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Cosmic Conflict- Part 2

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • October 13, 2012
    11:30 AM
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Today. And we're talking about the great controversy between Klein. Wanted to bring you from. The Book of Revelation is divided. It is divided into the. Data logical. The Book of Revelation. And it is a form of. The bulk of Revelation and discover that it's not in quite a logical order scholars have noted. That we discuss. These revelations. The great controversy. When you look at Revelation. That is also in. The book about. Them and then. The book about well is also in a kind. Of the Book of Revelation. Is readily. Doing a review from last week and if you. Go online to our website which is sounding a bulletin download our. Podcast. And I'd like to invite you to turn. To revelation. Revelation is the last book of the Bible. And we're going to. The Book of Revelation. And war. Michael. With the Dragon ended. In heaven. So the dragon with. The devil in. Haven't. Created by and. This is known as. We read. Things. And. It is. The covenant. Was his moral. In the law the way. We thought of the law. And we also said that. The claims of the law. Together. That the review. And we come. This morning. With. Today. When you look at. God that is what the Bible. That everything is permitted. Why was I born into this. Whatever. Is not a loving parent. And I. Really. Love. People. And then the woman the man. They decide to get married. It's beautiful. And. People. To be with another. We call it. We love we call that a lot of other things. Not. To be together. I want to think about. Him By the way. That was a community. Because it's. Become but the. Perfect love perfect community. Individuals. With individuals. Will do whatever you wanted. Them. And I want to. Because I believe. That a little bit. But. I would. Say that. It's a. Part of it has to do with. Limited. Doesn't produce. Little. You have a. Relationship with a dog and. When I'm. At the border. About the philosophy of. Limited. Now think about this. And those of you that know what I'm talking about. How good. I was at the Holocaust Museum. And look at the pictures. AT How. The human mind. Magically planned every pale. As we come to the notion of the cosmic conflict we have. Limited. Capacity. The possibility. The possibility. And that is exactly what happened. With. You. That I've never been. In that. One if you don't. Want to. Look at all then. I'm not going to be. Related to. Even. Always. Because. The mind of. Everyone. That we never. Never. Even though it's going to be ugly. Because. I know that. The last. That. Every quite. Every. Will be clear. I have a relational potential. In that. And I want to be there. On the screen and study guide as we. Do in those moments that I don't understand. Blindly look at the clock you can tell me. That I don't understand. That I want. That you created a. Potential. In those moments that we don't understand look at the cross and recognize that you have our best interest in mind. To believe. That what you having in Haven't we cannot. We can see that you can that you everything at the cross and we pray that our hearts would melt in appreciation for what you. And Murray who were there at the cross and we pray today that we would accept you as their savior but there's nothing. That is worth anything apart from you. So today we there are a renewal naming our broking they leave to mend our relationship with you and offer to be with you in glory at the years that in turn of the role. We pray. That we would be there to utter the word. The. Media was brought to you by audio to a website expecting God's word to him in audio and much more if you would like. If you would like to listen for servant leader. Or.


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