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Think on These Things- Part 2

David Shin


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • April 5, 2014
    11:30 AM
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Our Father in heaven we thank you for this Sabbath we thank you for the words of that song. We thank you for this opportunity that we have to gather part from the cares of this life to worship you this morning in spirit and in truth. We praise you and thank you for the Sabbath which is a memorial of creation and redemption a reminder that we cannot save ourselves by our works but we can rest in your assurance that you have instituted the Sabbath as a sign symbol of our sink difficult. We pray that you bless us this Sabbath as we continue in our series that our hearts would be uplifted and that we would be drawn closer to Jesus Christ who we have things in Jesus name Amen. Today we are continuing in our 3 part series of messages that we've been titled think on these things and today is part 2 in our 3 part series just as a note of mention here next Sabbath I'll be out of town at a board meeting and Pastor Daniel will be speaking role he's blessed when he speaks but I will continue in part 3 the week after so if you don't see me next Sabbath and wonder what happened to the series you'll know why let's do a little bit of a review from last Sabbath last Sabbath we looked at the Libyan Chapter 4 verse 8 and here Paul gives us a filter for our thoughts the filter is that we must asked the questions before we contemplate and we allow things to be knocked around in our head to ruminate to contemplate there is a filter that we must pass everything through before we think about it we must ask the questions Is it true is it honorable Is it right is it pure is it lovely is it praiseworthy and if it passes this criteria it is then and only then that we continue to contemplate and think about it we said that we do not just go to a stream like the Grand River and get a cup and drink straight out of the Grand River if you do this I highly encourage you to get a filter and pass things through the filter our minds are not just to be an open vessel to allow anything allowed into our consciousness we must filter it before we think about it and we said the montra last week evaluate before you contemplate Amen evaluate before you ruminate because we said present man thinks in his heart so is he our thoughts in our feelings determine our moral character and who we are we read this quotation from in heavenly places 182 the top. It's in the feelings come behind to make up the what the moral character the things that are in your head we said that a happy person thinks happy thoughts a depressed person thinks depressed thoughts and our character is molded by the things that are in our mind we read this quotation as a man thinketh in his heart so is he many thoughts make up the unwritten history of a single day and these thoughts have much to do with the formation of character Our thoughts are to be strictly guarded for one in pure thought makes a deep up pression impression on the soul and evil thought leaves and evil in press on the mind if the thoughts are pure and holy The man is better for having cherished them we also said we need to have a constant sense of the ennobling power of pure thoughts and the damaging influence of evil thoughts Let us place our thoughts upon holy things let them be pure and true for the only security for any Saul is right thinking we said that in the end of time this can be true groups of people one group that is going to be just like Jesus because of the father's name written in their foreheads which means they're going to think just like Jesus is going to be another group of people that have the mark of the beast and they're going to think just like the devil and right now there is a controversy for your hearts and minds coming over the media and we need to be careful what is allowed into our thoughts and our contemplation and we said that if a thought comes that is not in accordance with the Libyans chapter for it for say it we said dismiss the thought and replace it with scripture and then it's the battle for the mind in the great controversy between good and evil. Now today I want to invite you if you have not already to turn with me in your Bibles to our scripture reading James Chapter one verses 12 through 15 and this morning's presentation this morning study I believe is so critical in our Christian experience that we understand the progression of the stages of sin and in James Chapter one Verse 2 out you 15 Paul I should say James uses an illustration an allegory or I should say an analogy to describe the nature of our thoughts James Chapter one Verse is 12 to 15 bless it is the man who endures temptation for when he has been approved he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him Let no one say when he is tempted I'm tempted by God for God cannot be tempted by evil nor does he himself tempt anyone but each one is tempted when he's drawn away by his what is the Bible say by his own desires and enticed then when desire has conceived it gives birth to sin and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death before we proceed and get to the thesis up today study I want to make a few observations here James is talking about the nature of temptation now when you study the Bible it's important for you to make some observations and notice what is included and what is amid it. Now in this passage what is fascinating is what is omitted from this passage James talks about the nature of temptation and he says that we are tempted when we are drawn away our own desires our own sinful nature and tendencies and