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Cosmic Conflict- Part 3

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • October 20, 2012
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven we think you for the opportunity that we have to come in to present today. We thank you for the Sabbath that we can come upon the to live to work with you. And it was and we night a day that you would live. That would be uplifted. The this would be. As we look at in the great controversy we pray that. The moon. Has a look at the face of his Christ we pray to. Put the gone close. Close to you. In that today. In a 4 part. I've been titled cosmic conflict and I wanted to bring for you the holy get to the heart of. Method that in your member in one we said that the great controversy is found in the Book of Revelation. And that the book of reveling in I ask 6. In form of polish. You can see down this going that it actually goes into a central point as climax. Revelation Sapphic Well Revelation have to quell pain fat and when that picture of the great controversy between Christ and Satan we said that the center of the kind asm is Revelation 10 to 12 and then we look at Revelation have to 12 and we said that the center half of the Book of Revelation in the kayak fixed up here is in itself. And that the central verse is revelation after 12 in verse 10 as was read in the Phillies. It's a sound. Path of impact. And the Bible tells us that war broke out when. In heaven it seems like an odd place for war to break down to think that heaven would be the last place for unity in declining but the Bible tells us that or in heaven in a perfect place within a perfect call Lucifer and Lucifer thought of the question gone to Florida gone government and you actually got to the place where you thought they could do a better job and gone in self we said. You the great controversy between good and evil between Klein. Was concerning that. As expressed in a lie his long why would the devil attack God's law and we look in the Old Testament saw that the law of God was not written on paper. But it was written in stone by the then finger of God Incidentally the only part of the Bible that is written by God himself literally is that and then. He voted in stone. We saw that Moses when building the arc of the covenant which was a symbol of the pronoun of God the kind of glory. Moses instructed to place the 10 Commandments not to sign the ark not around the yard but beyond. Indicating that the founding. Of the throne in the government of God was his law and the devil knew that if he attacked the law of God He was really attacking the. Undermining the government that was essential in the conflict in heaven. Last week in part 2 we did that the great controversy is a damning thing. By the way you can go online any of these presentations and download them in a pod. And we said last week that love cannot exist without it never force someone to love you and that in a really. Clear with the capacity to. Respond. They have the free will and that is how the great controversy. Moving quickly to today's presentation I think this question today as we look to the Bible is what happened at the call I've heard many about the cross I didn't think about the cross here but now we look at the cross we look at in terms of our own founding. That's very important all of us want to see. And we look at it in terms of our individual families and what happened at the cross we know that it does because it happened at the Crawford happened at the cross to happen at the cross but today I want to look at the call from the vantage point often the perspective of the great controversy today will see that the call was the great revelation. In terms of the great controversy as to who. And the devil actually. It was the greatest exposition demonstration of the character in the nature. I like to begin with a little bit of background we go to the very beginning of the Bible and Venice is added since they were to be removed from the garden. It was. Incredible. And. Coming from the mouth of Klein. Between. The Queen and the woman. They were. The enemy. The promise the prophecy. That apart would be a little bit of. Heaven now. From Heaven now to the conflict. Between. Literally. Your Head. If your head is crusty. To the middle they think not but imagine that it is. Even. Going on. The devil. And that the great controversy. With Klein. But you also the Bible. That. This is quite serious because when you look at it. Think of. It in any way. That. God is God is invincible god is god. But the Bible. That God will make himself vulnerable. Open to. And crush love is not love until vulnerable when we look at the definition of love not only is love. But also. Someone that's been in a relationship and they get hurt and then afterwards they never want to let themselves go because they're afraid of that vulnerability because you can never. Replace to say that this is a paradox of God God is an uncivil But gone is also love and by getting you. Is Vulnerable. To someone. What they'll do feel. It in Crush and yet that's what makes it so beautiful. As much as the person that he loves the most that is vulnerability and he is the definition of all of the way I looked it up in the dictionary definition of only to