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The Face of Jesus Christ- Part 2

David Shin


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • February 16, 2013
    11:30 AM
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Today we are continuing in our series of messages in titled The faith of Jesus Christ is taken from 2nd Corinthians where the Bible says the light of the knowledge of the glory of God is found in the face of Jesus scribes I'd like to invite you to turn with me in your Bibles to John Chapter 18 verse 28 it's one to 47 in your pew Bible will be staying for the majority of our time in John's aspect of this interchange between pilots and Jesus Incidentally all 3 all 4 of the Gospels talk about pilots and Jesus but John's Gospel is unique in that it gives us the most dialogue so I'd like to invite you to turn with me there I'll have some scriptures on the screen as well so you can follow along in your Bibles and on the screen Bible tells us when they lead Jesus from Caiaphas to the per Torah M. And it was early morning but they themselves did not go into the for toward him lest they should be defiled that they might eat the Passover this is so ironic isn't it that these religious leaders are about to murder the Son of God the Passover lamb and they're like We can't go into the house of the Gentiles because we might become ceremonial lead defiled this is a little bit of a twisted priorities here they're killing the son of God They're like We don't want to go into your house by that because you're a Gentile and we might defile ourselves this is an interesting situation. Why do they have to go to the house of pilot the petroleum the reason was the Jews were given jurisdiction over spiritual matters but when it came to the death penalty they still needed the Roman officials stamp of approval. They had convicted Jesus on the grounds for member last week of the last of me and now they were going to pilot now pilot could care less about the conviction of blasphemy all the cares about is a civil in insurrection and it was early in the morning when they came out Pilot is an interesting fellow This is an inscription that was found in the 1960 S. many higher critics did not believe that Pontius Pilot The name was a legitimate name that was ever used and this was an archaeological discovery the only inscription incidentally with the phrase Pontius Pilot It essentially validated the Biblical description of pilot and you'll be interested to also know that every archaeological discovery that has been made has never contradicted the Holy Scriptures and you say amen. It has become so reliable then when archaeologists go to do a dig overseas you know what they bring with them they bring a map and they bring a Bible because the Bible has been historically accurate when it comes to archaeology Pontius Pilot was mentioned another time earlier to this incident in Luke Chapter 13 the Bible says pilot mingled the blood of the Galileans with their sacrifices seems to indicate that the pilot had murdered them while they were giving sacrifice he was a weak mean man that was not afraid to use lethal force file and Josephus also records of incidents about about pilots he did not get along with the Jews and it was a very interesting tenuous relationship. We see that the Bible says in John Chapter 19 verse 2918 verse 29 pilot then went out to them when the Jews would did not want to come in because they did not want to be defiled so high that had to go out to them and he said What accusations do you bring against this man remember last week we said that they had penned the accusation of blasphemy a religious conviction and you'll see the interesting response by the Ferris sees he asked What conviction do you have in verse 30 they answered and said to him if he were not an evil doer we would not have delivered him to you it's a very if a sieve answer isn't it may not answering the question that words are saying Trust us we don't want to give you a legitimate conviction as to what happened. Then goes into the Torah and where Jesus is and starts dialoguing with Jesus and for the sake of time we're not going to read through the entire chapter of John chapter 19 and 18 and you will thank me for it later Incidentally this was a very difficult passage to study because it was so large I had to really hone in on a certain section pilot is in a quandary because even the pilot is not afraid to use lethal force when necessary pilot does have an element of morality about him and he looks at the face of Jesus and he notices very quickly that in the countenance of Jesus there is a difference between him and the hardened criminals pilot has been interacting with criminals for a very long time and he looks at the face of Jesus and he sees innocence and he dialogues with them and 3 times not once not twice but the ME times in Luke's account pilot says some very interesting words I want you to notice that they're very quickly on the screen pilot turned to the leading priests and the crowd and said I want you to notice the nuances of what he's saying here is that I find nothing wrong with this man. He has cross-examined Jesus and he says look I can't find anything wrong with verse 14 of that same chapter you brought this man to me accusing him of believing and we've all I have examined him thoroughly on this point in your presence and find him what and find him innocent again in that same chapter this is driving home a point in the mind of Luke why what crime has he committed I have found no reason to sentence him to death that I would like to contend here this morning that pilot not only did not believe that Jesus of guilty of a crime worthy of death at Furthermore I believe that in Highlands heart of hearts he wanted to release Jesus the reason I believe this is the Bible explicitly says in that same chapter of the $2321.00 pilots argued with them look at this pilot comes out in start arguing with the religious leaders this is a pagan man on nonbelieving pagan King the prefect of Judea the governor that was assigned to that region by Caesar he goes out and starts arguing with them and he says that he wanted to release Jesus that was the reason why he would argue with them and in John Chapter 19 burst Well the Bible tells us that Jesus or was attempted to be set free by pilot it says pilot tried to set Jesus free he's in a quandary because he knows that Jesus is innocent and he starts to go out there to engage the mob trying to convince them that this man is innocent furthermore he's trying to convince them that releasing him would be the best option there was a critical moment in which. He compromised his position that I believe led him down the path of ultimately washing his hands and Jesus