we are enticed but notice that nowhere in this passage is the devil even mention is not fascinating. The devil is nowhere to be found in this passage. Now I don't believe that James is saying that the devil temps us we are does not tempt us or the devil is not a factor in our temptation but according to this passage we are not only tempted from without but we are tempted from within if the devil were to be exterminated today you would still feel temptation tomorrow why because within our nature we have as a result of sin a tendency a bend toward sin a desire a craving towards sin this is the sinful nature this sinful nature draws within us certain pulls certain perversions that we have inherited from our grain grandparents or great grandparents going all the way back to Adam every person born into this world has a sinful nature and we are tempted from within as a result of this sinful nature now the devil does pick on those areas within our sinful nature and uses that for temptation but we are tempted from within as well as from without Now your temptation may be different from my temptation. All of us have a peculiar make up and it's the law of heredity it is what we call cultivated tendencies toward sin and inherited tendencies toward sin These are the things that we deal with within our human nature the 2nd observation I want to make is that Paul I keep saying Paul my goodness I James uses a interesting metaphor to describe the stages of sin OK he's using figurative language Now here's the figurative language in him highlighted them on the screen James Chapter one Verse 15 it says then when desire or some translations say lust when desire has was my will say conceive that is a fascinating word to use in regards to sin when desire has conceived it gives birth there's another figurative word to sin and sin when it is what full grown 8 brings forth dad. Here James is using a fascinating metaphor this is to help us to understand the stages of sin he says stage one of sin is what conception All right stage 2 of sin is birth stage 3 of sin is growth and the final stage of sin is what is that here James is using a metaphor and analogy to help us to understand that the life cycle that all living organisms go through conception birth growth and death are related in one way or another to the way that sin progresses and develops so here they are here are the stages of sin conception when conception happens. It happens in the mind it is not visible it is not an action. At birth I should say even prior to birth if you were to go with this analogy you know that conception has met has happened at a certain period of a few months isn't that right OK using this analogy you notice that someone is pregnant OK Now birth is the visible manifestation the action that comes out as a result of what's happened at conception All right are you following the analogy that James is using conception birth growth and death right now most of us in this room. I myself included prior to studying this passage you know where my primary concern with sin was right here or right here OK it is the visible manifestation in other words when you act upon something when you do something like when it is visible that is the point when I say oh I have sinned but James here points out that C.N.N. does not become sin at birth but it is simply the manifestation of what has happened at the point of what conception and conception happens in the mind when using this analogy this is where James is saying that sin begins to use this analogy further you have the egg. OK the egg. Is there just because the egg is there does not mean there is going to be birth or conception is that true OK Something has to happen so the egg comes across now the egg in this analogy is what is temptation All right the temptation comes across now just because you are tempted does not mean it is sin there has to be something happening in order for this sin to be conceived Are You Falling yes or no OK so here comes the temptation the temptation is coming across I think and in between temptation and conception there is a gap something has to happen. There is a gap between temptation and conception but at the moment of conception that is when the Bible says sin happens not at the moment of birth or action. Now here's the rub in between temptation and sin something has to happen right here and that is human consent once in your mind you consent to that temptation the Bible says conception has happened. Now let's say you're tempted with something all of us are tempted every single day the temptation comes across at that moment it is a critical point and this is where the great controversy. For your heart really lies it is not at the moment of birth or death or manifestation. It is at that point that gap when the temptation comes and you in your mind give the consent it is that that moment the Bible says that you have started a process in which the visible manifestation will happen Have you ever gone along and. You have this habit in your life that you just can't beat or you end up doing something that you never thought you would do all right and you ask yourself how did I end up here right am I the only person in this room that this goes OK I say you're going to live in it and then you mess up you see in you fall you're you're on the ground and you're like how did I get here James says you did not just end up there something happened the temptation came and there was conception you just caught it at the moment of birth that is the reality of what James is say and so the great controversy lies in the gap between temptation and conception between temptation and sin and so here it is message young people per 67 no man can be forced to transgress