listen to this. Possibility. Is going to himself in the vulnerability. Yet not mortally but will be will this is a quotation from. At all to be vulnerable. And you. Will be. Possibly. If you want. To know. And not in an animal. Family around. What some people do and like little luxuries avoid all in lock it up in a safe in the. Lock it up in the coffin. But. It will become. Mobile. And what we need to do friends is put ourselves in and. Without again. How did God do this how did God make himself vulnerable very quickly you can see it in your study guides in Exodus half a 25. In talking to Moses he said let them make me a thing so way that I may dwell among been gone that has been separated from humanity by thin but he says let them isn't a thing like that I mean because I moved well with you on the screen of a picture of the things where this is the mosaic thing that Moses was instructed to build and you'll notice that. There is no floor there's a kind of glory resided in that pen in that heaven as on the most holy place on earth of the covenant that was with the presence of Dawn's well but there was no more to be in the things he indicated and that having as close as it possibly could and then when having him down in him down all the way there was no barrier for between heaven and earth but notice that. It was. There was a package of halfway around the thing so that people could not visibly God face to face. It was not because God did not want to leave heal him filthy left because of sin we would have. By the presence of God so God had acted in a way but Heaven all the way down this is an allusion to what would happen in no notice what happens in Matthew sets it wondrous going through. The whole film with tile and sun and then. Min well with his hand slated and I want you to notice the language gone with. The. Time. Gone with us. But you can write it down if you like to do so and it says and the we're. Going with this and the. Audible. Language. As of the. Father. Of all. Men but in the New Testament. But in a body. With men. Living in the time of the 1st century when he's alive in Palestine because I want you to think about the implications of it every mile every last. Every look in the face of. Every hog with a revelation. You want to. Look in the face of. That the world. Is a mess. With all the desire is in stooping to pick up on IN SOUTH inanities prices below the opposite of the can remember in the late Kind of us he didn't want to be like God like you. Become. And then. We go very quickly to the families we're talking about what happened at the cross but we want to look at it from the vantage point of having. A vantage point of the universe. And the great controversy when. Staggering there. I can't help but think. That. Prior to think and with presence and glory and would fall down and worship an aberration before God Now God. And what happened. To family. Was in that moment. Because the hand. And the guilt of the entire human race were being transferred to the Son of God I think that all of us if we're honest with ourselves we'll admit that we. Feel. If we're honest with probably the things that every single day we covered with the forgiveness of Jesus and I can think of many instances in my life where I've done something and you feel guilty you feel that. Now multiplies all of the. Deal that we've all experienced in our lives. And will experience in the future and you combine them all again. And imagine placing it upon one person at one point in history multiply that by a 1000000000. Multiply that by every human that will ever exist and has existed all the sins that had been committed and will be committed all the deal comes down to one point and placed upon one man and that is what it. Is staggering and heaven is witnessing the Son of God in the glory. Of the sins of the whole world and I want you to notice the language of the young to feminine in Matthew $726.00 or $36.00. Then with them to a place called the feminine and said to the disciples while I go in. With him and the sons of evidence. And sent to them. Is exceedingly. Unto death. Not what we call the 1st death but what the Bible. The 2nd death the difference between the death that we all experience in this life. In this life if the boy doesn't come. Back and that. Is what the Bible. Separate from God. And that. From God and moment. In time. Eternal separation from God I like to read to you. From design. This is in the path to disseminate and if you haven't read the book as I have it is one encourage you to do heaven and the world. Back the curtain this is not just about our salvation it says that. Having. The conflict. With them. And. When. That moment. Down to. Something like this. And in that moment. This is. Literally what I. Thought of you and that. It was in defending that because. Of reality and I haven't said that in all. That a person. Undeserving. Of the ways of the cross is the most powerful demonstration of the character of God I like to read the famous I'm a designer that is having. With green. And amazement. Upon the Cross blood flowing from its ruling the temple and. With blood standing upon his brow. And. The blood fell drop by drop upon the rock drill to the foot of the cross the Zulu made by the nails is as the weight of his body drag upon