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Hid in My Heart- Part 1

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • July 5, 2014
    11:30 AM
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2 part series of messages in titled hid in my heart taken from Psalms 11911 you remember that word have by. My heart that I might not sin against the will be focusing on the Word of God as a relates to the Christian experience and today the focus of our message is found in Matthew Chapter 4 verses one through 4 will be looking at the 1st temptation of Jesus right after he has been baptized Matthew chapter 4 and verse one Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil when you're reading this passage some of you may be inclined to think that somehow the devil and the spirit were in collusion to frame this temptation for Jesus when that is not the case there is not an alliance between the spirit and the devil can you say amen the actual translation of the word tempted here is literally tested and I want to make very clear that in this situation Jesus is not placing himself wilfully on Satan's ground Jesus is right after his baptism before his ministry preparing for a ministry in the wilderness and is in his in this situation that the devil comes and temps Jesus Matthew Chapter one Verse 2 and when he had fasted 40 days and 40 nights afterward he was hungry your fasted before I cannot imagine fasting for 40 days and Satan knew that he was not going to wait 30 days he was going to wait 40 days. And it's not by accident that this temptation came right after the baptism of Jesus Christ which means that when you go down into the watery grave which we have witnessed this year many times that afterwards you are a marked individual but the difference is now you're not alone and when he had fasted 40 days and 40 nights afterward he was $100.00 now when the tempter came to him and said If you are the Son of God command the stones to become bread that 1st part of that phrase and says if you are the Son of God Satan was tempting Jesus to doubt the words that he had just heard before. At the baptism of Jesus saying this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased there's a myriad of things that we can focus on what I want to focus this morning on this particular passage in Matthew Chapter 4 in verse 4 it says but he answered and said it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by what your bible say but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God I want to make a few observations about this passage and then we will go to the heart and the thesis of our presentation here this morning Jesus in all 3 temptations says the words why it is written you have an advantage of ministry today entitled it is written Jesus is quoting Deuteronomy Chapter 8 verse 3 we're not going to go there here today at this afternoon if you have some time one encourage you to read Deuteronomy Chapter 8 he's quoting the Old Testament. Matter of fact in the temptation number 2 and temptation number 3 Jesus quotes Deuteronomy the 2nd time and the 3rd time in all 3 temptations Jesus quotes the book of Deuteronomy the Old Testament we live in an age today in the Christian community where they say you know the Old Testament it's not really as relevant today you heard that before we are New Testament Christians but Jesus here shows that the Old Testament is relevant can you say Amen so relevant that in this great controversy between Christ and Satan at the greatest moment of temptation Jesus looks through his mental 5 miles of scripture and he quotes the book of Deuteronomy in response to the temptation by the devil himself which means that Jesus thought that the he believed that the Old Testament was relevant powerful and transformative in the life of the Christian can you say man. Jesus quoted the words it is written another observation that Jesus made or Jesus said of this passage in Deuteronomy Chapter 8 verse 3 it says Man shall not live by bread alone Jesus is pointing out that we are not only physical beings there is another element of being human that is our spiritual nature we're going to be making some more observations about this passage but Jesus points out that just as important for our spiritual nourishment it's a relationship to our physical nourishment of bread. And then Jesus says but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God we're not to be selective when it comes to God's word he says that every word is a pliable and powerful I want to focus here this morning on this relationship that Jesus alludes to man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God Jesus here is implying that there is some sort of relationship between physical bread and the spiritual word there is an interesting parallel comparison between these 2 and this is not the only time that Jesus alludes to this reality remember in John chapter 65152 Jesus said I am the living what is a say I am the living bread that came down from heaven he's talking about the man this is an allusion to the Heavenly Man of that came down during the times of the Old Testament he says I am the living bread that came down from heaven and notice the language here it says if anyone eats this what does it say bread he will live forever and the bread also which I will give for the life of the word is my flesh and this verse 56 is shocking the people heard this and many of disciples went away Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in them and the people