being crucified and this compromise began in New Chapter 23 verse 20 How could it be that someone that was so convicted that she is innocent furthermore is arguing in his favor trying to release him could later on washes hands and Jesus would be crucified I believe it began right here at this critical point our pilot argued with them because he wanted to release Jesus but they kept shouting crucify Him crucified for the 3rd time he demanded why what crime has he committed and I want you to notice this part but I've highlighted I have found no reason to sentence him to death no reason to sentence him to death the next sentence seems contradictory to what he has just said I found no reason to sentence him to death so I will have him flawed and then I will release him I don't know why you did this I don't know why he said this why are you going to whip an innocent man but perhaps in his mind he thought that they would have mercy on him or it was to appease the crowd that was beginning to get very very angry he thought perhaps I could do this I'll give in a little bit and I will perhaps quell look the mob that is gathering around this is a an interesting parallel or these sentences are pate placed specifically next to each other it shows you the illogical framework that pilot is work from he says look I found no reason to sentence him but I will flog him and I will release him this is a picture of the. Roman whip that archaeologist believe that they used during the 1st century it was a short handle like you see there on the screen and those things that are coming down are made up of leather and you see those little kind of balls on the end of that leather that was. Part of the whip where they would tie lead balls to the end of the leather and then they would also take short pieces of sheep bone and place it on there as well the prisoner would be. Tied to a post his back would be exposed and it usually took 2 Roman soldiers to take turns on a prisoner not going to go into the details of what's happening but medical examiners looking at the type of lacerations that would happen on the back of an individual that was going through something like this have said that it was designed to inflict as much pain as was humanly possible the Jews would only whip them 39 times because they believe that the 40 of them would actually be individual so they would bring them to the very edge of death and then stop right there. This is a quote from Dr William Edwards he's a physician at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. And he probably is a Christian and he was curious as to what happened during the flogging period and I going to belabor this but I just want us to get a grasp as to what was happening to Jesus at this point it's in the Bible and it's there for a reason as the Roman soldiers repeatedly struck the victim's back with full force the iron balls would cause deep contusions that means internal bleeding and the Leather's Aung and she bones would cut into the skin and subcutaneous tissues then as the flogging continued the lacerations would tear into the underlying skeletal muscles and produce quivering ribbons of bleeding pleasure pain and blood loss generally set the stage for circulatory shock if you remember in our previous presentations Jesus has spent the entire night praying a semi he was then taken to a pilot's judgment all he's very weak in your member after this that Jesus is carrying the cross up to go off and he faints and the reason many people believe that happened is because he had lost so much blood in the flogging that are taking place just prior to this the Son of God is experiencing excruciating pain in this moment and this is an artist's depiction of what the scourging would look like and Jesus comes back into the protests and it was customary after that logging that the soldiers would start to mock the victim of the soldiers assigned the governor took Jesus into the governor's palace and took the entire brigade together Ivan from the New Living Translation and for fun they stripped him dressed him in a red robe they plated a crown from the branches of the one Bush and set it on this had they put a stake in his right hand for a scepter. Then they knelt before him in mocking reverence Bravo king of the Jews they said Bravo then they spit on him and hit him on the head with a stick and when they had their fun they took off the road and put his clothes back on him and then Jesus is led back in the view of that angry mob and those famous words from the mouth the pilot the old the man the whole and then. There's a part that I want to focus on that literally lifted itself it seems off the page and was drawn to my attention pilot hears a saying among the people that he claimed that he was the Son of God and he becomes very afraid that he might be dealing with someone that is divine just from the countenance of Jesus himself I believe that he could see that something was something different about this man the Bible says in John Chapter 19 that he was very afraid he goes back to Jesus and he asked this interesting question he says where are you from. Where are you from. Jesus doesn't answer him and then pilot turns to him almost a little bit irritated I believe and says Don't you know that I have the power to release you or to crucify you at this moment Jesus responds and I have the words here on the screen there so much here but I want to. Hone in on one or John Chapter 19 verse 11 1st these are the 1st words to pilot after the flood now Jesus has just been whipped within an inch of his life he is fainting in a lot of pain and Jesus answers pilot and says you would have no power over me if it was not given to you from above in other words the power that you have right now is delegated authority. Then the next verse is fascinating the next part of that verse therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin what is Jesus trying to say here Jesus sensually saying that look there is someone that's even more guilty than you now this is an interesting way of phrasing it but I want you to remember that Jesus has just been flogged he's looking at the man that believes that he's innocent but because he's weak he had him go through this excruciating flogging and he looks at him and the 1st words that come out of his mouth is therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin we'll come back to this in a moment but I want to ask you the question What is your natural response when you've been hurt by someone I think all of us in this room have been hurt one time or another whether intentionally or accidentally you ever hold up a nail for someone whether driving a hammer. Or the nail into something and then Yes and they hit your finger What's your response