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The Face of Jesus Christ- Part 1

David Shin


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • February 2, 2013
    11:30 AM
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Today we're beginning a new series of messages that we've been titled the face of Jesus Christ and it came out of a personal reflection of mine as I've been going through the last few chapters of each of the Gospels and it's my prayer that each one of you will journey with me as we were going through these different aspects of the character of Christ I want to back up do a little bit of review we said that it was always Gaunts desire to reveal himself to humanity that he wanted to reveal his character to man show us who he was but there was a problem he always had to clothe himself in another medium member with Moses at the burning bush he did not come out and talk to Moses face to face he had to be within the Bush he chose a very humble medium with which to communicate with Moses we also see that in the Old Testament the pillar of cloud was another means of communication God would be in shrouded in a cloud and Moses would come to the cloud and God would speak to Moses from within a cloud it was never face to face communication it was always through another medium and then we have the Ark of the covenant the Ark of the Covenant was where the Chicago glory was and this was a place where God's presence resided and yet it was covered you were not able to go into the most holy place of the saying sure where rather you were only to view it many times only when it was being taken from place to place and it was covered and those the particular way that this object was covered. You don't notice that in 1st Chan Samuel Chapter 6 or 20 after the Ark of the covenant has been uncovered and people perish because they witnessed the glory of God Notice what it said it said 1st in the chapter 6 or 20 who can stand in the presence of this why of this holy God So here is the problem God wants to reveal himself to humanity he wants to show us his character but the problem is because of His Holiness we are not enabled to stand in his presence so God solved the problem we talked about in our 1st presentation by the greatest revelation of God in history Jesus Christ Jesus came closed in humanity there was no filter there was no veil and all you had to do to know the character of Jesus was to look in his face Amen every look every smile every not every wink every whisper every sound every touch you could literally touch got there was no avail there was no medium you could look directly into the face of Jesus and know who God was can you say amen the greatest revelation yet it took the greatest Condon sent come ascension and we have sad that the greatest revelation of Jesus can be found in the face of Jesus Christ 2nd Corinthians says the light of the knowledge of the glory of God is in the face of Jesus Christ so we come to our passage today with our title in the olive grove and I'd like to invite you to turn with me in your Bibles to Matthew Chapter 26 verse 36 through 46 Matthew chapter 261146 in your pew Bible. 2636 through 46 and I'd like to read this. Entire portion and then go back and highlights I'm points very briefly then Jesus came with them to a place called a semi and said to His disciples Sit here while I go and pray over there and he took with them Peter and 2 sons of Zebedee James and John and he began to be sorrowful and deeply distressed and he said My soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to death staying here and watch with me he went a little farther and fell on a space and prayed and said Oh my father if it is possible let this cup pass for me nevertheless not as I will but as you will and he came to his disciples and found them sleeping and said to Peter what could you not watch with me for one hour watch and pray lest you enter into temptation this spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak and a 2nd time he went and prayed saying oh my father if this cup can not pass away unless I drink it your will be done and he came and found them asleep again for their eyes were heavy so you lapped them and went away again and prayed the 3rd time saying the same words and he came to his disciples and said Are you still sleeping and resting behold the hour is at hand and the Son of man is being betrayed into the hands of sinners verse 46 risings let us be going this was after the last supper before the crucifixion. And the Bible says in this passage that he went to a place called Gift salmon and it's interesting in John's account it doesn't mention disseminate it says that it was a place across the Kidron Valley another count says it was on the Mount of Olives So you put the pieces together it was in a garden an olive grove on the Mount of Olives this was incidentally this very same place where Jesus ascended in Acts chapter one in Zachariah 14 for it says that this is the place where Jesus will descend very significant place the Mount of Olives and the Bible tells us that this was a place that Jesus was accustomed to be going it was a regular place of prayer so there was nothing out of the ordinary you would many times go in the cycles to pray but this time it was different this time. Jesus his composure was changed and the Bible tells us it's interesting when you look at the nuances of the original language in verse 37 it says and he took with him Peter and to signs of a Sabbath he took with him his 3 disciples remember on the Mount of Transfiguration he took these 3 these were his closest friends and the Bible says that he began to be sorrowful this is interesting because in the Greek weighing wage they have different tenses this is a very significant figure of speech a tense in the verb it says he began to be sorrowful In other words prior to coming to the garden because 70 everything was fine but then he entered the garden took his 3 friends and the Bible says He began to be sorrowful and deeply distressed deeply describes the Bible goes on and says something else and he said to them my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to dat. Jesus walks into the garden suddenly he feels this way to upon him and notice the language that comes out his mouth he's telling his 3 friends his 3 closest companion look something's going on my soul is not just sorrowful but he says exceedingly sorrow of all to the point of death at another translation says he was deep beleaguered really to the point of death what was happening in the Old Testament when