many of the disciples many of the fairest sees thought that Jesus was alluding to cannibalism. But Jesus later on clarifies in John chapter 6 for 63 says the words that I speak unto you they are spirit they are life Jesus is implying that there is a special unique relationship between physical bread and the spiritual world are you following me here this morning yes or no there is an interesting fascinating relationship with tween the word and physical Brett is what we call a parallel comparison it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God What do we mean by a parallel comparison remember in elementary school you had these parallel comparisons matter of fact that come up in I.Q. test only some of the ones I've taken this is a very simple parallel comparison to illustrate my point here is a parallel comparison hit in is to cat as puppy is to was all right how did you know that it's brilliant here all right I.Q. tests are you guys are all scored 100 aren't kitten is to cat as puppy is to dog now the way that you find the answer right here is that you look at the unique relationship between kitten and cat isn't that right and then you analyze that relationship you say kitten cat let me see kitten is an adolescent cat that is the relationship then you think puppy is an adolescent dog and then you say this is what we call a parallel relationship Jesus in Matthew Chapter 4 verse 4 is giving an implied parallel. And allergy a parallel relationship and here it is bread is too physical as the word is too spiritual The bread is too physical as the word is to spiritual Now I know this is a morning and you're like Oh Pastor come on this is what this is I try to keep it as basic and elementary as possible all right so the bread is the physical as the word is to spiritual and so we do the same thing Jesus says that the word is like bread the same relationship or a parallel relationship between bread and our physical nature is the same as the word is to our spiritual nature so the exercise I want to do here this morning is for us to understand how is sensual The word is to the physical nature I want us to go in there in Analyze to think about the relationship between physical bread and our physical nature and so here is some reflections in my sermon preparation this week the way that we relate to bread is a active interaction is the right it is not a passive interaction at least if you want to receive the full benefits of the bread right let me give you an illustration of a passive relationship a passive relationship is carrying bread. Having the bread on your lap. Even smelling the bread you know putting your tongue on the bread passive. You're not going to receive the full nutritional benefit of the bread having the bread in your cupboard and in fact you can have a 1000 loaves in your cupboard passive relationship in other words possessing bread is not the relationship that is going to give you the most nutritional value matter fact is going to give you 0 nutritional value now the relationship between us and bread by the way when Jesus said bread he's not just talking about specifically bread he's talking about the material necessity for human existence food that's what he's talking about when we look at bread and the way that you interact with food in general I want us to look at the relationship when you take bread you have to go through certain steps 1st you have to put the bread in your right in your mouth that shows some commitment I don't put anything in my mouth are you following yes or no now when when you're little OK when I was a child I imagine that I put all kinds of stuff in my mouth because I have very little discernment my parents that you can't eat that OK But now as an adult I with my star rebore all powers I look at something I smell it and analyze that especially if it's something foreign and then I ask myself Is this safe. Is this going to cause me to get sick and then after I've gone through that analysis and we've done this so many times that we don't even think about it it's automatic we look at the bread or we look at the food and then we say OK I think it is safe to put in my mouth in chew but have you ever had a situation where you thought something was beneficial and you put it in your mouth and you're like. And what do you do you say you spit it out OK So so there's another level there before it goes down the hatch if it's not acceptable you spit it out so this is the level or so the War of the bread has to come in and it has to be accepted it has to be receive it has to be chewed it has to be masticated and then it has to be digested and after digestion it becomes what a part of you literally physically it's a very intimate transfer transform made to process and this is a very unique relationship in Jesus says the same relationship as bread is to the physical the word is to the spiritual you following me this morning yes or no which means that the interaction with the word should be the same type of dynamic active interaction now you fill in the blanks it's not just a nuff to have a 1000 Bibles in your home I don't have a 1000 Bibles but I have a lot that is a passive relationship we must go through the steps of reading the word receiving the word meditating on the word which means to go over it again and again and again and until the word becomes a part of us and it is a transformative interaction that is the type of interaction that the Bible is talking about Furthermore when we talk about bread it is what we call and