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The Sabbath- Part 2

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • May 25, 2013
    11:30 AM


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On the picture I have thus on the screen I have a picture of a sculpture it's a sculpture of Aristotle the famed ancient philosopher that influenced much of western civilization. Not many people know that he not only influenced and had an interest in philosophy and theology but also had an interest in you all the genes and biology. Matter of fact in the year 350 ab Aristotle made the pronouncement that claimed that the spider was an insect that had 6 legs and because it was Aristotle the brilliant genius philosopher no one took the time to actually sit down and count you don't needa a master's or a Ph D. to do this and it's not like spiders are not readily accessible and just because an arrow startled the authorities said that. Spiders have 6 legs they're an insect for 2000 years can you believe this 2000 years the textbook. Quoted Aristotle finally a gentleman by the name of Lamarck 20 centuries later had the audacity to sit down and actually count the legs of a spider and revolutionary discovery that rocked the community a spider does not have 6 legs that as they had to create a whole entire class of animals arachnids and the textbooks had to be written Could it be possible that today we are basing our belief upon our Florida seems. And not seeing things for ourselves and friends it's time that we read the last book about the Bible and start reading the Bible Amen and so many times we blip base our eternal salvation upon a theologian a scholar a pastor and base our entire theology upon what someone else says rather than going to the Bible ourselves acceptor 17 verse 11 says these were more noble than those and that's alone I can talking about the Bereans in that they receive the Word with already Nielson of mind and searched the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so now Paul was preaching he wrote the majority of the New Testament and the new spring and have the audacity to check and re seeing that Paul taught by Scripture and we need to be the same and don't take my word for it go back to the Bible for yourself and see whether these things are so immense We don't want to be like the community that trusted their start on find out that we have not investigated for ourselves I want to buy you to turn in your bible this morning to the beginning of the Bible We're continuing our series on the Sabbath and Genesis chapter 2 very beginning of the Bible the beginning of creation God institutes. On the 7th day the beauty of the Sabbath Genesis chapter 2 page 2 in Europe you Bible. Genesis Chapter 2 verses 123 that's what happened in the earth and all the host of them were finished and on the 7th day God ended his work which he had done and he rested on the 7th day from all his work which he had done then God blast the 7th day and sanctified it because in a directive from all his work which God had created maybe you can fill in the blanks in your study guide then God blast the 7th day and bank to find it because he ranted from all his work which God had created and made Black thanks to FIDE and arrested him to make a few simple observations Adam and Eve were not Jews. That may be news for some of you but at Abraham Isaac and Jacob came around much later some people say all this evidence for the Jews Adam and Eve were not Jews before since before any Jew when the world was perfect God bless the 7th day and sanctified it you can see this in your study guide in Genesis chapter one and 2 we discover that God did set a date aside and special this day was the 7th day of the week God didn't 3 very special things on this day you can list them below in your study guide he rested he blasts and he sank defied which means set apart for a holy use he rested he blasts and going to fide set apart for a holy use. When you look at the literary structure in the Hebrew of Genesis chapter $22.00 and $3.00 you'll notice something very fascinating each complete thought and on the 7th day God finished his work which he had done 7 words in the Hebrew. The next complete thought and he rested on the 7th day from all his work which he had done 7 words again in the Hebrew so God bless the 7th day and hollowed it 7 words again in the Hebrew it seems like Moses on the inspiration of God was trying to emphasize something make a point but even more than that you look at the literary structure of Genesis chapter one and 2 it says the evening and morning were the 1st day evening morning 2nd day 3rd day 4th day since 6 days each one of these are mentions just one but then he comes to the 7th day and it says on the 7th day on the 7th day the 7th day do you think Moses under the inspiration of God is trying to emphasize something make a point in the room mind when they wanted to emphasize something to say that this was important they would repeat it are critical scholars when they were looking at the language thought you guys are archaic redundant are they repeating themselves already where when God said in the day that you show eat of it you shall surely die in the Hebrew it does not state surely die it says you shall die die impact this is the climax of the creation story this is important this is different the 7th day the 7th day the 7th day there is something different unique holy about the 7th day as we come to the 10 Commandments. We study this last hour business and if you missed last Sabbaths presentation I want to invite you to go online and listen to it or watch the video of it I want to do a brief review some people say that the commandments were nailed to the cross and we did this last week we said that the 10 Commandments. Was one of the laws instituted by God it was written by God The only portion of Scripture that God wrote himself. This is so important that he decided he would write it himself there are portions of Scripture inspired holy men and they speak of their mood by the Holy Ghost but this is the only part of Scripture that he wrote himself and he did not write it on parchment he wrote it in stone telling us this is unchanging immutable eternal written by God written in stone it was deposited by Moses according to run me Chapter 