it's like you know don't you know how to use a hammer you clumsy You know you you get upset even when it's an accident what what if someone hurt you intentionally What's your natural response I think the natural visceral understandable response when someone intentionally hurt you I pray that it's not physical all but perhaps some of you have endured physical abuse or emotional abuse and when someone hurt you emotionally or physically the natural response is is what anger resentment been to cation retribution. These are all natural things are or only a nation or stonewalling these are all things that happen when someone hurts us when someone wounds us the natural physical psychological response is anger how could you do this to me why are you doing this to me and perhaps there are people in this room that you've been hurt by your parents you've been hurt by someone you trusted you've been hurt by a family member a friend or perhaps even a church member has hurt you deeply and the natural response many times is is anger this is a legitimate response when someone hurts you I want us to go back to this verse it's very fascinating of Jesus has just been wounded by a man that thinks he's innocent he has been hurt physically I would even say emotionally I don't know the psychological repercussions of going through that type of brutality I just simply can't understand it but look at the words of Jesus he says therefore the one who handed me over to you greater sin in other words he's looking into the eyes of a man that has just beat him within an inch of his life and he says look I'm looking for greats and I want to tell you this someone has hurt me worse than you in other words you're not as accountable as somebody else this is astounding to think about Jesus is believing his back is lacerate he's looking to the eyes of a man that is just literally taking him to the very edge of death and he looks at him and he says look I want to look for greats I'm looking for mercy It's as though someone has just slapped you and you look at them and you say you know what someone has slapped me greater than you so I'm holding them more accountable than what you've just done. This is a mind boggling statement by Jesus therefore the one who handed me over to a greater sin. In other words when pilot was one pilot wounded Christ His 1st impulse was mercy when pilot wounded Christ he looks into the eyes of a man that has just done something to him and he says look I'm looking for grace and I'm going to dissolve as much as possible for what you've done and I want to tell you there's someone that's even more accountable than what kind of God Does that there's a lot of things I would have said at the very least get a look at pile and said look there's going to come a day when you're going that you could have said why did you do that to me. He would have been justifiably angry justifiably vindictive but the impulse from the mouth of Christ was I'm going to look for mercy what kind of God does that I think that perhaps there's people in this room that you've had a father or mother that has given you an incorrect picture of God wraps you've had a father mother that's been very harsh and vindictive angry perhaps you've been emotionally or even physically abused and and you've gone through your whole life thinking that God is like that I want to tell you it's not sometimes we think that when we mess up God it's my 1st visceral reaction is I want to the indication but this is an extreme raw situation where God is hurting any looks into the eyes of the man that is just hurting him and he says look I'm looking for grants I'm looking for mercy what a picture of got some of you may have been hurt by a church member and you have a distorted picture of God I want to tell you that dog is Marse. It's in his D.N.A. It's as natural inclination is the thing that naturally comes out of him and let's not be too hard on pilot in reality the Bible says He was wounded for pilots transgressions What is the say he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for all our iniquity notice the language here the chastisement of our peace was upon him and when. We are healed the reality is that every time you sin. You're hurting got every time we are unkind unloving impatient been depicted every time we are piercing the heart of the Son of God and yet this is the reality when I wound Christ His 1st impulse is worse Amen we're doing this all the time or hurting the some of God I heard a dream of someone that was at the Pretoria. It was this trial they were in pilots palettes and Jesus was being flaw and in the dream the individual was crying out and saying please stop please stop this this is an innocent man and and in the dream they were able to go and grab the arm of the Roman soldier and pull them back and you looked into the eyes of him self the reality is that every time we sin we are piercing the heart of the Son of God and friends the most beautiful thing is that when we do this and we go back to him there is not an ounce of been the case. He is looking to give you mercy a man is looking to give members with that type of heritage. We can be merciful as well and did him whom is given much we can also give much it's a supernatural thing and we'll be going through the next several weeks looking at the life of Christ and his very final moments you'll see a character of God displayed that will touch your heart credit you would journey with me and today I just want to make a very simple appeal perhaps you had a distorted picture of God Perhaps you had a picture of God that is angry out to get you but I want to tell you that the face of Jesus Christ in pilot judgment call is the face of mercy and he's holding his arms out to you today. And saying I'm looking for a great one to come how many of you want to come today the Lord I want to respond to this parents together with. Our Father in Heaven Lord we thank you for who you are we thank you that you're a god that has an inclination for mercy that even in moments that we disappoint you even in moments that we wound you and hurt you that your 1st initial response is always to look for grace we pray that which that you would help us to remember this that you would help us to etch this this picture of God in our minds and recognize that it's never too late to go back that even though we may have wounded you deeply that when we come back there is no animosity there is no anger that the 1st response out of your lips Our Words of mercy Father we pray that your to help us to bestow this type of divine mercy to others that to whom much is given. Much can also be bestowed to all of us. Wasn't he posed to that. We as citizens of Jesus. 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