essential relationship an essential relationship there's a book out came out a number of years ago called Darwin's Black Box. Michael B. he talks about something called irreducibly complex and he gives the illustration of a mouse trap a mouse trap is irreducibly complex irreducibly complex meaning that you have the catch the hammer the spring the holding bar and the base every element in a mousetrap is eroded deucedly complex meaning that every ingredient or every element of a mouse trap is essential meaning that if you remove any part of the mousetrap the mousetrap ceases to function you take away the hammer it ceases to function you take away the catch it ceases to function you take away the base it ceases to function and Jesus is pointing out that the relationship between the word and our spiritual nature is the same as bread is to our physical nature and the relationship between bread and our physical nature is and essential relationship meaning that you have to have an I looked up in my piece Saurus some synonyms or some definitions of the word essential essential absolutely necessary in possible without crucial in this tense of Will all of these things is what the word is to the spiritual nature it is essential absolutely necessary in possible without and crucial the Word of God is just as essential for spiritual life as food is for physical life it is essential it is absolutely necessary it is impossible without I want to think about this. The Word of God. Is essential for spiritual life because I will admit that at certain portions of my Christian experience I have assumed or I have lived like the word is supplement it's extra It's the bonus and I've lived my life especially at the beginning of my Christian experience immediately after I was baptized with this concept of a supplemental reading of God's word and it went something like this wake up in the morning I'm going to try to get my morning devotions in but if I don't I'll be OK and I go through my week and sometimes the only time that I would crack open the Bible is on Sabbath I get my Sabbath supplement All right this is the this is the way I would live I come to church and I get oh I get my money my Sabbath message and I open my Bible and this is where I get my Sabbath supplement for the week and I was living a life in a paradigm of not essential biblical living but supplemental biblical living and it showed in my individual life and if you are a draw this parallel practically it's like you saying you know what I'm only going to eat once a week that that is what we are kind of saying when we have this kind of a supplemental approach to God's Word it is not an essential relationship it's kind of like the cherry on top of a cake Jesus is saying look it's not the cherry on top of the cake it's the flower meaning that if you remove the flower the cake ceases to exist the Word of God is essential spiritual life is in possible with out this type of dynamic this type of relationship with God's word now. Some of you may be saying and I ask myself this question to you after I did this study pastor I thought we were saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Which is true but Pastor when you get up and say that spiritual life and the word must be in this dynamic relationship saying that without reading the word your spiritual life is not going to exist or not going to subsist any longer it is seems like you're saying that this is salvation by bible study. How can we have this dichotomy on one side you say we're saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ then and don't get me wrong here this morning I preached many sermons in my time here at the University Church about the Gospel when you accept Jesus as your savior in that instant in that moment when you send those prayers to heaven you are accepted as a son of Jesus Christ and you are justified in that instant and your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life no questions asked you are born again by faith in Jesus Christ by grace and when we talk about this relationship of the Word of God It seems like there is a contradiction and this is the way that I have tried to frame it for you here this morning feeding on the word we stay alive notice language feeding on the word we stay alive after we have been what made alive let me read that again feeding on the word we stay alive after we have been made alive there are 2 phases to human existence in this context you are born and you are alive there is something that has to happen for you to be born. And there is something that has to happen for you to continue to live after you have been born Let me give this indication or application to a baby when a baby is born no one says look you've been born good that's great you're alive now let's just put you here on the shelf exhibit A And that's it you're alive. I mean this is ludicrous because we know that even though the baby is born it must what remain alive he must stay alive so just because someone has been born a Christian doesn't mean that something has to happen in this divine transaction called sanctification where the Christian must grow and stay alive and the Bible is pointing out that after you have been born again that in the process of saying difficult ation the Word of God is essential for staying alive as a Christian let me put this in the context of the sanctuary when you walk into the sanctuary there are actually several phases of the Christian experience and I want to point out 2 phases here this