his own consent must 1st be gamed the so must purpose the sinful act before the passion can dominate over reason or iniquity triumph over conscience so here it is there has to be a point of concession or consent your will has to say OK and it's in that moment that last has conceived the temptation has conceived and you're down the path of the stages of sin stage one has just happened so here's the practical application of this. The temptation turns into sin the moment that I think yes that moment conception has just happened. Stage 23 and 4 are the natural result let me make it a little bit more applicable temptation has turned into sin the moment that I think OK. Temptation comes OK conception the moment that I imagine doing it. I was cut really close OK the temptation comes and you're like God. Conception the moment that the temptation comes and you cherish the prot you don't I mean by cherish that would be so. Conception the moment that I think about it over and over again now this is where the real battle lies because I'll be honest with you many times in my own consciousness of sin I'm so concerned about the birth the action the visible manifestation that I think that in my mind I can go. On to this kind of game where the temptation comes and I say look I'm never going to do that but let me just think about it a bit you know I'm talking about let me just dwell upon this who wouldn't that be so nice but you stop OK or you hope you stop with the Bible says that the train has already left the station that's what the Bible is saying that once that thought that temptation comes across and you think OK let me think about that a little bit more conception has happened stage one stage 4 is alternately going to happen at some point this is what the Bible is saying temptation is turned into sin the moment I think OK the moment that I imagine doing the moment that I cherish that the moment that I think about it over and over and over again. This is where the victory lies this is where the controversy is for your heart and your soul it's the moment between temptation and conception. How many of you have had something in your life an addiction habit and you hate this habit OK. And you say to yourself I'm never going to do this again you're so therefore. I'm never going to do and let me use chocolate just because it's you know we can like laugh about that or maybe someone here OK but I say I'm never going to chocolate again and you go on these things and you say look for 3 weeks I haven't eaten chocolate I've been good but then something happens you get a little bit depressed and then you go on this this binge this chocolate binge all right or you eat nothing but chocolate for 3 days and then you feel terrible and you feel guilty now you just fill in the blank All right we all laugh about chocolate but you fill in the blank with what your area is OK whatever it may be this addiction perhaps no one knows about it in the entire world but it is destroying you. And this is what's happening. Here's a testimony I feel guilty about what I'm doing but I can't what I can't stop when I get these urges nothing seems to relieve them except for gambling now you fill in the blank with whatever it is you are dealing with if I don't get to the casino when I have these or just maybe my wife asked me to do something or family emergency comes up I feel incredibly anxious and I get very irritable the way I treat my wife and family is sometimes hard but I leave them alone for hours I lie to them I cancel family plans and it's all due to my gambling. The amount of energy time money so I spent gambling has me shaking my head in disgust I look back and wonder how I lived this way the disease controls you and not the other way around I know I am ruining my career and I just can't stop my behavior this is the issue this is the dilemma is that when the temptation comes we have this gap between temptation and conception the problem is that we can't even choose differently it is always yes it is always conception it is always cherishing and this is the reality of our sinful nature is that we can't even choose on our own this is Romans Chapter 7 I do not understand what I do for what I do I do not want to do but what I hate that I do that area of your life you hate it and you do not want to do it anymore but you keep on doing it this is the challenge this is the reality of our human nature gee up to 7 verse 18 for I do not I know that nothing good well is in me that is in my flesh when I have the desire to do what is right but not the what does it say but not the I believe the to carry it out this is the challenge whether we do to keep the temptation from conceiving and becoming sin that in that sin apps in that gap we do not even have the ability to choose otherwise so that will just lines up the temptation and just picks off because he knows conception is going to happen because we don't even have the ability to carry it out this is the reality when the temptation comes according to the Bible our will our ability to even choose right is enslaved by the bondage to sin. It's in Slate You can't even choose right so no amount of help self-help books at Barnes and Noble no amount of self-discipline no mount a person no will power will help you beat this thing that temptation comes conception is going to happen 100 percent of the time now you may be able to stop it on the level of birth and physical manifestation but on the level of consciousness on the level thought the Bible says you are guilty of can see. Temptation the enslaved will will choose always to foster to think about to cherish that thing and it will always become sin so what is the solution what do we do. Steps to Christ many are inquiring