you sinned. You would have to bring a lamb into the same sure the Bible was very clear as to what you had to do to that lamb prior to letting the throat of the Lamb the sinner had to place his hands on the head of the Lamb and what he would do was transfer or confess all of his sins on to the Lamb the lamb would then be slain and sacrificed on the altar symbolically the sins of the person were being transferred to the Lamb. And I don't think that we can even scratch the surface of what is happening because the Bible says that Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of whom one person the world. If we were to compress all of Pastor Sharon's sins. Which I hope that none of you found out about past present and future all the sins that I have committed and committing while by God's grace I'm not right now but you get the point all right I'm preaching the word all right so here. And will come in it and you come across them down. And then you take all the compressions of every single person in this room and you place them upon one individual you take all the billions in the world all of the people in the state penitentiaries that have done terrible deeds all the people throughout the scope of history past present future and you place them upon one individual at one moment in time and this is exactly what was happening Jesus walks into the garden and suddenly he becomes the Sin bearer the corporate guilt sin shame all of the things that come with sin are being placed corporately upon one man and it is crushing his. He turns to his closest friends and he says look I'm not just sorrowful I'm exceedingly sorrowful even to death in other words I think I'm good. The Bible goes on by saying he fell on his face and he goes to pray and the weight is so great that he falls physically on his face and prays all my father and notice the nuances of his language all my father if it is possible let this cup pass away in other words he's saying Lord up I don't know if I can do it. The sinners one is becoming the Sin bearer and this is foreign to him in his life I don't know but I can do it please Lord if there is any other way please. The Bible tells us the look account the physician notice what he says he says and being in agony he prayed more earnestly and his sweat became like great drops of blood this is a medical condition and when you're under so much stress you actually start sweating blood the bursting of blood vessels Jesus is done he is suffering I want to read this account from the desire of ages. It says that behold him contemplating the price to be paid for humanity in his agony he clings to the cold ground as if to purpose bent himself from being drawn farther from the father the chilling do of night falls upon his prostrate form but he he needs it not from his pale lips come the bitter cry Oh mine or if it be possible let this cup pass from me so here is one scenario Jesus's die he suffered and notice what he tells his closest friends one translation Matthew chapter 26 1st 38 stay awake with me other times the bible loops that he would let them sleep and then he would awake come up in the morning but this time he turns to his disciples and saves but stay awake please stay up with me verse 21 stay awake and. The implication is very clear Jesus at this moment in time he's turning to his disciples he is dying under the weight of sin and guilt and he turns to his closest friends Jesus humanity is longing for compassion compassion companionship and we can summarize it support Amen Jesus turns to these guys and is like look I need your support Oh please I'm dying he didn't I'm packet because he said look up if I don't go you're lost you're included in the studio you recognize I'm going to Calvary for you to know the moment doesn't get any bigger than this ranch this is the biggest moment in history because of Jesus why was that sweat off his brow throws it on the ground says forget it I'm going back. He would not owe us a thing and we would all be lost the history of the entire human race hangs in the balance and he turns to his closest friends and says look I want you to stay awake I want you to stay awake and pray I need your support he prays to his father I love the way that Matthew builds this tension Lord let this cup pass from me he staggers back to his disciples he's hoping I hope these guys are praying for me. I hope these guys are praying for themselves he staggers back and they're sleeping Have you ever been in moments where you just couldn't stay up I can identify with these disciples it's it's easy to be hard on them but these are the 12 apostles that built the Christian church let's not be too hard on these guys I was in a room praying once with a group of individuals and I fell asleep and they left me. And I woke up and that was the most I said I woke up startled and then I ran out of the room where these guys go in his most embarrassing thing but here they are Jesus saying look I want you to pray and it comes back and he finds them sleeping he says they couldn't just stay up for even one hour he wakes them up he said Please pray for he goes back to the father of Lord let this cup pass for me please I don't know if I can do it then he goes back to his disciples hoping against hope that they are praying and then he goes back verse 43 then again this is the tension here again Jesus found them sleeping. This time he doesn't wake them up but you can imagine how Jesus feeling he's wanting support he's wanting their prayers he's wanting their companionship these are the guys that are going to lead the future Christian church and in the greatest moment in history when he asked them a small favor. They're really letting him down. He goes back Lord let this cup ask for me. While this really tells you something about the character guy he comes the 3rd time maybe this time they got it then Jesus returned to his disciples and said to them Are you still sleeping and Rusty have you ever been irritated before I have have you ever given someone so many chances and you tell them the same thing over and over and over again I want you to watch this one area please don't drop the ball on this one this time I'm going to write it out for you the so you know here you go. And then they make the same mistake you're like All right maybe this is the 1st time but that but then you go the 2nd time says I want to tell you this is an area we live in a time of political correctness this is nary a personal growth I want you to grow in this area and you come back and you tell him again the same thing and then and then they drop