morning it's in this 2 phase relationship I want to address here is one phase the outer court hears the other phase the holy place you come into the sanctuary this is in relationship to the Christian this is where the lamb was slain This is where you accept Jesus this is where you are justified that happens immediately your past is cleansed and you stand before God as if you have never sinned can you say men you come in you are justified at the cross the laver can represent baptism for the Christian but you do not stay here. You do not camp out here the trajectory is to stand face to face with God as Adam did open communion with God This is the goal so God has you go into this 2nd phase of your Christian experience this is where you have been made to live this is where you stay alive through these 3 essential elements of the Christian experience of table to show bread represents the Word of God we have the lamp stand which represents the Holy Spirit's ministry through the Christian we have the altar of incense which represents the prayer life and intercessory prayer prayer Bible study and ministry are essential for staying alive after you have been made alive Bible study essential for remaining a Christian but it must be preceded by being born again after you have been born again you go into the Holy Place experience I believe that every person that is baptized that it's born again should be taught how to study their bible in their morning devotions. The same in every person that goes through that water should be taught practically how to stay alive after they have been made alive after they've been born a Christian you have to be taught how to remain a Christian and this is the Word of God the Word of God is essential for spiritual growth and this is a practice and I believe that as a pastor I am of you know part of the same community of faith and my colleagues we have been responsible many times in our history for her baptizing an individual and saying all gather good but let's let's move on to the next one another person is born you put them on the shelf and let's move on to the next one without having a systematic discipleship model in place so that every person that is born is taught Look you've been saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ not of works less anyone should boast but God has made beautiful divine provision in his word for you to grow as a Christian after you have become a Christian and that is by feeding on the Word of God on a regular basis Christian education 582 keep your Bible with you as you have opportunity reading fix the text in your memory even while you're walking the streets you may read a passage meditate upon it thus fixing it in the mind and today with technology if you have a smartphone. Takes one click of a button and you can download the Bible onto your phone and you are taking your Bible with you all right this is very easy in the 21st century to do and I want to tell you that I have made this by the grace of God my practice and I praise the Lord for being a pastor in this regard some people say oh a pastor that it's a difficult challenge in 21st century to minister and there are difficulties but one of the beautiful things about being past a pastor is that I get paid to be spiritual Amen amen I I mean this is great this is great I get paid I get paid to study my Bible all praise God this is the great position to be in so I have made this is my practice and I want to tell you on my phone I have this app called audible where you can download audio books. And I actually sent out an e-mail this week through Mary there was a link there. Click to Autobytel dot com and you can download the entire Bible dramatize to your i Phone And that's what I've done I this is the best reading of the Bible I've ever had because I have 3 versions or Bible readings and this is the best one I've Alexander score be another one but this is this is by far the best and when I get up in the morning my wife knows as I'm going about my morning routine after I've had my devotions Maybe I'm getting some things ready and so forth I turn on my i Phone. To that audible app and I click on the Bible and as I'm going through my day I'm listening to the Word of God in the car I go my Bible on I'm going through the Word of God This is becoming a part of my life in and Pastor Daniel have been going through this journey together and he was walking around through can meeting with his ear buds on in and out and I look at him and I just smile because I know my my brother Daniel is listening to the Bible and this is becoming a a transformative experience all throughout the day and I want to encourage you to do this you may not have the time that I do but you can surely carve out moments in your day just like you do for breakfast lunch and dinner make time to feed on the Word of God Make time to fill your mind we need the Word of God because this is as Jesus said the word is Spirit the Word is life and this is where we get our nourishment to remain a Christian after we have become a Christian make this a daily part of your Christian experience and I want to invite you to look in your bulletin there is a handout in there I wanted to make this as practical as possible and I forgot my belt and so Sophia I promise I'll give you this back afterwards. And I'm not going to go through this whole thing but this is a practical way one way that I have sought to apply Scripture in my morning devotions Right now I'm going through the correlated Bible