his hands his labored breath quick in deep as his soul panted under the burden of the sin of the world all having. Filled with wonder when the prayer of Christ was offered in the midst of this terrible suffering suffering upon the cross if any moment he could think about himself this would be the moment and that heaven wonders when he says Father give them. Not know what they do yet the good men formed an image of God filling out the lines of his only begotten son of one of the heavenly universe. Revelation of God's love. Knew who God was knew who God was the universe knew who God was but it was at the Cross that they saw a picture of God that they had never seen before. Another thing that happened that the cross was Satan was exposed moving on in the design of these is the principalities and powers of darkness are symbols around the cross a path into hell of adult unbelief into the hearts of men who do you think it was that was inspiring the mob to say Koussa fire him if he was a Son of God come down from the cross Linda likely to be the standard foisted on they were beautiful and glorious loveliness in holiness when according to the day exalted station failing laced with the wisdom of God and goaded with the penalty of heaven they would get hold of ministers but who could recognize the fallen of the glorious him within that one minute in the heavenly court taken with. In the beginning of the way conversely didn't know where it would lead but God let it play out and it got to the place where the devil was exposed Adam as a murderer as the individual that would. Inspire. The death of Jesus Christ Satan saw that his disguise was pulling away his administration was laid open before the I'm fallen angels and before the heavenly universe he had revealed himself as a murder by setting the blood of the Son of God looted himself in the sympathy of the heavenly. Pensive at the cross that the fate of the devil is sealed and the last half of the Bible was a foregone conclusion. As we noted earlier what happened at the cross of the greatest them in faith in the character of God moving quickly to annex Africa new study guide in the 10 to 23 verse 44347. And when he said cried with a loud voice he said Father into your hands I commit my. Last So when the centurion saw what happened to glorify God saying this was a right. This is the type of revelation of God that was at the cross of Calvary because. A person that is not even there by killing. Because of an order. And then not even a believer of God and. By this individual. And after. The testimony that. These were certainly. One. Man this revelation. That it. Was a right to snare another gospel says. This man. Upon the cross the great revelation in the great controversy as to the key. And the name of God. In his this morning by coming to dwell with. The deal gone to man and. He was. Gone. Audible all world is the last in Book of the universe God's wonderful purpose of grace the mystery of the dreaming Love Is it into which. It will be to. Both the lead. And the fall and find in the cross of. Science. It will be that the glory. In the face of Jesus is the glory of. Sacrificing. Friends today. I wish. I had the coming of an angel that I could. Have picked what happened on Alpha because the devil. Wants to do everything in his power so that never. God ask him. To get a defacto. Propaganda Machine and says God is this way but really. I believe that all of us would be. And motivated to respond it's a glimpse of the devil that you would never. Because in that moment. God became vulnerable. Opened himself as never before. In this moment that heaven. In praise of God. Passes his morning as we close 2nd Clinton for 1st. Study guide it says. The command of the language out of darkness has. To give the line of the knowledge of the glory of God I want you to notice the language the line of the knowledge of the glory glorious character in the Bible the light of the knowledge of the character of God is found in the. Described. The Bible tells us that this is the word God made ot of all end up to the time that it was a mere repetition of the can give God But when. God made audible and upon the cross there was no denying ethics of the God that the universe. And it is in the quietness of our own heart. You could see it as a bottomless that again if you want to respond as a lawyer number one I want to thank you for your revelation of love and then how many one say Lord thank you number 21 of desire help me to desire to see you as Savior and Lord of my life never see a revelation of God and not with Spock and. I want to respond want to respond as a lawyer when accepted as stated in the light of my life together to pray. Our Father in heaven today we come to you with many ideas about that are simply not true. That all of the lies we've been fed many lies but. We want to ask that you would reveal yourself to us in our minds and hearts. What you have done for us on Palfrey. That he paid we paid at this revelation with. Would motivate empower would move to respond to you because we love because He 1st loved us want to thank you for investing all of heaven in that one gift as he says Christ and today we pray. More do things. Revelation. You were born. In. 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