Listen to this how am I to make the surrender of my self to God How do I do this you desire to give yourself to him. But you are weak in moral power how many of you felt this way in slavery to doubt and controlled by the wife by the habits OD your life your promises how many of you made promises before I'm never going to do this again and was allusions I like what ropes of sand you cannot control your thoughts you're in Pa says your affection so you're in a helpless state of being you can't even choose what is right because your will isn't slay the temptation comes you can't choose otherwise. What you need to understand is the true force was to say of the Will this is the governing power in the nature of man the power of decision or of choice everything depends on the right action will the power of choice God has given to men it is theirs to exercise you cannot change your heart you cannot of yourself give to God it's a faction so you can't change it you can't do anything but you can choose to serve Him you can give him your what is a say you can give him your will thus your whole nature will be brought under the control of the Spirit of Christ this is what is saying and this is Biblical is in that moment of temptation or even before that moment of temptation you say Lord I can't even choose what is right when the temptation comes I'm always going to can see what you say is Lord I give you mine we'll this is the most powerful praise that you can ever pray in your Christian experience and here in lies the real battle. So here it is the temptation comes when you give your will to whom to God you say Lord. I can't help myself I can't even give you my heart take my heart because I can't give it help me to be willing to be made willing this is how desperate we are he said Lord I give you my will and I pray this prayer by the grace of God every single day I said Lord help me I give you my Will this is the only choice that we all timidly have God will not come down and take over our will that is in Slate you must consent you must say Lord I give you my will help me and what he does he empowers you he strengthens you he then if your will of corn to John Wesley and gives you the ability to choose which he did not have even before. I give you a personal astray sion of mine. Gave this before but I'll give it again for illustration sake a number of years ago when I was a barren Springs as a youth pastor before coming here I was on e-bay on Saturday night got online and sometimes I just bid for fun knowing that I'll never win the item but on the Saturday night I was bidding and you never want to do this I put in a number and then I said please someone come in you know a bit over me so after buy this thing and I was I was bored so I was bidding and there was a little T.V. on their end and then I won I won the television and I was and then I got the television in the mail and opened it up in I didn't even it get cable I put rabbit ears on it you know this is before each team and put rabbit ears on it and I was watching 3 A.B.N. because it was local. With great. But what you don't know about me is that an aspect of my carnal sinful nature is that ever since I was a child my parents. Recognized that I had a an addiction to media. Serious addiction for television to the point where they recognized that whenever I was in front of the T.V. I just get mesmerized I would watch it for hours and hours upon and it was something that was there within my sinful nature and somehow on a Saturday night the devil got me to get a T.V. you know and so so I'm watching you know I'm watching 3 A.B.N. and you know another thing is that my parents got to the place where they would pray and say Lord help us to get rid of this television we got robbed and the only thing they took was the television. And they were like Praise the Lord you know. I came home I so want to go you know they took it but years later I'm in ministry and I'm watching 3 A.B.N. but eventually it got it's a slippery slope you know I went from 3 A.B.N. to the news. From the news to like Oprah and then. From Oprah to like things that was like in the gray area and it was just getting you know the downhill slope was just starting to happen and it got to the place where I was I became so addicted I mean I felt like oh you know this addict you know which was you know which I was that I get up in the morning and rather than reaching for my Bible I reach for the remote and then it clicked that I was on a path of destruction. Reaching for the remote instead of the Bible and then I would click it you know get my fix for the day come back watch it some more and I got to the place where the temptation would come and every time it was conceived. And the only prayer that I could pray reading steps to Christ I said Lord I got down on my knees and said Lord you fill in the blank with whatever area you're dealing with I said Lord I'm addicted to television it is destroying me and I'm not going to live I enjoy it I don't even want to get rid of it I want to watch more of it and I said Lord help me. Because I can't. Do for me what I am incapable of doing for myself. It's just help me take my will just just help me I can't I can't even remove this thing and it's when I prayed that prayer that have been came down by the grace of God not on any merit of my own and God gave me strength from on high and I got up from my knees and I took that television I put it in a box and I dropped it off at the local community service center and it's by the grace of God that when you pray that prayer that he comes within you to will and to do of your good pleasure now whatever area of your life you may be dealing with today only heaven may know but I will tell