readings but this is a practical way that we have taught to our new members and I want to encourage you to use this is also made available online at our website at our You Tube. Our You Tube media cast that you could download this is available in P.D.F. but this is one practical way this is not the only way but in your morning devotions this is one way to have a personal practical devotional life and many people have said you know Pastor I want to study the Bible in my morning devotions but I don't know how well this is one way want to go through some of the things Number one you must prepare you must always start your morning devotions or a study of the Bible with prayer the 2nd thing that you can do is paraphrase take out a blank sheet of paper and jot down the date and passage you are studying cover only as much as you have time to digest this is important you don't want to get indigestion in your morning devotions Amen so this is something that you want to apply in practice bite sized pieces and you can even start small number 3 you look at principles of God's word this is how you practically apply God's Word you can ask these questions is there a sin to confess. Is there a promise to claim is there an attitude to change is there a command to follow is there an example to follow is there a prayer to pray is there an error to avoid Is there any truth to believe is there something to thank our praise God for and you fill this out then you go to your project this is a practical way that you apply that Scripture to your life finding a principle is only half the battle you must then go and apply it to your personal life this means transforming that principle into a project by answering the more questions or the following questions Who what when where why how what exactly does this verse suggest you do and the Holy Spirit brings a certain projects your mind jot them down checking to make sure they pass personal achievable specific and scriptural and then you put that Bible passage if you decide to into your memory this is a commitment that you must make on a daily basis and this is just a simple way that you can apply this I suggest getting a devotional journal I have a mole skin devotional journal but I got from Staples and and it's my journal entry for that morning it's my devotional book and I grab it it's on the same place in that same room on that same shelf I grab it in my morning devotions and and I have a systematic devotional life just as you should have a systematic place for your meals it's the same thing the same principle applies to your morning devotions. What you say Pastor. I don't have time I would say make time. I meant make time you make time to eat make time for God's word and it doesn't have to be 2 hours start out small start out with 10 minutes set your alarm a little bit earlier and I have my alarm in the bathroom because I know my human nature if I have my lawn next to my bed I hit the snooze button for the next hour and it's a miserable way of sleeping every 9 minutes an interruption but what I put it you know I've done that before for an hour and I'm just like why did I just get up the 1st time is this is ridiculous but you know I said in the bathroom because then I have to stumble out to the bathroom and I turn on the light and I pray that that that exercise keeps me up in the morning and that way I can have my morning watch with God make time for God's word the word of God is the answer to every spiritual problem can you say men if you're dealing with spiritual malnutrition this could be one of the reasons I do an assessment am I spending time in God's Word is my relationship with the Bible a passive relationship or is it an interactive transformative relationship the Word of God is the answer to every spiritual problem if you're struggling with impure thoughts the Word of God is the answer if you are struggling with secrets in the Word of God is the answer if you're struggling with a temper. The Word of God is the answer if you're struggling in your human relationships and you're finding it very difficult to think Christ like thoughts about an individual that is not being very nice to you the Word of God is the answer and man and it is my prayer as the pastor of this church that our congregation will daily feed on the Word of God wouldn't that be beautiful. That if our congregation by the grace of God lives by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God If every member in our congregation spends personal time in their morning devotions you will see a transformative effect in your home a man you will be a different father a different mother a different husband you will have a different family we will have a transformative powerful presence in this community because of the power of the Word of God and it's my prayer that by the grace of God that these words will become true for you and me Psalms 1103 through one of 5 How sweet Are you are what to say how sweet are your words I What a beautiful relationship with the Word of God He's not thinking all you know I have to study my Bible this morning this is this is a very different relationship how sweet are your words to my taste yes sweeter than honey to my mouth from your precepts I get understanding therefore I hate every false way your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path and that is my prayer for every member every person that is in this congregation that we by the grace of God can say your words are sweet to might taste is that your desire here