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Fruits and Roots

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • July 21, 2012
    11:30 AM
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This morning is untitled. And Luke and I want to invite you to turn with your Bibles if you have not already to you are sincerely that after 7. On the mouth that great. The great if I would say that was ever put in. Is giving the principles of heaven Nathi after 7. His Read Matthew death to 7 verses 125 page 111. About. The kingdom of heaven down heaven. And when you study the Bible you will notice that whenever possible never talks about it as an isolated proposition organized. This is coming from Greek mentality with his very common too I think today because we've been educated and growing up in society that has had influences in other ways we think of who theft propositional as a concept and philosophy but. In the Gospel saying the way. And the life in other words existed person you cannot separate truth from an individual and. Then on the mouth. That. Could Affect. Innit. And when we talk about Cruise I have here on the screen. Back. Different pits that many times we can fall into and incidentally the devil doesn't mind pit we fall into just as long as we fall into one of them on one side we have mentalism and this is a side where a person may have a view of truth but they don't always have the right spirit on the other side you have people that are very high on individuals. But they have. A. Relative. It's called relativism let me get an example of this someone may say I accept you as an individual and what you believe is good for you you've heard this before and what not what I believe is good for me let's just love each other hold hands and sing Kumbaya and we can just come together it's a very individual except in the individual but. In more relative terms on the other side you have God mentalism and this is a side where an individual has a high view of truth at the expense of an individual or a person sometimes we can be so concerned about the truth that we can be so uncouth in the way that we go about upholding the 2. Addresses both of these in Matthew chapter 7 and I want to look at the 1st one addresses mentalism 111 Matthew chapter 7 verses one to 5. Words on read he says not. For with what. You will be done. And with the man. It will be measured back to you and you look at the back Brother I do not consider the point. Brother let me removed. From your eyes and look up play it in your own eye hypocrite remove the plane from your own eyes and then clearly to remove the back from the rather. I want to make a few simple observations. Number one the role of the Christian is always self-examination and then in other words God always calls us to examine ourselves and to see whether we are in the faith and the other thing is. To always be looking out and comparing ourselves with other individuals and we live in a society like that where we're always our own standing with the standing of others and I found that it's all of you to feel good about myself when I'm looking at the sins of our. Says that we need to look at the in our own eye before we look at the facts in other individuals I says that we. Now. Somewhat of a problem because any time you say that something is wrong or something isn't right. In a way. Meant and addresses that relativism and I want to go very quickly to the latter part of the. 7 verses 15 to 20. Prophet who come to you closing but would leave. You will know them by the demands and. Even. Every. Good fruit but a bad. A good and not bad for the North in a bank. That does not. Cut down. To the fire and verse 20 says Therefore by the. By do. You. Them. Here do this is not saying that truth is relative that we ought to look at the. Other individuals not. But also whether they are from God or not these here is addressing. The size of humanity that we can see are not are made up of 2 dimensions in this way the visible. Of all the side that everyone sees the path to the person that comes to his eyes and the visible side but there's also a side of humanity a side of every person in this room that no one sees in that right. Side of you that your family. And is a sign of you that only. As his thought the motive. Just an analogy from ag assault. By you. Then I have. A picture of a tree and on the 2 you can see some of the fruit this is the visible side of human that people. Decide that people are aware and then to view. Your motives your design intent and. 7 is alluding to the reality that when. One of those that know. That side of us and knowing to. Drive. Motives. And I desire. Now we kind of Pendle him in society today because we live in a pluralistic society and I've heard individuals say the statement. And I think that's. In the sense that I'm not to judge another person. But we also live in a society where. We say we. Moral basis whether something is right or wrong to be an example of that I mean let's say someone steals my car my Subaru Forester they drive off with it and I say brother if I have the opportunity to confront him I think brother or sister that was. What you did in stealing my car was not right now I personally come back and say. Don't. Now. The motive or the intentions of that individual but I think. That. That is not. And that is this. Is. Not. Someone. If someone does things to break the 10 commandments this is not saying that the 10 Commandments are relative when it says we're not in it but we ought to leave things in the hands of God when it deals with this reality now. In life many times when we see something visibly from the outside and we say this person is such and such and so and so and we're wrong why is that because we only see part of the picture Amen and that's where the Bible is telling us that when we are by grace through faith in Jesus Christ we ought to have compassion when looking upon. Have self examination to see whether we. Have to $67.00 it says man looks at the appearance but. I'm so glad for that and then praise the Lord that the Lord looks