the ball how are you feeling in that moment have you ever said I've had it up to here I can't handle this anymore I've given you chance after chance after chance and what do we say forget it. Or even worse forget. I love always do my time on you joke girl whatever we feel it and I mean this is what we want to say I've given you my opportunity after opportunity and I have had it let's roll with. It I mean are you not thinking how many times do I have to tell you there's a sample. And here Jesus is dying. He's about to go on Calvary's Hill and die for the sinner. And these disciples are sleeping and he goes not once not twice but 3 times and they're still doing the same thing he is repeating himself over and over again he really could use some support right now and I want you to notice the response it's right here in verse $41.00 he said the 1st time the spirit is in the willing but the flesh is weak the spirit is indeed Willie but the flesh is weak there's a lot of things that Jesus could have said there's a lot of things that I would have said but I want you to notice which is a saying in this verse we can unpack it but he's basically saying look I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here guys you're failing me and your family me hard but I understand. I understand your heart I know you want to do what is right but you fail and I'm given you grace the spirit is indeed willing but the flesh is weak Have you ever blown it before and it really messed up how do you feel when you mess up and there's absolutely no excuses I've had situations where I've messed up and I know that I've really blown it in this area and you go back to the person and what are you fearing I'm fearing for their wrath is not right especially when you have absolutely no excuse that when you when you have nothing to say to justify what you have done and you go back to the person and you are feeling fearing their wrath your theory the words I told you so right. Look I thought you were going to end up that way how could you do this to me and this is the way we feel you ever see a dog when I look at my dog and I say. Bad dog. You know sometimes or not he did you things I'm like bad dog and it's interesting I have 2 golden retrievers in the psychology of what happens in their face I'm the look down. There's that cowering look and sometimes this is our picture of God we mess up in our Christian experience we're going to our Christian walk and we think that when we come back to God we have to be out in penance somewhere before God will accept is you ever make a mistake you're going to your Christian experience and and you blow it you fall fat flat on your face and and you think yourself there is no justification for this how could I do this I've been a Christian for years and how could I fall and perhaps over and over and over again and then using that when you come back to God that there is going to be this I told you so. How could you do that there's going to be at least a little bit of scolding but in this account it tells us that when we fail. No one is more patient than gone Amen when you read that with me today let's say together when we fail no one is more Haitian then God lets set again when we fail no one is more patient than God this is the reality. If there was any one moment that Jesus could have justifiably lost it and said look how could you do this it would have been disseminated but rather than chastising the disciples He tells them look the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak I understand when we fail no one is more patient than God God doesn't throw up his hands you don't say. Forget you how many times I have to bear along with you I'm giving up how could you do this I told you so. None of those things come across the lips of Jesus he says I'm here and I'm never going to give up on you and I want you to understand that when we fear. No one is more patient than got I look back on my own experience and there have been times that I look back and I see how much I've fallen short I see that God is calling me here at home way down here or even way down here and there's been times I haven't been the most focused and I've been out there wandering around God's trying to pull me back and I look back and I think to myself you know if I were God I would have given up on me and now it's at this guy's a joke I'm not going to I'm going to invest in it many more but I see over and over and over again that in moments that I was the least deserving God was the most patient and I wish that I could portray this characteristic of God that look when we mess up it's OK to go back it's OK to say Lord I'm sorry and there is absolutely no chastisement that comes from the lips of Jesus steps to Christ per page $64.00 often we shall have to bow down and weep at the feet of Jesus because of our shortcomings and mistakes but we are not to be discouraged even if we are overcome by the enemy we are not cast up not forsaken and rejected of God No Christ is that they're right hand of God who also make it intercession for us and do not forget the words of Christ the Father Himself loveth. That's a beautiful promise. There is hope perhaps or someone here that you've been struggling and you think it's too late to go back God is saying it's never too late he's saying I'm never going to give up on you this keep coming back perhaps I'm someone here that has a picture of God as a been dicked of chastising father. I want to tell you look at the face of Jesus because somebody Jesus. Always will take you back Jesus wants to give you every opportunity. And it's my prayer today that you will look at the face of Jesus and get 70 recognizing that when we fail no one is more patient than God. I mean you want to see that face of Jesus today a man that's parents together as we pray our Father in heaven we thank you that you are so patient that you never throw up your arms and say I've had enough I can't handle these guys anymore you never give up you never lose your cool you never say I told you so and I pray that all of the misconceptions regarding the character of God might be unmasked today as we look at the face of Jesus and the salmon he helped us to realize help us to recognize that God desires to give a revelation of themself that when we fail no one is more patient no more is one is more longsuffering no more no one is more. Long ago to have us we turn to him. And we pray that this revelation of Jesus might compel us might motivate us to serve our fall. But we have seen since Jesus. 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