today one of my you to stand with me this morning. As we prepare to close every head bowed and eyes closed on to make a simple appeal here this morning Bal your heads with me in the quietness of your own heart I want to make this appeal if you want to say by the grace of God. I recognize that my promises without him are like ropes of sand but I want to commit to spending regular time in my morning devotions and this is your desire and you want to say Lord help me I desire to do this I recognize that I am weak in moral power but with you I can do all things and I want to say Lord I have become a Christian I have accepted you but I want to be strong as a Christian I want to be sustained as a Christian and that's your desire today in USA Lord help me I want to make this commitment by your grace to spend regular time in my morning devotions Why don't you just put your hand up to God The Lord knows this Lord knows your heart and you want to Lord I want to make this commitment God bless you God bless you can put your hands down. My 2nd appeal is this and this is a very specific appeal I want to open the doors of the church here this morning and there is someone here and you have not fully accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior you've been holding back and if you're hearing this appeal here this morning and you've accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior I want to invite you to continue to pray as I make this appeal this appeal is specifically for someone that has not fully accepted Jesus as your Savior I want to give you here this morning the opportunity to respond to God's voice Jesus says Behold I stand at the door knock if any man opens the door if any woman opens the door if any child opens the door I will come in to him or to her and that is the promise and that promise still stands here this morning this is a specific appeal. For someone here today and you've heard the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart and today Jesus is inviting you to respond to that invitation if that is your desire to respond and say Lord I want to accept you as Savior of my life I have not previously fully done so and today I want to respond I want to invite you to come forward for special prayer is there someone here today that wants to respond to Jesus this is not Pastor shin this is Jesus Christ that is giving this open invitation you want to respond and say Lord I want to accept you as Savior of my life is there someone you're today that wants to respond to that voice is there is someone here today that wants to respond to that invitation on invite you to come forward I'm not going to belabor this but I just want to open that invitation at this time you want to say Lord Jesus police I want to respond to your spirit here today that appeal is still open my 3rd appeal is this. You have a prayer request that you have a burden for I don't know what it may be perhaps Jesus only knows perhaps as a person perhaps as a personal decision perhaps as an area of your life for someone else and you have up this prayer request and you want to bring this prayer request before the Lord today I want to invite you to come forward at this time God bless you have a special prayer request that you want to submit before God God answers prayer in men and this is a specific appeal for those that have a perk West that they want to bring before God God bless you God bless you we serve a God that hears and answers our prayer he always answers that request. It may not be at the time or in the fashion that you requested but he says that he hears our hearts in your purse God bless you bless you. Bless it's parents together as we pray our Father in heaven we thank you that you are a god that hears and answers our prayers we thank you that your ear is not heavy that it cannot hear nor your arm shortened that it cannot say we thank you that right now our prayers are ascending to the most holy place of the heaven the same sure where you are ministering on our behalf and I pray for every person that has come forward here this morning for this prayer request perhaps it's a person that they have a burden for Perhaps it's a personal decision perhaps as a personal struggle whatever it may be Lord we come to you today laying this part of our lives this prayer request before you asking not in our name but in the name of Jesus Christ who died for us on Calvary depending on the merits of the blood of Jesus here this morning we plead with you to answer this request in answer to our petitions in your own way and in your own time I pray that you would answer our hearts here this morning and father today we have seen how the word of God is essential to our Christian experience not supplemental not an addition not extra that after we have been born again you want us to live and grow as a Christian to be strengthened as a Christian and today lord many of us have made this commitment to spend regular time in our morning devotions Lord give us the strength give us the. Desire to spend time in your word in regular bible study that the Psalmist's phrase thought I word have I hid in my heart would be true for every single person here today help us by your grace that we can come to the place to say your words are sweeter than honey to our mouth we pray this we thank you that you have answered our prayers in accordance with your perfect will we ask these things in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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