at. The outside but he's. Glad that God is my ultimate. Now and I want to point out that this also applies to us an experience that. We are not to focus so much on the outside outside with itself when we're focused on. The one verse and the Bible tells us. That's a pretty one of the side of praise in every day. And we'll be right. If you are. The lace in fact a 512 but the. Long suffering goodness. And self-control right now when we look at people we only see. We are not seeing the full reality and only when the 2nd time will the Kurds will the veil be back and we'll be able to manage both the perspective of the human and the outward. The 2nd time and we're taking off to heaven. Then that will take place during the 1000 years the millennium there are 2 resurrections one at the beginning of the millennium and the 2nd one is a 1000 years and all of us want to be on the front end not the 2nd resurrection. Having the Bible. After 20 verse it says and I. Sat on them and. Was given to them when we get to heaven is going to be 3 surprises number one. Number 2 the people that we thought would be there. And the people that we thought would never be there. You can imagine. They haven't. Placed in a lot in thought and half. Of his life becomes converted into. Heaven is walking into what do you don't. I heard another person. Heaven and your mother is not there but then next door neighbor. I'm not saying this is prophetic but. Saying anything about their being in heaven but Case in point now if that happened to me in my mind. But my next door neighbor is. Going to be some question. I'm going to go to God and say to my my mom was a wonderful woman. I just don't understand why my mom's not here what if God were to say. Sorry I can't open the book is just going after a tough. Path a sin would not be a happy camper and so when we get to heaven is going to be many surprises and we're going to be able to open the books of every individual that is not. Really in that right. So that when we're in heaven there won't be questions about whether God was. In heaven the judgment. And the judgment is taking place but it's only due the judgment of. People the limited Now this is a good reason. A good incentive that I want to make it to heaven amen because I don't want anyone going to my. Mercy. Not in heaven and someone is like I want to wipe. It. Let me open up those books. And you open up the book and this is going to be technology that I believe is that God is infinite and I don't know what it's going to be whether it's going to be a video or something like that he's going to be able to pull it back and not only are you going to be able to see the. You're going to be able to see the. Going to pull it all back and say This is why David Bynum is it this is what you saw. And this is what he saw on the inside. By the way if you and accept Him as Lord and Savior Bible says that or things are buried in the depths of the C.N.N. And if you go to heaven no one can pull back that record God has officially pushed the delete button. But not to be in heaven people are going to be wondering. And they're going to be able to go after sin is not even in heaven I pray by the grace of God that I am they going to be able to go through all the files and I believe is going to be. Such a thing. Is going to be of the open everything up and the judgment gone is going to be able to feel that God did everything possible to save you. And yet there was a conscious decision to say. And I thought. Sat on them and judgment was committed to them the millennium gone and every click. Will be able to go through the books of record and every question about his justice and. To interleave the Bible tells us not only will be able to go through the records of people but also says that. The world. That is not in heaven will be able to go and. Did everything possible to save you and. Nothing before the time until the Lord comes who will bring both to life. One. Will come from. Will be given the opportunity to pull back the curtain but right now all of us every single person has a limited reality limited perspective of what every person in this life is ultimately about. When we look at another individual that is struggling we need to recognize that there is the visible what all of us. Cannot judgment whether someone is going to be saved or lost. Not made judgments about people. Or desires but at the same time we can tell. Whether someone's action accordance with the law of God or not and God says to stop alternately he's going to pull back the curtain and we'll be able to see things from the perspective. We have a perspective of human according to God the visible. Invisible. Which all of us. And the motive that is the heart we cannot see and God says never to the heart never. And never the intent of any individual. Is a prayer that one of us can pray. Every day it says. I heart. Lifted. I'm so glad that we can go to gone each and every day. Vulnerable with him. And say boy this is my home these are my thoughts if there's anything we did. Claim. A clean hike and we knew. One of us today and have the if. We can come to Him by faith and say Lord I have a heart that is listed below and you can create a clean heart and when you arrive how many of you want to pray that prayer today with me as a lord cleanse my heart my thoughts Let's pray together Father in heaven we thank you for the Beatitudes we thank you for Jesus and how he brought. Together. Lord you told us not to be mental also you told us not to be relative about her but you brought things together beautifully in the personhood of this Christ we pray that you would help with her to examine ourselves to pray the prayer heard me and know my heart. And know my song and if there be any repeated when. Given a heart of compassion recognizing that one of us are sinners in need of a sincere help with with the grace of Jesus have you others as you see them at the same time help us to launch a building and to practice the truth as it is in. That we ask these things in. And for his. 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