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Cosmic Conflict- Part 4

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • November 3, 2012
    11:30 AM
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Today is the last. Entitled cosmic conflict in the great controversy between Christ. And I'd like you didn't buy if we leave you. With him you'll find a guy with his outline if it is. And it is in heaven and I think it happened. In the Bible said our you've fallen from heaven. On of the morning for you have. I will ascend. Into Heaven I would follow my throne. I will. Succumb to. The signs of the new I will ascend of of the high for the clouds I will. Line them over. You notice that Lucifer wanted to be like God in the setting of the of heaven we said it was the 1st. One of the highest position and it's all. Down in the question. And it's a missile an hour. And a perfect player played by a perfect God. And we set that in the great controversy by. Then you said a guy admitting the great confidence in having. Purpose to overthrow the wrong guy it was you accomplished that ended up on his list Eliot and sickly it and go in with the asset of having to continue the same or. Loses on to do a better government than guide and then by the. Why didn't you do we noted that in the eyes of the cabinet founded the Old Testament at the godless place. I'm in the grown ups guy that the founding of the entire government have God was founded upon. We said that the law was an alien plan of God. Because we said that every time we think of God God. Is also duplicated in his law is laws off of law. As well as the holy We have another. Duplicated in his long his law is in. The Daily. Love is the foundation of his law is a claim. And the founding. Govern. We said in another. That the quote. Was the greatest revelation of who God was in it and we said that the claims of the lawn had met. The wages of sin is death when Adam and then a professor at the law said that it is a good guy to sit in a place and we did a simple observation that the law of God. Of all that the only way that men could be said was not in the wall that would have anything to do regularly quiet. But God said the law of God was. That the only way that minute could. Happen guys and I think. You have demonstrated. That the claims of a lot of the things that I've guys in the Senate. And beautifully exemplified ethical. Folk at the cross and that's the word. Indicating that fits. In with the great controversy we can know that the last half of the Book of Revelation all. We know will be all commit. To that victory at the cross and we can read and that. Is a. Wine. Is a crock isn't this is it. Over. Between Heaven and Earth. And then why I tell you this is a quite. Frankly a low. Multiple of 10 aside. Than it is. In that we live in a world of suffering and disease and human. All around and we went in the game. Drive down the road and all the intifada and were praying Sunday morning. That the. Cause of a violent state university in them and that conversion that all the close because by al. Gore can do that in a minute. But the question is why. Because why don't. People of it and we need to go back to the dinner. In the context of the controversy in and says I was invited to turn on the. Turning of Bibles if you so will benefit 127 in the clear in the hand of I have said. What is I say. In the image of God created in him. When. You add in the rest of life. And they want. They were what the Bible says. Of God. I believe that when. 6. More. Adamant. And adamant. Like. The law. In the wake of. The law. Today. And that the only way. And then. The only. Only way to today I. Think leave. Planet. Did a fall of man. Dramatically at the pit later. Then the lights on. Adam and went. To the place where the Bible says everything. Was only continually thoughts and feelings make up. The intent of the. Display. And born. Into this world view and I. Didn't quit. Calling. We have a color. And. In the new. Delete him. And the question is. In the case of God in man because it is often in the image of God. And now. To bring. That to the place where he was before the fall and if. The last 2nd is at the 4 or 6. The guy who committed. To the line of the knowledge of the glory in the. Prize is a lot because they have a very quickly what. Is it highlighted on the screen. In the light of the knowledge of the. Law is in the. Eye with the 1st century because if you want to know what God was once. A line and you happen to live an hour. All you have to do. Was look at the face. Of gone. With me. Every mile every line. Every glance. Of the revelation of God never before exemplify. God. But what is that glory. And even into my adult when I like more in the Bible I assumed that glory was like a. Sign. And killed in draws or in the throne of God I get a yellow crayon. Because I think the glory of God If it's. Coming from within. A visa. Stamp is the. One who. Had the advantage. And Moses said. And got up again said I will miss my. Boy you will play in the name of the boys equally I'll be glad I'll be great I was come on I left him past. This is my calling my call my goodness my great my competitive. With me is that