you this that that is where the battle lies and it's my prayer that you will Give God your. In that moment you can't beat this thing on your own. Give God you will. And strengthen your nature with the Word of God memorized scripture you know the way that Jesus dealt with temptation it is written. Now if the Son of God uses scripture how much more do we a sinful human beings needed as well by word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against the this is the equation when the word comes in sin goes out. This is how it happens you're dealing with something in your life find a bible text of which you can apply that in that moment of temptation between conception that you not only Give God your will but you quote that Bible passage is a Bible passage I would quote bus it is a man that endure a temptation for when he is tried he shall receive a crown of life temptation comes to scripture. Quote the scripture hide these texts in your mind you know what you're dealing with if you're dealing with anger in irritability quot the Probert he that is slow to anger is but better than the mighty temptation quote the scripture we need to recognize that that is where the battle lies that God wants us to bring every thought into the abyss of Jesus Christ and you will fall or you may fall but the reality is that God is always there to pick you back up a man he says keep on going God is not concerned about your track record his concern that you always come to him quote 1st John 19 he is there when you fall to give you forgiveness but we serve the God of Jude 24 the God that is able to what keep you from falling. God wants to stop it at the moment of conception he wants to stop it at the moment of temptation Give God your will and fortified your mind with the Word of God The temptation comes to shift your focus to the Word of God don't cherish it don't think about it don't let your mind wander around it because that is the moment of conception by what means that Jesus overcome in the conflict with Satan by the Word of God only by the Word of God could he resist temptation it is written he said and unto us are given Listen to this exceeding great and precious promises that by what these you might become partakers of the what divine nature this is the reality is that when you hide the Word of God in your heart the Bible tells us that you become a partaker of not the sinful nature but I've done divine nature this is where the battle rise this is the secret of overcoming those habits and those addictions in our lives having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust every promise of God's word is. Us. I've heard testimonies again and again and again of people that have said My life has been transformed when I started hiding the Word of God in my heart my marriage has been transformed because we as a couple have had the Word of God in our hearts we need to recognize that the moment of temptation we need to in that sin apps in that Yap focus meditate upon the Word of God and the conception will never happen because God's Word is just that powerful Amen. Hey man. One of vij you stand with me this morning as we prepare to close. Every had Bell and eyes closed. You've heard God speaking to your heart this morning. And you have an area of your life this area of your life has been a challenge and perhaps Heaven only you know. Perhaps even tempted to give up even tempted to throw in the towel but today you've heard God speaking to your voice you know he can't beat this thing by yourself and you want to say today Lord. I want to come forward and surrender I want to surrender the Seri my life and if that's your desire here today I want to invite you to come forward here this morning and say Lord take my heart for I can't give it keep it pure because I can't keep it pure for the I give you my will to day and I want to surrender this area of my life into your care Lord please give me the victory I prayed that temptation would not become conception Lord help me in that gap to focus upon you and by coming forward you are saying Lord I can't do this by my self I need your help grant me the power to be kept from falling grant me your grace to give you my will today star writes together we pray. Father in heaven. We come forward today as sinners Lord. We are in bondage to self to sin. And Lord we're coming forward today acknowledging our weakness this is the only decision that we can really ultimately make is to surrender our will to you Lord we don't even know what to pray here this morning but we just said Lord take us I surrender I give you my will I give you the right to intervene in my life and this is a of my life whatever it may be at this habit this addiction this thing that has so in slave us Lord we surrender to you today we delay it upon the altar we ask you and we claim the victory in Jesus Christ because we know that you have already won the war you have already gotten the victory just need our consent you just need our surrender you just need the right to intervene so we surrender here this morning we give you our hearts and our minds because they have been bought by the blood she's Christ. We thank you for the gift of forgiveness when we fall we thank you for the power to overcome our addictions and we pray that you would lift us up and encourage us to be strength and I pray for every soul here today that you would see a list by your spirit and when you come in the when you come in the clouds of glory may we be clothed with the righteousness such as it's Christ for me as he sings in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know about. It you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W.


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