10 verse 5 inside the ark in side the Ark of the covenant we also know that the other lot the ceremonial law was written by Moses gambar was written by God the Mosaic Law was written by Moses it was written not in stone it was written in a book and was deposited by Moses or even by the Levites by the side of the ark you can see that during chapter 31 verse 26 when in fact return there very quickly Deuteronomy Chapter 31 verse 26. Different from the 10 Commandments law Durani chapter 31 verse 2238 in your pew Bible 239 Deuteronomy Chapter 31 and verse 2239 and says Take this book of the law and put it beside to be Ark of the covenant of the Lord your God that he may be there as a witness what is your Bible saying. Against you it's me against the people why was that it was a book a blessing then cursings meaning that if they kept the book of the covenant there will be a blast that they did not these terrible things would happen to them so this was to be against the people we said last week that this is the exact blueprint the exact law that mentioned in closing chapter 2 verse 14 having wiped out the handwriting of requirements which is Greek in the Greek is the word dogma that was against us there you have it the same tag as down to Deuteronomy Chapter $31.00 verse $26.00 it was to be against the people they wiped out at the cross which was contrary to US taking it out of the way having nailed it to the cross. When Jesus died on the cross the temple deal with rent from top to bottom praise the Lord that every time we sin we don't have to bring a lamb into the sanctuary and kill it for the for our own forgiveness then praise the Lord for that Jesus is the Lamb of God All of those types the sacrifices the festivals like Passover day of atonement the tabernacle those are ceremonial tablets that we no longer have to keep anymore those are nailed to the cross Billy Graham was asked the same question some religious people that I know will tell me that the 10 Commandments are part of the law that I do that do not apply to us today they say that it's Christians we're free from the law is that right. The answer from Billy Graham No it is not right and I hope that you will not be misled by these opinions it's very important that Christians understand what the Bible means when it says they are free from the Law It certainly does not mean they are free from the obligations of the moral law and our liberty since you see the word law is used by the New Testament writers in 2 senses sometimes it refers to the ceremony a lot of the Old Testament which is concerned about ritual matters and regulation. Of that comment the ceremonial law passed in character and it was done away with Listen to this when the crime came from this law Christians are indeed free but the New Testament does also speak of a moral law which is of a permanent unchanging character and summarized in the 10 Commandments. That 4th demands on human life and man's duty to God and to his neighbor that it definitely applies to Christians is made clear in Romans Chapter 138210 the 10 commandments are still binding and you'll find today that the majority of people still believe that it's wrong to kill trying to steal it's wrong to commit adultery Those are all part of the 10 Commandments Let's go to the 10 Commandments Exodus Chapter 20 verse 11. In Europe you bible at the heart of the 10 Commandments we have the forthcoming. 3 in your view Bible expedition after 20 verse 11 it says Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. You shall labor and do all your work but the 7th day. Sabbath of the Lord. Your God Any You shall do no work you do know your son or your daughter nor your male servant nor your female servant nor your cattle and your stranger who is within your gates for in 6 days the Lord made the heaven to earth and all that is in them and the rest is the 7th day therefore the Lord blast the Sabbath and holloed it there you have it on the greens tell it to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy day you shall labor and do all your work I want to point out a few simple observations 1st of all it begins with the word what I remember we said last week that some people say that God wants to give us a 10 percent discount on the 10 Commandments. You should keep 9 of them don't steal don't kill don't commit adultery but when it comes to the Sabbath you shouldn't keep that one isn't it ironic that the only commandment that begins with the word remember is the one they're telling us to forget that just doesn't make any sense. Is Remember the Sabbath day some people well meaning Christians safe David I keep every day holy you are left before I keep every day holy Well most of you work this week this commandment says that the way we keep the day holy It's a big stage you show labor and do all your work but on the 7th day the sabbath of the Lord your God in it you shall do no work so the way that we keep the day holy is by not working on that day we can live holy lives by the grace of God but in order to keep the day holy The Bible says we should not work on that day the commandment also says that we should not be lazy men and says that we should be industrious we should work but God gives us praise the Lord a day off. And says I want you to take this off with me. Are one person say that there is no connection between Genesis and Exodus again the commandment of Exodus Chapter 20 hrs a through 11 and Genesis chapter 2 verse one through 3 I'm so glad you don't have to have a Ph D. you need to read the Bible look at that it says For what does that mean the reason this appeal logical imperative for why should we should rest for in 6 days the Lord made the heaven to earth the sea and all that is in them and rest the 7th day therefore the Lord bless the Sabbath day and hollow do in other words this is the theological reason because God blessed it he rested he sanctified it that's why we should holy the hard and the 10 Commandments we move on you can see this in your study guide in Exodus Chapter 20 The chapter containing the 10 commandments God reminds people about the importance of the Sabbath we can be sure that God is reminding them about the day because he begins the command with the operative word the word remember don't forget who wrote the log with his finger on tables