appropriately preparing. To be regarded as holy and sacred time do we set aside our daily work do we set aside our secular music and television and newspapers and news and and instead bask in the presence of the Almighty God do we prepare our days in such a way that we will be able to connect with God in a fuller and deeper way than we can during the rest of week it's almost like a date right the more you put into it the more you'll get out of it if it's literally you and your wife in the car and you look over her and you say so what do you want to get for supper a. Hot dog her eyes is light right up this is my time but if I whisk her away I found some way to watch it and you did yeah here we are as too busy will never get in I made a reservation a month ago you did and if we treat the Sabbath that same way will get so much more of a blessing out of it it's not a bunch of don'ts It's what we can do is how we can can be relaxed and refresh and connect with God in a way that we can the rest of the week because we don't have all day 6 days your labor you got to do it but the 7 day is the Sabbath to rest relax we Juvonen this is out of the spiritual day for you all day long you open the Sabbath try and night with a candle or a special worship time do you close the Sabbath with a simple prayer or worship time here's a litmus test is the SAT was a day that your kids enjoy and look forward to maybe their special food maybe their special worship times maybe today they know they can spend some real meaningful time there and let's be real candid as well for many of you your spouse does not believe in the sanctity of the self maybe you came into the truth later I don't know exactly your situation worked in. Maybe you've been on some spiritual high or you got to hear your favorite person speak or whatever it is and you're just on cloud 9 and you walk in that front door and you're greeted with a television blaring the house is a mass and that means barking Now when are we going to eat and all the sudden this beautiful Sabbath experience has just kind of been blasted Is that a reality for some serious a few tips perhaps one provided as little reason as possible for disharmony to respect their faith as you would like their your faith to be respected Thirdly plan ahead for present Sabbath as a pleasant day of special family time and 5 decide what things can and what things cannot be compromised but do your best to meet in the middle What's your favorite food and I prepared for you well how about you enjoy hiking can we do that and I suppose. And soak the whole thing in prayer but I know those challenges exist but do everything you can to make the Sabbath like Isaiah describes as they had Chapter 58 we're almost done for all you mothers out there I'm sorry Isaiah 58 verse 13 it's as if you turn away your foot from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure on my holy day was it mean your pleasure I mean that I enjoy preaching I can't preach if I enjoy praying I can't pray know your pleasure as in your own your own work your own benefit your own profit if you turn away from doing your own pleasure on my holy day and call the Sabbath a delight That's the highest Hebrew form of the word that means exquisitely light amazing incredible delight the holy day of the Lord honorable describing not a thing but a person who are you honoring on the set. And show honoring him not doing your own ways nor finding your own pleasure nor speaking your own words the Sabbath is not about accomplishing your agenda then you shelled the light yourself on the Lord and I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father the mouth of the Lord has spoken so 3 purposes and sin in the man and one on the bread of life Jesus is the Bread of Life feed on his word Secondly take what you need for today do it 1st thing. And don't rely on yesterday's experience and lastly as a reminder of his holy Sabbath he must provide for us physically he wants provide for us spiritually and part of that is in that time he's carved out all of it is about providing what is in our best interest God sent His heavenly manna for God's chosen then and God's heavenly man is still a bit available for God's chosen today I believe God longs to prepare us as a people to live and Him for eternity and we too are on a journey to the Promised Land and revelation to verse 7 teens says to him who overcomes blood by the blood of the Lamb on the word of his testimony by him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat portion the man who was hidden in the front of the ark of Kona as a memorial and someday if we overcome will be able to taste of that man when we cross over the Jordan to the promised land I believe the time is soon so the meantime feed on his word don't rely on yesterday's experience and rest and him each Sabbath that we may be able to meet him when he comes you have the father there are so many things that vie for our attention. For Our Time for our energies many good things the Lord in 2014 May we commit to making you 1st and foremost in our lives give me Jesus is our prayer and we pray that today and I pray will pray to morrow and the next day and the next day in the next day and the day after that. And as we feed on your word that we can be nourished spiritually and fed. And changed in your intellect this is. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through Frank sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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