in the thing. You. Always will never personify all you had to do was look at the. Price and suddenly you could recognize. Belief. I believe that the weight in the physical evidence that comes. As a thief. That is a physiological link. Of the same thing. I believe people can. I believe. It's. In the Bible so when he does seem to the killing fields him in into the universe. And the glory of. Why did they heal him. This is one reason in the 2nd when he attempted fingers isn't it but we all with. The holding as in a mirror the glory of the LO I. Notice that is in the process of his something if not of one thing the good. Feeling is. Glowing. By the spirit of the law you know let's put in that prayer replace it with. Only as an image of the Lord. To the thing. As by the feeling of the Lord. God of the beginning of the human race. Because a thing. Because when you leave. India. You are going. Back to the image. As originally. So look. At the face of. Heaven. Well. You. Do know that. You. Deleted. A. Lot of. The Lord. And. I know. That and generally and I can tell because I call my bluff it's grandfather passed away I would visit him as he like I'm just like him. And some other. Sound like. My dad. Like my. Hoping that he went off to deal with his assessment. But I think. I know when you. A man that's a lot. The way that I am but he has. I love him. In this condition. And. He has this look at Keep your eyes on. By the whole you'll become. And then. I wanted you to be old. I want to continue to keep my eyes fixed upon him because that is the source of our faith. How does God put that number and Gannicus back and they were just like him and him and his gun laws got written in their eyes and then to what God wants to do in the process of how they even have a sense that this is the cabin I will make Without that is a lack of those says a lot look at this I will put my life I will put my lawn which is Atlantic at the end of mine and mine them on the whole I will be the God of Israel be my Google we will get to the place by the grace of God when the law of God will be lifted in our. It will not be a long. By the grace of God we will get to the place over the law. And. God wanted a. New lease. Of My Life. And it is why this announcement and the end of time is it in the great controversy context revelation. That is of the things. The commandments of God and the. Thing alone it's. The reason we know that isn't readily. One then I love and the whole a lamb. And with him 821000. In the Bible. Wasn't. In the end of time. And then. That's the beauty of. Them as. The father's name written in the 4. As a 2nd coming of Jesus no to. Leave it to the whole and now the building of God and it is not only. That when you leave the. Line. And. When he discovers a 2nd. It will be a people. Life. Is going to be another this isn't the end of time revelations that it's expressing. Is the way to end the words of the wicked. And I don't from the why I was saying. As we look at the. We are one and by the grace of God when He comes we will reflect his Him That is one of the people and the other people. In the clouds of glory then. Finding holding back to the heaven and form of these they can be holding something else. And from the last of the Lamb the end of it in angling land. It sounds like a. But. Does that causes the wish to cry babies were that a great. Able to stand. Is a solemn word friends because in the end a time to sleep is the only. One. Is going to leak like a cancer. And the other. Is going to hit the character of the devil and in the context of the great controversy. Is a demonstration. The revelation of the can lead you. Through can end. Up all arriving and then if. One has all that a. Lack of him. And the other one through a process comes. Out of the end. All and all around. In the end. We come back to the illusion of class and quickly as we close while we feel us a call. The end of math. And it. Will be put in all the world as a witness to his and then we will come. To the. End then the end will come. In one of the sonic. Online in one week from all over the world we've gotten to the place with technology today. In the Internet. World and. Study guides. And. All the world but I've. Taken morning. With. But with a line. That is live. The way that it was because the way. And the final in the end of time is a combination. Of people. Like in the book of that. Life. And the. The gospel is not displeased with. What the our. God without and with our line. In line witnessed with the good news the guy. In the life of man. Living with. The world as a testimony to all and then the end will come. When. Desired by the man if it. Perfectly reproduce and if. He will come to cling. To radically. Believe. So that when you were last hour because. You are. Like me this comes in the closet. I want to by the grace of god stuff like that and then. Not because of anything that I've done because I've kept. On. And through that. I'll be holding. The world. In my. Father in heaven the only thing. Through. We think. We could look at your finger and then we could. Never be. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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