Dahlan and it was placed inside of the Ark God wrote this on stone to show that it can not change God made this day holding in Genesis and here in Exodus to remind people about it it's worth noting that only God can make anything holy I praise God that he did not make a play holy and say on the 7th day go to this place Jerusalem and get very expensive but God made time holy so that wherever you are in the world this sacred holy time passes over us like a wave only God can make anything holy in this case he made time holy my birthday is on October the 5th I can find a picture with October the 5th. What is a birthday it's a memorial of you coming to this world I don't know why we give the person that was born presidents should give it to your mother. But the the tradition if someone came to me and said I know your birthday is not over the 5th but I'm kind of busy that day I want to celebrate it in January. So I would say thank you very much but it just wouldn't be meaningful it's always just a day doesn't matter what matters to me because I wasn't born again we're all born in October what if husband you told your wife anniversary or. It's just a day. I can celebrate maybe I want don't try that you might be sleeping on the couch by the way because it does matter well God has feelings to the men and God said look the 7th day matters to me and that's what really should matter if we love the Lord he said look this is an anniversary of creation and I want you to keep it holy by the grace of God the 7th day matters to God and that's why it should matter to us now Moreland and very bright individuals that aren't ethics have come to logical reasonable conclusions regarding other parts of the 10 Commandments in the deck a lot they've said oh it's not good for society that we are not good for society that we will in sheet not good for society that we do these other things they can come up with a rational rational reasonable reasons for these things but the Sabbath is the only commandment that they can't just they can't come to a conclusion about it because the only reason to keep the Sabbath is because God said so that's. God's answer and because we love Jesus that's why this anniversary matters to us. If you love your want you going to care about the universe or because you love your wife it's not just about a day it's what the day means. We move on how do we know which day Saturday horsepower best is Saturday. You look up Saturdays in Webster's dictionary says the 7th day of the week a matter of fact in over 140 languages of the world the word for 7 they insist Sabbath in Spanish what is the word for Saturday Salvador all right and we have a list of these here on the screen you can see them there are over 140 different languages Saturday literally Sabbaths what else of the ME If you look at the pure Chapter 20 verse 12 Moreover I gave them my Sabbath to be a line between them and me that they might know that I am the Lord who sanctifies them sanctification is a process a part of salvation when you do a painting What do you do after you complete the painting you sign it God creates his masterpiece planet Earth 6 days on the 7th day he placed a signature the Sabbath God takes you from the depths of sin give you justification begins a process of sanctification and he says look my signature in the Sabbath it's a sign on a screen of a picture of arguably the most famous painting the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci and one of the fascinating elements one of them is that this painting for many years well thought to have never been spawned by the genius from the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci it was in 2006 that a group of scientists were looking at the Mona Lisa under a magnifying glass and they looked at the left arm of the Mona Lisa and they saw inside the left eye the letters L. or the Leonardo Da Vinci. He signed his masterpiece after he had completed it the same way God wants to put his signature upon you and it is the Sabbath so every Sabbath you remember your Creator you also remember your Redeemer moving on in your study guide according to the field 20 verse 12 the Sabbath is a sign that God It is God who can make holy a man it is God who can make us holy up what 2 things is the Sabbath and a symbol we discussed that already the Sabbath is a sign of creation and salvation the Sabbath is a sign of creation and salvation moving along very quickly just as Adam and Eve were called to rest in and remember God's work of creation so too are we called to rest in your Remember God's work of patience we cannot earn salvation we must rest in the salvation that has already been won for us by Jesus Christ God is both creator and Savior and the Sabbath is a powerful sign in symbol of that fact I heard the statement before that the Sabbath is actually works. I would beg the contrary the saboteurs actually read and remember your telling them to work I'm telling you to rest and actually it's a testament that every Sabbath that we're not saved by our work we can read in God's ear it's a symbol of salvation in creation there's a blessing for keeping the Sabbath idea Chapter 51st 13 and 14 if you turn away your foot from the Sabbath from doing your own pleasure on my holy dairy and call the Sabbath a delight the holy of the Lord all honorable and shall honor him not doing your own way nor finding your own pleasures no speaking of your own words then you shall delight yourself in the Lord and I will cause you to ride on the high heels of the earth and feed you with a character of Jacob your father in the mouth of the Lord has spoken there's a blessing for keeping the Sabbath there is a special element of the Sabbath in which people that are blessed by God are the story of a man that had a furniture business in a small town and the competition was. There were a myriad of other Perna true company. And this man found out about the Sabbath he was convicted about the Sabbath he read an exposition after 20 verse 8 through 10 about the way to keep the Sabbath and he made the decision by saying to close his business on the Sabbath and it was the day that he had the majority of his business and profit came in on Saturday and its competition thought that he had lost his mind that you're going to go out of business a few years later there was a great recession every furniture company in that town went out of business except for his. He became the largest The only furniture business in that town. I could tell you other stories but God bless those that keep the Sabbath I will tell them I will honor them that honor me amen Let's move on what about Jesus they say Paul was a sample of Old Testament that old covenant Well you see here in Luke Chapter 4 or 16 that Jesus kept the Sabbath as well so he came to Nazareth were you have been brought up in Athens costume why he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read other parts of Scripture he tells us that he is Lord of the Sabbath. That the Sabbath was not made for man but man for the Sabbath Jesus kept the Sabbath other people. After the resurrection the Sabbath was no longer instituted any more that we keep Sunday in honor of the resurrection you can find no place in scripture that they were trying to change from the 7th day to another day here's a reference I can give you more I'm just going to give you 2 in action after 13 versus 14 but when they departed from Pearl get they came to Antioch in pursuit and went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and sat down and here's another reference the next chapter 16 verse 13 and on the Sabbath day we went out of the city to the riverside where prayer was customarily made and we sat down and broke to the woman who met there you can see that in the book about acts in the New Testament church the Sabbath was still kept by the Apostles there was no change mentioned in Scripture of a quotation here from a Catholic cardinal and I appreciate his honesty you may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification of Monday the scriptures in for the religious observance of Saturday. Now why do people keep Sunday now you won't want to miss Part 3 which is not next week but the week after and we'll go through and discuss how this change happened and why the majority of Christians stay keep from doing but here is the honesty of just Catholic cardinal and I can give you all the quotations I'm only going to give you one but you said look you can search the scripture all the way through and not going to find a single reference saying that the Sabbath was ever changed some people say we keep Sunday in on of the resurrection in Scripture you actually see that baptism is a memorial of the resurrection when you go down into the water and come back up that is the memorial of the resurrection and that is what was instituted in the New Testament church with remained all the way through Scripture. What about the Lord's day. Some people say that the Lord's day is some day and here is a reference to the Lord saying Revelation Chapter one Verse 10 I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and I heard a voice. Are behind me a lot of waste as of a trumpet and many people have this question about the Lord's day when you look in Matthew Chapter 12 verse 8 it says For the Son of Man is Lord even of the what even of the Sabbath so the Sabbath is the Lord's Day What about in heaven moving quickly are we going to keep the Sabbath in heaven if you look in Chapter 66 wrist 22 and 23 friends the new heavens and the new earth which I will make shall remain before me as the Lord so show your descendants and your name remain any shall come to pass that's probably one new moon to another and from one Sabbath to another all shall come to worship before me says the LORD going to keep the Sabbath and 7 there's a portion of this I want to point out very quickly noticed last part which says all flesh shall come to worship before me gives an indication as to how we are to spend the Sabbath day and part of that is worship I'm not saying that there are cuts out of it that you could spend at whole. But I would say or nature but that is the exception and not the rule and then the Bible tells us that we are to come together on the Sabbath day you're a find that if you're not coming together with God's people you start to get a little bit weak spiritually that's because we need each other and where ever the gospel is being proclaimed Jesus says there I am in the midst of them. We have just seen from Genesis to Revelation in the book of Genesis it says that the Sabbath was instituted at creation before sin before there was any Jew It was at the heart of the 10 Commandments God began it with the word Remember we go to the field we see that the Sabbath are not only symbol a memorial of creation it's also a sign of sanctification of salvation redemption we see that there's a special blessing for keeping the Sabbath in the book of Isaiah Jesus kept the Sabbath the Apostles kept the Sabbath the Lord's day is the Sabbath and we're going to keep the Sabbath in heaven isn't it only logical that we should keep the Sabbath now what is the Sabbath really about well it's really about. How many times has a loved one in your life whether it be your spouse or your children said I wish you would spend more time with me have you heard that before there's a relational element with time and this is what God is saying on the 7th day I want to spend time with you and my appeal to you today. Is your desire to make time for him aspirants together as we pray our Father in heaven we thank you for the Sabbath we thank you that you are a relational God. That highlights memorial anniversary time with your people and we pray and ask today that the work that you started in our line you will be faithful. To complete we thank you. For the God that works in us both are willing to do of your good pleasure that every Sabbath is a testament that we cannot work our way to heaven but we can rest in the assurance that you will work in him through. Keep us and help. When we can to help ourselves take our hearts because we cannot give them we thank you for this gift that you have given us that every 7 days we are to remember where we came from. That we have a future ahead of us that we did not come by chance but that we have a purpose. And meaning for this life we thank you for these things for me as he sings in Jesus' name and for his. Name in. This media was brought to you by audio perhaps a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio or.


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